The Night Class

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  1. (Kind of like Vampire Knight, but only the night class idea)

    (Please wait for approval of character sheets before posting in IC ^^; Send me a visitor message as soon as you post your character :D)

    Galveton Academy.

    Up until now, it's been a regular boarding school.

    But the Dean has a little idea up his sleeve. He's decided to start up something labeled the Night Class. Which is, of course, a night class.

    There's something particular about the students who are being admitted into the night class though. Something that makes them different from the students of the regular classes. Can you guess?

    Each student in the night class, is a vampire.

    But why is the Dean doing this? And why does it seem that since the night class was established, there has been an increase of people in the day class as well?

    Well, for now, I can only answer the second question.

    See, when they heard about this, the vampire hunters also sent their children to Galveton Academy. They say it's to "make sure the vampires don't try anything". But... Is it true, or are the vampire hunters planning something else?


    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human?:
    Anything else?:

    (*Normal humans CAN NOT come into the school "knowing" that vampires are real. The only way they can find out is if a hunter or a vampire tells them)
  2. I haven't done a vampire role play in a while, so why not?

    Charlotte "Char" Arella




    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human?:
    Normal Human

    Char is an extremely outgoing people pleaser. At her private high school, Char had an abundance of friends. She's a social chameleon, able and willing to change her mood and personality for anyone. She is not, however, dishonest or cruel. She hates to see others unhappy, and will do anything do avoid confrontation.

    An only child from a wealthy family, Char is used to being the center of attention. The gilded life doesn't come without its costs, however...

    Anything else?:
    Not that I can think of.​
  3. Name Terry Bonfield

    Age 17(vampire years)

    Gender Female

    Appearance [​IMG]

    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human? Vampire

    Personality She's not very nice to humans, but then again, she hardly mingles with them. Though, she is nice to the ones she wants blood from. She likes the scene-ish styles and acts a lot younger than she actually is.

    (To be continued :P)
  4. Name: Jack Venari
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human?: Vampire Hunter
    History: When Jack was thirteen vampires killed his father and older brother: his father was an ex-hunter, well known for always catching and killing his 'prey.' Because of this he was considered a danger by some vampires and others held deep grudges. Because Jack doesn't know who killed him- his father had many enemies. Jack's brother, however was innocent, he was schizophrenic and hadn't even been told vampires existed because he already imagined a world where monsters were trying to kill him. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of their deaths, not to mention hoe horrific they were, Jack wants to find the vampire/s responsible and so does his mother, which is why she sent him to the school. They both want revenge.
    Anything else?: (Are weopans allowed? Like guns or stakes?)


    Name: Ireland Frost
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (Will add pic in) She wears a black leather jacket, combat boots and turquoise skinny jeans as well as a multi-coloured tie-dye tank top.
    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human?: Vampire
    Personality: Ireland is very colourful, literally. She loves colour, be it yellow or red, blue or green and you can often tell by the way she dresses in colourful clothes and dyes her hair with multi-coloured streaks. Maybe this love of colour reflects her cheerful personality, completely the opposite of what is now as the stereotypical vampire personality of dark and broody. She loves everyone- as long as they're not utter asses- and is especially fascinated by humans. (She doesn't hold a grudge against them as humans helped save her family when they were being hunted when she was a baby.) Some might call her fascination with humans creepy but she doesn't care, being someone who speaks her mind.
    History: Ireland comes from a common vampire family of no real political power but a fair amount of wealth. She lives with her mum and dad ans two younger sisters, one three and one five. She also has an older brother but he left several years ago and not much is really heard of him now. Ireland has never had the chance to properly mix with humans before and looks forwards to seeing what they are actually like.
    Anything else: N/A

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  6. See a night class esque RP

    Immediate join xD

    Name: Anna
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: girl for rp 4.jpg
    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human?: Human
    Personality: Quiet, Curious, Shy, Quick on her feet, Kind,
    History: Anna has been known to get into things she shouldn't, whether it on purpose or by accident. This is her second year on the Day Class side of the school. She is the go-to person if you need advice on what to say. For example, if you needed to know what you could say to a friend-in-need, Anna can give good advice.
    Anything else?: Nope o3o
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  9. Name: Prospero "Perry" Samhane
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: glasses_by_89g.png
    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human?: Vampire Hunter
    Personality: Serious, intelligent, nerdish, snarky, irritable, mildly sociable.
    History: The well-known and flamboyant Samhane family has hunted vampires for centuries. Their name is fairly well known in the vampire-hunting world. They even hold banquets at their estate, primarily for bragging. Perry is one of six children in this wealthy family but the only one eligible to go to Galveton. He isn't as interested in vampire hunting as his family would like him to be, but then, he's never quite fit in with his theatrical, high-spirited kin anyway. He heard Galveton had a nice library and that seemed as good a reason to go as any.
    Anything else?: Not particularly, no.
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  11. Name: Eden Letta

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: I'm not sure the picture will load >.< but, if it doesn't work, my appearance is my avatar. :3

    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/Normal human: She is a normal human, but people have accused her of being otherwise. So, she has doubts herself...

