The Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast: Winter Edition!

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    In the chill winter air the sight ot the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast on the snow-dusted grass seemed straight out of a photograph. The gentle early-evening breeze was giving way to stiffer gusts as the sluggish clouds darkened. The air was heavy with the promise of snow and storm, but fortunately all the scheduled guests had arrived and were settling in.

    Noah was thrilled because of the new faces and the familiar ones who he'd been looking forward to seeing. Not just that but his best friends had arrived the night before, Marcus and Abaijah. Noah lit another candle and settled it into its hurricane glass. The host looked good in his red mohair sweater that only served to highlight his tanned skin and strong shoulders and dark hair and beard.

    At least his introductions had been made, Noah just hoped his guests would make their own to each other. Winter, at least to him, was a time of romance and closeness and potential snuggles. He thought of the slender little box he had hidden in his dresser drawer and he blushed as he straightened a wreath and plugged in the Christmas lights. Noah couldn't control the grin that spread over his features as he stared at the wreath.

    A certain guest by the name of Abaijah, who also happened to be Noah's best friend snuck up beside the man and looked at him grinning like an idiot at the wreath. “Noah... Flirting with the dead plants probably isn't the best idea, sug.” Abaijah was happy to be there, the B&B was a second or third home and it was home to Noah, who was definitely one of the more important people in his life.

    The man was substantially shorter than the statuesque Noah Thorne. Abaijah had long golden red hair that hung all the way down to his buttocks when loose as it was now, he had a little bit of facial hair going from No-Shave November. Just a touch. Abaijah rather liked it and was convinced it made him look dashing, or as dashing as a man who topped out just over five foot six could look he figured.

    Abaijah looked around the busy house and smiled to himself, he knew that this was everything that Noah could want. The adorable cook certainly didn't hurt... Abaijah was definitely impressed with Noah for snagging that cutie.

    Noah went to check on his cook, Joshua. After he'd giving Abaijah a friendly punch and a look that could melt nails of course.

    The house was full and warm and the scent of spices wafted around the halls, the hum of human companionship made the house feel just full enough. The fireplace crackled merrily in the living room. Down the snowy road was the soft purr of a motorbike that cut through the wind spluttered silence. The world, for at least a few moments was nothing but peace as it settled down for it's hibernation.
  2. [​IMG]The snow was sticking to the ground outside and from the looks of the trees swaying side to side, it was pretty windy outside as well. The ride to the B&B was exausting but being inside the house made Darren feel awhole lot better than before. Winter was his favorite time of the year mostly because of the hot chocolate and the presents that were given out. Although being in the house was much better then standing out in the brick cold.

    The room was toasty and Darren was sitting down on one of the couches. Leaning back into it he released a sigh before running his hands through his hair. Everything looked so comfty and roomy and the aroma was relaxing. Since he had already placed his suitcase in one of the rooms he figured he'd greet the people who were in the house.

    Fixing the sweater he had on and placing one hand in the pocket of his pants he walked over to greet Noah and Abaijah. As he walked down the halls looking at the pictures on the wall and the candles he found them in the kitchen. Extending his hand he smiled warmly tword the both of them. " Its a nice place you have here, Im Darren".

  3. Humming quietly to himself, Milo stretched up to hang the last of his sweaters in the closet of his newly rented room. His fingers lingered on the fabric; it was the deep blue-violet turtleneck, the one that matched his eyes. It had always been... one of his favorites, he thought, rubbing the soft knit of the sleeve against his cheek and letting his eyelashes flutter to a close. Abruptly, he sighed- a huffy little exhalation of breath- and spun on his booted heel, turning to look hands-on-hips at his empty suitcase. Well, that was all of his unpacking done; he was officially (temporarily) moved in.

    Now, moving along to the actual business at hand...

