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    Darkness spreads across the fifty states as the formidable wizarding terror group, The Red Serpents, escalate their attacks on wizarding and No-Maj communities. While MACUSA waits idly, The Silver Heart Circle has reopened it's secret doors to help save our beloved nation, ourselves, and the ones we love.​

    IC | OOC | RP INFO | CS

    Please place your character sheet(s) in this thread. No OOC chatter, let's make this thread pretty with only CS'.

    A few things to note:
    • Yes, you may make more than one character, but you must have at least five IC Posts before you do.
    • Please have at least one picture of your character. Real life photos are preferred but not enforced.
    • A "nice execution" (by me) is an accepted character. I may accept you & still ask for you to change some things, please bear with me.
    • If I haven't roleplayed with you, I may or may not ask you for a writing sample. This is to ensure we're all up to par and to gauge how well we'll all write together.
    • As the roleplay progresses, please update your CS'.
    • Please do not hesitate to ask questions.
    10/11/2016 - If you're going to "reserve" a spot for your character, please have at least a name and the CS skeleton in the post.
    10/13/2016 - I will not be accepting any more Metamorphmagi's or Animagi's. (Unless we have previously spoken.)
    10/18/2016 - All CS applications are due by Thursday, October 20th. CS' that haven't been completed after that date will have until Saturday, October 22nd to complete them.

    Character Sheet:

    Personal Information

    Place of Birth:
    Blood Status:
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color/Style/Length:
    Physical Description:

    Miscellaneous Information
    Misc. Powers:
    Favorite Spells:
    Ilvermorny House:

    Accepted Characters:

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    NAME: Tansy Blackwood
    DOB/AGE: July 17th 1996, 23
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Ponchatoula, Louisiana
    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood
    RACE/ETHNICITY: Caucasian / Cajun American
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'10 / 142 lbs
    EYE COLOR:Grey-green
    HAIR COLOR/STYLE/LENGTH:Dark brown, almost black. A neck length, straight bob that's always getting in her way. Tansy's constantly tucking hair behind her ears and threatening to "chop it all off."
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Lean and lanky with a surprising amount of muscle, Tansy, at first glance, doesn't look like the athlete she truly is. Between years of No-Maj baseball and wizarding quidditch, Tansy is toned and hard, and severly lacking in the womanly curves department.

    PERSONALITY: Tansy likes to rough and tough it; in life as well as in her mindset. She's nice until you aren't. Feisty when she doesn't get her way. Oddly inspiring when she needs to be - ie. when she wants something. Tansy is a conundrum yet to be deciphered. She lives by her own moral code and her personality shines through this.

    LIKES: Adventures, exploring the countryside, camping (she has a three room tent that includes a full kitchen, full bathroom, and extra bunks in the third room.), No-Maj bonfires, new experiences whether they be good or bad. Finding new things; new locations or artifacts or anything really. Tansy loves flying and playing No-Maj baseball. Feeling the wind ripple through her hair while she's flying, the stars above and the pinpricks of light below. Dueling; the rush of the fight, the adrenaline spike that flows through her veins, headbutting people. Winning.

    DISLIKES: Not feeling as though she's worthy. Brussel sprouts. Cocky and intentionally rude people. People who don't work hard for the things they have or take things for granted.

    • Performing nonverbal magic; Tansy was top of her class at Ilvermorny, having accomplished nonverbal spells early in her fifth year.
    • Intelligence laced with instincts; Tansy is intelligent and instinctive, a deadly combination when used offensively.
    • Tansy is very much an act first and think later kind of person.
    • Tansy is a bit lazy, preferring to use her wand for even the simplest of duties.
    • As much as she likes physical confrontation, Tansy is first to flee when it comes to matters of emotional confrontation.
    • For the past five years or so, Tansy has been off on her own, flying across the country. Working with people is something she'll have to get accustomed to.
    • Flying; Tansy has always been a natural at flying on a broomstick and her years on Wampus' quidditch team helped round out this innate talent.
    • Dueling; Tansy believes she was born, at least in part, to duel. Her instinctive nature aids in her love of dueling.
    • Cooking; Despite this being a hidden talent, Tansy is quite the cook. She enjoys experimenting with new dishes and has a habit of adding Cajun flavor to just about everything she makes.
    • Luan Pova-Blackwood - Mother, Alive, Age: 53 | Witch
    • Laery Blackwood - Father, Alive, Age: 57 | No-Maj-born Wizard
    • Lillian Pova - Aunt, Alive, Age: 39 | Witch
    • Phyllis Blackwood - Aunt, Alive, Age: 63 | No-Maj
    Despite not having seen most of her family since graduating from Ilvermorny, she is still very close to them all. She tries to send weekly owls but Tansy gets caught up in her adventures and often forgets. No matter how far she travels, she tries to make it home for Christmas and her parent's birthdays.

    • Eleanor Rosewell
    • WIP
    HISTORY: Tansy was born on a stormy Saturday evening on July twenty-seventh in Ponchahouta, Louisiana. It was obvious, even as a baby, that Tansy was no No-Maj. Before she started to walk, her No-Maj-born father started teaching her how to control her magic. His reasoning was simple: he wanted her to attend the same No-Maj school he did before his Ilvermorny letter arrived. He wanted her to have a normal-as-possible childhood. Her mother, however, fought tooth and nail against this notion, but in the end, Laery won and Tansy indeed, attended Ponchahouta elementary school. Like her father, Tansy was a rambunctious ball of energy. If that pent up energy wasn't released however, the little control she'd gained over her magic, vanished. Shortly after her first year of No-Maj school, Laery hesitantly signed his daughter up for baseball, a No-Maj sport he is still very fond of. Tansy excelled at the sport, finding a love for athletics that would stay with her throughout her years at Ilvermorny. Though her mother did not approve of the sport, she let it continue. Not only could she tell her daughter enjoyed it immensely, but there was a significant drop in Tansy's accidental outburst of magic.

    When her letter finally arrived from Ilvermorny, she welcomed it with a heart both happy and sad. She enjoyed baseball, almost as much as she enjoyed riding her broomstick. Leaving behind her No-Maj friends was hard as well, though she promised to keep in touch with them all - by No-Maj post of course. Her first year at Ilvermorny was both rewarding and heartbreaking. Though she sent over a hundred letters to her friends from school, she didn't receive one in return. And when she returned home the following summer, she learned first hand how easily someone can be forgotten.

    By her second year at Ilvermorny her melancholy had mostly dissipated. She signed up for Wampus' quidditch team and was met with skepticism and laughter. Until they saw her fly and swing the beater's bat. Her aim was dead on and she was a natural flyer. Tansy would stay on the team until she graduated - minus a month's worth of suspension (and detention) after hitting a fellow teammate in the face with her bat. During her sixth year, having become best friends with Eleanor Rosewell years prior, an incident occurred that left her best friend fatally injured. The two grew apart during their seventh year, and Tansy graduated with almost all 'Outstandings' in her O.W.L.'s and no friends to celebrate with. Since her graduation, Tansy has traveled across the United States on her handy broomstick - top of the line Falling Star - and makes a living (albeit small) on finding No-Maj and wizarding artifacts. She makes frequent trips to Siren Cove and Jessamine Fosswing, a fellow Louisiana native, frequently buys and sells whatever she finds.


    PET(S): N/A
    BOGGART: Her father, in his old baseball uniform, telling her she can't play anymore. (Fear of not being good enough.)
    PATRONUS: Alligator
    AMORTENTIA: Honeysuckle, cajun cuisine and sandalwood incense.
    FAVORITE SPELLS: Stupefy, Protego, Reparo
    WAND: Swamp mayhaw wood with hair of the rougarou, 14 1/2" and reasonably supple flexibility.
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  3. Jacob (Jay) Lee
    Personal Information
    Name: Jacob Hubert Lee
    Nick-name(s): Jay
    DOB/AGE: 25 / November 1, 1994
    Blood Status: No-Maj born
    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height/Weight: 5'10" / 170 lbs
    Eye Color: sky blue
    Hair Color/Style/Length: brunette / side comb / short
    Physical Description: Jay is of an average height for his age, though his rather boyish face often takes off six or seven years in others' eyes. To counter that, he wears a thin beard, trimmed when it gets too itchy. He's fairly thin; a result of his early life on the streets, though he has gained both fat and muscle as he's aged and ... "come into" money. Similarly, his clothing is perhaps a fashion or two behind, and usually bought from a thrift shop, but he nevertheless is always trying to look his best, which usually means jeans, a button up, and a thin sweater. Across his nose he habitually wears a pair of blue sunglasses.
    Personality: Jay has had to scrape and scrounge for most of his life. As a consequence, his moral compass is off by no small margin; life to him is Survival of the Fittest, and if that means taking from another so he can get by, he will do so without thinking of the consequences.
    But the man knows what it's like to be without, so he is very picky in choosing targets for his thefts; more often than not, it's the rich and well off that find things suddenly missing from otherwise secure areas.
    He is a strange mixture of sad and happy: his smiles hide the desperation he's felt, and his furrowed brow hides a love of life that even the streets could not destroy.
    Likes: Whiskey, Medium Rare Sirloin, Tinkering with Mechanisms (Locks, Puzzles, the like), Cop shows
    Dislikes: The Police (but only professionally), Pickles, and an Easy Challenge, His middle name
    Strength(s): Wise, if not actually knowledgeable; courageous; clever
    Weaknesses: Unlearned, with a fair amount of illiteracy; suspicious; arrogant
    Skills/Talents: Street smart, Jay excels at living in the big city. He knows how to move about a metropolis with little difficulty, and can find quick exits and entrances in most alleys or abandoned buildings.
    Friends: None really to speak of. His acquaintances are many and varied, but he wouldn't call anyone "friend". Except perhaps one. But he's much more than a friend...
    Family: He was raised in the foster system, sent from home to disinterested home as foster parents grew tired of his thieving. The only true "family" Jay has ever claimed is the man called Shadow, who took him in off the street after Jay finally ran away from the system. To Jay, Shadow is a brother, and he'd do most anything for him.
    History: Jacob Hubert Lee can't remember ever actually living with his birth parents. They were arrested during a raid on a crack house in St. Louis, Missouri and charged with many different illegal drug charges, nevermind child endangerment. Child Protective Services removed him from what was most certainly a negative and exceedingly dangerous situation, placing his first in an orphanage and then into foster homes. As a result, he never got his Ilvermorny letter. But as Jay grew older, he began to resent being pulled from his parents. His first few foster parents were either disinterested or overly, aggressively caring, and Jay took to acting out, first as a way of getting attention, then as a way of securing some small amount of freedom. He did finally visit his birth parents on his 13th year. But the visit gave him nothing but a rotten feeling that he could be descended from such unremorseful people, and he never made any effort to see them again.
    The parents visitation seemed to kindle that small flame of trouble that burned within him, and afterwards he only acted worse: stealing, skipping school, breaking curfew, trespassing, and otherwise 'harmless' crimes. His last fosters laid down the law for him, revoking any kind of freedom he had by grounding him from anything that wasn't directly academically related. It stung worse than they knew: he'd just turned 14, and it was the anniversary of his parents' arrest. It was the final straw; that night he ran away.
    The following four years were spent on the streets of St Louis, doing what he could to live and ducking the occasional police patrol as they would drive by. But thanks in no small part to his earlier truancy, Jay knew where to go, who to talk to, and most importantly, when to not be some places. He also began refining his favorite hobby turned survival skill: theft. His instinctual magic helped that; he'd somehow managed to keep it hidden during his childhood, only really beginning to exhibit signs after seeing his parents. Getting in and out of places, even if highly secured, came naturally to him, as did disappearing into the crowd. He was never caught, and he rarely left sign of any entry. So it was something of a surprise when an odd looking guy calling himself Shadow showed up at the door of Jay's run down apartment on his 18th year, offering him work and training...

