The Girl, the Yokai, and the Promise

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  1. The sun was beginning to set as Yukina was finishing up her final chores at the Shiro Temple. She was sweeping the steps up to the shrine, humming to herself a small song she heard one of the children singing earlier. The day went by pretty fast. For a Saturday, the temple was relatively low on guests. She blamed that on the fact that finals were coming up soon and, hopefully, most of the students were studying. Yukina didn't mind though. Your usual guest came to visit though; tourist, families, and the ones that Yukina hated the most, couples. She hated giving young couples their fortunes. They would always play the game of “Oh, your fortune reads Good for Love. That must mean we were destined to be together forever!”. It made her sick. Love never lasted forever. Love was a lust driven emotion that couple use as an excuse to keep the other around until another eligible mate came along. That's what happened to her parents, it's no different in every relationship. Yukina preferred to be alone anyways. She was never one for that mushy gushy love stuff. There was one highlight of the day though. Every other Saturday, the temple had a day where some of the children around the area came to learned more about the temple. Yukina loved children. She loved helping them draw and write fortunes. Their big smiles always made her heart feel light and full of joy. It made dealing with the love birds more manageable. She let out a small sigh and stretched her arms above her head. Though the day went by fast, she was worn out. She propped the broom on one of the pillars next the to shrine. Before she headed in for the night, she always prayed at the shrine for good fortune. Pulling out the ribbon that held her hair in a ponytail, she shook her long black hair free. She folded her hands and took a deep breath. She prayed the prayer for the past four years. “I wish for peace and a good life....” she whispered and she let out the breath. Feeling gratified and ready to turn in, she turn, grabbed her broom, and started to head down the steps, towards the temple's gates to close it down for the night. She gaze up at the trees as she walked. They were about to bud and soon bloom into beautiful sakura blossoms.....

    Before she could get to the gate, something stopped her dead in her track. There was a man standing in the sando, wearing a long jacket and baseball cap. He seemed familiar but she couldn't tell from this far away. “Hello?” she called out to him. “I'm sorry but the temple is closed for the day....You can come back tomorrow.” She taking a few steps towards the man. He didn't move an inch. “Excuse me? Hello? I said the temple is close...” she repeated, but as she came closer, she started to realize why she recognized him. For the past few days, she had the feeling that someone was following her. Once or twice she has caught a man that looked like him but she just wrote it off as a coincidence. Now it was getting a little too weird. “Listen, I don't know who you are, but can you please leave me alone? It's staring to scare me. Do you need something?” she said, tightening her grip on her broom. Suddenly the man moved, more like squirmed. His frame began to shift. He suddenly went from on two legs, to on all fours. Yukina could hear bones cracking and moving. She let out a small yelp as two more pairs of legs sprouted out the sides of his jacket. He head snapped up and for the first time, Yukina saw his face. Eight large bug like eyes stared at her and drool seeped out of a pair of pincher where his mouth should be. She lets out a scream and pitched the broom at the monster. Not taking the chance to see if it harmed the creature, she head back to the prayer hall. But before she could get half way up the stairs, she was hit by something large, knocking her down and pinning her to the stairs. She gasped for air as she was spun around to be on her back. She was now face to face with the creature. Drool from his mouth splashed on her face as it began to talk.

