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  1. "Jeez. I got lost..." He groaned and looked up at the little space in the treetops, the moon spilled it's radiant glory onto the forest floor. He sighed, and sat down on a tree stump. "What do I do...." He puts his head in his hands and tried to contemplate a plan to get out of the forest. He thought it would have cut the time of walking from his home to his workplace down to a mere twenty minutes. But the poor things was lost in there for over an hour already. "I'm the dumbest person ever...and I'll be late for work too..."
  2. The fair night of Elndale woods echoed a gentle breeze that rustled the leaves and toyed with the spilling moonlight, creating a ghostly and luminous sway of light. It was one of the good nights, one of the most beautiful. All animals were safe, burrowing comfortably in their own nests, caves or holes. Usually they'd be sleeping, or, being nocturnal, some would set out for their nightly hunts.

    But this night, it seemed not.

    Kildowin stalked upon his stag, arrow in hand, bow in the other, viewing the scenery with suspicion. Something had awoken most creatures, squirrels scuttling to further trees and does and their young flitting away in a state of panic. Usually he'd take this opportunity, stake one with an arrow, drag it back to the city walls and maybe to the castle (if he felt like it), but not tonight. Kildowin the elf was curious.

    "What do I do...?"

    The tall, graceful elf heard the voice, and directed his stag towards the sound, entering a clearing. His light brown eyes widened in surprise. What a curious specimen.

    "I'm the dumbest person ever... And I'll be late for work..."

    This elf had never seen such a curiously dressed young looking man. He mustn't be a man, Kildowin thought, he looked very small. Perhaps a youngling bursting on the age of manhood? Either way, he had to address this person. He sat upon property in the Elndale woods, and looked unlike any human, elf or sprite that lay in the land. Perhaps a foreign enemy?

    He sneered, "And who exactly are you?"
  3. Aaron stuffed his small hands into the pockets of the white lab coat he was wearing for work. His occupation? Pharmacist. And being one at such a young age, really would surprise anyone. He sighed, and pushed up his black wide rim glasses that hid clear white orbs. "Why didn't I think of that? I could use the stars to get me out of here." He suddenly jumped at someone's voice, asking who he was in such a direct manner. He turned quickly and stared at the elf. "He looks like someone in mmorpg games. Maybe he's having g a live action roleplay? And I came in her by accident. Ah! I'm such klutz." He thought before standing up "M-My name is Aaron. I-I got lost in these woods. I-I'm terribly sorry if I-I'm intruding on something." He apologized.
  4. "Aaron?" Kildowin echoed the name, curiously. Such a strange name, perhaps it was something ancient, from some human land far ... far away. Ah, yes, he said he was lost. Perhaps he had business with that blasted 'beloved' king of his, and had journeyed all the way to this land, and, ashe said, became lost.

    But even knowing this boy was 'lost', still made him quite ...bemused. "Well, 'Aaron', you have intruded on 'something'. You've intruded this forest, intruded on this fine night," Kildowin outlined each word with annoyance, "intruded on my hunt. I say, not only have you intruded, you've wasted my time. And, my time is dear." He slung the arrow around his torso before shoving his arrow back in the leather container hanging on his sleek and long back.

    Of course he was not meant to be so impatient- for elves were meant to be very calm and careful creatures when compared to those of lesser breeding- such as humans. But this had been such a fine night to begin with. And, he was about to become even more sharper with his tongue, to snap and ridicule, but looking upon those lost eyes, he sighed, and calmed himself. "...Forgive me, human. Perhaps I could help you find your way home. Tell me, where are you from? Or..." Looking upon those white robes and those strangely framed things coating his very curiously (and hard to deny, beautiful) white eyes, Kildowin cocked his head gracefully to the side, "Where are you travelling to?"

    He couldn't say the young one held any threat. There was no outline of weapons hidden or over his strange garb, nor could their be any physical danger- this boy, was, dare say, a very non-threatening appearing human. Without a stumble or a trip, he climbed off of his antlered stag, walking towards the human with a straight mouth. "Is there any way, perhaps, that I could help?"