    Personality: Eden has a very passive personality and her actions tend to be submissive rather than agressive. She's never been around a large amount of people at once before, so this environment may be slightly overwhelming to her.

    History: Her parents abandoned her when she was 4 years old. They couldn't take anymore people accusing them of being the parent of a supposed "child of the night". They told her to walk down the street alone... she did. She turned, and they were no where to be found. She was picked up, and shipped from facility to facility... each facility was full of people that were bent-set with their assumption that she was in fact not normal. But she escaped, and knew that if she wanted to get anywhere, she would need an education. So, she enrolled at multiple schools. This was the only one that accepted.
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  13. Not really sure how all this works, hope I can just post this bio and it'll be okay to jump in? I'm reading up on what's happened in the IC thread so far.


    Name: Sasha Tobin
    Age: 15, Sophomore
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Entirely non-threatening. Some might even call her frail. She's a bit of a girly-girl, but she's afraid to show it. Her eyes are brown and soft. Her hair is light brown and straight, and reaches the top of her shoulder. Her skin is darker than most, a dusty brown color.
    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human?: Vampire Hunter
    Personality: Her defining characteristic is probably that she has very little confidence when it comes to doing anything that involves skill or talent. She's care free and talkative, but that might be because she thinks she'll never be good at anything, so why bother caring.
    History: Her mother and father were hunters. In fact, her older brother and sister also became hunters. Sasha was always the baby of the family, but that's probably because her brother is 10 years older than she is, and her sister is 13 years older. She's heard all their stories, but she herself has not made a kill. So she has the theory down pat, but when it comes down to it, she's not much of a hunter. Her family isn't a well known name, but that's the way they like to keep it. They'd rather make many small kills than become the target after having made a big kill.


    Name: Kevin Conway
    Age: 17, Senior
    Appearance: Thick, curly brown hair, and blue eyes. He's got a long face and a long body.
    Personality: He's top of his classes, and he knows it. He's super competitive, and isn't afraid to take a challenge. Well, intellectually at least. He's a little rash, and for all his smarts, he just isn't wise. For the most part, though, he's well-meaning, even if he sometimes comes off a bit snobby.
    Vampire/Vampire Hunter/*Normal Human?: Normal Human
    History: He's unhappy about this Night Class. It's a whole host of people that he hasn't been able to compare himself to academically. He's a little insecure about it, but at the same time, he believes he is smarter. He hopes.
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  17. Name: Krieg Von Richenstein, otherwise known as "The Delinquent King" on the streets.





    Species: Normal Human

    Krieg earned his place at the top of the food chain amongst young delinquents, and in some cases even adults by not being a short-tempered person. He isn't one to jump into a fight immediately, preferring to weigh his chances first. He isn't one whose pride would be his downfall - If he knows that he needs to walk away, or run, he will do so. However, that is not to say that he has no pride at all. If you were to insult Krieg he would stand up for himself, and if he was protecting something (rarely) he would fight to the very end for it. Secretly Krieg fears the future. He knows that no one can stay a delinquent like him forever. All he does is smoke and fight. He doesn't rob or steal or take part in any organized crime. That is the reason why lately he has been staying back in school, studying in a secluded corner of the library. He knows he won't become the top scholar, but at least he could get himself on to college and see where it goes from there.

    Krieg's entry into the world of the gangsters was not an intentional one. When he was a kid, his parents were constantly working - In turn they neglected him. Seeking company, he spent more and more time on the streets. While on the streets, Krieg had his first fight at the age of eight defending one of his friends. Due to the way the streets worked - Everyone was connected, Krieg found himself in more and more fights and he also realised that he was GOOD at it. There was something about the fights that got Krieg worked up. This was how his rise began. Wherever he went, he was challenged and he beat his challengers. The more people he beat, the more people wanted to fight him, and the more enemies he made. Many people fear, hate him.

    Anything else?:
    Krieg acts like he doesn't care, he doesn't listen in class but he actually does. Recently Krieg has started handing up homework, though anonymously. Some of the teachers got the hint and guessed it and they leave it marked with comments in his locker. Krieg is a very good fighter and he is a man of monstrous will and physique, too. Although he doesn't follow any particular fighting style, having brawled his entire life he has incorporated various fighting styles from his opponents into his fights, be it kicks, punches, throws or locks.
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