The Guild of El'yssi (Exploration Fantasy)

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]| Sign-Ups | Main Thread |[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Guild of El'yssi[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Synopsis[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]For centuries on end, the human race has survived and evolved past the harsh realities defined by mother nature. Across this time, many species have come and gone; however, it stands true that our kind remains paramount in light of the world that we know. It is without a doubt that our finest accomplishment has been the colonization of the four continents which define the realm of El’yssi. Yet even with such feats bestowed upon our species, we remain but an insignificant speck in the grand scheme of the unknown.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Five percent.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]This is the fraction of the world that has been documented across the six great nations of the four continents.There exist thousands upon thousands of species ranging from mere bacteria to the greatest of beasts which roam our land, yet all of this remains but a meaningless feat, To some, the prospect of such triviality is a fearful thought; however, for many, the fantasy of the unknown spurs a greater sense of purpose.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Glory...Fame...Wealth...Knowledge...Decades of expeditions into the unknown have been fueled by the conflicting passions of great figures from our past. Yet in light of such differential purpose, a single emotion has remained consistent across the generations of our kind. This emotion is curiosity. It was curiosity which gave us purpose to explore the world that we now come to know; it is curiosity which spurs us back to the time of our ancestors as we wonder the origin of our kind; it is curiosity which forces us to look ahead and wonder what potential awaits us still; it is curiosity which forges the key to Pandora’s Box and lights the torch for our journey into the darkness.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Expectation[/BCOLOR]
    First and foremost, this is an advanced roleplay that requires a fine attention to detail to properly enjoy. The synopsis, above, is very light in content; however, there is a hefty set of backstory and lore coming over the course of this upcoming week. Players of this game will be expected to read and understand the history of the realm before participating the roleplay. Furthermore, players of this game will be expected to uphold standards of posts expected by a roleplay of advanced nature. If you have any questions in terms of my expectations, feel free to ask in the comments below.

    Now onto the interesting stuff. The Guilds of El'yssi is a roleplay built upon a theme of exploration. El'yssi, itself, is a fantasy continent designed with a diverse set of environments. Every region is meant to feel unique from another through variants in the human race, the flora and fauna, and the culture of the natives. Nonetheless, despite the seeming differences of the six nations which inhabit the land, the roleplay as a whole is brought together by a single organization known as the Guild.
    In an age where curiosity has spurred the population into fantastical dreams of explorative privilege and wealth, the Guild is an organization which has grown to great power in light of supplying for the seemingly infinite demand--at least for the very best. Seeking the diamonds in the roughs from countless hopefuls, the Guild is responsible for training the next generation of Venturers who will walk the unknown and bring further understanding to our world. All applicants start as just that. It is only after surviving a set of arduous trials that they are deemed official Explorers of the Guild; to which they are then tasked with years of grueling training withing the continents of El'yssi. Only the top Explorers move on to become Venturers; however, it is upon reaching such status that they are deemed as professionals in one of the three specializations known to the guild, Faunology, Florology, or Archaeology.

    For this roleplay, the story plans to follow the journey of fresh applicants as they attempt to reach the dreams set forth by their hopes and ambitions. All characters of this roleplay will start as applicants to the guild. The trials will encompass the first chapter of the story after which the next several chapters will consist of their Explorer training across the realm of El'yssi. It is after all of this is complete and Venturers are gradually seen within the cast, that journeying into the Unknown will become the primary focus of the roleplay.

    More information will come in the completed OOC, but for now, onto the races of El'yssi,.

    Race is a poor choice in terminology for the various character selections in this roleplay. All five options are of human descent; however, it is differences in their evolutionary adaption which brings unique features across the different types. An in-depth analysis of their appearances, personality, and features will come in the OOC, but for now, a quick introduction to each race is as following.
    Chitós: A clan of northern giants who reside in the cold region of Oúntra. They are strong individuals who became known for their ability to not only survive the harsh climate, but also for their knowledge of forging weapons whose quality is unmatched by the rest of El'yssi. Nonetheless, their most unique quality remains the connection they hold with the beasts of nature. All members of the Chitos clan have a lifelong, animal partner joined as part of their initiation into adulthood.

