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  1. Ok, well let's see here:

    Basic description of Setting and the Academy: It's in mordern times or present times or what ever you want to call it, on the out skirts of New York City.
    St. Agatha's Reform School, It had been built in 1952 as a private school for girls by the name of St. Margret's School For Girls. About a year after starting out as the private school, one of the girls set fire to it, because of bullying. So they had to shut it down. A mysterious figure bought the school and decided to rebuild the entire inside. Once rebuilt, they had opened it as a reform academy. All social classes attend the academy, wether they're rich or poor. Some of the students that are attending the academy were forced to go there by law enforcement, some where forced to attend by their parents or they have no clue why they were sent there in the first place. All students don't get along in normal society, either by doing crimes or something else. They are sent to the academy, to get "reformed", so that they may "fit" into society. Most of the students are human, but some are not, only with a human ruze.

    This is what the academy looks like:

    Races that are accepted in this role play:
    Half Demons
    Half vampires
    Vampires(if they have a magical enchantment upon them to withstand the sun)
    Other supernatural creatures- as long as they have a human form (was too lazy to list them all)

    Character sheet:
    Appearance:(Short description or picture- picture can be real life or anime)
    Crimes commited:
    Any Mental Issues:
    Ablities: (Only if they aren't human)
    Here is my characters:
    Name: Glycerin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Demon
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Crimes commited: Arson, Murder, Terroism
    Any Mental Issues: Pyromania
    Personality: Glycerin is very hyper active and fun loving. He loves to set things on fire and make things explode, he's very easly entertained and easily distracted. He is also very very random. He is constantly on the move and can't sit still worth a minute. He loves/ finds entertainment in the pain of others, as well as pain inflected upon himself. He is obsessed with fire, bombs and explosions. He is very chaotic and out there.
    History: Little is know about his parents, and who they were, except the fact that his father was a demon.
    Being an orphan, he decided to live out on the streets, with no one to help him grow. He found out that he was half demon when he was 16 years old. Since no one what to moderate him, he decided to go on a spree through new york city and set things on fire and exploding things and killing many people. He was then caught and arrested and sent to juvinile hall, his parole officer suggested that he went to the reform academy
    Ablities: He is able to create and summon demonic creatures and bombs at will, from thin air and out of his imgination

    Name: Shane McHerris
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 6'5'
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Crimes commited: Murder
    Any Mental Issues: Bi-polar disorder
    Personality: Shane is mainly calm and collected, but he is also cold. He doesn't care for anyone but himself, and could care less what other's think about him. He is also distant from other's as well and prefers to be by himself most of the time. But he does have a murderous side
    History: Shane came from a broken home, with an abusive father that was also alcoholic as well. His mother was a drug addict and could care less about him. His first murder was his parents, after killing them, he decided to live on the streets, occasionally commiting more murders. He was soon caught and sentenced to Juvinille hall, where he also killed many others. It was a judge who suggested that he goes to the reform academy.
    Ablities: None cause he is human
  2. Alright here we go!

    Name: Kristie 'Weber'
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Neko
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: NOYB
    Crimes commited: Assault, Theft, Hacking, Squatting, Property Destruction
    Any Mental Issues: Kleptomania, Paranoia, Anger Control Issues

    Personality: Kristie is both quiet/standoffish and very vocal/loud, depending whether you rub her the wrong way. She trusts no one and thinks rules are stupid and made to be broken. She spends most of her time sulking around avoiding large groups and anything she is actually supposed to be doing.

    History: Kristie doesn't remember anything before she was 5 or so. As far as she remembers she's always been alone on the streets. She's used her demonic powers to good use in finding warm places to stay and getting the things she needed to survive. One day she decided to wander into a library since it was a free, relatively safe, warm place to hang around for the day. Being a curious little cat she was fascinated with the computers and got a librarian to show her how to use them. From that point on she spent a lot of time on the computers in various libraries, teaching herself anything she considered important. When she was around 12 she nearly got caught by the police after ducking into a library post-raid and spent two weeks finding the perfect laptop to steal. Now with the ability to live on the internet almost full time, she learned all sorts of interesting things, including some basic hacking. She would still be running free if some guy hasn't been stupid enough to try and hit on her while she was hanging out in one of her favorite coffee shops. She put the guy through the wall and may very well have killed him if there hadn't been an officer right outside who tasered her before she could get too much farther. The officer who arrested her suggested she be sent to The Reform Academy rather than jail because she was 'just an orphan that needed some proper guidance'. He even gave her his last name since she didn't know what hers actually was.