    (Is he wearing those sunglasses blind people wear, or just normal reading/looking glasses?)
  5. (Normal looking glasses. He's often mistaken for being blind.)

    Aaron flinched at every word he said about him being an intruder in the forest and how he wasted the elf's precious time. He bit his lip and stopped himself from breaking down and crying. "I-I'm sorry..." He only managed a little whisper as he stared at his shoes. I'm sorry for coming this way. I-I won't come here again. There you go again Aaron. You keep on angering people with your foolishness and your clumisness. But when he was asked where he was traveling to, and where he had come from. "I-I'm from...Brooklyn." He managed, it almost sounded like a little whimper. He slightly backed away as he advanced and puts his hands on his chest. "I-I just n-need to find m-my way o-out of here."
  6. The sight of the sadness was unsettling, in the least. Kildowin had never made anyone feel in such a way- or perhaps he had, but no one had ever visibly shown such heart ache. The elf paused, watching the human- for he seemed definitely of the human race- and decided to stay his ground. There was no point in terrifying the already terrified male. Stilling himself, staying as still and as graceful as a statue, he stared down at the human.

    "I'm from... Brooklyn." Kildowin laid those sharp eyes upon the whimpering boy, and quirked his eyebrows in utter disdain. Although he'd studied the maps of the world- the countries that were known, that is- he had never ever heard of Brooklyn. The name brought images of beautiful forests, though, and loving seasons and rushing rivers and lakes. It sounded, for a fact, like it were named after a babbling 'brook' of clear water. But not once had he ever heard of such a place. Perhaps this child belonged to a diplomat from a far off land that was coming for a visit. He must have been separated from his family. "I-I just n-need to find m-my way o-out of here.."

    It shamed Kildowin to no end when he realised the quivering voice, the fear and the deep shame had bee his fault. Very gently, the elf buried his slender hand deep into the pockets of his cape, and pulled out a silken handkerchief, before he extended his long arm, standing quite still, and sharing a gentle smile, as if silently offering the small square of fabric.

    He was not the enemy, and he didn't want to beseen in such a way. "Aaron of Brooklyn, I sincerely apologise. It seems I have laid upon you a harsh judgement. Forgive me, and perhaps grace me with a smile?" A small voice in th back of his head had forced him to ask for that smile. Although the boy dressed very strangely, Kildowin's sharp eyes could not ignore the gentle and tender features of the boy. It was an innocent request though.

    "Unfortunately..." He began, "I am unaware of a 'Brooklyn', young Aaron... But perhaps I could help in another way."
  7. He noticed how the elf paused midway. He looked up at him after staring at his shoes for so long and was offered a handkerchief, a smile now adorning his face. He blinked surprised, and gently took it out of his hand. "Th-Thank you." He said softly, the corners of his lips began to curl up. Aaron turned the piece of silky cloth and looked back up at him. "B-Brooklyn...can you tell me...what world this is?" He grew nervous, is this not earth? Or rather...Brooklyn?
  8. Kildowin pulled away, pleased to see the smile, and the handkerchief in the hands of the boy, "Keep it- there is no other way to express my shame of snapping towards you..." This young human was a very strange, but very ... pretty... looking one. He straightened up as well as he could to seem as tall as he possibly could look. He sighed, "What world? My, you have such strange questions... This world has many names, in the Elven language of my forest far off, we call it 'Mindenwhe'- a rather beautiful name if you ask me," He proudly murmured, before looked at the Human features of Aaron.

    He was not used to speaking to a human- he could hardly bear talking to the King or those stewards that constantly followed him around. But seeing the opportunity to teach this human, who seemed to have never SEEN an ELF, never SEEN this land, WORE such strange clothes, he could hardly contain his pride to smother this Aaron with the beautiful knowledge of his Elven ancestry. But, he remembered that this wasn't an elf. Just a human. "But to you humans, who rule over this land," He bitterly sighed, "It is called 'Russon'. How can you not know this?" Kildowin raised his eyebrows.

