The Minefield Marriage

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    Though this marriage wasn't what he really wanted, it would help bring peace to Bastien's kingdom and the kingdom his future wife was living in. Which he was also heading to in order to officially meet her and apologize for their parents arranging this without their approval. Finally arriving at the castle, he pulled the reins of his horse lightly to have his old friend stop so he could dismount. "Here we are." The prince mumbled lightly before handing the reins to a stable hand who appeared and made his way to the throne room.​
  2. How can she marry a man she doesn't love? How can she love a man she doesn't know? Sighing Lily paced in her room and thought of the man she love a commoner who she is suppose to meet today. Hearing a knock indicating her future husband is here she sigh and walk out and headed to the throne room. Slowly approach she walk in and stood in her light blue dress, her long red hair in a side braid and wearing black flats waiting.
  3. "Prince Bastien of Lunara."

    With his name announced, the large doors to the throne room opened and the prince walked in. Unlike most men he did not stride in Bastien walked normally into the room and stopped a few feet away from the King and his family; catching sight of the woman who had to be his future wife. The scarf almost touched the floor when he bowed to them and straightened himself up as a friendly smile lined his lips.

    "Ah, Prince Bastien, it's nice to finally meet you as a well distinguished young man." The King and Lily's father stated while taking a step forward and offered the prince his hand to shake.

    "I wouldn't call myself distinguished, I am still young and have much to learn." He took the king's hand and shook it. "It's nice to meet you too, my king." He looked at Lily's mother while letting go, "My queen." And then his gaze came to rest on her. "Princess."
  4. Lily watch him walk in and she had to admit he is handsome. It still doesn't change the fact she doesn't want this.

    Smiling softly she curtsied and spoke softly, "Lily please your highness" she stood straight and look at him. "Was the journey okay?" She was trying to be nice since it not his fault. Feeling crowded by everyone she wanted to go take a walk outside but didn't say anything.
  5. "Lily then." He smiled in reply and nodded his head in agreement. Having everyone refer to him as 'prince' was something he didn't like either. "It was splendid, it's been a while since I've been able to ride my horse and look at the country side on my own." He wasn't acting snobbish, he almost had a childlike quality of excitement and happiness to him while talking. "Maybe you would like to take a walk with me and we can talk further?" The prince glanced at the king for permission and the older gentleman nodded.
  6. Lily nodded and lift her dress a little to not drag and started walking outside with him. "Thanks for asking for a walk. I didn't want to say anything or father will think I'm being rude." She said softly

    Looking at him as they walk. "I'm sorry to say I'm not happy about this arrangement it not you I swear. It just I love someone else and hoped the law would of been changed for me to marry anyone I wish"
  7. Following after her Bastien slid both hands into his pocket as they passed by her family and the officials. "It's alright, I thought you needed some air, with this whole arrangement." He replied.

    "To be perfectly honest, neither am I." He stated, taking a glance at some nearby flowers before returning his gaze to her. "I never even knew about this until a few days ago." Hearing she loved someone else the prince merely nodded his head. "It's a shame, even though we're royalty we cannot marry those we want."
  8. She look at him. "I know. I'm hoping it won't happen no offense I just love this other man and I don't want to lose him"

    She stop and took his hand gently. "But I promise I will make your stay here enjoyable and will get to know you cause you seem like a great guy and if we do have to marry I will be a good wife I have to be for my country"
  9. "None taken, if you don't want to marry me you don't want to marry me. It's simple." He replied giving her a glance. "Love is more important."

    Stopping he looked at her curiously and arched a brow. "It's fine, really." Bastien patted her hand with a soft smile. "You don't need to force yourself, it's alright if you don't like me; I get it a lot." Though hearing Lily say she'd try her best caused him to grin.
  10. "Great. So can you cover for me? I need to go see him. Please. I'll do whatever you wish if I can go see him" lily smile hopeful he will cover for her and let her go see the man she love
  11. "Now, like right now?" Bastien asked and seeing her smile answered his question. "Alright, I can buy you about an hour, two at the max if I pull out some topics to get your father talking." Pulling his hand away from her he turned away and started walking back towards the castle. "Get going and go see him."
  12. Lily smile happy and took off. She got to the village and saw her man talking to another man and got closer. She heard him say he is using lily for money and that her havin to marry will be better cause it mean more money.

    She gasp and turn to leave when he caught her and ran after her. He grab her and next thing she know she wake up in his home tied to a chair her lip bleeding, leg broken, and a few broken ribs and a black eye. She cried begging to be let go but he smirked and grab her and took her to the castle and stood at the entrance holding a knife to her throat. "Your highnesses! You want your daughter?! Give my money and she won't die! Although she should since she cheated on her fiancé!" He yelled grinning
    Lily cried in pain.
  13. Bastien walked into the castle to be greeted once again by the king and queen, who were curious about their daughter's location. So he made up a lie saying she felt unwell and stayed outside to get some fresh air.

    A while later they heard a voice ringing out to the castle and the King walked out towards the gate to see what was going on. There he saw his injured daughter and glared at the man. How dare he hurt his daughter to this degree and now have the audacity to blackmail them. "How dare you!" Unknown to everyone a certain prince was sneaking through the nearby woods and came up behind the pair, drawing his sword and placing it on the man's shoulder. "How about you drop the knife and you don't die?" He growled, Bastien's voice was no longer carefree and childlike but hard, ice cold, malicious, showed he would not hesitate to strike. "Drop the knife and I might let you live."
  14. The man growled and turn his head. "Oh the prince come to save the princess? How sweet. Well you might not want her now she isn't pure like she should be. Give me the money" he hissed press the knife on lily throat drawing blood.

    Lily cried in pain and heard bastien voice and sobbed thinking she ruin her life by falling for this man she treated bastien horrible and isn't pure now. She felt the blood and her eyes closed and she whisper "I'm sorry" and pass out

    The man growled and drop her and threw the knife at the prince and took off running and disappeared.
  15. "Oh no, it's more like the demon coming to kill the ignorant human." Bastien shot back with an equal growl. Then snorted, he wasn't exactly the purest prince around either. "No." He replied and cut along the man's own neck as he did it to Lily.

    Leaning to the side, Bastien dodged the blade with ease and snarled when the man fled like a coward. "Get her inside and treat her." Guards rushed over and untied the princess before taking her into the castle. "I have business with a pest." Turning he ran after the man with his sword.

    After a few hours when the princess would wake up the prince would be sitting on a chair next to her bed, blood smeared over his hands and clothes. Right now he didn't feel like changing and wanted to stay with her until she woke up.
  16. Lily woke a few hours later and whimpers in pain. She open her good eye and see bastien and him all bloody and tears fell. "W what happen? A are you okay?" She whisper and coughed wince from her ribs. She remember what happen and eyes widen in fear. "He gunns kill me. He want money" she Cried softly.
  17. Bastien wide the side of his mouth, causing blood from his hand to smear against the cheek. "That bastard isn't going to do anything." He replied, still holding the same dark and cold personality from meeting him. "He's already dead. You don't need to worry about him coming after you." The prince then stated.
  18. Lily was scared of this side of bastien and nodded. "I I'm a sorry. I'm sorry I didn't know he just wanted money" she whisper wanted what he thought of her now and knew he would be angry.
  19. "He's just scum, nothing more." Bastien replied before getting up and grabbed a towel to wipe some blood from his hands. "That's why you should be more careful." His tone softened greatly as the last remnants of blood were wiped off his hands and face.
  20. "So what happens to us? Do you still want to marry me even if I'm not pure?" Iily whisper watching him wipe the blood off. She shifted to see him better and thought he is handsome.
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