THE SHIT POST GAMES (Just this thread Plz)

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    Today you have been called upon for a very specific purpose! As you all may have noticed, I vanished from these forums for certain periods of times, during which no shit posts are being made. And then once I return, I am obligated to make up for it. Thus throwing the entire thread economy out of wack!
    This is not a sustainable future.

    So I have decided to host the Shit Post Games! The rules of the game are simple, within this thread you are to try to create the must awful of shit posts, the most beautiful of shit posts, and the most of what ever other category I deem shit posts that you can! I will be ranking your shit posts accordingly and be calculating different points through a completely fair and unbias system as shown below.


    These games will persist for as long as is an appropriate allotment of time, and will be completely unchanging. This rule shall be enforced as strictly as the points system indicated above.

    Now, you may be asking. What do I gain out of this (on top of pleasing the all mighty Emperor of Shit Posts)? Firstly to ask such a question is Heresy.

    Secondly, the one who obtains the most points will obtain the title of
    "High Lord", and the next three follow up winners will obtain the title of "Adeptus". This will come along with a badge legitimising your position, forged by none other than your own God Emperor's photoshopping. Which shall be of the highest calibre, and not of poor quality in the slightest sense of the word.

    So go by brothers and sisters! Shit Post below and climb the ladder towards true ascension!

    I also summon thigh well known Shit Posters to servitude for this is your time of true calling!
    @IntrusivePenDesperateSword @Grothnor @Razilin @Bomb @Rithas @Yatagarasu


    ❄☟☜☼☜ ✋ ✌❄✌☹☹✡ ☠⚐ ⚐☞☞✋✋✌☹ ⚐✋☠❄ ✡❄☜ ☟☜☼☜ ☞⚐☼ ❄☟✌❄ ✋ ⚐☼☝✌☠✋☜ ✌☠ ❄☼❄☼☜ ✌☠ ☟✋❄ ⚐❄✋☠☝ ✋ ✌☠✡❄☟✋☠☝ ❄ ✌☠ ✌☹⚐ ☠⚐❄ ❄☼☜ ❄⚐ ❄☟☜ ☟⚐☝✌☼❄ ❄✡☹☜
    ☟⚐☜✞☜☼ ☞⚐☼ ✡⚐☼ ☹☜✞☜☼ ☼☜⚐☹✞☜ ✋☠ ❄☼✌☠☹✌❄✋☠☝ ❄☟✋ ✡⚐ ✋☹☹ ☜ ✌✌☼☜ ⚐✋☠❄ ❄⚐ ⚐❄✌✋☠ ❄☟☜☜ ⚐✋☠❄ ✋☹✡ ☜☠ ✌ ✋❄☟ ✌ ⚐✡ ⚐☞ ❄☟✋ ☜☠❄✋☼☜ ❄☼✌☠☹✌❄✋⚐☠ ✌☠ ✋ ✋☹☹ ✌ ⚐✋☠❄ ❄⚐ ✡⚐☼ ☠☜✠❄ ☟✋❄ ⚐❄ ☼✌❄✋☠☝


    ☟⚐☜✞☜☼ ☹⚐☠☝ ❄☟☜ ☝⚐ ☜☜☼⚐☼ ☜✌☠ ✡⚐ ☟✌✞☜ ✌☹⚐ ☼☜✌ ☞⚐☼✋☜☠ ☼✋❄☼☜ ❄☟✋ ❄☼✌☠☹✌❄✋⚐☠ ❄⚐ ✡⚐☼ ☝⚐ ☜☜☼⚐☼ ✋☜✋✌❄☜☹✡ ❄⚐ ☹⚐☜ ⚐✋☠❄✏ ☟⚐☜✞☜☼ ✡⚐☼ ☹⚐✡✌☹❄✡ ⚐☞ ☼☜⚐☼❄✋☠☝ ❄☟✋ ✋☹☹ ☜ ☠⚐❄☜ ✌☠ ❄☟ ☜✌☼☠ ✡⚐ ⚐✋☠❄


    Chapter Bomb - 64
    Chapter Grothnor - 44
    Chapter Honorabru - 37
    Chapter LuckycoolHawk9 - 22
    Chapter Minerva - 64
    Chapter Plant - 185 + 10
    Chapter Rithas - 8
    Chapter Stalker - 7
    Chapter Tarieles - 5
    Chapter Winter - 9
    Chapter Yatagarasu - 13

    Events in effect

    No one expects the Emperors Inquisition! - Tyranids!
    Three Questions!
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  2. By the Emperor's command!

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  3. 7 Points for Chapter Grothnor
  4. Wot

    We iz doin' suffin'?

    Hole up, lemme get my PS equivalent.

    In the meantime, a dead meme.

  6. 5 Points for Chapter Bomb
    11 Points for Chapter IntrusivePen... I can't be bothered to type this out everytime. Chapter Plant.
  7. 6 Points for Chapter Grothnor


    Welcome Mortals to the First Emperors Challenge! A System that has been in the rules since... now. In an Emperor's Challenge competitors may aim to obtains bonus points by completing specific tasks or goals with their Shit Posts!

    The First task however is a simple one... One so simple even an Imperial Conscript could do it! So it will earn Initiates 1 additional point per shit post.

    Make a Shit Post Unrelated to Donald Trump!

    Go Initiates, the clock, is, ticking!
  8. "We are riding meat mechs, currently having the most immersive VR-experience our senses can provide"

    - That guy on the street
  9. Awwww *doible posts in your thread and notices your lack of puns* OwO What's shit?
  10. Since I have learnt and experienced spamming is a key element to proper neo-classisistic shitposting, I make sure to always keep my breakfast rich in doot.

    I thank Mr. Skeltal, and so can you! Follow the simple steps in the video above, and you can become a doot star faster than McCree can tell the time.

    Subscribe today!
  11. FTFY
  12. What is even happening?

    Well, when in Rome. Have a Sakura image:

  13. Thank
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  14. I shall vanish into the night, but before I do, I leave you with John Cena's favorite song in literally infinite parallel universes:

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