    He took a brief moment to check his appearance in the bathroom mirror, fussing with the dark curls pulled back high on his head and tugging at the hem of his frilly black skirt until he decided that yeah, he looked presentable enough, before he retrieved his notebook and pen from the nightstand and headed out. As recommended by the Green Thorne's proprietor, he locked the door to his room after him; he didn't really think any of his fellow guests would steal his stuff, but better safe than sorry, right? He was still humming- along to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock, as it happened- as he made his way toward the living room, intent on claiming a spot on one of those comfy-looking couches before he was beaten to it. With the fire going strong in the hearth (a REAL fire, even, and not one of those dumb electric ones), it was a pretty inviting venue... and the perfect place to get started on procrastinating on his novel.

    And who knew? Maybe he'd meet a guest that could give him something to work from for his latest hero. Sure, that almost never happened, but Milo wasn't about to give up hope just yet!
  4. The window seat was by far the most favorite place of a certain quiet cook. Well, at least when it came to reading. There was another location in the cozy Bed and Breakfast that he favored above all else, yes, even the kitchen, but just thinking about said location was enough to turn his cheeks a tell-tale shade of pink. The window seat was a close second though, and his go-to spot for when he wanted to curl up and read. He loved nature, having grown up in the middle of it, and he absolutely loved any and every season that the year could throw his way. Flowers and green grass and lazily waltzing treetops were pleasant to watch in the summer. Likewise, the winter had its own beauty. And right now he was watching the thin blanket of snow glistening and sparkling and a whirl of snowflakes gracefully descending like angels with a message. This all out of the corner of his eye, of course, or a once-in-a-while glance when he wasn't nose-deep in the book in his hands.

    At the moment, Joshua, and just "Joshua" because his real name was better left unmentioned, was occupying that favored window seat of his with an in-season novel. He'd started reading earlier in the evening but with all of the guests arriving and getting settled, he'd found little time to pick the book back up. Now that he did have that time, he was far too distracted with the conversations and the bustle around him.

    How funny it was that Joshua couldn't even coax himself into relaxing even while he had the time. The hors d'oeuvres were ready and set out on the dining room table; a little welcome treat coupled with hot cocoa and apple cider for the season's first guests. And he was aware that somewhere in the B&B, Noah was still decorating, no doubt with a bit of distraction from his 'friends'. An uncomfortable knot formed in Joshua's chest at that thought and with a little sigh, he turned back to his book.

    The window seat was favored for the view, but in the winter, it often got a little chilly to sit right next to the glass, so he rolled down his sleeves to better cover his chilled arms and wiggled a little on the spot to get comfortable again. As for his clothes, he was wearing a pair of faded jeans and glad that the navy blue of his fitted sweater was enough to hide the black cat hairs that only ever seemed to find their way onto his clothes.

    After reading the same line for what must have been the millionth time, he sighed again and cast his attention out the window. Was that a black shadow flitting into the woods? Probably, but he was used to them by now. He returned to his novel.

    Meanwhile, upstairs on the third floor, which just so happened to be strictly staff and owner residence, there was a certain black cat curled up on the cook's pillow. He might have looked like he was sleeping, but the truth was that cats never really did sleep like humans and silly dogs. They always had a little piece of their conscious tuned to the outside world.

    Predators, y'know?

    Regardless, this black cat was happily curled up on Joshua's pillow, one ear twitching like a satellite dish honing in on a signal.

    Too much noise and commotion. He'd make himself present later when the humans settled down because he really had no desire to have his tail stepped on.
  5. Noah gladly took the young man's hand and gave it a shake. "It's a pleasure, Darren. I'm Noah." He chuckled lightly. "Of course you knew that since I signed you in earlier." He'd been about to go chasing after his cook, the erstwhile Joshua who was somewhere in the house. Noah wondered where he was with the hunger that only came with complete and total infatuation. Like a kid with a crush. Noah smiled at Darren again. "This is Abaijah Oak... and if you'll both excuse me I need to find someone." Noah said and moved away and towards where he thought that Joshua was hiding out.

    Abaijah beamed at the handsome man named Darren. Hot damn was this entire house just full of fucking handsome men or what? Abaijah's libido really didn't know what to do with itself. Luckily Abaijah's mind was much more in control of Abaijah than his hormones. He grasped Darren's hand and gave it a shake. "Abaijah Oak, Doctor Abaijah Oak. Not medicine. I deal in ancient history." He grinned and rocked back on his heels, shoving his freckled hands into his pockets. "So, why are you here Darren? Vacation? Got a Missus somewhere?" Abaijah's voice was raspy honey and there was a soft twang that spoke of the south and fried foods and possibly overalls. Maybe even tractors.

