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  2. Jo allowed Ryan to lead her to the elevator. She didn't really care since she's gotten used to people dancing around her anyways. Eventually people would get used to having her around. For now, she'd just go with things. As long as people didn't over do it, she didn't really care. Ryan started a tour which made Jo somewhat uncomfortable. The space was so big it seemed endless. While Jo knew it wasn't, standing in the space made her second guess herself. When they got to the main foyer, Jo noticed the other instructor right away. To be honest, she noticed Ms. Armstrong from the other room. there was something about the vibe the instructor gave off that put Jo slightly on edge.

    Ms. Armstrong addressed the two along with the two other girls that joined the 'party'. Jo didn't turn her head towards the other two, but she knew the one was eyeing her. One thing Jo wished she could see was the facial expressions of people. Jo wasn't sure if the girl was just curious or giving her a 'stink eye'. The other girl...she was something interesting. Jo could tell by the way the magnetic fields warped around the other girl that she had some influence over technology or magnets. It was the nature of magnetic fields to be repelled stronger by those who could pull at them. Jo took note of this as she listened to Ms. Armstrong insert herself into the tour

    Jo didn't speak as she stood there somewhat awkwardly. She waited for Ryan to say something. It wasn't that Jo had anything against Ms. Armstrong or the other girls, but Jo wasn't really someone who wanted to be thrown into this thing all at once. Jo liked the idea of taking things slow and meeting people one at a time. Since she couldn't see faces and her powers didn't distinctively mark people (unless their powers gave off a strange signal of sorts), Jo still relied on people's voices to tell them apart. Meeting everyone all at once, Jo was starting to confuse who was who. At least people weren't talking all at the same time.

    Just as Jo was starting to get a vibe for the four people gathered, two more appeared. These two had a scent of sweat on them like they just got out of the gym or something. Usually in these situations, Jo would tune most people out and just focus on one or two, but in this instance she had to pay attention to everyone present. Jo wanted to throw her head back and give a heavy sigh, but restrained herself. She needed to stay on good behavior until she couldn't anymore.

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  3. With the revelation that the Professor could often hear surfaced thoughts Colt tried his utmost best to clear his head in the following moments, if he was going to think on making a quick getaway it would be useless if the Professor could quite capably hear his ideas. The information revealed a weakness of sorts in the professor’s ability though Colt took it more as a strength in the man, making note of it as though he would need to depend on manipulating it to his advantage later on. At least the guy had mentioned not delving deeper without his permission, although Colt had grown up rather pessimistic, wondering how long such a promise would last. As he finished the last bite of his sandwich Colt had unintentionally walked a few steps ahead of the Professor as Charles had stopped, seeming to stare back and forth with a passing officer. Colt instantly recognized the cop from earlier and groaned inwardly though for the most part he watched the silent exchange and realized the Professor was using his warped ability to communicate. It was odd to see such an acceptance of the interaction from the cop and soon enough with the Professor’s comments all became clear. Did this guy actually help people like he had said? And why him?

    Exiting the station was a relief, Colt taking a moment to appreciate the fresh air as he walked with the Professor towards an awaiting car, the white Cadillac contrasted by the giant man in front of it. Jesus Christ this guy ate his vegetables, Colt thought as his eyes met the man who had taken a moment to look Colt over. Colt noted how formidable the guy looked in size, soon introduced to him as Mr Corsi the phys ed teacher. Colt shot a sideways glance to the professor, noting physical education being quite the normal type of school subject though didn’t throw out a useless critical comment. The guy was a New Yorker and no doubt amiable personality wise though Colt flat out refused to shake hands when offered, instead staring the man down until the Professor took Tom’s attention. These people had all arrived undoubtedly at the right moment for him and yet he was doing everything he knew to find the catch. As Tom chastised the professor and helped him into the Cadillac Colt took a few seconds to glance this way and that. Would he just take the chance and run?

    “If you were to leave this cell on your own… just where would you go, Mr. Walker?...I actually think I can help you, Mr. Walker. If you would allow it. Maybe it’s time for you to go into a new direction with your life.”

