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    "Hello and welcome to Truest Tv's newest hit show; The Reunion!"

    Truest TV is a station famous for their hit reality tv shows. Their shows range from Pursuing the Parkers to Heaven's Bakery to Brother Husbands! But now they're about to produce a new show; The Reunion
    . The show stars six people who knew each other in high school and were either friends, enemies, lovers or more! After graduating from Smith's High School ten years ago, who knows how they're going to react to seeing each other again! And to make things juicier, these six individuals have to stay in a lovely beach house in Ocean City for six weeks, without killing each other for things they've done in their past and present.

    "Moving right along! My name is Miranda Mars and I will be your host and guide for the duration of your stay at You-Topia, the beach front property that Truest Tv has provided to be the set of the show! Please take a moment to look around at the many rooms that we have here as well as your own personal room that was designed to your liking. And when you're finished, please head down to the Casting Room (Cast List Tab) for your interview!" [/B]

    "When you walk into You-Topia, you'll find yourself in a lovely and expansive living room with a fireplace and a 90" flat screen HD tv with every channel known to man! And if Hi-Def isn't your cup of tea, have a look out the huge windows overlooking the glorious beach!"
    Living room (open)

    "Now, walk down the hall a few paces and you'll pass two identical bathrooms."
    1st Floor Bathrooms (open)

    "The kitchen is at the end of the hall and features top of the line appliances, islands and crazy comfortable bar stools."
    Kitchen (open)

    "The room adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room/rec room for all your dining and entertainment needs. This will also be where we will gather every night and a secret about your pasts will be revealed for all to know! But don't worry too much about that! After the big reveal(s) you can take out your stress on our many gaming stations! I'm talking Wii, PS4, Xboxs, Alienware and for you throwbacks, we even have some retro consoles! "
    Dining and Rec Room (open)

    "Now upstairs are your individual rooms set with your own personal bathroom that you designed yourselves to fit your needs and desires. There's also a library, and a pool/hot tub room!"
    Leisure Rooms (open)

    "Alright, now that the tour is over you can move on to the Casting Room for your interview! (Cast List Tab). What's that? Where do I sleep? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Honey, I have my own house at another location. Can you imagine if I had to deal with five other roommates? I would literally *mimes gun in mouth*. No offense."

    000 I am the GM and my word is law. Well I guess more like my typing is law...Whatever, you know what I mean.
    001 The host Miranda Mars is played by me and just a heads up, she's pretty insensitive and crude.
    002 No Mary Sues/Special Snowflakes etc.
    003 Real Appearances only
    004 Characters cannot leave the property except to go to the boardwalk/beach or mall.
    005 Romance is allowed but nothing past making out. Fade to black for sexy times please!
    006 Eight sentences per IC post. Third person, past tense.
    007 No Mr. Bond. I expect you to die. -- Sorry, I couldn't help it. But put '007' at the end of your CS, so I know you read the rules.
    008 One character per person

    "Hello and welcome to The Reunion! Our stars this season are Camille Archer an EMT and former hefty high schooler. Belvira Chamberion a model/chef with a HBIC backstory! Scrumdidly-umptious Gabriel Stark, a psych professor and former bad boy. Ex-Con Isaac Morales. Ashley Rhodes, a former...Um...Free spirit. And last but not least, Teen Mom, Annaliese Ferguson."

    Cast Interview
    (Use this format please but design it however you please. Also remove everything in parentheses and brackets)

    [Real Image Here]

    Host: Hello! My name is Miranda Mars, I'll be your host and guide during your stay at You-Topia. What's your name and or title if you have one?
    [Insert Character Name]: (First Name, Last Name)

    Host: And how old are you?
    [Insert Character Name]: (Age should be 27-30)

    Host: And you are..?
    [Insert Character Name]: (Male/Female/Other Identity)

    Host: What's your type?
    [Insert Character Name]: (Sexual Orientation)

    Host: And your marital status?
    [Insert Character Name]: (Married/Divorced/Separated/In process/Single) (If married include spouse's name)

    Host: What do you do for a living?
    [Insert Character Name]: (Occupation or College or Unemployed)

    Host: What kind of person where you in high school?
    [Insert Character Name]: (Former Personality. 5 sentences min.)

    Host: What kind of person are you now?
    [Insert Character Name]: (Current Personality. 5 sentences min.)

    Host: Tell me your life story and don't leave out the juicy bits!
    [Insert Character Name]: (Biography. At least two paragraphs, 10 sentences each. Smith's High School was located in Philadelphia)

    Host: Who were your friends/enemies/lovers in high school?
    [Insert Character Name]: (You must have relationships with all characters.)

    Host: Anything you want to say to your people back home?
    [Insert Character Name]: (List family here. Name/Relationship to Character/Age)

    Host: What are your secrets?
    [This will be done after everyone makes their characters. However most secrets will not be known by all characters.]