    I can't take it anymore. You's so.....deeeeelicious. You may not be of age yet but I don't care. Maybe it won't even matter. Shensei flesh is still Shensei flesh” he said giving a hideous laugh. Yukina's eyes grew wide and she started to struggle. “Ah, now now, the more you move, the worst this will be...” he chuckled. He started to lower his mouth towards her face. me....” Yukina shouted hoping that someone....anyone....would hear her.....
  2. The usual was going on in the Yamato household, most of the idiotic members were arguing about who was the strongest which would then turn into an all about brawl as Kazuma sat on his seat with a sigh. Really, sometimes it seemed like he was leading a bunch of pups instead of harden warriors who had fought many battles against his and his...father's side. Thinking about the old wolf ,his sire, worsened his mood which caused the oxygen level to drop slightly as wind tore through their home until it stopped and became the shape of a raging storm behind him. "Silence! Now is not the time for you all to be acting like fools, is this really the time to play around after the causalities we've suffered?" He would ask them while glaring at each member who had been roughhousing. His advisor ,Riou, rose up from his hair and shook his head before lowering to the ground, after him the others did the same and Kazuma's head was the only still raised, "Good...I'll over look everything. Go get some food in your bellies you louts." The young man would chuckle and making a shooing gesture with his hands as his friends got up ,laughing, and left the central room. Seeing how he was the only one left now he sat there in silence while he stared at the picture of his father and brothers that now hung in the room with all the clan's greatest warriors. "Your sacrifice will not be in vain.." Mumbling, he would rise up from his chair then walk over to the sliding doors ,open it, and then close it behind him once he had left. The sun was finally starting to set and he had a feeling that a nice night would soon be upon him so why not go out and enjoy his free time while the others were eating? He was a bit hungry but he could probably just get something, maybe ramen or perhaps something from a convenience store if he felt like it; he had been in one a few times and each time they had something new for him to try which was always exciting for him. He hadn't been at the Shiro Temple for a while and the caretaker there had told him their sakura blossoms were starting to bud so he figured that would be the best place to check there first and ,besides, it smelt like some low life yokai probably trying to stake take over his territory or attack the temple. "That isn't going to fly, that where I met her." Growling, he launched off with his foot then started to turn in the direction of the Shiro Temple.

    Now it seemed like such a stupid idea for him to live so far away from the temple, even though his home was in the heart of his territory, it was still quite a bit always on foot. And he didn't feel like using his powers just to travel so instead, he felt himself change until he was now a good foot shorter than usual with four legs, a tail, and furry body; he'd see how long it would take in his regular form. But he didn't like what he was sensing at the temple because he could detect that another yokai, the same one he sensed before, had also taken their yokai form and was probably attacking someone or something. Snarling, he could feel the wind whip around him and push him from behind as he focused to give himself even more speed and a nice boost too as he dodged tree after tree and jumped over a log or rock jutting from the ground. "I'll make it in time, that man said I was the temple's protector and I'm not going to let him down nor allow another yokai to desecrate her favorite place!" Slamming his paws into the ground and sending even more strength into his legs, the young wolf yokai was traveling at such a fast rate that his surroundings was nothign but as blur as he blazed through the path. Then he barreled through the forest and that's when he could make out the back of the Shiro Temple, that was good for him which meant he could launch a sneak attack and take this foe of his by surprise. His pace slowed while he raised his nose into the air and took a great inhale, causing him to snort disdainfully at it and shake his head- it was definitely a low yokai and so low it was considered nothing but an annoyance and a nuisance. His running turned into a trot as another ,sweeter, scent hit his nose as he passed the building along with hearing two voices which caused his eyes to widen.

    "I can't take it anymore. You's so.....deeeeelicious. You may not be of age yet but I don't care. Maybe it won't even matter. Shensei flesh is still Shensei flesh" Then he heard laugher. "Ah, now now, the more you move, the worst this will be..."

    " me...."

    Changing back to his human form, he walked to the top of the stairs as his fiercely glowing ,garnet colored, eyes glared at the yokai and he snarled. "Oi...what do you think you're doing to my bride?" His voice was cold and deadly as the wind whipped around the three before moving to form manifest itself beside Kazuma. "No one is going to touch or eat her."
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  3. The giant spider stop his descent on Yukina. He turned to look at the man who disturbed his meal. Yukina let out a big breath of air. Thank God and every kami in the world, someone came. His wording was a little weird. What did he mean 'my bride'? Who was it? Yukina started to turn her head to see, but the body of the creature blocked her view. The spider lifted his large thorax off her chest, but continued to stand over her.

