The Missing Lands

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  1. Outside Lora’s Ruined Church

    Many citizens of Lora are hiding in the church due to bandits causing trouble outsides. Two guards walk up to the five bandits, they all have leather on them most likely from hunting, but before the guards can even say anything they start to attack the guards. The guards quickly turn to run away from the five bandits when a dagger from the shadows hits one of the bandits in the shoulder. The guard quickly run up the stairs to the front of the church to take cover from might happen to them. The wounds bandit grabs the dagger and rips it out looking at it and throwing it to the ground. “WHO THE HELL DID THAT!” He yells into the shadows, “SHOW YOUR SE-“ before he could finish what he was saying the bandit was hit with an arrow in the head. The others start to run, before the next arrow hit they left Lora as if a flash.

    Natasha and another guard walked out from the side.“Nice Shot.” Natasha said thanking the other guard as best as she could. “Still Can’t Believe you hit him with that dagger with your ar-“ The other guard stop short remembering that Natasha hates to talk about her arm. Natasha sighs “.. Its fine.. Let’s go see if everyone is ok” The Guard nodded and went with Natasha. The others guards still couldn’t believe that they made the other bandits run. “Are you two ok?” The other guards nodded and went back to their duties.

    Looking at the dead bandit, Natasha sighs and goes to burn the body. She drags the body to the “Burning Pit” and burns the body once she is done she goes inside the Church to the “Resting Area” and closes her eyes to go to sleep
  2. The ride to Lora was uncomfortable but tolerable at the most. Henrietta sat at the back of the horse carriage, hanging on to the rickety bars while she balanced herself as the carriage swayed back and forth. She was soaking wet from head to toe and her gray wool cape hardly gave her any coverage from the freezing rain that seemed like it was following her ever since the start of the journey. She glanced around the corner of the carriage, hoping to see the city come into view. The merchant had informed her that the city of Lora was not a pretty sight and that she shouldn't expect much of a welcome since the civilians there are on high alert because of the increasing rate of bandits. Henrietta grasped onto another bar tightly, while pulling herself up from where she was sitting and turned her body around where she was facing the city. She made sure she had enough balance and room to keep her feet still while the carriage was moving before she leaned to the left examining the city a bit more clearer. Her deep brown eyes widened as she saw how sad and dreary the city appeared. The rain didn't make it seem that glorious either, but even Henrietta could see that the city was built in a hurry and was missing parts of its' buildings here and there. Other than that, it probably would have looked more stable if it weren't for the ruffians you can clearly see even from afar making an attack and the poor guards trying their hardest to defend and fight back.

    "Not a very pretty sight, ay?" The driver said, turning his head over to catch a quick glimpse of Henrietta. She had a peculiar gaze, her long black hair shadowed the edges of her face, and her body hunched over, tired from the trip; she seemed almost ghostly but her eyes were lit with excitement. Henrietta looked at the driver and looked back at Lora before answering, "No, not pretty at all." She paused, grasping again on the bars as they went over a big rock. "It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Henrietta finished with a big smile bringing all life back into her face. The driver looked at her as if she was insane before chuckling to himself and muttered under his breath, "Damn adventurers." He lifted the reigns and let them down onto the horses and they quickly picked up speed. Even to the driver he could sense her anticipation and he knew it was time for them to make their entrance.

    She jumped off the carriage as they arrived at the front of the gates, the driver wished her luck and hurriedly departed from the small figure that was excitedly waving goodbye. Henrietta turned toward the entrance, which surprisingly didn't have their iron gates down. She examined her surroundings and found that she wasn't alone. She noticed haggard men and women shuffling themselves, almost dragging themselves into the city. Every now and then there were merchants with large packs on their back filled with whatever items they were going to sell, if there was any revenue to get from a poor city like such. A hard armored hand landed on her shoulder, and a stern gruff voice spoke to her roughly, "What's we 'as ere? A poor lass gone an lost erself'?" Henrietta gritted her teeth and cursed under her breath, already and not even in the city, there was trouble ready for her to give a good butt kicking. She turned to face the voice while pushing off the hand that was on her shoulder. She threw the man a glare. Another man came up to his partner that had talked, and said, "I don't like this one. I'll go get the other guards and Natasha and see what they want done with her." With that, he ran off into the city. Henrietta grew even more furious, of all the people, they suspected her! She noticed now that there were two more people surrounding her and they were most likely guards. Sighing exasperatedly, she crossed her arms and waited for the others to appear. She felt it was no point in wasting energy on idiotic people like these, and hoped that whoever this Natasha was, could clear up a few misunderstandings.
  3. "Wake up, Come on wake up" A guard was trying to shake Natasha awake, pissed of Natasha got on to her feet and punched the guard in the face. "What the hell!" The guard grabbed his nose. Natasha rubbed her eye and said "What is it this time?" The guard looked behind him for some reason. Thinking that he was trying to hide something she spoke "Tell me right now Ricky.... Looking back at Natasha he spoke again. "There is a women at the gate" He looked behind him again. "We think that she is going to try something" Pissed off Natasha grabbed him by his neck guard and dragged him to the well and put him in it. "Climb out if you want to" She said while she walked away from him.