    Reserved for Secrets and Relationships!
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  2. I don't know about the gender you want to join the show, but I'm reserving my spot for female ^^
  3. I'm also reserving my spot female for this bit as well.
  4. Alrightie, and thanks for reminding me about the gender thingie! I'll be updating the rules to include that.
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  5. Is there another female spot open? I know it says so in the Cast List, I just wanted to double check before I started working on my character.
  6. Yes, there is!
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  7. Great! I'd like to reserve a female spot then. Should have my CS up tonight!
  8. Seeing as all the female slots have been filled, a male for me please :)
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  9. Alrightie!
    Okay! :D
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  10. #580bde
    "I'm a great cook... in theory. I mean I've eaten a lot."

    Host: Hello! My name is Miranda Mars, I'll be your host and guide during your stay at You-Topia. What's your name and or title if you have one?
    Camille: "Oh, you can just call me Cami."
    Camille Jenessa Archer

    Host: And how old are you?
    Camille: "Hasn't anyone ever told you not to ask a lady that?"

    Host: And you are..?
    Camille: "I'm a lady... as implied with your last question."

    Host: What's your type?
    Camille: "Oh, I mean I guess I'll kiss another girl, but anything past that I need a guy."

    Host: And your marital status?
    Camille: "Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny. No, never been married or anything like that. I just very recently lost weight... like, 200 pounds."

    Host: What do you do for a living?
    Camille: "With all the dates I never went on I really got the chance to focus on school."
    EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

    Host: What kind of person where you in high school?
    Camille: "Fat, unattractive, bitter. I guess I made myself easy to pick on."
    Camille had a horrible high school experience, leading her to be a very bitter young lady. She made jokes that constantly put herself down and muttered rude comments under her breath. The thought of participating in school made he gag, and she had an ongoing conflict with all the preppy girls around school. She despised them because they were thin and beautiful, and the teenage boys paid attention to them. Camille was very spiteful, and never said anything unless she absolutely needed to. Despite her horrible attitude, Camille was very intelligent. She had a hidden longing to help people, and somehow she always knew she would grow up to be some kind of doctor. Cami was very insecure with herself, and took it out on those around her.

    Host: What kind of person are you now?
    Camille: "My mom likes to joke that I lost my bad attitude with my weight."
    While it is true that Camille is still sarcastic and sometimes holds a grudge, she is a much more accepting person now. Her job as an EMT has been very fulfilling, and she has grown a lot from it. She's braver and more confident than she used to be. Camille is one to hold a grudge, so once you get on her bad side it's nearly impossible to get back on her good side. And, sadly, it's very easy to get on her bad side. One hurtful comment and she'll hate you for the rest of her life. However, around the people she does like, Camille is very sweet and caring. She tends to over-help the people she likes. Camille is still very sensitive, and probably always will be. She doesn't trust easily, and is often skeptic of everyone. There is not an optimistic bone in her body, and she believes that if you want something you have to work for it. Once she lost her weight she became very open about what most people would consider too personal to share: Her period cycle, the last time she had sex, her favorites. She's extremely honest, both about herself and to other people, and will not lie to spare any feelings. After all, no one ever spared her feelings in high school.

    Host: Tell me your life story and don't leave out the juicy bits!
    Camille: "Oh, my life story is kind of a cliche. Fat girl becomes hot after graduation. I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times.

    Camille had always been a chubby child. Throughout elementary school she wasn't bothered by it, but once she got to middle school she began to be bullied about her weight. She's one of those people who eat her feelings, so she got into a bad habit of going home after a day of being bullied to eat a bunch of sweats. Which, of course, caused her to gain more weight, which then led to her being bullied even more, which then led to her showing Twinkies in her eyes. It was a vicious cycle, and by the end of 8th grade she weighed 238 pounds.

    In high school the attention on her lessened, only because there was more people like her for people to tease. However, this did not mean that the bullying completely came to a cease. There was still snide comments here and there, and sometimes they were even to her face. As a result Camille began to hate herself, and all the people in her school. To this day she still knows the names of everyone who ever picked on her.

    After high school things started to get better for Camille. She had a really fit roommate in college, and her roommate agreed to help her start working out. It was tough at first, especially when balancing school, but Camille began loosing weight. And each pound she lost was a small boost to her self esteem. She felt better, both physically and mentally, and so she continued to work out even after her and her roommate finished their freshman year. She also continued to work hard in school, and became an EMT. She moved into an apartment by herself, looking forward to going to work each day knowing she could save someones life. Of course, it takes a toll on her whenever she can't save someone, but she tries to focus on the people she does save.

    When she got invited to the show she was very hesitant. She wasn't fond of many people in high school, and so she was not exactly thrilled about the idea of living with anyone from her high school for any amount of time. But, she thought about the beautiful house she'd be staying in, and about the opportunity she was being given. Plus, she wanted to show off how much weight she had lost, show all those skinny bitches who picked on her. Even if none of them were invited onto the show, she was sure that some of them would at least watch the show. And so she agreed to be on the show.