    Fytáli: These are the variant of humans who reside within the forests and jungles of the land. Having become one with the flora, the Fytali are unique in their ability to sustain themselves through photosynthesis rather than require the consumption of food. Since the Fytali are in union with nature, members of this clan often can manipulate the environment to some degree.

    Sári: Not all humans reside on land as seen by the Sari of the Okino ocean. Unlike the other races, the Sari are distinct in that two variations exist--one in the northern sea and the other in the southern. The southern Sari are known for their slim figure, scaly skin, and elegant fins which lets them easily jet through the water in search for the fish of their trade. Like the Fytali, the southern Sari are in touch with nature and excel in the manipulation of their environment. On the other hand, the northern Sari are much different. They are large in stature, plump in nature, and blubbery to the touch. If the southern Sari are known for their elegance and grace, the northern Sari are without a doubt known for the power and strength they exert upon their surroundings. The northern Sari are excellent hunters and often prey upon the largest of beasts which lurk within the depths of the frozen ocean.

    Synthi: The Synthi are considered boring in appearance. Unlike the other clans which have evolved particular features to adapt to their environment, the Synthi have remained ordinary in terms of human appearance. That being said, the Synthi are brilliant innovators and their technological advancements are unparalleled by the rest of the world. The Guild of El'yssi is located within their realm, and all applicants are required to journey to their nation in hopes of becoming the next Venturer.

    Thári: A beast is the best way to describe the Thari who prowl the savannas of their homeland, Savansi. Furry to the touch and menacing in claw and tooth, members of this clan often resemble the fauna with resides alongside of their existence. Although genius is the furthest term to describe their nature, what they lack in smarts is made up through raw strength and survivability. Hunting is their ultimate pride, and members of this clan often compete for the largest prey to best display their worth for the tribe.

    The last bit of information for this interest check has to deal with the combat in this roleplay. The following text will become more clear when the character sheet is disclosed; however, what you can plan to expect is the distribution of stat points, a character level, and the utilization of dice. In the character sheet, a triangle slider will exist with each point representing each image above. This will determine your characters orientation in terms of the Trinity Arts, the combat system of the roleplay. The Trinity Arts consist of Force arts (weapons, martial arts, etc), Mind Arts (science, understand, etc), and Spirit Arts(elemental manipulation). Different races have particular requirements in terms of their Art orientation; however, flexibility is allowed to a particular degree for your own unique character.

    Finally, feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. Although not all information has been disclosed in this interest check, the roleplay content is nearly complete in terms of lore and history. If you are sure on joining, feel free to start a character now. I can assist you with whatever information you need to know about them.
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  2. Count me in, this'll be a blast!
  3. I'll put in my tentative interest since I'm completely drawing a blank on a character idea that I like right now. .__.
  4. Things will probably come better once you can read the lore behind each race and location.
  5. Watching this space! The whole idea of exploring/discovering as well as having combat elements sounds pretty neat.

    I have a couple of questions:
    • For the combat system, is it based off the dice system of something like DnD/Pathfinder/Etc, or is it a completely new thing created by you that we'll learn as the RP starts?
    • How 'good' are our characters supposed to be from the start? Will they be rookies that have a lot more natural talent than the average rookie guildmember, or will they be average in terms of skill?
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  6. Hey Jakers, happy to see your interested in the rp.
    As for your questions, the dice system is gonna be a unique system I am developing. The formulae and what not will be revealed once I have finished them.
    In terms of character proficiency, I do not really have a limit on how good they are at something that stems from their history. For example, if your character has been a fisherman for 30 years or a martial artist for like 50 years, then its obvious they would be damn good at their trade. Guild Exploration has its own set of rules and what not, so that is stuff they will learn throughout the rp. Other elements are left to your creativity. That being said, mary/gary sues, obviously overtuned, or straight up broken characters will not be accepted.
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  7. I have added a link to the sign-ups. Right now, there is no more information that what has been disclosed here.
    Nonetheless, I will be updating it over the course of this week.
    Anything a new block of information is edited, I will post an update here for you guys to check it out.
  8. I am definitely interested in this. I love the prospect of a long-term roleplay. I'm definitely willing to commit as much as I can.
  9. Glad to have your interest!
    I look forward to seeing what character you come up with.
  10. I would love to join this! I already have a few character ideas in mind, so I'll get to building.
  11. Cool! Apart from the stats, the biggest portion of the char sheet will be personality, history, and appearance. The latter will likely have to be text based since it might be hard to find a ref. In terms of the others, ask away if you have questions about a race personality, lifestyle, etc.
  12. Another couple of questions, then I'm good to go in terms of plotting ideas:

