The Royal Arrangements

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  1. Eliza Park arrived by carriage to the Kingdom's castle. She wasn't expecting moving away from home and she wondered how her mom was doing back home. Nonetheless, she was here now and she couldn't and wouldn't turn back.

    Eliza got out of the carriage and walked up to the door with a Vestis Kingdom escort. "Hm..." she looked around curiously. The castle was pretty nice to her tastes. She then wondered what it looked of on the inside.
  2. Falon was stationed at the bottom of the stairs, she watched at the courtiers carried her things up the stairs and to the left. Taking them to her room which she hoped was to her liking. After three trips from each of the four men, they bowed and left her without a word. She watched them leave out of the front window, and when she could no longer see the blue, cream and gold flag fluttering behind the horses of the carriage, she turned heading in the direction of the stairs. Her finger glided along the smooth railing as she took slow, gracefull steps upward. In her silance she questioned about her fiance, will she like him? Will he be kind? Her parents and ladies had assured her that he was the finest of gentlemen, but surely they never got to know the real him. The most optimistic she could be of this marriage was that she could be friends with her future husband. Of course no love could come from an arranged marriage, but friendship? Yes, her parents, though they didn't love eachother looked as though they were the best of friends. She walked down the hall and muttered "For the kingdom... friendship is not a bad utcome at all" She smiled to herself. Not a real smile but a courtly smile. No one could tell the differance and she has come to a point where not even she dose either.
  3. Raiku was traveling by foot in his leather armor, using the forestry to be unseen. It may have been morning and broad day-light, but he was more common to the shadows instead of the light. The sound of his feet clashing with the ground would quickly be followed by the sound of the ground beneath him, ripping up from him moving so fast. The sheaths of his blades would clang together with his movements, swaying his hair off to the side of his face, and casting dust upon his body.

    Then within another five minutes of blinding speed, Raiku had made it to the castle. He wasn't reall in a rush to see what laid inside, but he was one for getting it over with and being silent the entire way. Which he did, walking silently into his room and looking around at it's decore. It was bright, vibrant, and lively. He disliked it.... gravely! But he made do and slammed himself into the nearby bed, laying his weapons off to the side.
  4. Falon opened the door to her room and at first glance it seemed as if the courtiers had did a fine job of unpacking, then a she stepped in it became, liveable and finnally a horrific job of unpacking. Her lugage was strewn on the floor beside her bed. "Men, what else can't they do?" she wondered to herself. Stepping up she knew that she should have brought Delilah along with her to take over such a tedious task. Muttering a curse under her breath, she picked up the first piece of heavy lugage by her feet and dropped it on her bed. "Well at least the maid here got the details right." Like her room at home and her countries flag, the room here was mainly cream, accented with blue and little gold trim here and there. Across the room a vase filled with lillies and babys breath sat dainty on the desk. At seeing the desk she decided that when she was done unpacking, greating the others and settling herself down for dinner she would end the day with a letter to her parents, telling them how wonderful her time here looked no matter what her thoughs were otherwise.
  5. Eliza ventured curiously into her room. Carefully opening it as if something was going to jump out at her once she walked in. Going inside, she noticed that the room was painted a pale mint green and the walls covered in framed pictures of animals. She smiled happily, this was just the kind of room she wanted. Sighing happily, she flopped on the bed. She was happy to finally rest after a long trip. Packing could wait until later.~

    Eliza then caught herself and decided to do her chore before rest. She knew that the bed wouldn't feel the same after standing even more, but tasks were tasks and they had to be done.
  6. Amber arrived to the castle with her servants in tow. They carried her things and walked beside her up to the door. Marble sat perched on her shoulder, lifting his face to smell everything around him.

    Amber stopped outside the castle and sighed. "Do you want to come in, your highness?" One of the servants asked. "No thanks," Amber replied, staring up at the castle. "I'll stay out here for a second."

    "Whatever you say, your highness," They looked at each other and shrugged as they went inside to drop off her stuff. She looked up at the castle and sighed, dropping her shoulders in resignation. She lifted Marble off her shoulder and cupped her close to her body. "I don't think I want to do this..." she said, pulling Marble close to her cheek. Marble squeaked as if to comfort her, and nibbled her cheek.
  7. Sitting in her roomy coach, Isabelle looked out her window at the castle far in the distance. She took deep breathes and tried to clear her mind of all that could happen. A warm hand was placed over hers, she then felt a very gentle squeeze. She looked up at her older brother, Peter, smiled and thanked him for his comfort. His dark brown hair grew long and fell over his thin face. Peter's been through this before and is married to a very beautiful princess and is expecting their first child together. If Peter can do this, then so can I. The image of the castle grew bigger and bigger as they arrived closer and closer. It didn't look real. As she looked out the window, she could see a flash in the nearby woods. What could that be?

