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    Tip. Thack. Tip. Bip. The light thuds of a stylus rubbing and tapping against a simple Wacom tablet rippled through the corner of the room. A light glow of a bright laptop screen filled the room with even more light as a solo being drew. Her heavy brown eyes not only had the black bags of tiredness, but they were also locked on to the screen of the life support. It was obvious that she hadn't slept a minute the night before and her bloodshot eyes gave it away. Her thick blond hair was messy while her face was a tad oily from the all nighter. The night owl was sleepy but she couldn't dare to not finish her drawing.

    "Must finish...drawing" she thought to herself.

    However her head was already starting to bob up and down from sleepiness and before she knew it, her head crash on to her desk. Sleep took her over and during then a strange event happened. Without knowing it, she was sucked through time and space by some unknown phenomenon. Soon enough she quickly came to her senses again only to see that she was standing in front of a fountain. Confusion swept her up.

    "What the hell...?"
    the girl said dumbfounded.
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    Iris stood on the other side of the fountain, her cape very close to touching the water. She walked, carefully holding her balance all the way to the newcomer . She watched as she girl woke up. She smiled, like the little girl she was at heart.
    "Apologies, this startled me when I ended up here too. I'm Iris, and the place we are in is called the city."
    Iris had been a dimension traveler and portal opener, who ended up getting trapped in this dimension. Right from leaving her friend's race too. The chances of meeting her previously are slim compared to most other multiverse people, but it is possible.
  3. The blonde girl stared at the other as she stood her place. Splatters of droplets from the fountain's water trickled in her hair, causing her long, golden locks to sparkle a bit. She raised a eyebrow at the other female. Not only did she not understand where she was, but she didn't know who the girl on the fountain was either.

    "Um. Hello to ya too.." She manage to speak awkwardly.

    Emily didn't exactly like to talk to others. She was terrible when it came to talking to others she didn't know closely unless she had a thing for them. Her brown eyes studied the other girl.

    "Nice coat ya got there," she said with a cheesy smile.

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  4. Iris smiled, as if remembering a sweet memory. "Thanks. I got it from my friend Lydia. I haven't seen her recently even before i got stuck here, i hadn't seen her for a year." She sat down beside the other girl.
    "I ended up here when i accidentally traveled to this dimension rather than my home one, and i can't find a way back. Or to any for that matter. How did you get here?" She asked, as if dimension travelling was normal. A rookie mistake.

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  5. The scraping of a small blade on stone can be heard amidst the gaps in conversation. A man of about 32 years of age can be seen slowly digging a dagger into the side of the fountain. It appears as if he is carving something. His blond hair blows lightly in the wind and his blue eyes reflect the sparkling water of the fountain.

    "I'm not sure any of us really now how we got here...it appears to be some sort of other dimension. The last thing I knew I was heading home from work before I lost control of my car trying to avoid a damn dog. I'm not even sure if I'm alive or dead."

    He runs a hand through his hair in frustration, a nasty scar can be seen on his forehead as he does so.
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  6. Emily froze for a moment when the other female mentioned that she had traveled through dimensions. Last time she had checked, powers like that were only for made up super heroes and not simple humans like herself.

    "Pardon? Did you just say that you travel through dimensions?" she asked, "You're human right? Humans aren't supposed to travel through space and time. I'm am definatly not supposed to and I know that I didn't die. I just fell asleep on my desk after not sleeping for a night."

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  7. Iris flinched as the guy's blade scratched the fountain, imagining the ugly mark it would leave on the pretty centerpiece. She could sense the frustration around him, and countered with optimism. "But some people have gone back right? That Gilbert guy left last week I think."
    She sort of stumbled mentally for a second, remembering that unless in a multiversal station such as a cafe or the iwaku race, not to bring up the fact of dimension traveling. Oh well.
    "Yes, well, I don't think I'm entirely human. I mean, I was raised by them and look like them, but I'm not entirely sure." She paused and thought for a second. "It takes an immeasurable amount of brain power to do such, and I've known about a handful of humans to do such. Not to belittle you or anything. These people could do it on command
    and not have their brain explode. Maybe not in your specific timeline or dimension."
    She takes another second and starts counting on her fingers, whispering names along the lines of "Jackson, Thomas, Kat, Fli- no they aren't human, uhm..." She sat for a few seconds more. "Worm holes can be possible I think... nah... Maybe... many people ended up in the crossover cafe all those times, and I used my paper portals to get there, but they fell into it. Dang, I should've asked. Most people here came here when about to die like the dude over there, so i guess it can be an afterlife deal. But how did you get here?..." iris mumbled aloud. She realized she was confusing the girl s bit.
    "Sorry, I'm a deep thinker." She smiled and shrugged.
  8. The man chuckled. "No one has ever left, this place won't let you. If you try, you end up right back here at the fountain. I've tried and failed many times." He shook his head in frustration and stopped carving in the fountain. "It never stays you know, it appears as if the fountain itself is the source of the healing characteristics of this place, even it doesn't stay damaged."

    He addresses Iris and Emily. "So, since you two can't leave I suppose we should find you a place to make your own. You can't wander around this place at night without expecting some sort of consequence."

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  9. The cries of a little girl could be heard. A man's voice in response, "Calm down Heidi... We will find them ok?" A man comes into view, he could be no older than 18, with a small girl in tow. The girl had been crying, her eyes red rimmed and scared, "But I have to find my Mom- I got school tomorrow and she'll be really mad. She's gonna be so mad! I lost Shelby!" The man turned and squatted down in front of her. "I will help you look ok? But no more crying! Your Mom is going to be so worried and relieved when she finds you, you know? She won't be mad." Heidi simply stands there and looks at her feet, nodding.