    Miscellaneous Information
    Pet(s): None
    Boggart: Shadow, dressed in a suit of the foster system, telling Jay he's come to send him to a new family (a fear of betrayal)
    Patronus: Crow
    Amortentia: Freshly baked bread
    Misc. Powers: Jay can perform a Disillusionment Charm easily and without the aid of a wand
    Favorite Spells: Alohomora / Colloportus
    Ilvermorny House: None
    Wand: Currently an oak wand, 7.5", with a thunderbird feather core. But not for long; Jay can't seem to get the stupid thing to work right. Worse, Shadow can't seem to resist the double entendres.
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  4. Theodore Candlebridge

    Name: Theodore Candlebridge
    Nickname(s): Theo
    DOB/AGE: 25 / 20 August 1994
    Place of Birth: Moorestown, New Jersey
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Race/Ethnicity: African-American
    Height/Weight: 6’3” 235
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color/Style/Length: Black, fade, very short
    Physical Description: Theo stands above six feet and carries an built frame to compliment it. While he attempts to keep a clean shave he'll usually let a little stubble grow in when he's feeling it. He tries to keep a practical wardrobe, wearing what he needs when he needs. Often you can find him sporting jeans with boots, a solid color t-shirt and a jacket depending on the weather.
    Personality: Theo is best described as an easy-going individual. It's not often that he gets worked up over things unless he's specifically passionate about it, like cooking. He likes to work and play hard, and wants to be sure his friends are there to enjoy life with him. He will try to make friends when he can, but will not be afraid to meet the challenge of an enemy should they threaten him or those he cares for. Often Theo will throw caution to the wind, relying mostly on his quick wits to solve a problem before it gets too out of hand. No matter what he will also attempt to keep a positive outlook on life even in dire situations. He likes to keep active and will usually show his open disdain for the lazy.
    Likes: Cooking, Cats, Pizza, Alcohol, Flying
    Dislikes: Being alone, Horseradish, Dirty Rooms
    Strengths: Thinks on his feet, Optimistic, Dedicated, Flying Broomstick, Attentive
    Weaknesses: Impulsive, Nosy
    Skills/Talents: Cooking, great at quidditch.
    Benjamin Candlebridge, 53, Auror for MACUSA
    Angela, 50, Bakery Owner
    Diana, 27, Author
    Soelle, 27, 'Sole's Curiosities', magical wares shop owner.
    Elliot, 30, [Missing]

    History: Theo was born the youngest of four to an auror and a baker. Having gone through raising three other children, twins especially, Theo's parents gave him much more freedom than his elder siblings. Because of this he grew up rather carefree, despite his brother and sisters attempting to boss him around. Despite this, he would grow to have a somewhat healthy relationship with his siblings once they were the first to go off to Ilvermorny. The few years of separation that this had given them, was enough to let the heart grow fonder and Theo was welcomed to the school by his family once he was old enough to attend.

    Theo's time at Ilvermorny was much more exciting than could have ever expected. He made good friends and even made a name for himself playing on Wampus' quidditch team as seeker, eventually becoming the star of the team by his fourth year, leading Wampus to a number of victories both commanding and close. This would increase his fame exponentially and would affect him negatively in his first two years as a player, with elder players bringing him back down to earth as the years went on. Aside form his skill as a quidditch player, Theo did well in his wizarding studies and would go on to graduate above average.

    Upon graduation, Theo decided to capitalize on his skill as a quidditch player and joined the Harrisburg Hogs professional team. Here we would see continued success in his play and would eventually be selected to play on the national team for both the 2014 and 2018 Quidditch World Cups, and brought home the trophy in the latter. Of course, his life wouldn't be great forever. After his brother, an Auror, went missing sometime after the World Cup, Theo became obsessed with trying to find him and as a result has taken a hiatus from his career in quidditch.

    Miscellaneous Information
    Pet(s): Lilo - Orange tabby cat
    Boggart: A masked individual with a blindfold and a noose (fear of loneliness)
    Patronus: Brown Bear
    Amortentia: Cinnamon
    Misc. Powers: N/A
    Favorite Spells: Tarantallegra/Expulso/Accio
    Ilvermorny House: Wampus
    Wand: Standard Bouvets wand, 10.5" made of swamp mayhaw wood and a rougarou hair core.
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  5. [​IMG]

    NAME: Francesca Ramone || NICKNAME: Frankie, Frank (never Fran)|| DOB/AGE : August 7th, 1994 (25) ||
    POB: Boston, Massachusetts || BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood || RACE/ETHNICITY: American/Caucasian ​



    HEIGHT: 5'3" || WEIGHT: 130 || EYE COLOR: Hazel || HAIR COLOR: Dark brown || HAIR LENGTH/STYLE: Chin length bob

    Frankie is a whole lot of woman poured into a relatively small package. Curvy and full-figured, she carries the majority of weight in her bust and hips, with well-toned arms and legs. Her face is round and full of freckles, with wide, bright eyes, a narrow button nose and full lips. She wears her hair on the shorter side, a bob with thick fringe and despite being rather on the tomboy side she makes an effort to keep her appearance polished.

    While her standard wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts, Frankie enjoys dressing up and has an odd collection of expensive heels - a small and surprising guilty pleasure. On the back of her left shoulder blade, Frankie has a small tattoo of a dove - a memorial to her mother.



    || MAGIC ||

    Pet(s): Black alley cat named 'Cat'
    Boggart: Enclosed Space
    Patronus: Raccoon
    Amortentia: Leather; New Shoes; Steak; Coffee
    Misc. Powers: N/A
    Favorite Spells: Alohamora
    Ilvermorny House: Wampus
    Wand: 9”, Willow, Thunderbird feather - supple


    Pubs; Meat and potatoes; Hot showers; Coffee; Boston

    Injustice; The Boston Mob; Vegans; Germaphobes on the ‘T’


    boxing; poker; the cooking and consumption of red meat; transfigurations


    Despite outward appearances, Frankie is an oddly complex individual, enjoying both ends of the femininity-spectrum. She's as comfortable in a bar fight as she is shopping Louboutins for a new pair of pumps. Make no mistakes however; her girly side doesn't get in the way of a powerful sense of justice and independence - the byproduct of having been raised by a Beantown Cop and surrounded by seven brothers.

    She's passionate, dedicated and determined, with a strong will and intense focus - though not so much that she doesn't know how to let her hair down, now and then.


    CENTERED IN ANGST|| For the most part, Frankie is able to channel her near constant state of aggression into useful and/or potentially resourceful methods.

    NO FIGHT/NOT RIGHT || However skewed or complicated the world around her might get, Frankie will never give up on something she believes in.

    HELLUVA HOOK || Trained in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat, Frankie isn't one to underestimate with or without a wand.

    EVERY KETTLE BOILS|| Despite her ability to control her emotions, Frankie can be a loose cannon - particularly when she's less than sober.

    A FOGGY JUSTICE || Because of a mistrust of authority, Frankie doesn't always necessarily rely on standard rules to take care of a problem. She's been known to go around the law to get what she wants or needs.

    MEDIUM RARE || Regardless of her tough as nails attitude and a penchant for fighting, Frankie has a strange sensibility and femininity, and can be a bit sheltered when it comes to aspects of the heart.



    Born on a hazy day in August, downtown Boston, Massachusetts, Francesca Ramone entered the world kicking and screaming - a temperament she never much outgrew. Feisty, with a penchant for getting into trouble, she was both the bane and the joy of her parents, bringing life and fire to their cozy little three bedroom nest. Roughly a year and a half later, Frankie was followed by Lucas and after that, well...

    Things weren't so cozy.

    But you'd be hard pressed to find a tighter knit family. So much so that it was nearly devastating news when Frankie received her Letter. Having grown up a little in both worlds, Frankie knew the possibility that she might be chosen for Ilvermorny, but when the day came for her to leave for school it was with a heavy heart. Still, Ilvermorny afforded Frankie a sense of discipline she otherwise lacked and something within which to channel her frustrations that was decidedly less volatile than fighting.

    Hard-knocks were no rarity for the Ramone family, however and Frankie learned that the hard way when her mother passed away on her fifteenth birthday, six weeks after complications during the birth of the youngest Ramone boy. Broken-hearted, but determined to carry her siblings through the tragedy, Frankie found a way to balance school and home life, without losing herself entirely.

    Upon graduation, Frankie took to raising her siblings almost single-handedly, as her father took on more responsibilities at work. This made it difficult to do much, but she found time (and therapy) at the gym, working her way to a small title in boxing and quite the reputation around the neighborhood as something of a vigilant watchdog. It was around this time Frankie came to hear about the Silver Heart Circle and with the world darkening for both Magically inclined and Non-Maj alike, there was little that could keep her from signing on.

    || FAMILY ||

    Lucia Ramone | Mother (deceased) | Witch
    Ricardo Ramone | Father | Officer; Boston PD | Non-Maj
    Lucas | 23 | Non-Maj
    Jonah | 20 | Non-Maj
    Joseph | 17 | Wizard
    Nicholas | 15 | Wizard
    Antony | 15 | Wizard
    Daniel | 13 | Wizard
    Carlos | 10 | Unknown

    || FRIENDS ||


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  6. [​IMG]


    Name: Ferrous Harley James
    Nickname(s): N/A
    DOB/AGE: 22, June 25, 1997
    Place of Birth: Huber Heights, Ohio
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Race/Ethnicity: French


    Height/Weight: 5' 4", 139 lbs
    Eye Color: Dark brown with flecks of gold around the pupil
    Hair Color/Style/Length: White with light gray highlights, short, clean and professional
    Physical Description: Ferrous stands at a height of 5' 4" being short for a male. He doesn't have much muscle leaving him with a thin almost fragile looking frame. His dark brown eyes usually hold a cold look to them accompanied by slight bags under his eyes from going many day's without sleep. White hair sits atop his head usually kept clean and professional. Ferrous' clothing style consists of sweaters or flannels, jeans, and sneakers.



    Outer Traits - Ferrous is known to be a cold person. He refuses to go out of his way to help people, even if there family. There have been few times when he has gone out of his way to help someone but, it's not often this happens. Another thing people will instantly notice about Ferrous is that he's very closed off. He will never talk about himself unless he's very close with them. Ferrous also happens to be snarky and sarcastic, hating when people act like children or idiots. Most of the time Ferrous seems to be like a woman PMSing, meaning his moods tend to change in an instant

    Inner Traits - Even with his cold exterior Ferrous is afraid. Afraid of life, people, and his future, more so now than ever. He's afraid of getting close to people again. Not to mention he's depressed and insecure, a horrible combo. Ferrous doesn't know what to think about himself and usually thinks the worst. Though despite all that Ferrous gets easily annoyed and easily angered. The slightest thing will send his mind on a rampage. He's also quite smart, even if he doesn't really let people know this.