    Host: Who were your friends/enemies/lovers in high school?
    Camille: "Obviously I wasn't the most popular girl in school."

    *Fields they are listed under are what they would be to her now/what they're going to become. What is in the ()'s are what they were to her in high school.
    . Gabriel Stark (Friends in high school, thanks to being a part of the same club (Student committee?). Had a falling out.) .

    . Annaliese Ferguson (Were friends, until Anna called Camille fat in high school) .
    . Belvira Chamberion (Bullied Camille in High School) .

    . N/A - She was single all throughout high school .

    . Ashley Rhodes (Old Friends in high school) .
    . Isaac Morales - Was friends, drifted apart, used her for tutoring, ignored her after she got good grades .

    Host: Anything you want to say to your people back home?
    Camille: "Just I love you guys, and to try not to miss me so much. After all, it's only six weeks."
    Mother - 68 - Dermatologist - Martha

    Father - 71 - Heart Surgeon - Steven

    Older Brother - 32 - Andrologist - Cameron

    Host: What are your secrets?
    Camille: "If I told you they wouldn't be secrets anymore, would they?"
    . TBA .

    "Some people won't be happy until they've pushed you to the ground."
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  11. Faceclaim ~ Blake Lively or Ashley Greene
  12. [​IMG]
    "The scar won't be healed, but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. Stop acting like you're the only who was hurt. Everyone has their own nightmare."

    Host: Hello! My name is Miranda Mars, I'll be your host and guide during your stay at You-Topia. What's your name and or title if you have one?
    Bel: "Belvira Chamberion, you can call me Bel or Vira for short."

    Host: And how old are you?
    Bel: "Happily turn 27 this year."

    Host: And you are..?
    Bel: "Are you asking my gender? I am female of course... Seriously, do I look like a male?"

    Host: What's your type?
    Bel: "I like man with strong and masculine personality. Who needs a mama boy as husband anyway?"

    Host: And your marital status?
    Bel: "I have husband now, Olcan, but we will divorce soon. After I finish this show, I will face my first trial. Thankfully we don't have children yet, so I hope it will run smoothly. We just... don't see each other as lovers anymore."

    Host: What do you do for a living?
    Bel: "Modelling is my main income, but I also run a french restaurant, Leux. You should come someday, I will give you discount."

    Host: What kind of person were you in high school?
    Bel: "Oh, when I was at high school? You really don't want to know me, I must say that I was a total bitch back then. Being the popular girl made me arrogant and cocky. Have you ever watch movie where there is this supporting actress who annoys the main character with her bitchy attitude? That actress who might pull someone's hair when she is pissed off? Yes, I was THAT girl. I am ashamed to admit that I was a total witch, but I learn a lot from my past experience. I think I am better now."

    Arrogant - Egocentric - Venomous - Perfectionist - Confident
    Belvira was an arrogant chic. Just like she said, she was the popular girl in most teenage movie. She often despised those who she thought 'lower' than her. Sometimes, she would bully them, mostly verbally and would turn into physically if they pissed off her limit. Belvira had several popular friends that usually helped her when she wanted to toy with the weak. Even though people saw them as a solid group, Belvira never really saw them as her close friends, more like a mutual relationship. Popular people needed to stick together so they could rule the school.

    Being the only child in her family, Belvira also developed a selfish personality. She always put herself above anything, it was always her, her, and her. Some of her friends hated her, but they couldn't do anything since Belvira took the leader role. Messing with her would totally turned their high school into nightmare. She was also often called as 'snake' for she had a smart tongue, she knew when she needed to rise someone up and when to turn them down. Belvira was good with her words which often made people fell into her traps. After she was done with someone, it wouldn't be so surprising that she would ditch that person. Still, some people loved being played by her.

    Aside of her bad personalities, Belvira also had good personalities in her, though it also often used in a wrong way. Her perfectionist personality made her a smart ass student. She loved being perfect, she wanted to be perfect, so she tried her best to excel at many areas. It was good actually seeing how she loved learning new things to make herself more knowledgeable, but with this, she also became an arrogant person. Her confidence was an enchanting aura. The way she talked, they way she walked, the way she bullied other, everything was done with confidence. She believed that she was capable to do anything. She believed in herself more than she should which again... used wrongly... her confidence often turned into arrogance and egocentricity.

    Host: What kind of person are you now?
    Bel: "Asking me this question... Don't you think I will brag myself? I proudly say that I am better than I was in high school, more mature I guess. Nothing more I can say."

    Belvira is better, so much better than she was in high school. Though she still has that kind of personalities, Belvira can control herself better now. She learns how to act friendly toward people she dislikes, her mother calls it as maturity. Belvira calls it as protection from the cruelty of the world. After high school graduation, Belvira realizes that she can't act like a bitch all the time, it feels like God finally knocks her heart and makes her sees the world from different point of view.