    "Ah, there he is. I thought I sense another yokai around." the spider made a few clicks as he examined him the man in front of him. "I suggest you back off. The Shensei will be mine this time and no one will stop me. The tsuchigumo will be victorious and rule over all yokai!" he said giving another sickening laugh. Yukina's eyes started to burn and a hot liquid moved down her face. She could see from the corner of her eye that it was red. She must have hit her head pretty hard when the spider tackled her into the stairs. A million questions filled her mind. What was going on? Who was this? Who was saving her? The word of the spider suddenly sunk in. Tsuchigumo? Yokai? Those were characters that were in Japanese folklore stories that she told the children. Just stories...right? The question dazed her and the bleeding from her head made her feel light headed. She was still underneath the spider and was afraid if she tried to escape, she would be in terrible danger. So the best bet was to wait to see if the man could save her.

    "Please help!" Yukina shouted and spider slammed into her again with his body causing her to let out another yelp in pain.

    "Shut up!" he said looking down before looking back at the man, "Ah, can you smell that blood. It's ssssssssssssssoooooooooo mouth watering.....So, wolf, what are going to do? Walk away and I may give you a little bit of leg. Might give you just the boost you need..." He clacked, his pinches clicking.....
  4. Kazuma crossed both arms over his chest as he looked down at the girl the tsuchigumo had pinned down and his eyes widened when the scent once again hit his nose. It was her and he could feel every fiber of his being roar in agitation at seeing the lowly pest of a yokai holding her down. His anger was starting to rise and boil and in response his eyes glowed brighter while the winds behind him picked up in strength and ferocity. "It wasn't too hard to find you, your presence is so weak and your smell so foul I just had to follow my nose." The wolf would reply as he turned his attention back to the spider. " will be the one to back off ,pest, this land is Okami terrority and I act as this shrine's protective spirit along with the clan's head. Your kind be victorious and rule over us other yokai? Your kind is so pathetic you don't make good training dummies even for pups." He would retort in disdain and flash his fangs briefly at the spider. The Okami hated yokai like this who sought power to rule of the others when they were simply weaklings, and he especially hated those who entered his territory unannounced.

    Hearing the scream for help caused both arms to pull away from his chest and for him to take one step towards them. His canines and finger nails grew longer along with a pair of ears and a tail to appear when the spider slammed her down and he heard her sound of pain.

    Kazuma let out another growl as his eyes met the spider's which was a warning not to do that again or else. The smell of blood hit his nose and he snorted disdainfully, "I care not for the smell of her blood nor to consume her flesh. think I need a boost do you, I guess I should show you the difference between you and me." Once those words left his mouth,the majoirty of his power he kept hiddened started to leak out as the winds howled with glee and buffered against the spider. "Why don't you let her go and see if you can take on a true yokai?"
  5. The spider backed up a little, letting Yukina gasp for air. "Ha, you think that a little show of power is going to frighten me? If that is what you wish." he said, stepping over her and towards the young wolf......

    Once the spider was off of her, Yukina rolled to her side, coughing and moaning. She was going to be sore in the morning, that was for sure. Sitting up, she checked herself for any more injuries. Besides a few bruises and the small bleeding cut on her forehead, she was going to live. She kept taking deep breaths and trying to regain a regular breathing pattern after the spider knock it out of her twice. It took her a minute to realize how crazy that sounded. A giant spider? How the hell did a giant spider attack her? And why? He said something about eating her flesh. The stories often told about yokai eating the flesh of humans, but why wait so long to attack her? And why just her? It then dawned on her that there was someone else here and they just drew the attention of the big spider. She quickly turned around to look at her rescuer. A gust of wind hit her in the face, so she had to squint. He looked like a normal man. She then saw the claws, teeth and glowing eyes. Her eyes grew wide. Was he a monster too? She made a move to run, but the pain in her head and sheer shock of it all kept her there....

    The spider crept closer toward the wolf, poised to attack. "You know, after I kill you, maybe I won't eat her. I'll take her home and wait until she is of age and marry her. That way, I can take her in away I want and then, after a few children, I feed her to the rest of my clan....."
  6. The wolf chuckled and noticed how the spider backed up, his words were high and mighty and yet his body backed away from him. "Oh, I hope just this little display wouldn't scare you off. I'd hate for you to run off so soon before I got the chance to spill your blood for touching her." He replied and also took a step closer.

