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  1. RP
    High above the earth's galaxy cloaked as a massive black hole, is a spaceship. But not just any run of the mill ship. This was the Intergalactic School for Integrated Sentients (I.S.I.S). ISIS was where you were sent to receive the best education and discover a plethora of opportunity. It didn't matter what you were; An alien, a cyborg, an AI, or the result of an experiment, you were given the opportunity to attend.

    The average student attends the school for six years, until they are released into the world to contribute in some way or another. Each year is given a title and a badge, so that it is easier to identify them.

    First years are called Worms and a brown cloth badge is stitched into their uniforms.

    Second years are called Pods and a silver cloth badge is stitched into their uniforms.

    Third years are called Vines and they wear a cloth badge that is half silver and half gold. This represents the possibility that they may be sent back to be second years or be promoted to fourth years;
    - Third years can be promoted to fourth years if they pass the mid year exam. The highest core achievable is 200 points.
    - If they receive anything lower than 100, they are sent back to second year. If they receive 180 or higher they go to fourth year. And if they get anything between 100 and 180, they stay in third year.

    Fourth years are called Thorns and they carry silver badges.

    Fifth years are called Stones and they carry gold badges.

    And finally, Sixth years are called Boulders and do not wear badges. This is because the amount of sixth years are usually small, because students either don't make it or keep repeating years.

    But don't be concerned for these levels, because that is not where you are. You aren't even worms.

    You are the impaired.

    Students who couldn't even pass Worm rank, because they were too weak or they couldn't get a handle on their abilities. The impaired are the cyborgs that continuously malfunction and the experiments that experience terrible side effects of their creation.

    The impaired are kept in the lowest level of the ship, where no one can see them. Of course they don't remain there. When an impair manages to pass the level test, they are transported to the Worm level where they will continue their education.

    To monitor them, the headmaster had ordered that all Impaired must wear a choker, that holds a tracking and recording device in it. They are incapable of being removed unless you obtain a key, which the Headmaster keeps in his living quarters.

    Impaired Uniforms:



    Aircraft Control and Flight Training
    Science (All types)
    Languages (Alien, Computer Code and Human)
    Weapons and Fight Style Management
    Beast Taming and Control

    (The impaired receive their classes in the lowest level. They use the same three beasts for all aspects of Beast Taming and Control)

    Playable Species/Races:
    New- Humans*
    *There will be a limit on these, because I don't want too many.

    (Non human life forms)
    Cyborgs (They are either half human, half robot or they are aliens/humans with robot parts)
    Robotic AIs (Robots with artificial intelligence, they can develop the ability to feel, but usually do not.)
    Experiments (The results of scientific experiments.)

    Current Alien Races: (Available to play but others can be created.)
    The Sida - Seven foot tall, bright colored aliens who act as security guards for the school. Their speech consists of humming and light tapping. They can speak and understand English however.
    The Mitz - Beings with pupil-less eyes, large dragon like wings, covered in thick pore-less skin and ram like horns that extend from the sides of their heads.
    The Arctura - A race of shapeshifters who tend to live in seclusion from most other races. Extremely long lived and intelligent, they are powerful and boast a formidable military and thriving economy. (See Aleth's post for more information)

    NPC Species/Races
    *Part of Beast Taming and Control Class
    Robots (Non AI)
    *Molecats (Small felines with large claws for digging and mining for minerals. They meow like regular cats.)
    - Deidre is the molecat used for the Impaired. She is quite old and lazy.
    *Dogwraiths (Large dark furred dogs, with pointed muzzles, razor sharp teeth and loud screech like howls)
    - Bone Gnawer is the dogwraith used for the Impaired. He is vicious, ill tempered and continuously disobeys orders.
    *Muleroaches (Massive equines with shiny bug like shells covering their hides. They have large black pupil-less eyes and antennae. They chirp and hiss.)
    - Filthy is the muleroach use for the Impaired. He smells horrible, but he's friendly.
    The Sida: Seven foot tall, bright colored aliens who act as security guards for the school. Their speech consists of humming and light tapping. They speak and understand English but don't interact with the students very much. (Players can be a Sida)