    Now, Belvira's perfectionist and confident personalities used more wisely than before. It is used to enhance her skill and knowledge more than to bring other down. She cares about people a little bit more, but sometimes she still thinks about herself. Old self can't be rid off easily, it can only be twisted slightly. Belvira still keeps her arrogance, but she doesn't show it directly. She can cover it well with pleasant smile and attitude. Belvira knows better how to suit herself in situation. Adult life shows her how she can't act like she was. Adult life teaches her that she must be kind, if she can't purely kind, at least wear the kind mask everywhere, it will totally help her to success in life.

    Host: Tell me your life story and don't leave out the juicy bits!
    Bel: "It was entertaining, my life was like a movie I must say. I think I was the main character, but it turned out that I was just the side one."

    Surviving high school for Belvira wasn't that easy even though she was on top of the chain as popular girls. Belvira tried her best to achieve that spot for she wasn't from rich family. Her mother just had bakery and her father was a plain employee. Being popular meant she needed to be pretty and rich, while Belvira only had one of it, pretty. She never told anyone about her money condition for she covered it well with lies.

    It was hard and full with challenges, she often faced situation where her cover almost blown up. In most desperate condition, Belvira even started to steal her parent's money to buy things. She was caught of course and grounded for one week. However, it didn't change her, she did it again and again. Before she started stealing, she searched for money by joining competition in her school or outside of her school, but that wasn't easy for she sometimes lost. Seeing how her parent's and competition money wasn't enough, Belvira started to find another way to get money. This one leaded her to her senior, Jim, who offered her to help him selling... drugs.

    They started dating and money came smoother than before. Belvira thought she finally had perfect life, being rich, pretty, and popular. They never busted by polices for selling drugs for Jim and his crews were professional. She even had boyfriend, Belvira loved this time a lot. However, fate always had surprises under box, Belvira faced another problem. It was the last night she was at school, the prom night, the night she had been waiting for the last 3 years. Belvira brought Jim as her couple and she was perfectly astonishing that night. She could feel the whole room was laying their eyes on her.

    The dance, the music, everything was perfect. Before the night ended, Jim took Belvira to his secret place. He promised to bring her there when she graduated. It was a simple place actually, a small house by the beach, decorated with many pretty ornaments, it seemed that Jim already prepared everything. Belvira was more than happy, they were cuddling, talking, laughing all night. It was also the night she lost her virginity, yes Jim never tried to sleep with her until that night.

    Belvira finally fell asleep, the dream was nothing better than reality. It was too beautiful until... she woke up. When she opened her eyes the next day, polices were all around her, taking her forcefully into the car. She was only using her thin t-shirt and shorts, but they didn't care. It turned out that Jim and their crews were already caught selling drugs, so they leaded Belvira to that house and blamed everything to her. Belvira cried and begged for mercy, but she was proven guilty. Thankfully since she was still under 18, she wasn't sent to prison, instead she must stayed in group home where she needed to learn how to behave and contemplated her mistakes.

    That moment hit her very hard, the moment she was changed to become a better person. After graduation, she moved to Canada where she and her parents build their life from scratch again. Life became better after that, she joined the model agency and slowly could restore her family's economy. She helped her mother to reopen her bakery, then she also opened a french restaurant to add her income. It was a great success and she also became a well known model.

    Then, she met Olcan, they fell in love instantly and got married, but things happened and they couldn't keep their love anymore. Both were too busy with their work and they argued a lot. So, they decided to divorce instead of keep hurting each other deeper and deeper each day, though actually Belvira still hoping that they would together again...

    Years later, she was offered to come to this show. She was hesitating at first, but then she thought that maybe that show could be a perfect to atone her sin for she would meet her high school friends once again.

    Host: Who were your friends/enemies/lovers in high school?
    Bel: "Hmm, let me see... how much I can remember my past..."

    (Feel free to ask me or I will ask you!)

    Belvira bullied her a lot, like a lot, especially because of her fat figure. It was normal and acceptable if Camille grew hatred toward Belvira. Belvira was one of those demons that made Camille's high school felt hell. Belvira was proud of it back then, but now she intended to ask forgiveness from Camille. It wouldn't be easy, seeing how much pain she had drawn on Camille's past, but she would try.

    Belvira and Isaac used to be in neutral relationship where Isaac sold Belvira fake IDs and Belvira often invited him for her party. However, things changed when Isaac found out about Belvira's real condition. To make him shut his mouth, Belvira agreed to do anything he wanted. Of course, Isaac used that opportunity to make use of Belvira. He kept blackmailing Belvira until she graduated.

