The Pursuit of Justice (Superhero Based Rp)

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  1. Hey, everyone! I've been on something of. DC kick. More specifically, Arrow and the Flash. So, I was thinking that I'd like to try doing an rp in that sort of gritty realistic setting, while still keeping somewhat to that great DC flair we all know and love.

    I'm leaning towards a story revolving around a vigilante or a group of vigilantes that fight crime, particularly the mastermind variety. I'm considering allowing meta-humans be a thing for some more variety in the world, but, I'm not certain yet.

    The setting would probably be a large fictional city, not set on a name yet. Any additional details can be worked on, as well as rules. I'm completely okay with making this a more mature setting and story, putting it in the libertine section, as it were, if people would prefer a more adult concept.

    Please, feel free to comment if you are interested!
  2. Interested in the mature aspect, I think that's cool
  3. Anyone else interested at all?
  4. Maybe if you elaborated on a plot people may find interest, idk. It's kinda vague right now :/
  5. It is vague, true. But, I kinda wanted it to be fleshed out through collaboration. To ensure that the plot was something people would get behind. Valid point though. I'll hammer some details out.
  6. yeah im up for this! just won't be on much since my laptop is being repaired
  7. I'm behind this if allowed.
  8. I am very interested in this
  9. I'm down if meta-humans are involved.
  10. So, meta-humans are requested, it seems. Alright then, we'll have meta-humans allowed. Please try not to go too heavy on their powerset, though?

    I'm leaning towards an event similar to the explosion of the collider in The Flash series as a means of introducing meta-humans. I won't say you can't make a meta-human with an outside source of their powers, but, it is preferable. I also intend for the characters to be more on the vigilante side of things and less the mercenary/anti-hero type. I'll allow an anti-hero or two, but, we're really aiming for the heroes to be the center of the story.

    I'm working on the overall plot right now. Is everyone okay with this information thus far?
  11. I'll want more details on "Please try not to go too heavy on their powerset, though?"
    The Flash can literally run through time, so just want clarification in the future. But I'm still in.
  12. I'd definitely be interested in joining!
  13. I have a character concept I always wanted to try that might work for this.
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  14. If you're still allowing more people to join, I'm interested in joining. Is there a character limit of one or two?​
  15. I'm going to allow you in. And I'm also about to instate a two character limit. I wasn't expecting so many people. Haha

  16. Oh? Thanks! Haha, I have to say it was the hero part that roped me in. ​
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  17. I am also interested. Do you have a techie on the roster yet? I'm about to read the OOC now.
  18. Unfortunately we're already full up, kupo. With your consent, though, I'll keep you in mind should one of our players back out.
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