    - No Godmodding.
    - No Mary Sues/Gary Stues or Debbie Downers (and the male version of that term)
    - Use as many character as you can handle.
    - If you're character is an alien, please be specific with the description of that race. And also accept that I will list the alien race on the first post, and others will be able to use it, if they choose.
    - Males and Females sleep in separate quarters. Even the impaired.
    - No Time lords.
    - If you use a martian I will slap you into eternity. Just kidding. You can use a martian.
    - Experiments can have 'superpowers' but limit them. Seriously.
    - Remember that all impaired have to have something wrong with them.
    - Do not eat or kill another persons character. Unless they give you permission.
    - If you join and don't post, your character will be eaten by a dogwraith.
    - Humans cannot be from Earth.

    Character Sheet:
    Age: (Or at least the age that they resemble)
    Appearance: (Picture or description)

    Cordelia/Red (Experiment) RacingTheSunrise
    Bhanu Shima (Alien) theredtazelwurm
    Victor (AI) theredtazelwurm
    Gena Blue (Cyborg) theredtazelwurm
    Neiris Tyren (Alien) Aleth
    Tom 'Hazel' Hayes (Cyborg) The_One
    Re Hïas (Alien) Ophelia
    Sreg the Stone (Alien) theredtazelwurm
    Rachel Mason (Human) ET4252
    Zen (AI) ET4252
    Theora (Alien Cyborg) Kriodine
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  2. Name:
    Most of the time her name is Cordelia, who goes by Corrie. The rest of the time her name is Red.
    Thinks she's around sixteen or seventeen.
    Standing at only about 5'3", and weighing in at around 95 lbs, Corrie's really quite small- something she detests. Her eyes are a very startling blue, especially when she stares blankly at someone for an hour or so. She has long, curly blonde hair, threaded through with caramel brown lowlights, that just touches her lower back. There are freckles dotting the surface of her pale nose, cheeks and shoulders.
    It's not so much of an ability as two lives in one. Typically, Red stays inside her head, acting as a conscience, but when Corrie is in trouble, or angry or scared, she takes control and handles the situation. However, she can only be in control for an hour at the most
    Corrie is terrible at being put under pressure. Any kind of test gives her horrible anxiety, as it triggers suppressed memories of being tested on by the scientists. So, while she has all the knowledge to pass, she fails every test.
    Cordelia is and always has been a brilliant girl. That was the reason why, when she was three years old, she was taken from her family and put in a facility where they could perform tests on her, and try to replicate that intelligence. When they figured out they couldn't, it was already too late to send Corrie back to her parents. She had seen too much, learned too much. So, instead, they started looking for another use for her.

    They found that other use when Red, the daughter of a very wealthy board leader, fell into a coma. The doctors said she would never wake up, and that the family should say goodbye. Instead, her father started looking for a way to bring her back. He discovered that, hypothetically, with technology his firm had uncovered, he could put two minds in the same body. He had planned on testing it on other people first, of course, but when Red's health started to deteriorate, he knew he had to act quickly.

    It worked for a while, and everything seemed to be going well. Corrie and Red alternated, living equal amounts of time awake. But Red wasn't completely there, a fact that started to become obvious later on. She had fits of anger when she was awake for more than a few hours, and the scientists started having to sedate her more and more often.

    After finding out that they could communicate to eachother, Corrie and Red became like sisters. All Red wanted was for Corrie to be safe- but her own life force was wearing thin. Finally, they managed to escape, and landed themselves in an orphanage. They agreed that Corrie would live her life, and that Red would only take control when she needed to.