    He is Belvira's forever crush. She remembered it perfectly when she was chasing this guy in high school, though she doubted that it was because she loved him or just a mere obsession. Gabriel rejected her, he rejected Belvira bluntly and Belvira would never forgot the scar. Instead, he was close with Camille, not as lover, but still boiled her. This was another reason why Belvira bullied Camille more. That fatty able to stay close with Gabriel when she couldn't. Her feeling toward Gabriel slowly faded away when she met Olcan. However, when she heard that Gabriel would join the show as well, she couldn't stop her heart from throbbing like mad. It's been awhile since she met him, she wondered if he still had his old charm.

    Annaliese is Belvira's best friend in high school. She often asked Anna to help her with studies since Anna was way smarter than her obviously. They got along well even though they had different personalities. Belvira often scolded her for being too 'nice' with people she bullied, but still liked Annaliese in the end. We always need girl like Anna in popular group. When Anna was pregnant, Belvira actually fought for her when people started to banish her. Anna was her close friend and had helped her a lot during 3 years in high school, so Belvira didn't want her to be alone. However, because Belvira feared that they would banish her like Anna, she slowly drifted away from Anna. Belvira was just a normal teenager that saw pride and prestige as important things in life.
    After graduated, Belvira totally regretted her choice for leaving Anna, but she couldn't do anything because she needed to leave the city. This show maybe would bring them together again, Belvira would try to beg for forgiveness for she always loves Anna as her best friend. She was just too stupid to realize that friendship was more important...

    Host: Anything you want to say to your people back home?
    Bel: "For mom and dad who must be watching this, I will be a good girl now and maybe apologize to those I bullied in high school, I mean it's never late for forgiveness, right? Also for... Olcan, don't forget to take care of yourself when I'm not around... you should adjust yourself without me... and don't forget to shave your mustache and beard!"

    Jim Opperham, 62, Retired

    Alysse Kimberly Opperham, 58, Bakery Owner

    Olcan Chamberion, 32, Lawyer


    Host: What are your secrets?

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  13. Accepted!! I always love your characters!
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  14. C A S T ✖ ✖ ✖ I N T E R V I E W


    Host: Hello! My name is Miranda Mars, I'll be your host and guide during your stay at You-Topia. What's your name and or title if you have one?
    Isaac: "I'm Isaac Morales. You can call me Zach, if you want."
    Isaac 'Zach' Morales

    Host: And how old are you?
    Isaac: "Good, it's almost over."

    Host: And you are..?
    Isaac: "Are you trying to be cute? Prison stereotypes aren't cool, man."

    Host: What's your type?
    Isaac: "I like to have options."

    Host: And your marital status?
    Isaac: "Single at birth, single till death. I don't need that mushy bullshit in my life."
    Single and secretly wants to mingle

    Host: What do you do for a living?
    Isaac: "In hindsight, I probably should have gone to college. But you know, I-It's not that bad, my job. I make my hours and I can listen to music on the job..."
    Taxi Driver

    Host: What kind of person where you in high school?
    Isaac: "I was a hell of a lot better than what I am now. At least back then, shit was fun."

    When Isaac was in high school, he was a wild child. He was that kid who came to school without a paper or pen. He knew he wasn't good in school, so he didn't try. However if he had at least tried to focus more on his studies, he would have realized that he had a knack for solving mathematical equations rapidly. But Isaac skipped a lot and when he got caught he usually flipped the admins off and earned himself multiple suspensions. Yes, Isaac was a daredevil with no respect for the law. Near the end of freshman year, Isaac learned how to make fake IDs and created a little 'business'. He was a business savvy kid and kept track of his monetary gains. He was tenacious in that he always found clients who gave him IOUs instead of cash, and he would often physically 'teach' them to pay back their dues.

    Despite this, Isaac's life wasn't completely care free. Isaac struggled with his sexual identity for the entirety of high school. He knew that he was attracted to both girls and guys, but his parents were very strict with their religious views and condemned anything that wasn't on the 'straight and narrow'. Isaac's father was the type of guy who made the word 'f-g' a regular in his vocabulary and he was also the type to harass guys who seemed effeminate. So it was safe to say that Isaac was terrified of his father ever finding out about his identity troubles.

    Host: What kind of person are you now?
    Isaac: "I'm a lot more knowledgeable now, and I won't make the same mistakes I did when I was 20."

    During his incarceration, Isaac learned to keep his head down and not to be mouthy like he was in high school. He still retained his business and mathematical skills, but he learned to keep them hidden, because being unique in prison wasn't always the best move. Isaac became a lot more excepting of himself when it came to his sexual orientation, due the lack of privacy in prison and the fact that he was locked up with people who were a lot more fucked up than he was. Even though he still retained his parents ingrained conservative religious views, he was a lot easier on himself.

    When he was released, Isaac shut down his daredevil life forever and a long with that his business and math skills. He wanted to put his past behind him forever so he can get a fresh start. However he has become somewhat depressed because his life is lack luster now. He finds it hard to find joy in anything and when he tries to go out clubbing or on blind dates, he finds that his social skills are severely lacking, so he closes himself off. The only thing stopping him from putting a gun in his mouth is the chance of meeting his daughter.

