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  1. [Rococo era]

    Charles heard the curtains that draped over his bed open,spilling the sunshine onto his body.

    "Good morning," A team of servants and maids curtseyed.

    Charles sat up,forgetting that he was royalty and a rose red flushed his cheeks.
    "Good morning..." He mumbled as he yawned.
    His aunt came marching in,already in fancy attire.

    "Charles,today's the big day!"
    "'re choosing a wife." She scoffed.

    One maid brought a bowl of water and let him splash his blushing face. As he came up from the water he scowled at the fact that he's getting married at the age of fifteen,also the fact he never knew the girl.

    "Is it portable to marry a man-"
    "No!" She snapped as she walked back outside of his room.

    Charles got ready,in his day clothes. Probably spend a day in the garden and courtyard,meeting girls for him to marry the next day.

    The party was filled with beautifully dressed royalty.
    Yet,charles didn't seem to want to dress all that extravagant.
    He never wanted to wears those powered wig.

    As hours passed of talking to girls in their dresses and eating cake and guzzling down champagne...he never found somebody he liked.

    Charles sat down,getting another glass of champagne. A man sat next to him. A young man at that.

    "Some party huh?" He scoffed.
  2. "Hmm?" The other man asked as he looked over at Charles. He hadn't been paying much attention but now he was as he noticed the man. "Oh.. I... yes.. interesting party..." He chuckled and ran a hand through his messy blonde hair. "I'm Daniel." He reached over and held out a hand for the other to shake.
  3. Charles shook his hand,showing that sweet smile and porcelain skin.
    "Charles,but you might already know that." He chuckled.
    "Where do you come from? Out of France?"
  4. Daniel's blue eyes widened and he flushed red. "Oh! Forgive me Charles." He replied and bowed his head awkwardly.
    "I am from Scotland." He replied, his accent thicker now that he was embarrassed.
  5. Charles laughed.
    "Don't worry. You don't have to be so formal." He whispered.
    "I suppose one of your sisters is here to marry me? Or did you break in?" He joked.
  6. "If I told you that I snuck in would you have me taken away by guards?" Daniel asked and chuckled softly. His eyes flickered to a girl who was wearing a light pink dress. She looked a lot like Daniel, blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks. She seemed shy as she stood off from the others sipping at her drink. "That is my sister, Anna." He pointed to her.
  7. "Ah...I see." Charles looked over to his sister.
    "Pardon my honesty but none of these women really...excite me." He said, with that pompous voice.
    "Your sister was lovely though! She can carry a conversation." He stammered.

    Charles took a swig of his drink,letting out a sigh after.
    "Are you married?"
  8. "Um no... Not married." Daniel replied and offered up a shrug of his shoulders at the first comment. "Well maybe it isn't your time to get married then?" He asked softly.
  9. "Oh no...I've waited too long." He mumbled.
    "I'm surprised you're not married. You're quite a handsome man and the accent is quite lively."
  10. Daniel's cheeks seemed to be in a constant state of blushing at this point. "Well yes but... I just... have not found the right one I suppose."
  11. "I don't really women all that appealing. There is beautiful girls out there but I'm not very certain." He took his voice down to a hush.
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  12. "Oh?" Daniel looked at Charles then over at the lovely young women who were in the yard. "Well that makes sense then since you are not really paying much attention to the ladies here." He chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest. He was sick of wearing his nice clothes.
  13. "Oh don't grunt like that, you look great." He giggled.
    It was getting nighttime and now everyone was dancing in the ballroom, more food and drinks wondering about on golden trays.
  14. Daniel smiled at the compliment. "I may look great but this is quite stuffy and just all around something I don't want to wear..." He replied honestly and straightened the sleeves of his shirt. "This palace is lovely."
  15. "It gets boring after a while, but There is a place that is very special to me." He took a bite of cake,still seeming bored.
    He stopped for a minute as he watched the gambling and the dancing.
    "Would you like see it?"
  16. Was this an adventure? Daniel perked up at the mention and looked over at Charles. "Yes. I would love to."
  17. Charles grabbed his hand, taking him through the enormous hallway, covered in paintings. The curtains were open,letting in the moon light and the stars were out clear.

    After the long hallway, he had reached a room. It was an enormous library,not lit.
    "There's a balcony, over there. You can see everything from there." His hushed voice said.
  18. Daniel took his hand from the others when he noticed how large the library was. Books were his life and the sheer size of this space made his heart almost stop beating. "Just... I need a moment." He replied and let his fingers wander over the backs of the books nearest him. "This place is lovely..." He whispered and looked over at Charles. "Sorry... I get distracted easily..." He walked back over to the other and blushed.
  19. He gazed at him as he was distracted.
    "No it's fine. You look...nice in this light." He whispered.
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  20. "Thank you." He murmured and reached out to touch another book. The binding was gold. Gorgeous.
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