The Road to Freedom

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  1. *Warning-This role play has a dark theme with things like various forms of torture and explicit language and such. Beware and be warned.*

    Welcome to the world of Adareye. In this world supernatural beings and fantasy creatures known as Mythics, war against the mundanes, human and such. They fight for territory over the world. The humans have developed technology to match the might of the beasts and fight back, even having the guts and cruel nature to begin to hunt and enslave mythics. The mythics are sold at markets to slave masters that decide if their fate rests on a plantation to work or in an arena and underground prison system to fight. Torture and abuse of such mythics is common, and if they escape they often have tales to tell. Here is the tale of a few such mythics.

    (This thread is closed off to anyone but the one person I have recruited, but if you consult me I may be able to work out an alternate form of this role play with a similar plot. You may have to beg because I already have two people so far with the same plot but different threads. Thanks and enjoy reading)
  2. Sarah stood atop a hill looking over a human settlement in Jogro. It was a rather simple one. Situated in a grassy area and bordered by pine forests. Huts and cabins alike were situated on the territory and cobble roads and market places indicated some life. A few humans were moving about already in the early morning hours. Some farmers exited their homes to tend to old barns and crops situated in slightly disorganized areas. The sun was just slowly rising and the wind carried the sound of birdsong to the sensitive ears of the young assassin.

    Sarah looked down at the village, the wind disrupting the brown hair shielding her face and the breeze tugged at the ends of her cloak. The cloak was the same one gifted to her after joining the assassins guild. Being a newer recruit, it was sort of worn from past use and wasn't personalized with any embellishments. She hoped to have a cloak of her own one day to wear proudly, but hers would suffice for now. She remembered she wouldn't get a new cloak if she just stood here all day. She had already made the mistake of sleeping in and missing the prime cover of night, so she'd have to improvise a bit. she didn't assume she'd be caught, though the chances were higher when people were rousing. She crept down the hill, hood up to cover her face.


    Sam woke up with a yawn. He sat up slowly from the bed of ferns he had made for himself on the edge of the forest. he scratched his bared back, flicking off a random bug and batting sleepy eyelids. The young satyr ran a hand through his curly brown hair and even stroked the small goatee he had been trying to grown out. "Another day."he told himself as he slowly got to his, hooves rather.

    He grabbed his satchel from where it had been resting and slung it lazily over a shoulder. Sam also bent down and picked up the old, silver colored cutlass he had purchased a while back. As per routine, he made his way to one of the trickling streams he had come across and knelt down, beginning to drink and clean himself a bit. He enjoyed the cool water for a bit and finally stood up, sighing in a refreshed way.

    He plucked a few berries from a bush and popped a few in his mouth. he popped one in between his teeth and savored the tart flavor as he set about his day walking in a random direction. He swung his sword around a bit in one hand and whistled a simple tune, taking in the scenery. Even he was unable to guess what the next 24 hours may bring him.
  3. Hannah and Katarina slept silently in their cottage isolated in the middle of the forest. At some point the previous night, they'd fallen asleep infront of the fireplace. Katarina had been the first to pass out on the cold stony floor of the cottage, while Hannah seemed to have fallen asleep shortly after. Katarina's reason for believing this was that when she awoke, she saw Hannah cuddled infront of her as the 'smaller spoon', and a blanket over them. Katarina certainly did not remember a blanket having been there before she fell asleep. Since Hannah clung to whatever was nearby in her sleep, Katarina seemed to have been the victim that morning. She tried to move without disturbing Hannah, but failed. Hannah whined in defiance as she gripped on harder to Katarina. It was apparent she was still at least half-asleep. "Shhhh....just go back to sleep." Katarina said as she escaped the strange pretezel-ey connection of limbs they had going on.

