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    The Light of the Ring: A LOTR Fandom RP


    Ah, I see you have stumbled upon this humble roleplay thread. Maybe it was destiny that brought you here, or something else entirely...?
    No matter, you are here now, and that is what is truly important.

    You woke up this morning feeling invigorated. You had a good sleep, and were feeling great about whatever the morning, and the rest of the day, could throw at you. After eating a hearty breakfast, you stepped outside to enjoy your morning, absently flipping through your mail until you stumbled upon a peculiar letter, from an anonymous sender. Curious, you ambled over to your study and opened it.

    Dear ---------- (character name),

    As you may or may not have heard, although much of Middle Earth probably has by now, word another Ring of Power was discovered, deep in the many tunnels and dungeons of Mount Doom, long after Frodo and Co. (as they are so often called) defeated Sauron and left him as just a dark spirit with no control. You see, the legend tells that before Sauron completed the One Ring, his colleague Celebrimbor created one more Ring of Power to go along with the 19 others that were forged. It is told that this ring was kept secret from Sauron, as Celebrimbor did not want him to gain control of all of the rings that were created. Thus the 20th Ring was kept hidden, and may still exist today in the treacherous depths of Mount Doom.

    Unlike the One Ring, which was combined with Saurons great malice and evil, this ring was joined with the purest of hearts, cleansed and purified to the highest extent. The ring, made of pure gold, was crafted with the intention of stopping Sauron if his ways with the One Ring got out of control, hence the name "Ring of Light." Sadly, the ring was never used, lost in the mountain before any use could become of it.

    Many generations have passed, and the old legend has picked up again. Word has traveled fast, and many greedy souls with unsavory intentions have begun to search for the ring, hoping to use its power for their own good. Which is why the ring needs to be found and protected, at all costs.

    This is why you have been chosen. I am sending out a party, along with myself, to go and search for the ring in Mount Doom, and you would be a perfect addition to the company if you should choose to take part. After all, this could be your chance to have unspeakable power, matched only by the One Ring. That is, of course, only if you want to be included. Who knows, maybe you think this to be an old wives tale, a story told to little children before bed. And you are correct, that may be the case. But you never know until you try.

    Best wishes, Gandalf the White

    You are just an average citizen of Middle-Earth. On one fateful morning, you received this letter from the fabled wizard asking for your part in the quest. Should you choose to take part, here is some information you must reveal to the great wizard before your journey can begin, as well as some basic rules:

    Basic Character Skeleton

    • Slot taking:
    • Name:
    • Race: (Acceptable species include Man, Elves, Dwarves, Dúnedain's, Hobbits, and Half-Elves)
    • Age: (Please take into account the different life spans of each race)
    • Gender:
    • Height/Weight:
    • Place of residence: (For example, Hobbits live in The Shire, Man in Laketown, etc. However, these may not be the only regions they reside in)
    • Brief description of appearance:
    • Picture of character: (PLEASE NO PEOPLE OR COSPLAY OR ANIME! Also, any drawings must be approved. Digital art and the like is perfectly acceptable)
    • Weapons: (Max of 2, pictures included)
    • Other supplies: (Money, food, clothes, etc.)
    • Greatest Strength:
    • Greatest Weakness:
    • Personality:
    • Backstory:
    • Writing sample: (Basically, write a paragraph or two from the POV of your character on the morning that they receive the letter. What were they doing? How do they react to being chosen? Anything else we should know?)
    • Dialogue color:
    Rules and Regulations

    • No God-modding, Mary Sues, Gary Stues, or the like. This may be a fantasy RP with wizards and magic and things like that, but the RP stops being fun once someone pulls out their indestructible demon sword that spits fire and glows rainbow and beats the crap out of someone. So please, nothing too OP.
    • Please keep it PG-13. Romance is absolutely allowed between characters, but anything too graphic should stick to the private PM.
    • I'm not going to put a limit on the amount of content you must write, but please no one-liners.
    • If you are going to be absent for an extended period of time, please PM me and we will find something for your character to do in your absence. Don't worry, it won't involve killing them off....maybe....
    • In all seriousness, though, your character may die or get hurt to the point where they cannot continue. This is a dangerous quest, and nothing can ensure your character will survive the whole way through.
    • Only one character per person.
    • If you read this far, put a LOTR gif in your CS under a spoiler tab.
    • Any questions can be asked here in the OOC chat or by PMing me.
    • Basic knowledge of the LOTR and The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien is required for this RP. Although, if you didn't know anything, why'd you click it?
    • The most common form of writing in Middle-Earth is runes. We will be using Cirth, the runes used in LOTR. Use this website to help translate your runes, if needed. Choose "LOTR Runes" (Cirth)
    Character Slots:

    Good luck traveler, and may fortune befall you during your brave quest
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  2. Slot taking: Male 1

    Name: Fenian Ereuvyn

    Race: Woodland Elf

    Age: 117

    Gender: Male

    Height/Weight: H= 5'11" / W= 164 lbs.

    Place of residence: As Fenian is a Woodland Elf, he resides with the rest of his people in Mirkwood.

    Brief description of appearance: Fenian is of average height, maybe just a tad taller then the other elves in the Woodland realm. He has a strong build, although he has a skinny appearance that can be off-putting to some predators, as they may not see him as a real threat in combat. Fenian has two different colored eyes, one blue and one geen, along with pale skin and short white hair. This stands out amongst the other elves, as normally they let their hair grow long. However, Fenian prefers to keep his short. He is normally seen wearing a simple green tunic, along with leather pants, boots, and vest. He also can be seen toting a quiver that holds his arrows, as well as a bow and a small leather satchel around his waist that holds his money, food, etc.

    Picture of character:



    Bow and Arrows (open)


    Knife (kept in boot) (open)


    Other supplies: Fenian always carries a leather satchel with him, which hangs around his waist. Inside is a small bit of money he always carries with him, a lucky token that he whittled himself, as he believes it brings him good luck in battle, a knife, and a small canteen of water.

    Greatest Strength: Fenian is very good looking and persuasive, which can aid him when bartering as he can charm people into getting a better deal on a product or in battle by persuading the opponent to back out o the fight without using force. Also, as elves are naturally immortal, he is not affected by diseases and will not die unless brutally injured.

    Greatest Weakness: Fenian, although he looks very physically strong, is very scared of combat. Since he is regularly engaged in fights, however, he is always looking for non-violent solutions to any problem. This can negatively affect him in battle, as he is often resistant to kill his enemies, despite being evil.

    Personality: Fenian is extremely kind and gentle, while still being fun and playful. Fenian is often known as the prankster by his friends and other elves, as he is always getting into mischief with his closest friends, which include his best friend, Tannyll, and his equally playful lover, Alyndra. He is very outgoing and honest, and is naturally adept at making friends, while still being gentle and caring toward most living things, excluding Orcs and the like.

    Backstory: Fenian grew up in Mirkwood with his mother, Syviis, and his father, Faoraar. Early on as a child, he displayed a love for nature and all living things, as well as playful tendencies such as harmless pranks. As he matured, he grew into both of these traits equally, along with getting to know his current best friend, Tannyl, who joined him in his pranks. He also took a liking to the female elf Alyndra, who soon returned the affection. After many years, however, Faorarr was killed in a brutal combat with a band of Orcs, leaving his mother devastated. This shocked most of the elves, as Fenian's father was one of the best warriors in the realm. They later discovered he was hit in the chest with an axe and fell off a cliff to drown in the swift river below. Luckily, Fenian never really was close to his father, so he quickly got over his death, although he still hates Orcs, and they remain to this day the only race Fenian does not care if they die.

    Writing sample: "Ey, Fenian! Over here!" Tannyl called over the quiet eating hall, earning a few stares that looked mad but had a small curve of the lip that showed amusement. Fenian looked up, hearing his comrade yelling, and stood from his chair to greet him. "Hello, Tannyl. How are you this morning?" Fenian asked, smiling and walking up to his friend. The taller boy smiled at Fenian, gesturing for them both to sit at a table for breakfast. "Oh, good. Hey, I heard you got a letter this morning. Your mother gave it to Alyndra for you." Tannyl replied, his mouth full of bread and cream that spilled out as he talked, sticking to his hair and his clothes. Fenian laughed, standing up from the table. "Close your mouth, that's disgusting. Ah, in that case, I guess I'd better go find her. You know how she gets when she's kept waiting." Fenian walked out of the hall, the small murmuring of voices fading as he got father and farther away toward Alyndra's room. When he arrived, he knocked on the door softly, hearing footsteps on the other side as the she-elf made her way over. She opened the door, a huge smile on her face to see him and a letter in her hand.