    Out of the corner of Kazuma's eye, he would watch the girl rolled away and smirk softly. Even after getting slammed down she still seemed in good health which was good but he was still going to kill this spider for laying its grubby ,little, legs on her. He wasn't going to let any yokai get away with touching her and especially not after saying she was going to be consumed by them, there was no way something else precious to him was going to be lost. That was not something he would go through again and she was definitely not someone he would lose without a fight, they made that promise and there was no way in hell he was going to let some spider take her from him. She was his and no one else's. That's when he realized she was looking his way and he turned his head to look at her and his eyes softened for a moment and he smiled at her before turning back to normal once his gaze was back on his foe. The wind around them, died down and instead moved to whip around and howl around the young wolf as his tail flicked with excitement. He wondered how long this foe would last him, probably about a few minutes and wouldn't be worth the effort but he messed with Yukina and that bug was going to pay.

    He brandished his claws at the spider but stayed in the same spot as it neared, unknown to his foe that wind was building around Kazuma's feet. Then his eyes widened and the winds howled in outrage as his teeth clenched and another growl resonated from his throat. "I won't let you, she's been destined to be my bride after I made that promise to her! You'll die before you touch her again!" Pushing off with his right foot, the wolf launched himself at the spider while sweeping his claws at the spider's chest where its heart would be. If he could hit that spot it would be all over for the bug.
  7. Yukina was taken back a little. Did the guy at me? The spider snickered as he saw how angry he had made the wolf. "Then come on!" he shouted as he leapt at him. The leap was a bit of a bad idea, since it put in the perfect place for the wolf's attack. Realizing it at the last minute, he curve away, still get most of the hit. The spider yelled in pain. It landed behind the wolf, staggered from the wound. It turned back to him. "You think you can land one hit and get the best of me." the spider coughed, spiting up a little blood. "You win this time, you dog. But mark my words, I will be back with friends and I will take her and devour her...." He let out a small hiss and scampered off into the forest....

    Yukina let out a small sigh. One monster was gone and thankfully it was the one that wanted to kill her. Her heart was pounding in fear, even though the eminent threat was gone. The other was still here, now with blood all over him. Yukina scooted back a little. Was he now going to come after her? She then thought about what he said to the spider. Did he said he promised her? What did he mean by that? Yukina slowly stood up, still shaking. She took a few steps back, hoping he wouldn't notice her and keep his attention on the escaping spider....
  8. Kazuma landed gracefully on his feet and the winds died down once the spider had landed too and he turned to face his opponent with a cold ,staid, look. He was impressed how the spider dodged at the last minute to avoid the blow would have given the wolf his chance to kill him, but still he was unimpressed by the fight itself. The yell of its pain was nice and glancing down at the blood lining his hands and claws, he found flick them and splatter blood onto the grass. "Even your blood reeks." He sighed before looking back up. "No, I simply wanted to spill your blood and make an example. To show you're not so tough as you think you are." Smirking when the spider coughed up blood. Then he snorted and his tail flicked agitatedly, leave it to the weaklings to run when they were beat. "Bring your friends, I'll tear them to shreds." He whispered before turning to face Yukina.