    ...He didn't know how to help this outlandish human. And, regretfully, he did know who COULD probably help. Of course, his elven folk MIGHT have known what to do, bt they were far away, a three days journey from this forest. But, there was a place closer that may know. "...Human, I am unable to help. But I do know who can."

    Very swiftly and without any falter in his step, he climbed upon his stag and gently stroked the animal, before it stepped towards Aaron without fear. The Elf looked very serious. "Just a quick ride across the forest is a castle belonging to the king. He has a court full of wizards, fairies and sprites, and a library filled with books. I'm only supposing that he may be able to help." He extended a helpful arm down, "Will you come with me?"
  9. Aaron listened to what the elf was saying. Mindenwhe...or rather..Russon...he knew he was in a different world. But honestly, he wasn't all that scared. Or panicky for the matter of fact, like those people in movies. He remembered one time, he stumbled into a lone mansion in Russia. And heard terrible screams coming from it. It must have been a dream right? But that was no time to think about it. "I'm sorry..I-I'm form a different land. Th-That's why I didn't know about this place. He looked up at him when he said he couldn't help, but knew somone who could, he took his hand. "I'll go with you." He smiled softly and got onto the Stag. "A-A king? O-Oh my. I don't think I-I'm properly dressed to meet him." He fretted. "I'm thankful you are help me."
  10. Another land? The elf's mind ingested the information swiftly. It wouldn't be from this land. No- not even from another country, Mindenwhe held no place for such fashion, or such an ignorant human. It may sound... strange... But it may just be that he is from another place, a place of strangeness... A place where there may be no elves, or orcs, goblins, sprites or nymphs... A place far of from Mindenwhe... The noble elf looked down at the young Aaron pressed against his front, safely placed there.

    That blasted king will be blessed to see such a wonder! ...And not only that, but a beauty.

    Never had Kildowin met such a human- even excluding the strange fashion he adorned. And he was very brave, Kildowin knew many elves and all other lesser creatures would have been truly dizzy, panicked and troubled at the knowledge. "Oh," A grimace graced Kildowin's lovely face, "...Trust me, that king deserves no formalities. Your plain garments are, and I say this honestly, far too much for him." It was far too plain to see, tha the wasn't exactly fond of the king in question. But, with a sigh, he gave a soft look towards the human, "You're very welcome. I must say... T'was lucky I had been hunting this night."

    With a small flick of his right toes, Kildowin guided the stag to swiftly twist around, and begin his long strides out of the forest. He needed no support, no reigns, no saddle- as per usual with elves, their bodies were well balanced and able to withstand gravity's strong pull.

    ...It was very lucky... He eagerly thought.
  11. " it alright that I...puts my arms around you? I-I don't..w-want to fall." He stuttered and blushed st the same time. Then, his mind shifted to the king. He isn't so fond of the king? Is it perhaps that, the king is a tyrant of this land? is best to not judge someone before one has met them. But I can't help but try and i imagine him... Suddenly, he remembered. He was riding on a stag. A stag...This is so cool...I guess I never realized small pretty things here, since I was so surprised by Kildowin. He smiled softly and looked at the scenery.
  12. The elf sent a gentle smile towards Aaron, the hair whipping through his long, soft hair. "Of course." Usually Elves weren't fond of such attention, but, thinking of the boy, he didn't truly mind. He was beautiful, and did seem quite kind to one that wasn't his own species. "Hold tight!" The Stag hurried its legs, and on instinct, and realising his- not HIS, THIS- human was frightened of falling off, he wrapped one long arm around him.

