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  1. In the world of humans, demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, elves, fairies, goblins, and other creatures of legend must hide their identities, blend in. However, one apartment complex in each city and numerous hotels cater to these creatures. In the midst of all this secrecy there is a band of creatures that want to come out to the humans. They want to take power and enslave the humans. However, the key to their ascent, the only one who can release their leader, has been missing since a child. Now demons of all kinds come out of the wood works to retrieve a young girl named Kai. Now her only chance for survival, keeping the creatures of the night secret, and defeating the power hungry demons is a demon assassin who usually doesn't care about anything unless he is getting paid.

    I need someone to play the demon assassin. My partner would come up with abilities and weaknesses for their demon. I would like my partner to also prepare a character sheet.


    this is my character---
    Name: Kai Hartman
    Personality: Strong willed, confident, brave, sometimes abrasive, leans towards being a Sanguine Phlegmatic.
    Abilities: Can walk through walls, unlock door, and she sometimes is able to use telepathy. She however, cannot always control her telepathy abilities, and in moments of high stress sometimes causes incidents and destruction.
    Weakness: She can't always control her abilities or her emotions. Vulnerable when concentrating on her abilities as it takes a great deal of focus. Abilities drain her energy and can leave her unconscious.
    Likes: Sweets, cats (particularly Bombay Cats), reading, cooking, pastel colors, and good cooking. She also has an interest in old weapons.
    Dislikes: Being alone, the dark, thunder storms, spinach, and the feeling of being hungry.
    Fears: the dark, being alone, and the demons hunting her
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    message me if interested
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Jay Loveless
    Age: 19
    Personality: Brave, Rude sometimes, Confident, Determined, Cockyish, Stubborn
    Abilities: Can teleport anywhere in the world, can control dark magic, he can heal himself and others
    Weaknesses: When he uses his ability to control dark magic to much he will usually pass out, when healing he is vulnerable to strong attack moves
    Likes: His demon sword, Nighttime, Cute girls, Getting paid
    Dislikes: Being used, His dad, His past, Annoying people and demons
    Fears: People finding out his past, his dad finding him, the demon leader
  3. Alright, I am starting. Hope you don't mind, I chose San Francisco as the setting as I used to live there.))

    The sun beamed down on the city of San Francisco. It was a summer day and the heat had kept the fog over the water. However, the view of the bay and the gleaming red bridge was still an excellent sight in Golden Gate Park. Bicyclists rode hastily through the park, no doubt on their way to work. Driving in a city like this was killer. Literally! There's a reason the EMS field flourished in this city. It was midday, and as it was midday the city was bustling with hungry people bombarding one restaurant or another. One particularly crowded restaurant was the Stinking Rose, a Garlic themed Italian place. In this wonderful establishment a young girl would be readily ending her part time shift. She apologized to her coworkers for leaving them with the rush and hopped on her little blue bike. She was gone before her boss could get the word "you're fired" out of his mouth and into her ears. Yes, it was a normal day in the city. Yet, however, this would not be a normal day for everyone in the city as two worlds that had been very much apart and unknown were about to collide head on.

    Speaking of collisions, the young girl pedaled quickly past some huge apartment building. This peculiar structure had a number of exits, but only one entry point. She had passed this building dozens of times, and each time she liked to look up and admire the rooftop garden and the gargoyles. Of course, from the street you could only just make out the bright green leafs of plant life and the ugly scowls of gargoyles, but they were still somehow enchanting. The place seemed to call to her, like she belonged there. However, her parents had often declared the place a menace to society, never really giving an actual reason for it, and forbidding she ever enter. She slowed a bit, to make the moment last, which was a good thing as she would ride right into a young man exiting the apartment building. You see, with her bright green eyes focused above her, she could not see what was before her. When her bike hit the man he toppled over and she flew over the handle bars into the cement, ripping her jeans and scraping her hands and knees. She quickly turned her head to see what she had hit and felt startled when she realized it was a person.

    "Oh my Heavens! I am so sorry! Are you alright?" she blurted while hurrying to pull her bike off of him.
  4. (It's alright. I don't really mind)

    It was the middle of the day in San Francisco where a certain man was out in the woods. He had a pure black sword which clanged together with a blue and green one. His eyes were narrowed and he was smirking as he states into the eyes of a demon. They pushed apart and swing their swords. They clanged together a few more times before he ducked down and ran his sword through the demon's stomach. He dodged the blood that spat from it's mouth and pulled his sword out. He did a backflip and watched as the thing became ashes. He stood up and walked off a few feet before he sat on a black and white motorcycle.

