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  1. Rathgaria is a land where the lines between good and evil are blurred, where a Demon could be the true hero, and a place where even the most horrifying of places could be where true peace is. A place where the Gods have abandoned they're people to find their true path. Choose one of the many races in Rathgaria and choose your path, will you fight for what is good and righteous, or will you pursue your own goals, or perhaps, you wish to become a servant of evil. The choice is yours, which will you pick?


    1. No Smut: Keep all sexual scenes behind closed doors or fade to black
    2. Use 1 sentence answers only if absolutely necessary
    3. Have fun with it!


    - You may choose from the list of races {Though you can suggest a race to me and I may accept it

    -You can play as many characters as you desire.

    -Romance is allowed as long as it doesn't cross Rule 1.

    - During your posts feel free to add details to the world around you. I like seeing people add to the world!

    Character Sheet


    Race: Look below for explanation.
    Ability/magic: [This doesn’t mean you have to have one.] I am not picky with amount, but please don’t overdo it. Also, repeats are allowed, meaning you can have it even if another has that ability.
    Weapon(s): [This doesn’t mean you have to have one.] The same as the abilities and magic.

    Bio/History: Feel free to getting creative with this, or leave secrets for the RP.
    Extra Info: Anything that doesn’t fit in the ccategories
    Looks: Picture or description is fine.


    Human: Just your run of the mill humans. Nothing insanely special about them, though they hold the largest kingdom in the world.

    Naga: Snake-like beings with no legs but rather a serpentine tail, three variations. Those living in the ocean, usually called sirens as there are mainly females. These tend to have fins and a more blue-ish skin color. Those living underground, having skin like metal and the ability to survive in lava. These tend to have large, armored bodies, and have allied themselves with the Demons. And those that live in forests, having Four arms and the ability to climb and swing with ease. These tend to have Greenish Skin and a sort of Camouflage pattern.

    Dark Elves: Pale-Skinned folk of the wastelands, they are the most magically gifted humanoid race. They are also masters of taming the wild beasts that roam their lands, spanning from Hydras to Crimsontooth Spiders the size of cows. They live in small villages interconnected by trade routes.

    Wood Elves: A more temperately skinned relative of Dark Elves. Wood elves pride themselves on being the best archers in the world. They have co-existed with the Forest Naga for many years, living in the same tree-villages for longer than most can remember. From birth a child is assigned a Spirit Animal depending on the stars. Most are born under Wolf, Bear, Hawk, or Tiger. Though others do exist. They can turn into this Spirit Animal, but when they return to their normal forms they are exhausted.

    Demons: Hailing from a dark realm alternate to this one, Demons are a very proud and powerful folk. Masters of Dark Magic they flood in from large rifts in reality. They can come in many forms, from seeming completely human, to horrible abominations of nature. Most are capable of speech though some are either too proud or too beastly to speak.

    Angels: The alternate side of Demons, Angels are masters of Light and healing Magic. They can take flight with their golden wings and are extremely resilient in nature. However, if an Angel commits a crime, or performs a dark art, he/she is then transformed into a Fallen Angel, who live among the Demons.

    Dragons: The MOST Magically Gifted Race, though many do not consider it true magic as it is merely their breath. Dragons can live in almost any environment, adapting to each area as they live there. They generally live in Mountains, Oceans and Badlands however. Mountain Dragons are the second largest and come in a variety of colors. From Browns, to bright Reds and Yellows. They commonly breath Fire or Spit up Stones. Ocean [or Sea] Dragons are much more Serpentine than their Mountain and Badland Brothers. Sporting Iridescent Scales and Fins. Though many are still capable of flight, or at least gliding. They generally breath Ice, or Boiling Hot Steam. Badland Dragons are by far the largest of the three, dwarfing the Mountain Dragon. They can stand anywhere from the size of a cow at birth, to the size of a small castle fully grown. They usually are Grey or Black, though some have been crossbred with Mountain Dragons to come in a variety of colors. They tend to breath Poison or Electricity, though Fire is still commonplace as well.

    Dwarves: Short Men of the Moutains. They live in huge Fortresses within Mountains. They used to be great friends with Underground Naga, but after the Naga allied with the Demons, the Dwarves halted the Alliance, choosing to join the Angels. Another great ally of the Dwarves are the Mountain Dragons, who willingly supply fire for their forges. As such, the Dwarves forge the greatest weapons and armor of any race, as it is forged in Dragonfire rather than a normal fire. The dwarves are short and stout, but they are no weaklings, charging into battle as mighty axe and club wielding fighters. Dwarves are also famous, for having some of the best food in the world, turning even the most undesireable of ingredients into hearty stews and brews.

