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  1. OVERVIEW The Doki to End All Dokis edit copy.jpg

    Welcome to a big ole' Mary Sue fest! (Marty Stus are welcome, too.) Here, Mary Sues will be forced to team up and fight against a common foe: the Alliance of Dastardly Evil ~Desu, an organization of icky, sticky goblins, vampires, werewolves, robots, demons and similar such that want nothing more than to see the total annihilation of the Sue/Stu population. What haters!

    The Alliance has been attacking fandoms all across the world, from Naruto to Kingdom Hearts, to carry out their malicious deeds. In order to fight them, Sues/Stus have been banding together in different factions and taking the enemies head on.

    FACTIONS Due to the incoming threat of complete annihilation from not-so-kawaii foes, Sues and Stus have been banning together into factions in order to fight more effectively. While most Sues/Stus are cut from the same cloth, they don't all get along. As the factions fight against the common enemy, they are also fighting against themselves. Will they be able to defeat the enemy or will they be defeated by their own insatiable need to prove they are the perfect group of OCs?

    The Dark Angel Outcasts
    The Dark Angel Outcasts.jpg

    By far the saddest bunch of Sues/Stus around. These OCs have back-stories that could make even the toughest Sue/Stu cry for days. Were they abused as a youth? Probably. Did their loved ones all die in a horrible accident? More likely than not. Is black or "crimson" red their favorite color of all time? 9/10 would say yes. (The other 1/10 would probably claim that color is too happy of a concept for them to have a formed opinion on.) Typically they are half-angel, half-demon, feed off of apathy, and knew a vampire once.

    Government (open)
    They are united under The Master. They don't feel like they fit in any other faction and The Master has the resources to keep them protected from the desu, a powerful kawaii force they all loathe with a deep, burning passion, like chlamydia of the soul. They don't really have any other linking factors other than staying alive and fighting the evil that wishes to deliver their destruction. The Master sends them to do things in return for protection. Whether or not he has hidden intentions is unknown. But they don't really care. They figure the worst that can happen is all the other Sue factions will be wiped out. Not that they would care much for that, either.

    Headquarters (open)
    The Outcasts host their headquarters at an old abandoned church one of them found. They thought it spoke to their twisted souls and torturing self-being. The members of this faction may travel to the HQ via portal. Everyone else must walk by foot, battle a ten-story leviathan, and find the Cave of Forever or Whatever. It's a very tedious process.

    The Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart
    The Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart.jpg

    These darling Sues/Stus are typically princesses/princes from their respective fandoms. They enjoy being caring, compassionate, and really super attractive. They are insanely sweet, too-good-to-be-true OCs with only one true weakness: everyone loves them too much. Seriously. Like, no joke. This is not funny. Even the villains can't resist these Sues/Stus. It's becoming a problem.

    Government (open)
    The Royals function with a group of thirteen princesses and princes from lands far and wide with one single Queen whom remains in charge of it all. Because they are royalty, they don't pay taxes, but are required to follow out commands given by their Queen. In the event that the Queen were to die, there would be a great Sue/Stu war to determine her replacement.

    Headquarters (open)
    The Royals have lived in this castle for years. It exists in the sky, so the only way to access it a very expensive sky train that only runs on Thursdays, Fridays, and every other Saturday. That is, of course, unless you're a Royal. Then you may arrive at the castle via Pegasus-drawn carriage that travels via Rainbow Road. It cost taxpayers trillions.

    Kawaii no Kawaii Desu
    Kawaii no Kawaii Desu.jpg

    Kawaii no Kawaii Desu are the foulest of creatures that feed on desu, a hyper-active kawaii substance that offers abundant energy to its consumers. These Sues/Stus are 100% of the time happy, energetic, and kawaii-nyan. The are, more or less, half of every single animal on the surface of earth and come in a wide array of vibrant hair colors. Many would call them annoying, but their creators treasure their "carefree" nature.