    After another long and tedious five minutes, the carriage finally came to a halt in front of the tall, grey castle's doors. As Isabelle slid out of the seat with her hand in the coachman's hand and another hand on her dress she looked up. The castle looked beautiful and elegant. Peter helped with the luggage then handed it to the courtiers of the castle. Isabelle looked at them and thanked them and her coachman. She then looked at her big brother and gave him a hug. He smelled of berries and freshly washed clothes. "You're going to be alright." He said, then patted her back with his big hands. "We'll see about that." She smiled back at him as he returned back to his carriage and the coachman closed the doors, whipped the big white horses and rode off. "Right this way, madam." A tall, slinky butler escorted her inside.
  8. Aurin arrives to the castle escorted by only a guard seeing that the castle could be seen from where he lived. Which to Aurin's father meant
    it was in a walkable distance.
    Aurin told the guard to drop his bags since he didn't pefer being pampered and that he would carry them up.
    The guard pleaded for Aurin not to do so but he gave the guard a nasty look so the guard allowed Aurin to carry his things.
    "hello, I am Aurin" he said taking a bow.

    "ah come this way" said a tall butler taking Auring to his room the butler then says"it is here" as he stands next to Aurins room.

    Aurin nods entering his room, he then puts down his bags [ feels as if I were vacationing.] he lies down on his bed and just stares off at the ceiling.
  9. Falon had finnished her unpacking and stepped up to the door of the room. Before exiting she smoothed out her richly colored green dress that had a low, gold line collar. The green of the dress was in perfect contrast to her blonde almost strawberry hair. She gave a quick glance in the mirror to the side and pulled her curls off to on side. A small smile appeared on the conners of her lips as she turned and exited the room. It was at this time she heard the rustling of bags and looked down the hall. A few were entering their rooms. She took a moments stare to question weather she should great the young man rooming down the hall from her or not before he could settle. When her mind was made up to just say hello then allow him to be on his way it was too late. The young man had entered his room. Oh well, she thought, not the worst of things the give a late greating. She turned and headed towrds the stairs hoping she wouldn't run in to to many people. Her earliest thoghts have now been replaed. She could wait till dinner to great everyone and therefor have more time to herself.
  10. Amber finally braved the walk into the castle. She returned Marble to her shoulder. He buried himself beneath the shoulder and sleeve of her shirt, sensing Amber's hesitation to go inside.

    It seems everyone had already gone to their rooms, as the entry way was empty. She walked up the stairs and turned to see the hallway where her servants were just leaving her room, as they were done unpacking. She gave them a weak smile as they bowed and walked by, mentally begging to be taken back home with them. This was far too uncomfortable for her. They ignored her silent plea and walked on. Turning her gaze back to the hallway, she saw another girl walking by her, Falon. Well, this was good. At least she knew this was just another princess from another kingdom, she couldn't be the one she was betrothed too! She smiled, attempting to catch her attention, and stuck her hand out in greeting. "Hey," she said, mood suddenly improving. "The name's Amber. I'm here to get hitched, same with you I guess." She laughed, as Marble poked his head out of the sleeve of her offered hand. "And this is Marble... he's still free from the responsibilities of Matrimony."
  11. Falon smiled at the girl who had greated her "Looks as though you had caught me, I'm Falon" At the sight of the rat she jumped a bit but laughed at her childish fear. "Yes that is true but being acceptionally cute he must not have long before he too is sold off" She blinked at the words sold off, she was sopposed to sound happy. "Not sold off but lovingly given away?" she questioned slowly to herself, what was she to call it. A smile and a wave of the hand was to distract her "Anyways... hello Marble" She reached out a hand to pet it but withdrew it slightly. "Can I?" she asked "Pet him on the head?" she knew soe people were very protective of their pets and some wouldn't let others pet them because the pet was protective of their owner.
  12. Amber smiled sadly. She could understand how the girl felt. "Of course you can. But be careful, he has this disgusting habit of licking fingers."

    If Marble received the pet, he would brux, which was a rat's way of showing pleasure. It was a combination of grinding the teeth and widening his eyes. Amber laughed, able to read the body language of her best friend. It wouldn't be long before that tongue of his made it's appearance.