    "Hello Alyndra. Are you having a good morning? Tannyl told me you have a letter for me." He asked, kissing her softly on her forehead and stepping inside. "Good, thank you for asking. And yes, I do. From an anonymous sender, even." She handed him the letter, standing next to him to read over his shoulder. "Well, go on," The she-elf prodded. "Open it!" Fenian laughed. "Impatient, are we? Alright, I will." Fenian carefully opened the letter, then he and Alyndra read it in silence together. Their eyes were wide with excitement when they finished. "Oh, wow! What an honor that Gandalf himself wrote to you! And about a quest! This is such an honor, have to accept!" Fenian looked at Alyndra with surprise. He had been thinking of going, but he didn't know Alyndra would be so excited about it. "But what about you? And my mother?" he asked. She smiled kindly at him. "Don't worry about us. This is the opportunity of a lifetime! You can't just pass it up! We'll be fine, don't you worry about us." Fenian smiled back at her. "Alright, alright. I'll write back and say I accepted. You're right, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I can't just pass it up." And with that, Fenian began to write his reply to the wizard.

    Dialogue color: "Hello there!" -Fenian

    ..... (open)


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    • Name: Scarletta "Letta" Milfer
    • Age: 68 (looks about 22)
    • Gender: Female
    • Height/Weight: 5'7 138 pounds
    • Race: Half Elf
    • Place of residence: Rohan
    • Brief description of apperance: Scarletta has a athletic but slender build with an hourglass shape figure and long legs. Her skin is on the fairer side with thick long ash blonde hair that falls to her waist. Her eyes are a deep emerald almost hunter green sometimes.
    • Picture of character: tattooed_elf_girl_coloured_by_dashinvaine-d5vypyq.jpg
    • Weapons:
      Weapons (open)
      Duel short swords sheathed on her back Cory's_dual_swords.jpg Dagger sheathed in her boot daggers_007.jpg
    • Other supplies: 45 Silver pennies, 1 gold piece. 4 Pieces of Elven bread, 2 Flasks of water.
    • Normal Clothing (open)
      Top lf (2).jpg
      Normal Clothing (open)

      [*]Coat/cloak lf (1).jpg
      [*]Pants img-thing (5).jpg and average black boots
    • Greatest Strength: Crowd control, she has a way with people getting them to listen to her and calm down amidst chaos. Also very good at survival with almost nothing to aid her.

    • Greatest Weakness: Guarded, due from being hurt too much in the past shes become guarded and a lil jaded. Shes also fast but not very strong. She has a stubborn streak that can be good or bad depending on the situation.
    • Personality: Calm, quiet, kind, compassionate, sweet, strong, brave, courageous, stubborn.

    • Backstory: Scarletta was born in Rohan, her mother was an elf from Lothlórien who while traveling fell in love with her father a human man. Deciding it was best not to try and live in the golden elf forest they settled in a small village in the lands of Rohan. Not long after Scarletta was born, being half elf and half human she sadly wasnt really accepted by the village people. Or anywhere really, as she soon learned when she grew old enough to travel. Not many were outright mean to her but they would often keep a safe distance from her, giving her odd glances or stares that made her feel more like a monster than anything.

    Scarletta's mother started to grow distant from her and her father by the age of 8, they didnt know why or how to change it. Despite their efforts less than a year later her mother disappeared one night leaving only a letter to let them know she was sorry but she was going back home, to Lothlorien. This broke her fathers heart and tore at Scarletta's but she was more angry than sad, she didnt understand how her mother could just leave them like they didnt matter. Her father turned to drinking and Scarletta threw herself into her studies, staying out in the wilds more often than at home. A gap started to form between her and her father, they argued more and more but this wasnt all that uncommon for a teenage daughter and father. Until one night Scarletta didnt come home till way past midnight, her father wasnt home which was odd since he usually had drunk himself into a stupor by then. Worried she raced out to check the taverns, this is where she learned her father had gotten into a bar fight and in the heated match the other man stabbed him to death.