    Government (open)
    The Overseer is by far the most serious of all the Sues in the faction. She runs a tight ship, banishing Sues that don't supply her with enough desu to keep her satiated and rewarding those who do with promotions. One can be promoted to the council, a pink-robed tribunal of Sues/Stus that have much say within the government.

    Headquarters (open)
    The Desu found this petty tower when they were searching for sugar mines to keep them hyper. Once they found this gem, they decided to make it their home away from home. The inside is nothing more than a pillow fort, however. The architect must be rolling in his grave. In order to get to their headquarters, Desu and others alike must cross over the Sugar Ocean, dubbed so when the Desu accidentally split too much sugar into the sea.

    The Allies of Ebony
    Allies of Ebony.jpg

    These Sues/Stus are evil to the core. They kick puppies, step on daisies, and snark diabolically at children during their free time. Le gasp! And worst of all, they don't realize they are Sues/Stus. This factions works alongside the Alliance of Dastardly Evil Desu ~ because they, too, want to see Sues/Stus fall to their demise. Lo, the irony. Even still, they want nothing more than to kill, kill, kill their enemies and watch the world go up in flames. -insert maniacal laughter at your own free will-

    Government (open)
    The government runs around King Kail of Evilton, the most devious of all the Allies of Ebony. King Kail lives in an overlook near Allies' HQ. Here, he plans with his most loyal of minions - the vampire Battinstein, the robot Beep Boop, and the tentacle lord Blargishmar - in the war room, planning out attacks on each faction.

    Headquarters (open)
    The Allies built this temple out of the world finest of metals, alloys, and stone. Here, they produce vampires, robots, and other creepy crawlies that act as members of the Alliance of Dastardly Evil Desu. They all alternate on who gets to sit in the throne next, because they might be evil, but they still believe that sharing is caring. Only Allies' members know how to access the elusive temple.

    THE ENEMY You will be fighting the Alliance of Dastardly Evil Desu ~. They include all kinds of evil creepy crawlies, from vampires to tentacle monsters. They're supreme leader is no other than King Kail of Evilton, who wishes nothing more than to rid the world of the "plague" known as Sues/Stus. They can appear in any fandom and can attack at any time due to their abnormally large fleets.

    The Alliance is assisted by none other than the Allies of Ebony, an anti-Sue/Stu faction, ironically comprised of Sues/Stus. Go figure.

    LOCATIONS Sues/Stus come from all over the world from different fandoms. Because of this there is no set location that Sues/Stus can visit. That said, each faction has a set HQ (which can be found and described in the FACTIONS section).


    1. You are allowed to have at maximum two Sues/Stus given that you meet one or both of the following conditions:
      • The new Sue/Stu is of a different sex
      • The new Sue/Stu is part of a different faction
    2. You are only allowed to kill off Sues/Stus if you have their creator's permission; This does not include post-absence deaths
    3. If you remain inactive for TWO WEEKS you are considered absent from the RP; After two weeks of absence you will be notified and asked to post; If you do not post your Sue/Stu will experience a post-absence death in which other Sues/Stus may send your character off in a hella rad death scene
      • You can return from a post-absence death by preforming a revival ritual or creating a new Sue/Stu
    4. Restrict OOC posts in the SIGN-UP PAGE to reduce clutter on the RP page; There, you may post any questions or discuss current arcs; DO NOT use the forum to be nasty, rude, or to create drama; We no likey
    5. While this is an 18+ RP, trigger warnings and labels must be applied if your post is a) sexually explicit, b) excessively/graphically violent, or c) is trigger material (rape, cutting, suicide, etc.)
      • If you feel like a post applies to these categories but has no appropriate label to the content, contact me and I will contact the player
      • Failure to comply to a content warning notice will lead to the banning of the player and the reporting of their post
      • Content labels should explain to the reader why and how the content is explicit
    6. Large posts are okay, but excessive, consecutive large posts are not; Please do not post in length
    7. Short posts are not encouraged; Do not post something less than one paragraph
    8. Do not post consecutive to a previous post; Allow another player to make a post before continuing with your story; Don't be greedy
      • Anyone who violates this rule will be asked to edit their post

    Purple: Dark Angel Outcasts
    Yellow: Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart
    Pink: Kawaii no Kawaii Desu
    Red: Allies of Ebony

    Raine and Zuli brutalize some vampires who were lurking within the forests of the Realm of Naruto. They fought valiantly desu. They decide to head back to Royal headquarters in order to warn of future possible attacks.