    And then they were visited by a representative of the ISIS. The rest I'm sure you can figure out.
  3. Both of you are accepted but the way this is going, I think I might have to put a temporary hold on the experiments. xD

    Also Saryta be sure to put what alien race, your character is. ^^
  4. Just putting the outlines down. :3
    Name: Bhanu Shima
    Age: 13
    Race/Species: Alien specifically a Mizt
    Appearance: Bhanu is a petite girl with all the features of a human except for the fact that she has, pupil-less eyes, large dragon like wings, covered in thick pore-less skin and ram like horns that extend from the sides of her head. She stands at 5'4, with light reddish-brown skin, hazel almond shaped eyes, and long black hair that's usually tied in a messy braid. Her wing skin is the same color as the rest of her skin. Her horns, are curved and gray, and because their sharpness usually frightens others she paints them rainbow colors.
    Ability: Very agile and flexible. With heightened senses and strength.
    Impairment: Her physical impairments are that her wings aren't the same size, so she can't fly properly.
    Impairments pertaining to the school are that she tends to fall asleep in all of her classes, so she misses all of the lessons.
    Bio: When Mitz aliens reproduce they go through a process similar to fish. The females lays the eggs and the male does his business on top of them. The only difference is that the Mitz spend three years in their eggs and when they hatch they are in what you would call 'the toddler stage'. All Mitz go through this.
    Except for Bhanu. Bhanu's parents thought they had done everything right. They had completed all the processes, picked out names for their children, and even decorated and redecorated their rooms in preparation for their arrival. Everything was going fine, and all of the eggs were hatching, but when it came time for Bhanu to hatch, she didn't.
    She was still sleeping. Her parents figured that maybe Bhanu was a late bloomer, so they waited. And waited. And waited. And finally, they had to enlist the help of some scientists from Sector Four, and they had to forcibly hatch her. It was then revealed, that Bhanu had narcolepsy and because she had stayed in her eggs for so long, one of her wings was smaller than the other.
    Bhanu spent most of her time sleeping and eating, and her parents worried over her day and night. Until finally they decided to send her to ISIS, thinking that maybe a change of setting would interrupt her sleep sickness.
    It didn't.
    Extra: She snores extremely loud.

    Name: Victor
    Age: 16
    Race/Species: Robotic AI
    Appearance: When using his 'human' appearance, Victor is the picture of a perfect gentleman. He has sharp gray eyes, pale skin, and his blonde hair is always neat and combed to the side. Besides his school uniform, he usually wears a dress shirt, a blue blazer, khaki pants, and tennis shoes.
    In his robotic form, he resembles a sturdy looking silver robot with bright blue eyes. The only thing he wears are khaki pants.
    Ability: Knowing advanced computer code, and translating any known languages. Also he was made to cater large events, so he knows how to cook and be generally hospitable.
    Impairment: His creator gave him too much freedom, and after reading several inappropriate books and seeing equally inappropriate media, he became a foul mouthed, and rebellious AI. His creator says that his inability to obey orders is what holds him back, but really, he likes being impaired because he doesn't have much responsibility.

    Bio: Victor was created by Dallas Harrison in Sector Four of a production planet. His creation process took months upon months, so when he was finished there was a large celebration. Dallas had been creating AI's for years but they had all erred in some way, but Victor...Victor was perfect. His original purpose was to host parties and act as a butler and possibly a companion. He learned about your habits so that he could do what was best for you and recommend proper solution or different foods based on your preferred ingredients.

    Dallas' AI gained a lot of attention and soon a wealthy man from Sector 1, approached him and offered to pay him 1 million dollars if he created an AI for his young daughter. So Dallas began spending all of his time creating that AI, and unintentionally leaving Victor to his own devices. While on his own, Victor wasn't so bad, but having so much free time made him realize that he didn't want to host parties and be a butler to some old kook for the rest of his 'life'.

    Soon Victor got his hands on Dallas'...Special stash and the information from said stash, began to poison his mind. The images he saw disgusted him, and the words that he read became permanently saved to his minds' database. Dallas didn't realize what had happened until two days before, the event that would reveal the wealthy business mans' daughters' AI, when Victor made a vulgar comment about how the daughter had come to be.