    Ablities: She can transform to an in between cat/human state and a full cat state. She is also exceptionally strong and agile with cat-like senses.

    Name: Damien Von Claude
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: (ignore the ears!)
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 145
    Crimes commited: Smoking weed
    Any Mental Issues: None

    Personality: Damien is a fairly chill, if arrogant, guy. He likes to hang around with people and talk, maybe even party a little or less sweaty activities but he's not one for excessive sweating. He'd much rather draw or paint and show off to the ladies.

    History: Damien was a perfectly happy rich kid in a fancy rich kid school who ocassionally smoked some weed with friends. He fancied himself an artist and dyed his hair because that's what you did if you were an artist. Once his parents found out about him ocassionally lighting up they FREAKED OUT and immediately signed him up for The Reform Academy because he was totally going to ruin his life like that.

    Ablities: Nada
  3. Name: Lilian Atropine
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half Demon
    Appearance: GothicgirlRP.jpg

    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 124
    Crimes commited: Murders, multiple Assault charges
    Any Mental Issues: If you count extremely hot headed a mental issue
    Personality: Lilian is a quiet and very sarcastic person, she does not care for the likes of anyone. And those who actually manage to worm through her stone cold heart, will not get their faces punched in. She's very hot headed and her temper is as short as a pinky, so one must choose their words carefully and not try to infuriate her
    History: Lilian knows very little of her parents, all she knows is that one of them was a demon and the other human. They had given her up to a religious orphanage, trying to convert her to their prime religion. Of course, she was stubborn and refused to convert to "a bunch of crap". She was often punished, which further infuriated her inwardly. Parents or homosexual couples that came looking for a child to adopt often went to her first because they found her to be a "beautiful little girl". Each one soon discovered just how short tempered she was and how easily riled up she could become. When recess time came, she was found often fighting with other children, beating them mercilessly until they bled on the pavement. When Lilian was 13, the orphanage had found her "unadoptable" as they called it and sent her Juvenile Hall for multiple counts of assault. Three years had passed there and she received multiple tattoos around her body, she shut out every girl who tried to prey on her or set them back to their place. A new "top dog" was moved to the same Juvy and tried to make the girl feel vulnerable, but Lilian would not allow this. Her strength had adapted at the age of 14, so she killed the girl with one hard punch and sent her body through the wall. It took the lives of officers, warrant officers, and a few elite law enforcement officers before she was finally settled with tazers and animal tranquilizers (same used for wild or exotic animals). The judge sentenced her to Reform Academy so she could straighten out.
    Ablities: Dramatic increase of strength at will (can through someone through a wall if she's angry enough, but isn't strong enough to lift a truck). Will require a muzzle, tranquilizers, and a strait jacket made especially for her (given to the head of the school) if she acts up. Strength only applies to the muscles within the arms.
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  4. Name: Ani Dragonista (Nicknamed: Echo)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’7

    Weight: 163

    Crimes committed: Assassinations and Thievery

    Any Mental Issues: Intermittent Explosive Disorder

    Personality: Ani gives off a quiet vibe, but when approached in a careful way she can be talkative. Her explosive anger makes her uncontrollable and unpredictable, impulsive aggression is unpremeditated, and is shown in disproportionate reaction to any provocation, real or perceived. She at times experience “black outs” when her anger turns into rage. However, when she is not having an explosive episode, she is an intuitive individual. She learns by watching those around her and enjoys using what she learns towards her advantage.