    The words replayed in his mind as Colt stood outside of the car, amber eyes seeming to blankly stare into the car where Tom had helped the professor. It was true, he had no idea where to go and this guy had given him a semi-solid avenue. As much as he doubted the offer, deep down under all of the distrust Colt had a want of belonging. Tom Corsi had told Colt to get into the car, mentioning Westchester, Colt hesitating for another minute before at last he let out a gruff sigh and moved, slinging the backpack into the car and sliding into the back of the car, shutting the door beside him as he pulled the seat belt across, looking across to the Professor and then back out the window. Quite the adventure? Hell I can always bail if I need he thought, wondering afterwards how big Westchester was. As the car pulled out onto the road Colt tried to settle the unease in his stomach, reefing the packet of crisps from the blue backpack and opening them, shoving a handful into his mouth as he stared out the window.
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  4. Ryan shook his head with a smile, his long brown hair shaking about his shoulders. “Now, don’t you listen to her kids,” he said, sticking his hands into his pockets, “just because my car’s old, doesn’t mean it isn’t capable,” he continued, “Just like-” he was about to say ‘Logan’, a small jab at the regenerating, claw-wielding member of the group, but he stopped when the man in question walked in, “the professor!” He finished, not wanting to make fun of the wolverine when he was within reach of those infamous Adamantium claws.

    “It’s uh, nice to see you too,” Ryan responded, doing his best to hide his well-founded fear of the Canadian. He’d watched that Logan in combat enough to develop a healthy amount of fear for him, in the same way that he had a fear of chainsaws. They always got on well enough, but Ryan couldn’t help but think back to one of his earliest missions, where he’d seen his coworker hold his intestines inside his gut with one hand while fighting off enemies with the other. Seeing that sort of thing tended to foster a sort of apprehension in anyone, and Ryan wasn’t exempt from that.

    “I don’t see why we shouldn’t,” Ryan said, referring to his coworker’s offer to give the tour together. While he could tell that Jo was somewhat uncomfortable, he knew that she’d need to get to know other students, if not make a few friends at some point. He turned to towards the two other students, Laura and Janice, “How are you two doing today?” He asked politely, a wide smile gracing his face. The ginger girl looked familiar, but he couldn’t actually remember if she’d been a student here before today or not. He felt bad, since he was normally pretty good at that sort of thing.

    Looking back over to Amelia, he knew she’d end up chewing him out later, but it showing off to his student would make it worthwhile. “I’m ready to take off on the tour if you are,” he said. Ryan had intended to take things slow, giving the Jo time to acclimate to the strange new environment that was Xavier’s School, but it seemed like that wasn’t in the cards at the moment. Still, he couldn’t exactly just say that. “And you know, we’d all be willing to just walk you up to your room if you’d rather take your tour later, Jo,” he said, wanting to give her the opportunity to back out if she felt she needed to.

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  5. The drive to Westchester, for the most part, was rather uneventful. Rather silent, save for the radio Tom had on. It was a current hits station… and Tom seemed to lip synch every single song that came on. Charles sits quietly, leaning on his elbow on the door. He would watch the passing scenery, but of course every once in a while his gaze would move to the young mutant sitting in their midst. One doesn’t need to be a telepath to see that Colt is skittish in this. Charles knows the young man could flee at any time. But he wouldn’t try to stop him. Oh, he certainly could stop him. But that’s not the right thing to do.

    It’s for Colt now to make the choices in his life. And not to be a victim of the circumstances he finds himself in.

    With a slow breath Charles looks out towards the passing trees along the road once more. But his eyes fall closed just a little as he focuses himself, as he focuses his considerable power. He knows they are close to home. Home… their home. And he hopes a place Colt can be whoever he was truly meant to be. Piotr would suddenly hear Charles’ voice in his mind, a gentle whispering echo… and he would hear it in Russian (A little trick Charles taught himself… tricking the mind into thinking it’s hearing a native language). ~Piotr, forgive the intrusion, please. We’re almost back to the Mansion, Mr. Corsi and I. We’ve brought a prospective new student. One I would like you to share your room with. Please meet us at the front steps. We’re almost to the lane now.~

    Charles then sits up, looking forward out the front windshield as the car slows a little. Perhaps Colt noticed the lack of traffic, for a good 15 minutes or so. The School is situated far from just about anything, which suits the staff and students just fine. They pull up to a large metal gate, the gate itself currently open. On either side of the gate, thick walls of brick. And affixed to one of those walls, a distinct plaque.
    “Colt” Charles starts in a soft tone, his eyes then moving towards Colt. “Everyone within the walls of this school, mutant or no, all want you to succeed. We only want to help you achieve the life you deserve after so long.” He then nods to him, and looks towards the front of the car as they pull in. They drive down a long lane, and in the distance Colt would be able to see the mansion that has become a home and sanctuary for so many. And if he looks to the right of the car, he would see a young girl hanging in the air, watching the car pull up. She is almost 30 feet up, with large wings upon her back that appear to be made out of vines. “And… don’t be shocked by anything you might see. Not everyone’s powers can be as subtle as yours or mine when we choose.” He then sits back in his seat as the car comes to a stop just in front of the school.

