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  1. Dead Labs.png

    You don't quite remember when it happened. Not that time matters any more.

    You don't know why it happened, only the result and it's impact on your life. If that's even the appropriate term for it.

    You don't know who did it, only that what they did to you made you strong enough to break free. If you even are.

    You remember waking up, finding yourself in a lab surrounded by strange men in coats, wearing masks. You were too weak to break through the heavy leather straps holding you down to the cold metal table. You were once a feared killer, a psychotic headcase that no one could decipher. And then you were a lab rat. They gave you the lethal injection, you stared into the man's eyes as he pushed the button that sent the toxins through your veins. It must have only been a sedative, because you were here in this lab and alive-- you think. You passed back out.

    When you awoke again, the room was empty, and your straps were removed. You didn't know what they did, except that it had to do with DNA alteration. When you awoke, you felt hungry, but not in the normal sense. You felt hungry for bloodshed. That primal desire for the death of another being, similar to what you had before you "died". But this is more insistent, and stronger. You felt a sharp pain and blacked out. When you came to, you were in a room that used to be white, now the crimson of blood, surrounded by the dead bodies of the men who had strapped you down. Confused and afraid, you go to the security room, outside of the lab you awoke in. Moving the corpse of the slaughtered guard out of the way, you play back the video. You watched as the camera captured every gruesome detail of how you shred the bodies of the staff. But the hunger wasn't there anymore. So you found your way out and left.

    That was three years ago. You still know nothing about the background of the incident, only that every time you feel that pang of bloodthirst you black out and awaken covered in blood, surrounded by the remains. And you keep seeing this demon out the corner of your eye.

    You're tired of not knowing why this happens. Time to investigate.

    You get the gist of the RP. PM me if you have questions. I'll explain the Follow Demons later.

    Criminal Past:
    Follow Demon Appearance:
    Mutant Abilities:

    My Character:

    Name: Alan
    Gender: Male
    Criminal Past: Slaughtered family in their home in the suburbs, burned the house down while watching. Was caught by police as the firemen showed up to put out the flames.
    Bio: Alan was never like the other boys at Kaldwell Academy. Yeah, his father was an inventor and his mother a successful artist. He grew up with money. Not much difference, there, but Alan was darker. He hated math, his favorite author was Poe, he always wore dark colored uniform, and his favorite part of biology was when they dissected the animals. He began doing the same thing to live animals at home, and his worried parents had him see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist found nothing wrong with him. He grew up and became an author. One day, he got a little too attached to his story. The main character was a serial killer, so, to become his character to write a good book, he killed a family of five and burned their home to the ground.
    Appearance: Alan.jpg
    Follow Demon Appearance: Hush.jpg
    Mutation Abilities:
    At will, Alan can make razor sharp shards of his bone break off from his skeleton and remove them, using them as all sorts of weapons from daggers to arrows. When he blacks out, the spikes of bone protrude from all over his body, similar to a porcupine. His finger bones also break through the tips and become razor sharp claws, which he uses to tear through his victims like a wild animal.
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  2. This looks really awesome, also, the transformation sounds like what happens to a friend of mine in one of her roleplays, only she goes berserker and starts eating people too. It's pretty brutal.
  3. Name: Dorian Grey
    Gender: Male
    Criminal Past: Serial Killer, Total Murder Count: 23, Targets Ranking Gang Bangers, Turned Them Into Marionettes
    Bio: Dorian Grey was a surgeon originally, who's sister was killed in a gang shooting. In retaliation, he turned cold, and calculated. He began snatching gang members off the streets, taking them to an old warehouse that had been abandoned (They Always Are).

    When they were unconscious he stitched wiring into their skin and set up a camera. Once he'd gathered enough, he used a complex set of pulleys and levers to move his full sized puppets around against their wills while they were still alive and screaming. He never went on camera, but he narrated the entire show, eventually with the gang members shooting themselves against their wills. After they were dead though, the show didn't stop.

    He one by one moved the corpses up to the camera and gave a description of their bosses habits, behaviours, and general lives. He also gave a description of his little sister. When he was finished with his little show, he pulled everyone back and pulled another switch, all the wiring shredded the bodies into bloody mounds on the ground. He sent the recording anonymously to the gang leader, and waited.

    It was a week later, he had caught the boss alone, and and repeated the procedure. He'd started up his camera, and this time he showed up, dressed in a nice clean suit. He smiled at the gang leader, leaned in, whispered something and stepped off screen. The leader terrified let out a loud scream, and just as his body was pulled apart, sirens and police busted in. Dorian didn't resist. He was scheduled for execution almost immediately.


    Follow Demon Appearance:
    Mutant Abilities: Dorian can now throw wires from his hands, and pretty much any part of his body really, he also has the ability to secrete a toxin along the wires. When he blacks out, his body starts pouring out a black gas that seems pretty much like smoke, the wires form as needles at the end and cut victims open, rearranging them and then stitching their corpses back together in different ways, sometimes creating one great abomination of flesh, sometimes just moving parts around, sometimes creating things that should never have been done with them.

