The Story of Us (MxM)

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"Damn it, John! Stop walking away from me!"

"Stop talking to me like that!"

The sound of his parents yelling awoke him from his slumber. It was like this just about every morning and night. And after three years he'd become used to the noise. His parents were in the middle of a divorce. They usually avoided each other by purposely coming home or out of their rooms when the other wasn't, but sometimes their meetings were unavoidable. Alexander rose out of bed and got dressed for school. After running a hand through his short brown hair he grabbed his messenger bag and headed downstairs. He didn't bother telling his parents he was leaving. It wasn't like they would notice anyway. He closed the front door, stuffed his headphones into his ears, and started for school.
Mark rolled out of bed, finally forcing himself up for school. It was a terrible habit of his to just sleep in. He'd have to hurry up if he wanted to make it to the bus. Pulling a shirt through his dyed, green hair that had white streaks throughout (it was kind of tricky, but he thought that the result was more than worth it), he put on his red sports jacket and hurried out the door with some toast as a quick breakfast.

"Hey, I'm here! Don't pass me!" he cried, making it to the bus stop in the nick of time, climbing into a seat. Several greeted him, and one even high-fived him. As a popular student, Mark was well liked. Along with his passion of sports, one could classify him as a 'jock', but Mark disliked labels-- especially the bullying trait that was often associated with that one.

Taking out his phone, he smiled at the photo of he and his boyfriend as his background. Some had judged their relationship from the get-go, but Mark saw no shame in it, and neither did his parents, 'on my wy 2 school. how r u? : )' he texted to Alexander.
He turned the corner of his neighborhood that would put him on the same street as the school. Alexander's house was exactly ten minutes away from the high school, so walked instead of taking his car. It didn't make sense for him to drive to school (like most people he knew) if he lived a dime away. Besides, he didn't have to worry about fighting for parking spaces and he loved to walk. He was almost at the designated crosswalk when his phone vibrated in his back pocket. He smiled instantly. There was only one person who messaged him this early. His boyfriend Mark.

Mark was the opposite of him. The big difference was their social cliques. He was what people considered a jock. He played sports, won games, and was popular; students of all classes knew his name. He was well liked. Alexander, on the other hand, was more into academics and fine arts. He won debate championships, brought home trophies from math club, and could play any instrument one threw his way. And although he was popular because of these achievements, he much rather liked to stay out of the spotlight. While Mark was known for being friendly, Alexander was known for his asocial attitude. If he believed you weren't on his level intellectually he didn't talk to you. That wasn't to say he was mean. He was still friendly when people talked to him. He unlocked his phone and swiped.

on my wy 2 school. how r u? : )

His smile widened. He quickly sent his reply: I'm good now thanks to you. How did you sleep? And I'm walking through the gate now.

Within moments, Mark heard his ringtone, and pulled out his phone. It was Alexander! Of course, the guy had to be even well spoken in his texts. Not that Mark minded. He found himself admiring Mark's intelligence, and more than once did he go to his boyfriend when he was stumped on something. He thought that despite their very different interests, they both balanced out. Not that conflicts didn't come, because no relationship was flawless, but those were resolved as they came. In other words, Mark loved Alexander just as he was, and he'd never want his lover to change.

'i slept p good-- ovrslept as usl, lol. :p' he sent to Alexander. As convenient as texting was, Mark was definitely more well spoken when he actually talked... He often took his English papers to Alexander, just in case. And maybe as an excuse just to interact with his boyfriend more. As he talked with his peers (with some light teasing about his partner), he looked out the window, finding that he was getting close to the school-- he could even see Alexander right out the window! As soon as the bus stopped, he got up, and almost instinctively everyone let Mark get off first. Everyone knew better than to get in the way of the school's star track and soccer player.

He practically pounced off of the bus stops, of course ignoring the bus driver's warnings to be more careful, 'i just got off of the bus!!' he texted eagerly, scanning the crowd of arriving students for any signs of Alexander.
He read the bus number as it passed. His heart skipped and he picked up pace. It didn't matter how much loath he felt after hearing his father and mother argue. When he saw Mark that feeling dissipated. His phone went off in his pocket, but he didn't bother to grab it. He didn't want to delay his seeing Mark. He hurried to the bus. For a moment he didn't see him amongst the crowd. But then there was a clearing, and there he was.

