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  1. Is something I really hate.

    Just recently, it came out that a frequented theater on 42nd has a case of
    ... BED BUGS. This theater is AMC theaters and no, this is not the first break out case they have had. There has also been stories of rats climbing on kids or sitting next to people, eating away at the mess left behind by previous guests.

    I really, truly hate the experience. When the lights go down, I immediately think about all of the creepy crawlies that come out. Which seats have been violated with pee, vomit or sexual fluids. When was the last time this theater has been scrubbed clean, mind becomes so distracted that I really cannot enjoy the theater experience.

    So a big part of me wishes there were immediate streaming options for new movies, aside from the illegal ones. I would love to be able to enjoy a movie from my own home AND it would be so much cheaper then the fifteen dollars they demand for said film.

    What about you and your experiences or expectations?
  2. I've always enjoyed the theatres.
    And in my area they tend to take much better care of their rooms than yours does apparently.

    You just have to make sure to not go on opening nights, or screaming fans and kids will be everywhere.
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  3. I can spend 20 bucks on a ticket, 15 bucks on concessions, and spend three hours watching a hyped up movie that just isn't all that great...

    ...or, I can go to a hockey game.

    Goodbye, Hollywood. The hockey game is a cheaper and more entertaining choice for my money. :3
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  4. While we do have good and clean theaters here (cause our health departments actually cares and closes places that doesn't take care of their shit.... It might take some years, but they get closed eventually.) I don't like to watch movies on the big screen.

    I'm sound sensitive and need to be in control over the sound levels at all times, otherwise I am at risk of headaches or sudden anxiety attacks. There's also the problem that I have a phobia of watching people eat, so if such a scene comes up in a movie I want to be able to skip the scene. (Though this can depend on how the scene is done, what food they eat, how short it is and if it's animated or not.) Even so I do go to the theater on special occasions. For example, I did go with my friend to all the three hobbit movies. If I know that I can get so into the movie that I barely know that I sit in a movie theater, then I'm usually enjoying myself too much to be bothered by the loud sound. (Yes, my sound problem probably is purely psychological.) So for special movies I am super excited for made by people I know makes movies that I can get that super into, I can totally go check them out in theaters (if I have the money for it). But for most parts I do wait until a good version comes out on the internet, checks them there (gasp), or checks them when they come on TV, then if they were good and re-watchable I'll buy the DVD if I see them in stores (and have a good amount of money that allows me to spend it on entertainment) or record them onto DVD's from the TV. And then I'm too lazy to ever put the DVD into the DVD player, so I re-watch it on the internet anyways xD
  5. I love love love love going to the movies - when the theater doesn't suck!

    The huuuuuuge screen, the surround sound, popcorn and candy, the whole theater experience... it's a lot of fun to do for special movies that are super epic and need that theater experience! (Yes, yes I AM going to go see Star Wars, thank you.)

    Otherwise... the seats are small and cramped, and it's even worse when the place doesn't have stadium style seating. Snack prices are INSANE. Even for special movies, I bring a big purse and smuggle in my own drinks and snacks. >>

    I like watching stuff at home better. My giant comfy couch and some take-out. >:3
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  6. I'd be fairly pissed to go to a theater that is downright disgusting......but my movie going experience is usually decent. I like to wait until after a certain movie has opened to go that way the crowd is gone and I can enjoy the flick without the sound of a baby or unrestrained children. The place I go to, AMC, over where I live is clean. The only thing I worry about when the lights go out is whether, if I am tired, I'll be falling asleep.....
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  7. When you say 42 street, are you referring to 42 in Manhattan? Because there is a AMC theater right there. It's called the AMC Empire 25.

    If that is true then.... bwahahahahaha. That's fucking rich. I hope more bed bugs and rats come up there and fuck with all the scumbag tourists and I hope the rats bite the little boys and girls right on the necks and infect them with the rage virus and then fuck up all of times square. Mainly because fuck tourists.