    Host: Tell me your life story and don't leave out the juicy bits!
    Isaac: "...Alright fine. "
    Isaac was born in a religiously conservative Christian household where being different was frowned upon. His father was very old fashioned and aggressive. Whenever one of his kids 'acted out' or got 'smart' he would jump down there throats and spank them if he thought it necessary and that was often. Isaac's mother didn't participate in physical punishments but she wasn't as supportive of her children as she should have been. That being said, Isaac's childhood wasn't devoid of happiness. If he acted in the way that his parents approved of he was shown affection, but the fact that it stemmed from conditional love scared him. As a child, Isaac always followed the rules to a T because he feared punishment, but due to never taking risks and limiting social interaction to avoid any 'situations', Isaac always saw life as a gray wasteland. This all changed when Isaac's older cousin, Vincent came to live with them. Vincent had been expelled from his school in the next county over, so in order to continue going to school he had to move in with Isaac's family. Vincent was two years older than Isaac, but the older boy looked out for Isaac, he introduced him to things that Isaac's father would never approve of, but he also introduced him to keeping secrets. Vincent was what some people would call a 'bad apple'. At only 13 years old, Vincent was adept at making fake IDs and selling prescription drugs that he stole off of his parents. The drug dealing never interested Isaac, but the fake ID business seemed to call to him. So Isaac learned the trade, but it wasn't as though middle schoolers needed IDs for anything, so his new skill was never put to good use. He did help Vincent out sometimes with his 'orders' but that all stopped when Vincent was arrested and sent to a juvenile facility. Thankfully, however rotten he was, Vincent wasn't a snitch so he didn't breath a word about his cousin.

    When Isaac entered high school, his skill in making fake IDs could finally be put to use and he started doing that. He accumulated a large customer base, but with his success in the illegal business, his investment in his studies declined. However after being exposed to his cousin's lifestyle, Isaac stopped walking the straight and narrow and began brushing off his father's warnings. Being a teenager, his father couldn't beat him anymore because he would most definitely talk about it, so his father resorted to taking away his privileges, but Isaac could have cared less. He made a lot of money from the fake ID business, so he could spend time outside of the house doing whatever he pleased. Plus he was invited to a lot of parties because his illegal business made him sort of popular.

    After graduating from high school, Isaac entertained the idea of applying to colleges, but his grades were so bad that only community college would accept him, but he turned away from that in favor of expanding his business. He moved out of his parents house and went to live with his cousin, Vincent (who had gotten out of juvie at 18). There, Isaac and Vincent continued to make and sell fake IDs, but they also began falsifying documents. They would help illegal immigrants obtain passports, or create fake birth certificates for children born out of the US, and after awhile they started 'helping' people with their tax documents to. The business got them quite a bit of money, but Vincent's side business made Isaac pretty wary of him. Vincent was an up and coming dealer, so lots of other more established dealers often wanted him dead for encroaching on their turf, so more than once they had driven up on Vincent's place and tried to kill him and by default, Isaac. So Isaac began staying elsewhere, with friends or even some of his clients.

    He got especially close to one of his clients, Aimee Livingston. He found that they clicked and unlike some of his more hypocritical clients, Aimee didn't look down on him and think of him as a 'scumbag'. After a night of drinking, the two slept together, but the next morning was ruined when the police busted into the house and arrested Isaac. Aimee was allowed to leave as she wasn't being charged and she fled the area. Turns out one of Isaac's clients had gotten on the police's radar and spilled all the details when they were interrogated. So Isaac was charged with five years in prison for falsifying official documents, but Vincent was nowhere to be found and like in the past, Isaac stayed loyal to his blood by not giving his name and taking the plea deal that would have lessened his 5 years to just 3.

    Prison was horrific for Isaac. More than one time he got jumped and otherwise assaulted by prisoners who wanted to assert their dominance even though he wasn't much of a threat he was mouthy. At one point Isaac thought about pissing off one of the most insane inmates and getting beat to death, but then he got a letter from Aimee. She told him that she was pregnant with his kid, and that she only decided to tell him so he would be aware of the fact, but that she wasn't planning to stick around and to never look for them. Isaac was distraught and excited all at the same time, because now he had a reason to keep living, but he was sad because Aimee wasn't going to let him see his own daughter.

    After his five years were up, Isaac started on the straight and narrow path, thinking that if he lived a good life, Aimee would eventually come back to him and let him meet his daughter. When Vincent contacted him, Isaac swore off of any illegal business which drove a rift between them. At his trial, Isaac's family had disowned him, so he had nowhere to go and it turns out that Aimee had left the state, with their now three year old daughter. If not for his parole officer, Isaac would have been living in a cardboard box, but his parole officer was a nice guy and trusted Isaac not to screw up again, so he got him a job as a taxi driver and gave him a loan for a small one bedroom apartment.

