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  1. Hello everyone this is my first group roleplay posting, so bare with me on this.
    There are two major setting so yes this role play can be split into two parts of the story. So the first part of the role play will be based mostly within the barriers of the east. If anyone wants to make a western character then please do so, the westerns can already be there or they can just be arriving there. So yes I do will accept pretty much all characters unless they are all westerners then I can’t because this roleplay needs DIVERSITY.

    This world contains one Major landscape, with a few island countries scattered around its borders. This land is divided into the west and east which are divided by one large lake that cuts the land down the middle. The diversity of these two lands is rather large, the west contains more sturdy builds, better agriculture, they forge steel armor and shields, they practice the art of spells, they also educate their children and young ones for political roles; contain better soil for cropping sugar and wheat. While the east, they are more of a ‘savage’ people, they craft their weapons from layers of steal and craft hard leather for armor. Their children and young are not educated well, only high up nobles are the ones to be educated. There was a prophecy within the west, that someone when of age will see the vision of the future king that will unite both sides under a strong nation. That prophecy came true when a woman became of her age (Keep the girl about 18-24 please). She fore saw that a ruler within the east would become the one to save the two sides, she found a man who knew the east well and they travels to the other side. What they did not expect was that, the east was in civil war. There were 5 great leaders of several smaller fractions of the east. These 5 countries fought for the place to be the rightful leader of the east. The leader of the lake side border of the east was Mitsu, He was the one the woman saw within her vision. Now the story goes on to see how he can become leader of the east if not then how will be become king of both nations? Especially when there is another who seeks this title in the west.

    That’s the basic story line for the first part I will update this for when we start the second part but for now that’s all.

    I want this to be all about people creating a character and help influence the Plot and story line. But the ending is pretty simple and we must work towards that ending.

    There really are only 6 titles people can pick.

    The women with vision

    The escort

    Then the other 4 leaders in the east.

    The western leaders are not for play just yet, they will be introduced in the next part.

    keep it below 18 this is not a mature, role play. There will be battles and possible romance.

    NO god modding, Everyone’s powers have a limit.

    Lastly I will go into details about the power difference in the east and west.

    The west is magic barring, like fire, water, wind, and earth and lightning.

    The east they contain something different, they contain spiritual companions sometimes physical sometimes mental. But they will grant a ability, enhanced senses, speed and maybe magic.

    PS The physical companions are rare to see because they must be close to the person to use magic if there is any, but they can also use that to see or hear what the Companion sees or hears.

    Here is a basic character sheet, for this role play.







    The magical gift: (If western)

    Spiritual companion: (If eastern)


    Extra: (Any extra details you want to add)

    Here is my CS



    Name: Oda Mitsushika

    Age: 21

    Height: 6’0

    Weight: 157

    Personality: Strong willed, wants to unite the east under his ruling, kind, Smart strategist.

    Spiritual companion: Magnatama, A demon who is the companion. The ability granted with him is, ability to create and conjure flames. a unique feature with Magnatama is complete possession which is where he controls Oda’s body, and changes the form to this


    Bio: Mitsuchika was born of the noble Oda clan. He did not get a normal spiritual companion like most people to be the spirit was born with him no. Mitsu’s spirit possessed him specifically because of the great sense of power the demon sense within him. Mitsu took command of the clan rather early in life after his father died in battle to one of the great battles. Mitsu is known for being the demon or the fool of the east because of his age is younger than most leaders.
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  2. I have updated the story line
  3. sounds intresting ill join!
  4. Ok just post up your cs
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  5. May I join?
  6. yes you may just post up your cs
  7. I will whenever I get the chance.
  8. will do todau at lunch
  9. Peng Tai-Qiang (open)

    Peng Tai-Qiang has mostly Eastern features, with brown almond-shaped eyes and a more diminutive frame. However, his honey brown hair is a trait he obtained from his Western parent.