    Honestly, the only reason I go to the movies is to make out with chicks and do silly things in the back row and hope we don't get caught :P Fun every once in a while. But whats the point of paying an extraordinary amount of cash for movies and snacks when you can just either pirate movies or Netflix and chill in the comfort of your own bed?
  8. I love the theater, if only because my best friend and I have made it a habit to go whenever we can manage to go out together. She's a film student so more often than not we end up discussing the content and if we thought it was good, what to do to make it better, ect. We always go to our favorite place, get the same things (goodies from a dollar store, and an slushie from the concession stand because I'm weak) and we enjoy our time there. Though for me the best time I spent at a theater was when we went on a stormy night to see the newest Avengers movie. No one was in the room with us so we spent our time watching and discussing it without feeling the need to wait until after the movie.

    So while I love my movie night's with my best friend I do think being able to get immediate access to a movie at home would be wonderful as well so we could have more nights like that one.
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  9. Eh, I go to them when I have the extra cash and a good enough want to see the film. I have a love/hate relationship with the 3D. I guess they don't do it right? I've been to another theater a couple hours away and their 3D movies seemed crisper. As far as being clean the local one is just fine.

    The worst experience I've had was a small town one. The kids were flicking candy everywhere and being general idiots so I didn't enjoy Shrek 3 as much as I could have.
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  10. Yes, that is the one I speak of lolol!
  11. I never had any bad movie experience... Well, I've seen bad movies, but I've never encountered rats or anything like that. Plus, I don't mind forking over the money for a ticket, a large coke, and a pack of peanut M&Ms if I have the money.

    And all the "residue" on the seats don't bother me one bit. It's like anywhere you go. I bet you somebody has left something on any spot you're sitting in public, so what makes movies so gross? You ride public transportation? I bet you someone has done the nasty on the seat, or have at least done something like that. You sit down at a fast food restaurant? I bet you someone has spilled food, or vommited, or something like that. Clothes are a barrier for that, and you just wash it off in the washer machine.
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  12. Trust me, I think about that every time I ride the bus or train. What could be on the handles or seats? They did a study on poles in trains and found a common strain cheese on multiple trains lolol.

    One time, I was on my way home and a guy was jetting off on the other side of the cart from me. There was also a report of a guy who rides the trains naked every tuesday, and by naked I mean he's only wearing sneakers. Saggy balls to the seat. Also there are plenty of homeless who sleep on the seats and if you go on World Star, you'll find many people who have had sex or given/recieved oral sex.

    So...I really despise public transportation o.o...
  13. I actually rather enjoy going to the movies. I do it all the time, usually with my family; it's more of a social event than anything, one of the few that I can enjoy despite my social anxiety.
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  14. I go to a pretty cheap theater, but they take care of it just fine. Could probably do better, but it's not terrible. If there's something nasty going on on these seats, then I'd prefer to be ignorant of it.

    Other than that, I enjoy the experience.
  15. ...I had no idea horrifically filthy theaters were a thing outside of movies themselves. Huh. I can't remember going to one that wasn't well maintained.

    I love going to the theater to see a movie. There's something really special about seeing a movie the first time that way than say, watching it at home for the first time. I don't go to the concession stand, I just bring my own snacks. I also will go see a 2D version of a movie if the option is available, because fuck 3D, sooo hard. It doesn't add anything special to the film, and it forces you to watch the entire thing through a dark tint while wearing those goofy uncomfortable glasses on your head. It also jacks up the ticket price.

    In short, fuck 3D.
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  16. So, @Cosmos, I take it you'll never visit an adult movie theater, huh?

    Um (open)
    No lie, it actually sounds like it would be fun to do with a SO. Especially if they are kinky.... Not that I'm kinky.. Because I'm normal. Totally normal. Totally average 100%.
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  17. Why when I can have an adult movie theater at my home? 8'D
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  18. Personally I'd rather do that stuff in Private.
    Why the hell do it in a public place?
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  19. I dunno. Why does anybody do anything?
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  20. Touche.
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