    He put his helmet on and put the kickstand up before he started it and drove away. He went very fast and was soon weaving through the cars on the street as he headed to the apartment he lived in. Once he got their he went around back where he parked his bike with the other residents vehicles. He took off his helmet and set it on one of the handle bars before he entered through an exit.

    He took an elevator to the top floor which had large aparments. He was the first door on the right. He unlocked his for and walked in, shutting it behind him. He looked at his phone and smiled when he saw that it was still mid day. I still have time to wash up and get to work. He thought then threw it on his couch and got undressed. He walked into the shower and took a quick shower before getting put and drying off. He put on brown jeans and a black shirt then white socks and black sneakers with grey laces. He grabbed a black jacket and flungbit over his shoulder, holding onto the hood. He slipped his phone in his jean pocket and left the building.

    He was on his way to work when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his side then fell as a bike landes on top of him. He was on his hands and knees when he heard the voice of a girl and looked up to see her trying to get her bike off of him. "Just fine." He said a little rudely before kicking the thing off his back. He stood up and dusted himself off before grabbing his jacket and beating it to get the dirt off from the cement. Pncebhe finished he looked down at the girl. "You alright?" He asked her kindly.
  5. Kai blinked in surprise that he could be so kind after being so rude. "Y-yeah. I just have a few scrapes." she said before looking at her bleeding hands. "I'm really sorry. I should've been looking where I was going. I just...was really captivated by this building. I-is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" Kai then checked her pockets for her wallet and found that her cell phone was missing. She sighed and brushed her now tussled black hair back revealing her face and soft green eyes.

    Little did she know that not too far away something horrible was taking place. In her little Victorian home her mother was waiting for her. Well, to be more correct she had been waiting for Kai. However, now the door lay open and blood covered the wood floor. Her adopted mother's blonde hair was soaked, becoming dark red. A demon stood over her limp body. He looked somehow pleased. He had managed to destroy an elusive human, and now all he needed to do was lay in wait. Kai would be walking right into a trap.

    (sorry so short)
  6. (Nah, it's alright.)

    Jay nodded with gentle eyes as she reported to him that she was ok. As she spoke his eyes drifted to her hands and he couldn't help but sigh. He reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a white handkerchief. He brought it to his teeth and ripped it unevenly I'm half. He held one half in his teeth and took her left arm in his hand. He used his other hand and tied the handkerchief around her hand. He tied it tightly then did the same thing with her other hand.

    Once he finished that little thing he looked up into her eyes. "This building is amazing." He agreed with a nod. "And I don't need you to make anything up to me." He said, his voice quite firm. His eyes drifted toward the toad where he saw a phone on the white line that marked the different lanes. He walked past her and on front of the cars until he reached the phone. He bent down and picked it up before looking back at her. "Your I'm guessing!" He called tbemithrew it through the air towards her. It was a pretty good throw so if she didn't catch it, that was her fault.

    He put his hands in his pockets and watched as the phone flew towards her. His deep brown eyes drifted toward the sky and a gentle breeze ruffled his black hair a little.
  7. Kai barely caught it. She had been caught off guard by both his gent gesture and his toss. He was a challenging one to figure out. One moment he was sweet to her, the next he was cool and distant. Somehow it made him mysterious and a bit desirable. She smiled at him as her cheap little cell phone landed in her hands. The breeze that tussled his black hair teased her blue black hair as well. He was handsome. He was cool. Kai sighed happily. She may have made an absolute idiot of herself, but he was a great consolation. Kai tucked her cell phone back into her pocket before saying anything more.

    "Thanks. Of all people to run into in the city...I'm glad I at least ran into someone nice. I-I'm Kai by the way." she said as she picked up her bike. "I hope we could meet again....but I mean without me trampling you with my bike." she walked her bike over to him. " about the building. I don't know if you know this but it was built during the industrial revolution. It actually used to be a textile mill before it was closed and re-purchased by a member of the Italian mob." she blushed a little, knowing she sounded like a know-it-all. "I've always liked this building so I did some research. Anyways, thanks again for being so kind. Have a nice day, ok?" with that she started to climb on to her bike and head home.
  8. Jay heard the girls phone fall onto her hands and looked at her once again. He had a cool smile and Hus deep brown eyes showed kindness. But beyond his looks, his his head, thoughts swirled. He had to get to work. His work at the repair shop, that is.