    Noah made his way to the window seat and the little nook. He liked it too, in fact Noah was rather certain that everyone loved it and the best thing he could do was to make as many of thing as possible. Or at least install one in all the rooms. It amused him in a way, to think of a window seat in every single room... "Hey." He said and perched himself on the edge of the seat uninvited. He reached up and gently touched the book that Joshua was reading, his finger tracing along the top. "Everything looks really great... Thank you for the help, as always... You're really great at turning my drea-uh, plans into reality..."

    Outside the sound of the motorbike was growing ever closer, the steady sound of the engine in the silence of the snow covered world was loud enough to be heard. Even at some considerable distance and the shadows that flitted through the woods stared on at the rider and at his bundle. They stared and they could not touch. They could not harm. The rider was... to be spared.

    For now at least.
  6. There was a saying that went a little something like this: "Speak of the devil and he shall appear." Well, there was a saying that was very similar that Joshua had taken to believing in. "Think of Noah and he shall appear..." he muttered to himself as he caught a flash of plaid and a beard heading his way. He pretended not to notice though, because maybe he'd be spared the uncomfortable close proximity that his boss was so fond of if he could just manage to avoid eye-contact. Maybe Noah would pass him by if he didn't move. Maybe he'd be able to get through this week without all of the blood rushing to his face.


    Joshua immediately tensed a little when Noah sat down next to him, swallowing hard, gaze just about ready to burn a hole through his novel. When the other spoke, Joshua forced his nerves down and managed a soft smile, even if he kept his gaze on that same line he'd read so many times now that he could recite it word for word from memory. "Well you're the mastermind. I'm just the loyal henchman," he chuckled. "I'm your Robin."


    The image of Noah dressed as Batman flashed before his eyes and he had to stifle a laugh by feigning covering a yawn with a hand.

    He felt so uncomfortable. Noah was so close that he was catching hints of shampoo and soap and...spruce? Oh, he must have just put up the wreath. Say something else, you idiot! the little voice in the back of his head nagged. "Everyone settled? Or better yet," he said, closing the book with a dull thwap, "is there anything I can do? I know you said to relax but, well, you know me. Give me something to do, Noah, before I go insane. I can't sit still while these hands of mine could be put to good use."

    Hold on... Did that sound weird? He wasn't quite sure.
  7. The snow outside seemed to be twinkling down in an icy inferno. The wind danced with the many snow flakes, as frost climbed up the freezing windows. A gale howled at the tall white trees, while ebony shadows consumed all else. Just thinking about it all sent chills down Kyle's spine.

    Kyle was curled up in a ball by the blazing fire-real for once- careful to pull her skirt down in case of perverts. Though at this jolly bed and breakfast, with its inviting manner, she was sure there were none. Soon Kyle felt she had thawed out enough, after the cold of arriving from winters hell, so she leaped up to find somebody to talk to amongst the lively crowd around her. Kyle's hazel brown hair tumbled over her shoulders as she arose. She took a moment to inspect the crowd, which looked full of interesting characters. Not sure who to talk to first, Kyle decided to just call out, to nobody in particular "Hello, my name is Kyle, what's yours? I do like your hair!" Kyle glanced around, hoping just one person would reply, so she didn't feel awkward. Or worse, nobody replied so she looked like mad-women. Kyle decided to stick her tongue out- strangely, it had made people beleive she was addressing them in particular before. She hadn't been to any place as nice as this before though, and only afterwards Kyle realized it probably just added to the mad woman idea. At least Kyle was sure her bubbly personality could make up for it later- she was full of blind hope like that.
  8. The walk up to the Green Thorne had been a nice one. A white blanketed forest landscape, no sounds aside from the chirping of birds yet to fly south, and the soft crunching of snow under foot. That's were he wanted to be, back outside enjoying the scenery. But it wasn't the best idea at the time, by the looks of it, a snow storm would blow through soon. Yuuki had no real complaints (as he rarely ever did), the Bed and Breakfast was warm and cozy, and the newly set up decorations spread the light scent of fir and pine through the house, mixing with the subtle hint of spices wafting in the air. It was lovely, really.