    Kokoro is given a letter by the Overseer to *le gasp* infiltrate the Royal's Castle. She arrives and is bombarded by Zuli-chan who challenges her to a game.

    Lord Zaminn receives orders from the Kawaii no Kawaii leader to go to Juban and save Sailor Moon. During the process, Zaminn is captured and awaits the help of a close ally: Raine.

    Raine goes to help Zaminn but gets captured by him during a sabotage. Her precious Kakashi no Kawaii is held as bait as Zaminn pines for Raine's love. In order to free them both, Raine is forced to use forbidden drunken magic jutsu, causing Raine to question her perfection.

    So like there's this guy named Ang-er or whatever and he rescues Zaminn. And that's really all we know. Like, I'm not lying. Ask anyone. Everything in that arc is confusing. We kinda want to forget it ever happened. Anyways, Zaminn is free now.

    Kokoro battles Zuli in a game of tag. It was fierce.

    MAJOR CONTENT WARNING: This arc contains graphic sexual content.

    After discovering a preemptive notice letter foretelling a future attack by the evil tentacle monsters, Raine rushes back to Royal HQ to warn the Queen. However, her jealousy-sama kicked in and she forgot to tell her, leading to an all-out brawl between tentacles and princesses/princes. This lead to the death of the Queen. Oh my. Very sad. Much cry.

    Sailor Makura-chan is told to go Hogwarts. After being brutalized by some owl friends, she runs into Cole, an Ally of Ebony. Cue hilarity.

    CHARACTER SIGN-UP To sign up for the RP, the character sheet should include:
    • Picture (very optional)
    • Name
    • Fandom (i.e. Harry Potter)
    • Faction (see above)
    • Character Bio (should include back story, personality, facts about Sue/Stu, etc.)
    • Strengths/Powers
    • Weaknesses (while you are a Sue/Stu, you must be weak to something; can be comical weakness, i.e. being loved too much)

    Ang-er [INACTIVE: Post-absence death yet to occur]

    Cassandra [INACTIVE: Post-absence death has occurred. Good-bye fair Sue!!]



    WHERE TO PLAY Once your character is submitted you can play here.

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    • [​IMG]
    • Name: Kokoro Darkheart
    • Faction: Darkangel Outcasts (I almost typed outcats)
    • Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
    • Story: (I'm tweaking a little bit from the bio on deviantart, so that she doesn't have any backstory in Skyrim. But, she is still an elf.) Kokoro Darkheart, Kairi’s half-sister, was born on Destiny Islands and for most of her childhood she grew up alongside Kairi, Riku, and Sora. During that time, she and Riku were very close, so much so that when they were six Riku shared a paopu fruit with her. But, when Kokoro turned eight, she along with her parents were kidnapped. Kokoro learns that her father was deeply indebted to a vampire overlord in a land very far away. Separated from her parents, Kokoro was forced into slavery and, against her will, was required to play music for her vampire master daily.

      Years passed before Kokoro saw a chance to escape. One day, after she woke up from a horrible nightmare, she found that she was able to summon a keyblade. She called it Metalmorph, because she was able to will the blade into any form she desired. With it, she cut her chains and escaped into the night. She didn’t have to travel far before she found a dark portal. Thinking she had nothing to lose, Kokoro leapt willingly through the portal.

      On the other side she found a huge castle, but she was too injured from the portal to move. She was found by Mickey, who could feel the dark force from within her and wanted to keep her from succumbing entirely to the darkness. Mickey and Kokoro worked together for a while and she helped him infiltrate the Organization. She pretended to be one of them, going by the name Koxorok, where she learned she had a secret ability to transform into a heartless of nobody and control them while in that form. As she worked with the organization she became closer with Axel and Roxas, and Axel developed a secret crush on her but she had feelings for Roxas.

