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  1. My character sheet (same one with a few minor edits):
    Name: York (last name unknown)

    Race: Hybrid (Crossbreed of a Forerunner and a human, from the halo universe, google them for more information :S this is kind of a fandom character)

    (Best matching picture I could find,this is just for basic reference, the other character I may add later won't have a picture, just a warning o-o) He has blue eyes, black flowing hair, and a gentle but hardened face.

    Powers/abilities and traits:

    - More bodily durability (mostly of the skeletal frame) due to cybernetic parts (more details later in the story)

    - Energy pool, this is what "fuels" most of his powers that are listed here, once completely drained, most of his powers are next to useless, with some rest however, he can recover the energy. Though the more the amount that he lost before he recovers, the longer the resting period will require for a full recovery (it can take up to a week if enough energy is used, only he never had the capacity to use that much energy yet)

    - Energy attacks: Through a variety of ways energy is expelled from his body primarily his hands (and don't think dirty about that :P) the most basics ones are energy beams/comet like projectiles that explode/burn (like a laser) on impact, the power drawn depends on the size, magnitude and strength of these things. These attacks are seldom used though, and are often for utility purposes (getting through obstacles, distracting enemies, repairing items, etc)

    - Energy boost: Power is drawn from his energy pool to boost his speed, strength and agility, the stronger the boost the more power is drained. This ability is indicated to be in use when his body begins to glow the color of his energy (usually blue) however excessive usage of this power leaves his body massively damaged, and his power completely drained

    - Cybernetic implants + eye: These components allow him to store and process more information at once, however if these "systems" are able to be tapped into (security protocols must be breached/overridden first) it can prove to be a dangerous problem, his cybernetic eye however acts sort of like a robotic scanner, identifying objects as threats, non-hostiles and providing other useful information from the data he already has, it also assists with collecting more data/information on unknown/not fully known things (often times they're other life forms)

    - Psycho-kinesis: With enough effort and concentration, he can lift, throw, and even prevent the motion of objects, however this drains large amounts of his energy since he isn't as experienced with this particular skill, and is unable to maintain influence on the object(s) he wants for too long (3 minutes was his longest so far)

    - Flood cure: when an ancient alien parasite of unknown origin known as the flood (again, from the halo universe, may wanna google it) emerged and attacked his race along with any other races which have come in contact with it and began overtaking them by using the information gathered from their victims (and the bodies and captured technology/weaponry of it's victims themselves) began an seemingly unstoppable onslaught, a cure was developed and tested, however it was found that it didn't only grant immunity to infection from the flood, some were killed by it, others maimed or disabled, but a rare few of his own race which it had been tested on gained access to some peculiar powers... The results have yet to be successfully replicated as of yet

    -(there's two more that will be revealed in the RP later, for the sake of the plot ;o)

    - With enough practice he just might be able to expand on his maximum "energy capacity" and fighting abilities, however it takes days, months, or even years on end to achieve any significant progress


    - Draining energy from his energy pool will drain a corresponding amount of physical energy he stores in his body since they're one and the same

    - It takes him too long to analyze things with his cybernetic implants during combat situations

    - His "bones" are rather hard and tedious to repair once damaged

    - Massive amounts of physical energy being expended per day means a larger diet with the necessary nutrients to replenish and sustain this sort of output

    - Combat skin (the armor he's wearing in that image I gave) it provides an basic energy shield that deflects projectiles, but runs out of charge fast (recharging takes too long in a combat situation), the armor itself is made out of durable material but definitely not indestructible

    - Family sword; before the deaths of his parents, they left a sword with symbols carved into it, when York gained access to his powers, he realized he could channel energy through it, making it a powerful cutting tool (think light-saber) as well as a durable and surprisingly strong weapon (the strong alien alloys which make up the sword helps) The downside is that he is unable to maintain the energy within the sword for too long (3 minutes at the most) without leeching away his energy, not to mention in order to channel it properly, he needs to hold it with both of his hands.