    The scenery passed by quickly. Out of the forest of tall oaks and maples, of green grass and flowers, there was the grassy plains of sloping ground. Long ago there had been villages resting there, using the plains fresh grass for cattle grazing and flax growing, but raids from bandits had caused the villages to slowly die off and fall to the ground, forever buried beneath soil.

    "The castle is close by- You can see it over there, it's sculpted into the mountain side!" He pointed at a tall, rocky, black castle buried against the rocky cliff. There were dim lights erupting from the windows, and tall walls surrounding the city below the palace. It would usually terrify any enemies from attacking, and all the high walls protecting the city were covered with guards.

    It was heavily fortified. Kildowin hated the very sight of it, "Have you ever seen such a building before?" He spoke above the whistling wind that bashd against them.
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    Aaron watched the castle come into veiw. I-It's beautiful. "N-No..I have never seen..such a beautiful castle." He stared in awe at the massive building. It's a black castle...which usually means something bad is in there. Or perhaps, it is the mmorpg games i have been playing that has infuelnced my mind. He rubbed his head and suddenly realized something. He didn't remember anything, besides his knowledge of his name, his occupation, his age, birthday, and where he lived. This is bad... He tried to remember, recover all his lost memories but it only caused his head to throb and hurt. He closed his eyes, and hugged the elf tighter. The pain was excruciating.
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    Many times in his long, long life, Kildowin would sneer at the castle, but not today. How could Aaron call it beautiful? Of course him being a human warranted such a reply, but Kildowin slightly hoped he'd hate it. But, what could he expect? He couldn't refute the fact that it was a very beautiful, yet sinister castle. And why did he care? Why was he caring this much about what a simple, simple -yet pretty, how could he ignore the fact he WAS pretty! Oh, Kildowin, shut up!- boy!

    A human!

    A child!

    His long, long hair whipped around wildly, and the legs of the stag pumped wildly, each one of it's long strides remaining a pattern of 'kathump, kathump, kathump,'- it was something that captivated Kildowin. Guard towers and the gates towards the long walls became visible, and he was about to create a snide comment about them for Aaron, but he paused, feeling the tightening hold. "...What...?" He whispered to himself. The hold around his lithe waist became quite tight. He grunted slightly, "Aaron of Brooklyn?" Surely the speed they were travelling at wasn't too quick. "Are you alright?" He asked, masking the concern with a straight face.
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    Aaron was suddenly snapped out from his thoughts and blushed. "S-Sorry Kildowin.." He apologized and loosened his hold. "I-I'm fine. Really." Aaron, you're terrible. The throbbing pain in his head started to subside as they neared the castle. It seems that Kildowin doesn't like the castle...I wonder why... He asked himself and tried not to think about his amnesia. The stag stopped in front of the gate, and the two guards at the gate, crossed their spears and stepped forward. "Halt. Who goes there."
  16. Kildowin gave a worried glance towards the young human, masked with total indifference, before he glared towards the guards. "Do you not recognise me?" He cussed underneath his breath in his native language, before clarifying, "I am the elf- Kildowin- the very one who crosses through the gates once a week. How could you forget...?" How could you forget someone such as I...? Because Kildowin was an expediential beauty, very unforgettable.

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    The guards stumbled slightly, "A-Ah, yes- Elf- Elf- K-Kildowin!" One stumbled on his words, straightening his back and tightening his straight, routine hold on his thick wooden shield and long, sharp spear. "Forgive us, we were only recently put on this post..."

    But the other guard stood, his metal helmet on the ground by his feet and his face brandishing a clear sneer of disgust. Though, when Kildowin's own sharp, cat-like eyes assessed the fa├žade, he paid no heed. Pathetic human... So hateful of Superior creatures. "You shall be forgiven." He muttered, "Now- I request you let us through-"

    "Us?" Harshly muttered the second guard. He tugged out sword, the sharp metallic sound of an unsheathed blade ringing in the air. Those eyes looked very suspicious, hatefully looking from Kildowin to the strangely dressed Aaron. "And who may 'US' be, scum Elf!"