    As she walked outside of the ruined church she sees to citizens fighting over what seemed to be a piece of lamb. She sighed and kept on walking to the gates. She looked at the spot where they had killed the bandits outside. "What a waste of life.... I don't understand why they do this..."

    As she got to the gate she looked at the women with the guard near here. She yelled out to them "Let her pass! Your worse then those bandits some time!"
  4. "Um.... do you need a place to stay? It's cold and raining...." The voice came from a timid, scrawny guard, addressing Henrietta. Inwardly, he had already made out a plan in his head what to do if the woman became hostile: Run for his life. Right now, Gaius didnt need another bandit attack, and had to shake himself out of hiding in one of the towns buildings when the bandits arrived. He didn't have much of a weapon, since a guard stole it, deserted, and turned bandit on the town. The only thing he had was a crude spear that looked like it only had one more stab in it. He tried to feign being tired by wiping his forehead with his hand, and faked a yawn.
  5. Hearing the quivering voice and his request, Henrietta glanced over at the guard who spoke to her. The other guards standing next to him kept shaking their heads and telling him that bandits are not to be offered a place to stay. Gritting her teeth, she said while trying to control her rage, "I am not a bandit. If I were," she paused before continuing and stared straight at the one who looked scared out of his mind, "you'd all be dead before I were even near the gates." This was true, Henrietta wasn't known for her archery skills because of how experienced she was in it, but because of her instant kill shots that were always, always, on target. She knew that the city of Lora would have no guards standing if she was on the other side. Right now though, the other side wasn't looking too bad if these guys didn't learn how to know the difference between a bandit and someone who was going to help their asses out of this crap hole of a mess. Apparently that was not the right thing to say in such a situation because now they were pointing their weapons at her, ready to slit her throat if she made any sudden movements or anymore smart remarks. Henrietta scoffed at their reaction and smiled slyly before slowly reaching her bow. She was so very close to foolishly taking on three guards at once at such a close distance with her pitiful bow that would give her no protection with sharp weapons before a booming voice shocking everyone released the tension.

    Henrietta, surprised by the commanding voice, turned her head over to where the guards had shamefully brought their weapons down from pointing at her and had turned their focus to another guard who seemed to be in charge of everyone. She saw a woman who seemed to be around the same age group and obviously looked very furious. Henrietta then noticed the missing arm, and was almost in awe of how strong this woman came off to be, despite her handicap. She couldn't dream of continuing to fight if she had lost an arm, her bow was all she had known and she'd be lost without it. Henrietta gave the woman a small nod as a thank you, knowing that this will not be the last time she will see her. In fact, she hoped she'll be able to fight alongside with her in order to protect this helpless town just to see how strong this warrior would be in battle.
    The guard with the gruff voice, spat on the ground and looked away from the woman, not before he gave her a harsh scowl and replied, "What'seva you wish Natasha." He rolled his shoulders and straightened up and gave a mocking salute before turning around and headed back to where his post was. The other guard followed suit as well but with more respect towards Natasha and returned back into the city. She saw that the guard who spoke to her earlier was about to, what it looked like, run away after giving Natasha a salute as well and before he could, Henrietta reached out to him, grasping barely onto a part of his clothing. "Wait a second, you," she started to say as she got a good grip on him, "Is that offer still available? I need a place to stay for the night."
  6. "U-Um yes... follow me..." Inwardly, Gaius was kicking himself
    WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY! Natasha can be too trusting sometimes.... and this person looks fierce... how come I had to make that offer....... oh well....
    Get a grip on it! After all, you can talk to her and get to know why she's here, not only that, but its useful to know about the areas around here, you haven't moved for a long time since you moved here, you know you need it.
    Yeah... I know....