    Sometimes, while blacked out, he doesn't kill his victims, the smoke like substance keeps them alive, feeling, but incapable of moving. He just performs surgery, changing them into different things that should never have been. Either way, it's always bloody, and they always beg for death.​
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  4. Name: Dr. Seth John Gordonson Ph.D.
    Gender: Male
    Charges: 137 murders, 84 premeditated murders, 567 attempted murders, 154 rapes, 17 charges of impersonating an officer, 67 assaults to an officer of the law, and 44 breaking and enterings
    Bio: As a child he murdered his next door neighbors with a plastic football. he also took part in his jr. high school shooting, being the one to know to leave early he does so that he never gets caught. When he was a teenager he tortured, raped, and murdered most of the girls in his highschool classes. He was offered a full scholarship to a community college where he got a doctorate's degree in criminal psychology, he killed plenty of students there, and was almost caught by the dean, but he killed him too...
    As an adult, he continued to kill throughout his thirties and fourties until he recently was tested positive from a raped body carrying his "DNA". when he was caught he admitted most of his crimes right away in exchange, he plead insanity. He was sent to an insane asylum. It was there that he came into contact with a strange fungus and as a result his body mutated to where his teeth deteriorated into pure sharpend canine teeth, he also caught the bubonic plague and his body as a result is immune and actually produces the bacterium. Most importantly after being in the Insane asylum the feeling of calm was removed from his body and so anaesthetics do not work. Because of these new powers he easily broke out of the asylum, he strangely killed noone in the process of doing so. He was soon recaptured when shot with a Tazer. They decided to send him to a prison because he was a "lost cause", he was supposed to be sent to death but since he was immune to anaesthetics, all forms of death sentence were considered strange and unusual punishment. he somehow ended up here....
    Appearance: 5'8" caucasian male human with glasses, and sandy blond hair, large sharpened canine teeth on both top and bottom jaws. a few scars are on his face and arms
    Follow Demon: [​IMG]
    Abilities: Spreads the bubonic plague and he is immune to anaesthetics
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  5. Wow, it seems awesome! I'll post a CS as soon as I get home.
  6. @Requiem and @Thomas McTavish in one rp again? I MUST JOIN.

    Name: Sophie Keating
    Gender: Female
    Criminal Past: tracked down and killed 11 men
    Bio: She was obsessed with her friend who then got molested. Sophie tracked down all of the people who wronged her friend even in the slightest and murdered them with such meticulous care. It gave her a strange sense of achievement and she started hunting down other people her friend was close to until the said friend tried to kill herself. She turned herself in after that incident, carrying the mutilated body of her friend.
    Follow Demon Appearance:
    Mutant Abilities:
    She has an exceptional survival instinct and capacity, having gained a very high tolerance for pain and extreme temperatures and a heightened senses, mostly of smell and hearing.
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  7. This totally looks awesome. OAO~♥♥♥ Here's the CS... [hope it's okay...]

    Name: Rosette Marie "Rosie" Sinclaire
    Gender: Female
    Criminal Past: 5 kidnapping cases, dropped; murdered 8 girls and turned a piece of them into a doll in their image
    Rosie Posie pudding and pie,
    kissed the girls and made them cry.
    When the boys came out to play,

    Rosie Posie ran away
    Rosie saw his mother fall into insanity the day her father died, she was 6. Rosie was then diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was unknown what she had seen. Raised by her childless rich aunt (who's a doll maker), Rosie was then treated like a princess. When she turned 12, she kidnapped 5 neighborhood children so that she'd have "living dolls". Her aunt found out and had the children returned to their homes, Rosie was charged, but with her aunts rich influence--they were dropped.
    By the time she was 18, she had successfully created 7 doll masterpieces. "
    Posie", her other personality whispered that her aunt would be the greatest doll ever. Rosie agreed. The police caught her in their mansion, talking and playing with all 8 dolls. When asked, Rosie confessed. After all, they were her greatest masterpiece.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    *The mutation caused her physical features to get stuck on a prepubescent appearance.
    Follow Demon Appearance:

    Mutant Abilities:
    - she can control two dead bodies as long as the bodies' spines remain intact and that the bodies don't stray too far from her. [She can't control what she can't see]
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  8. @Requiem Dude, that's... brutal. I love it. Accepted!

    @Krazaz He's efficient, to say the least. Accepted!

    @Lorchenne Creepy obsessionist. Nice. Accepted!