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  6. "I'm doing well, sir. I already like my roommate, so that's a good start." Janice looks over at Laura and smiles. "The mansion is cool too. When Logan arrives, she cocks her head to the side slightly and looks between him and Laura. She had mentioned him earlier, but first as 'Weapon X'. And looking at them now, she could see and feel something between them. That thought was broken by his 'evil grin' which almost makes her squeak. Laura hadn't said what subject he taught. Was he the physical education teacher? Was he going to put them through the ringer? Janice hopes not, as her arms and legs already ache in anticipation.

    "N-Nice to meet you all. " She gets a little closer to Laura and smiles at Piotr.

    "How dare you try not to scare the kids right off the bat Mr. Logan." Amelia wags her pointer finger at Logan then also looks between the assembled students with a likewise evil grin "I wanted to scare them first." She then laughs and Janice recoils a little more. At that moment, the Professor's car pulls up front and with a 'whoosh' sound and what feels like a gust of wind she is outside, hands on her hips ready to greet the new student with a smile.

    At the moment Amelia rushes out, Janice makes another squeak of surprise, and again blushes. She trots out the open door more to escape the moment, and comes out behind Amelia. Quite the opposite of the teacher with her small frame, white 'Frankie says Relax' shirt and jeans, and still blushing hoping the others hadn't heard her squeak through the gust of wind. The speed at which Amelia had moved astonishes her, and she looks on her with a look of awe.

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  7. Jo was quick to respond to Ryan, "I'm good for now. I got the rest of the day to relax and get settled. Besides, I just have a backpack." She hoped that this would make her seem less uncomfortable, but she was pretty sure the response just confirmed that she was nervous. Everyone was talking now and there were exchanges that Jo just missed. She wasn't sure whose voice was whose yet. As far as she could tell, the teachers were bickering between themselves, while the tech girl, Janice, was fumbling over her words. Jo hoped that the tour would start already so she could essentially disappear into a room. Thinking back to the boarding school theme, Jo wondered if she'd have a roommate. If so, who? By the looks of it the two smaller girls were already roommates and she doubted she'd be placed with a boy (which to be honest, she didn't care one way or another).

    A car pulled up to the front. Jo felt the pulse of the engine as it pulled into the large 'drive way'. Three more people were on their way in. One was in a chair which gave a soft creek as it moved. Jo turned back to the group and noticed something weird...maybe it was just her senses being overwhelmed, but it appeared that the one called Logan was made of metal. Not like metal screws or anything. It was his entire skeleton. Jo knew she was getting a strange vibe from the man when he walked into the space. The closer she examined Logan the more she realized that this metal wasn't anything that she's ever encountered before. It was dense, an alloy. But this metal was something special. Jo could feel the way the magnetic fields interacted with Logan and the metal was strange.

    Unknowingly, Jo was staring at Logan. Her eyes were blank as she was figuring out if his bones were actual metal or a metal coating or something. This was the first time Jo encountered someone who's entire skeleton was metal. As she stared, Jo realized that the one girl also gave off this strange vibe...just not as strong. She wondered if this was part of their powers or was the metal something artificial. These people were very strange.

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  8. Piotr

    The young Russian notices Janice and Laura of course. He smiles and gives them a conspiratorial wave. Then he tilts his head just before Mrs Armstrong disappears in a puff of smoke. He actually starts a few moments before she does. Ending his short journey long after she does. He waits obediantely on the stairs, his mind full of curiousity.


    The Wolverine casually strolls behind the others standing to one side of the door. He is watching Laura. She seems less I'll at ease than he has seen her in a while. He smiles to himself. A very good sign.