    Katarina hated to wake up her sister, but it was necessary. Katarina needed to head out to hunt early, and she had a feeling that she'd slept a bit later than she'd needed to already. Grabbing her bow and a quiver of arrows, she left the cottage and examined the ground. The grass was wet. Fresh from dew. The forests of Zewanni were one of the most commonly habitable areas for werefoxes such as Katarina and Hannah. A lot of the more outer regions of the forests had been cut down to make villages, however the interior areas were still thick with trees and other useful plants. Another common resource in the area was small game. Rabbits, squirrel, and whatever else she could get her hands on was fair game.

    Katarina, having hunted and examined her pre-set traps, returned to their house for lunch with five rather large rabbits. "Oooh. Good job Kat!" Hannah praised as she went to go grab Katarina's rabbits. "So. What do you think about rabbit stew?" Hannah asked as she went out to the back to go extract all of the edible meat from the rabbits. "It sounds great, sis." Kat replied with a tone that implied both annoyance and approval. To be fair, she just wanted to eat. Running around a forest for roughly five hours was quite tiring.
  4. Sarah approached the village and soon neared a cabin. She lowered her self closer to the ground and crept along on silent feet. Each step was deliberate and careful, only slightly disturbing the grass beneath because she was being slightly hasty this morning. She kept her breaths even and calmed her mind, as going in for a kill still made her nervous. Her nose twitched and even in this form, she had a sensitive sense of smell. She scented a wood fire nearby and some sort of food cooking, meat was her guess. Too bad she killed, not robbed humans. She decided she'd hunt later.
    The werewolf peeked around the side of the cabin before trying to push the door open. To her suprise, the crude oak door slowly moved inwards with only a smalk creak. She slid in and closed the door quietly behind herself. Now she was almost holding her breath and her muscles were tense.
    Inside a fire was crackling and there was a table and chairs set up in a small kitchen. A few pelts on the floor near the fire made up the living space, and a doorin the back ked to what she aassumed was a bedroom. She planned to enter and kill, and then leave. Usually she'd take a few people out, but she lost her chance.
    Nerves on end, she approached the door of the room and pushed it open. A young man was laying in bed peacefully. An empty cot indicated someone wasn't present. Sarah was too careless to take that as a warning and proceeded to near the man. Once close enough, she willed a nail on her finger to become a sharp wolf like claw. She muttered some sort of prayer under her breath and slit his throat with a claw. As his life blood began to spill in small scarlet rivers, he didn't even wake up.
    With that done and another human and potential soldier eliminated, she turned and began to exit. When she was about to leave, the front door opened. A burly man stood in the doorway. His eyes widened as he noted the cloak and her bloodied finger. The man dropped the firewood he had been carrying with a loud thump and he backed up. "Assassin!"he bellowed as Sarah's blood ran cold.