    Holidays were interesting as well, the way they changed over the years, it was interesting to see. The lights, the songs, the cheer, it brought a whole new meaning to the early Winter months. In his room, he moved away from the windowsill he'd been leaning against to dig through his bag and get changed out of his heavier clothing. Once he was dressed in jeans and a snug fitting, deep brown thermal shirt with sleeves reaching to his palms, he grabbed a book he'd brought along and quietly walked downstairs to the living room. His attention flittered between the people, recognizing one to be the owner, talking to a man whose shirt seemed to be speckled with the hairs of an animal. It was hardly noticeable against the blue color of his sweater, but Yuuki had an eye for such little details. Nostalgic details....

    Dark eyes turned away as he remembered what he was in the process of doing. He helped himself to a cup of apple cider before taking a seat in a chair in the area around the fireplace. One knee crossed over the other, serving as a resting place for the open book while he sipped the delicious cider.

  9. It's been a while. A whole season separated the last time he set foot on the property. Too long. Last time, the water was in liquid form and not the icy flakes. The house was decorated and a few of the trees disappeared. It looked nice, with the bushes looking like frosted green cupcakes. Too bad the wind was getting whoreish and was blowing everything in sight. The lights had him feeling that holiday spirit and he was already in a great mood. He was home again. Actually no, that might be a bit too sentimental. He was with some family again. Yeah, that sticks. It was a good present to give, since Noah had no clue a fedora carrying a keyboard would come knocking.

    "Mine as well see if there is any hot chocolate." he whispered, holding his hat so it wouldn't fly away.

    He listened to the crunch under his feet. It gave him the necessary distraction to not focus on the cold. Rich shook as he knocked on the door. His breath fogged up the windowm as those baby blue eyes peer in to see what was going on.


    His eyes were quickly looking left to right. Jumping slightly, he brought his duffle bag up to rest on a younger shoulder.
  10. [​IMG]Darren nodded and shook Noah's hand firmly. He seemed to have his mind elsewhere and when he introduced Abaijah before saying excusing himself saying he was looking for someone in particular. He nodded and watched him walk off before turning his attention back to Abaijah. When he took his hand and gave it a gentle shake he grinned and looked at the man. He was slightly taller than the man being that he was about 6'0 tall.

    Abaijah's long red hair was something Darren couldn't get enough of. He wondered how long it took for him to be able to grow it out so long like that. When he said he was a doctor in acient history he was indeed impressed. Darren always had a thing for acient facts but he wondered if that was from watching to many action movies. " Yeah you can say i came here for vacation, i needed a place to relax and be stress free".

    The hint of an accent made Darren lean against the wall and smile once more. " Nope im a single man looking to relax and enjoy himself". He had learned to mask the heavy NewYork accent a long time ago but now and then it would always come out as if on cue". He could hear ofther people in the front chatting or carrying their belongings upstairs and he realized that it wouold be best if he'd unpack. Placing a hand on Abaijah's shoulder he looked at him. " Well im going to go unpack and settle in, ill see you around". Darren couldn't help but smile again before walking out the kitchen and upstairs to his room.
    <div style="float:right;margin-left:8pt;width:25%;height:25%;"><img src=></div>Nathaniel, or Nathan as many preferred to call him, had forsaken going to mingle with everyone else and instead went directly to his room to unpack. There would be more time later on to make introductions. Right now, what was important, was that he got himself under control. There were quite a number of extremely attractive men in the Bed & Breafast and it was quickly beginning to look like the setting for a gay porno. He'd seen quite a lot, and the prospect was getting him excited -- not that it was a good thing, in fact it was pretty dangerous for an incubus to get excited. It was dangerous for everyone else, but he would enjoy it, definitely.