    "U-Um... Natasha? Do I have permission to give her residence for the night?"
  7. Turning around to see Henrietta and Gaius, she let out a vary slit grin at him. "About time you stopped hiding for once in your life..." Natasha said trying not to laugh. "Go ahead and take her to the church area and see if we can't get her a place to sleep for the night, I'm going to talk to the others...." Before they could say anything she started to walk away to find the other guards, as she walked away her hand formed a small fist as she remembered the way she spoke to her, she whispered "I'm going to knock some sense into him again..."

    Inside Lora's Ruined Church

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  8. The rain started to slow down as Henrietta followed the meek man. She briefly glimpsed at the townspeople, and honestly couldn't tell who was who. Almost every one had a sullen face, famished, sick, and were begging for money. The guards and merchants were the only one who stood out. Although, she started to realize that there were few of the guards, too many empty spots in the city where one or two should be posted at. Sighing, she reached up behind her, grasping her drenched hair in her hands and moved over to her shoulder. She squeezed out the excess water from her hair as she entered into the church and took in her surroundings. "Hmm," She stopped in her tracks as she queried her guide, "So, this is what is left of the church?" She could tell despite the fallen-in roof and rubble that it used to be a beautiful church. She could picture the citizens gathering here for prayer, the happiness and hope they all once had after a mornings' sermon and the enchanting voices of the choir welcoming them in before they started. Now in replace of it was just another desolate building with people in the dark corners trying to find slumber and avoiding the horrible weather as best as they could.

    Henrietta sat down on one of the boulders that had broken off, probably from the roof and wiped her face down with her fingers. Taking in a breath, and breathing out all of a sudden, she realized that she was exhausted. How long of a journey was it? She hadn't slept since she left, and it had almost been a few days since she made her way here. Untying her wool cape that was around her neck, she said tiredly to her guide that led her here, "May I please get something to eat, Sir.... Actually, what is your name?"
  9. -cringes inside at the question-
    "G-Gaius ma'am, and I'm sorry but we can't hand out food right now.... W-we barely have enough rations for everyone.... If you'd like, I can get a hunting expedition and sta-"

    -His spear chooses this perfect moment to break off-
    "O-Oh no...."

    -Reluctantly, Gaius pulls out his last resort weapon: a sling that seems close to breaking. Grimacing, Gaius picked up a rock, when, he seemed to change.-
    "Okay, so, I'll clear it up with Natasha if I can take a hunting expedition. I'm a pretty good shot with a sling, and, we do need some food. I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait for a bit if you want food. Or, you could try and help us hunt down some game. If I cant get her to spare me some men, then that's unfortunate. If I can get her to, then I'll meet you at the town's gate if you're up for it"

    -With his strange confidence, Gaius stood up and walked over to Natasha, and asked to lead a hunting expedition.-
  10. Chuckling to herself from Gaius' strange way of verbalizing, she shook out the rain from her wool cape and folded it up neatly. Her bow was glimmering on her back alongside her quiver filled to the brim with her arrows. Her bow was made of the highest quality, a gift she received long ago from a close friend who specialized in making weapons. It was steady, light, and strong, the wood made of oak and the string made of the finest silk her friend had specially imported for her. Groaning, she stood up once again and stretched out into the open. Henrietta knew that helping this town would not be easy, and they surely weren't giving her any breaks from it. Looking over to see where Gaius was, she heard a faint squawking noise approaching the church.

    Smiling to herself, she tightened her black gloves, grabbed her bow from her back and one arrow as well. She checked the string, making sure it was in good condition and positioned the arrow in between her fingers and pulled it back with the string. She raised her arm up and aimed the bow to the left side of the church. She waited, her strength in her arm hardly declining, and her grip good and strong. There! She thought to herself and she saw a small bird fluttering in the sky. She let her bow and arrow fly, heading straight toward the small bird. It hit dead on, and so the bird crashed down toward the center of the church making a small crackle of its bones landing on the hard stone. Gleaming with excitement she headed toward the dead bird, ready to feast on it's small little meat but then, she noticed that a hungry man had already rushed toward it. Surprised, she was taken aback and stopped in her tracks. The hungry man looked crazed, almost ready to kill for the bird if he had to. Henrietta, faintly smirked, and said aloud, "Well, whoever shot that bird down did quite a good job!" Then she leaned forward to the man as he slowly backed up and flinched from fear, she quietly said, "You best make that bird last as much as you can." She turned away from him, leaving him to his tiny feast and picked up her wool cape. She put it in her satchel, that was hanging from her side. Crossing her arms, she looked for Gaius and decided it might as well be best to go with them. They could use her expertise, and probably will actually be able to catch more food with her.
  11. [​IMG]

    It's cold, it's raining and she feels like hell.