    - Snow
    - Small Creatures
    - Lilacs
    - Books
    - Homemade food
    - Swimming
    - Anything green
    - Really big creatures
    - Anything hot (Other than people)
    - Dogs
    - Idiots
    - Hurting people
    - Losing games
    - Thunder
    - Intelligent
    - Witty
    - Quick on feet
    - Agile
    - Good with curses
    - Closed off
    - Snarky
    - Lacking strength
    - Slight Klutz
    - Moody
    - Easily anger and annoyed
    - Curses
    - Swimming
    - Cooking


    Pet(s): White Bengal cat named Ivory
    Boggart: A row of graves (Fear of losing those close to him)
    Patronus: Fox
    Amortentia: Fresh books, Lilac, Morning Dew
    Misc. Powers: N/A
    Favorite Spells: Confringo and Accio
    Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent
    Wand: Raugarou Hair, Swamp Mayhem Wood, 10 inches, Slightly Springy


    History: Ferrous grew up with the guides that no-maj's were not to be ridiculed but, befriended. His mother and father while having fought on occasions loved each other and him an his siblings. At an early age he developed a love for swimming and would usually drag his family to the cities river. As expected when he turned 11 he got his letter and started preparing for school. Reading. That was all he did the rest of his summer until he got to school, but even then he read. His first year went differently than others usually would. He mainly kept to himself and anyone who would approach him never tried to again after one conversation. All of Ferrous' years at Ilvermorny went like this. People would have one conversation with him then never talk to him again. Even teachers barely talked to him unless in class.

    In his 6th year he got a letter from his mother saying his father had passed away. His father had prostate cancer and died a week after getting the news. Ferrous though devastated, having been very close with his father, didn't let anyone see it. Not even his mother. He believed now that his father was gone it was his job to be the 'man' of the house. Meaning he made sure his mother and siblings were taken care of before him.

    - Mother: Lillian James / Witch / Ilvermorny Teacher (Potions)
    - Father: Kinton James / Deceased
    - Little Sister: Milly James / 14 / Witch / Ilvermorny 4th year student
    - Little Brother: Kevin James / 18 / Wizard / Unemployed
    - Paternal Grandparents: Slyvester and Alicia James / Both Deceased
    - Maternal Grandparents: Aquilina and Leo Kingston / Wich and Wizard
    - Aunt: Mia James / Aunt by marrage , Penelope Skye / Aunt through mother
    - Uncle: Alfred James / Uncle through father, Treyton Skye / Uncle by marrage
    - Cousins: Cassiepeia and Calypso Skye , Penelope James
    Friends: PM Me
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  7. Name:
    Oliver Hall
    He hates being referred as “Ollie” or any variation of the nickname
    June 10th 2001
    Place of Birth:
    San Francisco, CA
    Blood Status:
    True Measurements: Unknown
    Standard Form: 5’8 - 135 lbs
    Eye Color:
    Favored Eye Color: Blue
    Physical Description:
    Face Claim

    As a Metamorphmagi, one of the biggest concerns is the ability of returning to your original appearance. For some, it’s as natural as breathing air after completely altering themselves. It’s not always the case. Liv tends to lose himself in the shift in his appearance, leaving him struggling to try and recall the minute details of his original forms. Despite using recent photos of himself, there are days that Liv feels like he’s wearing a mask. This isn’t the face or body he was born with. One of the hardest things for Liv is having to describe his own appearance.

    Going by the latest image, he is a young male adult with a rather lanky frame. There are little characteristics that makes Liv blend in a crowd to the point he’d disappear. He just looks like any other stock image model and extra in a movie. Only one thing could be noted: his eyes. Liv seems to have the type of stare that could make anyone uncomfortable if he stared at them for too long, especially if they don’t pick up his presence. His hair is rather plain in color and cut. Light brown and kept short, his hair takes on a “fluffier” texture, especially if styled.
    Liv is your typical lost teenager fresh out of Ilvermorny.

    Sure, he was given some direction and discipline to focus on his studies. But, that’s the extent of the support system he had. For the most part, it seems that everyone has forgotten the student. Even his mother had ignored her own child growing up, leaving Liv all by himself. His only company has always been his imagination. Rather than reach out and make friends, Liv entertained himself with his own fantasies that bubbled in his mind. Most of it was projected into his drawings and writing. When he was forgotten in a group project, Liv would create vasts worlds in his notebooks. Fictional lives pushed him along instead of reaching out and learning about the lives of his classmates.

    However, being ignored didn’t mean he was completely forgotten. He had his own bullies to contend with. Whenever he crossed their vision, they would make it a point to beat him down. Destroy his little world of imagination and realize just how messed up reality could be. One of his biggest bullies has always been his own mother. The times she acknowledged his existence was to point out the negatives. Sending a good-for-nothing to Ilvermorny was pointless. Being a living vacuum that only sucks money out of everyone and everything. He was nothing more than a mistake that cost her everything in the end.

    Negativity is a contagious disease once it’s beaten into you. Since the world treated him as something worthless, he’s come to believe in it. It’s hard to say that Liv has a shred of confidence in himself these days. He barely managed to graduate Ilvermorny and earn his permit. He believed that he would fail if he tried to apply for further education. LIv couldn’t believe that there would be any place that would hire him. There was nothing for him he could do right or even bring anything good into this world.

    Liv is your typical young adult that most dangerous groups likes to recruit.

    Graffiti Art
    Personal Bubble (3 feet all around)
    Fizzing Whizzbees
    Energy Drinks
    “Loud and Obnoxious” Music
    Rabbit Junk
    Forced Social Gatherings
    Authoritative Figures
    Ice Mice
    Having his Personal Bubble Popped
    Undetectable: For the longest time, Liv has a knack for entering rooms without people detecting his presence. It’s no work of magic. Rather, it’s his innate ability to blend and remain unnoticed that allows him to “sneak” into most places. However, this strength had regularly backfired while he attended Ilvermorny. He had served detention quite a few times for being “absent” despite him being present during classes.
    Observation: All those years living behind the scenes and drawing has given Liv a keen sense of sight. He can pick up things that are easily missed by those distracted by white noise such as their own busy thoughts and distractions. The smallest of details have a way of coming forth from the “whole picture.”
    Legging It: What he lacks in physical strength and combat skills, Liv makes it up for how quickly he can book it. All those years of bullies chasing him down had allowed Liv to build up stamina and slight acrobatic skills to get away from them (in the form of easily scaling a fence and having the energy to keep running). If he’s lucky enough, he could possibly outrun anyone wanting to catch him because of the amount of physical energy he has.
    Strength: Liv lacks the physical capacities of strength in order to properly defend himself and lift something pretty heavy. For the most part, he’s just a weakling that constantly flinches when someone abruptly moves a hand his way.
    Book Smarts: School was never Liv’s strong suit. For the most part, lessons seemed to go in one ear and out the other. He struggled to graduate, leaving him with only a select few things he could recall because it was practically beaten into him over and over again. These key pieces of information are mostly from his History of Magic studies.
    Positive Feedback: A tricky, double-sided sword, giving Liv positive feedback could result in two things. One, he doesn’t believe you and does everything he can to justify how it amounts to nothing. Two, it becomes a sort of drug for Liv. He’s starved for recognition of any kind that he would accept it from the worst of the worst and continue to do what he can to receive more from them. If the later happens, Liv can easily be taken advantaged and swayed to get this attention by any means.
    Art (in general), Ambidextrous, Whistling
    Jennifer Anna Hall - 56 - Non-Maj - Convenience Store Clerk
    Robert Hall - Deceased - Non-Maji - N/A
    Rebecca Anne Hall - 35 - Non-Maj - Call Center Manager
    Diego Julio Vasquez - 34 - Maji - ???
    Liv has never met his father. He’s only been sent photos and letters from him. Since Liv graduated, he had no contact with his family. He had returned to San Francisco briefly to retrieve a few of his belongings before disappearing. Since then, his family has made no contact with Liv.
    Liv can only assume that his mother’s favorite word of all time is “mistake” with how many times she has brought it up.

    “It was just a mistake between you and your father.”

    “I mistook your father as a great guy.”

    “You don’t understand how much of a mistake it was being with your father.”

    “Out of all the mistakes in my life, you’re the biggest one.”

    The circumstances around Liv’s conception is quite common in the United States. His mother and father were quite young when they first met. The two happened to be spending their summer vacation away from their home. This was supposed to be their first taste of independence and adventure as young adolescents. It became just another cliched “summer romance” between two teenagers. They made promises to keep in contact once they went back home and return next summer. It could’ve continued like this. Become a sappy romance that the two tell their grandchildren when they’re old. But, reality doesn’t work like that. Instead, Rebecca came home and experienced a sudden summer flu. She was taken to the hospital to be treated.

    The news about her pregnancy ruined everything. Her goals. Her future. Her parents’ relationships. A normal highschool life ceased existence. Her family demanded to meet with the boy and his parents, tossing all of their blame towards him. Even if he was younger than her, Diego should’ve understand the gravity of the situation. They got their daughter pregnant and must assume responsibility. Diego’s family didn’t want to be physically involved in the matter. Rather, they offered to compensate through fiscal means in order to help raise their child. In return, there would be no physical contact between Diego and Rebecca. In the end, Rebecca and Diego didn’t have a choice in the matter. The two merely bowed their heads and followed their parents’ order. Rebecca was forced to drop out of high school and prepare herself to have this child.

    This mistake.

    Liv didn’t grow up with a real father. Instead, he received letters once a month from him along with compensation from “him.” Every so often, he’d send pictures to Liv and talking about how things are going on his end. All the while, he was raised between three people: his mother and grandparents. All 4 of them lived on the outskirts of San Francisco. He can’t recall a time when someone wasn’t shouting at one another. For the most part, it was clear that Liv was a burden. His mother treated her responsibilities along the lines of a disgruntled kid forced to clean after their pet. Both grandparents only saw their retirement disappear in order to support “2 children.”

    Then, the “weird” problems started. At first, his grandparents didn’t believe Rebecca when she freaked out over a “funny face’ Liv did. Kids usually do the weirdest things like flip their eyelids inside out or cross their eyes. Then, there was the story about Liv levitating off the ground and how his cries caused all the stuffed animals to come to life. She was just one step away from being institutionalized until strange men and women came to the house. They confirmed that Liv wasn’t a Non-Maj, a term that was foreign to the family. In the end, they confirmed that Liv was born with the gift of magic and belonged with the other Maj’s. It turned out that Diego and his family comes from a long line of Majs with great influence in the magical world.

    The burden of raising Liv grew tremendously.

    Over the years, it was clear that the mistakes of two young teenagers was carried on his shoulders. If he wasn’t around, then his mother would’ve graduated high school and have gone on to make a name for herself. His grandparents would’ve continued to love and support their daughter. They could’ve had a grandchild they can love. As for his father, Liv stopped reading his letters after he sent a photo of his wife and child. Ilvermorny was supposed to be his escape. His fresh start in trying to find something in himself. Something great that he could do to prove that he wasn’t a mistake. Prove that he amounted for some worth in his existence. In the end, it only reminded Liv that he was a nobody. He wasn’t even a damn ghost that haunted some part of the school’s hall. He will always be nothing.

    It was during his final year of Ilvermorny that he was approached by a small group of students that felt the same way. They felt similar burdens of reality, but they knew how to escape it. There was a group that acknowledged them and saw great potential in them. Over the months, Liv became wrapped up in joining them. All he had to do was graduate and get his permit. Own his wand. He barely passed, but that’s all that was needed. There was no prospects for Liv after he graduated. Rather, he turned his back on the people and things that made him feel like nothing. Rather, all of his time and energy was turned to the group that made him feel something. He wouldn’t mind getting his hands dirty to keep earning their recognition.