    Since then Scarletta has been alone, keeping to herself and avoiding strong ties to anyone if possible. Shes never been unkind or cruel to anyone, but she just cant risk letting anyone in.
    • Writing sample: Thump thump thump, Scarletta rolls over in her bed. Thump thuMP THUMP, groaning softly she opens one emerald eye to look towards her door where the persistent and quite annoying knocking was coming from. 'Who would want something from me this early? I bet its that cranky old woman...' Apparently her guess was right as a womans gruff voice echoes through her house. "Miss Milfer your dog is terrorizing my chickens again!" Smiling she stretches her groggy limbs before jumping up out of bed, walking to the door she opens it while holding back a yawn, her normally smooth blonde hair now messy with bedhead but she didnt care. She blinks against the dawn rays before settling her gaze on the woman in front of her, giving her a soft although mischievous smile.
    "Sorry I seemed to of dozed off, what happened?" Her voice is deep and silky but still feminine, her tone friendly. Her neighbor huffs folding her arms "Skylos is on the loose again and giving my poor chickens a heartattack" Letta has to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing. Honestly she didnt really care about her crabby neighbors chickens, but it was best not to let her know that. "Oh im terribly sorry Miss Godder, I'll make sure to keep him away in the future" Her voice is apologetic but her fingers are innocently crossed behind her back. The old bitty rolls her eyes "Ya ive heard that before, I swear next time I catch that mutt in my coops he'll be the one running scared" Letta smiles knowing full well nobody in this village but her could catch her precious dog who was actually a wolf, and everyone knew in the village that if he were to be harmed she would be out for blood. Deciding to let the woman have her fantasies she just nods and watches as she storms off.

    'Well that wasnt the nicest thing to wake up to' As soon as the Miss Godder was out of sight Skylos comes bounding around the corner heading straight for Letta. Laughing softly she steps aside opening the door wider to let him in the house. He runs through jumping up on her bed automatically with a goofy grin his tongue lolling out the side. She shakes her head as she shuts the door
    "You little scamp, why must you always play with those chickens?" Though her words were accusing her tone was loving and light. Making a click nose with her mouth and a wave of her hand she motions for Skylos to follow her so she can feed him. After that she washes up and gets dressed in her usual attire. Having already ate earlier this morning she snatches up an apple from a bowl for a snack. Jogging outside she picks up her mail, going through it with the apple in her mouth as she walks back inside.

    Scarletta frowns as she sees a odd looking letter from an unknown sender, setting the rest of the mail on the table she takes the apple out of her mouth setting it down as well. 'Hmm what could this be? Hopefully not some notice about Skylos...' Feeling a sudden impending doom she takes the letter to her study opening it her emerald eyes skim over the text. Blinking she plops down in her chair in a somewhat stunned state. 'Gandalf? Another ring?? Now that was unexpected....'

    • Dialogue color: "All hail the Rohirrim!" - Scarletta
    • Lets get another one! (open)
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  3. Slot taking: Female

    Name: Bernedette Doireann Osraige of Ossory (N’dette)

    Race: Human (Sorry, changing back to regular human, until I figure out exactly what type for the location her people are from. I've misread some things in the mist of my rush.)

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Height/Weight: About 5’ 6”, 144 lbs give or take.

    Place of residence: The small duchy of Ossory, part of Lossarnach; a dense population within the northern portion of Gondor.

    Brief description of appearance: Dark auburn hair, light blue eyes. N'dette is not a tiny little thing, she carries natural womanly curves, and toned muscles due to her brothers' relentless training. Very fair skinned, she easily burns in the sun if she's not well covered, and every now and then she's lucky enough to hold a tan. Has a few choice scars on her knees and elbows for being more rough than supple, but most of those scars have long been erased by her late mother's special essence oils that promotes rapid healing.

    Picture of character: [​IMG]

    Damascus Short Swords and Daggers of similar fashion, but smaller than swords.

    Daggerlette concept: Strong, sharp, but seems too light and delicate to be a weapon.

    She likes archery, but she's 50/50 at making a clean shot. She's very weak with a long sword.

    Two Short sword and daggers she can handle, but not the best. Her favorite weapon though is her daggerlettes, (a set of two that her father’s squire, Elric, designed for her) which is a medium sized throwing knife attached to the end of a light; yet thick metal chain. She hides the weapon in her hair, using it as a ponytail holder or whatnot; or wrapping it around her waist like a belt.