    Everyone else, You're welcome to join when you will.
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  9. Here it goes my CS~

    Name: Zaira Graham
    Gender: Female
    Criminal Past: Hitman, more then 50 persons killed. Got caught when an undercover cop was her next victim.
    Bio: Zaira Graham was always a quiet person. When in school, she was seen as a genius, but also as a freak. Her IQ was highly superior than the other kids, what made her jump a lot of grades and finish school with just 13 years. However, this intelligence of hers, made of Zaira a cold and calculated person. She didn't care about the others, not even about her family. The only moment that she would show any emotion, was when she saw fresh blood in front of her, she would start to laugh like a maniac, sometimes even passing the blood on her face.

    When Zaira finished school, she continued to live with her parents, until she reaches her 18 years old. When already an adult, Zaira tried to find a job, she would always be fired at the first month, having problems to deal with other people. Finally, this ordinary life was starting to bore her, she wanted some excitement, something that would challenge her, that would keep adrenaline pumping in her veins all the time, making her heart speed up. But she had no idea in what to do. One day, while watching TV, she saw a documentary about hitmans, getting immediately interested. And then, an idea popped up in her head.

    Zaira became a Hitman. As a test, she killed her parents, seeing if she could kill someone face to face and not get caught. It turned out that she was an expert. Creating a page in the Deep Web to promote her job, she waited for her first customer. And they soon appeared.

    Her "job" as a Hitman kept going for a long time, until an undercover cop asked for her services, which she willingly accepted. When she realized that her "victim" was actually a cop, it was too late, she was already surrounded. All she did was drop her knife on the ground, get on her knees and laugh, "Damn. You guys caught me!". Zaira was scheduled for execution.
    Follow Demon Appearance:[​IMG]
    Mutant Abilities:
    Zaira has the ability to see perfectly in the dark. She can also control blood to create blades or any other types of weapons, but the blood has to be fresh.
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  10. @Requiem where is the error in that post?
  11. @Thomas McTavish Actually, I did make a mistake, my bad. I will fix it, thanks for correcting me.
  12. There we go. Ex hitwoman with a thing for blood, eh? Nice. Accepted!
  13. Name: Willow
    Gender: Female
    Criminal Past: Highly trained Assassin, Killed at least A hundred and seven people, was captured while finishing off a victim by a innocent by stander which turned her into the cops.
    Bio: Willow was a girl who had a troubled past, Her parents where murdered within her home while she was attending school, she has never been the same before that. After living with her grandparents for at least seven years she decided to move on by running away and starting a new life. She went to school one day and killed five staff members and seventeen students before running out of the building while also setting a dangerous explosive that sent the school and people into flames. After becoming a serial killer of Italy she was given the job opportunity to become a Assassin but in order to cover her tracks she was hired to also be a blacksmith. She was one of the fast working blacksmiths around and gained a lot of profits. She traveled to different locations in order to fulfill her missions she has learned at least five languages and cultures throughout her job experience and became the high class Assassin at the age of Nineteen.
    Follow Demon Appearance:
    Mutant Abilities:
    Willow has the ability to fight without seeing a thing, meaning when in the darkest places and a battle between her and her victim was currently in play she could easily attack.

    A single kiss from her lips can easily kill anyone. Her lips hold a toxin like how a snake holds a venomous strength.
    Her sharp, razor teeth can rip the flesh of her victims along with her nail-like claws.
    She has developed faster speed and reflexes.
  14. Child assassin. Nice. Accepted!
  15. Huh?
  16. You rated that post "Cat Like Typing Detected". There was no cat-like typing there. You did the same thing with another one of my posts in some other OOC that had no mistakes, as well.
  17. Sorry, I'll try to fix it when I get home, my phone is kind of difficult
  18. Any openings?
    extremely interested in this one.
  19. Yeah, there's openings. No limit until I can't handle anymore. Hop on in, you mutant-psychopath-to-be.
  20. Name: Drell Mercati
    Sex: Male
    Criminal Past: Theft,mass murderer and attempted Grand theft Auto.

    Bio: As an Italian child. Drell had no parents. He was a test tube baby, Created to be an organ donnor to the wealthy. He was raised and trained to be the most physically fit a child could be. His blood type a rare O- he was well sought after by major clinics. He was told his purpose was good and pure. He believed in it until his 17th birthday..He wanted his blood,liver,kidney back.. So he took it back with forth. Ripping the precious organs from the men and women who had bought his organs. Of course they bled out but Drell didnt care..He held doctors at gunpoint and forced them to implant his organs back, threatening them with a bomb planted at their homes. he explained the dead man switch he carried in his hoodie. After the operations he showed his hand, and dropped the measly potato..With a smirk he walked out and entertained himself with bloodshed.


    Follow Demon Appearance


    Mutant Abilities: Drell gains heightened senses and intense speed. While around others he thirsts for blood, and flesh. All primal thoughts become dominants. Seeing himself as a predator he oftens sizes others, be it friend or foe. His mindset i dominated by the primal need to feed and survive. Doesnt see himself as a human anymore.
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