~The Main Attraction (A Fnaf 2 RolePlay)~

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  1. (This does NOT follow the real Fnaf timeline!)

    Time for the main attraction,
    The story must be told,
    Time for a chain reaction,
    It never gets old.

    Some bots get satisfaction breaking the mold,
    Some bots are just distractions,
    Some bots are just gold.

    I'm not
    the bad guy,
    I'm just a bit surprising,
    It's not worth losing sleep,
    It's not worth analyzing.

    There was a time,
    Not so long ago at all,
    I was just like you,
    Can you hear my call?

    Another child has went missing at the new Freddy Fazbear's. She and her brother were celebrating his birthday there, when she just disappeared. Her brother said she went to the back with
    Golden Freddy, but she never returned. Why, because Purple Guy was in the suit and he killed her. She now lives on in an animatronic suit that is never used. She roams around the pizzeria in both the day and night, trying to find someone to talk to or someone to help her, since the other animatronics dislike her. That was years ago, but the place is still open and it's turning 12:00.... You'd better run~!

    The Night Watchers (Mike, Jeremy, Fritz, and Ocs)
    Purple Guy/Vincent
    Animatronics (Originals and Ocs)
    Kids (Appear in the day only, unless they sneak into the back before closing time)
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  2. The once life filled room suddenly and slowly faded into silence, the only sound was the occasional click of keys and the soft whistling coming from the janitors, who sadly were forced to clean up spilled soda, trash, left over cake and pizza.

    Foxy's eyes glowed from the safety of his cove, he watched the unsuspecting workers as he softly yet quietly began to play to whistle his favorite pirate song, waiting for the night guard to come.

    Lucky, who had been wandering around the party sparked with joy, his black and white paws went for the sky as he laughed leaving cold spots in his wake causing the workers to wish nothing more than to get out.
  3. ~Stitches was propped against a wall in the parts and services room, her silvery-white wings were loosely stitched on her back. She was ripped and torn from years of being abused by the other animatronics for being weak. Her arms and legs had several slashes on them, her left arm has no suit up to her elbow and patches of different colored fur is stitched on her so most of her holes could be covered. Her neck and ears are torn as well. Stitchy's ears have "earrings" in them, her earrings are just stitches with a needle hanging out of them~
  4. Lucky watched as the workers left, he couldn't wait to play with the security guard. He wandered to the back where they kept the other animatronics and looked around "Bonjour, Stitches? 're you in h're?" He asked softly.
  5. ~Cosby
    Cosby eyes moved from left to right when he realized it's finally time to play, Cosby let out an hyena laugh as he was happy to roam around, he then noticed Foxy standing there alone. "Hows it going Foxy, haha, ar-ar-are yo-you ready f-for th-the night g-guard?" Cosby stuttered a lot when saying the sentence, then laughed after he said it.

    -Kianu (Key-on-ew)
    - Picture
    Kianu entered through the back door seeing the other employees walking out the front, he didn't wanna mess with the animatronics. Kianu walked to the officer closing the door behind him, he then sat in the black leather spinning chair and turned on the camera. He saw Cosby and Foxy talking and noticed Stiches and Lucky socializing.
  6. ~Stitches looked up at the ceiling in the parts and service room and emitted a low glitchy sigh. Her piercing crimson eye glowed softly in the darkened room, it had been years since she was last used and only seemed to be fully responsive at night when the night watchman came. She turned her gaze to the camera and waited for it to show signs of movement~
  7. Kayden quietly sat near the main hall of the Pizzeria with an unnerving gaze in to the darkness. His ears could pick up any shuffling noises, should the Animatronics start moving. Someone had to rewind the music box manually, and the other Night guard didn't seem eager to do so. Kayden did his best to save energy and power, quickly leaping down the halls to rewind the music box completely, unemotional eyes darting around to listen for any Animatronics trying to sneak up on him on his way to the office.
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  8. ~Stitches heard the music box playing and knew someone had rewound it. She turned her head to the p&s room's door and emitted a low whine that sounded like a young girl's. Her endoskeleton eye was barely lighting up the pitch black room.~
  9. Kayden's head turned to face the direction of the Animatronic, seeing the glowing eye glancing for him. His blank eyes scanned the area, and he silently shifted to run in to the main hallway that had Camera 7 located on it. There was one Animatronic he knew wouldn't hurt him, quietly scanning the room for the small weasel robot.

