The Kitten and the Horse

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  1. It all started one after noon in the mid week. It all started with one simple request. "One hot chocolate with extra marshmallows." That was the request that started it all. Momo had been working at the Dollhouse for quite some time. So had Trae. But the two never really talked to each other. Only time they talk was when Momo asked for a drink. But one afternoon, it completely changed. Momo had asked for his usual drink, the hot chocolate. But he also asked for something else. A date. Yes a date. Of course it was odd. The two never really talked beforehand, but strange enough Trae agreed. And that date turned into dates, and those dates into a relationship. The two had been blissfully dating for a month. Trae has agreed to date him in the beginning, only to make his semi ex Eric jelous. But....Who wouldn't fall for a sweetheart like Momo? Currently the two were cuddled in bed, watching movies on Netflix. Purring, the neko's tail swayed as he placed sweet tender kisses on his jawline, his hand stroking his chest.
  2. Spending hours on end as a human, it was nice to sit down in his normal form and relax next to his little kitten. With a blanket wrappedaround his back legs, and a sweater donning his upper half, Trae couldn't help but coo from the affectionate kisses he was being treated to. Cocking his neck to the side, he accepted each nip from Momo's small famgs with eager anticipation, only motioning him to stoo to change imto his human form. "Mm... Jeez, Momo, did you break into a bag of catnip or something~? You're acting so affectionate... I can't complain though..." He breathed, his hands reaching to lightly run through the neko's hair
  3. Purring he looked up at him with a smirk as he climbed into him. Entwining their hands together, he pinned him down with a giggle before leaning in to kiss him. His fluffy tail swayed behind him, as he slowly pulled away. "I just...I just love you, and I wanna show you.
  4. Entwining their legs together, he easily melted into the kiss as they laid on the animal skins beneath them. Making an entire home by hand was proof that Trae was far from weak, but he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy having the small neko on top of him. Digging his nails into the pelt, he let out a whine in protest. "I know you love me, hon... "
  5. "Mmm, but do you know how much I love you? I have to show you how much." He giggled leaning in to nip his little ears, purring as his claws extended.
  6. He moaned, his hands easily moving to wrap around Momo's waist once his hands were free to practically latch the other onto him. Letting his eyes flutter closed, they open only once noticing the claws, causing him to instantly pale. He had dealt with many nights of the other kneading his chest, and the scars proved that... though he never said a word about it.
  7. His little feline fangs nibbled on his ear as he slowly rowed his hips, grinding into the other. He didn't realize how scared the other was of his claws, since he never said a word. If he knew, he would trim them. Moaning softly, his nails knead at the bear skin under them, as he rolled his tongue over his ear.
  8. Letting out a soft hiss from the prodding claws, he shyly moved his hands down to cup the kitten's cheeks, giving them a harsh squeeze as his cheeks grew a deep red. This was why he never said anything, everything felt AMAZING but the pokes and cuts- so he easily learned to ignore and accept them. It took a lot of patience, but he grew to be used to dealing with the pain
  9. Letting out a sweet moan, the kit ten purred as his light brown eyes looked over his lover before capturing his lips once again. "I love you...." He whispered, then the phone began to ring.
  10. Groaning in annoyance, he gently pulled Momo from him to to reluctantly wander to the phone. Bringing it back to their bed, he sat criss cross with a grimace. "Okay, who the fuck is calling?" He growled, meanwhile running his hand through the neko's hair to relax him without simply snap the phone in half.
  11. "Who the hell do you think, jackass?" Hissed Eric's voice. "Your shit is in a box on my porch. Get whenever, I won't be home."

    Momo pouted, getting out of bed as he walked out the room to use the bathroom.
  12. "Jesus fucking Christ, fine. Yeah, I'll get my shit, just will you leave me alone? I have to deal with your bitchiness at work enough,"
  13. "Go fuck yourself." He hissed and hung up. Momo was in the bathroom, fixing his hair a bit.
  14. Slipping from the bed, he reluctantly cracked his hips before changing his form. "Yo, babe, can you hold the fort? I'll get my things..."
  15. Momo huffed a bit walking out the bathroom, leaning on the doorway. Biting down on his lower pouty lip, he said, "You promise to do something really special when you get back?"
  16. "Whatever you want me to," He cooed, nuzzling the other's nose with his own. "Whatever you want, I'll do. Just say the word, alright? Now be careful and stay inside, I'll be back."
  17. Purring he nipped at the other's nose gently with a purr. Smiling he nodded and pecked his lips. "Bye hon, see you when you get back."
  18. Wrapped in warm clothes, a blanket on his lower legs to keep warm, he hurried out into the cold with a sigh. He knew the forest well, having no problem, though he always was worfied for Momo
  19. Momo stayed behind of course and simply laze away in bed, like the good kitten he was. Eric waited for the other. Even though he said he wasn't home, he was, and Trae's things weren't on his porch like promised. They were in his hands as he sat in his home waiting.
  20. Havinf changed once emerging the woods by the human's aparemt, he shimmied on a pair of pants before hurrying up the steps. When he saw nothing, he groaned and knocked on the door.
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