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  9. Laura looks towards Ryan as he now addresses them, and she glances to Janice before looking back up to the man. She doesn’t answer him, she just…stares… up at him. But when Janice says that she likes her roommate, it takes Laura a moment to figure out who she’s talking about. She glances in Janice’s direction with a quizzical gaze. Such a statement shouldn’t strike her as odd… but it does for some reason.

    She looks in the direction of Logan and Piotr as they now approach, her dark eyes locked on Logan himself. She narrows them a little at him when he winks to her, her hands clenching into fists a moment. She gives a quick and discrete glance towards the others, to see if anyone else saw that. To see if anyone saw Logan embarrass her with that little act of kindness. If this were a time when she had just arrived at the school, she might have punched him in the nose for that. It’s almost as bad as people hugging in public. Guh. To her at least, at this moment.

    Everyone around her is talking, interacting with one another. Like a nice little group of acquaintances. But as it usually was, Laura is the quiet one in the room. The one that observes, but doesn’t really want to say anything. Perhaps in an effort to not draw attention to herself. Perhaps in an effort to just melt into the background. Besides, Janice is high strung enough for the both of them.

    Speaking of high strung… Laura’s eyes widen and she just slooooowly looks towards Janice with that squeak. She just stares at her silently… she is a mousy one, isn’t she? Maybe it has to do with Laura being far more accustomed to things around here… you start to grow accustom to people moving quickly around you, or appearing out of nowhere, or giving evil grins. Or having metal skeletons.

    Like some kind of mutie parade, the group moves towards the entrance to the school to follow Amelia. Perhaps to meet the person the professor is bringing. They move along together, but Laura holds back. She watches as they walk, her fingernails digging into the skin of her opposite as she frowns a little. For a moment it almost seems as if she might not, but eventually she moves to join the group.
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  10. The seats of the car were comfortable and much warmer than the floor of the cell Colt had been sitting in that day and a great deal classier than the types of vehicles he had been in at one time or another. Colt finished the packet of crisps rather quickly, shoving the empty packet back into the blue backpack before letting his back rest against the upholstery as he watched the scenery passing them. Out of habit he made sure to know the corners they had turned and memorable landmarks in case he ever needed to reference them. The music broke up the silence of the drive and he was glad that the Professor was not interrogating him with questions or making irrelevant small talk. The city outside slowly faded into smaller suburban houses and eventually houses became more infrequently scattered between green rolling pastures. The roads were longer and far quieter, not at all like the city where Colt had spent most of his life. His mind walked through the last twenty four hours, replaying each moment while he critiqued his own movements to understand just how the professor had arrived at the cell door. The guy seemed to already know an awful lot about him but he had put that down to the fact that Colt had lived in the foster system and there were records on that.

    The car pulled to the right into a driveway road, two large brick pillars holding black iron gates. It looked a hell of a lot more fancier than Colt could have imagined and his eyes scanned over the writing on the plaque before the professor broke the silence and spoke to him. Colt turned to look at the Professor as he made a claim that everyone within the gates wanted him to succeed, whatever that meant. He turned back to look out the window as he contemplated what the professor had said, feeling completely out of his element. He had to admit it was a great relief not to have heard any yelling in the last few hours and how Colt would cope was anyone’s guess.

    The driveway was lengthy, the mansion ahead far greater than Colt had anticipated and he glanced briefly back at the professor before casting his eyes upwards at the flash of the girl flying overhead with raised brows. This place was completely different to the life he knew and not at all in a bad way. He took his time to look over the buildings ahead of the car, the way the garden was magnificently landscaped. “You really sure you want a firebug in this place Professor?” Colt murmured as the car came to a stop outside the large building and Colt soon realized the group of kids and adults standing in a group. He wondered why they were all there, not considering his arrival to be anything wanted purely out of habit. Reluctantly he opened the door, stepping out onto the driveway feeling awkward. He had stuffed the jumper into the blue backpack some time before and so stood without a shirt on, feeling somewhat under dressed in his new environment. He stood just out from where he had exited the car, confronted by the group of people. He didn't know what they knew about him and shoved his hands into his jean pockets as he stared back somewhat defensively.

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  11. Piotr

    The young man stood with the others and watched Professor Xaviers' car pull in. Nervous, he looked back at Logan, who gave him a supportive nod.

    Somewhat emboldened, he moved forward as Colt emerged. Piotr successfully squashed his inner butterflies, putting on a friendly and hopeful smile. He did mentally note the other young man didn't have a shirt though.