    He listened to her as she spoke and was quite amazed at how much she knew. So I'm not the only one who decided to research the building. He thought. He found it amusing when she blushed after speaking. It gave her that cute look. After she told him her name his eyes seemed to light up a little. Kai He thought, making sure to lock it in his head. He walked over to her before she left and grabbed her hand. He slipped a small white piece of paper in Ber hand that had his number and where he worked. "Names Jay. If you ever need anything, hit me up." He said then let go and stepped back. He watched as she rode away and a cool smirk made it's way onto his face.
  9. Kai blushed as she felt the paper fill her hand. She smiled. To be perfectly honest she'd never spoken so much to an attractive member of the opposite sex before. Kai could hardly wait to tell her mother the sort of day she'd had. She rode her bike home happily. She paused at the gate to punch Jay's name and number into her phone. She walked her bike around to the side of the house. Overhead the fog seemed to gather unusually fast and peculiarly low to the ground. Kai took nothing of it, of course. She started for the front door but halted when she suddenly was aware of the door being ajar.

    "Mom?" she called in alarm before running inside. She gasped in horror as the bleeding corpse of her mother came into view. "Oh my God, Mom!?" she cried before falling beside the body. She shook her mother frantically, but to no avail.

    "I've been waiting for you, little key." a dark voice said from the hallway. A male figure in a black leather cloak stepped out. He had a black decorative revolver in hand. "'ll be coming with me."

    Kai rose to her feet quickly and started to back towards the door. The man's hooded head tilted to one side and made a disappointed sound. She couldn't see his face. It started to come towards her faster so she turned and ran for it. Outside the fog was dense. One could hardly see in it. She didn't bother to unlock the gate, she just hopped it and tore down the street. She dialed tried 911 but for some reason it wouldn't call. So she called the only other number she had besides her mother and her boss, Jay.

    "Jay? I'm in trouble."
  10. Jay watched Kai until she disappeared from his sight. He let out a soft sigh before walking over to his bike. He put on his helmet and clicked it onnunder his chin. He then kicked the kick stand up and started it. He drive off quickly, his eyes never leaving sight of what was in front of him. He weaved his way through the busy streets until he came to a stop outside a mechanical repair shop.

    He got off his bike and put the kick stand down before taking his helmet off and putting it on one of the handle bars. "Yo! Sorry I'm late!" He called to the other workers who he knew since high school. They were all best buds who, believe it or not, used to be in one of the most dangerous of gangs.

    Jay was just about to walk in when his phone buzzed from where it sat in his front jean pocket. Who the heck is calling? He asked himself before answering. His expression became serious when he heard Kai and he nodded sharply. "Be right there." He said then hung up and put his phone in his pocket. He ran around the building where he then teleported in front of Kai.

    He grabbed her to slow her down and looked above her head to see what she was running from. He looked back down at her, his expression completely serious. "Who are you running from?" He asked in a firm but kind tone of voice.
  11. Kai was shocked by how quickly he arrived. She was relieved a bit to have him there, but was also afraid of what might happen to him. "I-I don't know. I just came home and he was..." tears choked her up. "He was standing over my mother...and she's...he killed her." the tears poured down her cheeks. She felt like she might crumble.

    "Come now, little Key, you can't run forever." the figures voice called as he closed in on them, moving through the fog. "You will be my prize."

    Kai looked back in the direction of the voice. "Jay, we have to get out of here and tell the police or something. But for some reason your phone was the only number mine would call."
  12. Jay knew immediately what it was that was chasing her. "Demon." He muttered under his breath. His eyes became cold and he smirked evilly. He moved in front of Kai and put his hand behind him. He gripped the black handle of his sword and unsheathed it. He used his dark magic to locate where the demon was and where he would move.

    Jay opened his eyes and held his sword at a defensive angle. "Come and get me you sick bastard!" Jay yelled into the fog. He watched as the demon stopped and knew he had confused him. "Don't you know me? Don't you remember my voice?" Jay asked and felt the demon's aura become darker with hate. "You remember now, don't you?" He asked, knowing the answer.

    Jay took a step forward and stared directly at the demon with eyes fierce and a smirk on his face. "No point in hiding you know. Won't help you." He said and lowered his sword a little.
  13. The demon stepped out, his revolver pointed at Jay and fierce look in his eyes. "Why are you here, boy? This matter is none of your concern." the demon cocked the gun and smirked. "Can you really face my bullets with just a sword? Come now, Lad. Just give me the key. What use is she to you?"