    Dallas was mortified and after running some tests to see what had come over his perfect AI, he panicked when he saw the cause of the problem. Not wanting Victor to spoil his chances at getting a million dollars, he sent the AI to ISIS in hopes of him rounding out when he saw that not all living beings were as lewd and twisted as Dallas' 'special magazines and videos' were.


    Name: Gena Blue
    Age: 17
    Race/Species: Cyborg
    Appearance: Gena is a lanky girl with dark brown skin, curly red hair, blue robotic eyes and silver prosthetic finger tips.
    Ability: She's very artistic, and due to her robotic eyes, she can identify various objects listed in her minds database.
    Impairment: None. She is perfectly capable of completing the tests and has actually done so and scored very high, but her step mother continuously interferes with her life, because she doesn't want Gena to inherit the family business.
    Bio: Gena birth had extreme complications, she got stuck on the way out of her mothers womb, and so a risky operation has to be carried out to get her out, but her mother ended up dying in the middle of it. Gena was born blind and physically deformed, but instead of tossing her away and shunning her, her father accepted her and spent a lot of money so she could be 'fixed' and live a normal life.

    The only way Gena could live life as a regular girl was if she received robotic transplants in her eyes, and in her bones so that she could grown properly and straighten out. Her hands however were pretty mangled, so her finger tips were surgically removed and replaced with nimble prosthetic finger tips. All of this happened from age 1-5, so Gena didn't miss out on much. When she was released from the hospital she made friends and was living a perfect life with her father, until a typical fairy tale situation came to pass.

    She got an evil stepmother and an even eviler step brother. On her first sight her stepmother saw Gena as a threat as her father doted on her and continuously hinted that he was going to give her the company when she reached the proper adult age. However, her step mother wanted her son, to inherit it, so that they would be set for life, and suggested to Gena's father that they should attend ISIS, to prove their skill. Gena's father, thinking that the step mother simply wanted to ensure that both children were well versed in all subjects, agreed and sent the two to the school. But little did he know, the step mother had a friend at that school, a friend who had access to the test cores and he could change them so that it looked at though Gena was the fool and that the step mother's son was the genius and the best candidate for the company.

    Extra: She's usually kind and willing to make friends when approached but won't make the first move.
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  5. Hooray for rainbow horns! And evil bitchy stepmoms.
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  6. I'll work on a CS now!

    Am I allowed to add more categories to the CS like personality and other things?
  7. Of course! :3
  8. Yup. ^^ Kaethe's character sheet is still really rough; I'm going to fill her in tonight, I promise.

    Also, do you approve of Rusty's past and such?
  9. Character Sheet:

    Name: Neiris Tyren

    Age: 46 – 17 in human years. Arctura age slower than humans.

    Race/Species: Arctura.

    The Arctura are a race of shapeshifters who tend to live in seclusion from most other races. Extremely long lived and intelligent, they are powerful and boast a formidable military and thriving economy. On the outside, they are the epitome of a perfect race, living in harmony among themselves. Little do people know that they harbor a shameful secret.

    Due to a rare, genetic disorder they are sometimes born with a broken mind. It can vary from slightly unhinged to full on psychopath. Born with all the power and intelligence of a regular Arcturus but lacking their sense of reason or sanity, they are a danger to themselves and to others around them. Far too many tragedies had been caused in the past and a law was passed. Any Arctura born with the defect shall be put to death immediately. Under no circumstances are they allowed to be able to mature.


    picture (open)

    Standing at 5’9”, her lithe and graceful body is built for agility and speed. Her long, silky black hair moves as if lifted by a phantom breeze whenever she’s agitated or excited. She has golden eyes (yes I know the girl in the picture is blue eyed, ignore that.) which sometimes shift into feline ones with slit pupils. Even in her human form, her incisors are sharper and pointier than a human’s, her nails are stronger as well.

    Ability: As a shifter, she can change any part of her body to that of an animal or mythical creature, taking on their attributes. For example enhanced speed and strength, poison, that sort of thing.