    Host: Who were your friends/enemies/lovers in high school?
    Isaac: "I wasn't like prom king or anything but I had a few friends. 'Course I had some enemies too."
    Belvira and I were...Well first we had a relative amicable relationship. I sold her Fake IDs and she gave me exclusive acess to her parties. But one day I saw her outside of school and found out that she was poor. And instead of not saying anything like a normal person I um...I blackmailed her. I made her do things for me to make my life easier in exchange for my silence about her class status. I know it was a shit move.

    Camille and I were friends back in elementary school and most of middle school, but when I started hanging out with Vincent, I started to pull away from her. Then in high school, we stopped talking completely, because I had moved up in popularity and she'd stayed...The same. I'm really ashamed of this next part but, in senior year I was getting really shitty grades and I needed a kick ass tutor so, I started acting friendlier to her again in order to get her to tutor me. Then when I passed finals I started ignoring her again. I know, I know. I'm a piece of shit.

    I had a little crush on Gabriel since becoming friends with him in freshman year, and always wanted him without making a move cause he was straight and he was my friend so I didn't want to ruin things. But one night I got invited to this kick ass party and got seriously wasted. I tried to kiss him and he pushed me away. The next day at school, I avoided him and he avoided me, but I though maybe we could be friends again until he hooked up with my other crush, Annaliese.

    Ashley and I were best friends. He was awesome, and wasn't all gaga about school, you know? We were cut from the same cloth and we worked well together. When Gabriel and I stopped being friend and I was all crushed about Annaliese, he was there for me. Unfortunately we lost contact after high school, cause of the whole jail thing...I'm excited to see him again though! I hope we can become friends again.

    I used to have a massive crush on Annaliese. It was crazy. I mean just looking at her made me happy and I used to bring her snacks and shit all the time. So one day I asked her out and she rejected me. I have to admit I was crazy hurt after that like I actually went to the bathroom and shed a few tears. But then on prom night, everything came together. Belvira told everyone that Annaliese was pregnant. So at least I knew why she rejected me.

    Host: Anything you want to say to your people back home?
    Isaac: "They turned their backs on me a long time ago. I ain't got shit to say to them. But Aimee--And she's not really my family--But, please come back. I deserve to at least see my daughter. Please."
    Isaac Morales Sr./Father/56
    Alejandra Morales/Mother/47
    Maria Morales/Sister/25
    Sofia Morales/Sister/22
    Laura Livingston/3

    Host: What are your secrets?

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  15. Accepted, just try to keep your grammar and word placement issues to a minimum in the IC, kay?
    Do you mind if my character and your character know each other in the present? Mine is a fashion designer and since yours is a model, I think it could work. But it's up to you. ^_^

  16. Of course, I will double check it again when I am home. Please tell me when I make terrible mistakes since English is not my first language, I tend to make silly mistakes :'D but I'm trying to be better!
    Yes yes yes, we can work on that! ^^ They can know each other, but when high school, did they know each other?

  17. [​IMG]

    face claim: Adam Cowie

    Host: Hello! My name is Miranda Mars, I'll be your host and guide during your stay at You-Topia.
    Host: What's your name and or title if you have one?
    Gabriel: Gabriel Stark. Don't call me Gab; I bloody hate that nickname.
    Host: And how old are you?
    Gabriel: 28 years of existence and still counting.

    Host: And you are..?
    Gabriel: Evidently male.
    Host: What's your type?
    Gabriel: I'm straight so ladies only.

    Host: And your marital status?
    Gabriel: Currently married to Antoinette Carson.
    Host: What do you do for a living?
    Gabriel: University professor. I teach psychology.

    Host: What kind of person where you in high school?
    Gabriel: I was the outgoing type. Every week me and my mates would go places, anywhere; as long as we were together and were guaranteed a fun time it didn't matter where we went. Usually however, we end up crashing someone's party even when we weren't invited. Good times. I remember how ambitious I was back then as well. Our little group of friends one day decided to form a band. We played horribly, the sound we made was just unbearable which is funny considering how we were good at our respective instruments individually. Despite this we still dreamed big. Wembly stadium was the goal. Looking back now, it sounds so silly especially considering we were in the US and not in the UK and I was the only one from the UK in or little friend group. *laughs* What else... Hmm, I suppose I was also quite the troublemaker back then. Pranks wars were often something I started with the rest of my mates. Got us in trouble a lot, it did get us a lot of laughs as well so there was always that.