      Eventually, Riku finds her again, but refuses to reveal himself because he, too, had been enveloped by the darkness. However, she watches him battle Roxas and loses hope in him. Xehanort had been watching her all this time and, finally, when it looks like she is about to give in to the darkness, he tries to take over her. Riku sees this happening and refuses to let him take over her, so Riku gives Kokoro a piece of his heart. With their hearts intertwined she is able to take on a new final form and the purity of their love gives her angel wings.

      After she defeats Xehanort, she and Riku travel the worlds getting rid of the rest of the uncontrolled darkness where Kokoro meets Elsa. Elsa learns about her tragic past and wishes to lend aid, so she officially adopts Kokoro as her child, making Kokoro an official Disney princess.
    • Talents: She is able to change her form from Heartless to nobody to unversed to dreameater; Her hair changes with her form; she is able to play all musical instruments; she can control heartless, nobodies, unversed, and dreameaters. Her keyblade, metalmorph, has the ability to turn into any weapon she desires.
    • Weaknesses: Kokoro has a form of PTSD from her years as a slave that is activated by the sight of vampires. When she sees them she starts attacking everyone and becomes uncontrollable. Kokoro also takes extra damage from any light/holy/heart magic.
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  2. MyStyle.jpg
    Name: Aki Raine Tsukino
    Faction: The Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart
    World of Origin: The World of Naruto
    Bio: Aki Raine Tsukino is half-elf, half-ram demon. She is also the long lost ninja princess of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke-kun fell in love with her at an early age, but after the clan's massacre, he quickly forgot about her because he had better things to worry about. Aki, whom likes it better when people call her by her middle name because she thinks it better suits her because her heart rains tears of sadness for her lost clan, ran off into the woods to live in seclusion. There she met Kakashi and fell in love again. The two loved each other and even kissed once, which Aki appreciated because it meant he took off his mask for her; a true sign of intimacy and love. However, Kakashi had to go away for a while to teach. Since then, she has lived in the woodlands of Konohagakure so that she may be near to Kakashi at all times. Although her past is full of sadness and trepidation, she is still a renowned princess who is always happy to help and learn. Not only is she really happy and elegant all the time, but she is also really intelligent. After all, she is half-elf, half-ram demon, which are considered the smartest race throughout the land. She has two ram companions, Moshi and Mochi, whom she saved once from Gaara because he was evil once but also in love with Raine because he saw the beauty in her heart and wanted it for his own. Ever since then, Moshi and Mochi have been friends with her.
    Powers/Strengths: Raine does not use jutsu, even though she knows all of them because she is half-elf, half-ram. Instead she uses magic, which is a rare power in her world that only princesses know how to use. Most of her magic is water and ice based, but she does know a couple of rainbow spells. She also uses kunai, a weapon that she has fully mastered.
    Weaknesses: Raine is weak to fire because it hurts the earth and therefore her. She is also weak to full moons because she turns into a full ram demon, which looks like a normal ram but is actually very elegant and has lots of magical powers.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Mundthu Zaminn

    Faction: Kawaii no Kawaii Desu

    Fandom: Star Wars Cosmos

    Tank breed on Kamino, this clone trooper was meant as a bio weapon for Lord Hidius. He was infused with the genes of the best available array of Jedi, Sith, aliens, and Desu. He was breed during the clone wars era where he got the best training for Clones, Jedi, and Sith respectively, but never fought in any major battle. Realizing that his use of long range pew-pew guns is the fatal flaw of the Jedi, just like a black powder gun would be to a medieval knight, the use of a light saber would only melt the round and slag into their face justifying his prevalent use of them. It is undoubtable that he has both the right to bear arms (and, yes, I do mean he has bear arms—like the animal) and to use weapons thanks to his genetics from the Wookiee species. His grizzled Kodiak II armor has taken more than one direct hit from a main battle tank, its tech includes: kenetic, energy, and moe/otaku shielding; thermal, infrared, EM, and Desu vision; plus assisted steering and a cup holder.