    It must be known beforehand that Kildowin HATED humans for a reason! Of course, there was one or two that seemed fine, but all others he could do without. Due to past wars and a great misunderstanding, there were huge hateful opinions between the two species. "Calm down, Johan..." Mumbled the first guard, "Put your damned sword away."

    "No- No! If he attempts to smuggle in any elf friends, Feinrick, we're all going to face the perversion of their kind!"

    Kildowin took in a deep sigh, "If I may interrupt, I sincerely tell you this; I ride with a human, not an elf. And, with faith in the King's interests, I sincerely hope you'd let us pass."
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    Aaron loooked between the guards and Kildowin. Oh no. He's not being allowed to go in because of me. I'm such a burden. He scolded himself. Wh-What do I do? He hesitated, and slowly slid down the Stag and walked up to the guards. "P-Please, kind sirs, let us through. I-I promise I want to meet the king for his help. I-I don't wish to harm or deceive the king." The guards looked at one another, surprised by his pleade. Feinrick cleared his throat. "V-Very well. You may pass." Rhey uncrossed their spears and moved aside. "We apologize for holding you up." Aaron smiled softly "Thank you." He climbed back on the Stag.
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    As soon as the boy slipped off of the Stag and approached those tall, well armoured guards, Kildowin hissed out in panic, reaching out to grab the young one and pull him back. "Eilmein...(Human!)" He muttered this angrily, unable to grab him, no matter how long his arms were.

    "Please, kind sirs, let us through. I-I promise I want to meet the king for his help. I-I don't wish to harm or deceive the king..." Would they trust him? Even though he was very lovely, seemingly very kind and looked very trustworthy even in his strange garb, Kildowin was slightly stressed they'd (well, atleast Feinrick) would attack him. He attempted to plan how to act if anything happened...

    H could simply pull out his bow and arrow, shoot them both swiftly if they swung their heavy weapons up in the air- but if they lunged at the boy, he could simply throw his daggers... Or lunge at them, shoving them to the ground, before grabbing that boy and running- Or, more efficienly, he could swing his stag to suddenly impale both their throats or heads with those antlers- yes, that was perhaps the most efficient way.

    The elf nodded, determined- until ... "V-Very well. You may pass." When they stepped aside, and the harsh human murmured, "Weapologise forholding you up..." Kildowin looked just slightly surprised. This human was so peaceful. ...Yet he knew the only reason they'd let them pass was because Aaron WAS a human, he WAS their kind- and it helped he was pretty.

    But the fact he'd actually, literally, climbed down and helped him... It was kind. And perhaps he had't meant to help Kildowin in anyway, perhaps he wanted to get through and simply spoke to the guards so he could simply get himself through. But it touched the elf anyhow.

    Never in his life had a human expressed such kindness and selflessness towards Kildowin. Of course there would be the ocassional act of kindness, but this overrode every fleeting smile a human gave him, every flirtatious touch he'd received from the simple creatures, every small child staring up at him in amazement instead of fear or disgust. This was ... He straightened his back, and placed a possessive hand against Aaron's waist, "...Thank you."

    The elegant stag huffed a heavy breath, causing Feinrick to jump slightly. Kildowin spitefully smirked, "Relax, it shan't hurt you- Don't look so frightened."

    Of course he enjoyed humiliating men. It was simple, fun. He, of course, never did it to the innocent ones who gave him no reasn to do so (or so he thought!), though he found it quite an enjoyable sport. The ego of man was so easy to knock aside. Though, with a visibly displeased face, he thought about that damned king. That ... KING (BAH! A man wearing a crown, simply!) had the ego of a dragon, one that refused te be scathed by his comments (whether they were weak ones, or the harshest he could muster without facing prosecution).

    He stroked the sides of the animal with his boots, and it launched forward with a very comfortable pace, passing through the large gates that loomed above animal, human and elf threateningly. The moment the castle's city began to form, large and tall walls were forced up, surrounding the people with much needed protection from the outside threats. But it looked cruel, it looked mean.

