The Magician

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  1. Xavier was the kind of man who was always dressed up. Everywhere he went he was dressed in his black waistcoat, fastened with silver buttons, black perfectly pressed dress pants and his always perfect Converse All-Stars.

    Upon his head Xavier always wore a black top hat, accented with a large red ribbon circling the base of the hat. Perched upon his hat was a large black cat. Now you may be wondering how in the world he might be able to have a cat perched upon his top hat, let alone a LARGE one. I would say ask Xavier, but I'm not sure he would tell you, you know how magicians are with their secrets. Every one of his many pockets contained a parlour trick of some sort. Decks of cards, coins, balloons, ect, ect. Even his cat had a few tricks up it's sleeve. Lux was his name. Lux had a habit of disappearing into thin air, much like the Cheshire cat of Alice In Wonderland. Which was fitting for Xavier who had a love for the story. Every day Xavier went for a stroll, in which he usually ended up doing a trick of some sort for a passerby.

    "Come along, Lux!" Xavier called, as he put on his top hat. Lux appeared upon Xavier's hat seeming to come out of nowhere. "Ready for our walk?" the cat meowed enthusiastically. "Alright, lets go!"
  2. Kiri, a girl only 16 years of age, was on a search. A search for the most crazy, alienistic, person she can find. Many in the neighborhood had considered her to be....unique. Some of the many words used to describe her were: blunt, oblivious, estatic, overly hyper, etc. Her hair was black and short which was often in a side ponytail. Her outfit consisted of different colored thigh high socks, one leg had grey and red while the other grey and black, a normal blue skirt which had a bunny's tail sticking out behind her, and a simple yellow sweater. Kiri's body was quite petite for a 16 year old. Despite that, she's always seen with a burger in her hand. People hunting had been a daily routine for the young girl, even if each day wasn't really successful. She would locate any suspicious people and literally 'hunt' for them. Her next target was a man with a fairly large cat on his head. Kiri skipped twoards the man. "HEY! CAN I TALK TO YA FOR A MINUTE?"
  3. Just as Xavier had stepped out his door for his morning stroll he noticed a young girl skipping towards him. "Yes. How can I help you, dear? Would you like to see a trick?" Pulling a deck of cards from his left pocket, he fanned the cards across his hand, holding it out to the girl. "Pick a card any card! How about a coin trick?" he released the cards and they both watched as they seemed to fade away before reaching the ground. "Now. Coins, coins, coins..." he began patting his pockets in search of a coin, then looking at Kiri he reached up, pulling a coin out of her ear. "Here's one! Now, watch closely..." pulling a playing card from his pocket, he carefully wrapped it around the coin. He then cupped his hands around them, pressing slightly. When he opened his hands, he was holding a red rose where the card and coin had been. He handed the rose to the girl. "There you go, darlin'. Now, what did you need to talk to me about?"
  4. "Well...if you say you're a magician..." Kiri looked him straight in the eyes, determination beaming from both. "Can you timetravel?! Can you call for aliens above?!" With each question that came out of that talkative mouth of hers, the more jumpy and excited she became. "Because if you can, that would be SO DARN AMAZING!!" It was as if she was a little kid, still learning about the big world. Various bystanders started to stare at the girl, and whispered to one another. "Such a strange girl..." "Poor man..." "Was she even raised correctly?"
  5. The man chuckled, watching the girl's excitement grow. " I don't know about 'calling the aliens above', but I used to dabble in time traveling when I was younger. We could see if I still have it." he smiled some, lightly tapping the girl's nose with his index finger. "Would you like that?"
    "And what do you think, Lux?" he smiled some, gesturing to the cat upon his top hat.
    The cat let out a low monotone meow, slowly fading from the man's hat only to appear perched on his shoulder. "Oh, don't be such a party pooper, Lux." the man sighed some, rolling his eyes. "We have enough time before we have to leave, don't we?"
  6. "OH MY GLOB YES!!" The girl embraced the man in a tight hug, despite her petite figure. It was only once every blue moon that she had found a man who could perferm magic, let alone time travel. Kiri quickly took out a small digital camera, which barely fits in her hand. "But before we leave...can I take a picture with you? You know, for memories and stuff!" A large scrapbook was pulled out from her bag. It was decorated with a plaid design, with various stars around the cover. "This is where I'll put it!" Kiri slowly opened the book, showing the magician the various things such as a piece of meteorite, a clover shaped rock, and various pictures, both large and small.
  7. He laughed some and embraced the girl, returning the hug. "Sure. I don't mind." he looked over the book she had pulled from her bag, smiling some. "That's quite the scrapbook you have there. Lux leaned forward some, peering over at the scrapbook held before Xavier. Pulling a gold watch from his waistcoat pocket, he opened it checking the time. "We should get going soon. Lux and I have tea time in an hour and a half. You can come along if you'd like."
  8. She smiled and took a picture for the man and his cat. "Alright~" Kiri followed the magician, skipping along the way.