    After completing his training, like all Sith, he turned on his master who was like,”yo dawg, I got you *vader rap*.” Later he earned the title Darth Master of the Sith, on a side note he always rolls a “20.” He, having time to kill, also wrote the code of the Stu:

    The cake is a lie, there is only Desu.
    Through Desu, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, I am Marty-Stu.
    The Bros. shall free me.

    He later left into the dark space where he built a super massive star base and waits to corrupt future Jedi orders with his Desu beam cannon.

    -Powers/strengths: the force (light and dark), mastery of all arms, Battle armor/space tech, Tactical Genius, not as planned!!!

    -Weakness: Star trek fandom, Moe, Loli, Greek plays, bright and unnatural colored hair on anime characters, and Females in general.
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  4. [​IMG]

    • Name: Her Royal Majesty Verdant Sparkle Amatory Rarity Von Effulgent Zulizuzu Dazzle Shine
    • Faction: The Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart
    • World of origin: My Little Pony; Equestria
    • Bio of character: Her Royal Majesty Verdant Sparkle Amatory Rarity Von Effulgent Zulinonsorrel Dazzle Shine is a Super Alicorn Half Zebra. She wields the element of being a super mega hottie, so every mare and stallion she happens across falls in love with her immediately. She has a horn and wings and can use her magic out of both. Her cutie mark is of two diamonds because she is so super generous like Rarity, but since Rarity has three diamonds and Her Royal Majesty Verdant Sparkle Amatory Rarity Von Effulgent Zulinonsorrel Dazzle Shine only has two, she's not quite as generous as Rarity, but she makes up for it by being a super mega hottie. Also there is a crown on her cutie mark because she is the daughter of Princesses Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, so she is also super rich and a royal princess. Zecora made a potion so that Twilight Sparkle and Celestia could have a baby together and she also got some zebra DNA in there too on accident so thats why she is half zebra. Her cutie mark is also of magic because she is a Super Alicorn and she can do crazy awesome magic and fly and make zebra potions too because she is a Super Alicorn Half Zebra. She spent her whole life as a lowly peasant because The Hub can't have canonically lesbian characters in their show so Twilight and Celestia were forced to keep Her Royal Majesty Verdant Sparkle Amatory Rarity Von Effulgent Zulinonsorrel Dazzle Shine's existence a secret and gave her away to the Cake family when she was small. She couldn't hide her extraordinary talent once she got her cutie mark from being so extremely hot every colt and filly in her class asked to be her special some pony for hearts and hooves day. She was transferred to a special school for magic prodigees and soon became Twilight and Celestia's best student. Then they were forced to reveal her true identity to her and they had a happy family reunion and she lived happily in the palace with them. They even added the element of being so super hot to the elements of harmony because every hot mare needs 6 homely pieces of plot to make her look even better next to them so that Her Royal Majesty Verdant Sparkle Amatory Rarity Von Effulgent Zulinonsorrel Dazzle Shine could continue to wow all of Equestria with her super mind blowing hotness. She also decided at the end of writing this bio that Her Royal Majesty Verdant Sparkle Amatory Rarity Von Effulgent Zulinonsorrel Dazzle Shine is too long a name to be reasonable so Her Royal Majesty Verdant Sparkle Amatory Rarity Von Effulgent Zulinonsorrel Dazzle Shine has decided to henceforth be called "Zuli".
    • Powers/strengths: Being a super mega hottie, unicorn magic and zebra potions. Also she can fly at the speed of light and do sonic rainbooms.
    • Weaknesses: Anyone calling her a peasant or not submitting to her total hotness right away will cause her to enter a fugue state from which she cannot remember anything and cannot return until they refer to her as "Your royal supreme mega hotness Zuli-hime." She also takes supreme damage from normal earth ponies.
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  5. Two questions. One, should we color code our dialogue, and, two, do we post ooc here or in our posts on the main thread?
  6. You can color dialogue if you want to to make it more distinguishable. And, yes, OOC posts may be made here.
  7. Hey, if anyone is planning on going to any of the KH areas, could you let me know? I tried to make it obvious, but Kokoro has a very serious arc that I am planning on happening there.
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  8. [​IMG] ?
    Name: Anng-er
    Faction: The Dark Angel Outcasts
    Fandom: Kaze no Stigma
    Background: Anng-er is born from a family of wind magic users and inherited a staff which allows him to focus his power. Like any tall, dark and brooding cliche he loved his family dearly but everything changed with the fire nat- I mean tribe attacked. Anng-er sought out and made a contract with the king of wind giving him the power to take revenge on the fire nat- I mean tribe. He quest for revenge earned him the name anng-er. He is also a nephilim cuz who doesn't want to be a nephilim.