    The man stands and runs a hand through is messy back locks. His jeans were tore, his t-shirt looked a little too big on his tall, lanky frame and his glasses were sliding off his nose. He tilts his head and regards the small girl, she could be no older than six or seven. Her hair in pigtails and she was still wearing her Hello Kitty Pajamas. She was sock-footed and was carrying a stuffed dragon. He offers her his hand, "I'm Mike, I'll take care of you until we find your Mom ok?" He looked up and saw a small group nearby at the fountain, and narrowed his eyes.

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  10. Iris narrowed her eyes at the man on the fountain. "Yeah, i guess we can do that..." Her voice trailed off as the girl in the distance whined. "Give me a second. I will be back." She walked over to the girl and the man who she overheard on her walk there was Mike. She squatted down to the girl's level.
    "Are you okay? oh, Here let me give you something." She said, then reached into her coat pocket, bringing out a drawing tablet and a pencil. She started to draw a teddy bear, then ripped the page out and set it on the ground. She laid her hands out flat on the paper. It glowed for a moment, and a tiny stuffed bear fazed up and onto the paper's surface. It was soft, brown, had the word "Joy" written on the right foot and a nice loving smile. She held it out to the girl. "Here, this is an exact replica of the bear i had as a kid. It always made my happy." She said kindly to her.
  11. Heidi blinked and smiled brightly. She was missing her top two teeth and two others on the bottom. It was a wonder if the poor girl could even chew anything at all. "Thanks! Do you think you can do one for my little sister Shelby? She's three! She would want one too!" Mike just stood there a little dumbfounded at the girls ability to preform what appeared to be magic to him. He patted Heidi's head and looked about the strange landscape, a horror growing in his stomach. He didn't want to even voice his suspicions aloud for fear of upsetting the little one he had found sobbing on a bench as he had been walking alone through the empty streets. Mike cleared his throat, "That's pretty amazing. Very nice of you too." He did stay protectively close to the little girl, even if he did appear to be somewhat of a bookworm. "Heidi, we shouldn't ask for gifts should we? It isn't polite..." His voice was deep and gravely.
  12. "if you do get back to your sister, i can probably deliver it. It isnt a problem. I have hope you will eventually." Iris winked at the girl. "I'm guessing you two are new, and this other new person and i are going to find a place to stay around here. Do you guys need help with a place?" She asked them, pointing over her shoulder to the fountain. she held out her hand. "by the way, Welcome to... uh... i guess we can call it the town..." Iris responded to them, still smiling.
  13. Mike nodded and pushed his glasses up on his nose, "That would be most appreciated Miss. I found Heidi here alone on a bench- I'm Mike." He crossed his arms and did his best to shrink his tall frame.
  14. Iris let her hand drop to her side, but she still smiled. "I am Iris. Anyway, im trying to figure out how we got here... How did you get here, or what were you doing before hand?" She asked confidently, sounding somewhat like a news reporter.
  15. Mike shrugged, "I was studying for a big test and trying to stay awake. Apparently all the no-doze I took didn't work." Heidi just took his hand and looked up at him, "I was sleeping... there was a lot of smoke and it made my throat itchy..." Mike sighed, "Please- don't upset her..."
  16. "No worries." Iris replied. She patted Heidi on the head in a comforting manner. "Anyway, we still need to find a place to stay while we are here. Why don't you guys come with us. I can help you guys decorate. I've been here for a while and learned there isn't really a currency. The people who make stuff realize that charging people for it isn't really worth it, such as I." She said, making herself look like a proud fool. "But I'm going to go back to the fountain." She pointed back there.
    "Oh, one more thing." She drew 2 rough and soft looking squares and pulled them off the paper. She gave them to Mike. In case she needs to travel swiftly, this is a special-made Velcro that only comes apart if she or the people she trusts (like you) opens it. No random running and it will fall off, no it doesn't do that. She can stick it on her bear like a back pack. It also has a pouch on its back for storing items, also velcro."
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  17. Mike took Heidi's hand and followed her to the fountain, nodding to the others that had gathered there. He remained quiet as Heidi climbed upon the edge of the fountain, looking over into the water.
  18. Iris smiled at Heidi, who was probably marveling at the brilliantly colored stars which had settled in the fountain. She walked up to the blonde man with a scar on his forehead ( @Sindreden ) "these two also are trying to find a place. Can you please help them too? I'm sorry to spring this on you, but otherwise we are ready." Iris said.
  19. The man arose from his perch on the side of the fountain and approached the blonde girl. He was dressed in a pair of tattered khaki pants and a dark blue polo shirt. He looks to the horizon where the sun is starting to sink. "Are we going to stand here all night? We can set up camp here, but I cannot guarantee survival through the night if do so."

    He sheathes the small dagger and offers a hand, "I know a few places where we can hide out. They aren't luxury hotels, but they will keep us safe from bandits and the weather."

    His piercing blue eyes regard her with a suspicious, yet admiring gaze as he runs a hand through his blond hair again, awaiting her response.
  20. "Sure, let's go then." Iris accepted the help up, and once gaining her balance, quickly drew herself a pistol and a gun, retracting both from her paper. She put them into her cloak pockets and buttoned it shut so the items wouldn't come out. She drew out another two knives and pistols and offered them to Mike and the other girl (not Heidi). Whether they took them or not, Iris nodded at the man and said, "lead the way."