    Greatest Strength: Basic survival skills, hunting, foraging, basic melee and sword play, quick minded in major situations, creative. She’s a natural musician, playing the harpsichord, fife, and sings like a songbird.

    Greatest Weakness: Far too trusting , and far too hard-headed to consider all angles of a situation and the consequences attached to them. And one thing her father continues to thrust before her – no matter how thick, tough and hardened her outside shell might be, she’s still too soft and naive on the inside; and therefore, not suitable to anything important alone.

    Personality: For such a beautiful young lady of the lush lands of Ossory, Bernedette cannot be compared to the softness of such. She is a contradiction of the term soft, for this young lady, with the beauty, charm and grace of her late mother, Lady Siobhan McEvoy-Osraige; grew up between two rather rowdy brothers who only wanted to make sure their sister could handle her own. So, think of her as a bit of sweet, and a bit of sour.

    Douglan (19) and Eigwin (26) taught her not to hold her tongue and to strike before your opponent finds his feet. She’s learned more about life and living from her brothers than her parents. Although their father, Duke Robert Einri Osraige, the low protector of the duchy Ossory, prefers that his daughter remain soft and supple for her potential husband–to-be in the near future; he’s still proud of his daughter’s strength.

    She, of course, did not comply with his wishes to keep her sweet feminine demeanor and did all she could to participate in her brothers’ more spirited activities and tutelage around their castle. She behaves like the young lady of a duchy before other peerage and noblefolk, but feels more like herself with her toes in the mud, eating fresh grapes off the vines in the vineyard, and running around with nothing but her under dress for a nice dip in the lake.

    Eigwin’s squire, Typhis (Human - 17) and Duke Robert’s squire, Elric (Half Elf - 22), are her two best friends at home, along with Clare (16), the daughter of her personal maid, Tabitha. Bernedette is also close friends with her cousin, Annegail McEvoy (21), daughter of Duke Nennius McEvoy of Gowran, which sits just within the boarder of Ossory. Nennius is her mother's older brother.

    Her older brother Eigwin is the new mighty Strongarm in the family, bringing victory to Gondor, pride to Ossory, and prestige to his family as a high member of the royal military. Douglan has proven himself early in the royal games every year. With everyone leaving their mark upon history, it’s a shocker that N’dette holds no famous deeds under her belt. Surely, she would have proven herself somewhere in this world, but her overly-protective father have kept her away from various – opportunities, leaving her with a lack of skill in various topics worthy of notice among a society built on war and survival. All she knows is what her brothers have secretly taught her behind their father' backs.

    She asked for one request of her father, at the end of her birthday hunt with the peerage of Ossory – the fiefdoms under her father’s care. She asked if, one day, she could lead a hunt without him or her brothers to manage her. All she wished was to have Typhis and Elric to escort her instead. After many months of begging with no results, finally before the Autumn leaves began to fall, her father gave in. Lord Robert was a strict stone-hearted man at times, and only the tears of his daughter’s heart can melt him. He gave in with one warning he made her swear to – not to head to the southern acres of their family lands, for they were tainted with legends that have been proven more than once to be true.

    With just three bloodhounds, and Typhis and Elric by her side, she begins her new day with a heart full of – opportunities. Unknown to her, this day brings more than just - a good hunt.

    Writing Sample:

    Low fog continue to roll in thickly over the muted green fields before the small group of young hunters as their mounts calmly marched through the dew covered ground towards the east. Good, and safe, hunting grounds were located closer to the Kells Priory sitting alongside King’s River, only a hop away from her home of Ossory, and several miles away from the center capital of Lossarnach. Bernadette knew why her father’s allowed her to hunt there – so that her uncle Nennius could keep a keen eye on her. That was an unfair advantage; but it mattered not, because she had made other plans.

    “Lady N’dette, you gave Lord Osraige your word!”

    It was quite clear that Elric, her father's squire who was four years older than her, would be the one attempting to teach her reason. It was wise that she decided to tell him of her idea after they've left her father’s sight.

    “It’s only for a few hours. You know the southern lands have the best hunt. And besides, it’s still early. By the time we reach the cemetery it will still be mid-morning. We hunt, we rest, we return in plenty of time before the evening’s done. Father won’t be the wiser.”

    “I like it!” Squire Typhis cheered, and he would - being her only true friend at the estate. “It sure beats prancing around the Kells. There’s never any good kills there, except for a handful of rabbits. I’m tired of rabbit…”

    “My point exactly!”