    Host: What kind of person are you now?
    Gabriel: Now? I'm certainly a more responsible person now. I'm done with my troublemaker days, though I guess the death of the bachelor helped with moulding me into the responsible person I am today. I'm still pretty ambitious, that part of me hasn't changed and I don't think it ever will. Outgoing is a word I don't think I can associate with myself anymore. I'm now the type of guy who prefers to stay in with friends and family rather than go out. It's both practical and much cozier. Unfortunately, I've turned also turned into a rather insecure person. After high school, when I moved back to the UK to live with my aunt in London, she pretty much implanted into my mind that people's opinions matter so always check yourself and be conscious. Of course, the wording was different but the essence of her words was pretty much that, 'be conscious of yourself'. Well guess what auntie? Here I am now so bloody insecure about myself. Hope you're proud.

    Host: Tell me your life story and don't leave out the juicy bits!
    Gabriel: This... is going to be long. I think?

    Born and raised in England, specifically London (at least until before I entered high school). My family had to move to the US, specifically to Philadelphia due to my father getting a transfer to the Philadelphia branch of the company he was working for. This happened just before I entered high school. He was initially hesitant, it was a big move after all. The US and the UK were vastly different from each other. Dad was afraid that I might get bullied due to my English accent which back then was very heavy. During those days, the moment I speak people would know without a doubt that I'm from England; these days it's still there but not as thick as before. In any case, going back to the story, Dad feared for me so I reassured him and so did Mum. Despite being supportive of the move, I could tell back then that Mum was hesitant as well. Worried about her, I of course asked her about it and she responded that she was just worried about the baby. I was surprised when at the news that I heard. Apparently it was a slip and she meant to surprise Dad with it later on. So I had a little brother or sister on the way and was quite excited. A week or two later we flew off and my life in the US started along with my high school life.

    First day of high school; I was very nervous. All the worrying my father had with regards to my English accent was starting to scare me. What if he was right? What if everyone does end up making fun of me and I end up having a miserable high school life? Thankfully however, these fears were never realized. Quite the opposite actually. The group of friends I had then, which lasted until the end of high school, all started talking to me because they were fascinated by my accent. Things were going pretty great, but life had it's ups and downs and my life at that point was certain in due for a down; and life certainly delivered. Five months after we've moved, five months into her pregnancy, Mum got involved in a car accident. The baby was lost, and so was her life. That day I felt so sad and my sadness carried over throughout the week. Dad did his best, being cheery and all despite what happened. I knew then that he was hurting behind the smiles he put up. He just wanted me to be happy. Thankfully as well, I've got awesome mates. They certainly helped me get through those tough times even though we only knew each other for a few months. I suppose that was one of the events that helped cement our friendship.

    Nothing much to say about my high school life really (nothing I haven't said in the previous questions at least). Shenanigans with my best mates here and there, but every high school group of friends has those. I already mentioned how we formed a band and was funnily aiming to play at Wembly stadium. Back then I was the drummer, I still play drums but not to the same extent as I did back in high school. The band never officially disbanded so hey, maybe you guys will see us play at Wembly someday *cough* highly unlikely. That's pretty much my high school life.

    A day after I graduated came another low in my life. Dad killed himself. It was pretty harsh, coming home from a graduation celebration with my friend and finding my dad's dead body lying on the kitchen floor with an empty bottle of medicine beside him. After that I went back to the UK to live with my aunt Izabella and continued my studies there. As I was working up to a degree in psychology, I met Antoinette and the rest is history. At the age of 26 (she was 24 then), 2 years after we started dating I proposed to her and here we are now 2 years later.

    Host: Who were your friends/enemies/lovers in high school?
    Gabriel: There were, of course, my mates. Those were my friends back then.

    Camille Archer? WIP ( Estranged Friend )

    Isaac Morales ... We were friends once. He was pretty cool, that was until he tried to kiss me. I was fairly certain he knew I was--and still am--straight. Needless to say it caused a dent in our friendship. But that wasn't what completely destroyed it. There was a girl, her name's Annaliese, we dated and apparently Isaac also had the hots for her. That irrevocably damaged the little friendship we had left and... yeah. I don't even know what to call our relationship now. We're not exactly friends, but we're not enemies as well, at least I don't think we are. Isaac probably hates my guts but I wouldn't know that for sure. ( Friendship → A Little Less than Enemies; Definitely Not Friends )

    Annaliese Ferguson Description ( An Old Flame )

    Belvira Chamberion Description ( Uhhh...? )

    Ashley Rhodes Description ( Relationship )

    //message me ? I'll start messaging people when I get some inspiration / get an idea on what kind of relationship Gabriel could have with respective characters

    Host: Anything you want to say to your people back home?
    Gabriel: Antoinette Carson, my lovely 26 year old wife. What can I say? I love her and our marriage has been amazing so far, but for the past few months she feels so distant from me. Is this what happens when a woman gets pregnant? In any case, she's seven months into her pregnancy now. Quite excited to see the little rascal she gives birth to. Really hoping for a girl, a girl as pretty as her mother.

    Host: What are your secrets?

    " -------- My name’s ‘Blurryface’ and I care what you think " [ 007 ]

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