    Personally... The elf despised them. They held all inhabitants within the small city captive. It was such a small illusion of safety! And it was very, very ugly. He desired at times such as this the familiar woodlands of his Elven families.

    "...Aaron," Kildowin sighed, attempting to hide his nightly melancholy. He meant not to seem so pathetic, but he could hardly hold in that sadness, feeling it infect his own expression. "You are very brave. I was quite sure that... Feinrick would hurt you." With a small sigh, he continued into the city.

    The familiar sight of torches stuck into the ground, the cobbled roads, the tall and kind homes stacked loosely together, and even the sight of smiling and talkin people seemed cruel to Kildowin. Oh, how he longed for his kin. How he longed for the forests, the water, the silks, and loving, sophisticated talk of his people. The social city as still at full buzz at this late time of the night.
  19. Aaron smiled softly and then blushed when he felt his arm slither around his waist."K-Kildowin?" The stag lurched forward and they were off to see the king. He listened to him, of how he was brave. "B-Brave? I am hardly ever." He blushed and stared down at his hands and then up. the people of the kingdom whispered something to each other, gossiping about the twosome who had just arrived. "What a strange white garment he is wearing." "What is that human doing with an Elf?" Aaron blushed and seemed to try and hide. He was relieved when they closed in on the castle, the quicker he could avoid the people.

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  20. "Do not doubt yourself, Aaron. You would never have spoken to those Gunidenwhe men if you had no heart for it." The elf rarely swore, even in his own tongue, but he couldn't help but let the elven swear slip from his sharp lips. But he swore that Aaron was as brave as he were fair. Though, as the stag began to carry them up the slow slope towards the castle, he noticed the happy looks of talking and laughing villagers falter into curious looks.

    He chose to ignore them, and not be bothered. He murmured, "You should ignore them. Such people... Their attention is worthless." He sneered at a passing man.

    The city surrounded the black mountain. The tall, rocky structure had been used thousands, and thousands, of years before as cavernous homes for the dwarves (before humans chased them away), but now it had been transformed into a castle. The castle had steeples and tall towers erupting from the mountain, with windows buried into those manmade towers and into the rocky surface. Although many thought it was a small home for a king, they misinterpreted the fact that rooms had been burrowed deep into the rock, and that the whole of the mountain was used.

    Many dwarves would applaud such fine crafting of stone into the home of a king, but elves despised the look of it. As they approached the castle walls that gave way to the royal courtyards, Kildowin's stag continued onward to the gates. All the elf desired to do was help this human, but he didn't want to look at the king. Though, he knew, even without the child by his side, he would of had to see the king anyhow. By the gate, a flurry of guards stood, viewing everything around them, swords, war axes and spears accessorised their heavy armour. And by the gate, men stood, recognised the elf's beautiful face, and, though they hardly wanted to - and were forced- bowed, before opening the large wooden doors.

    The courtyard was a magnificent thing. Cobbled floors hardly existed, they only laid a path for noble steeds, carriages carrying precious cargo, and for - of course- wondering feet. But wonderful plants adorned this large courtyard. Trees, flowers and vines of all kinds, from the edge of the land, borrowed from the noble gardens of the beautiful fairies, to the other side, where the harsh landscape of the Orcs gave way to the most beautiful of trees.

    Whether they glowed a luminescent blue, or seemed to shine silver or gold in the light of the moon, each and every precious plant was there, placed carefully. This, Kildowin could speak and admit, was the only place of the blasted kingdom he could like. With a lingering stare at the hanging flowers that shone a sharp golden color, he climbed down from his steed. "Aaron, as much as I'd like to, we can not continue on Beln." He motioned to the noble stag, which seemed to understand exactly what was needed. "He should return to the stables. And now we should continue on feet." He sighed. They were close to the door of the castle, so there was no way they could gain tired feet.