    “It’s not safe…and besides, to reach the south and hunt takes a half a day there, and a half a day return. There’s no time to hunt within the time you’ve stated, unless you’re planning on camping. We have no equipment for camping…”

    No, they didn’t… That would have given her plan away. "I'm not planning a rest - to, or back."
    Elric grunted, "That's ridiculous! You're not prepped for long travel like that; a young lady of your stature…”

    “Ah, there you go! Elric,” Bernadette rousted. “I’m warning ya! I’ve told you more than once, you’re not my father. I don’t care if he’s given you the clearance to treat me like a child, and I don't care how much of 'a lady' I am! I can still ring you neck in a bout!” Her fist shook in his general direction and her horse neighed in laughter, having witnessed this threat develop into various wrestling matches on more than one occasion in the stables.

    Elric, recalling the few times she did honestly get the best of him, his eyes rose in defense, but then he blushed, “All because I am obligated to allow it, M’Lady,” giving a silly smirk and a mock bow above his horse towards her – too smitten and high on his comeback to realize that his charge had already navigated the small party into a new direction.


    Without any more arguments, for the few that helped the group pass the time were rather lengthy and easily won by the Lady or a majority ruling, the three friends finally reached the southern acres. Their timing was sharp, with only a few forced stops to water their horses and the occasional personal pit stop. The sun stood high above their heads indicating the afternoon when they trend into the Ossory Forest.

    Its thick lining of ancient trees and overgrowth underfoot made the area seem foredoomed – dark, mysteriously drenched in the old tales and myths that’s built it's lure over the years and down the generations. They had been there tons of times with a full hunting party – for various reasons: occasions for celebration or political meetings to privately agree without lots of pomp. This was the first time the young group had entered alone, without the honorable nobles tested in war to back them up if one of those old legends – happen to be true after all.

    “This was a bad idea,” Elric whispered, trying his best not to speak louder than the sounds of the forest around them. “We should turn back, Lady N’Dette. As of right now, if we do so, we’ll be back early enough for a good meal. This trick was already doomed from the start. Are you truly planning to hunt now? If we do, we won’t be back before sunset.” She ignored it all, even the underlying caution of the unknown he dared not claim with words.

    Her eyes were glued on the eerily beauty she saw before her. The woods always seem dark and scary to her during regular hunts, even when surrounded by knights. Today was no different, except for the fact that this time she was alone – in a sense. She was with her friends, whose seen battle but never participated in it. They were all good hunters, but still green to a lot of things about the techniques and principles of such. The difference that made the forest seem more picturesque, more delightfully intriguing and more acceptable to her presence was because - as of right now – it all belonged to her. She was alone within it's elements – taking the reins of her independence to prove, once and for all, that she was more than just a pretty face trained to be a high-maintenance legacy provider for some prince she’s never even met.

    Bernadette was her own woman now and she planned to prove it with her first kill.

    Typhis, her older brother's squire, moved his horse closer to her side, staring at his friend as she was lost in thought. “I’m with you, Lady N’Dette. What is your word?”

    Smiling green eyes met his, “We shall make one kill, and then return quickly. The forest spirits are with us – they will make sure that one is better than all others.”

    “I can’t do this,” Elric began to back away. “I’m sending for your father. I must!”

    “ELRIC, DON’T!”

    It was too late. He turned his horse and began a race against the sun to return to the Osraige castle quickly, as he promised his liege if Bernadette ventured too far from course. She watched him leave until there was no trace of his departure. Turning back, she knew it was now or never. If she didn’t make one worthy kill that night, her father will never let her out of his sight forever. And participation in any hunts in the future – she might as well enter a nunnery.

    “Typhis, let’s go. Keep your eyes sharp. We just need one worthy kill.”

    Typhis nodded, but hesitated, "Do - you believe in the stories told about this place?"

    "No, unless I see the proof for myself. Until then, I'm not allowing for anything to end my quest."
    With that, the two set their horses in motion as they prepared their bows. Quietly, they entered the forest and heading straight towards the old Osraige family cemetery.


