The Mystery of the White Tiger

The, erm, ambiguous stoner? o_O" *is trying to figure out what CoffeeCakeSadist's is referring to*

lol But, er, sure! Thanks for the interest! *feels stupid for not understanding CCS' post*

Don't worry about it. I meant a character whose behavior seems suggestive of recreational drug use but is never actually seen doing any.

That said, I'm glad to see that interest finally picked up, but for fear of being unable to keep up with the new influx of players and the fact that I have other neglected projects and promises, I'm going to back out.

I hope you understand. I'm sorry.
Ah. D= It's okay. I still need a few people to play the villains, but Jack could hopefully play the major one, Chris, for me.

Thanks anyway, CCS. =)
awww i was hoping to get to rp with you coffee :(
I might have to drop to...finals coming up on the horizon and I need to optimize. When summer hits I might be able to give these a try once more...looks incredibly interesting though.

One question though...what motivates the old criminal to seek out the help of children to fight against a possible assassin?
Well, my friend, that is a secret only given to the confirmed player of Chris. So, you'll have to make your confirmation in playing him before I could tell you. :) Sorry.

But, sorry to hear you are unable to play him as well. Ah well. Maybe next time. :)

If you play Chris the Villian, you get to be extra-friendly with my cc, Chryssie <3 And I've never rped with Jackyboy that much xP

But if its really tough to join....xD

Which reminds me, Flare, how OLD is Chris ? xD
Maybe "Chris" seems too young a name. <_<"

I don't have a confirmed age, but he's about as old as 65. What he will be doing in the RP doesn't require a lot of strength, just his, erm, 'talent.'
>_> And you said mhmm... when you said Chris and Chryssie. NEVER MIND XD
I assumed he was in his twenties :33
Hey, age doesn't separate love. You know what I mean? >:D