    (Sam's life isn't important enough to mention until he's in the market with the others....)
    A male human was a mile away from the cottage the foxes lived in. He wore a grey trench coat and a peculiar mask. It was the mask a plague doctor wore with tinted goggles and a large bird beak. His garb was chosen when he started a mythic hunting group that referred to mythics as a plague of sorts, something to rid the world of.
    Some wanderer had spilled their location, and now he was all set to capture them.He imagined he'd get a good price. Usually he'd just kill them, but he wanted to get some money for his guild to thrive since it had recently grown and needed funding.
    He was dipping a crossbow bolt in a sedative liquid he concocted from various ingreadients. He'd aim for the arm or thigh to pierce. The bolts were small enough to not be fatal and he didn't want to damage them too much or his payment would be decreased. Besides, they'd use their fancy technology to fix them uo a bit. Afterthat, there would be little healing unless they became of value to their master.
    He began his approach, planning as he walked through the quiet forest.
  5. Katarina began to clean off and salvage two of her used arrows. She didn't like having to replace them, so doing whatever she could to make sure they were reusable was to clean them, that way the blood didn't make the tips rust. Hannah had finished skinning the rabbits and had come back inside to cook the meat. She cooked it over the fire, also heating up a pot of water at the same time. She began peeling potatoes and slicing carrots so that she could include those in the soup. It wasn't but an hour and a half until the cooking was complete. The two girls sat down at their 'kitchen' table and began to eat. Hannah's eating habits were more slow and polite, she didn't tend to eat too much. On the other hand, Katarina ate quickly and ate a lot too. The reason being that Katarina, having to run around all day, required replenishment of energy in the form of food.
  6. Soon the village people began to wake up as the man shouted, "Assassin!"over and over again. Sarah looked panicked and lost her composure. She felt like a trapped animal and she'd do anything to get free. Her bones began to shift and crack until she took a half wolf form. She still had her cloak in this form, but she had a wolf head and her body was covered in white fur. She also had claws and walked on her toes like a canine. In result her old boots slipped off and she didn't bother to grab them.
    The man in front of her looked terrified that she was a mythic. "Mythic!"he yelled instead of assassin as people in the village woke up and clamored to get ready. A ton of obscentities were running through Sarah's heae right now. She pullef back her lips into a snarl and when that didn't scare him off, she charged. She lept mid sprint and landed a flying kick on his chest. The force make a small cracking sound and the man tumbled out the door of the cabin and into the grass.
    Outside a group of men had hastily assembled onthe backs of wary horses, weilding swords. Two men stood op in a wooden watchtower with arrows aimed at her.
    Sarah dropped onto all fours and took a full wolf form. In this form she was about four feet tall with a pure white pelt and a lean muscled build. She began to run back towards where she came. She heard hooves behind her and the horses were upon her.

    The mythic hunter had made it near the cottage in the time it took to cook the rabbit. He held his crossbow at the ready. His bleak trench coat allowed him to take cover in the shadow of the trees. He found the cottage to be where he was told it would be. He hoped this wasn't a trap. He had checked the area as he apporached earlier and only found old remnants of hunting snares anf such. So that was a clue someone was around. He hoped that someone was one or both of the mythics he had targeted.
    His intel told him they were two young fox like creatures, ripe for the taking. He could get a good price for young and more untouched creatures. Especially if he scored two of them. He thought that would be a decent amount to pay for new rooms to be built at the base for new recruits. He was satisfied with his recent successes and hoped this trip would be successful as well. He didn't want to return from Zewanni empty handed, as coming here was dangerous as is because the mythics owned it. He had only found a few human settlements that were well hidden.
    No matter. He planned to catchthe foxes and travel back to one of the human nations to sell them off. He decided to lure them out. The hunter crouched behind a thick bush in the shadows and aimed one of his unpoisoned crossbow bolts atthe door of the cottage. He shot at the door and the bolt wedged itself into part of the wood to make a quick cracking sound.
  7. Katarina was the first to notice the sound. "Shhhh...." She urged her sister, Hannah, who would probably start freaking out in a matter of seconds. She saw that a crossbow bolt had penetrated the wood of their door. Shit. A human. There's no way a human would dwelve this deep into Zewanni unless they were on a suicide mission. Or a fucking army. Both options quite scared Katarina. If it were some sort of suicide bullshit, it's probably some vengeful child of a human warrior.... which means they're trying to martyr themselves and have no regard for their own life. But an army....why would they go through the forests? It's probably the latter... Katarina thought as she began to formulate a plan in her head. She grabbed her bow and arrows and notched one into the side. Hannah went to hide, grabbing a large kitchen knife as she hid.