    Seeing her up and taking a few steps away he chuckled as his claws and teeth retracted and his ears and tail did too while his eyes dimmed back down to their usual state. "Really, is that how to thank the person that saved your life. Though that was the same reaction you had back when we were kids and I saved you." He would walk towards her but from his body language it was apparent that he wasn't going to try harming her and then suddenly he was a few inches away from her. "And instead of your hand bleeding, this time it's your head." The wolf would tear off the sleeve of his shirt and ball it up before carefully dabbing it ,gently, around and on her cut to soak of the blood. "It's about time you finally came back, do you know how long I've been waiting since we made that promise when you told me you had to stop coming because your parent's were divorcing? You really took your time."
  9. Yukina flinched when the man approached her and press the cloth to her head. What was he saying? How did he know about her parents? He did seem familiar but she had no idea who he was. He said they met before and that he saved her. The only person she could think of was that kid from a long time ago. But that was just her imaginary friend....right? She thought he was real for the longest time, back in middle school, but soon realized that her mother was right when she came here and never found. Besides, that was a long time ago. Yukina blinked a few times. She reached up and little pushed his hand away from her head "I-uh....thank you....I guess...." she said glancing at the ground. She crossed her arms to almost to hug herself. "I'm sorry. But I have no idea what you are talking about. I been working here for almost four years now and I don't really remember you or making you a promise of any sort. And I really don't know how you know about my parents, but it's kind scarring me." She looked over to the gate. "I mean, I am very thankful that you saved me from whatever that was. Don't get me wrong. But I am still not sure what you are and....I mean..." she sighed "I guess I am just a little confused and that maybe I just hit my head a little too hard on the stairs. But I think I really should get out of my uniform and just go home..." She took a few steps back and looked back him. "Seriously though, thank you, but it may be the best we don't talk again...."
  10. Kazuma frowned slightly when she flinched but continued to clean her injury. He wasn't surprised with the way she was acting, after all, she had just been attacked by a giant spider and then he appeared out of no where and attacked her assailant. That would be a shock and a lot to take in for a human, no doubt she was trying to piece together what happened. When they were younger there was no way he was going to let another mortal expect for Yukina and her uncle now about his existence, not anyone could handle the knowledge of them being real and could cause pandemonium to ensue. When she pushed his hand away, the wolf huffed before tearing off his other shirt sleeve to match then allowed the wind to carry the two pieces away. "After almost ten years of waiting and saving your life again that's what I get 'thank you, I guess'? Yeah, you're definitely Yukina Tanaka alright." He replied while rolling his eyes and crossing both arms over his chest while sighing. "This was when we were kids and you were incredibly clumsy, what did you honestly think I was just some figment of your imagination? Real nice to know, glad to know my first friend thought so much of me. I know about your parents because you told me what was happening the day before you left the shrine, did you honestly think so little of our time together?" The wolf's eyes were pull of pain but it quickly disappeared and he smiled at her like it didn't hurt, right now he just needed to seem okay. Then he cocked his head ,curiously, to the side almost like a puppy as he listened to her. "It's simple really, I'm a Okami Yokai. And your probably thing either you're going crazy or you hallucinating aren't you? I hate to break it to you but you're not, you are completely sane."

    When she talked about heading home and for him that they didn't talk again, the pain appeared in his eyes again but quickly disappeared. "It's just like all those years ago, once again you're leaving and no doubt will forget about me and move on." He faked a grin like it was not a problem. "I'll give you a few days to think about it, but I'm not letting you get away from me again. On your way home try your best to stay in fully lighted areas full of people okay? I need to make a round and check if any others are around, you should be happy to know with the help of you uncle, I've been the Shiro Temple's protective spirit." Turning away from her, he raised a hand up as he walked towards another part of the forest. "I'll see you in three days, Yukiew..." He chuckled, maybe by saying her old nickname he used to after that incident when she feel into a muddy ,algae, infested lake would jog her memory.
  11. Yukina looked away as he ranting about his waiting. He couldn't be her old friend. She decided to grow out of that a long time ago. There was no such person. And everything he was She just need to go home and sleep. This was all a dream and she was going to wake up tomorrow and it will all be over. She rolled her eyes when he said he would come back for her in a few days. Could he not catch the hint? She turned away from him as he walked away towards the forest. When he called by her nickname from her childhood, she turned around quickly to say something. But her cold heart stop her from doing so. Her eyes became glare and she muttered to herself

    "You are not the only one who waited....."