    -Taking revenge on fire tribe
    -Food espicially cooked foods such as meat
    -Fire tribe
    -Fire nation
    -Ice Cream

    -Constantly protected/warded by wind
    -Use wind magic such as flight, inivisibility, lightening, storms.
    -Can summon a staff
    -Uses contract to bolster his power
    note: the power uses spirits which are completely loyal due to the contract but some living qualities

    -After the contract is enacted it tires the user at a quicker rate.
    -High level fire magic
  9. 1) Constructive criticism is appreciated, message me with any input.

    2) In my latest post I wanted to set up for a meeting with another character some time in the future. As my character is new and somewhat underdeveloped I would not be offended if you wanted to hold off on them meeting or have them dodge for now.
  10. that's fine, it just reads like a drunk was writing it.
  11. No sauce please
  12. [​IMG]
    • Name: Makura Annamaria Elsa Charlotte Louise Neko no Petto
    • Fandom: Sailor Moon
    • Faction: Kawaii no kawaii
    • Character Bio: Makura is the daughter of Artemis and Luna. When Usagi and Mamoru were in trouble once Makura was all like "no." Then, they were saved. It turns out that Makura is actually Sailor Universe so whatever she says is absolute. So, like, don't question her. Makura is asexual because no one is as beautiful and awesome as her so she isn't attracted to anyone else because she knows that they would be jealous of her inner and outer beauty. Makura has other backstories, but it's a bunch of drama-llama-mama-jama. You know the important parts.
    • Strengths/Powers: She is able to turn into her cat form at any time. Sparkle swirly twirly attack. Whatever she says is the absolute truth no matter what.
    • Weaknesses: She doesn't like it when people say she can't do something, but if someone can make her believe that achieving something is impossible, then it will actually become physically impossible for her.
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  13. This is hilarious! My fandom of choice was taken >.< Maybe I'll join.. But definitely keeping tabs!
  14. If you want to join with a fandom that's already active, you're welcome too. There are no rules about making a character with a fandom that's already being used. We'd love for you to join. Which fandom were you wanting?
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  15. Sailor Moon <3
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  16. Ha ha, awesome! I'm totally willing to share that fandom if you are.
  17. Haha awesome!! I'll make a character then
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    • Picture [​IMG]
    • Name: Cassandra Aria Luna Mamoura Star
    • Fandom: Sailor Moon
    • Faction: The Perfectly Royal Princesses of the League of Heart: Because she's a solar princess Duh.
    • Character Bio: Cassandra was born when 2 perfect stars collided, forming a super star, which then exploded and made her. She is the boss of Serena and even Neo Queen Serenity. Cassandra protected Serena and her friends until they were strong enough to fight on their own. She's basically the Sailor goddess of the sun stars and moon.
    • Strengths/Powers: Cassandra's powers are she can make stars explode and control all the planets and elements. Her favorite power is her Physic powers
    • Weaknesses: Everyone loves Cassandra and everyone wants to be her. She's so beloved that it constantly stresses her out and she has many enemies because of it. Cassandra gets major headaches that cause her to go very weak.
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  18. @Adira
    If you want to hop in three of us are in the Princess HQ. Feel free to interact with any of us.