    - Light rifle (click on the link to read all about it o-o another halo universe item) he can also channel energy through it creating a few unique attacks (more details in the RP)

    - Usually enough hard light pellets to fill his light rifle 2 times (rifle can hold 6 rounds so he has 18 shots in total :P)

    Personality traits: Kind, peaceful, tenacious, stubborn, and is sometimes prone to bursts of anger if the cards are played right. He's known for his selflessness and kindness, he prefers to resolve things in a peaceful manner rather than with a conflict (unless of course he's enraged)

    Back-story: During a routine slip-space jump (again halo universe content, you know the drill ;3) to travel to an outpost planet, he was ambushed by an flood infected ship which ended up attempting to enter the jump gate with him, and since he was unable to abort the jump, he simply scrambled up the co-ordinates with some quick thinking. Where the jump leads is where this story begins... (more will be revealed later, but since I'm making a video-game sorta based on this guy, I'll try not to spoil too much of the plot itself)

    An strange phenomenon occurred once more throughout the multi-verse transporting a select few to an unknown planet. These are the events that occurred during this particular incident, but this time around... Some things have changed.

    (XD I guess I'll make the intro post for my character soon o.o)
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  2. In a seemingly peaceful clearing of the alien forest on an unidentified planet, a sudden flash of light was seen in the night sky... What looked like a small black hole opened up for just a split second ejecting what seemed to be a shooting star before it vanished just like that. The "shooting star" however was coming closer and closer to the planet's surface, and as entered the atmosphere at a rather alarming velocity, it started to become clear it wasn't any shooting star. It was some sort of strange alien pod-like craft, and it looked to be quite heavily damaged. Soon enough, it slammed rather forcefully into the ground making a small crater around it, sending a slight shock wave throughout the air around it making it seem like a strong wind was blowing by the trees near it for just a moment. A hissing noise was heard as it slowly but surely began to cool down, but no signs of movement came from it as of yet...
  3. ((waaaaiit! Posting my CS and updating it))
  4. ((o.o Whoops! I guess I jumped the gun a little XD don't worry though, it's just to set the environment so it wasn't the biggest mistake... I hope :S))
  5. Name:
    Written Description
    Kylara is a short young woman, about 5"4. Her brunette hair runs just past her shoulders, and is often in a net of tangles due to the wind when flying. Often, when it gets too long, she just hacks it off with her kitchen scissors because it annoys her so. Her body frame is slim, very very skinny. When you see her you'd probably think she's anorexic, but she's not. Its because of the genetic modifications that was done to her.

    Kylara has wings. 18 foot wings. Her wings are dark brown, with some white speckles in them. Along with these wings she has grown some new muscles, and even some new bones. She has several muscles and bones in her back, where her wings are attached to support her back when she flies so that it doesn't snap in two. Furthermore, she has grown some new muscles in the front, making her a bit bulky looking. She's not the cutest looking woman, but she doesn't really care. Also, her bones are almost completely hollow to account for body rate. Even more, her heart races at twice the normal heart rate than a human to make sure she gets enough blood when she's flying, and therefore eats up 3 or 4 times the amount of calories. This means she needs lots of food, and no matter what amount she eats, she is still super skinny.
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    While the picture above doesn't show it, Kylara does have wings. She is able to fly. She can fly at supersonic speed, but not without bursting her eardrums for a time. Furthermore, her Avian DNA gives her some more advantages. She has good eyesight, can move really quickly due to light body weight. But this also means she has to eat a ton, like 3 or 4 times the amount a normal human would eat, to keep up the caloric intake. She also heals very quickly.

    She can also lift and move objects with her mind, but it has a limit of only 20 pounds

    Also, I'm going to have her grow into a new power. It's going to start really really small, but if she practices, she could become really powerful. This power is to control electricity. Well, electricity is the best word for it. It's not necessarily electricity. It's more of a pure energy. Not only will she be able to generate electric energy, she would also be able to manipulate the thermal energy. For example, say if she's outside a range of anything electrical, she could still generate it. It lives within her. If/When she gets strong enough, she may even be able to control the lightning. We'll see! :D
    Not only will she be able to manipulate electric energy, she would also be able to manipulate the thermal energy. She will be able to control the temperature at certain times.
    The problem with this power is, that it will seriously dehydrate Kylara. She needs lots of water to be able to use this power, if she doesn't...well let's not think about that.
    Like I said, this power will start out really really small, she won't even realize she has it at first. Slowly, she'll realize she's gained a new power, but she won't be able to control it. It would be spontaneous. Little by little, she would learn to control it, or how to use it would be more accurate.