    Even so, he didn't want to hurt anyone should matters get out of hand so after he had unpacked everything, he sat on the floor and began to chant a mantra that helped him keep his blood down. After about ten minutes, he was satisfactorily calmed, though he doubted it would last much longer, seeing as how he was surrounded by all those men. Either way, he steeled himself and got up and walked to the door. Moments later he was down the stairs, walking into the living room, and the midst of the fray. It would be difficult to control his hungers here, unless he could find someone to satisfy them for him.

    Looking around, he didn't see the owner. He wanted to greet the man personally first, and then meet the other guests. He wandered around for a bit and eventually found himself bumping into a long-haired not-quite-so-tall-but-still-taller-than-him-by-at-least-two-inches man. "Oh, I'm so sorry" he apologized, looking down at his feet. "I'm Nathaniel. Do you know where I can find the owner?" he continued.

  12. "Pfft."

    MIlo couldn't help it; he had to hastily stifle his laughter behind one carefully-manicured hand, clenching the end of his cream-colored sleeve in his fist to help muffle the sound. It didn't really work but so well, and his shoulders still shook with mirth despite himself. It was just that the woman sitting across from him by the fire was acting totally nuts.

    "Um. Hi. Kyle?" Abandoning his open notebook to his lap, he peered at her. Maybe she was just nervous and not very good at starting conversations? Milo could relate to that, that was for sure. At any rate, she looked nice enough, just a little goofy. "I'm Milo. I like your hair, too."

    Another guest joined them by the fire, a sharp-looking bespectacled guy toting a book in one hand and a mug of steaming cider in the other. Milo glanced at him curiously as he sat down and opened his reading material, until he realized that hey, um, it's rude to stare at people, Milo. Guiltily, he returned his attention to Kyle, folding his hands neatly on top of lined notebook paper (a preventative measure; otherwise, he was going to keep fiddling with the end of his sleeve and stretch it out of shape again) and leaning slightly forward.

    "So, um, is this your first time staying at a B&B? It's mine."
  13. [​IMG]
    I guess this is it? Haven peered out of the taxi window at the snow covered house. She was far from pleased with the snow, wind and just winter in general. Scowling a bit, she slipped on her black mittens and buttoned up her teal pea coat. The driver of the taxi was standing with her bags in the snow, a huge frown on his face as he glared at her through the window. Maybe he is cold. A smirk pulled at the corner of her lips at the thought, finding herself funnier than others would.

    "Too cold," she grumbled once she was standing out in the snow.

    Dancing from foot to foot, she fumbled through her purse to find a tip for the taxi driver who was not so subtly hinting what he wanted by stretching his hand out to her. After slapping a few dollars, along with her fare, into the driver’s hand she picked up her bags and trotted to the house, stopping on the porch.

    A man was standing at the door as if he were locked out. Are we not supposed to go in? Glancing at him from the corner of her eyes, she set her bags down and patted her hair to free the purple from white specks that had not yet melted. Haven pursed her lips, shoved her hands in her coat pockets and rocked back on her heels, allowing the silence to continue. Eventually it got entirely too cold...

    “Can’t we just walk in?” Haven asked softly, still trying to figure out what to make of this man. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind since it is kinda ball-freezing cold out."
  14. [​IMG]Renard Morelock wasn't a man who was known for being late. Expect, apparently, when there was a vacation invovled. The workaholic man had rushed to get as much done for work as he possibly could, having to be forced to leave some case files unopened on his desk. Renard couldn't help it, people's lives were always at stake and he had no life. The man sighed as he drove a little faster down the highway to the bed and breakfast--The Green Thorne--that he was already late for checking into.

    The falling snow was beautiful though, he had to take a moment to admire it when he wasn't rushing through all the details in his head. Hell he needed to call Johnson, the man would kill him slowly if he did, but that file just couldn't wait...

    About an hour late, Renard finally pulled into the parking lot of The Green Thorne. He sighed softly as he finally could let go of the steering wheel, snow was beautiful, but hell to drive in, even with his sleek black Nissan Rogue. The tall man (about 6'2") crept out of the car, dressed in a long black wool coat and blue jeans. His snow boots being decorated with the white falling ice again after having thawed out during his drive.