    "Greetings, welcome to Xavier's school. I am Piotr. Do not worry ! I have extra shirt if you need ! "

    Piotr extended his hand to Colt in a friendly fashion, grinning wildly. Thinking perhaps there was a chance here for a new friend.

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    Logan was still watching as Piotrs' long legged and purposeful stride carried him towards Chuck's car. Knowing Pete was on the shy side, he suspected Xavier gave the Russian a little nudge. Laura was still making progress too, standing with the group rather than by herself. Another moment passed as Pete took his self appointed duties as school greeter up.

    He sidled quietly up to Ryan and whispered.

    " You go ahead with the tour right, I am going to try to catch Chuck in his office and catch up with the tour later ! I think it would be good for the three of us, maybe with McCoy tah discuss plans for this group. "
  12. The air around Colt was tepid, his body heat radiating from his core which served not only to initiate his pyrokinesis but also to maintain his health. In some forms of light small wisps of vapor could often be seen sweeping off his form though given the time of day it was not as noticeable at present. Amber eyes scanned over the people behind the guy who had approached him before focusing back on the boy, perhaps around his own age although he couldn’t be entirely sure. He was built like a brick shit house and Colt couldn’t help but raise half a smirk at the grin on Piotr’s face as he introduced himself. Again someone was wanting to shake his hand and Colt gave the same response he had with Tom Corsi, his hands left in his pockets as he nodded to Piotr.

    “Right…Hi.” Colt replied as he glanced over Piotr’s shoulder and across the landscape of the place before looking back to Piotr.

    “Colt.” He finally introduced himself though he frowned as he felt the eyes of the others on him.

    “What are you all looking at?!” He called out in a vexed tone, stepping off to the side and walking past Piotr towards the entry of the school building. He had no idea where he was going, nor what he was going to do though in that moment he wanted nothing but to get away from the people staring. His fingers were busily clenching and bending within his pockets with anxiousness, his pace quick with shoulders tensed and weighted.

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  13. Ryan placed his hands on his hips, shaking his head with a sigh, "Come on you two, it's not right to scare them while they're so new. Halloween isn't for months!" He replied, glancing between Logan and Amelia. Personally, he thought that it was important to put out a welcoming aura to students, especially since so many mutants had gone through traumatic events as a result of their powers. Once they knew that the people here didn't have any plans to hurt them, then anything within ordinary bounds was fair game, but it was important to him that any students knew that Xavier's school wasn't like any of the places they'd been before. Places that had neglected, feared, or hated them because of their abilities. Some places were worse than others, and he knew that not all students came from horrific circumstances, but plenty of them did. Sometimes, it lead to serious psychological issues, such as in Laura. He felt absolutely terrible for the girl, who, from what he understood, had been so traumatized by the anti-mutant sentiments of a particular fringe group that she barely spoke. Neither her nor Logan could be considered as talkative people, and Ryan wasn't exactly interested in trying to pry the secrets from either of them.

    In responds to his students, Ryan nodded with a thoughtful frown. "That's good to hear, from both of you," he said taking off his nice blue-grey overcoat off and folding it over one arm. They'd pass his room on the tour, and he'd just toss it in from the doorway so he wouldn't have to wear or carry it the whole time. He worried about Jo a little, noting that her quiet and unobtrusive nature might lead to her being glossed over by the other students in favor of her more...exciting to behold peers. One student had wings, and bright green skin, while two of the X-Men, one of them a teacher were blue and furry. Others were perfectly comfortable with showcasing their abilities to anyone who would see them. Those that weren't were generally exceedingly talkative, typically owing to years of social ostracization finally coming to an end.

    He turned his head to watch as Piotr, giant and muscle bound young man that he was, barreled past him after Amelia, both of them going to meet up with the new arrival. "Well, they're certainly in a hurry," he said quietly. He wondered what all the fuss was about. Maybe there was someone important stopping by, or perhaps it was just the Professor, needing help up the stairs into the front of the mansion...

    Wait a minute.

    In order to get into the front door of X-Mansion, a given person would have to walk up around seven or eight steps. The professor had been in a wheelchair since his mid 20s. Up until he'd founded the school, how the hell had he gotten in and out of his own house? McCoy had lived here longest, out of the other X-Men, Ryan would absolutely have to ask him the next chance he got.