    Azlaya, the short, seventeen year old female rogue, finishes packing away a few more general herbs into her bag. She's a rogue, but she considers herself more of a survivor than anything. She's wearing a leather tunic made from several different hues of tan. The same goes for her leggings, boots and gloves. Her hair is short, brown, not in need of a ponytail to keep it out of her way. She learned a good time ago that looking beautiful doesn't matter if you're in the ground of a wolf's belly. Finally, she packed away a thine cut of Harrowin leaf that she can use to sate a cold if she catches one.

    She's been resting under the protection of a large tree, spreading with many branches. Her bag, a very small one that she wraps around her waist, contains a few herbs and a single strip of meat that she's gathered from the inside of the small forest. She's been making preparations, both physically and mentally, for her quick run across the open fields to the gates of Lora. She's heard there are places to stay, tasks to complete. Despite the looming threat of sickness and the hard striking rain, her greatest fear is that the people of Lora will confuse her with a petty thief. She definitely has taken on the appearance of one.

    Thankfully, she does have a contingency plan. Her two wooden daggers, which surprisingly have lasted her for years, always lie tucked at her side. She hopes they won't ask her to relinquish them. They're all she has from her homeland, and she's carved them herself. In a way, she considers them her only friends, and quite often catches herself speaking to them. She's named them Artereyu and Veinix from a story book she found at a very young age. It spoke of an ancient god that blessed his peoples trees to supply enchanted wood that can never be broken. In fact, he's the only god she's ever known. Her family didn't take to teaching her anything.

    She straps her bag around her waist, places her daggers back at her sides, and crouches a little to get a good running start. As she counts to three in her head, she begins her non-stop sprint directly to the gates of Lora.
  12. Natasha was standing above a guard with he Long Sword to his neck. "I told you never to do that again...." The guard had a smirk on his face,"And what are you going to do about it? Oh, I'm sorry its because of your arm that you want respect." He shifted his weight and kick under Natasha's legs making her fall backwards. Natasha grabbed her throwing dagger as the guard came at her with his sword and she tried to throw it at him but missed badly. As the sword came down Natasha rolled out of the way, luckily the sword came down where he left arm used to be. The Guard started to swing at her again and again and had Natasha on the defensive. Citizens started to gather around and watch the two fight each other. Natasha was able to find a large stone and threw it in the guards face and got to her feet again.

    "Come on now... show me what you got!" Natasha down to an old throwing knife started to back up slowly to try and get to her Long sword but ended up with the guard charging at her again. Natasha only had one choice so she took it and threw her only weapon at him.

    *Thud* The citizens all gasped as a pool of red started to form on the ground. Guards started to push their way though to see two people on the ground. One was dead the other wounded. Natasha was on her knees and holding her side with one hand. The guards went to help Natasha and others went to the dead body. Before Natasha black out she said "He had... it coming.."
  13. -shaking his head, Gaius kneels next to the dead guard-
    "Tsk tsk tsk, ya shoulda known better. Guess I'll dispose of the body."
    -At that moment, Gaius's countenance changed again, making him seem much more nervous and revert to his usual self-
    "U-um... actually, I think I'll just check the gates...."
    -spots a sprinting figure-
    ...That sounded weak.... even to me....
    -Loads a rock in the sling-
    "U-um.... mind stating why you're here? I can't imagine a reason anyone would want to be here...."
  14. Azlaya looks the shaky guard up and down. She examines his sling, laughing a little inside, but not dismissing the potential harm. Any weapon is deadly in the hands of an expert. She decides that the best option here is to simply explain herself. She is coming in peace, after all. She holds a hand up, begging for a moment to catch her breath after the long sprint. The downfall had slowed and weakened since the beginning of her rush, so the pelting of the rain was less fierce. It allowed her to recover much more quickly.

    "My name is Azlaya. Just Azlaya." Her voice seems void of emotion as the second set of words slip from her lips. She's always been proud of her first name, but she never claimed the name of her parents. She was nothing to them, therefore she returned their affections. "I'm a dwarven rogue from lands far from here. I've come with the intention of finding work, meager or not. Will you let me in?"

