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  1. So I had an idea floating around in my head that I'd like to RP. If anyone is interested but first let me spell out my preferences

    • At least daily posting
    • at least one paragraph
    • Well written and descriptive (grammar and spelling mistakes happen and are fine in moderation)
    • OOC Feedback and discussions to make sure we are both enjoying each other's writing style and the way the story is going

    Now it's set in modern times but tweaked a bit so that laws, countries, and ect are all made up or altered in some way if not completely changed from real life

    You RP as a single man in his late 20s who is having a very bad week. It started with the slew of mistakes at work that end in you losing your job... The bills are all piling up on top of college loans during this down period of looking for new work only to find out your old boss is sabotaging you when contacted by prospective employers. Seeing as your boss is like the "kingpin" in your career field everyone takes his word for it that you're a terrible employee not worthy of anyone's time. So you have to find a way around this or start a minimum wage entry level position despite your college degree until someone decides to give you a chance

    To make things more complicated you are contacted by an attorney who informs you that your ex girlfriend from 10 years back has just passed of brain cancer that was caught too late to correct it. She left behind two 9 year old twins, a boy and a girl which are now officially your legal responsibility as you are the biological father and there are no living relatives to take the children in her family. She also left behind a 4 year old girl, who is not yours biologically yet the father and his relatives are deceased and all as well so the responsibility falls to you to decide her fate. To live with you with you as her caretaker or to be executed... Orphanages are not a thing in this world and the creation of an institute like that is illegal. Children without caretakers are executed to prevent a life on the streets leading to drug use and crime.

    Thus under a series of unfortunate events that are incredibly convenient in the most inconvenient way, you undertake the role of father to at least your children during the hardest point in your life. Your objective is to survive, thrive, and raise your child as best you can through all the craziness of life. (And yeah it will get crazy in this oddly cruel world)

    I would roleplay as the kids and other characters in the world. I'm pretty good at doing multiple in depth characters

    Note: The main character could also be a female but it would have to be changed to where she's the aunt and the father and mother of the children pass leaving you the only living relative to take the three children
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  2. Hey, I'm interested! -waves my hand-)
  3. Hi! That's great. Just PM me a character sheet with the following...

    Former Occupation

    Your personality doesn't need to be described as you can build that over the course of the RP
  4. @Awekin hey were you still interested? I never got a PM

    Still looking for anyone else who may be interested
  5. Sorry I just never got a notification)
  6. It happens lol
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