    Katarina went around the back side of the house, walking slowly and stealthily like she was hunting an animal. She looked from the cover of the side of the house, completely unable to find the firer of the crossbow bolt. Katarina wasn't used to fighting things that were trying to fight back. Shit. I can't have myself out in the open like this. She thought as she ran back to the inside of the house, locking the door behind her. She went deep into the living room, crouching down with the bow ready to be fired. Her arms were starting to tire out, and she knew her bow couldn't stay under stress for this long.
  8. Sarah urged herself to sprint vainly towards the cover of the woods. That's when an arrow pierced her shoulder. She yelped and was sent crashing into the ground as her front leg locked up in pain. She rolled over a few times and her claws sent dirt flying over her white fur. The horses slowed, their thumping amplified when Sarah's ear ended up against the ground. She struggled to get up and took her human form again so she could still move without the use of her injured shoulder. The horsemen formed a circle around her and an arrow was aimed at her head from the tower.
    "Fuck...."she mumbled as the guards began shouting commands at each other.
    This couldn't be it for her. They wouldn't kill her, right? They hadn't yet, so maybe they wouldn't. Was she about to be captured? Shit, she knew what went down when mythics were sold off. Horrible tales of torture had been told by the few survivors. Half drowning, lynching, shocking, slicing, beating, raping, mauling, and all other various treatments weren't uncommon. She refused to surrender to whatever treatment she'd receive.
    Sarah lunged forwards and grabbed her dagger from her cloak, slashing the neck of a horse and sending it whinnying and falling. It's rider fell off and met the same fate, throat slit as the archer loosed an arrow that just barely missed the assassin. The blood pooled and clotted in the dirt, filling the air with the scent of death. She tried to turn and run when a horseman had charged and knocked her over the head with the hilt of his long sword. She wobbled in a dizzy way, staggering backwards a few feet. He dismounted his horse and hit her over the head again. Sarah fell forwards this time and landed on her hands and knees, the pain and her shoulder racking her body and making her dizzier. A bit of blood dripped from her mouth. The sword hilt came down again with a thump and she collapsed into a heap, unconscious.

    The hunter had seen movement, but it had disappeared. Maybe one had exited or an animal passed by. he doubted it was an ordinary animal, as the forest fell silent with his presence. He sat for a while with his crossbow. He could feel his warm breath in the condensed space of his mask and it began to fog up the lenses of his tinted dark goggles. He lowered his crossbow and took a knee as he scanned the area. No sign of them. Damn this was dangerous, but something about this situation excited the hunter. He felt confident in his skills, confident enough to even dare to venture to this wild nation.
    Deciding they were probably hidden inside, he crept forwards. He made it to the door and loaded one of the sedative dipped bolts in his crossbow. Then he reeled back and sent a hard kick at the door near the weaker part, the area next to the doorknob.
  9. When the door kicked open, Hannah let out a squeal. She was presented with a horrible sight. A very ugly man in an indescribable mask stood in the doorway. She was shocked with horror. Her right hand let the arrow fly, hitting the man directly in the right knee. She knew it wouldn't do much. They weren't strong arrows by any means. They were meant to kill small game...not humans. Shit. She thought as her bowstring snapped from having held the arrow for so long. I should run...but I can't leave Hannah.... Instead of doing anything, she stood there, paralyzed with horror. Hannah was shaking violently in the cupboard she'd fit herself into. She held her knife with a shakey hand, adrenaline pumping hard through her veins.
  10. The hunter hissed in pain as the arrow pierced his knee. He pulled it out and threw it aside with a growl like sound. He looked around and saw the girl had shot the arrow had snapped her bowstring, rendering her weaponless. The other girl that looked like she would faint in fear any moment did have a weapon. "Boo!"he cackled at the frighted girl from under his mask.
    He took a step forwards and aimed his crossbow loaded with the sedative bolt at the unarmed girl. He shot at her knee to return the favor. Then he pivoted and reloaded. He backed up and got ready to shoot at the frightened girl. He quickly assessed them after he had time to get a good look. Yes, they looked like the girls mentioned, perfect.
  11. Katarina fell to the ground and the world around her began to spin. Her eyes began to blink slower and slower until she was eventually unconscious. The crossbow bolt went straight through Katarina's knee, causing a large pool of blood to start forming under her. Hannah, having seen what had just happened, was heartbroken. She thought that her sister had died. That's what it had looked like. Hannah jumped out from the cupboard and began flailing the knife around blindly. She didn't manage to even scrape the hunter for a few swings until she finally cut the length of his upper arm. The wound wasn't entirely deep, but it was enough to sting like hell.
  12. The hunter grunted in pain when the knife left a small gash. He evaluated that it wasn't too much of a set back just a nuisance. Gritting his teeth, he swung a fist at the girl and aimed to hit her square in the head. His crossbow was held in one hand, ready to be raised when he would sedate her. After that little cut, he decided he'd try to take her out be hand and just slip the sedative into her mouth when she was unconscious to ensure she'd stay down.
  13. Hannah fell to the ground, the blow managing to knock her out completely. A large knot was already starting to form where she'd been hit previously. Meanwhile, Katarina was losing blood fast. The floors were starting to be completely covered where she was. Due to the awkward position in which she'd fallen, it had made clotting the wound easy...but she'd still be out for a long time with the combination of the sedative and her severe loss of blood.
  14. (A shot to the knee with a small bolt won't cause her to even near bleeding she isn't too wounded. Wounded, yes. But not severely. )