    Fae: Small people of the forest, the Fae live in all of nature, flying on their delicate wings to help, or hinder, travelers they meet. Though they are generally very kind and thoughtful, they are also usually naive and mischievous. Small, delicate, and ironically powerful. the Fae are by most consider the True masters of Magic as many mages refuse to accept Dragon Breath as a true magic. The Fae can heal mortal wounds and can cast great illusions, though if they lose their focus, the illusion will dissipate.

    If you have a race you'd like to implement, feel free to run it by me.


    The World

    Here is my crappy rendition of Rathgaria made in Paint

    Dark Blue: Human Territory
    Yellow: Angel Sky Territory [Forest Below]
    Green: Forest
    Brown: Mountains
    Red: Badlands
    Light Blue Surrounded by Grey: Sunken City General Area
    Blue: Water
    Orange/White: Underground Paths
    Grey: Roads/Routes
    Black Diamond: Capital City [Angel Side or Neutral]
    Black Square: City [Angel Side or Neutral]
    Black Circle: Outpost/Town [Angel/Neutral]
    Purple Diamond: Capital City [Demon Controlled]
    Purple Square: City [Demon]
    Purple Circle: Outpost/Town [Demon]
    Why Doesn't the Angel Territory have roads? They FLY.


    This is where different races will usually start, though you can deviate as you wish as long as you can explain it

    Badlands: Badland Dragons, Demons, Dark Elves, Underground Naga

    Oceans, Rivers, Seas: Ocean Dragons, Ocean Naga

    Mountains: Dwarves, Mountain Dragons, Underground Naga

    Forests: Wood Elves, Forest Naga, Fae

    Citys/Towns: Angels, Humans, Wood Elves, Dwarves

    Sky Citys: Angels

    My Character:

    Name: Ssilek

    Age: 223

    Gender: Male

    Race: Ocean Dragon

    Ability/magic: Dragon Breath [Steam]

    Weapon(s): Teeth [Venomous]

    Personality: Acts old and wise, but is truly young inside, making brash decisions and being the first to suggest attacking a foe.

    Bio/History: Shortly after being born he was thrown into the vast world that is the Ocean depths, he has seen many wars, silently observing for the longest time. But now his blood boils for battle. And, being a dragon, his natural instinct to gather a horde of loot and his ferocity are great. Many have tried to best him, and have failed. Though his many battles have also left many scars. He now seeks to make a guild, a team who will be able to carry out great feats, he of course does not plan on sitting around while they go have all the fun, so he will join whoever steps up to the plate.

    Looks: Sea Serpent.jpg A Serpentine Dragon with blue, Iridescent scales, and long hooked fangs. His eyes are striking Yellow with a narrow pupil. He is the length of three carriages [30 ft] and as thick as a tree trunk. A cobra-hood-like fan of fins sits on his neck and two pairs of wings stretch down his back.

    Random info:
    Rathgarian currency is a gold coin with a dragon stamped on it
    The sides so far are
    Angel Side: Dwarves, Humans, Angels
    Demon Side: Demons, Underground Naga, Dark Elves
    Neutral: Wood Elves, Forest Naga, All dragons, Ocean Naga, Fae
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  2. Name: Ethel Harthi (Crow)


    Gender: Female*



    Dual Pistols
    Small Dagger​

    Crow doesn't like fighting, but she's willing to get physical if the job goes wrong. Known as a master manipulator on the street, she can con the stingiest of people. Despite her slick way with words when she isn't on a job, she doesn't speak much.

    Her main focus is surviving, and sticking her neck out for others really isn't her plan. Crow has little to no morals. Under her hard exterior, Crow has an unnatural soft spot for children and animals.​

    The Harthi Family was a proud and noble family that was financially set for the next six generations. Both Crow's parents died in a "accident" when she was 12, leaving a small child as the heir to a fortune.

    She was sent to some distant relatives who then reshipped her to a boarding school. The boarding school was strict, and the headmistress was known to bully the girls into "jobs". At this time Ethel had grew a sort of rebellious personality, teaching herself how to pick locks and sneak out of the campus. In the beginning Crow started off scamming people for her headmistress, but when a man who donated an excessive amount to her school expressed interest in Crow, her headmistress was happy to try to sell her off.

    Crow, in fear of being mistreated, sent letters back to her distant relatives only to find out they had lay claim to her fortune and squandered it all. Knowing her relatives were not fond of her, and she had no where to go but to the man whom bought her, she planned her escape. Cutting her hair and running away from the boarding school was one of the best decisions of her life.