    • Are the Sári uncomfortable on land and would much rather be in the ocean, or are they equally comfortable on both land and water? Does this depend on how they were bought up?
    • Are we allowed to use pure descriptions without a pic. for our appearance? I'm having a lot of trouble finding pictures that fit some of the character ideas I've got. Digging too deep leads me to some... unsavoury things, to say the least. Just read the post above. Just wow, myself. X)
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  13. So the Sari live in a region of El'yssi known as Okari. Okari is a unique nation in that it exists both above and underwater. Since the map is also in progress, I will try my best to explain it. Picture a continent similar to north and south america and rotate it about 45 degrees clockwise. Where the panama straight would be consists of a series of islands that run along the ocean from north to south. The Sari live on and below those islands. The below is their true home and the secrets of their nation are kept there, while the above is so they can keep in touch with the rest of the world. Nonetheless, they actively live and have homes on both. The Sari are very big traders for sea products, and they are also known for excellent ship building so they can easily keep connection and trade with the rest of the world. In terms of your latter point, it wouldn't be illogical for there to be sea purists and vice versa. That is an aspect left for your own creativity.

    Yes, I'm kinda expecting most people will describe via text rather than image. Kinda hard to find images for fairly specific criteria. Also since you seem to be expressing interest in the Sari, here is something to help you out.

    Evita and Flint

    I know the creature on the right isn't a fish, but imagine it were a blubbery sea lion or something. This is basically the comparison between the north and south Sari.
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  14. When you say "A clan of northern giants" do you mean they are literally giants? And how tall would that be in relation to the other races?

    When thinking of potential animals, should I think of your average moose or bear?

    And finally, do you have a specific format you want the character sheet in? :)
  15. Compared to ordinary humans they are larger; however, they are not towering building sized monsters. Roughly about 6.5-7.5 ft sounds like a decent range to work with. Applies to both genders.

    For now, it is fine to think of them in that way. The fauna of this world are different than reality (wouldn't be fantasy if not xD), but they are still based on realistic animals. I'd say think generally for now. For example, I would want a hawk vs a bear vs a wolf etc. More info will be coming very soon.

    The character sheet will be coming later this week. I hope to have all the information up around Thursday night or earlier with the rp actually beginning next week depending on the speed of character sheets. For now, I would focus on planning personality, appearance, and history in a separate document. Those are guaranteed to be necessary.
  16. The first update is here!
    I wasn't able to finish the race bios at this point in time; however, ALL guild information is officially complete.
    Expect to see the completed race bios sometime tomorrow night!
  17. About how long will this process take in real time from start of roleplay, to the beginning of journeying into the Unknown? What's your best guess?
  18. It really is hard to make an accurate guess since our pace is heavily determined by the speed at which we post. That being said, I anticipate several months of content before reaching the unknown. I will say that there will be a time skip later down the road as I dont plan to sit us here with no progress at all; however, I also do want proper development in terms of your characters becoming explorers.

    Regardless, from a player's perspective, everything in the Known is teeechnically "Unknown", and there is some fun, deep content along the way.
  19. Ahhh, Tsu, all of your roleplays are so interesting! ^^; Stating my interest here as well~
  20. I try my best!
    Much more interest and time spent into this project, so it has a bright future.
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