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    Daisy was born and raised a Jew so going when her family was captured and loaded on a bus for a concentration camp, She was terrified she had done nothing wrong so why was she being taken she didn't understand. she watched as her mother was loaded on and her father was shot, she didn't understand, tears rolling down her face she sat on the truck and heard her mom scream and jump of the bus, imedeatly being shot. Daisy screamed and cried again. She sat silently n the bus until she was taken and unloaded, her clothing being ripped form her body and having a suit with black and white strips on it , and a number. Daisy silently followed the line and put on her suit as she was piled into a room with other girl Jews.
  2. Kaya is a only child only haveing her parents and her best friend Rupert her bear. it was soon to change. her mother was pregnate. his name was going to be Edon, until her mother and father were taken away from her. she was lost in the world by herself. thrown into a bus by man in a uniform. she knew they were Nazi's her father has been talking about them for a whilr. and somone named Adolf. who was told to be a very bad man. she was scared she would never see her parents again. the man who had thrown her said he was going to shoot her mom and dad. they took her bear and riped his head off and tossed it on the bus on top of her uniform

  3. Daisy looked at the small girl as she was thrown onto the bus, they destroyed her teddy bear. 'What a jerk.' she thought to herself. The girl looked sad and like she was gonna cry.
  4. Kaya need to find a seat "were can i sit" she asked the god owfull bus driver. he replyed with "ughh.. do i look like your servent.?" then as she turned he triped her and called her a stupid jew. a tear rolled down her cheek. Rupert's head roled down the isle of the bus. an older looking girl picked it up and offered it to her. she thought in her head 'wow she is pretty' as the tears begain poring down her face like rain drops from the heavens. the girls hair looked like her mothers. witch brought the painfull tears to her face.
  5. Daisy looked down at the girl after the man had tripped her. She looked very young. "Are you okay?" She asked the girl as she picked up her teddy bear head adn handed it too her, the girl seemed to start to cry harder as she looked at her. "I'm not gonna hurt you, I am in the same situation as you are. Here you can sit by me." Daisy helped the girl up and she was struck for it, Daisy collapsed in front of the girl adn a tear steamed down her face. "sit in my seat." Daisy whispered the little girl in front of her.
  6. "Oh you sir why did you do that to my friend she did nothing to you did she?!" Kaya said wiping he tears from her face. as she hasated to go toward the seat fearing she was the next to get hit. she looked at the mans left hand he had a ring on. he must be married.but that being the same hand he hit the girlwith "are you okay his left a mark on your cheek." the man stood there as the tall man stared at her as if he as speaking to her in his mind. "listen her child you shall not talk back to me like that. i will not hesitate to shoot you right here and now. do you understand me!" the man hit Kaya with his right hand. it still hurt. she has never been hit befor. she cryed and he told them to stop being children and to grow up as he walked off the bus to greet the next child to get on the bus.
  7. Daisy looked up at the girl as she wiped the tears from her face. "friend?" Daisy stuttered, she liked the sound of that, it was nice to have a friend in such a horrid place like this. Daisy stood up slowly sitting back down and helping The girl to her seat, but she was struck again. Daisy wanted to hit him back fro striking such a young girl. Daisy gritted her teeth and helped her up again. "It's okay, you have to be brave, my dad has been talking about this for a couple of weeks." Daisy felt another tear stream down her face. A woman that lived by Daisy handed her a white cloth to wipe her face. "Thank you." Lucy nodded in respect and wiped her tears as well as the girl's. "My name's Daisy, what's your's?" Daisy figured that since they were gonna be friends she mind as well tell the girl her name. A group of girl loaded the bus and it started driving down the road leaving a cloud of dust behind them as another bus pulled up and more girls were forced to board it. Daisy watched as it happened. she began to understand it all....but why?
  8. "thank you for helping me my nameis Kaya, Kayl Blerking im 10 years old. my dad has been talking about this to he is a soldier he wants Hitler to be brought down but when the found out he was a soldier. they came to our home. me and my mother hide but they found us. and when they did they hit me and my mother, and then took them to a diferent bus. the tall man who hit me said he would kill my mom and my brother would die. his name is Edon. hes in mommy's belly. im sorry i talk to much sometimes. how old are you anyways you never told me?" she said as she tryed to stay in her seat while the bus hit all the bumps as possible.
  9. Daisy listened to the girl as she told Daisy about herself. "I am 17 and My dad was a pastor and my mom was not pregnant, she only had me and then she got sick and the doctor said that she couldn't have any more kids." Daisy though about for awhile, she would have liked to have a little sister. "but we could be sisters." She said as she slowly grabbed Kaya's hand. " she felt safer, she didn't want to show it, but Daisy was terrified. She looked down at Kaya. she was so innocent. "They killed my mom and dad, before we left." Daisy looked won at the ground trying to hold back tears.
  10. "oh that would be so fun i have always wanted a sister or brother. i hope i get to meet Edon when he comes out off mama's belly. then we all can be together and me and you and Edon can be best friends. and im sorry about your mommy and dad. thats sad. but when we find my mom and dad we will all be together. ya know. so dont cry" Kayla said so excited as she wiped Daisy's tears.
  11. Daisy listened to her and became excited she was glad that Kaya still had hope, that she would see her parents again. Daisy was never going to see them again but she was coming to terms with what was going to happen. They pulled into a caged in area and the bus door swung open and a man with a strange mustache came in and looked at all the girls. "I would like that." she whispered to Kaya, so that the man could not hear her. One by one he would say nien and the girls would dragged off the bus and put into one line, but some girls he said Ja and the girls would be put in a different line when he got to Daisy and Kaya, Daisy held her hand tightly. The man looked at the two of them "........Ja ich nehme an, dass sie tun werden, ." The girls were grabbed by the collar of their shirt and put in a line. The girls in the line opposite of them were crying and the women in their line were praying.