    Even in her normal form, she has preternatural speed and reflexes, far greater than most races. She is also gifted with extremely fast healing which makes her difficult to kill.


    Her healing factor has a downside, as the nerve endings heal almost instantly, it prevents numbness, never dulling the pain. If subjected to continual assault for a lengthy period of time, it would cause loss of consciousness and gradual insanity even as her body heals itself.

    Personality: Nei isn’t the most stable person you’ll come across. Her sanity wavers at unpredictable moments, making her seem bi-polar. During her bouts of sanity, she can be smart and level headed, sometimes even taking on leadership qualities. However, when it is lacking..

    Don’t let her outward demeanor fool you though. She hasn’t survived this long by being an idiot. Nei is extremely observant and highly intelligent. Kept in isolation most of her life, she’s infinitely curious about the world and its inhabitants.

    Impairment: Her pendulum like sanity. It swings back and forth, sometimes getting lost in places unknown before swinging back.


    Born to a young Arctura couple whose previous attempts at bearing offspring had resulted only in the heartbreak and tragedy of stillborn children, they were overjoyed to finally have a daughter. Unfortunately, it appeared that fortune was not on their side for whichever reason as their daughter; Neiris, was born with the defect. They could not bring themselves to kill their beautiful baby girl.

    The Tyrens devised a plan to keep her safe, and more importantly hidden. Reporting that their baby was once again stillborn wouldn’t arouse any suspicions as it had already happened quite a few times. They moved to the country side where things were quieter, neighbors less nosy. Together, they devoted their time to the little girl. They loved and doted on her even as they tried to teach her the dangers of their world, the reasons for secrecy. At times, Nei seemed to understand and on others they were hard pressed to keep her contained.

    Isolated from the world, Neiris grew up without ever meeting anyone else, never seeing the outside world with her own eyes. What she knew about the ‘Outside’ was contained in holo-journals and programs. As she came more and more into her powers, her condition worsened. Her bouts of sanity becoming more and more rare. Eventually, things got too risky and they had to keep her in a medically induced coma for her own safety.

    Together they wept for their precious daughter who had done nothing to deserve such a fate. It very nearly broke their hearts as she lay there, still as death, unable to live like the other children. They made certain that she receive the knowledge she’d require, in the form of simulations and programs. The law enforcement had become stricter, even in the sleepy countryside. Years passed as Nei slumbered, unaware to her parents’ grief and turmoil.

    After much praying and discussion they had finally decided on something. It could save their daughter, but it would also mean that they would lose her forever. They had heard of ISIS, one of the best schools for sentient races, if not the best. It was rumored to be an excellent establishment. There she would be able to live without being a prisoner. Their hearts heavy with grief and a tiny bit of hope, they carefully brought her out of her coma. If it was a choice between her ensured death and parting with her forever, they could bear it knowing she would be alive and well.

    Still hazy, Nei watched her parents with confusion as they kissed her goodbye, tears streaming down their beautiful faces. “Live, my darling girl. Remember in your heart that we will always love you.”

    Her parents had managed to smuggle her onto a trading ship and secured passage to ISIS. The journey took almost a year and in that single year, Neiris got to experience more than she had in her entire life. She did of course get into more than a few scrapes but it was all sorted out, the captain managing to keep her in check with his powerful telepathy and careful instructions provided by her parents.

    She had arrived at ISIS and stayed there for almost a year now, having failed the exams by ignoring the rules and very nearly killing three of the staff. Marked as extremely dangerous, she was moved to the lower levels and kept under careful watch.


    Nei enjoys physical activities, especially combat. Combat is as natural as breathing to her. Much to her dismay though, she is constantly watched during Weapons and Combat class, almost never getting to spar with the other students.

    Surprisingly enough, Nei is a talented singer. Her choice in songs though leaves much to be desired.
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  10. Yeah, his past is fine. ^^
  11. (This seems cool, I'll make a CS for it tomorrow ^^ Gonna sleep now~)
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  12. Name: Tom 'Hazel' Hayes

    Age: Looks 17 but stopped aging due to being transformed into a cyborg.