    Embodies his fear that his worthlessness is in fact true, and a creature like a Boggart doesn’t even acknowledge Liv’s presence
    Recent Rain on Concrete
    Pastel Crayons
    Freshly-Made Sugar Cookies
    Misc. Powers:
    Favorite Spells:
    Ilvermorny House:
    Image Example
    Larch, 8 1/2 inches, Spine of River Water Monster Core, Inflexible
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  8. Matthew Tracey Adams
    Nickname(s): Matt, "Trace" (an inside joke/code name)
    DOB/AGE: July 6th, 1994 - 25
    Place of Birth: Libby, Montana
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Race/Ethnicity: Italian-English-American, "mixed."
    Height/Weight: 6'2", 187lbs
    Eye Color: Whiskey-brown
    Hair Color/Style/Length: A mop of wild brown hair, medium length, longer on top.

    Physical Description: "Cowboy", in the rambling, curved muscularity of someone accustomed to a hard days work. And then some. Attentive to his physique for practical purposes, Matthew is built solidly from head to toe, tan and somewhat raw around the edges. Despite his labor-won physique, he still retains a somewhat boyish face, as though he's still got room to fill in and grow. No doubt just like his father, whose impressive size puts Matthew to shame while standing side by side. Contrary to popular belief, the Adams' family is not a bunch of hicks and hillbillies. Their Italian-bred mother hails from an ancient, powerful line of wizards and witches: she may ride a storm as well as the boys, but there's no dirt under her nails. Thus, Matthew's sense of style ranges from jeans and cotton tees, to fitted coats of leather or wool over tailored slacks and his choice of boot or loafer. He blends into his environment as well as his Native friends can, but chooses a dash of interest to keep his look all his own. Make his mama proud to boot.
    [ FACE CLAIM ]

    - Courageous/unwavering determination. Bull by the horn? Try tussling with a griffin!
    - Easy-going/amiable; he's not hard to get along with and might even go out of his way to make someone feel at ease.
    - Loyal to the bone and you'll be hard pressed to shake him off once he's adopted you as friend or family.
    - Family-orientated: he'll beat just about anyone in the 'big and crazy family' category.
    - Observant/respectful, because his mother would teach him a lesson if he weren't, and thankfully he picks up on things wicked fast.
    - Patient, but don't go tempting your luck. He's tanned a few hides before, not to mention adjusted a few noses.
    - "Country charms", his mama brought him up right and it starts with please, thank you and howdy do. Add in a great love of laughing and he's a keeper.
    - Tactful, mostly. His father only held his tongue when his wife was around.
    - The "diffuser", and that's no overestimate of Matt's ability to walk into a scuffle and end things well on both sides.
    - Aware of his 'temper management' problems aka, don't let the wolf out of the cage.
    - Self-sacrificing. Matt would rather risk his own skin than those around him.
    - Realist... with a romantic's heart.
    - Rough 'n tumble sorta guy, he gets his hands dirty because he thinks it's... fun.
    - No nonsense: give it to him straight or at least make the story interesting.

    • Sunshine after the rain;
    • sea salted dark chocolate caramels;
    • music;
    • family meals & BBQs on the weekend;
    • creatures big and small;
    • any excuse to go out and see new places;
    • tiny cafes tucked away (usually have the best coffee);
    • flying, swimming, camping, et cetera.
    • Threats, verbal or otherwise;
    • miscommunication / finger-pointing;
    • No-Maj biast;
    • peas & turnips;
    • Lethifolds
    Team Player - Matthew has never been a lone ranger sort of guy, even though he does appreciate some peace and quiet. He's considerate of others and their opinions, but at the end of the day he wants what's best for all. Even if it means making a hard choice, Matthew's firmly set on the side of doing good by those he cares for. That being said, he functions incredibly well on teams - something to do with a big family, no doubt.

    Calm Force - Matthew's solid, sensible persona acts as a balm for those of a more... prickly, nature. He's a good person to turn to, to talk or just be around. It's not uncommon for strangers to unload something on their mind around him; he's got a trustworthy air that makes it easy to open up. But Matthew is not just calm, he's patient. He's learned through wild, misunderstood beasts that people generally hide what troubles them and those things can't always be pried out by force or demands. He's had to talk down animals and creatures alike - and even family members, which are the prickliest beasts of them all.
    There's a very good explanation for this... Matthew grew up in a huge family, surrounded by younger and older children. Being one of the older members of his side of the family, he was always looking after one or five younger relatives. Over time, he developed a way with them that dubbed him the nickname Kid Wrangle amongst his aunts, uncles and grandparents. He's just as good with them as he is with the misunderstood beasts which roam his family's lands.

    "Wild Beasts"
    His father and mother had a goal when they established Adams Bestiary & Safe Haven. Too many creatures, dangerous or no, were commonly abused, traded, mismanaged, chased off and who knows what else. Matthew grew up watching his parents teach all number of magical creatures to live again as they were meant to. While some had to be tamed, others roam their Montana ranch without hardly ever being seen. Matthew can't stand to see beasts neglected. He's not just educated in magical creatures, he's learned their secrets, their ways, their language - his devotion to them is fearsome. But he is also, quite unfortunately, nearly one of them.

    Full Moons - Matthew's had 12 years of 12 full moons. With each one, the fear is the same. He's not yet succumb to the ravenous beast, but there may come a day where he does and all of his parents, his, and his family's work will be undone. Between the rare, spelled crystal around his neck, the monthly dose of Wolfsbane Potion and his own strengths, Matthew remains a man for most full moons.
    The Art of Tracking - What is hidden can be found, what is found can be understood. Sort of a family motto, but Matthew's taken it a bit further. With his considerable experience, background and accident-altered senses, Matthew is a human bloodhound. Whether it's finding someone or something, Matthew's rarely chased a trail that he can't follow or pick up.

    Brute Strength - Although it's a strict secret belonging to him and his immediate family members and those in-the-know of the Maj community, Matthew is in fact a near-werewolf. Near, as he's the only living example of someone who's been attacked by a werewolf but never fully become one. That circumstance, however, is something still in debate within the medical and magical world. Even outside of the full moon, his physical abilities are more than that of a single wizard. He maintains his physique not out of sheer vanity, but to find a means to help control the werewolf infection that still threatens to overcome him entirely one day.

    Also: More commonly, Matthew is an immense flier, an adept hand in identifying potions/crafting remedies and his cooking is not to be taken lightly.

    Friends: TBD

    • Father: Joseph, 57 (A.B.S.H. co-founder, magical creature consultant)
    • Mother: Adelina, 53 (A.B.S.H. co-founder, Mediwitch, spell inventor, potions master)
    • Older Brother: Thomas, 32 (MACUSA, assistant to the Federal Identity Commissioner)
    • Older Sister: Nadia, 29 (writer)
    • Younger brother: Stefan, 22 (TBD)
    • Younger twin sisters: Eulalia and Luciana, 17 (Ilvermorny students)
    • Youngest sister: Abelia, 14 (Ilvermorny student)
    • Aunt: Bernadine Thorne, 59 (Care of Magical Creatures teacher at Ilvermorny.)
    • Uncle: Marcus Thorne, 58 (MACUSA Maj Immigrations)
    • Cousins: ...many.
    • Grandma: Sociia Thorne Banks, 92 (and feeling 70!)
    • Grandma: Lila Mancini, none-of-your-business-old.

    Parents, Joseph Adams and Adelina Mancini. Joseph, after graduating from Hogwarts and spending several years studying magical creatures across England, crossed the Atlantic in his youth. He sought further understanding of the less-studied creatures of lore he'd find in the Americas. What he did not think to find in a place so vast, new and incredibly unsettled, was the love of his life. Adelina was raised in Italy and came to New York to open new doors in her field of study as well. She, a brilliant Mediwitch, Potions Master and spell creator, wished to push the envelope in ways which the British hospitals tended to frown upon. Limitations didn't dare stand in her way and 'not possible' are two words she'll never be heard saying together. Like Joseph, she felt America held untold secrets that would carry her dreams to realization.

    The pair met most unconventionally. Out in the middle of nowhere, miles from any civilized town, let alone near a hospital or laboratory or bestiary. To make a long story short, the two ran into each other chasing the same sneaky creature. Lo and behold, Adelina wound up saving Joseph from the creature's wrath and Joseph, bewitched by her almost at once, insisted upon helping how he could in turn.

    Their marriage was quite the unexpected turn of events, being as different as night and day. Together, they discovered a new dream, an exception to the expectation of their peers and fellow professionals. Founding Adams' Bestiary & Safe Haven was a project borne of two individuals stubborn beliefs, desires and wishes. And, perhaps, some very convincing arguments to MACUSA's board.

    Seven children later, the Adams' reputation has continued to spread. Joseph's hand with magical creatures was so uncommonly good that he's been the center of most incidents in need of his expertise across the U.S. and further. His research, discoveries and exhibitions began to revolutionize the understanding of magical creatures. Thanks in large part to his sister, Bernadine Thorne, Joseph's produced several volumes describing his aforementioned work (now included in the reading at Ilvermorny, as Bernadine's a professor there.) With a rotation of assistants and fellow researchers on hand, the family ranch has several small homes set in a secondary clearing just beyond the main house. Matthew grew up with parents constantly on the go, his father off to lead another rescue mission or his mother gone to the hospital to beat more sense into the traditionalists that worked there. Adelina's brilliance kept her as an on-call Mediwitch and it was through her stubbornness that new healing spells, antidotes and the like were introduced - and accepted - officially.

    Matthew's siblings and him were taught to be self-sufficient, but their family bond wasn't weakened by their parents' sporadic absences. They were drawn right into the heart of everything that went on and learned to value their independence, minds, and one another. Weekends were always the best, complete with huge family gatherings, food and stories. Rough housing with his older brother, playing hide and seek with the ever-energetic twins and forcing his younger brother to go camping with them all: Matthew has many memories that he looks back on fondly.

    Matthew wasn't the first born or last, but being right in the middle didn't mean he disappeared into the folds of his family's eccentricities and genius. He took after Joseph right from the get-go, but had a questioning mind similar to Adelina's. Spending most of his time out-of-doors, he explored with an avidness of someone who'd never be satisfied cooped up in a city. His father recognized this and began to instruct him in his life's work. At Adams' Bestiary, no creature was confined for long, no sentient being were treated as beasts and as his mother would say time and time again, 'goodness, no, you can't have it as a pet!' Matthew spent his childhood tending to creatures who'd seen the worst of both Maj and No-Maj brutality and scorn. He was bit, kicked and frightened half to death at times, but his courage knew no bounds. Even when his letter from Ilvermorny came and he knew he'd be away from all he knew, Matthew wasn't afraid. He only wanted to learn more and become stronger.

    Right off the bat, Matthew wasn't quite the usual young man. His entry into the great American school of wizardry began with a hubbub, as three of the house symbols came to life while he stood on the Gordian Knot. He joined the Thunderbird House and in his first year, joined the Quidditch team. Tall for his age and strong to boot, he became an excellent Beater with fearsome daringness. His second and third year went relatively smoothly, with the only hiccups usually consisting of him stowing away another irregular pet in his bedroom or finishing his potions test quickly enough to experiment on something else... and melt a pot while doing so. It was at the end of his third year and entering summer break that Matthew's life would change...