    She had then proceeded to lurk the streets, begging, conning, and stealing to survive until a group of thugs had caught interest of her. She entered their employ, and they taught her to fight. Working under them she took jobs to assassinate other nobles, and shared the spoils with her rag tag gang. Eventually, a job went wrong and the remaining members of her gang were killed. Crow made her way back into the streets, doing minor jobs for the locals and pickpocketing from the nobles to survive.​

    Extra Info: She's a cross dresser.

    Crow knows one thing, in this world women were treated as objects in most cases. As to avoid that label, she cut her hair and dressed in the baggiest clothes she could find. Due to her short stature of 5'1 and her tiny frame, she often passes of as a young boy who had yet to hit puberty. With brown hair and green eyes, she isn't much special in physical appearance.

    Ethel Harthi "Crow" (open)

    Edited parts*
    Forgot to say she was a female, if it wasn't obvious.
    The magic of putting spaces between paragraphs.
    Color coating.
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  3. She is accepted. I will post an IC thread shortly
  4. Name: Yar Hidsworth
    Age: appearing in his mid to late twenties
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dark Elf
    Ability/magic: Fire Manipulation, Summoning Spells, Illusion Magic, Mastery of Archery, Mastery of Stealth, Mastery of Thievery
    Weapon(s): Bow and arrow, Battle Ax

    Personality: Yar is quite bold and plain. His opinion is all that matters to him and he will do things his way no matter what. He does not take no for an answer when he says something. He believes in and trusts only himself. He is very neutral when it comes to law and fights. He picks neither the side of right or wrong. He does not try to follow laws, but does not go out of his way to break them either. He comes off as selfish for he is very self forwarding and self preserving. He is very stoic and rarely finds anything amusing. He is very serious most of the time. His demeanor is usally an unpleasant one of survival and spite. Some where underneath he has a soft spot for animals, creatures, and children. When no one is looking, he may go out of his way to help one.

    Those in the badlands do not have much. They value what little they do have and do not help anyone really. Well, that is how the area Yar grew up in was. After losing his parents at the age of nine, he quickly had to learn to look after himself. No one would offer him a hand. The only thing anyone ever did for him was hand him a weapon or teach him a new defensive skill. He quickly found ways to survive on his own without others. They of course were not always lawful,but he saw no harm done. He only ever did what he needed to do. That was until the age of seventeen when he was finally offered a job. It was a job not many would do or except but he saw it as a chance to move forward. He took it and worked for people he barely knew. The job eventually took him to a mostly human city where he was imprisoned for all his crimes. He spent a good few years in a dungeon of higher classed before escaping. It was simple to him. All he had to do was survive.

    Extra Info: Yar has two familiars that are mice. He named them Sina and Hef.

  5. He is accepted and the Ic thread will be up in a few mere minutes!
  6. Luv it, just have one question though,
    Can humans use magic? If not make him a Fae.

    Name: Christopher Syphon
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Race: Human
    Ability/magic: Accels at multiple healing spells, including healing wounds, or illnesses. (Like poison or minor paralysis) he can also create weak shields, or strong ones depending on the strength he puts into the spell. He can also manipulate light and water, but weakly. His weapon mastery traits include: Whip mastery, and projectile weapon mastery. (Like throwing a rock or dart or knife.)
    Weapon(s): Christopher has a steel chain that he uses like a whip. Attached to the end of the chain is a small blade, like a spear head.
    Personality: Christopher loves to make friends. He is kind hearted and loyal. When made angry though, or made an enemy, he can be pretty nasty. He will do anything to protect his friends.
    Bio/History: Christopher used to live a life of luxury and wealth. Until he got bored of that live and decided to run away. He left his home at the age of 11 and has been adventuring since. He loves to meet new people along the way.
    Extra Info: When he gets mad, or is facing an opponent that he hates, his eyes turn red.
  7. Anyone is capable of using magic, some are jut better than others as a natural talent. And he is accepted!
  8. Name: Jericho
    Age: 326
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human/Elemental Dragon
    Ability/magic:is able to change into the form of a dragon because of his parents. His mother was an elemental bender, while his father was a Badlands dragon. In his human form he has the same immense strength as his dragon form and can control elements instead of breathing them. His long swords that he carries can be enchanted by the current element(s) he controls. In his dragon form, he is able to change his elemental look and abilities based on where he moves. (Example: When He moves from the badlands into the mountains he changes color and his looks change except for his height, and he can can use an additional breath.) Jericho is originally from the badlands so he spits electricity. When he moves into another element he can spit another element while still spitting his original breath as well.
    Weapon(s): Claws, tail, teeth, and breath in dragon form, while he carries dual long swords made of a highly dense steel called cold steel.
    Personality: Jericho has a bad temper, and is not to be trifled with. This dragon has seen enough bloody battles to understand tactics and just plain marauding. Sometimes he puts himself in the middle of a battle and stops it instantly, though he is killing almost everyone to try and do so. But this dragon is soft, if he can get relaxed enough. If you can keep him calm or joyous, then that means you have made a great ally.
    Bio/History: Jericho is a human, but is also a dragon. The way you can always tell is his eyes. When he was a baby he was left for dead by his mother in the badlands, in fear that he would kill her if the boy found out who his father was. When this had happened Jericho had transformed into a dragon on instinct and had hunted grounds all his life as a dragon. Until one day he changed back into a human and was left to defend himself from a gang of bandits. They came at him with knives and large daggers. This had awoken his powers as a human, as he had created a wave of lightning to defend himself. As the years went by, Jericho had flown into the mountains and had found a trait within himself that was hidden. This hidden trait was the ability to change into different a style of dragon when in certain surroundings. This caused him to fight other dragons around different areas, in the seas, and in the mountains. He even tricked other Badlands dragons into the mountains once causing them to gain confusion before being slaughtered. This being knows how to plan his tactics well, and is a being of war, but he does not take no for an answer and never has.
    Extra Info: He has a scar on his left eye when he fought another Badlands dragon, the enemy dragon had nicked the area around the eye, causing a white scar in the shape of lightning to go down the left side of his face. this scar is still present when he is in human form, but in a reddish color.
    Looks: Jericho human.jpg

