The Mystery of the White Tiger

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  1. Harmony walk in and look at Anya in the corner, "She couldn't even help you with the room?" She laugh softly.
  2. Yeah, she has a robe that covers her up completely...they gave her pants because they didn't like the fact that it was her only piece of clothing
  3. Anya gently use her flames to dry him off.
  4. "You do that anyway."
  5. "She cares. You should have seen her after your nightmare."
  6. Hey~ Smart nerdy kind of girl who files the criminal records sounds like a doable character for me ^^

    && does Alvin's best friend have to be a boy or a girl ? I think I'm thinking potential conflict between these females here xD

  7. Well, I intended the bestfriend to be a 'him.' But that's up to the decision of whoever that decides to take up the role, of course. I'm just here to provide the preferences. :D

    As far as love interest goes, there is one I have between the investigator role and one of the assistants, meant to be a female. So, if you want some heat going on... ;)
  8. Okay~ No problem. I call dibs on the criminal records girl ^^
  9. Every day, Flare... every day.

    Sounds groovy. If you can keep it in the camp Scooby-Doo style, then I'll definitely be interested.


    ...not that I'm camp.'s just...

    .... shush.
  10. *cries*

    I'm interested.

    Thinking of playing the ambiguous stoner so as to explain my absences, though I'd rather play a different type really.
  11. The, erm, ambiguous stoner? o_O" *is trying to figure out what CoffeeCakeSadist's is referring to*

    lol But, er, sure! Thanks for the interest! *feels stupid for not understanding CCS' post*
  12. hmm this one has caught my attention...though i dont know who i might play...
  13. I've got three more roles for 'Assistants' if you want, 4got10angl. :)
  14. sure i suppose
  15. Cool. Just post in the OOC your character sheet anytime you want.
  16. Alright, we have more roles needing to be played! And that's the entire Suspect List (Benny the Ringmaster, Chris, The Snake, Blackhand members). I heard from Sakura that you guys like playing villains, so, this will be a great chance for you. :)

    They don't come in till later, though (with the exception of Chris), so, you guys could just sound in your interest now and book the characters or something.
  17. I'll play a villain if need be *Dons his disguise mustache*
  18. Wow. That was fast. This RP must be getting a lot of people's attention. o_o

    Which villain would you like to play, Jack? You want Chris? He's in the RP right from the start, so you can post immediately in the IC after your character sheet if you choose him.
  19. Hmm...I very well might.

    I know your star detective squad consists of adolescent children...but usually one needs an adult to at least have people take you seriously.

    I might submit an assistant who's a 'fall guy' for turning in info to the police and whatnot...unless that wouldn't work.
  20. lol No, that wouldn't. Alvin is supposed to hide info from the police because an inspector says it's 'too dangerous' for these kids to be playing around with this case, and the inspector doesn't finds out about Alvin's involvement in the case until several members of the team are put in danger.

    You could play the police inspector if you want, but he's a minor role.