    A werewolf does not normally let its prey walk away alive. Luck, pure luck, saved Matthew's life. Despite the safeguards placed around their borders, a werewolf had managed to sneak into A.B.S.H. during a full moon. The horrible cries and howls drew out all the keepers and Matthew's father. Matthew snuck out to help, as many of the penned creatures were wild with fear, but lo and behold... The werewolf had arrived at the one place no one thought it'd dare come. Matthew recalls little beyond the chase. If not for the young griffin Matthew had been trying to befriend for months, Gibedon, Matthew might have been killed. Alas, the werewolf was spelled and captured, but not before shredding the boy's back... His parents suspect it'd been on the verge of biting him and its saliva had fallen upon the bloody renderings left across Matthew's back. That was enough to stir the infection which would change him into a werewolf as well...

    But miracles are sometimes more like coincidences and happenstances.

    Matthew is not, per say, a true werewolf. His mother and father came together and performed spell and experiment which might not have worked if not for the circumstances such as his. With only a few hours at their disposal, his parents forced the infection into a near-dormant state. While unconscious, Matthew became the pinnacle of his parent's years of research. A combination of myth, instinct and magic were joined. Four months later, Matthew returned to school, whole as he'd ever be while housing a terrific beast inside of him. Precautions were placed, of course, and no explanation was given for his late entry into his fourth year. Matthew maintained a steady composure and cheer among his peers. His closest friends learned his secret, along with his teachers.

    There was no hiding what he was for very long; Matthew had to adjust to being what he was and, truly, there was no one who could prepare him. A Maj tribe local to his home became a source of strength for Matthew, as they had among them two individuals fully werewolf that lived outside of their 'pack.' His parents did all they could to help him both mentally and physically, called upon their peers and Maj specialists from over every sea. MACUSA eventually learned about him and rumors spread down the pipeline. He was defended by his peers and family, criticized by strangers whom knew nothing but to fear the unknown, and leered at by greedy souls wondering what value his body and soul contained. Despite this, Matthew was an exemplary student: Quidditch Captain in his 5th and 6th years and Head Boy in his seventh year.

    Nowadays, Matthew works as a consultant alongside his father. He's expanded their family's business into recovering rare artifacts and tracking illegal vendors that exploit the properties of a magical creature. He's traveled to other countries such as Asia and South America in pursuit of justice and knowledge, but never strays from Libby for very long. Ironically, Matthew has been the one in his family to prove that even centuries old facts could be ousted as fiction. With the rise of the Red Serpent beginning to reach as far north as his Montana home, he's seen more and more dark affairs: slaughtered unicorns, seafaring mertribes brutally culled and all number of horrors. He's heard from his brother, a MACUSA member, about some of the going ons. However, for all his hard work, he's never felt more helpless.

    Miscellaneous Information:

    Pet(s): Ah, well, he doesn't like to play favorites... and no one would rightfully call a Griffin a "pet".
    Boggart: Werewolf, although it was different before he was attacked.
    Patronus: Mountain lion.
    Amortentia: Fresh blooms, cinnamon, and leather.
    Misc. Powers: As a survivor of a werewolf's attack, Matthew wields an otherworldly trio of senses: scent, sight and hearing. Because they are so strong, he can only use two at a time or risk overloading. Most of the time, he keeps two out of three muffled.
    Favorite Spells: Protego Totalum, Avifors
    Ilvermorny House: Three house symbols came alive when he stoop atop the Gordian Knot, with the exception of the Horned Serpent. Matthew, in the end, chose to join the Thunderbird House.
    Wand: Black Walnut, 10 1/2", hair of the Wampus Cat core, pliable.
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  9. [​IMG]

    NAME: Avalyn Van Helsing || NICKNAME: Ava|| DOB/AGE : July 17, 1992 (27) ||
    POB: Lexington, SC || BLOOD STATUS: No-Maj born|| RACE/ETHNICITY: American/Caucasian​


    "Honor the family creed."​

    HEIGHT: 5'4" || WEIGHT: 128 || EYE COLOR: Green || HAIR COLOR: Brown || HAIR LENGTH/STYLE: Mid-back

    Long brown hair falls the length of her back in a constant disarray, often pulled back from her face so as to not block her line of sight. Tired green eyes stare out half-lidded as if bored or unamused often accompanied by puffy bags. Her full lips seem fixed in a frown, and her smile, even if genuine, can be a bit unsettling for her mouth is quite wide. She has a thin physique, but one that is toned with lean muscle. Ava is not a tall woman, but despite her appearances, she packs a punch.


    || MAGIC ||

    Pet(s): None
    Boggart: Herself in a straight jacket
    Patronus: Elephant
    Amortentia: Smoke and Cedar
    Misc. Powers: None
    Favorite Spells: Accio, Lumos
    Ilvermorny House: Wampus
    Wand: 11 3/4”, Aspin, White River Monster Spine - Slightly Springy


    Mountain cabins, treehouses, classical music, fiction

    Conspiracy theories, the No-Maj government (or rather those in power), wizarding refusal to use modern technology, debates


    Well versed in Defense Against the Dark Arts, casting charms, keysi fighting


    Ava can be a very dry and serious individual. So much of her life as been towards becoming the best she could be leaving her little interest in messing around. Luckily, at least in her younger years, she still found time to cultivate friendships and let loose every once and a while, just on a very small and quiet scale. She always enjoyed getting together with her friends to study or even to daydream of the future. But with time and with dedication to her chosen career path, her play dates naturally became minimal, and she was okay with that.
    Despite always looking tired, she really does enjoy her job. While at work, she is serious, pensive, and more often than not, quiet. She can also come across as abrasive as she has a personal policy against messing around while on the job. But outside of business she can become more vocal, possibly rowdy with a few drinks, and enjoys the company of others. She is, unfortunately, a workaholic, often voluntarily taking on overtime or shifts during the holidays.


    Martial Skills|| She doesn't always have to rely on her wand.

    Adept Spell Caster || Living up to the standards of an Auror comes naturally.

    Quick Thinker || Having taken part in both hunting and becoming an Auror, she is quick on her toes to adapt and regroup.
    Struggles in teamwork, abrasive, stubborn, impatient with people

    Struggles in Teamwork|| She's always been best when working alone, and to think of others often hinders her line of thinking.

    Stubborn || She often wants to do things her way and will see to it that it happens one way or another.

    Impatient With People || She can display patience towards most things in life, but when it comes to her interactions with people, it often tests her resolve.


    "Do you really want to know what goes bump in the night?"

    It's no mystery what heritage Ava holds. The Van Helsing name has been regarded through time, their notoriety gaining more popularity through fiction in past decades. The legends were true to some degree, but it is only the world of magic that knows their true story. From this is bread a standard to which every child bearing the name must meet. So it has been since Abraham Van Helsing so long ago.

    They were called to the States with the rise of Scourers plaguing the lands and feeding the witch hunts. While the Van Helsing line focused on creatures and keeping the magical world hidden, they became Scourer hunters to help MACUSA quell the plague of treachery.

    Such became the family tradition within the States, often working with officials on various cases as consultants if not Aurors themselves. Though, not everyone in the family was required to partake in such gruesome affairs, nor were they all gifted despite the quiet public anticipation with each new Van Helsing brought into the world. It came as a surprise when Ava's father, Ezekiel, was born a squib, for he was the first reported Van Helsing to be born without magic. This opened up a new aspect of their lives as they had to embrace the livelihoods of a No-Maj on a more personal level.

    Ezekiel grew up knowing of the magical world, but was ineligible to partake in the grim family affairs. It gave him more of a chance at a family and a happier day-to-day life giving him the opportunities to start a family among his modest living. Ava is the youngest of three, the elder siblings being her brothers Zachary and Vincent. She was the only child to show an affinity to magic, and once she began to display the signs she was introduced to the real Van Helsings.

    Family life was always quite nice and wholesome for Ava. Holidays were big among her mother's side of the family, and they would often travel to the mountains of Virginia each year for Christmas creating some of her fondest memories. The Carters had always held true to their traditions right down to every annual detail. It made Christmas quite magical for the youngsters.

    The Van Helsing side of the family got together when they could, but were often abroad. They would always come back with little nicknacks for the kids from all across the globe, albeit none of the trinkets of a magical variety. Ezekiel and Brittany felt it best to keep their children in the dark and ignorant of everything that was really out there, especially after all that had transpired in the late 90s.

    Ava's acceptance into Ilvermorny opened up a strange existence and closed the door to her innocent childhood. Each summer would be spent with the Van Helsings, and while it was fun, there was a lot of academics and self-defense classes involved she didn't quite understand until further down the line. Upon her 15th birthday, her grandfather decided it was time to introduce her to the hunting side. Since she was unable to spell cast due to school regulations, she went into the field with antiquities.

    Graduating as one of the top in her class, Ava had proven herself worthy to take on the job of an Auror and live up to the family name. Strangely enough, it was only after she became an Auror did the world seem a little less bright. Her work became grim, and it had lost its thrill to be replaced with dedication and fear. It was one thing to hunt beasts, but it was the dark side of people that made her stomach churn. But it was as though she carried some strange primal instinct within her to protect the innocent around her both magic and no-maj alike, and so her interest piqued with the Silver Heart Circle.

    || FAMILY ||

    Brittany Van Helsing (mother – no-maj)
    Ezekiel Van Helsing (father – squib)
    Zachary Van Helsing (brother – no-maj)
    Vincent Van Helsing (brother – no-maj)
    Victor Van Helsing (grandfather – wizard)
    Glenda Van Helsing (grandmother – witch)
    Melody Smith (aunt – witch)
    Salvador Smith (uncle – wizard)
    Milly Carter (grandmother – no-maj)
    Bill Carter (grandfather – no-maj)
    Lawrence Carter (uncle – no-maj)
    Jeremy Carter (uncle – no-maj)
    Susan Carter (aunt – no-maj)
    Sally Hicks (aunt – no-maj)
    Dustin Hicks (uncle – no-maj)

    || FRIENDS ||


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    "I think I ought to advise you not to do that, very clearly, idiotic thing."


    NAME: Eleanor Viviann Rosewell
    NICKNAME(S): Ellie, Elle, Viv, Vivi, Rosie (will respond to anything as long as it's not rude)
    DOB/AGE: April 20th 1996, 23
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Jackson, Wyoming
    BLOOD STATUS: No-maj born
    RACE/ETHNICITY: Caucasian / American
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'7", 124 lbs
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    HAIR COLOR/STYLE/LENGTH: Dark brown and slightly wavy hair that goes just past her breasts, but is almost always tied up in a bun or ponytail.

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Long and willowy with dark brown eyes that often seem brighter than they actually are, yet not quite as eye catching as you think she might've been in the first place. Her lips plump and pink and her hands and touch gentle, and when she smiles every freckle on her cheek seems to dance upon her face. Everything about Eleanor is immediately quiet and calm, every part of her appearance resembling her soft demeanor. Except, for the long, winding scar from the base of her neck across her collarbone, down to her chest. That does seem to differ from everything else about her.

    PERSONALITY: A quiet body in the back of the room, Eleanor's soft-spoken demeanor seems to allow her to easily fade into the shadows, and nothing about her so easily grabs your attention unless you truly care to look close. But though she may not be the first to approach and begin conversation, Eleanor is a rather intriguing person to talk too. When you gaze closer, she has a little twinkle in her eye. Mischievousness? Confidence? Up to you. She is not shy nor scared, though you might've thought so. She talks with a sure firmness, even if soft, and her laugh is something pure and enchanting. A fiercely loyal yet comforting and gentle friend, with a great cleverness about her and excellent magical abilities, Eleanor has many a redeeming quality, but her secretiveness and pessimism does seem to deter some away.