    Kai stood trembling behind Jay, but she couldn't just let Jay be hurt for her. She got a rock and lifted it above her head. "Jay, duck!" when Jay was clear of the shot she threw the rock. It hit the demon in the forehead, lowering his guard and causing him to stagger back a step. The demon's hood fell, revealing a scarred red face with massive protruding horns. Kai's eyes widened. The demon held a hand on his head which was now bleeding black blood. Kai's body now trembled fiercely as the demon was obviously enraged.
  14. "I always have business with demons. After all, I am the demon assassin." He told the demon. He heard Kai and put of the corner of his eye watched her pick up a rock. He moved his head to the left a little and watched as the rock soared past his ear.

    When the demon staggered he smirked. Immediately he went behind the demon into the fog and used his dark magic to increase his speed. He moved around the demon at a pace impossible for humans. He made deep wounds on the beast with sword each time he moved from one spot to the other.
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  15. The demon collapsed to his knees, coughing up blood and struggling to get his breath. He looked wildly around him to try and pin point the assassin, but there was no such luck. the demon lay face down in his blood, his life flowing out of him. His body slowly turned to ash. He was unable to even speak as the immense pain of his wounds ushered out his life. Kai stood rigidly, obviously horrified by what she'd just encountered. As the demon faded so did the fog. The city was returning to normal rather quickly. Kai looked at her rescuer, Jay with big green eyes.

    "I'm dreaming...right? I-I'll wake up and my mom will be fine...and...this will have never happened." her voice trembled as much as her body.

    (Sorry for disappearing for so long. I have not been well))
  16. (It's OK. Things happen and RL always comes first.)

    Jay watched as the demon fell to his knees then his face. The blood flowed around his shoes but soon became ash along with the body. A strong breeze blew by and carried the gray ash with it. At the sound of Kai's voice he sighed and turned around.

    Jay walked over to Kai and put his arms around her. He held her close, his eyes focused on the ground. "I'm sorry, Kai. She won't be coming back." He whispered. His sword was back in it's sheath that was hidden under his shirt on his back.
  17. Kai's body stopped trembling at his touch. She allowed her face to press into his chest as he spoke. Tears rolled out of her eyes and down the sides of her face. She put her arms around him loosely as if to hang on to him so he wouldn't fade away too. She cried quietly for a moment before saying anything. The breeze tussled her hair. She'd lost everything now. Where would she go? What could she do? Why was a demon after her? There were so many questions, and she wished someone could just answer them. She sighed, and tried to force the tears away.

    "Thank you, Jay." was all she could force her tightening throat to squeak out. "You came to my aid and you hardly know me. Thank you."
  18. Jay let her cry and when she put her arms around him he hugged her a little tighter. "Nah, it's fine. But from now on, I'm your personal bodyguard." He told her and rubbed her back a little to calm her down a little. "Now, do you have somewhere to stay?" He asked her, his gaze now focused on the sky. He was thinking about what the demon had said. Little key, huh? Poor Kai. She really needs me now. Who would've thought that I would meet the key to unlocking that bastards prison. He thought.
  19. Kai shook her head. "I have no family." she said softly. "My father died when I was just a toddler and my mom..." Kai pursed her lips to keep from tears again. "I-I'm sure I shouldn't stay at my house anymore, lest get attacked again." Kai's voice was soft and concerned. She looked up into Jay's face. "I-I can't pay you back for being my body guard, b-but I would be willing to repay you by keeping house for you and tending to your chores. I can cook." it was obvious Kai was fishing for an excuse to stay at his place and not hers, while at the same time also begging him not to leave her. Kai had no idea what was happening or why, she just knew that she wasn't safe on her own.
  20. Jay chuckled lightly to ease the sadness in the air. "You don't have to pay me. And you don't need an excuse to stay at my place." He told her. He wiped away her tears and used his sleeve to dry her wet cheeks. He smiled kindly at her and his phone buzzed. Jay answered and listened to the man on the other line. "Sorry boss but I won't be working today afterall. I found a stray kitten and need to take her home." He saidand winked at Kai. He listened his boss some more before saying goodbye and hanging up. He put his phone away and looked doqn at Kai, smiling again. "Can you walk?" He asked her.
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