    She was also taught how to defend herself, so she can and will fight if a situation calls for it.
    Kylara really does have a kind heart, but after all she's been through, she doesn't know how to show it. She doesn't cry very often, it is extremely difficult to get this girl in tears. She speaks her mind, and works hard for what she wants. She doesn't trust as easily as she used to, as she's been manipuated more than once. She has a very soft spot for children.
    The rest will be RP'd

    Kylara spent the first five years of her life as a member of a happy family. Her mother, Regina, and her father, Malik, were both good parents. They raised Kylara, and her brother Alex, the best they could. She had a happy life, looking up to her parents. She went to a normal school, made friends, and just enjoyed life. She had a normal five years of life.

    Then it all changed.

    Kylara was kidnapped. On her way to school, a black van stopped suddenly and snatched her from the spot she stood. Before Kylara had a chance to struggle, or do anything she was taught to do in a situation like that, her kidnappers jammed a needle in her arm. Kylara struggled, but slowly she fell asleep. They had sedated her.

    The men took her to a facility. A facility that she was apparently chosen to be a candidate for. It wasn't government run, but private. Kylara's captors carried her unconscious body into a small room and placed her on the bed. Placing restraints on both her wrists and her ankles, the men left the room, the sound of a lock clicking.

    Kylara woke, unsure of where she was, and what had happened. As she opened her eyes, she saw she was in a strange room filled with lots of science stuff. Her eyes widened and she struggled to get up, but the restraints held her down. Screaming, Kylara threw herself against the restraints, using all the strength in her small body. It was then that the scientists entered.

    Kylara screamed even more, tears coming down her eyes. "Let me go! I want to go home!" Ignoring Kylara, the scientists proceeded to examine her, saying stuff such as "Subject is compatible for testing. Proceed as planned."

    All this terrified Kylara, and she started crying. They took her in a different room, and started to run experiments on her.

    For the next several years, Kylara was experimented on without consideration.

    They injected a portion of avian DNA into Kylara's bloodstream, just to see what it would do. And they made her do physical tests, mental test, all that stuff.

    The Avian DNA injected in her bloodstream took a few years to show effect. Kylara's body began to change slightly. She was forming new muscle, and even knew bones. This process took about a year to finish, and then something unthinkable happened. She grew a pair of wings. A full sized set of wings that would be able to carrie her body weight. Thus explaining the new muscle and bones in her spine.

    Both Kylara and the scientists were amazed. They quickly made her run tests, to see if she could actually fly. It took some time, but with lots of practice, Kylara had finally learned how to master the art of flying.

    While Kylara hated these scientists, this place, it was all she could remember. She didn't remember her parents, her brother, or anything of her old life. This, as much as she hated it, was her home. But one day, she got sick of it. She was about 13 when she decided that she wanted to escape. But once she had made this decision, she was approached by one of the scientists. This particular scientist, named Mark, was one who had been kind to Kylara. He was the only one he provided her with her physical needs, such as food and water. When he asked if she wanted to leave, Kylara eagerly said yes. With a smile, Mark snuck her out of the Facility and took her in as his own daughter and took her home.

    He taught her how to defend herself, how to fight, and how to survive. Kylara looked up to him as her own father. However, it wasn't going to be a forever deal. When Mark deemed her ready for the world, he told her he loved her, and left. Kylara was on her own, and has been ever since.​
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  6. ((If you would add a few more weaknesses to your character, I would be extremely grateful. ^^))

    Kylara was flying. This was truly the only thing that could coax a a smile from her. Flying is the only thing that brought joy to her. It was freeing. No other person could do this, not without the aid of technology at least. It was the biggest thrill of all. She had just started to fold her wings in to send her hurtling to the ground, when she heard a slight roaring noise. She looked up and saw a weird pod thing hurtling towards the earth. But it was also hurtling towards herself. She poured on the speed, trying to escape the pathway, but it was to no avail. The pod slammed down and whirled past, hitting her ankle. Gasping, she lost her balance and started to hurl towards the ground. She didn't think her ankle was broken, just badly bruised. As she fell, she calmed herself enough to open her 21 foot wingspan to catch air to make her go flying over the surface of the strange planet that she had been transported to for no reason about 3 weeks ago. She flared her wings at the last second, slowing her down enough for a graceful landing.