    "So..." Amber asked timidly. "Have you met your... Fiancee' yet?" She asked. She hadn't seen hers. She wondered if he would be cute... Not very important in the big scheme of things, but it sure would be nice. Also, not being a jerk would be great too. She tried not to get her hopes up.
  13. As Isabelle walked into the spacious foyer, she smiled and looked up at the ceiling. She admired the work on the paintings above. Also above her head was a grand crystal chandiler. Probably imported from France she thought. She followed the butler up the beautiful, chesnut staircase and into her room. He opened the door and gestured her in. "You're suite, my lady." He bowed, she curtsied in return and thanked him as he left her inside her big, bright yellow room. Another chandlier hung from the ceiling and shined brightly as ever. A fire place was placed right in front of her large, white canopy bed. The fireplace made the room warm and cozy. She looked around and saw portraits of her family and horses were hung up on the wall. A large pastry table sat straight across from her, it was filled with biscuits, lady fingers, cake, sweet bread and all the kinds of goodies she loved, even tea. They had her favorite, Yorkshire tea in a finely detailed purple tea pot with a gold emblem which was her family's. It made her miss her family so much already. It was the same tea pots used in her castle.

    She poured her a cup of tea and mixed in some sugar just the way she liked it to get her mind off of things. "It already feels like home," She whispered to herself. "too much like home." She frowned and thought about how strong she has to be for her family and that this is something good for her. Isabelle placed her tea down and walked outside to get some fresh air on the balcony. The view overlooked a massive dark blue ocean of a lake. Mountains and more mountains were forming a valley far off that could be seen at the end of the lake. The blue mountains where surrounded by white puffy clouds which were hovering just above the the tip of the mountains. "How beautiful." She sat on the stone bench that was beside her and wondered if she should take a peak outside and see if anyone was there.
  14. "I didn't know rats were so soft?" Falon said rubbing the top of Marbles head. She smiled and shook her head "No, I havn't" a small girlish laugh emerged from her lips "I have been wondering what he would be like this whole time, I hope he is as wonderful as my ladies have been telling me." She looked at Amber curiously "Have you met yours?" She had a series of questions forming in her head, what was he like, dose she like him ect. But she knew some of the questions would be too innapropriate to ask at this time and some may be too difficult to answer. her eyes drifted down to Marble, whom she was still petting, and she said "Well if mine were to sertainly drop dead tomarrow than i would take you in a heartbeat." She said entusiastically and laughed.
  15. aggithon knew some day he would be able to see a large castle with his own very eyes. In the personal cart his parents had placed him in was a little big to large for his likeing but it will have to do with out any smaller carts available to him. In the cart with him was his only servant that would treat aggithon like he wanteed to be.

    The cart stoped at a castle and with out a thought aggithon hoped out the cart and began to look at the castle with an amazement.
    "Sir would you like to enter the castle?" Asked the butler. Aggithon said "actually id like to stand out side for a while and get a good view of the structure"
  16. Marble stuck out her tongue, and began to lick Falon's fingers. His teeth grinding had become a lot more audible now.

    Amber smiled at her big eared pet. "Yeah, he'll get a bit coarser when he grows, the girl versions stay soft." Marble still hadn't grown out of his juvenile body, though he was already pretty large.

    The elf shook her head at her question, her short hair waving along with her head. "I haven't. I kind of hope he's an elf like me... but if not, I hope he's at least fun." Ha, fun. And they thought she was mature enough to get married. "I haven't heard much about him at all. Only that his name is Aurin and he lives close by." She shrugged, the action causing Marble to run back up into her sleeve.
  17. Once she had finished unpacking, Eliza then flopped back on the bed. Sweet relaxation.~

    Wait a minute...

    Eliza got back up and realized she hasn't met who her partner was. She wondered where he could be. Then again, she didn't want to disturb him. Looking around, she decided to get back up and go outside to find and meet everyone in the castle.

    Her body disagreed with her and in 3 minutes she ended up passing out, asleep.
  18. Faroh had stopped his coach a few miles away from the castle, in a small yet rather busy settlement, he forgot the name. He did want to everyone to see him arriving, so he was going to arrive on foot, in the dead of night, by himself. Pulling his clothes out of the carriage and slinging the sack over his right shoulder he shot a glance at the carriage driver, the oldest and most respected servant of his family, he was getting rather old now, soon to be in retirement Faroh guessed.
    The Carriage rode off, and with that, Faroh took of in the opposite direction, not to fast. There's no rush, he thought to himself with a smile.

    He could see the see the castle in the distance now, he pictured it clearly in his minds eye, and with that his body vanished, appearing right outside the large wooden doors of this stately place. Opening the doors with a creak he thought to himself. This should be fun.
  19. Aggithon could hear people in the halls but He wasint completly ready to meet thses people. He was hungry and tired but aggithon found him self wandering the halls for the large castle. He began to get slightly dizzy due to the fact he is not used to being in a large building. Exploreing the area with his servant, he had finnaly found the dinning hall and aggithon ask his servant to cook something that they both would enjoy.
    "would you like the usal then?" Asked the servant.
    "Yes that would be nice" he Replyed.
    The servant left to the kitchen and aggithon sat in the dinneing hall with his head down geting some rest.