    Race/Species: Cyborg

    Appearance: Standing at 5'11'' and with a lean build, Tom has long fine jet black charcoal hair and bright emerald eyes that seem to carry a devilish gleam behind them, as if he was up to no good. Although he isn't muscular, his height and lean build still gives him a formidable appearance. There is a lip ring on his bottom lip, he had it since he was a teenager, as proof of his resentment against authority. (Ignore the collar on his neck)
    Picture (open)
    Tom Hayes normal.jpg

    Ability: The ability to control his nano-robotic cells through neuron signals from his brain. These nanobots are highly intelligent in the sense that they can analyze any material they come into contact with and store its data within themselves, taking on the attributes of that specific material. These nanobots are powered by Tom's life energies and are essentially parasitic of him. The more Tom uses these nanobots, the more toll they will put on his body.

    Impairment: Unmotivated and with a strong desire to not step into the real world, Tom fails all his level test intentionally. He loves staying in the impaired level because of the lack of expectations others put on him and the amount of free time he has to just 'chill'.

    Bio: Growing up in his father's factory, Tom always had a love for all things machinery. He marveled at all the new inventions that came out one after another in his childhood and felt like he was destined to be a great inventor of his time. It wasn't a far fetched dream either as Tom's understanding of machines rivaled those of many leading engineers of his time even as a child. However, this dream along with his father's factory was burned to the ground when they found out that they had been back stabbed by those their family considered as close friends. Faced with bankruptcy and a burning desire to enact revenge, his father worked himself to death trying to file a law suit that ended up leading to no where. They simply did not have the funds to get all the resources they needed to win the case.

    Left with nothing but a lesson from his father's death. Tom chose a different route than what his father had done. He chose to become the messenger of vengeance himself. Seeking help from the few remaining friends in his father's circle, Tom was nominated as the new lab rat in the development of a secret cyborg unit by the rich stuck ups of the underground society. His specific purpose was to assassinate those in power that the sponsors of the project did not like. From then on, Tom's new code name was hazel since the project name was C.O.L.O.R.S. and each cyborg was assigned a different color and his personal unit number was 9. Working for those rich power hungry stuck ups of the underground society was never part of Tom's plan and he always looked for a chance to escape, and that chance came one fateful day.

    After a specific killing mission with just him and another cyborg in his unit, he escaped while the other cyborg was preoccupied and arrived at the mansions of those former friends who drove his father to death. Finally fulfilling his goal for bringing vengeance, his hands was stained red of his father's enemies blood that day. Originally, Tom planned to accept death as the other cyborgs of his unit would eventually catch up to him and kill him, but fate must have had something else planned. Just as he was about to kill the last man in the mansion to erase any witnesses, the man told Tom "Do you really want to waste your life like that working as a mindless puppet? Instead, how about starting a new life at the ISIS and maybe one day you'll be able to make yourself known to society..." Confused as he was, Tom jumped at the opportunity, for he had no where else left to go. Of course, when he promised to eventually graduate and become a good member of society, he had his fingers crossed. There was nothing left for him in the real world, and there never will be.

    Personality: Despite his past, he loves to laugh and can probably get along with anyone who enjoys laughing and can give him a good laugh. Most likely, by looking to the brighter side of things and finding something to laugh about was the only way for him to deal with the grim situations that he was put in. He loves the unknown, and is always headfirst to dive into something that might seem interesting. He's in no way shy and if someone manages to catch his interest, he will go out of his way to interact with them first. His sense of what is appropriate and what is not is highly disoriented as he lacks any respect for authority, often deliberately going out of his way to do the exact opposite of what is instructed. Because of this, he will often make a joke at someone's expense just for his own amusement even if it were to embarrass them in public, though his intentions are rather friendly when doing so. There is a childlike side to him and that is when he is dealing with any machinery, often feeling an irresistible urge to figure out how something works and even to the point of 'borrowing' them for a closer inspection when he can't figure them out right away.
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  13. Yay more players! Soo Red, when are we starting the IC?
  14. Ahahaha I love Victor's bio! An AI going bad because of porn.. You're brilliant!
  15. Hehe thanks~ And yeah we do need more players. T.T If we don't get anymore people by tomorrow then we will start immediately after that.
  16. I'm still doing this. :) Putting a char sheet together now.
  17. Sweet! :D
  18. Name: Re Hïas (pronounced Ray Hi-yass)

