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  1. Today was the start of summer vacation, Melody got out of bed and ran downstairs. "FATHER.. .FATHER WHERE ARE WE GOING FIRST .....father... " melody was confuse her father was supposed to stay home this summer. As she walks into the kitchen she sees a no on the table saying ~ my dear melody I am so sorry that I had to leave unexpectedly but I got called for overseas job so I had to go. But my bosses friend said you could stay with him and his sons. At 12 o'clock you will be picked up by the driver. I love you so much my little princess. I wish you well love dad.~
    melody was not surprised her father always did this crap when she looked up she noticed it was almost 12 o'clock so she run to her room and started packing. A few hours later she arrived in front of a big mansion. " wow these guys are loaded.... I hope they have really good wifi." she says that she dragged her bags to the front door and knocks on it. "hello... ..hello" she yelled
  2. Justin heard the door and he just sighed and yell "Someone else can get it for once I don't wantvto deal with any package dealer that I usually let Jason kill anyways. He sighed and sat on the chair of the entrance room. He didn't care for anyone's reaction on who will get it. He was always the type of person to get introuble for being perverted though he did kill a few people his school year for not obeying his orders.
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  3. Shu was sleeping on couch in the living room when Justin started to yell. He looked over at the door with a yawn. He gave it a little thought then decided it was too much trouble, he would leave it to someone else. He lied back down putting a sofa pillow over his face to block out the noise until someone else went to dealt with it. He simply wanted to sleep.
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  4. Jason sighed and just listened to see if anyone answers though no one did. Jason got up and sighed "Alright then guys ill prepare to kill the person anyways. Next get off your lazy asses!" He said to them and walked to the door. His fangs appeared and his gray eyes were showing that he was hungry. He opened the door and saw it was the girl they were told about "you need anything?" He asked smiling kindly as he hoped she was not going to see that he was a vampire
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  5. Melody stood there for a while waiting as no one answered the door she knocked one last time. As she was about to turn around and leave the door opens. Melody smiled nervously she was not used to being around people she always had anxiety she noticed it was a guy around probably her age he was blonde very cute. "...Ummm.... Ummm... I'm Melody Rose... My father told me I was going to be staying here for the summer." she said nervously
  6. He smiled he just looked at her all he thought was blood he can endlessly drink for a full three months. "Can I borrow your wrist for a second" he said compelling her to do so.
  7. She looked at Jason for a moment. And slowly start moving her arm to him. "..w-why do you want to see my wrist... You haven't even introduced yourself yet. " she said in a low voice
  8. Shu appeared behind jason and smacked him in the back of the head, "Thats enough go. Ill take care of it."He didnt want to get up but he couldn't let Jason go around killing everyone who came to the door He said with a big sigh. He looked to the girl and yawned "You're Melody huh?" He said looking her over.
  9. Melody looked up noticing a taller gentleman behind Jason. He was a handsome brunette, seeing him kind of gave her butterflies. She nodded as he asked if she was melody. "m-my father said I'll be staying here for the summer... I'm assuming you're the brothers that he told me about?" she is looking into his beautiful eyes
  10. Jason sighed and he knew she had mint in her system. "I just want to say one rule that I hate so much! That rule is that I don't want anything that involves mint in this house" he said to her and walked away since Shu was making him leave. He just wanted blood and he knew that they have a thing of blood bags in the house. Though they don't show it to him since he's well known for drinking too much blood than needed. "Brother Shu, before we do anything I'm god damn hungry."
  11. Justin sighed and he looked at the chick and he kept sitting down. He though of perverted things of doing to her. "Jason a rule for you, you still need to be under constant supervision to keep your hunger to control since we all know you really don't care." He said to him and looked at the chick. She was smaller than he thought she was after all
  12. Shu watched a Jason left then turned his attention to Melody. He walked around her inspecting her. "I'll suppose you'll do." He said as he pushed her inside. He locked the door then yelled out to his two brother "We'll be having a new guest stay with us. I forgot to tell you guys."
  13. "Shu how about you go get Jason some food and I'll show her to her room" he said to them. Then walked up to her "also brother we can all hear from a mile away you don't need to yell you know. Unless Jason did something wrong.
  14. Melody looks at Jason why does he hate mint so much. Before Jason walked away melody whispered. "... But my toothpaste is mint."
    obviously he did not hear her so she turned her attention to the other brothers. As shu shuved her inside the house and lock the door behind her. What did he mean by you'll do these guys are really confusing and really scary. her eyes widened as Justin volunteered to take her to her room she did not feel comfortable with him
  15. Shu looked over at Justin and said. "Ya show her to her room, but i'm not getting him food that sounds like a lot of work. If he is hungry he can get it himself." He began walking away from melody, "I'll be in the music room." His nap had been disturbed so he was going to listen to music.
  16. Melody was now frightened to be alone with Justin. She watched as Shu walked away melody slowly looked over at Justin. If there is a God please protect me from this boy. She grabbed her stuff and followed him. " so um how many brothers do you have?"
  17. Justin sighed "Then your better watch your back last time I checked you moved it somewhere!" He sighed took her to the room she will be staying in "I have a few rules even that is gonna be dangerous for you to trespass" he said to her strictly "Don't leave your room after 10:00 and make sure it's locked, then make sure you stay away from Jason when he's hungry. And last you should use our toothpaste if it's mint" he said to her. He wanted to make sure she can forget that they are vampires if they ever find out. "And we have four brothers including me"
  18. Melody was really confused why were these guys giving her so many stupid rules. Like I understand a 10 o'clock one... But why the mint toothpaste. What does he mean stay away from Jason when he's hungry ....is he a cannibal. " okay .....where the other brother I haven't met him yet"
  19. Jason sighed then just got up "Alright then I'm just gonna start a murder scene bye guys!" He yelled and left the house and started to drink humans clean of all the blood from the human then drank the rest of the human. Next he soon went home and went to his room. He knew that the cops will find out about it.
  20. Justin just randomly made a face "please don't say his name he's worse the Shu and his laziness" he said to her and sighed then looked at her bag "just walk downstairs I'll organize your room for you just give me one minute" he said to her and smiled.