  12. Kaya screamed and the man who look so frightning grined. he stared at her as if she was his daughter. he looked to the soldier "sie ist die, die Sie mir erzählt hast?" the soldier look at Kaya and then to Daisy and said in a very deep voice deeper then befor "ja Hitler Herr" now knowing that it was Hitler Kaya remembered her father had invited him to there house befor. 'but arnt they enimeis' she tought. Hitler nodded his head toward Kaya and the soilder the he walked off the bus it was the two girls and the soilder. his last name was Higgans he had been to the dinner to. as soon as hitler got off the bus Higgans smacked both the girls. he said Hitler was upset we disrespected Higgans. Kaya couldnt stop crying. and Daisy couldnt hold the tears back eaither. his hand hit there face like a snow filled wind storm.
  13. Daisy felt the smack and she felt his rock hard hand smack her, she felt like she was going to collapse, but she didn't she just stared up at the man, her face beat red form the smack, tears streaming down it. The solider grabbed them and then pushed them into their line and they were lead to a small shack with rusty old beds and thin blankets. They were told to pick a bunk and stay were they were for the night. Daisy grabbed Kaya's hand and ran to the bunk in the back and she pulled her onto the bottom bunk. they were going to share, it would make Daisy feel safer.She figured it would make Kaya feel safe too.
  14. Kayla was comfused on what was going on. why are these men that she know's hurting her and her new friend. she could not help but cry. just like every other young girls in the small stenched filled room. with every girl sobbing they all looked to be around kayla" and Daisy's age. none of them were adults. or familiar faces. but as Daisy draged her by all the childish faces.bellowing in the fear. they were with out there parents and all alone in this worls. what were they to do. Kaya looked at her sleeve "79...79...79...79...79...79" she said it over and over again. "Daisy dose the number mean that it is what they are going to call us? i dont think i belong here Daisy.i dont think my father fought agenst hitler. i think he worked for him....and betraid him.thats why im here. am i right. but how would you know... i'll....i'll just have to ask Hitler or sombody." Kaya said to daisy in a frantic yet egar voice.
  15. Daisy looked at Kaya and listened to her. Daisy's number was 123. "yea I think so, and Kaya, I don;t think you should ask someone, I don;t think they will care, just listen to me." Daisy crouched won so that she was level with Kaya's face. "Do exactly as I say and don't talk to anyone unless you are talked to first, My dad taught me about this stuff, it doesn't matter who you are anymore, all that matters is that you survive and stick by my side. Okay?" Daisy knew what was going on and she understood that Kaya didn't.
  16. "Okay Daisy... ill listen to you. because my daddy told me to be nice to my eldars. and did you see how he looked at me he knows me. he remembers me. Daisy im scared. what if hes hurts me. or worse....My mommy and brother and my daddy." Kaya gave Daisy a hug as she was talking.
  17. Daisy hugged her back as Kaya spoke. "It's gonna be okay, just keep calm and stay with me. I will protect you." Daisy said to Kaya in a comforting voice. an officer came in and looked around the shack, all of the girls lined up in front of their beds, so Daisy and Kaya did too. She didn't know why they did this, but they did so Daisy followed suit. she looked straight ahead and didn't blink when the officer looked at her, he touched her arm and her face, smiling. "you will be a great pet, young Jew." The officer smiled again and then looked down at Kaya. Daisy hoped and prayed that she would keep her mouth shut and not say anything about her dad or family
  18. Kaya looked at her feet. if she didnt look st the officer in the eyes then she wouldnt have to lie. she would ask him about her father if she didnt look in his eyes. Kaya can not lie. "what is your name child" the officer said to Kaya. she looked at Daisy and had the most frightning look on her face 'should i tell him. what if he tells hitler my name and Hitler remembers me?' Kaya thought to herself while looking at Daisy hoping she would say somthing back to her. but she knew Daisy couldnt hear her. the officer yeld "ACHTUNG!" Kaya jumped and stuttered " name is Kaya sir" he stoped for a moment... "Kaya? what an unusual name for a Jew.... you are a Jew arnt you" "you brought me here..... i guess im a jew. imonly 10. im sorry sir i dont know" "and your friend?" the officer said in a sarcastic voice. "oh her name is Daisy...."
  19. Daisy froze. 'no Kaya your name is 79.' The officer looked at Daisy. "what is your name Jew!?" daisy looked at the man's eye's they were filled with anger and dominance. "123, sir." The officer smiled and then struck Kaya across the face. "your name Jewish girl is 79! Remember it, like your friend here, she knows her's now...REMEMBER YOUR'S" The officer dismissed them and walked out of the shack. Daisy looked down at Kaya, tears streaming from her face. "are you okay? I know you aren't but I don't know what else to say, here I can fix your teddy." Daisy grabbed her torn apart teddy bear and pulled a needle and thread from her previous outfit and sowed the head back on the bear. "here." Daisy gave the teddy to Kaya and sat in the bed.
  20. "yeah ill be fine Daisy thank you for fixing Rupert. why did you call him teddy i told you his name befor silly'' she rubbed her face. "it seems like they like to hit me on my left cheek haha im just folling around" she said as she looked into a window witch gave her some sort of reflection. "im begining to bruse Daisy dose it look bad?" she asked as she landed on the bed.