    I hope this is good
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  9. He is accepted, and hopefully your post will revive the IC thread
  10. Name: Astrid Cold-Dagger

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Ability/magic: Magic has never been Astrid's specialty, seeing as how she's always been more of a warrior, but she has a great affinity for healing magic, something she started studying at a young age. While she isn't a very adept mage, she does know basic healing spells and tends to research ways to expand her restoration magic skill, or just learn more about magic in general. From time to time, Astrid can be seen healing herself after a long and toilsome battle, or trying her best to revive an injured friend.

    Weapon(s): Predominantly, Astrid is a warrior, capable of using a wide range of weapons, such as swords, daggers, bows, and warhammers. However, she usually chooses to wield a battleaxe (usually of her own creation, since she's a blacksmith), a powerful, two handed weapon that is very effective in dispatching foes. She is generally very good at fighting, although she is still young with very little experience in real combat, so she still has a lot to learn.

    Personality: A good, lawful person, always trying to do the right thing, even when it's hard. Has a deep sense of responsibility, and can be incredibly loyal to her friends, family, and allies. Has a very strong affinity for children, and can be easily pushed over the edge if something bad happens to a kid (this could be seen as one of her most predominant weaknesses). Desires to control her own destiny and be her own person, above all else. Can be very insensitive when dealing with people, and lacks much social etiquette, so she tends to blurt things she doesn't mean without using much manners while doing it. Isn't very book smart - lacks much education - but is capable of logical reasoning, even if she can barely read and write. Likes to appear intimidating to get what she wants at times, and has ways of seeming incredibly imposing. Can be mischievous at times because of her innate sense of curiosity and desire to know more about the world around her. Emotionally strong, and isn't very good at displaying her feelings. Is prone to fits of sobbing if something upsets her very much, however, especially if it was something she did wrong, or a death. Likes meeting new people, and is very accepting of other races. Isn't judgmental. More of a tomboy type, and greatly enjoys being a blacksmith.

    Bio/History: Grew up in the northern part of the human territory on the outskirts of the snowy mountain city of Aruma, living with her family - the Cold-Daggers - on their small estate, forging weapons and armor for most of the human territory, and a little beyond. Her family consists of...

    Aemeliana (mother): A bard, originally from one of the middle cities of the human territory, with a free-spirited, very feminine type of personality, who tried her best to teach Astrid the ways of being a strong and independent woman. An excellent singer and harp player who faces all problems with grace and fortitude, and a generally very good mother.

    Jondlfar (father): A blacksmith for all of his life, he was one of the original founders of the Cold-Dagger family blacksmithing company. A strong, talented man who is very loyal to his family, doing everything he can to make sure they are safe and provided for. An impressive hunter, and well renowned on the battlefield. Can be very greedy at times, especially during business endeavors, and stops at nothing to make a quick buck, no matter who he aligns himself with. Prejudice against other races, with a nasty alcohol addiction, but he is generally very good to his family. Taught Astrid how to forge, hunt, fight, and, most importantly - be the older brother in a house with three sisters. Dislikes magic-use, so Astrid has to embrace her interest in healing spells without his knowledge.