    He grabbed his duffle bag, and shivered. Damn it was cold out here compared to the cities! He rubbed his bare hands together, shut and locked up the car and made his way up the stairs of the B&B, his breath fogging in the air. He looked like a sleek peice of coal against the stark white snow...

    "Hey--" he smiled to the two other people standing infront of the door, "congrats--you two are no longer the latest arrivals.." he hefted the duffle bag higher on his shoulder, his brillant smile hiding how much of a nervous wreck he was.

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  15. Kyle let out a large sigh of relief when Milo replied. Kyle was terrible at starting conversations- great when in one, but Kyle just seemed to set records for the worst ways to start things. Kyle was often called bubbly by friends- but only Kyle's true friends knew this was just to hide her inner awkwardness. Paired with her spontaneous mind, and voila, perfect recipe for stupid situations like just now. Yet for once it had led to something-though Milo seemed a little distracted, since he was staring at something else. This gave Kyle plenty of time to over think Milo's reply into an alien conspiracy plot. That was Kyle's paranoia again, twisting Kyle's view of the lovely people here. When Milo asked Kyle a question in return, it took her a second to escape the madness in her mind, before she replied "Yeah, never even been to a B&B before! Um, if you don't mind old are you?" Kyle was always careful asking this, since she knew some people were very defensive about this. Kyle then noticed some paper below Milo's hands. Kyle then regretted asking so bluntly about age- the paper seemed a less touchy and more interesting topic. Too late now, Kyle would just have to get over it.
  16. My Robin? Noah considered this with a grin. "I'm alright. I just wanted to make sure you were..." He couldn't explain to Joshua that going for more than ten minutes without seeing the cook made his chest ache with worry that the man would blow out of his life as quickly as he blew in. You heard fairy tales like that. Noah was paranoid. It was getting in on the one year mark... To lose Joshua would be terrible. Noah reached up and patted the man's knee and smiled at him. "I should check on the guests... You feel free to read." Noah stood up and looked down at Joshua once more before he drifted towards the guests.


    At least until he heard the knocking at the door. He was missing a few guests yet so he supposed that it must be them or his last friend arriving. Noah smiled at everyone as he opened the door and found himself face to face with his cousin Rich.

    "Rich!" He grinned at the young man. "I didn't expect you!" He tugged Rich into a tight hug before he stole Rich's hat. "Nice hat." Noah's brown eyes drifted to the two people who were waiting to be let in as well. "Sorry about the wait. I'm Noah Thorne; your host. You must be Miss Haven and Mister Renard Morelock, yes?" He smiled at them and ushered them into the very nice and warm house that was free of the biting snow.

    "If you'll follow me, I'll show you both to your rooms at once! And you too, Rich. Can't leave family out in the cold on the holidays." Noah beamed at the entire lot of them and headed up the nearby stairs.

    Abaijah's mind was all a-whirl as the man moved away. Darren, huh? Was he flirting with me? It's been ages ... I hope so, it'd teach Ahren a lesson or something if suddenly I wasn't like his... His mind snapped out of it as he watched Darren walk out of the kitchen. The red head picked at the food and ate a few things and wondered if he really thought of himself as Ahren's helper. He belonged to everyone but himself but at least he was usually happy. Still, it's very nice for a normal man to even be nice to me. Haven knows I only get demons and other various freaks to even speak to me usually. He told himself to stop being an introspective bastard and to enjoy the food.

    Joshua really was a great cook.

    There was someone talking to him? Abaijah turned around to find himself face to face with a much younger man. Adorable and barely above jailbait. The strawberry headed man gave him a tentative smile as he the words finally man sense in his head. The man was looking for the owner. Noah. "Oh! I'm sorry. I think I saw Noah heading upstairs with some freshly arrived guests. I'm sure he'll be down soon." He gave him a smile. Abaijah couldn't help but to fidget. There was something wrong with this young man. He took a step back, his gray eyes for a moment seemed to un-focus before they narrowed thoughtfully at Nathaniel.

    "He'll be down soon..."