    Lord Osraige’s guards found Bernadette and Typhis rather quickly, for both had had the scare of their lives and were bolting out of the forest just when the search party reached the cemetery. Both were covered in a variety of leaves, with bows held to their sides and quivers empty. When Bernadette saw her father sitting high and stern on his horse, her eyes widened, far more fearful seeing his stone face than from the spook that rushed her small party out of the forest.

    “Father…I can explain!”

    “You mean to say, you have another woven tale to entertain me and my guards again? This time, one that is spiced with sneaking out on some secret scheme to venture into forbidden locations, along with your trusty squire…”

    Typhis sat upon his horse low with his head lowered in shame. Bernadette shook her head, not intending for anyone to be punished for her poor planning. “But father, look!” She guided her horse forwards; behind him, laying on a drag-along, were two bucks of fine pedigree with horns worthy of mounting.

    Her father shook his head, “You placed lives in danger, including yours, for what? To prove something to me I already knew!?” He maneuvered his horse to the side of hers and cupped her chin with his weathered hand. “I know how fine of a hunter you are, but this place…hold dangers I don’t wish for you to run into. You should have listened. So now, you will deal with the consequences dutifully, like the lady you are.”

    “But Father!”

    “As I say!”

    His final word cut off her tongue. “As you say…”

    Encircled by the guards, Bernadette and Typhis returned home to a fitting punishment. Regardless, deep down, N’dette was determined to gain her father’s respect and pride…someday… When she reached home, one of the young maids and dear friend, Clare, rushed out with a parchment held in her hand. A Bernadette's father marched away, Clare slipped through the guards escorting Bernadette to her room.

    "N'dette, N'dette, I have a letter for you!"

    Stunned, for rarely does she gain such a gift as a letter from her distant friends....if they can recall her name. Clare handed her the letter and followed her while she read it to herself, making sure the guards did not scan the etches over her shoulder. When secure in her room, Bernadette squealed out in joy and quickly began to scrounge through her things to pack a bag.

    "Why are you so happy, N'dette? You father just punished you to your room for the entire week!"

    "Because, dear Cherub, I've got plans to make, places to go, things to see!" Twirling on her toes, she tossed clothing items about as she enthusiastically prepared. "You're not to tell anyone, but I'll be taking on this quest and making a name for myself. Don't try to talk me out of it."

    Clare attempted to do just that, but she knew her friend was far too strong-willed to listen to her good advice. Nevertheless, she promised to not speak, and together they planned another daring escape for young Bernadette.

    Supplies: Mostly, with Clare's help, she packed practically everything belonging to her she could fit in her large carpet bag; boots, a nice dress, pants, jerkin, cloak, extra blouse and unmentionables, gloves, stockings, wide brim hat, her money purse...the usual. But, she also was able to sneak away with her older brother's money pouch, a fishing rod, her barely used bow and arrows, two short swords she uses mainly when practicing, daggers and her daggerlettes, an herb pouch with some of her mother's favorite mixes and essence oils. She grabbed some food items: bread, cheese, honey, water skins, jerkys, some dried fruits, and wild boar horns (usually sanded down for seasoning). Other than that, her unique horse, Margot, and her hunting dog, Koven, who was determined to follow her even after she tied him up in the stables.

    (Travel Attire: Undershirt, Overshirt, Jerkin with leggings and ankle boots, cloak.)

    Koven (Large breed Carn Corso)

    Oh, and another little thing, unknown to her, N'dette has another tag-along.


    Elric, headed to the stables to apologize to N'dette for getting her in trouble, over heard her conversation with Clare as she packed up her horse. Realizing what she was about to do, instead of fetching her father, Elric quickly gathered his things from his room at the squire cabins behind the stables and fetched his horse. (I will probably write out a small template for him as well, but he's an NPC charrie, one that will not remain in the story for too long.) With long sword and detachable spear staffs strapped to his horse, food and cloak, and other items for a long travel, Elric tracked N'dette; keeping far from her sight, but close to her heels.

    Dialogue color: Bernadette Elric
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  4. Haha, love the giffy :D @Bolour Kardia, accepted, as long as you promise to get the rest of the CS up as soon as possible. Also, maybe choose digital art or a drawing instead? I didn't want real people, as I stated in the rules. (Even though I have nothing against Reese Witherspoon...)