"Mark!" He called as he ran towards him. He tackled him.
Sometimes Mark would be the one to see Alexander first, but today it was Alexander. He was immediately greeted with Alexander tackling him to the ground. If he was more prepared then he might have been able to prevent himself from falling down, although he didn't mind, and he promptly got back up to give Alexander a strong hug, enough to pick him off the ground a bit, before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Mark was naturally happy, but anyone could see that with Alexander, Mark looked the happiest he'd ever been.

"Mind if I could walk you to your next class?" he said jokingly, knowing the answer as his hand reached for Alexander's.
When he was in Mark's arms Alexander felt the most safe and secure. It was this sense of security that always made him happy to see his boyfriend. People noticed it. They often said Alexander came out of his shell the most when he was with Mark. He wasn't going to deny it either. He smiled when Mark grabbed his hand and asked if he wanted to be walked to class. Alexander raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not sure my boyfriend is going to like that. He can get really jealous you know?" He joked back.
"Oooh, right." Mark said with a wink, walking to the school, "I mean, gosh, he sure wouldn't wanna see me doing this," he touched noses with Alexander, "Or this." he ruffled some of Alexander's hair before laughing at their joke, "... Also, you're super lucky to live so close to the school. I nearly overslept and missed the bus... again." Remembering what Alexander texted him earlier, he added, "How did you sleep, by the way?"
His heart skipped when Mark touched noses with him. He had an urge to kiss him. However, that urge disappeared when he ruffled his hair. His boyfriend laughed but Alexander could only stand there embarrassed. When it came to Mark his mind always seemed to find it's way into the gutter. He ran his free hand through his hair in an attempt to fix it. He chuckled when he mentioned the bus. "It has it's benefits. I certainly don't miss riding the bus to school." He hadn't taken one since middle school. And he was glad for it. Alexander didn't like ignorance or obnoxious kids, and his bus had been the epitome of that. There was no such thing as a ride home or to school. At his next question his smile changed into a ghost of a smile. "I didn't." They were at his locker now. He put in his combination and opened it.
Gosh, Alexander was so cute when he was flustered, although he didn't quite know what he did to do so in the first place, but still, he was cute, "Aaw." he said, pretending to be whining, "But I miss not seeing you." It was sappy. And he knew it was sappy, "... For the trip or duration it takes to get to school before I see you here. Still counts though." He'd wanted to introduce Alexander to his friends before, but Mark understood that he didn't have quite as big social needs as he did, and admittedly he did enjoy the alone time he got with Mark.

His face fell upon hearing Alexander's answer, however. His locker was only a few steps away, but he wanted to stay. Alexander's smile... it wasn't how he was smiling only a few minutes ago. Maybe he was being over-concerned, like it might have just been some bad dream or a case of sudden insomnia, but Mark wanted to be sure, "... Is everything okay?" he asked softly, in a contrast to his usually more active voice.
He thought about lying. The word yes was on the tip of his tongue. It was a reflex to not tell people what happened in his personal life. Well, more like a defense mechanism than a reflex. He didn't like it when people could see something was wrong, and he often tried not to wear his emotions of his face. But, he had to remember that Mark was a boyfriend- someone he cared for very much. If he hid his life from him he was sure he would lose him. So, as he stuffed his bag into his locker and grabbed his main binder he said, "My parents are going through a divorce. That's why whenever you come over they aren't there." He shut his locker. "They argue a lot."
"Oh... wow." Mark said. It was like the air went cold. Suddenly some of Alexander's avoidance about his parents made much more sense, at first he thought that it was because of their relationship. He went to hug Alexander, holding him tightly, "I'm so sorry that's happening to you right now. If you ever need to come over, or need to talk or... I mean, it's not like we don't do that right now, but... I just want you to know that I'm here for you." he let go of Alexander, "And I'm definitely going to be here while all this is happening."
Alexander was always taken aback every time he was hugged. He just wasn't used to it. After a moment his arms wrapped around the male. He held him tightly and breathed in his scent. It always seemed to calm him down. He was reluctant to pull away when Mark let him go. At his words he smiled. His hand caressed his cheek. He kissed him. His thumb rubbed his lips. "Thank you, but you've done enough just being by my side."
Now it was Mark's turn to be flustered, his cheeks turning a soft pink when Alexander's lips touched his. Despite Alexander being his boyfriend, it always caught him off-guard when they kissed. Not that he didn't mind being affectionate, but admittedly he wasn't always the first one to get really intimate. The kiss was more than welcome, however, and he smiled as Alexander put his thumbs on his lips and reassured him that he was doing enough.