    Age: 17

    Race/Species: Qiran

    Although they are generally very similar to humans, Qirans are visually distinguishable by their naturally multi-toned hair, 4 arms, and brightly colored eyes. Their extra limbs and particularly nimble fingers make them skilled and efficient craftsman. As a result the Qiran's native planet, Qir, has grown to be an epicenter of production. While they seem to get along fairly well, the primary cultural divide between Qiran and humans, as well as creatures designed by humans is that Qirans do not recognize separate genders. In fact, the primary Qiran language, and official language of planet Qir, does not even contain words for man/woman, she/he, and so on. As a result, gender and sexual-based discrimination does not exist for this race. To bridge the cultural divide while living among non-Qirans, most tend to arbitrarily chose a set of pronouns to go by to make things easier for their gendered counterparts.


    Lean, flat-chested, anatomically female, coffee-toned skin, chin-length white and orange hair, bright blue eyes, four arms:


    Ability: Re is omnidextrous meaning she has equal command over each of her four arms and hands. She's also a skilled multitasker so she may have each hand doing a different task at any one time.

    Impairment: Re is driven,and certainly not dumb, but her brain seems to work differently than others. No matter how hard she studies, Re struggles in her written classes. She might know the approximate answer to a mathematical equation, but she can't pinpoint how she knows it. She might be able to foster a thriving colony of bacteria and yet still fail her biology assessment. Most explicitly, Re struggles to grasp Human language as it is so different from the Qiran language she grew up speaking. Try as she might she can't seem to test out of the impaired level, and into a level where there will be tutors available to help her.

    Bio: Re grew up on Qir, in one of it's many thriving cities. She was raised by her parents and extended family. Being in essentially the capitol of Qiran culture Re did not have to worry about the demands and differences of other species. Like most children she was raised believing she was valuable and special, a belief reinforced by the discovery of Re's rare gift of being omnidextrous. Like humans, most Qirans have a hand (or in their case, hands) stronger than the others. However, Re demonstrated from an early age the ability to use all four hands with mastery and ease. When she was 14 she was drafted by ISIS scouts interested in the special advantages her gift offered.

    Up until arriving at ISIS at the age of 15, Re had never had to worry over the concept of gender. She did not have a mother and father, she had parents. She was not attracted to boys or girls, but rather, people. However, due to housing and wardrobe complications the board demanded that Re adhere to one particular gender, despite her confused objections. In the end Re chose to be referred to as a girl.

    While she performed with ease on the physical assessments, Re struggled painfully in her written courses, to the point of being placed in the impaired class. Ashamed, Re has tried over and over to test into the worm level, and has failed in every attempt over the past two years. She does not feel she is dumb, just she that she processes information differently, perhaps as a side effect of the brain abnormality which caused her omnidextrous abilities. Her teachers, however, have not seemed to understand this and have accused her of being lazy or simple. Re continues to try in spite of this and swears that one day she will make it out of the impaired course and all the way to the Boulder level.

    Extra: Re is a skilled artist and loves creating things. She discovered she had this in common with Gena a year ago and they've been good friends ever since. Knowing how smart Gena is, Re often asks her to help by secretly tutoring her. (Hope that's okay with you, Tazelwurm).
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  19. *Squeal* I love Rei already! xD And of course its okay!
  20. Great. :) Re and Gena just seemed to be perfect best friend candidates.
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