    Wolverine's words snapped him out of his thoughts, back to the present moment. Ryan nodded in response, waving him along, "No problem, I got this," he said, turning back to the students. The moment Colt walked through the door, he clapped his hands together in an attempt to gather the attention of those nearby. "So, let's get started on that tour!" He exclaimed, "You can come too, if you want," he said, turning his head over to the pyrokinetic who had just walked into the mansion.

    Regardless of the mansion's new resident firestarter's answer, Ryan would wheel about on one heel, pointing down a hallway with an over-dramatic flourish. "At the end of this hallway, we'll hit one of the building's many spiral staircases. While the bannisters are in fact strong enough to support your full weight, we've had several students severely injure themselves sliding down them, and I have to request that any of you refrain from doing so, unless you're sufficiently durable as a result of your mutations," he began, gesturing for the students to head up the stairs, "At the top, we'll find some of the interesting stuff, like the various offices/dorm rooms, which we're passing because I want to drop off my coat before we get started for real," he explained, "but, it also gives you guys the chance to find your rooms, along with the second-floor bathrooms in case you've got to use the little mutant's room during the night," he continued with a wide, charming smile. "Once everybody's gotten a good view of the rooms up here, we'll head back downstairs and I'll show you guys the various classrooms, and maybe introduce you to some of those scary 'X-Men' you hear about on TV, if we happen to run across any of them on our little adventure,"
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  14. Janice was about to greet Colt, but his outburst effectively deflates her enthusiasm. She instead looks in his direction, but her eyes are slightly averted. "Hi, I'm Janice…” She introduces herself meekly, walking by him as the tour begins, staying close to Laura. The girl doesn't think she had been staring at Colt, but maybe to him she was? Best to not look directly at him then.

    Amelia, however, does look at Colt directly. Her expression is soft, as she has seen his type before in her life. In another whoosh of movement she is gone, and after a minute returns beside Colt with a plain white -shirt. "Here. We're mutants, not hippies.” And says nothing else as the tour commences until it comes to the dorm rooms. Then Amelia butts in "Speaking of rooms, two things. One, All of our girls are currently doubled up, so Jo, you'll be rooming with Laura and Janice. We'll be bringing up a bunk bed later. And second-” Amelia looks at Colt "You three older boys will also be bunking up. Place is big but between everything needed to make it a school, you run short in space eventually.” She shrugs.

    Janice looks at Jo and, happier now, says “Cool! More the merrier.”

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  15. Professor Charles Xavier

    Tom gets out of the car first after shutting the engine off, and he moves to the trunk as he tosses the keys up and down idly. He looks in the direction of the front steps, seeing something of a small crowd had gathered. Amelia, Ryan, Logan… and some students. Piotr he knows, of course. Laura he knows of, but hasn’t interacted with her much.

    He opens the trunk and gets the wheelchair out, unfolding it as Charles opens his car door. Charles then allows Tom to help him into the wheelchair, and he draws in a slow deep breath as he turns towards his school. He finds himself smiling wistfully with the sight of the gathered teachers and students. He now starts to move towards the school itself, Tom pushing the wheelchair as Charles speaks to Colt. “A firebug? No, Colt. As I said, you are not your powers. I have absolute faith in your abilities to control your gift. I don’t want the firebug here, but I do want you here.”

    As Colt moves, reluctantly, to join the group Tom and Charles move towards the side of the stairs leading into the school. There is a ramp there, one that he can move up. But Henry is working on a better system for this sort of thing.

    The group starts to move off then, and Charles’ voice is heard in Amelia, Ryan and Logan’s minds gently. ~I’m deeply appreciative you three could meet the newer students. Ryan, Amelia, Logan… I wanted you three to me something of mentors to this new group for a reason. Each of you has something unique to offer them. They aren’t going to get along at first, this is going to become evident I think. But in time, I feel you can make them a cohesive group, and a force for good.~

    He smiles a little as he watches the group move off, and he glances back to Tom as now they start to move in the direction of his office. Now his voice is heard softly in Janice, Piotr, Colt, Josephine and Laura’s minds. ~Janice, Josephine, Colt… welcome to our school. Piotr, Laura… thank you for helping to show them around. Please, continue the tour. And later today we will have proper introductions. I’m simply elated to have you all here as part of our community, our little family…~
  16. Laura’s first reaction to Colt is, of course, to go down there and knock him right on his ass. Her eyes narrow at him when he asks what they’re all staring at… if her voice was cooperating and wanted to be heard, she’d comment they’re staring at the guy walking into the school without a shirt like a total dweeb.