    History: One night little Ani was fast asleep in her bed. The soft humming of insects can be heard outside her window. Her mother and father slept in the room next to her own, life for her was happy. Suddenly the sounds of 4 loud bangs echoed through the house, Ani awoke to scared to scream or move. She could hear foots stop in front of her door, so she hide under her covers. A large shadow entered her room and reached under Ani’s covers, it slide it’s big hands up her legs and wandered over her tiny waist lifting her up. That night little Ani was snatched away from her happiness and pulled into a dark place. There she stayed and was sold a few times before she found a permanent home. A new family, a new form of happiness, new skills taught and there her anger and mental state was allowed to run free. But her new family betrayed her, another dark place with more tall shadows. Now she was an older Ani she could run, and survive on her own. Life outside of her large “family” was harder than she thought. She used her skills to do as she needed and to hunt down the being that snatched her from her happiness. Eventually Ani was caught, it wasn’t because she failed at an assassination or she was caught stealing. It was her anger, she became so angry when a police officer asked if her pink/purpleish hair matched the carpet she nearly beat him to death. Being that she was under the age of 18 she was sent to reform academy, with required therapy at the academy.
    Ablities: None, but that doesn’t make her weak.
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Drucilla Kemp
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: half-vampire
    Appearance: She is short for her age but she makes up for it in attitude. She has long black hair that normally she keeps braided so it doesn't fly into her face. Her eyes can reveal her emotion. Angry- icy; depressed- grey; excited- ocean blue; any other time- steel blue. She has two gold earrings in her left ear and one in her right ear. She is lean and muscular for a 16-year-old. She has several scars from different scuffles she was involved in. Her clothing is mix match of what ever she can get her hands on, and they always end up dirty.
    Height: 4'11
    Weight: 98
    Crimes committed: arson, theft, assault, attempted murder
    Any Mental Issues: none
    Personality: On the outside she seems pretty sweet, but her true nature is to hurt whoever she can. She likes to steal anything that catches her fancy. It could be jewelry, weapons, or even food. If someone were to get in her way she would do her best to get them out of the way. And she will try anything. Even seduction if possible.
    History: Her father was vampire who found her mother in the gutter too drunk and too high to walk. He then seduced her and threw her back into the gutter thinking she was dead. In nine months time she gave birth to Drucilla. Drucilla's mother didn't even name her daughter but tried to kill her instead. She considered Drucilla to be demon spawn. Fortunately, a young man rescued Drusilla. He gave Drusilla her name and raised her to serve him. Unfortunately he was a horrible master to her and beat her every chance he got. Drucilla would always act the polite servant to his face but plotted her revenge behind his back. Eventually she set fire to his bedroom with him still in it. However, he was able to get out alive. Drucilla was able to escape and she roamed the country stealing whatever she felt like should belong to her. She doesn't quite know that she is half-vampire. For the her former master never told her what she was. She just assumed that she had unusual teeth and unusually pale skin. One night she was in the middle of an attempt to steal a ruby tiara when she set the alarms off. She tried to make a hasty escape but the security guards caught her. Immediately she put up a fight where both guards ended up with several scratches and bruises. Drusilla's former master renounced his guardianship and arranged for her to be sent to the reform academy.
    Abilities: None that she knows of yet.
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  11. Name: Elena Cambridge
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half Naga
    Height: 5'3 ft
    Weight: 134 1b
    Crimes committed: Blackmail, Robbery, Murder
    Any Mental Issues: None

    Personality: Elena has a cold personality, slightly ironic considering her abilities. She see's other people as puppets just waiting to be controlled so you could that she's quite sadistic and cynical. Whenever something doesn't go exactly as planned she's quick to flee or "get rid of the hindrance" if it's really annoying.

    History: Elena comes from a long line of Naga that believed in living in luxury at all costs. Being a part of such a family, she took on these values and become cold and manipulative to anyone she saw unworthy. When she gained enemies, she'd result to blackmail to make them disappear which usually, if not always, worked. She grew up with no friends and she never really needed them, love was also a trivial thing in her eyes. All that matter was living as luxurious of a life as possible. Unfortunately that all came crashing down when she managed to be on the receiving when she was framed for robbing then murdering someone. In the end she got sent to a academy to reform her.

    Ablities: Ice manipulation
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