    She fiddles with the hilts of her wooden blades, finding the act comforting in times of uncertainty. She was thinking of all the potential outcomes, and how she would come out the better from any of them. If refused access, she would simply leave, returning with proof of her use. If she is held up and they attempt to rob her of some possession, whether material or personal, she would fight them. Whatever the situation, she has her hands ready to strike at any moment she needs to.
  15. Fi tried to keep her head down as she walked, surrounded by a bunch of people she's met on her way to Lora, but she was just too curious. The man in front carried an old and rusty sword, though he didn't look like a warrior at all; another man had a bow; the next one had to be a merchant of some sort, with his back completely covered by a huge pack filled with things that Fi wasn't going to afford - at least not in the nearest future - though she'd definitely love to. She shook her head and looked up. The city was right there. Fi didn't know what to expect. Her only home, a small, almost abandoned village, was everything she's ever needed. She knew she wasn't the adventurous type and that if it weren't for her family's decision, she would probably be living with them to this day. But disobeying, in this case, wasn't an option - had she stayed, things could have gone even worse. It was difficult enough for her parents to share the food between their other children. Fi understood the reasons for their decision, and yet.. She felt betrayed.

    They arrived at the gates and Fi shook her head again, trying to focus. There it was - her new home. She was nervous, there was no hiding that. She brushed her fingertips against her small dagger, now hidden under her coat, but it didn't help. Fi was never good with any kind of weaponry and the cold touch of iron made her remember that. The only reason for her to carry a dagger was to use it for cutting plants, which she did multiple times on her way here, and to create a fake sense of safety, which never really worked out.

    It was still raining. Huge drops fell onto the ground and soon Fi's boots were covered in mud. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a second, then looked at the guards. They seemed tired, cold and uneasy. Even though Fi's heard this place needed people to protect the city and help it in any ways possible, everyone seemed to be worried about the number of newcomers. More people meant more food and rationing of it meant nothing but trouble.

    Fi opened her mouth, ready to ask the guard some questions - she needed a place to stay, after all, at least for one night; she couldn't imagine spending another hour in this cold rain, especially since she's been soaking wet already. But just as she started her sentence, someone screamed. It wasn't loud, but in these harsh times people paid attention to the quietest of sounds. Citizens started moving towards the source of the sound and so did the guards. Fi had no other choice but to follow them as well, reluctantly, muttering under her breath. "A perfect start.." she murmured to herself when people started talking all around her. Soon enough she had to stop again, seeing a single guard with a sling talking to someone, apparently questioning their arrival. She didn't want to interrupt, but her curiosity got the best of her and she moved closer.

    "What happened?" she said, gesturing towards the people who were still pushing, trying to get a good look at whatever was there. "Do you need help? Is anyone hurt?" she added, looking at the guard again.
  16. Azlaya's eyes widen slightly at the sound of the scream and she attempts to look through the gate despite it being closed. The intention was good, but the idea seemed a bit absent minded when she thought about it. She was about to speak to the gatekeeper once more, now begging for entrance out of necessity and curiosity, but something came behind her that threw her on edge.

    'What happened?' is all that she heard before she almost immediately turned, withdrawing her wooden daggers. The act was much more out of self protection than any form of hostility. She doesn't strike, she simply takes up her battle stance. Once she notices that the woman behind her means no harm, she slowly sheathes her daggers. She attempts to read her expression and body language, seeing that she may have been just as surprised as Azlaya was. She speaks in an attempt to save the opinions of both the guard and the larger group that was gathered about the newcomer.

    "My apologies. I've trained myself to react quickly to survive, and it's not something you can easily control once you're fluent with it. The paranoia doesn't help, either." Azlaya says, giving a short bow as is custom for her people when meeting other females. In her particular village, females were regarded much higher than males. It almost sickened her that she bothered to remember anything from her time with her parents and her people. It seemed the word 'family' was far too strong a meaning for her these days.
  17. Catching up to where she last saw Gaius, a crowd had started to gather. She pushed the people away, curious to know what was going on and was surprised to see Natasha fighting with another guard. Henrietta smirked, watching the fight and in the end, see the outcome was in Natasha's favor. As expected from someone strong like her. She thought to herself. She walked over to catch up to Gaius and Natasha, and before she could even say a word he fled, and went on his own way somewhere else. Sighing to herself, she glanced over at Natasha who was being helped by the guards, clearly passed out. She walked over to her, and the guards immediately stepped in front of her way. "Don't worry," she started to say, "I'm just going to wake her up. We can't have one of your best guards passing out on us now." After some hesitation, the guards let her pass, warily watching her and their hands on the hilt of their swords just in case. Nonchalantly making her way towards Natasha, she reached into her satchel, the same one where her cape was in but this time took out what looked like a small bulb of something wrapped in a white cloth. She leaned down towards Natashas' unconscious body, and slightly dabbed the bulb on her nose. "This should easily wake her up." Henrietta said as she smiled slightly to herself.