    Being careful not to put too much weight on her ankle, she limped to where the escape pod was. For that was what it had to be. Straight out of the movies...unbelievable. She hopped down into the crater, to see if it would open, but found the lid fused shut. She reached to try and pry it open, only to find it scorching hot. She hissed in pain. Taking off her jacket, she ripped the sleeves off, and wrapped them around her hands, producing slight guards against the heat. But slowly, as her body calmed and her nerves calmed the air around her and the pod seemed to cool. Within about 20 minutes, the pod was cool to the touch. When it was, she started pounding on it, trying to loosen it. "Are you okay in there?! Can you hear me?"
  7. ((Mental ones or physical ones? I've got mental ones laying around, but don't wanna spoil his background :S I could however work in some more physical ones if that's what you want o.o))
    A groan could be heard from within the pod before a strained voice spoke "Need... Assistance..." was just barely audible through the pod's thick hull. A loud but rather pathetic thump was heard as the occupant presumably tried to pop the lid open. The pod itself was beginning to cool down to a less dangerous temperature but it was definitely still hot. Through a few of the cracks on it's plating, a little blood was trickling out presumably belonging to the occupant inside. The occupants muffled sigh could be heard as he realized the lid had been firmly sealed shut, and quite evidently, he didn't have the strength to just break it open himself.
  8. ((Mainly physical, just makes it more balanced, ya know? :P))

    "Need...Assistance." Kylara nodded, but realized he couldn't see her. "I'll try and get you out, just hang tight." Kylara hesitantly touched the hull again, and found it cool enough for her to work with. Curling her fists, she punched right where the seal was. No luck. She punched it a few more times to no avail, only a small crack had formed. Her bleeding knuckles protested another punch. Time for a new approach. She looked at the circumference of the crater, it was big enough. She opened her wings, to prevent some pain in what she was going to try to do. She used the wall of the crater and the hull to push herself into a position where she would have some leverage. When she thought she was high enough, she used the heel of her foot and kicked with all her strength, throwing her entire body weight onto it. It shivered, but didn't give. She did this three times, and a hole big enough for her hand to get under. She moved her way to the front and did the same thing with the same result. She continued this process around the entire pod. When she was done, she worked her hands into one of the holes and started pulling, but still wasn't strong enough.

    She jumped out of the crater, and found this giant stick from a nearby tree that it had incinerated upon impact. She took this stick, about as thick as her arm, and stuck it in the hole. Putting her entire body weight on this, the metal of the hull finally started to yield. She worked this up and down the hull until a hole that should be big enough for a person to get out. She jumped back out and awaited the presence of the inhabitant of the pod with curiosity.
  9. ((Alright edited it o.o tell me if I need anymore, if I do I guess I'll see if I can squeeze one or two more in))
    A seemingly normal man in some strange, and quite heavily damaged armor slowly and shakily climbed his way out of the hole she had made. He was noticeably holding his side which had bigger cracks leading from it than the numerous smaller ones that were located all over his armor. There were a few holes in the armor which the smaller cracks came from where his charred skin was exposed, and the visor that had once covered his face had a fairly noticeable crack on hit. "Thanks..." He said, smiling a little, but seeming to cringe at the slight pain the movement caused, looking at the strange winged girl that had just helped him out of a rather bad situation. "Do you... know... how to treat... injuries?" He asked her, he looked a little guilty asking her, but it was quite clear he needed medical attention as soon as possible.
  10. ((That's much better :) )

    Kylara stumped and gave the strange man a hand out of the crater. When he was fully out, she looked him up and down. He was in very beat up....armor? That was the only thing it could be, except it was like no armor she'd ever seen before. His visor had a visible crack in it, and he was standing as if in severe pain. "Do you... know... how to treat... injuries?" Kylara an extent. She knew how to clean bandage them, but not how to treat them. "To an extent, but I'll need you to strip out of your armor, so I can get a look at your injuries."
  11. ((sorry I didn't respond earlier, I was on a train without internet :S Glad the ones I gave were good enough though :3))