    Yukina made her way over the charm shop, where she kept her street clothing. She quickly changed and pulled out her pocket mirror. Poking at the wound on her forehead, she winched while she cleaned it. It was a small cut, nothing too serious. It wasn't even gong to leave a scar. Her head ache was still there but a good night of sleep would clear it right up. She quickly bandage it, gathered her things and headed out. She didn't live that far from the temple. It made it easier for her to work there. She could go to school, go back home, drop off her things, and head to the temple without delaying too long. When she entered her apartment, she threw her purse and wander over to her couch. She collapsed onto it and let out a deep sigh. She was thankful that she didn't have to work the next day. She was hoping to go out and buy a few things, but it seem like a better idea to stay inside. She didn't bother turning on the tv or go change into sleeping-wear. She just laid there thinking of what happened and the boy from her past.....
  12. Once he entered the forest the first priority in his mind was to go the way his foe had and see if the bastard had truly left, going into a jog he followed the scent of blood along with the sighs he saw until the wolf reached the edge of his territory and nodded in satisfaction. The bug wouldn't be back for awhile so hopefully that would give Kazuma enough to get Yukina to believe and realize he was real and that he was going to make good on his promise to marry her. There were a mix of emotions swirling around on the inside but he wore a smile as the winds picked him up and swept the young clan head around the rest of his territory to make the process faster, no doubt everyone would be wondering where he was. Chuckling, he talked aloud to the winds.

    "I'm happy after all this time I got to see you, Yukina, you've really grown. But you're still shorter then me."

    "You what?! Kazuma you got into a fight with lower yokai-don't you interrupt me you idiot. Didn't I tell you to leave the ridding of vermin of our territory was the others job, what was your reason?"
    His advisor ,Riou, asked him with an irritated look once Kazuma had arrived home and took his seat with a huff.

    "Remember that human girl I told you about, the one I fell in love with and made that promise to?"
    The wolf would sigh while resting his cheek on and open palm with a goofy grin. "She works at the temple now and she was the one attacked, I wasn't about to sit back and let another have their way with her. She's my bride and I'll lay out my claim and fight whoever I need to keep her safe."

    Riou rubbed his neck while mumbling about either how stupid Kazuma was or cursing about how he had fallen in love with some human girl, there were plenty of prettier female yokai. But their clan head seemed fixated on his choice and some ridiculous promise the two made when they were younger. "As you wish, go get some sleep ,Kazuma, no doubt your energy will be spent between her and the affairs here."

    "Yeah, alright, I'm going.
    " Yawning, Kazuma got up from his seat and while he rubbed the back of his neck, the young yokai made his way out of the main hall and to his chambers. He greeted the others he passed by and one he arrived at his quarters and slid the door closed behind him, he changed into cleaner clothes and tossed them off to the side before going over to his mirror. "I won't leave you again..I promise." He smiled softly before he walked over to his bed then just laid on top of the mattress as his eyes slowly dropped down and he mumbled. "Goodnight Yukina."
  13. "So he is real..." she said. sipping her tea.

    "Yeah, Kazuma and his clan has been living behind the temple for the longest time." said her uncle, sitting down as he placed his cup and some snacks on the table. Yukina woke up the next morning and decided to ask her uncle about the attack. "They protect the temple from evil spirits and other yokai. They don't usually show themselves to humans all too much as you now can understand why. Why do you ask, sweetie?"

    "Well, I attacked yesterday and he...kind of saved me..." she said, picking at the side of her cup. "Yeah, he was disguised a guy and was following for the longest time and then he just suddenly attack me and-"

    "Is that why you got the cut on your head? Oh, I am sorry." said her uncle, cutting her off, "Maybe I shouldn't let you work at the temple alone. You know that I wish you would just go to school like a normal girl and make some friends and not speand all your time there."

    "No, no, no. Don't worry about it. I just...I'm just worried." Yukina set down her cup. "The spider that attacked me called me something. Shensei, I think? Something like that...."

    "Hmmmmm? Shensei? Never heard of that before..." he said, stroking his beard, "I can tell you that is not a normal thing. The word itself means 'holy soul'. Maybe ask your new friend. I always wanted you to have friends. You know, visiting this old man shouldn't be your only social interaction..."