    Eleanor keeps a consistent underlying sense of "This isn't going to work out." Even around those she really does care about. Something always seems to cause her smile to disappear just moments too early, into a smaller grimace, and retreat back into her quiet shadow, what she has a bad habit of hiding behind. It is unknown what makes Eleanor quite so afraid of her own abilities, but whatever the matter, in a crowd, Eleanor simply seems to fade away.

    One more quality, not to be forgotten, is Eleanor's deepest desire to heal any person she comes across, and before that, treat them with utmost respect and kindness as best as she can. No matter how much Eleanor might like to dissipate into the darkness, she will always give in to her urge to help those whom she feels she can fix.

    LIKES: Thick forests, rain, campfires, animals, fresh smells, home-cooked meals, sarcastic jokes, peaches.
    DISLIKESs: Mindless arguments, abruptness, people who blatantly lie, rushing, sarcastic jokes, brussel sprouts.

    • A HEALER AT HEART; Though transfiguration is a close second, Eleanor is an immensely talented healer, both magically and emotionally. She is a calm soul to lay troubles upon, and can fix up your broken nose no problem.
    • ADAPTABLE; Growing up in a family of adventurers and explorers who always took their children out camping and exploring and the like, and Eleanor grew up learning how to adapt to situations where she wasn't quite so comfortable as she'd have liked to be. This goes more for the physical sense then it does the emotional.
    • CLEVER; Eleanor is chalk-full of brilliant ideas and intuition, with a great set of wits about her, and because of this she is a quick thinker and an excellent opponent on the battlefield.
    • SOFT; Perhaps, not the best way to describe it, but yet, no better way. Eleanor is not gullible in the slightest, but she will allow people to take advantage of her, simply for the fact that she does not wish to hurt them by rejecting them.
    • WORRISOME; Eleanor is a very insecure being, though she may be excellently clever it is hard for her to feel confident in her decisions, or others. She is constantly second guessing every move, under the guise that she isn't sure "it'd be very safe."
    • FEARFUL; Not just worrisome; fearful. Her parents being afraid of her made Eleanor afraid of a lot of things. Yes, she's a worrier, but then she's also simply afraid.

    SKILLS/TALENTS: Transfiguration and Healing Magic are Eleanor's two fortes. She also has an affinity for magical creatures and most animal related things as well. She is also an excellent artist, her favorite medium being graphite and charcoal.

    • Tansy Blackwood
    • more to come
    • Jason Rosewell | 52 | No-maj | Alive
    • Lillian Rosewell | 50 | No-maj | Alive
    • Jack Rosewell | 10 | No-maj | Alive
    HISTORY: Eleanor was born to two rather peculiar parents, despite being no-majs. Jason and Lillian Rosewell were both park rangers in Yellowstone, and because of this Eleanor grew up surrounded by wilderness, camping, exploring, and getting to see and experience things that not every child got to see, and if they did, it was likely in a zoo or something similar. Her parents were extraordinarily kind and caring people, and Eleanor grew up in an environment where she felt safe, loved, and respected. They were not overly protective nor oblivious; they were smart as to when to intervene and when to stay back, and hardly any rules need to be set, and if there were any rules, they were unspoken, because Eleanor knew how to hold herself politely, calmly, and respectfully. For a time, they were a picture-perfect family.

    That was, until Eleanor uncovered her magical abilities. At first, it was small, of course. But realization grew between the three of them; that this simply was not normal. And when her Ilvermorny letter arrived, it was finalized. Despite being lovers of adventure, exploration, all the things her parents were supposedly supposed to live and breathe, their daughter scared them. Terrified them, actually. It was still her, standing right in front of them, but neither of them believed her. They tried, desperately, to understand. But they simply could not.

    However, they never outright told her so. It was just the downcast looks they gave her when she passed them by; their soft, fearful words when they spoke to her. Their house was empty, more a prison to all of them than a home. So when the time finally came for her to pack her bags and head off to Ilvermorny, she was glad. They were all glad.

    Ilvermorny was the best thing to happen to her. At first she resented it, because perhaps this school was the reason she became a witch. But that was a foolish thing for even an eleven year old to believe, and she decided she had better enjoy it rather than hate it. It was either here, or with her parents. And she knew where she preferred to be.

    Once Eleanor accepted the fact that this was the only place where she could revel in her talents, she began to enjoy it much more, and quickly made friends. She had become much shier because of the ordeal with her parents, but that did not stop her from making one very good friend, who went by the name of Tansy Blackwood. The two were quite an example of opposites, but perhaps that was what made them such great friends. Tansy brought out a more rambunctious side of Eleanor, one she had never quite known, and Eleanor, in return, kept Tansy from running head-on into trouble and getting herself killed.

    In her third year at Ilvermorny, her parents wrote her a letter, the only letter they'd ever sent, telling her they were pregnant with a child who was to be her baby brother. While the thought of a sibling thrilled Eleanor, she knew the only reason for his existence was the fact that her parent's only child was someone they were afraid of. Just like there had been unspoken rules before, there were now unspoken rules with Jack. She was not allowed to get too close, for her parents would tense, on edge at her touch on his itty-bitty head. Her parents couldn't keep them apart as well as they would have liked when Eleanor returned for the summer and Jack grew older. He looked up to his elder sister like a godly figure, and she was thrilled to spend any moment she could with him.

    During her sixth year, there was yet another one of Tansy's masquerades through some sort of forbidden area; it shouldn't have been any different from the others, but things went wrong, moreso than they usually did. Eleanor ended up being badly injured, and Tansy forced to carry her back to Ilvermorny. After that, the two just didn't seem able to reconnect; Eleanor retreated into herself more than she ever had, the only friend she really felt was left was her younger brother.

    When she graduated from Ilvermorny, Eleanor got a job at a magical animal clinic and has worked there since. It's not the most spectacular of jobs, but Eleanor does rather enjoy it. That is, of course, until she heard word of the Silver Heart Circle. Eleanor still isn't quite sure why it caught her interest so; but does it truly matter?


    PETS: A white Parakeet named Thomson. Though he can't deliver heavily stuffed envelopes, he is able to handle some lightweight letter-carrying duties.
    BOGGART: A ghostly figure holding their hand over her brother's mouth, and then pulling him into darkness. (A fear of people she loves vainshing without explanation)
    PATRONUS: Blackbird
    AMORTENTIA: The smell of forests, especially thick, deep ones; The smell of something baking or cooking, no matter what it is; The small of a crackling camp fire inside of a warm home, damp on the outside from harsh rain.
    MISC. POWERS: Eleanor is also an Animagus, her form being the same as her Patronus; a blackbird.
    FAVORITE SPELLS: Ferula, Episkey, Cave Inimicum
    WAND: Acacia wood with a jonker core, 11 ½" and slightly yielding flexibility

    RANDOM FACT: When around people she does not know, she stands up straight and acts very proper. Around close friends, Eleanor swears like a sailor.
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  11. " sleeping through the storm » i don't want to dream anymore. "


    • N A M E : Calypso Emory Skye.

      N I C K N A M E : Cal, Calli (I wouldn't recommend calling him that.)

      D A T E O F B I R T H : December 6th,

      A G E : 21.

      P L A C E O F B I R T H : Salem, Massachusetts.

      B L O O D S T A T U S : Pure blood.

      "Nothing is final until you're dead ; but even God negotiates."

    • E T H N I C I T Y : Caucasian.
      H E I G H T : He stands at a small 5'5", but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in a venomous glare.
      W E I G H T : Cal weighs a measly 123 lbs, and is slim and delicate in frame. He's not an unhealthy skinny, but he's far from being built, too.
      E Y E S : His eyes are a soft hazel shade, usually sticking to a caramel hue, however due to them technically being hazel, they also can appear light green or even gold.
      H A I R : His hair is a sandy blond shade, cut shorter in the back but longer in the front. It's wavy and desperately tamed; however, all it takes is one misplaced drop of hair gel, and Calypso's hair is suddenly as untamed as a Gryffindor.
      P H Y S I C A L : Overall, Cal seems like he's stepped out of a painting. His features are delicate yet fierce, a permanent pout settled on his pale pink lips. There seems to be constant dark circles framing his hazel eyes, a tint of purple on pale, milky skin. His hair, wavy and desperately put together, always seems to let a few ghostly strands fall out of place. He always chooses classy, high dollar clothing, usually darker in shade and form fitting. He carries himself with an air of annoyance, cat-like and agile in all his movements. His eyes are always observing, his expression always unreadable. What he lacks in physical intimidation, he definently makes up for in his fierce facial expressions.

      "Ensnare the senses ; bewitch the mind."

    • P E R S O N A L I T Y : Cal is a very, very hard read. Cal is like melted fool's gold; beautiful, flexible, and oh so very false. He's very observant, to the point in which it's almost scary, he can pick up on what you want and become it, need be. This does not mean he has no backbone, no, it's very far from that. If he needs to play a part to get the starring role, he will, no matter the cost. He can be sweet and caring, charming and lovable, but it's just a mask. On the outside, he's just a series of switchable personas, but on the inside? On the inside, Cal is empty. His true personality is fiercely pessimistic, sarcastic, and sometimes, downright mean. Do not mistake his ambitions for evil, though. He's extremely determined and stubborn, once he sets his eyes on something, it's very hard to deter said goals. He's a great liar, a skilled manipulator, although, once you break through that harsh wall, he's vulnerable. More often than not, he can come off as snobby and can be described as a brat. Cal is easily upset and emotional, and can get extremely flustered and overwhelmed at times. He does a good job at hiding this more delicate side through intricate smirks and carefully placed sarcasm. Furthermore, Cal is extremely intelligent, and favors fact over all else. Or tries to, at least. Overall, Cal is a very confusing person, but once you break through that wall of lies, it's easy to tell who he is truly. An emotional, vulnerable boy who spent years building up his defenses.
      L I K E S :
      - The night sky.
      - Storms.
      - Blue eyes.
      - Classic literature.
      - Sweet foods.
      - His twin sister, the one person he actually gets along with genuinely.
      - Fluffy sweaters.
      - Cats.
      D I S L I K ES :
      - Being told no.
      - Someone seeing through him.
      - Tea.
      - Muggy weather.
      - Feeling vulnerable.
      - When his hands are cold. (So, always.)
      - Loud noises.
      - Country music.

      S T R E N G T H S :
      - Manipulative.
      - A great liar.
      - Observant.
      - Intelligent.
      - A quick thinker.
      - Agile.
      - Precise.

      W E A K N E S S ES :
      - Lacks physical strength.
      - Selfish,
      - Stubborn,
      - Emotional.
      - Low stamina.
      - He has his 'walls' built up too high.
      - Over analyzes everything.
      S K I L L S & T A L E N T S :
      - Extremely precise with almost everything he does.
      - Observant and intelligent.
      - Musically talented, Cal is absolutely in love with the piano and the violin.
      - He has a near photographic memory.
      - Cal's aim is pretty skilled, although he could become better with more practice.
      - At Ilvermorny, Cal was particularly good at alchemy and potion brewing, however he now focuses on healing magic.

      "A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart."

