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  1. So I am on the second to last book of a series called the Walker Saga. In short its about 7 girls who are half walker and half of a different race of people who are out to stop the Seventine. The Seventine and the Original Walkers were not enemies at first but something changed in the Seventine and it took all of the original walkers to seal them away in a mountain and in this seal the original seven were sacrificed to contain their brothers.
    So my idea it to take the Original 7 walkers back but there are girls while the Seventine are the males. The clans are as followed:
    Doreen the Red Lace Markings.
    Gai the white circles and spots
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Abernath has black tribal[/BCOLOR]
    Relli have gray swirls
    Kaos have brown stripes
    Laos have golden sunbeams
    Whar they have Indigo square spirals
    Now I already have a claim in the Doreen clan or the Abernath clan, they have the following major element power.
    Doreen-The conduit
    Gai- Shadows
    Abernath- Water
    Kaos- Spirit
    Laos- Fire
    Whar- Earth
    Now the conduit connects to the others and forms a bond that strengthens and amplifies their powers and abilities. My idea to show the decent the seventine took into madness and what caused them to be locked away until Abby and her friends. I am just having a hard time hammering out the kinks.

    So here is this that I found:
    Our story has been passed through time. It is said that millions of years ago there was an area in space which was devoid of sentient life forms. It was the ultimate black void, encompassing the size of a thousand star systems. The gods looked upon this and thought it was a waste, so they decided to combine two of the most powerful mineral elements they could find and create life. The collision between the lalunas and moonstale was incredibly intense. Beyond anything the Gods had expected. From this ricocheting of power, beams of energy were released. First came the original Walkers – seven of them – perfect and powerful. They would be the leaders. The ones to bring intelligence to the worlds, to maintain order and to keep the balance. They each held elemental power and needed the other to be a complete circle.
    Then the universe ensured that there was a system to keep them in balance, so the Seventine came next. And for a time the fourteen of these powerful beings coexisted, peaceful, prosperous and powerful. The first world to form was in fact called First World, and it would be the mother planet to all others created in this range of star systems. The inhabitants of First World would be the wisest and most benevolent of beings, and from this energy six other planets would eventually emerge. At first everything went according to the plan of the Gods. The seven original Walkers formed an alliance with the Seventine, and they all worked together to influence the tides of change across the seven worlds. They balanced good and evil, both sides possessing foresight and a maturity which was lacking in the newly formed inhabitants of the worlds.

    But, as always, all things will change and over time a thread of arrogance grew in the fourteen original powers. They became obsessed with power, controlling not only their Walker clans, but also the inhabitants of the seven worlds. They believed themselves to be Gods, that they knew better, and that free will should no longer be trusted to such primitive species. But they were not Gods and in fact they still had to answer to the Gods, who were growing frustrated with the mess the Walkers were creating. However, the Gods had not realized that the fourteen had grown much too powerful. They could not be defeated or destroyed. So the Gods planted the first seeds of mistrust between the Seventine and the originals. Pitting them against each other. Fighting between brother and friend. In the end, the originals took the steps to lock away the Seventine, and in doing so lost themselves. The worlds have never recovered from their loss of leadership.

    Darkness was all too prevalent. The Gods waited, biding their time for the moment when they could bring back the originals. And they hoped this time they had the strength of will and character to not falter under their burden, to not crave that which was not theirs to crave. They needed the perfect blend of races and power. The Walker side made them strong and their other half kept them grounded. They had been waiting for the half-Walker females. They are the last attempt to save the star system. Should they not succeed then all will be lost. All worlds will be destroyed. There will be no free energy for anything to be reborn. The Gods will wash their hands of these worlds. No second chances …​
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  2. I am curious, I do like the idea. How much of the book does one need to know in order to participate well?

    Also, if I can, I'd like to help you hammer the kinks out through discussion.
  3. Well if you don't know much I can try my best to explain the lore and such of the races involving the walkers and seventine. I would love to see someone else that has read the books to but if you haven't that is cool too....
    Also @Scorpio Queen @IceQueen @Gorgeous♠Chaos @Sav
  4. I have not read the books, barely heard of them, but I would be interested in joining.
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  5. yeah never read the books but it be interesting
  6. To weird... My sister just gave me the first book in this series for Christmas saying she adored the series as a bookworm.. I will give it a go if you will have me.
  7. Ah! I see~ I will see if I can't glean some knowledge through some internet research as well. It sounds like a fascinating concept irregardless!
  8. Shayla reat it trust me it's a really good read!!
  9. I'm glad you all would be interested in joining. I will try to answer any and all questions about it
  10. Already on chapter two and loving it!! ^^
  11. Just wait til you get deeper!!! I read and couldn't stop
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  12. Ughhhh... So much excitement to come!!
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  13. Yesh!!!!!! Omg Yes
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  14. So much awesome reading to be done from what I can so tell! ^^
  15. Abby is so awesome!!
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  16. Updated the top post check it out
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