    "No, I don't want to....I just....ugh..." she said, finishing her tea. This was going to hard. She really just wanted to forget about it all and just live her life at the temple. But the spider attack worried her. He was obviously going to come back for her, and she had no way to defend herself. But she didn't to....She let out a sigh. "Thanks for the advice, uncle. I may join you for dinner sometime in the week....." Yukina said as she stood up and put her cup into the sink.

    "Just remember, Yukina. I just want you be happy. Just let me know if you need anything."

    "I know." she said, flashing a smile as she head for the door, "See you later, uncle..." and she left.

    Yukina made her way to the temple. The night was a little chilly. She shoved her hands in her pockets to keep them warm. She really didn't want to do this. She didn't want Kazuma to get the wrong idea. She really needed his help, but that promise was still bothering her. She was just a little girl back then. She didn't know the truth of the world. She just wasn't the same person anymore. Jumping the chain at the gate, she made her way up to the main building. Dozen of thoughts filled her head, but there was one thing she needed to focus on. Asking Kazuma about the Shensei and what that meant.....Making it to the courtyard in front of the main building, she let out a sigh and gather her courage to yell out,

    "Kazuma? Are you here?"
  14. "You know, Riou, I think this would count as cruel and unusual punishment, and the humans have made such laws against it. So can i please stop doing this paperwork and go out?" The would asked, in a sigh, as he flipped through another document and sighed it. Sometimes being the clan leader was horrible.

    "No, you most certainly cannot blow off your duties as the clan head to go fawn over a human girl."
    Riou replied as he stacked up the large pile of documents Kazuma had recently sighed. "I don't care how cute you say she is, until you read all these documents, look them over, revise, and sign them you won't leave this spot. T-"
    " you're saying if I get all these done and your satisfied with it I can have my freedom finally for today and I can remove my shackle?"
    Kazuma instantly leapt at the opening his advisor had unknowingly left open and grinned mischievous. If he wanted to, he could simply just order Riou to do the work for him but with how strict his advisor was there would be no telling what would happen. "So...?"

    The young head's advisor sighed while pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking his head. "Fine...if that's what it will take to have you work efficient and effectively then ,yes, if I see that the work is done well then you can." He caved in before opening a document and looking through it. "I expect there to be no errors, there cannot even be the smallest one visible."

    "Yeah yeah, no errors, yada yada yada, how many time have we done this the past week? Too many, some of these are just minor things like squabbles, arguments, permission to marry, and stuff like that. Marriage is something I should not have to approve, it's their hearts that should matter."
    He would mutter, scribbling a bit angrily into a document before handing it off to Riou. Then he reached out and took ahold of his sake cup and downed it with ease before sitting it back down and then pushing the empty glass off to the side. Alcohol wasn't his favorite thing but when it came to doing paper work he appreciated its calming affect it had on him.

    Finally after a while, Kazuma finally finished a year's work of paperwork and was leaning back in his seat with an exhausted look while Riou didn't seem fazed as he read through each one and nodded. Once the final one was read he look over and his clan leader and sighed. "Everything is clean, accurate, and cleanly written, just what i would expect from our leader. Now for the rest of the year, you won't have to do any paperwork unless something important pops up." The wolf just nodded before getting up so eh could take a dip and relax.


    Kazuma was just goofing off around the temple because there wasn't much for him to do since he had already ran patrol and a few extra rounds, plus he didn't want to bother just Yukina yet. He wanted everything to settle into her head before he visited her so she wouldn't freak out of think she's going crazy, it would be amusing but not something he'd want to watch the girl he love do. Then he detected her scent first right before he sensed her and with a quick jump, the wolf was now on the roof of the temple and he quietly moved so he was now at the front before he sat cross-legged and watched her. Was she trying to catch a cold and why was she out here with late at night? When she called his name and asked if he was here, the wolf couldn't help but chuckle. "Yeah..."