    @Phi Chisym, accepted! I like her, and she seems like a worthy addition to the party. Her skills can definitely be of use.
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  5. OMG please let me be a girl I HAVE AN IDEA AND I WANT TO DO IT!!!!! and its a hobbit Idea!!!! XD
  6. (you know how hard it was to find a pic of a hobbit!!!!! and ignore the height thing! that not her height)

    (you know how hard it is to find a hobit! by the way here is the person
    Slot taking: Female
    Name:Belladonna Brockhouse of Loamsdown
    Race: Hobit
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height/Weight: 3'4 feet and
    Place of residence: the Shire
    Brief description of appearance: red hair, green eyes,
    First one is with out the jacket and then the last one on the bottom and top.
    Clothing (open)

    Weapons: None
    Other supplies: some food, a map, scarf and that it
    Greatest Strength: navigating and hiding and speaks different languages of different races
    Greatest Weakness: fighting and hand in hand combat. pretty much she weak.
    Personality: I'll just rp her because I'm a person that changes and when my personality changes so does my characters!!!!
    Back story: I'll talk about it in the rp... I have no feel in spoiling my post!!! and when its posted I'll post it here
    Writing sample: bla bla bla and oh my god there another thing bla. XD jk here you go

    Dark the stars and
    dark the moon.
    Hush the night and
    the morning loon.

    tell the horses and beat
    on your drum
    Gone their master,
    gone their son

    Dark the oceans,
    Dark the sky.
    hush the whales
    and ocean tide

    tell the salt marsh an-

    Before she could finish her song a knocked came from her door. the girl sighed and got up walking over to the door opening it to see not just a man but a Maiar at her door. "may you be Belladonna?" the girl nodded at the man and said "umm yes sure that is me. may I ask who are you." the wizerd smiled and said "Dear I am Gendalf"

    Dialogue color: Purple (any purple color just tell me which color purple I love purple ^^)

    TEHE (open)

    Look at his face V

    Sorry I have no idea wich one so I show you all ^^
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  7. Are there any girl positions left? I absolutely adore this franchise! (However, I won't be able to compose a CS until later. I'm busy this weekend. I'm returning on Sunday from a trip.)
  8. =O Ketsu you stalker! Lol jk. I'll finish my CS tmw too tired right now
  9. @Xypher: Be very afraid, darl~ (I'll stalk you forevah! Pfftt. Jk.) It was pure coincidence.
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  10. Um, just finished editing my template. I'm done...
  11. I'm not sure if a female role is opened still (I don't mind playing male if they're filled) but I would like to reserve a spot as a Woodland Elf. (Might as well claim a role before too much Elves enter the field. One of my favorites races in the series are the Elves. I couldn't resist!)
  12. From the top page, it looks like she added to more spaces for females.
  13. Ahh! So many comments!

    @Phi Chisym, how long were you planning on having Elric as an NPC? I write in the rules one charrie per person, and it wouldn't be fair if I made exceptions, despite the fact that Elric seems like a cool character.

    @Cry, accepted as long as you finish the rest of your CS as soon as possible. And no weapons? 0_0 AND I LOVE THE FREAKING LEGOLAS GIF!!!! :D

    @кετรยεкí feel free to make a girl now that a spot is open, as soon as you return from vacay of course. And I agree, elves are the best :D

    @Bolour Kardia thank you for changing the pic. Now you just have to finish up the missing bits of your CS. :)

    And @Phi Chisym is right. I added 2 more female characters, but since one is filled by @кετรยεкí there is now one left, and I will not be adding any more.
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  14. I would like to reserve the last female spot please! I'm in process of making a CS. But may be hampered a bit.
  15. @Bitterblue, go ahead! I will reserve the spot for you.
  16. Sorry about the pic I misread what you said before lol I thought it said only real life pics. I also added the strength/weakness and dialogue color to her CS. Im done with the it now I hope its okay, sorry the Bio is a lil long I kinda got caught up in it lol
  17. @Bolour Kardia, accepted. I like her bio! Really well thought out.

    @Cry, take this purple for the dialogue, because @Bolour Kardia took this purple, and you said you didn't care as long as it was purple. :)
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  18. Thank you =D I accidently put the writing sample in with the bio spoiler lol oops, I fixed it tho. Also added a pic of her dog-wolf in the sample.

    I have taken this color Its like a periwinkle its not in the purples its the one above this color so the purples are free I think
  19. YEAH thanks ^^ I had no idea what color I should Use ^^
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