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    This roleplay was originally created by my sister, -DeerAntlers-, who has left this site. She has allowed me to make this roleplay on here once more. Please report any threads that copy this idea as it is quiet rude to make "knock-offs" of my sister's original idea.


    Deep within the reaches of time and space lies a special spot where those of different worlds come to meet. The collection of "guests" do not have the choice of being here or not. They're simple suck in at random times even if they have died in their own worlds. With this said, characters from our own world (OCs) and those of others (canon/fan-OCs) may meet with each other during their stay at the Town. Although guest may leave at random times, their memories of the Town stay behind until they return again.

    [- ABOUT THE TOWN -]

    The town is a simple yet confusing place between space, time, and many upon many universes. Plain white buildings in the smooth shapes of only squares and rectangles sit on the crust of a floating piece of rock while side walks that seem to be space itself but feel like glass pave a way around the endless town. There is no sun or moon in the sky and only solid blackness fills the air, but anyone can see as clear as day. Light sound waves that come from an unknown source can be heard from anywhere in the city and disappear when you're falling asleep. There is no way out of the town because even if you jump off the edge of the town, you just wind back at the center of the town, the fountain. The fountain is odd compared to everything else. It's pure white and glows a little while the water that flows from it is a mixture of pastel space. The water glows from the tiny clusters of stars and dust with the colours ranging from pink, yellow, blue, purple, and even green. This is also where you first arrive at when you come to the town.

    As for dying in the town, its impossible. If one were to get a lethal injury, caused by themselves or others, it will either heal up instantly or that injured person would fade away into nothing and then reappeared back to normal shape at the fountain. Sicknesses of any kind do not exist either nor does starvation or even tiredness, but guest in the town can still eat, drink, and sleep at their own will. Guest do not have to go to the bathroom as well while in the town.

    As for a character and their powers, they keep their abilities, but can not use them to escape or enter the town. Although they can use them to harm and even kill others, it isn't really that effective considering that characters they kill reappear again at the fountain. It has also been known for characters to developed abilities even if they did not posses ay in their regular world. These are random and can range from being able to fly to even being able to teleport anywhere in the Town

    [- THE RULES n' SHIT -]


    If you haven't noticed, this will be a jump in roleplay which means I will try to keep the rules as simple as possible!

    1.) One liners and text talk will not be allowed. Do not use ** or -- to show character action in posts. The only exclusion to this is if you chose to be a character/fan character from Homestuck since most of the characters have their typing style. (example is Gamzee TyPiNg LiKe ThIs MoThEr FuCkEr) Try to use your best grammar and spelling so we can actually read and understand your posts!
    2.) Canon characters from animes, video games, books, comics, and movies are allowed and welcomed. OCs are also allowed and welcomed. However, OCs can come and go as they please while if you want to be a canon character like Karkat from Homestuck or Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, you must make sure that they aren't used by someone else. I will have a list of canon characters that are taken!
    3.) Skellies are not needed. In fact, there isn't a skelly to be filled out for this roleplay. The only thing I would like is if you put a (I will be playing as ____ from _____) message at the bottom or top of your post if you are planning to be a canon character. [it will help me out a hell lot with the list of characters taken!]
    4.) Multiple characters are allowed! Also please use illustrated or anime pictures please. Fan art should be easy to find of characters from movies and books.
    5.) Sex can occur but it MUST be taken else where or time skipped. Other mature things like fights, cussing, drug usage, and alcohol may appear as well. Fuck ya, a fight between Naruto and Eren Jaeger.
    6.) HAVE FUN~ :D

    If a person who is using a canon character(s) isn't active on here for a week without telling me before hand, that canon character(s) will be free for the taken.
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  2. Awesomeness! I'm joining =3
  3. Same here!
  4. Want to join as well
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  5. I am prepared for this rp~

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  6. This looks awesome, I'm joining :3
  7. Aye, why not. Color me interested.
  8. I'm playing as Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist. (Anime)
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  9. I will play as Akame From the anime Akame ga kill

    For the people who don't know her.

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  10. I'll be playing a semi-oc Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean, which I was going to use in another fandom RP before it died.
  11. I will be joining also :D
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  12. [​IMG]

    It's time to kick ass, and kick some more ass, because bubblegum is for hippies.

    Ooh, and brief question. Since sickness doesn't "exist" in this town, would there be any special rules for, say...addict, or undead characters?
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  13. [​IMG]
    I'll be playing Hiyori from the anime Noragami


    I'll be playing Draco from series Harry Potter


    I'll be playing an OC named Ai​
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  14. This sounds awesome I wanna join this
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  15. Then hop right in XD find some sort of entrance, like randomly appearing or come looking for someone. I'd recommend describing the character at first =3
  16. Is there already a Play thread??
  17. Is there? I see no link to an in-character thread!
  18. I'm not sure if this is still active, but if it is, I'll play a human version of Twilight Sparkle

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  19. like the concept. But I am mainly a jRPG person, So I dunno if you want me, most of my Canons come from Final Fantasy, Tales of, The Legend of Zelda, etc, and I have a single Dragon OC.

    Id say my First Canon for here would be Ace and Nine, both from Final Fantasy Type-0-HD

    and FireDrake / Izana (its a dual name, if there was a CS itd make more sense)

    extra bits (open)

    Ace's quote (if it helps in seeing who, the guy in my icon) "Whn 9 and 9 meet 9, the depths of reason shall stirr. When the seal of creation is broken, A voice like thunder shall sound, and thou shalt know, We have arrived."

    Nine speaks in a distinct way and is a bit of an idiot. best example I have:

    Hey! Take a hike, yo!

    Hey yo

    Yo, What do you mean, hey?

    (Hey and yo are used a lot.)
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