    He nods slowly, clenching his teeth a little as even that slight movement brought him pain, he looked rather reluctant to do so. His eyes closed as if he was making some sort of mental command before the armor started to move on it's own, the grating and crunching sound of metal grating on metal was rather prominent during it's movement. Soon enough, the armor began to drop off as it retracted from it's body, and he tensed up a little as his injuries were brushed by his armor during the process. Now he stood with a white tank top and some faded gray jeans, both tattered here and there where his skin had been charred and burnt by some sort of energy weaponry. Shards of metal stuck out around the edges of the burns where the armor had been breached and his face glistened in the early sunlight with many shards of his visor. The injury on his right side was the most severe one with blood flowing from the hand he used to cover the portion of the particularly large burn which was clearly bleeding.
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  12. ((ACK! Sorry for the late reply! Got really busy!))

    Kylara's face remained neutral as the armor seemed to just drop off the mans body without any apparent effort, disguising the fact that she was impressed. Her eyes went straight to his side, noting the freely bleeding wound. She went up to him, and lifted his shirt, just enough for her to get a look at the wound. It was to caked in blood for her to see anything useful. She couldn't do anything here, they needed to get to some water. Luckily, when she awoke here, she had done a scouting flight. She knew of a place not far off."Okay, this will take a while. A mile or so from here there is a small lake and some trees. We need to boil some water and get this wound clean. Do you have anything in your....craft that could possibly hold boiling water?" she asked.
  13. ((It's fine o.o I understand))
    The man gritted his teeth again as the winged oman in front of him lifted his shirt to take a better look at the wound... When she asked if he had anything that could hold boiling water he pondered it for a moment before shaking his head slightly as if to say no. Then his eyes landed on some bits of the pods hull plating that had been bent out of shape and pointed to it gingerly with his free hand "Will... That... Work?" he asked seeming to regret speaking as soon as he started as it had noticeably brought more pain to his face. He looked back at his pod which had a gapig hold in it as if he was trying to look for something in there, but he was definitely not in a good state to carry anything from there even if he did find whatever he had been looking for.
  14. Kylara noticed the pain it caused him to speak. She winced slightly. That wasn't good, meant something internal was hurt. But she looked at where he pointed, and found a piece of his hull that was bent enough to hold a good portion of water. Nodding, she walked over, picked it up and stuck it in her backpack. Walking back over to the man, she took his arm, wrapped it around her shoulder, and took some of his weight on her. "My name's Kylara. Looks like we're both stranded on this forsaken planet. No civilization around for miles." she said as they walked slowly.
  15. ((Sorry for the late response! o.o Jetlag hit me and I slept for a while :S))
    He sighed in relief but grunted with a little pain when he was able to lean on the rather mysterious winged woman in front of her... This was a position he wasn't used to being in, even on the field, but he figured it was better than laying around and waiting for something to happen. "Thanks... I'm... York..." He managed to get out feeling the need to thank her and introduce himself as well despite the pain it had brought once more. Energy weaponry was never pleasant to deal with when it breaks through ones shields and armor.
  16. After salvaging what could be useful from the pod, Kylara led York for about a mile, and they entered a forest. It was a stark difference, once your in the hot desert and then your in a forest. Another half a mile, and they reached the spot she had been aiming for. She set York down, and had him lean against a tree. She emptied her pack, which now contained a few changes of clothes for herself, a piece of metal for boiling water, a shard of metal large and sharp enough to act as a knife, the cover of the seat from the pod, and whatever wiring/rope she could salvage.

    She went to the edge of the lake, and filled their container full of water. She brought it back, and set it down so it wouldn't spill. "I need to get a fire going so we can get this boiling before we do anything." she said, walking up to him and cutting his shirt off. They could clean it and use it as some sort of makeshift bandage since it was already rags anyway. "I have a....friend's shirt in the bag that you can have later." she said before heading off into the forest and gathering what wood she could.