    She does stare right at Colt, though. As if to silently inform him that she won’t be intimidated by him. And perhaps to keep his attention on her, instead of (for example) Janice. Who does seem a little intimidated.

    Her gaze lingers on Colt as the group turns, and now she starts to follow the teachers. She doesn’t need this tour, of course. She’s explored much of this mansion, even the areas she isn’t supposed to know about. She likes to get into places she knows she shouldn’t, if only to see if she actually can.

    She doesn’t really like being out of her room like this. Amongst all of these strangers. Her life is... vastly… different than it was a year ago at this time. She stays close to Janice as the group moves, as they follow Ryan through the school. She remembers what Logan told her… she doesn’t have to like people, but she does need to get used to them. To working with them. Her gaze drifts down a little as she absently moves with the group, her mind wandering a little.

    And when Amelia says her name, she is brought back to the present. She looks up towards Amelia, and then she looks towards Janice, and then towards Jo. While Janice seems utterly happy that another girl will be in the room… Laura seems less so. She scowls up at Amelia silently, and then she glances towards Janice and Jo.

    First she was promised vanilla bean to show Janice to the room… and now she’s being told another girl is going to be in her space. And she hasn’t even gotten any ice cream yet!

    What a jip.
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  17. Jo followed the group quietly, being sure to avoid the hotshot who barreled his way through the group. This pyro dude was rather interesting. Colt... Jo took note of his unique magnetic signature. This signature was rather odd because it pushed at the magnetic fields but in a way Jo wasn't used to. She wondered if it had something to do with the fact that fire is sometimes a plasma, which warps magnetic fields. Keeping this to herself, Jo stuck close to Ryan. She wasn't sure what to make of the others yet. The two metal people were oddly quiet, while the techno girl was minding her own B. The arrogant teacher was being a bit overbearing, while Ryan kept his cheery attitude. As for the new comers...the Russian didn't say too much. The wheelchair guy was subdued. The one driving the car along with the metal skeleton followed wheelchair guy.

    Jo sighed to herself as Ryan lead the charge for the tour. Jo knew that the tour wasn't really anything special, but she kept up. Making sure to stay on the outskirts of the group. She didn't know anyone really which made things a bit awkward. She suspected the same with everyone else, but already people were pairing up. Jo felt a bit alone as the group wandered through the mansion. Deciding to keep her backpack with her, Jo follows the group as they continue with the tour. Jo keeps to herself. She doesn't really feel like she fits in at the moment.

    As the tour continued, Jo wondered what roommates would be like. Growing up, she often slept in the same room as her mother, but she's never had to share a room with anyone her age before...Jo didn't exactly like the idea of three to a room, especially since she was skeptical of the one metal girl.
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  18. Piotr

    As Colt went past him, Piotr to his credit, of course, didn't get angry. He thought to himself that this other boy can't have much confidence or many friends. Piotr at home, was well loved, here, not so much. But Piotr was confident, the other kids, like this rude Colt fellow, would come around. So the big Russian boy lets his extended hand drop, looks over at Charles Xavier and shrugs softly with a soft smile. Turning he sees the his little ghost glaring at the boy as he gives his once again rude and defiant statement. Piotr follows Colt at a slight distance, keeping something of a wary eye on the other boy. Some roommate, once again his patience is being tested.

    He leans over to Laura, whispering to her...

    " It's alright Little Ghost, he will come around. They will all come around and know you are special, like I do. "

    Part of his mind thinks of his beloved family back home. The love that he always felt and rather missed now. He believes Laura needs family too, the way he does, perhaps she is simply so wrapped up inside herself that she doesn't realize. He steps in next to the other new girl, Jo as they walk Mr. Stretz's tour. He starts talking quietly to her.

    " Pardon me miss, I am sorry to interrupt your enjoyment of tour. Please accept my welcome to our school. "

    He smiles at her, not yet entirely realizing she doesn't see as other people do.