    The hunter scooped up the smaller of the two in his arms and threw the other over his shoulder. With that he walked out of the cottage as he held them and made his through the forest. He slowed and set them down when he had found a big griffin drinking by the stream.
    He rushed it and used a whip he had to calm it. Then he took the girls and mounted the creature that had submitted to the attacker. He willed it to fly, holding the girls tightly against the griffin's back.
    He smiled under his mask. Now he had two girls to sell, and a griffin. Sweet.
  15. (I was thinking of giving Katarina having had an artery nicked or something that caused her to bleed a lot more than she normally would have.)

    The two girls' bodies stayed motionless, their legs and arms would occasionally swing or flail around due to the speed in which the griffon was flying. Katarina had always wanted to ride atop a griffon, but definitely not in this circumstance. Not in a situation where some despicable hunter had broken the creature and forced it into submission. Also, especially not in a situation in which she was being held captive, going to an unkown destination.
  16. (I'm not sure why you'd want to...Upon being placed in the market, thy are healed with technology and strong medicines to make them more appealing to buyers. So now injury doesn't matter, but it will after thy are sold.)

    The griffin flew on with the hunter atop it. The man held a firm hand on the girls and another on the griffin to tug its feathers when it tried to land. He willed it to fly forwards quickly.
    After about five hours of flying, the hunter cried out, "Down beast!"
    The griffin hesitated before descending towards a clearing in a forest. A little ways past the forest was what looked to be a city.
  17. (Well it wasn't meant to be a long term thing. Just to add a bit more detail.)

    Hannah was starting to rouse in her state of unconsciousness. Nothing more than a few unintelligble moans and other various sounds. Occasionally an eye would twitch or something of the likes, but nothing major. The sedative seemed to be quite potent against the two werefoxes. It was keeping them under for quite a long time.
  18. The hunter barely seemed to care that they made small sounds or movements, as they were still pretty helpless. Once the griffin had landed, the hunter dismounted and quickly pulled rope from his coat. He tied around the griffin's neck and held the excess rope like a leash. Then he produced more rope and tied the two girls onto the back of the griffin securely. Then the hunter tugged on the rope that led to the griffin's neck and set off towards the city with the creatures in tow.
  19. Hannah began to wake up, soon after so did Katarina. They were confused at first, realizing that they weren't in wooded area. Hell. They were even in a village anymore. Where are we? They both thought, only able to see the towering figures of buildings that they would pass. Katarina began struggling, realizing that she was tied up. She tried leaning her head up to bite at the rope, but it was pointless. She was restrained too low. She'd have to wait this one out.
  20. The hunter led the griffin along a paved street as the buildings began to appear. A few lights also dotted the increasingly darkening area as the sun began its slow descent. There were a few voices as people passed, gawking at the creatures being carted into the city. There was the smell of smoke from a nearby factory and the griffin's claws made a clicking noise on the cement underneath its feet. The hunter led the griffin onwards with a firm grasp on the rope.
    Soon he slowed it to a stop and before them sat a large cement building with many transport trucks parked outside and a few curious workers that began to approach the group.