The Last Book You've Read...

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  1. [​IMG]

    Meg from Ten.

    Death, despair, lovely e.e

  2. I am John Blackthrone, from:


    A British sailor who washes up on the shores of Japan during a time of civil war, converting to the Japaneese culture and becoming a Samurai and a personal friend to the Shogun.

    Yeah, I could do this.
  3. conversations with a spirit by dolores cannon.
    mostly theories about what the afterlife is like.
  4. I am Harry Potter.

    That does not need any explanation.
  5. I was reading 1984

    Oh god...
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  6. I've been reading The Dresden Files, so I'd be Harry Dresden from those. That'd make me a smart-ass wizard in modern day Chicago who works as a sort of paranormal private investigator.

    Fuck yeah.
    Oh, wow, what an unfortunate selection. :lol:
  7. rg.jpg
    Like if you know who this is
    (yes favorite character ever!!!)
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  9. I am Margot from All Summer in a Day.

  10. winston + julia 5ever. (oT-T)尸
  11. The last book I've read is The Book of Atrus, from the Myst Reader. Technically I haven't finished reading it, but close enough.

    Atrus is intelligent enough to effectively recreate [some] modern technology and beyond from whatever he could dig up in a desert, and later learns to write books that generate entire worlds.

  12. Tessa Gray from Clockwork Princess.

    Well. I get to transform and stuff. Even though I've lost my brother and one of my love interests turned into a monk and my husband died and I never age.
  13. I read "The Casual Vacancy" by J.K. Rowling. Does that make me Barry Fairbrother? In that case I'm dead before anything interesting happens :/
  14. Rand al'Thor, the Wheel of Time

    Becomes a master swordswoman, gets 3 ladies at once, becomes king of like a dozen nations, Chosen One, kwages war on the setting's version of Sauron, and has enough magic to shattter the world twice over.

  15. You forgot about the psychological trauma, worries of insanity, everyone thinking you're basically an unstable nuke that might go off at any minute, the crippling pain of some wounds that never heal, and the legions of evil things that want to kill you. It's definitely not just fun times.
  16. [​IMG]


    A witty rogue with luck so good he doesn't even have to try to be the best thief in the world.

    Yeah, that doesn't sound too bad.
  17. I Become Shadow

    I'm an uber badass that was kidnapped at 14 because I ws going to die in the future and was trained to protet future prodigies and get in a crapton of trouble.

  18. I'd be Roland Deschain. <3 My favorite badass, fictional character ever! So I'd be pretty damn happy, although not really if I was actually him. Then I'd just be sort of fascinated for a second, then back to heading to the tower!
  19. Last books I read was a series and fuck @.@ What a messed up way to live. Though...I will get a gift from Odin, so there is that.

  20. Power comes at a price. I am willing to pay this for kinky foursome of RACKS
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