    "Westle..." "Hiiii Kay-Kay~" Westle greeted him as he made his way to the tall male, standing at his knees with a sharp grin on his roughed up suit.
  10. ~Stitches slowly got to her feet and walked towards the the door, however she tripped on withered Chica. She collapsed to the floor with a loud crash. Stitchy seemed to moan in pain as she crawled to the door. She usually wasn't this active at night, but she did hate that music box and she always tried to get as far away from the noise as possible~
  11. Westle perked his head up and listened to the loud crash with a 'pout' on his robotic lips. "Kay-Kay~ C-Can you go h-h-help Stitches..~?" "Why should I..? I'm trying to stay alive after all.." "I'll hold her off if she attacks you, just please come on~!" Westle groaned as he managed to tug Kayden to the Parts and Service room, opening he door carefully to avoid hitting Stitches before sprinting off with a promise of coming back with his tool box from the office.

    'Why would he leave me like that to deal with the Animatronics..?' Kayden murmured in his mind before humming and propping Stitches up against the wall of the room, being very mindful of those jaws. "Normally I wouldn't do this, but the night's almost over, so I guess I can help you out by fixing you up.. Even if you try to snap my head off afterwards.."
  12. Stitches snapped at him, thinking that he was going to dismantle her. Her sharp fangs barely missed his head and her eyes had a little sadnesses in them. Traitorous weasel.... She growled with hate. She didn't know any better, since she thought adults and young adults were evil.
  13. Kayden didn't dodge the jaws snapping at him, merely looking her over while Westle ran back, his small body covered by the tool box. "H-Here Kay-Kay!" "Thank you.." Kayden mumbled with a soft pat to the tiny Animatronics head. He swiftly un latched it and started pulling out various tools for fixing Stitches' circuts and voice box. "I'll start with your circuits and voice box, Stitches..I won't hurt you.."
  14. ~Stitches gave him an icy glare and growled lowly. Her ears were sewn together, but an inch of thread and a needle dangled out of them. She couldn't trust him with those tools, since they were the same ones used to take out some of her parts and use them in the newer ones.~ T-That's w-what they said w-when they... killed me. ~Stitches muttered and looked at her arm that didn't have any fake fur on it from the elbow down. She tried to push him away.~ D-Don't touch me....
  15. Kayden simply pushed her arms back down and set his tools down to start sowing the ears to a more presentable form. Though that made him take out the thread and start over, since the thread wasn't tightly sown and pieces of the endoskeleton peeked from the previous job. "I see no reason in trying to dismantle you. I merely want to keep this job until I lower my guard and get killed for an idiotic reason. You are haunted and have been hurt, so I want to make this life better for you.."

    "Y-yeah! Kay-Kay patched me up after Bonnie smashed me w-with his g-guitar!" Westle exclaimed with a toothy smile, grabbing Stitches suit-covered hand with a reassuring glance of his one green eye. "He won't h-hurt you!"
  16. F-Fine... I'll t-trust you for now.... ~Stitches gave him a soft smile. She had a bad past with the other animatronics just like Westle and she had never liked the newer models.~ T-Thanks f-for the help...
  17. "Of course... I understand that you do not like the music box, from Westles information... I can allow you to sTay in the office to avoid the other Animatronics.." Kayden offered softly while starting his work on the varions circuits sticking out of Stitches. He would find suit parts later on, but for now he would make sure no wires or issues were present on her body. "I will worry about your suit during my next shift..."
  18. Stitches nodded softly and looked at the older animatronics. They weren't as bad as she was, except for Foxy and Bonnie, poor faceless Bonnie. She shook her head quickly after thinking of her parents and older brother, she had missed them and they probably forgot about her. T-That'd be n-nice. I-I'll try not to hurt you, K-Kay. She barked happily. She didn't mind him now, but she couldn't promise that she would never hurt anyone, since flashing lights tended to set her off
  19. Kayden hummed and gave her a soft-eyed glance, since he wasn't one to smile for anything, most of he time anyway. He checked his watch, nodding when the bright numbers said 3:35 A.M. "Westle will keep you company and help you back to the office while I go rewind the music box. I'd rather not face the Puppet today..." Kayden advised before rapidly sprinting off after finishing the last touch ups on Stitches' mobile system and voice box. Now all he had to do was find or make a new suit for her, or take some from the other Animatronics, but that wouldn't do them justice.
  20. Be careful..~Stitches warned him before he ran off. She gave a gentle smile to Westle before she stood up and wandered to the office. Her eyes adjusted to the bright office and she let out a whimper as she hid in the darkest corner of the office~
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