    • F R I E N D S : PM me!
      F A M I L Y :Cassiopeia Skye (twin sister) , Penelope Skye II (mother), Treyton Skye (father), Kevin James (cousin), Milly James (cousin), Ferrous James (cousin), Lillian James (aunt through mother's side), Kinton James (uncle by marriage).
      H I S T O R Y : Calypso comes from a moderately well to do family, a lineage of pure bloods that can date back to the sixteenth century. His mother raised him much like herself; poised and elegant, dignified and reserved. "Keep your chin high, your mind sharp, and your words deadly." Almost a mantra in his household, for his mother was a terrifyingly beautiful woman who could make all of the wizarding world cower at her feet; and kept a straight face through all of the family's hard ships.
      His family was perfect on the outside, but falling at the seems from the inside. At the age of ten, his mother caught his father cheating with a no-maj lover, and perhaps this is her greatest shame. That she had lost her husband in favor of a "filthy no-maj", as she would so hatefully spit, not knowing her children were around. To make matters worse, his mother had just suffered a miscarriage of what would of been Calypso's younger sister, leaving her to fall into depression. His parents had divorced when he was about twelve, although his mother had kept his father's for the sake of appearances. In all honesty, Calypso was more upset about his father taking his sister, Cassie, with him when they divorced rather than the actual divorce. Calypso was left alone, heartbroken without his partner and crime, but his mother taught him to keep it all in. He did so well, focusing on school work rather than his own problems.
      As the years grew on, Calypso and his sister no longer got along. Cassie had called their mother a cruel bitch, while Cal called their father cheating scum. Even now, they can't stand to be in the same room as one another.

      "The child is grown, the dream is gone, and I have become comfortably numb."

    • P E T S : A cat that comically reflects his own personality, Snitch.
      B O G G A R T : A bloody, tear-stained, translucent version of himself, almost like a ghost. (Represents the fear of people seeing through him, tearing down his walls, leaving him vulnerable,)
      P A T R O N U S : A weasel.
      A M O R T E N T I A : Fresh rain, ink, candle smoke.
      M I S C. P O W E R S :None as of now.
      F A V O R I T E S P E L L S :Silencio and accio.
      I L V E R M O R N Y H O U S E :Horned Serpent.
      W A N D : Hawthorn, rougarou hair core, 9 3/4" in length, rigid flexibility.

      T H E M E


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  12. [BCOLOR=#000000]Personal Information[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Name: Jonathon Ries (pronounced REES)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Nickname(s): Joe, Joey, Jonesy[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]DOB/AGE: 23 December, 1985[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Blood Status: No-Maj mother, Wizard father -- Possibly even have giant mixed in there[/BCOLOR]

    General Appearance
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Height/Weight: 6’6”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Eye Color: Hazel[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Hair Color/Style/Length: Bald. Just… bald. BUT, he has a beard that is large but neat. It is brown with some streaks of red, and it generally has an almost coarse texture. Now and again, he braids it just to get it out of the way. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Physical Description: He’s got the kind of face that’s marked with sun, laugh lines, and scars. His features are hard, but that’s just the underlying bone structure talking. He’s got a button nose, a wide mouth, and a long chin. His forehead is tall, and his head is smooth -- which is good, considering he has no hair up on top. When angry, he looks more akin to a bear than a man, but that is a rare occurrence. Angering Joe takes quite a lot of work. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]He is the definition of the burly man. He has quite a bit of padding over those muscles, but they are definitely there. His calves are thick, his arms could put tree trunks to shame, and he has a chest like a barrel. His hands are surprisingly sprightly, but they are thick and full of calluses from years of working on a farm. He’s got some pretty dainty feet, though, which will surprise anyone who’s never seen him without shoes on. They’re surprisingly small. [/BCOLOR]

    Heart And Soul
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Personality: He is the biggest teddy bear on the planet. The man doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. As the youngest of seven boys, he learned patience early on, but it perhaps helped that he grew up to be the biggest of those seven as well. Whatever the case, it takes quite a lot to get him upset. He is a laughing, jolly kind of guy, preferring to keep things lighthearted and fun. That said, he is empathetic to a fault -- so much so, that he often takes the side of the first person to come to him, regardless of whether they were in the right or not. He isn’t a fighter, but he’s fiercely protective of those he likes, and in some ways, he is a bit gullible. However, he’s far from stupid-- merely naive. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]He also has a natural curiosity, which helps him learn about other people. Sometimes he sticks his nose where it’s not wanted, of course… [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Likes: [/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Any kind of wild, dangerous creature[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Being in rooms full of people chatting[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Cloudy days[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]A glass of cold milk[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Chatting with strangers[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Being alone[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Bitter foods[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Cruelty -- whether necessary or not[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Bratty children (they just get under his skin)[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Arguments-- even civil or necessary ones[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Strengths: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Joe has literal strength, as he regularly does hard labor. Wrestling fifty pound bags of mulch all day will do that to you.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Otherwise, he is a great conversationalist; his wife says he could talk a tire into changing itself for him. He’s very much a social butterfly, and his inquisitive nature makes it easy for him to keep conversations going. He’s very intelligent emotionally, able to read people’s mental state -- but he can get caught up in how the other person is feeling easily. He knows how to make people feel better, and, alternatively, he knows how to make them feel worse. However, the latter ability is reserved only for those who have truly earned Joe’s dislike. [/BCOLOR]

    He also has great attention to detail and tons of patience, making him unstoppable in such areas as potionmaking and finishing a whole game of Monopoly. Joe maintains monumental focus towards whatever task he’s put himself towards. He can wait out the vast majority of people, and it takes a lot to bother him. He rarely puts up a fuss about anything, unless of course someone else is uncomfortable.
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Weaknesses: Joe’s love for people can backfire heavily on him. He frequently puts his trust in people who know how to play towards his preferences, and he’s been scammed because of his good nature. He is often reckless about giving, and even obvious scams don’t make him think twice until someone points out the blatant nature of the con. He is also particularly bad about letting people walk all over him, as he’s more willing to avoid confrontation than fight with someone about something he considers a small matter -- even if that person owes him lots of money, or is seriously screwing him over. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]His patience is also a double-edged sword. He is too willing to put all his time and effort into something that will most definitely not work. His wife was quite upset with him trying to grow mandrakes in America, when it was obvious there was no way they would grow in the lower Northern Hemisphere. This goes for people as well, like his druggie brother… [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]His focus also puts him in a bad spot, as he will ignore his needs in pursuit of a goal. He often finds himself working hours at a time trying to make something work, and it is only when someone stops him does he realize he is hungry/thirsty/needs to use the restroom/etc. He believes in devoting himself to his task fully, even to his detriment, as he is afraid of failing a person or a creature. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Skills/Talents:As for spellwork, Joe was a very good herbalist, perhaps because he was always cooking in the kitchen or working outside with plants. He is a gardener by trade, and he has a natural knack for growing plants. He’s also very good with magical creatures, and as a hobby, he’s kept a few of the less dangerous ones. He’s handy with a cauldron and good at whipping up potions for any occasion. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]He also has a knack for working with magical creatures. Some call it animal magnetism, but he just thinks they know he’s not out to hurt them. This, of course, only goes for those animals which are not overly aggressive by nature…[/BCOLOR]

    Who's Who

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Family: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Daniel and Mary Ries -- father (living) and mother (deceased)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]James and Laurie Ries -- oldest brother and sister-in-law (and their extended family)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Edward and Gretel Ries -- second brother and sister-in-law[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Morton Ries-- third brother, deceased [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Tyler and Gabriel Ries -- fourth brother and brother-in-law [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Hale Ries-- fifth brother[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Severin Ries-- sixth brother[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Edie Ries nee Marsh -- wife and best friend[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]History: Joey comes from a long line of wizards on his father’s side. Originally from Holland, his family moved to America for better prospects than those in their native land, especially upon hearing about the massive tracts of lands found in the West. They were a family that enjoyed their privacy, none of which they could find in their homeland, and the American West seemed like a dream. Despite their No-Maj neighbors, they carved themselves a small piece of home in Nebraska, where they were renowned farmers who somehow managed by some means to always produce the most fruitful crop of anyone in the neighborhood. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Two hundred years later, Joey’s family lives on the same plot of land, which is still a family owned farming business. However, Joey was not interested in life as a farmer, preferring gardening over the more practical aspects of growing things. At the age of eleven, he of course went to Ilvermorny, like the rest of his brothers, where he was placed in the Pukwudgie house, perhaps the only one in the family not to place in the Wampus house. He graduated middle of his class, and he moved on to being a magical wares seller under a more senior wizard in Minneapolis for nearly four years. Despite being unhappy in this job, he continued with it, wanting to support himself and his girlfriend, then named Edie Marsh, a No-Maj with magical parents. During this time period, his third brother died in a duel with another wizard who was never identified. The sudden death of his middle brother gave him pause, and he decided to reach out and talk to a wandmaker from Chicago whom he had been chatting with while he was staying in Minneapolis. Immediately, he proposed to Edie as well, unwilling to bide his time. Immediately, they moved to Chicago for Joe’s apprenticeship with Elliot Ratcliff, an aspiring wandmaker. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]After nearly three years of working for Ratcliff, he and Elliot began experimenting with other wand cores as American cores seem fairly limited, as well as exceedingly rare. Two years into these experiments, however, Joe’s mother died of early Alzheimer’s, and he stopped making wands in order to be with his family in Nebraska. He has yet to fully recover from his mother’s death, as we was very close to her, and has yet to continue making wands. Instead, he works the farm with his brothers, living in the farmhouse on their plot. [/BCOLOR]

    Odds and Ends
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Pet(s): He owns several rats, a few other magical creatures (like a cage full of Billywigs), but his pride and joy is his Demiguise, which he saved from an illegal auction on a trip to India. He means to release him in India when he has the money.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Boggart: his wife in a hospital bed, dying of Alzheimer’s (the disease which took his mother)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Patronus: surprisingly, a moose[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Amortentia: hay[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Misc. Powers: none…?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Favorite Spells: Diffindo, Incendio[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff][BCOLOR=#000000]Wand: 13 ½ inches, Cedar wood, Wampus cat hair core[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR]
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    Name: Memphis Temoak

    Nickname: Buck

    DOB/AGE: 1993 // 26

    Place of Birth: Dazithimni Reservation, Nevada

    Blood Status: Unknown, but likely very nearly pureblood

    Race/Ethnicity: Native American // Dazithimni tribe


    Height/Weight: 6ft 3in // 180 lbs

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color/Style/Length: Memphis has impossibly thick, healthy hair that he always parts down the middle. He’s never cut it off, so it’s waist-length is as long as it will get. When he knows he’s gonna have to be physical (Running, training, whatever) he braids it into two perfect braids that sit on his shoulders, or one perfect low-hanging pony tail. He rarely touches his hair to fix it or move it.

    Physical Description: Broad shouldered, tall, and loaded with toned muscle, Memphis presents quite the intimidating physique. Pair all that with his strong jaw, brows, and the clenched-teeth look he gives almost everyone upon meeting them and you get a seemingly unapproachable figure.



    Upon meeting Memphis, the first thing most people think is uptight, self-righteous jerk. Truthfully…they might be a little right. He does tend to think of native magic as better than other kinds of magic, he also has a tendency to follow the rules, but the real reason he doesn’t walk across the room to talk to you is not that he regards you with disdain, but because he can’t Memphis is incredibly shy. He can never think of what to say to strangers and he’s totally inept at small talk. He frets over first impressions so much that he often tend to just fold his arms, sit on the edge of the room and it often looks like he’s turning his nose up at you. If he knew how he looked to others he would be mortified.