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  19. As the tour comes to the dorm rooms, they see a thin six foot figure dressed in a black Guns 'N' Roses shirt; jeans with rips in the knees; red and orange roller skates; a hockey goalie mask, and a hockey stick slung over his shoulder. He is in the middle of humming the tune to "I Love Rock 'N' Roll" when he comes out of a dorm room, stops short when he turns and sees the tour group. That is when something else a little peculiar happens: everyone hears a friendly young voice as if it were coming from everywhere.

    "Heyyy! More newbies? Awesome!" The young man skates over to them(the action not emitting any sound that could be heard by anyone with a normal level of hearing) , and in the same manner introduces himself. "Name's Joseph, and I was gonna go show the younger kids how to play hockey, but now...." He pulls up the mask and lets it sit on top of his head, smiling at all assembled, maybe a little less at Amelia. His eyes linger a little on Jo, but move on and when he resumes speaking, the sounds issue from his mouth as normal. "...if we got new people, they can wait a bit."

    He nods at Piotr "Hey Tin Man." He then looks at Colt with a smile "You like top bunk or bottom? Don't matter to me so long as nobody snores or sleeps in the buff." He chuckles. "Well, I think I'll tag along with you all. The kids should be fine without me for now." The teen rolls around the group, and settles aside Jo, whom he grins at "'s Joseph, how about yours? You look like you have a cool name, but no pressure."

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  20. Colt had tried his utmost to ignore any further looks from the people around him, perhaps most perplexed by the way everyone had been rather pleasant. There was a cautious introduction from Janice who had chosen to divert her gaze whilst Laura had stared him down with irritation which was no doubt to be expected given his outburst. It wasn’t as though every previous place he had bunked down in had been outright horrible from the get go, but he could often read people a lot better than he was now. Usually there was an odd vibe about them, some were just way too over the top and nice. But the people around him at the school were offering him genuine warmth and he had absolutely no idea how to handle giving things a decent go straight away. Habitually having defended himself over the years had meant his rough attitude and confrontational posturing protected him both physically and mentally. It was exhausting and yet Colt took the same road he had time and time again, throwing up the barrier of protection until he could get time to think.

    As his old runners hit the floor of the lobby the echo of clapping resounded from Ryan's hands, declaring the commencement of a tour and throwing Colt an open invitation to join them. He had barely begun to open his mouth before another teacher appeared, the rush of air from her arrival pushing past Colt’s frame. She handed him the white shirt which he glanced at before silently accepting. He scanned the lobby as the other students seemed to move inside and after a moment shrugged the shirt on over his head, pulling it on and running a hand through his hair.

    He could hear the professor speaking, still a little freaked out by the man’s ability while Ryan continued to explain things they would encounter along the tour. Colt had half a mind to walk around the building himself but figuring it would be much easier he decided after a while to stick around with the others. Amelia had explained the sleeping arrangements and Colt looked briefly over to note whose name was what. It didn’t surprise him to know he would be in a room with someone else, though he wondered how long that would last. He walked slowly, sure to stand at the back of the group in case he felt the need to go elsewhere, shoving his hands back in his pockets when they progressed down the hall. He noted the décor of the place, figuring there must be a large roster of staff considering how clean it seemed. Perhaps they had the student’s clean as a part of the special type of classes the Professor had spoken of earlier on and Colt raised a smirk at the idea. To hell with that.

    As the group headed up the stairs to the dorm rooms, Colt made the most of being at the back of the group, almost loitering as he took more time to scan the rooms and objects. The last school he had ever seen had been a public school with crappy made class rooms and little government funding. The professor had obviously done well for such a castle like school which only seemed to add to the mystery of it all. It was as the group walked down the hall where the dorm rooms were situated that another student could be observed exiting a room, presumably his bedroom although Colt could not be sure. What he was sure of however was that this student wasn’t precious, he seemed fairly close to the kind of kids he had known on the street in the city. It was in the way the kid was dressed, the jeans and band shirt. What was different this time was that the kid had an ability, the sound of his voice throwing Colt off just a little. He frowned with his own thoughts though as Joseph introduced himself, Colt seemed to shake off the expression and let out a small sigh. He raised a brow at the nickname Joseph gave Piotr before asking if Colt had a preference for top or bottom bunk. He shrugged, glad just to have the option of an actual bed rather than sleeping rough. The added joke seemed to break his demeanor however as Colt let out a small chuckle, the corner of his lip turning upwards.

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