    Then there was a piercing scream that she clearly heard and as well as anyone else in the city. Still leaning towards Natasha, Henrietta only looked over her shoulder and saw some of townspeople starting to run away from the direction she was looking. "Where are you little ladies running off too?" She heard a man say. When the crowd had dispersed she soon realized that what they were running from was a group of three slowly creeping up with a young woman, looked to be about twenty, her hair entangled in the mans hand. She was clearly in shock and fear, tears running down her face. They looked like almost everyone else who lived here, disregarding of course the sharp knives in their hands and the wild look of lust in their eyes. A laugh came from the man who was obviously the leader and easy to point out as well since he was the only one out of the bunch with a scar across one eye. "Everyone's scared!" He shouted, still laughing, "Oh come on! We're just looking for a bit a fun! We already have a delicious looking appetizer for the night." Just as he said that he but the tip of the knife slightly on the cheek of the girl, she squealed in terror, hysterically crying even more. With that, Henrietta stood back up, her eyes lowering, glaring at the man as he did that. In an instant, she took out her bow and another arrow, letting it fly effortlessly, piercing the mans hand. He yelled in pain, letting go of the girls hair and grabbed his hand in which the arrow was still amidst. "Boss! You okay?!" His two other goons worriedly said as they ran to his side, just as the girl ran away before letting them notice she had slipped away. "Hey boys!" Henrietta announced, just as she readied another arrow to shoot, "Why don't you have fun with me instead?" She gleamed at them, happy to be part of this little excitement of the day.
  18. A guard looked down at Fi, "There is a fight going on get inside we may need medical ne-" The guard cut short. He dropped a spear he was holding and yelled to far guard to the other side, "RING THE BELLS!" The guard looked at Fi again "GET INSIDE NOW!" The guard got off the ruined Gateway and ran to the ruined church at full sprint. In the distance there were torches gleaming and what looked liked an Army was heading this way.

    *DING, DING, DING, DING" The bandits fighting Henrietta seemed to scared of the bell and they slowly started walking backwards from her and then tried to make a dead sprint out of lora
    they where not sure what would happen to them when they ran but they did for dear life.

    The guards were rushing to their post, all of them scared senseless. What ever Henrietta used on Natasha worked, she groaned in pain from her side it was still bleeding and she told Henrietta to hide, with that Natasha roused up and limbed to the gates as best as she could.
  19. -Upon hearing the bells, Gaius's countenance changed again, this time, into a more serious one, forgetting that there were two people in front of him. He started swinging his sling, and caught one of the bandits in the forehead as he tried to escape, knocking him out.-
    "Okay, follow me, you two."
    -Heads off at a dead sprint, taking the bandit with him, and looking back occasionally to make sure they were following-
    "....So, the Army came...."
  20. Fi tried not to, but jumped a little anyway when Azlaya turned around with daggers in her hands. She felt embarassed for her reaction, but couldn't do anything about it now. "It's fine" she mumbled, turning back to the guard, observing Azlaya with the corner of her eye. "There is a fight going on, get inside, we may need medical ne-" the guard said, but then he noticed something. A few seconds later, Fi was inside the gates, running, following someone she's never seen before. She couldn't believe everything was happening so quickly. She slowed down a little, people were running around, scared as much as the guards seemed to be. Fi looked around, breathing heavily. The annoying scent of blood was in the air and soon enough the mystery was solved: Fi noticed a body laying on the ground. She didn't need another glance; whoever that was, no one could help him now, at least not without serious preparations. She continued moving forward, only to nearly crash into Natasha. Jerking her whole body to avoid it, the girl looked at Natasha and, more importantly, at the blood stain slowly growing on her side. "Where are you going?!" Fi shook her head. "You need to get to safety! I'll look at your wound there!" she added, thinking that she should do the same as soon as it's possible.