    As for if he’s comfortable with you: He is still kind of a jerk. He’s very succinct and decided on everything, you will never convince this man to change his mind or go back on any opinion he’s expressed, it’s not in his prideful nature to do so. He also doesn’t believe in the practice of sparing people’s opinions. To him, there is only truth and lies, and he will never stand for lies (he’s also very bad at lying). Besides truth, another thing he values more than anything is family and tradition. He sees everyone in his tribe as his family and he loves them all and would sacrifice himself for anyone of them. All in all, Memphis may be slightly unpleasant to deal with at times but he really does mean the best.

    Potions: Memphis studied long and hard to keep up his knowledge and skill with potions, and like most Native American wizards, he’s very skilled at potions. // Animagus: While he has not yet mastered it, Memphis is very close to becoming an animagus. // Wandless Magic: Like many of his peers, Memphis has been using wandless magic since he first started exhibiting magical potential,
    and can perform most spells with accuracy and force without a wand.


    Strengths: Strong-willed // Calm // Honest

    Weaknesses: Stubborn // Superior-acting // Cavalier // Unsocial

    || MAGIC ||

    Boggart: A faceless person with some kind of curse/hex over him (fear of ambiguity, uncertainty, and powerlessness)

    Patronus: Coyote

    Amortentia: Dust and freshly baked bread

    Favorite Spells: Geminio, Specialis Revelio, Tergeo

    Ilvermorny House: He was called to both Horned Serpent and Pukwudgie, but chose Horned Serpent

    Wand: Shikoba Wolfe made yew wood with Thunderbird tail feather, 11”, very flexible


    Likes: Quiet nights // Smokey rooms // Home-cooked family meals // Wide western vistas // Habitual Rituals

    Dislikes: Indecisive people // Meeting new people // Long trips // Cocky dreamer types // Cold weather


    Memphis grew up in a maj-only native reserve belonging to a maj-only native tribe called the Dazithimni. The reservation was actually a lovely place to grow up. It had a small town, caring vibe. Everyone knew everyone and everyone was invested in everyone else. The tribe teachers started teaching as much magic as they were legally able to as soon as they were physically able to and Memphis took immediately to magic and tradition. Memphis eventually became the apprentice of the tribe’s teacher -much to the glee of his loving and supportive parents- who taught him to use wandless magic, all he knows about potions, and even began training him to be an animagus just like him. Memphis thrived during these years, but one day he got an invitation to go to Ilvermorny. He didn’t want to go, actually. He would have preferred to stay at home, studying only the traditional wandless magics. He was encouraged to go by his family and his mentor, though, and them he couldn’t refuse. Much to his surprise, he enjoyed Ilvermorny and found his powers were greatly amplified with the use of a wand. Turns out Memphis just had a natural predisposition to learning any kind of magic, not just the traditional type. He always got top marks and graduated Ilvermorny with honors. When he go home, things returned to normal and he went on studying. He was gradually becoming the brightest Wizard of the tribe. He was a leader, he was already teaching some of the youngest students, and it was generally assumed he'd take over when his mentor died. He was happy, he even might have even been getting serious with someone. But then there was the attack. The Red Serpents killed so many people, including Memphis’s father, Kolteh, and the girl he was considering marrying. Shortly after that, His mother, Lucile fell ill, but no one could find a reasonable disease or curse causing her illness. Memphis and his sister watched as their mother slowly died of what can only be called heartbreak months after the attack. Shortly after the service, Memphis was contacted by The Silver Heart Circle. He was all too pleased to answer that call.

    Friends: TBD

    Family: Lucile Temoak: Mother, deceased // Kolteh Brown : Father, deceased // Kirley Temoak: Sister, 20
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    [bcolor=#908b9f]  MALE ▪ 4TH OF APRIL ▪ 24  [/bcolor]
    placeofbirth tennessee, usa
    bloodstatus pure
    ethnicity japanese-american

    height five feet eleven
    weight 155 pounds
    eyecolor dark gray
    hairstyle short, brown
    It is painfully easy to define human beings. They are beings who, for no good reason at all, create their own unnecessary suffering.

    Quiet is the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Nico, even on a purely physical aspect. His lanky frame, gentle eyes and pale skin does not encourage attention. He fades into the background, dressing in soft grays and neutrals as if to conform to his role in life. Sap stains or planting dirt often cling to his sweater and jeans, but he says that's what scourgify and tergeo are for.

    His slight build is both his own laziness and a natural genetic predisposition towards it, having preferred to use his wand to carry objects than his own hands. Despite that, he prefers to cut and haul flora and fauna with his own hands, lending a bit of strength to those thin arms and a delicate touch to long fingers. Nico perpetually smells like the coming of spring; cool and crisp, with just a hint of flowers to bring hope.

    Whenever I was asked what I wanted my first impulse was to answer "Nothing." The thought went through my mind that it didn't make any difference, that nothing was going to make me happy.

    Soft words leave Nico's lips, his hesitance evident in every dip of his voice and stress of each syllable. The very air around him seems to still. With measured movements, he thinks and slowly considers what to do next. It's rare to see any certainty in the brunette - reluctance seems to be a constant weight on his shoulders. Once the spotlight is off him, he only sighs in relief before relinquishing the stage, content in his role as an audience. Like the softest spring breeze, the young wizard would be happy to simply be felt with only the slightest of acknowledgements.

    Nico loathes his own passive take on life, but fears change and pressure. Responsibility feels like a noose that threatens to choke him, and disappointment would be the poison to finish him off. He seeks the approval of others, often to the detriment of his own happiness, and chooses to avoid confrontation at all costs. Words like "pushover" and "pacifist" are often thrown around in his presence, but Nico knows the truth; he hides behind others so that he doesn't have to look at himself. He uses others' desires as a shield so if he ever finds himself unhappy, he can put the blame on them.

    The shackles that bind him to his practice are more comforting than confining. With his fear of change comes fear of the unknown. Nico rarely desires more. And if he does, he reminds himself to be content with what he has. He's as stagnant as Westcreek, his hometown, itself, only expressing his passion in the solitude of his greenhouse. With pale fingers tinged with green and nicked in every which way, he uses the many plants he has at his disposal to assist others in whatever endeavor.

    He hates himself, but refuses to confess where others might hear. So he continues to feign ignorance, playing the role of a typical airhead; perpetually lost in his daydreams, his feet rare to touch the ground. Where others of his kind might be building castles in the air, he simply pretends to do so.

    All the time, people smear even their hearts with colors of lies.
    ken kamikita, false color

    Whenever Nico asked where his mother was, his father would answer 'gone with the wind', a wistful smile on his face. As he grew, the answer changed into 'her alter ego's Dorothy'. To this day, the Maj remains uncertain if she's still alive somewhere or passed away; all he knows is that his father continues to love her immensely, apparent in her numerous photographs on their home's walls. If one were to look through the viewfinder at the moment it was taken, then they would see it returned in equal measure. His father loved her and his own family, but lost both to raise his cherished son.

    The brunette constantly clung to his father with a vice grip; his face was streaked with tears when the Ilvermony folk tried to coax him to his first day. Though he laments his own crybaby behavior, he can't help but be thankful for it when it was the reason he met his most trusted friends and confidantes. Leila Myers of the most affluent family in Tennessee; Ryan Winters, a headstrong boy who would agree as often as he argued with Leila. And lastly, Taylor Lynch, a romantic with a talent for drink and pot. They made a motley crew, but their years in Ilvermony only cemented their friendship.

    When Leila lost her family in a tragic accident, Nico rushed to support her as did the rest. He never expected that this simple act of solidarity would change the direction their paths would take. The Myers Estate became more than just a home; it became a small Maj hub in the heart of Tennessee, able to provide any basics a wizard worth his wand might need, and then some.

    Nico never wanted to run his own business, content to spend his time working in his hometown, yet here he was today. But then again, he never kept tabs on the accountancy side. He, much like the others, left the business side to Leila; he was happy to spend his days tending to his pots and plants. His friend kept his books in check, and he only had to meet certain clients who required more particular wares. Nico planned for his quiet life to continue, not expecting that one day, Ryan would come home telling them of the Silver Heart Circle and how he'd joined. Of how he now urged everyone else to join their fight. What surprises him most of all is how he can't simply brush it off as yet another of his friend's silly adventures.

    I don't even trust myself. It's because I can't trust myself that I can't trust others. I can only curse myself for it.

    father narumi matsumoto
    mother chikako mishima
    closefriend leila myers
    closefriend ryan winters
    closefriend taylor lynch

    Despite the support of his friends and family, Nico struggles with self-esteem issues apparent to this day. However, it's plain to see that he does possess some talents, regardless of whether or not he acknowledges them.

    Obviously, he possesses a hand for plants and herbs, him being a gardener by trade and choice. Beyond that, however, is a talent for making them bloom beyond expectations. Whereas most would focus on the more maj-inclined side, Nico believes there's something to be said for the No-Maj's artful presentation of their gardens. He raises many for the simple purpose that they liven up a garden or home, and is responsible for some rather interesting flora and fauna. Angels Trumpets that chime in the wind, or lyre pods that remind one of the instrument's sweet strings when touched.

    Then there's his ability to bake, one he indulges in during times of duress and anxiety. It began as a way to feed and variate the meals his father sponsored with his limited capabilities, and eventually came to be as a sort meditative state wherein he could brood and grapple with problems in his head undisturbed.

    Nobody even imagines how well one can lie about the state of one’s own heart.
    Yukio Mishima, Thirst for Love

    pet ragdoll named yō
    boggart friends and family waving goodbye
    patronus aardvark
    amortentia meadows, spiced soup
    favoritespells accio, orchideus, scourgify
    ilvermonyhouse pukwudgie

    Nico is in possession of an Alder Wood with a Wampus hair core. It's 11¼ inches long, with a slightly yielding flexibility. The wand itself is quite typical for any Jonker wand, with its subtle carvings that lead to the base housing a mother-of-pearl.

    Yō is a fluffy white ragdoll that follows Nico around everywhere on the Myers estate, whether in the greenhouse, at the terraces or inside the privacy of his living quarters. He adopted the pet from someone who had more cats than they could handle, and they've been together since.

    The boggart may seem like a daily occurrence to anyone, but to Nico they represent a deep-seated fear that began with his mother's mysterious departure. While the brunette may actively avoid strangers, when it comes to those he loves, he'd never want to be apart from them.
    anime and manga ▪ flora and fauna ▪ western cartoons and comics ▪ breezy days ▪ travelling aimlessly ▪ being the only one awake at 3am ▪ one on one's ▪ subdued storms ▪ rowena his cat
    running errands ▪ complete honesty ▪ forced social interaction ▪ phone calls ▪ loud noises ▪ running ▪ sweets ▪ green tea ▪ scraping sounds ▪ tornadoes ▪ confrontations ▪ burnt food ▪ loose threads
    listening ear ▪ green thumb ▪ empathic ▪ herbology ▪ strong memory and instincts ▪ familiar with No-Maj tech ▪ innately curious ▪ loyal to a fault ▪ visualization ▪ divination ▪ book smart ▪ amiable
    dependent ▪ messy ▪ easily attached ▪ martial magic ▪ pessimistic ▪ speaking in public ▪ interacting with others ▪ flying and sports in general ▪ cowardly ▪ anxious ▪ indecisive ▪ non-confrontational

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