He held the hand that touched his lips, "... I'm really glad that you think that." he looked to the clock and saw that classes were almost starting, "... And I gotta go to my locker because class is almost starting and I'd hate for either of us to be late. Especially you, brainiac."
He gave him a small smile. "Right." That was his cue to get to first period, which was located all the way on the other side of the school. "I'll see you later jock." He smiled brighter at his reaction. He knew Mark hated that label, just like how he knew Alexander hated to be called a brainiac. He hurried to join the crowd of rushing students, and hoped that the bell didn't ring when he got there.

((When should he find out he's leaving? That night?))
Mark gave a slightly annoyed look, but couldn't keep it before he laughed at the remark. He knew that Alexander didn't mean it too harshly, and neither did Mark with his 'brainiac' remark. All in good fun.

He ran to his locker to get his books out, and knew that he'd probably be late. He didn't want Alexander to be late, but he himself didn't mind being late. He could have spent the last few minutes that he was with Alexander getting to class, but where was the fun in that? Besides, his first period class was pretty lax.

(( Sure. Should we go ahead and time-skip through the school day? ))
When the last bell rang he was in no rush to get out of the door like other students. He didn't know if his parents were home or not so he usually took his time. After walking with Mark he usually went to the library or watched him practice. It all depended on what lasted longer. It all depended on what killed the most time. He grabbed his things and walked to his locker. He gathered the necessary books and shoved them into his backpack. As he did this people waved and yelled good-bye to him. Sometimes he waved back. Sometimes he just gave a simple nod. Everyone knew he wasn't much of a talker, but that didn't stop them from trying to get him to talk. He closed his locker. Time to kill some time, he thought.
Mark practically sprinted out of the classroom once the last bell rang, despite the scoldings of his teacher behind him. Sports practice wouldn't be for awhile, so he had time to spend with Alexander. As he made his way through the crowds of students, he greeted and was greeted by several of them. He knew that Alexander usually took his time getting ready to go, but still wanted to get to him as soon as he could.

"Hey, Alexander!" he said, stopping himself in front of him. He leaned on a locker, his backpack idly hanging off of his shoulder, "So, how were your classes? ... Prolly better than mine. Having math as your last class is the worst... I barely get any of that stuff when I'm waiting for the clock to tick down."
He smiled, leaning against his locker. It always made him smile to see his boyfriend. "That's because you hate math. Period." He shifted the messenger bag on his shoulder. By now the hall had just about cleared. "Class was fine. Sometimes, I wish it was longer. But then I would have to wait longer to see you." He winked. "Do we have time to get something to eat. I haven't eaten in..." His phone vibrated in his back pocket. He checked the screen. It was his father. What did he want? "Hold on." He hit the green button. "Hello."

"Get home now." Click.

He blinked at the phone. "I guess we aren't going to say please," he muttered. He slipped the phone into his bag. "I have to get home." He wasn't looking forward to it and he didn't bother hiding this in his voice. He drew him in for a long kiss. "I'll see you later, okay?" He shifted the bag on his shoulder and started his slow walk home.
"... True." Mark said, shrugging. He wasn't going to bother denying that he did, in fact, hate the infernal subject. The numbers always confused him... Thankfully Alexander was much better at this stuff than he was, he swore that he only passed Math last year because of Alexander's help.

Their conversation was quickly interrupted by a phone call, and apparently Alexander had to get home... and he didn't seem too enthusiastic about it either. Mark looked worried, remembering what Alexander told him earlier about the divorce. Another unexpected kiss helped to bring back Mark's smile, although he was still worried in the back of his head.

"... See you too then, Alexander." he said, waving to the other boy. Well, at least he had other friends to hang out with.

Besides, it's not like this would be the last time he'd ever see Alexander.
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