    Aurelia (sister): 16 years old, and arguably the most beautiful woman in the Cold-Dagger family. Doted upon by her mother and father for being the "perfect" child, who never misbehaves and always does her best to help out around the house. Is assigned very easy tasks at the estate, while Astrid is forced to do the more difficult ones, like hunting, trading, or forging. Can usually charm any man she meets with her beauty, flirtatiousness, and generally kind attitude. Is very jealous of Astrid for being the one in her family with so much potential, and usually does anything she can to make her sister slip up. Reversely, Astrid is bitterly jealous of Aurelia for her lack of responsibilities around the house, and her way with men and people in general.

    Thora (sister): 13 years old, and is considered the town "thief". Became interested in stealing when Astrid taught her how to pick locks at age 11, and usually takes from the rich shopkeepers in town and gives to the beggers on the outskirts. Astrid and Thora have been best friends ever since Thora became around 6 years old, when they would play with the village children together. Astrid usually takes the fall for Thora's little "heists", except most people in town have it figured out by now. Is a very good friend to Astrid and respects her greatly.

    Junia (sister): A young baby, just born a year ago. Incredibly talkative with a seemingly bold and brazen attitude, just like Astrid had when she was a baby. Generally, Astrid has a good relationship with her sister and does what she can to provide for her, thus strengthening her strong affinity for children.

    For as long as Astrid could remember, her family was involved with a long-running feud against the Rolooran clan, another blacksmith family business living on the other side of town, selling enchanted, magical weaponry and armor for much higher prices, something that Astrid's father disapproved of because of his intense hatred for magic usage. Since a young age, Astrid has detested most of the Roloorans for their foul attitudes - not because of their magic use - but she did, however, have some romantic feelings for Vedimir Rolooran, the eldest son of the family and one of her best friends since she was 11 years old. He taught her the ways of enchanting weapons, something she grew very interested in, and they began courting each other at age 14, until Aurelia, Astrid's older sister, began to catch his eye, causing much feelings of resentment from Astrid. Soon, however, as Vedmir evolved in his relationship with Aurelia, his true colors were exposing right in front of Astrid's eyes, and she discovered that he really wasn't much different from the rest of his family, and was happy to be rid of him.

    Months before Astrid's 18th birthday, her father announced that he was combining businesses with the Rolooran family (finding a great business opportunity within enchanted weaponry, even if he still didn't trust them - it was also a good way to end the feud, especially since it caused so much bloodshed on either side), and that Astrid and Vedmir, the two eldest children, would be getting married to officially create the bond between families, an old tradition in the northern parts of the human territory.

    (Okay, I'm honestly getting very tired of writing right now, so basically, Astrid doesn't wanna marry Vedimir, yadda, yadda, yadda, and she runs away on her wedding night to explore the mystical land surrounding her, hoping to uncover new adventure outside of the confines of her home. Okay? Okay. XD)

    Extra Info: Is afraid of butterflies. Refuses to use or create enchanted weaponry, since it represents the Rolooran clan and her former relationship with Vedimir in many ways. Really likes pastries and other sweet foods. Is usually attracted to the "bad boy" types, likely stemming from her first real love being a "not-so-nice" guy himself. Definitely doesn't want to settle into a long term relationship any time soon and is very excited to explore the land around her. Has an affinity for heavy armor.

    Looks: Long, straight dark brown hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. Very light, pale blue, wide set eyes - definitely her most beautiful feature. An abnormally large nose. Sharp features. Thin lips. Very tall for her age, standing at about five feet, eight inches. Bigger than most women in weight with very broad shoulders and a large chest area. Always wears her red-orange dragon necklace, and tends to put on a lot of dark eye makeup. Usually wears heavy armor. Not incredibly pretty, but not ugly, either.
  11. Thats fine Remorsee.
    And Astrid is very much accepted.
  12. Thanks so much~! This is a pretty cool RP world you've created. Can't wait to see where this goes :3
  13. actually @Nocturne997 i think i am going to change up Jericho a bit making it to where he has a human form if that is alright
  14. Yes that is fine
  15. I have updated Jericho to make his story even more interesting.
  16. Yayy this is back up!! So excited!
  17. Yep, but Jericho leans more toward the groups with, well i will just let you notice that in the roleplay, so that its one of his little secrets, i wanted to include something secret so people could find out in the thread.
  18. Que the chaos and now everyone better start running like hell.

    Gosh darnnit, Crow, get your cross dressing butt to the capital. I don't want you to die on me! D':
  19. Don't worry, I don't plan on killing anyone off... Just a little fighting, to test their ablities and skills..... I like being part God.
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