    Name: Peng Tai-Qiang [I believe it's pronounced = Puh-ng Tah-ee Chi-ah-ng]

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 132

    A fiery young man, Tai-Qiang's tongue is sharp, much like his wit. He is quick to snap at any lowly person who tries to defy him, but will swiftly submit to those higher in power. The only other being able to quell Tai-Qiang's temper is his spiritual companion, Huo. Tai-Qiang doesn't necessarily have a soft spot for animals, just for close friends, and Huo is the closest, dearest friend Tai-Qiang has. Being a drifter, Tai-Qiang doesn't settle down easily and finds bonding with others low on his to-do list. Though he drifts between clans, he is often accepted quickly into the tribes due to his fighting skill and vast knowledge of most of the other clans. However, just because he is accepted into the clans doesn't mean they fully trust him.

    Spiritual companion: Huo the Red Panda

    Tai-Qiang was born from the union of a Western man and an Eastern woman. His father had traveled to the East as a missionary, wishing to spread the faith of the West to the East. He traveled to a small village that rested on the border of two countries. It was technically ruled by clan Oda, but had adopted a few cultural aspects from its neighbor. After meeting Tai-Qiang's mother, his father decided to stay in the East and start a family. Not wanting their son to be alienated, Tai-Qiang was given an Eastern name and was raised the way most children in the region were. However, even with his name, Tai-Qiang was different enough to warrant the other children's scorn. Along with his odd colored hair, Tai-Qiang's spirit companion, Huo, was a special case. Unlike most spirit companions, Huo had a physical form, a situation that was quite rare indeed. It was no surprise that Tai-Qiang grew into a slightly jaded individual. His lack of friends caused him frustrations, making him leery of anyone besides Huo.

    At the age of 16, Tai-Qiang's village was attacked by a clan. Which one, he couldn't say. All he knew was that the clan wars had cost him his home, leaving him to drift between clans like a lost puppy searching for a new owner. Using the skills granted him by Huo, Tai-Qiang began his hunt for the clan that took his village. Within the last three years, Tai-Qiang has offered his services to nearly every clan, but has not found the one he seeks. His next stop...the Oda clan.

    Tai-Qiang fights in hand-to-hand combat, and as long as he is making physical contact with his spirit companion, he can use fire. He usually uses this power to engulf his hands in flames, but will sometimes throw fireballs if he can't get close and personal.
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  10. Perfect, you are accepted and since your character has the gift of fire i would say he is most likely a part of Mitsu's fraction of the east correct? and i have updated the companions and gave a bit more details description of everything
  11. With the new knowledge bestowed upon us, yes, Tai-Qiang would be from one of the really small factions under Clan Oda. Probably on the border near a more Chinese-esque faction under a different ruler. (which would explain why Tai-Qiang is based more on the Chinese culture than the Japanese culture)

    If that's okay with you, then I will add it to my CS for clarity.
  12. thats fine and sure you can update it if you want to clarify for everyone
  13. This sounds really interesting! I'm thinking about joining myself!
  14. ok cool if you have anything you want to run by me then please pm me if needed.
  15. [​IMG]
    (Red Eyes)

    Name: Cry

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 135

    Personality: She silent and very cold but she warms up once she gets to know one but is still Cold at times. (Cry never had friends before)

    The magical gift: She bends the elements but with a price. If she uses to much of her elements she can get hurt of even killed. its a price she must pay for her Bending. she also only uses one element a day so if today was fire tomorrow she would choose something other then Fire

    Bio: She does not really remember much of her past only that she was brought to the western and been living there for a while with a nice woman that see a head of time. (Cry could never get away with anything back then XD sucks to be you Cry. Cry: I never did anything bad back then *Glares*. Me: O-OK DONT KILL ME. *RUNS FOR HER LIFE*)

    Extra: She loves to dance and normally puts her Elements with her dancing if she had not used an element at the time. also loves animals and finds she could change her elements to an animal at time.

    Theme song:

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  16. FIXED IT sorry i couldn't add a tab
  17. I like it but dont forget to explain why you are in the east since your character is western
  18. I applaud you with your update in this. Very well done.

    Though the first rule does confuse we have to be below the age of 18? Does our character? Or do you mean like...PG-13 explanations and whatnot?

    Oh, and can there be a female Eastern Leader? I might just play one.
  19. yes there can be a eastern female leader and With the first rule, just don't do anything Mature that what i was trying to mean by that. there can be blood and gore but no rape or stuff like that
  20. Gotcha...will work on character once I'm caught up with current RPs.
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