    Marcus had started stirring once the sun had gone down. Now the red headed vampire was getting dressed so he could go down stairs and deal with friends and those guests that Noah thought he needed. Oh and the cook. Marcus didn't like him. Oh, Abaijah liked the boy but Marcus, Marcus didn't at all. Joshua thought that the cook was too... perfect. If Marcus had his own blood it would have raced but since he was a walking and talking corpse powered by the foulest of unholy magics (at least in his own mind) it didn't.

    A quick wash of his face and he used the rest of the water to wet down his hair and brush it into some sort of semblance of order and the short haired man was quickly stepping out of his room. Goody, Noah was bringing up more people. Marcus put on a friendly smile and waved at them with one pale hand and continued on his way.

    He wasn't nervous. Or jealous. No sir. No.


  17. [​IMG]Darren went upstairs and started unpacking all of the items that were in his two duffle bags he had brought with him. The first one was filled with clothes and items to wear. He placed thoes and the drawers and when he was finished he placed the bag on the far side of the bed. The second bag contained his two books in case he was in the mood tom read which he placed on the dresser and some other small items that he had deemed useful for the trip. He was honestly relived that he was away from home, work and everything that was stressfull.

    The place itself was just so calming that he knew he'd hate when he have to leave. Darren placed the second duffle bag against the wall and then pulled off his shirt and pants throwing on some sweats and a tanktop. Just something that he'd be more comfortable in and since everyone was setteled in he'd just meet everyone. Abaijah was nice and he had to admit he was cute with the slight accent. He had already ment the owner Noah so now meeting the rest was what he wanted to accomplish.

    After looking over the room once more he walked down the stairs looking around at noone in particular. Walking back into the kitchen he grabbed a small cup of cider and took a few sips before walking back out and heading into the livingroom. He was some what bored and decided that he'd look around for Abajiah. Darren enjoyed his company and figured he look for him.
  18. It had been months since Patrick Arlin's car had broken down in the forest outside the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast, and now he was speeding through that forest again, navigating the curvy road as quickly as possible in his new used car. He didn't want to give himself time to think about where he was and what he was doing. That last time... He'd been so spooked. He still wasn't really sure what happened, but strange things had happened the entire time he'd spent at that place. Why was he coming back?

    He knew why he was coming back, though. Noah Thorne, the proprietor, had noticed his... crush... on Charlotte Gregor, and had somehow found Patrick's address of all things to write him a letter letting him know she'd be back, and Patrick was also welcome for the winter season. So Patrick packed up, moved out of the room he'd been subletting, and started driving.

    Bringing him... here. To the already-packed driveway. Probably lots of rich people. Patrick mentally counted the money he'd saved up working odd jobs again. He hoped it was enough to pay for a few days. He'd sold his car last time to pay Noah, and then hitchhiked out of town. Thinking he would never be back. And now he was.

    Patrick took a deep breath, then another, then turned off his car, grabbed his bag, got out, and walked to the porch. He took another deep breath, then opened the door and walked in. He could hear the low rustle of people walking around and getting settled. He wondered who beside Lotte he might recognize, and if the cook was anywhere to be found. Rather than calling for someone, Pat decided to scope out the kitchen and see if he could find Joshua. He could use a friendly face. "Hey, Joshua, you around, or are you helping guests?" he called on the way in. "It's Patrick, from the summer. I got an invitation to come back for a while." He didn't say, nor need to, what he was wondering: whether Lotte had checked in yet.
  19. Renard looked up when the door opened, a smile on his face when he saw the door open. A handsome faced man met his eyes, he must be the owner. "Yes--I am Renard Morelock--please just call me Renard." he offered his hand to Noah and stepped inside the lovely, cozy, warm home.

    Renard looked around, this place looked gorgeous! He smiled as he took off coat and shoes so as not to track snow all over this beautiful house, "You must be Mr. Thorne--the owner?" He asked as he picked up his duffle bag again, "A gorgeous place you have here."

    Oh yeah, that fireplace was being checked out later. What in God's name was he going to do with all this time off?? He'd have to get to his room and force himself to relax once and awhile, he knew for certain that his boss made sure this place was out of cell phone reach from the office...