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  9. He smiled some. "Alright, let's go." Xavier spun on his heels, making his way up the stairs leading to his home. Stopping at the top step he opened the door letting it swing open to reveal an elaborate entryway, and staircase with large oak banisters set to the left. A large crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. To the right was a furnished kitchen, marble counter tops, stainless steel cookware. Straight down the hall was a large room with floor to ceiling book shelves overflowing with books. On either side of the door were shelves that seemed to "float" loaded with small bottles and vials of potions and powders. He gestured towards the door "Ladies first."
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  10. As soon as Kiri stepped inside his home, her eyes scanned each and every corner. Was he some sort of secret millionare?? She took out her camera once more and took pictures of every room he showed her. Chandelier? Check. Huge stairwells? Check. Floating Bookshelves? Double Check. With photo taking skills like hers, she could have been a reporter for all we know. " you make millions of dollars for doing magic or something?" Kiri was actually tempted to touch one of the bottles of potions. Maybe she would drink it. But she restrained herself from rummaging his belongings. As he gestured twoard the door, she only smiled and nodded a thanks. Kiri trotted in, wondering what would be in this room.
  11. "After years of magic training like mine, you don't need money." Stepping inside after the girl he closed the door, watching her go around snapping pictures of his home. Moving to a small stand by the door, he picked up a small book. Flipping through he read a few pages then set the book back on the shelf.
    He watched as the girl curiously examined the bottles on his floating shelves "I would tell you what all of those do, but we'd be here all day." he said chuckling. "Would you like a tour?"
  12. She looked up from examining his items. "I want to see time traveling! Or super natural powers like shapeshifting or something like that!" Kiri only wanted to make sure he was a 'target' going after. If he was an ordinary magician, then all this would have been for nothing.
  13. He laughed at the thought. "Pfft, shapeshifting. Child's play. I could shapeshift you, me, this whole house and everything in it, along with transporting us half way across town." he nudged the girl, smiling. "How does that sound?"
  14. "...Can you really do all that?" Kiri raised her thin eyebrow as a sign of disbelief. He only seemed to be a mere magician. She opened her scrapbook and showed the man various pictures of the several magicians she had met on the past. One had called a ghost to communicate with her. Another changed his face in mere seconds. "Prove to me that you'll be different from these magicians." She gave him a look of hope, confident that he'll perform a stupendous act.
  15. "Of course I can. Why would I bluff about all of that?" he looked at the pictures of all the magicians she had met in the past. "he turned to face one of the floating shelves. REaching up, he pulled a couple bottles, two vials and his notebook off the shelf. Moving into the kitchen, he placed all the items on the table, opening his book. Grabbing a medium sized cauldron from under the island in the middle of the kitchen he began opening the bottles, pouring the contents in. Opening one of the vials, he poured a bit of the powder from it into his palm, sprinkling it into the cauldron.
  16. Kiri took notes and wrote down every move he made as if she was inspecting something. She was curious to see what the contents of the bottle were but she saved the questions for next time. Right now, he was busy mixing some sort of potion so she didn't feel the need to bombard him in questions. She had already asked enough before anyways. Kiri's attention was then brought upon Xavier's hat. Usually, there was his cat, lying comfortably on his head. An instant later, it was on his shoulders. She stood there thinking bout how it was able to teleport.
  17. He continued to mix the contents of the bottles with the vials, feeling Kiri's stare on him. 'She is obviously very curious about everything that goes on here.' he thought to himself 'I would be too if I were her.' Lux chimed in. Xavier jumped a bit. 'What did I tell you about just popping up in my mind like that? Especially when I'm concentrating. One wrong slip and I could have killed the poor girl!' 'It's not my fault you're strange.' 'Says the mind reading Cheshire cat who lives with I the man he calls strange.' Xavier rolled his eyes, and added the final bit of ingredients to the cauldron. Pouring the contents into a mug, he held it out to Kiri.
    "First time shapeshifters usually get a terrible upset stomach unless they have this, so you may want to down this before we start."
  18. "Oh really?" She examined the finished product from all aspects. It looked similar to juice, though it certainly didn't smell of juice. After jotting down a few more notes, she took the bottle in hand. "So....I just gulp the whole thing down? Is there some bad aftertaste I'm supposed to watch out for?"
  19. "I wouldn't know, I never knew about it when I first started shape shifting.""Either that or you're showing your age again, Xavier."Lux commented in a deep, melodious voice as he appeared on the counter next to Kiri. The man rolled his eyes, waving away the cat. "Oh hush. You know I'm not that old." He dipped his finger in the remainder of the potion. Licking it off, he stood for a moment analyzing the taste. He shrugged some, "It could use a little cinnamon, other than that it's alright."
  20. Kiri let out a small giggle. So the cat could talk after all. Somehow, she expected something like to happen.Before she drank the newly made potion, she snapped a photo of Lux, labeling him the talking teleporting kitty. She had noticed Lux staring at her so she spoke. "It's not everyday you meet a talking teleporting kitten." Kiri took hold of the bottle full of the potion and chugged it down. It had a refreshing taste, yet it wasn't the best thing she had drank.