    After about ten minutes, she deemed that she had gathered enough. She headed back to where she had left York, and using a method that Mark had taught her, she started a fire with two sticks and a piece of wire. She set the water on the fire, and cut the remains of York's shirt into long strips, and put them in the water so that the germs on it would die. She then proceeded to do the same to one of the shirts in her bag, so that they would have enough. Once the water was boiling, she let the strips sit for about 30 minutes. After this, she laid them out over the lower branches of the tree so they could easily be reached. She then proceeded to dump the water a ways off, and brought some more water to a boil. When the water was boiling once more, she placed a wash cloth that she had fashioned out of one of her former shirts that was practically a rag anyways in it so she could clean the wounds.

    Turning her attention back to York, she removed all the shards that had been sticking out. She took care of the minor ones first, using the boiling water to clean the wound, and tying a strip around it and tying it tight. She then dumped the water again, and replaced it with clean water. After that was done, and the water was boiling she removed it from the fire, and placed it by York's side. It was then that she turned her focus to the wound on his side. "This will likely hurt. A lot. But it's crucial that you keep still, okay?" After receiving confirmation that he would, she removed his hand from the still bleeding wound, and had him lay back, in an almost horizontal position. She took the rag, soaked it in the boiling water, and wringed it out over the wound, getting rid of a lot of the blood on the surface. While this was painful to her, she was able to deal with it. She repeated this a few times, and then started to dab at the wound, getting what dirt she could out of it. Now she could see the extent of the wound.

    "I can't do much for you here, all I can do is bandage it." so she did. She tied the rest of her bandages together, and tied it in a tourniquet so it would stop the bleeding.

    "That would do for now, but you probably have some internal injuries as well." she said. Even as she spoke, energy poured from her hands into York's body. This energy would stimulate the healing process so that it would go faster. She wasn't aware this was happening, it just...did. ​
  17. York was in pain as he felt the hard bark of the tree come into contact with his skin, but it didn't hurt nearly as much as the rather large injury he had on his side to he just gritted his teeth like he usually did and dealt with it. He kept as still as he could when she began cleaning the wound on his side getting rid of most of the ash and blood that had caked it obscuring the view of the full extent of the injuries. It hurt considerably for him but not surprisingly it didn't hurt as much as it did when it had been first inflicted. After Kylara had bandaged it and stopped the bleeding, he felt a strange but pleasant sensation pouring into his body, despite being unaware of what was happening to him, some of the pain was gone and it seemed he could talk properply again despite the large injury still in his side. "Thanks... We left some important things back in that emergency craft... Should we head back to get them?" He asked uncertain if Kylara wanted to travel all that distance back to get them. His weapon and his sword was there, vital things that he would prefer to hold onto incase he needed to defend himself, he would have thought about taking his armor too, but it was too damaged to be of any use to him now.
  18. Kylara nodded, but thought again and decided she may want to go get them herself. It would only take her a few minutes. Turning, she emptied her pack once more, so she would have some room, she turned back to York. "Tell me what we need, and I'll get them. It'll take me far less time than if we go together."
  19. York thought for a moment "There's my rifle, it's ammo-box, and my sword which is in a sheath... Carefull about the sword though, it's really heavy." he said figuring that was all that was needed. He hoped she would be able to recognize the ammo box though, it looked like most other containers but thankfully not many others were in there, and the rest was rather useless to say the least.
  20. Kylara nodded, and shrugged off her jacket, revealing a tight tank top that hugged her torso with two huge slits in the back. She took several running steps with her wings outstretched and leaped off the ground, flapping down hard. With a few more strokes, she was lifted several hundred feet into the air. She quickly turned, and headed back the way she came. In under a minute she came to the crash site. She folded her wings and hurtled downwards. She flared her wings at the last minute, and landed. She crawled her way into the pod and pulled her bag out. She found the rifle, and set it outside the craft, and did the same with the sword. She looked around for a box of ammo....and found one that contained the closest thing she could recognize to ammo. She continued scrummaging and found some more material for rope. She shoved what she could in her bag, and strapped the rifle to her bag using some of the rope she had found.

    She jumped up, with the sword in hand. It was a harder lift off this time, but she managed. In a few more minutes she landed next to York and set his stuff next to him. "I'll get a shelter built, and gather some more firewood. It's going to be a cold night. Here, you can put this on." she said tossing him a t-shirt that used to be her friends.
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