    "Thank you--" he said as he followed Noah up the stairs to where their rooms would be, the woman with them had the most vibrant hair color he had seen in a long time. Well done too.

    "So, How long have you been running this place, Mr. Thorne?" He asked conversationally.
  20. Noah's hand was on his knee...

    Oh dear god, Noah's hand was on his knee!

    Surely his face was a noticeable pink by now, but if the boss noticed, he certainly wasn't letting it show. Joshua's eyes narrowed down at the hand, though it probably wasn't necessary because said hand left as quickly as it'd come, leaving a cool spot where'd it been sitting.

    Noah was always so warm. He didn't know why, but that thought always left a painful ache in Joshua's chest. Something about them, about himself and Noah, was very different and he couldn't put his finger on it...

    "But..." No use in protesting; the bearded boss was already gone again, heading for the door. Joshua sighed and immediately considered his options. There was no way he was going to just sit there and relax, especially when Noah was working. So he swung his legs over the edge of the window seat, socked feet touching hardwood floor a moment while he tossed his book down by the window. Then he was up on his feet and drifting toward the table to check on the status of the snacks.

    His heart sunk a little when he noted that there was still lots left, not because he was thinking no one liked his cooking, but because he'd been hoping for something to do besides mingling with the guests.

    Being social had never been his thing. That was Noah's area of expertise! So with nothing to save him from socializing out in the living/dining room, the cook snatched up a mug full of apple cider and slipped into the kitchen.

    On the way there though, he caught sight of the new guests and was glad to see Rich among them. It was a surprise visit of course, but Joshua was glad to see a familiar face in a sea of strangers, even if it was only for a brief second. While Noah headed upstairs with his little group, Joshua leaned back against the kitchen counter and stirred his cider with the cinnamon stick. He would have jumped like a startled cat at the sudden voice if there hadn't been several conversations going on outside the kitchen and noises upstairs.

    "Pat! You made it!" he said with a grin, setting his drink down to help the man with his luggage. "The boss'll be glad too," he added, effortlessly hoisting the bag up with one hand. "Let's get you settled okay? Then you and I can be awkward around all of those strangers out there."

    He gestured with his head for Patrick to follow, leading him out of the kitchen again and toward the stairs. "Oh, and you should already know that I never help the guests. I just feed them," he joked.

    Although the black cat curled up on the cook's pillow seemed like he was sleeping, he was really keeping one ear tuned to the commotion downstairs. That one ear would swivel back and forth, twitching in different directions like a satellite dish honing in on a signal. And only when he heard that bearded guy's voice and the stairs creak did the cat's head pop up.

    He seemed to be staring at the wall, but really he was listening very carefully to Noah, as Joshua called him when the cook mumbled around him in his sleep, and picking up on the other's voices. Curiosity got the better of that cat and he lifted to his feet so effortlessly and smoothly that he seemed more like black silk flowing in a breeze.

    Tail and back arched, standing on tip-toes, the cat stretched in a very feline manner before soundlessly dropping to the floor and nudging his way through the crack between the door and the frame. Down the hall he trotted, tail lifted high not from pride or snootiness but because he was young and full of energy.

    That shadow of a cat slunk down the stairs connecting the third floor to the second and settled on the very last one, tail curled around his feet. And pink eyes gazed down the hallway at the three people Noah had brought with him. A girl with a beautiful shade of hair, a man with a stylish fedora, and another with a skincolor that had the cat thinking of delicious milk chocolate.

    He still remembered the first time he'd tasted chocolate. ██-sama had bought him some from a candy shop in Osaka many, many seasons ago...

    No! He wasn't supposed to be thinking about that man! He was still mad!

    Some of his demon aura might have leaked down the hall at that moment of weakness, probably making those guests very uncomfortable and aware of his presence. His tail flicked and twitched with annoyance, but he remained on the step, staring down the corridor at them all.

    He supposed he should make himself known downstairs soon. It sounded as though people were starting to settle and there would be less of a chance of having his precious tail trampled. Besides, it was due time he play the part of Joshua's shadow and wait for his chance to steal the cook's comfy lap all to himself.