    Without further ado, he jumped up his his feet and then took a casual step, falling to the ground and landing gracefully on his feet and a few feet away from her. "You called Yukiew?" He grinned at her cheerfully before leaning against a wall. "Have you finally realized my charm and dashing personality?" It was odious he was joking but he kept his grin and his eyes glimmered happily. "Joking aside, what can I do for you?"
  15. Yukina leapt back a little when he jumped down from the roof. "Holy-" she gasped, grabbing her chest. She looked at the wolf with a cold look. "Ha ha, very funny..." she said, relaxing a bit. "Well one, don't call me 'Yukiew'...two, next time I call you, don't jump down from buildings and scare me like that. It's bad enough I have to watch my back for freakishly large spiders now. I don't need you giving me a heart attack." Yukina shifted her weight a little and took a few deep breaths. She realize that she was being a defensive, but she need to let him know that this was strictly business call nothing more. "So, I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I was wrong and mean to you after you saved my life....again..." she said, looking away. "I was just a little freaked out and when you starting about how you were.....well, you and all that stuff. I just....I was scared, okay?" she glanced at him but quickly looked away, her face slightly burning red. "I talked to my uncle and told me the truth about you. I am sorry for denying I knew you. I thought you were just an imaginary friend I made up when was little to deal with the stuff in my life, and that I just grew out of it and I just thought maybe I was just-" she let out a sigh, rubbing her face with her hand. "It's just I...ugh....I don't know..." Yukina waved off the thought, "Just forget about it, it's not the main reason I am here," She looked back the wolf. "I wanted to ask you a few questions about last night and what exactly happened. I mean, I understand that I was attacked, he tried to eat me, you saved me, he ran away. That's great all but what worries me is what he called me." She pulled her other hand out and wrapped her arms around herself. "What exactly is the 'Shenshi', anyways?"
  16. Kazuma met Yukina's cold looked with a warm, amused, look at his own that was also apologetic for scaring her. "Alright, I'll stick with either Yukina or the occasional Yuki then. No more jumping off from buildings, I'll approach you like a human would then I guess. For watching your back, you don't have to worry too much about that because I have a few of my clan scouting around for any visitors and I personally will be your bodyguard if you need me." He replied and glanced at the moon before back to her with a smile. Of course he would offer to help and protect her, she was his first friend and love so he wouldn't want anything to happen to her if he could help it. But if she didn't want him, he would take her decision into account but even then eh would still guard her. "You don't need to apologize, you were that way even when we were kids and I saved you the first time. Yeah...I wasn't the smoothest about confessing my love for you was I, probably not the best time, but I needed to throw that out there because it will spread throughout the yokai world and hopefully deter a lot of them." The wolf rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged. Then listening to her next half, he sighed then moved away from the wall before taking a few steps to gaze over at a few other pieces of the shrine before he leaned down and gently brushed a blade of grass with his finger. "Hey, I said you don't need to apologize for the way you acted. During that time I was just happy I could make you happy and have fun during the problems with your parents, it was nice to know I was needed. So, no more apologizing, the only thing that matters if that you know I'm real and here for you, right?" He straightened himself up and turned toward her with another cheerful grin that was full of hope.

    Then Kazuma pulled off his jacket and walked over to Yukina before draping it over her shoulders. "You want to know what the 'Shenshi' is? I'll tell you, but let's go find somewhere warm so you can sit down in comfort while I explain."
  17. Yukina shook her head. Confess his love for her? Are you serious? Not only did he say something stupid like that, but he said he used it as a strategy to try to distract other from going after her. What girl one earth wanted to here someone's feeling in that way? This boy was an idiot. A nice idiot, who was really just looking after her and still willing to help even after she was so rude. But an idiot all the same. She sighed when he said he wanted to take her somewhere. This was super risky. How did she know that he wasn't lying to her? If he knew what the Shenshi was, he could be leading her to a trap. She was weary but it was the only option she had. She gripped the coat around her. "I still don't really trust you. I mean, you are still yokai, and I never know if you will turn on me and eat me with soy sauce. But what other choice do I have?" She looked up at him, with his big goofy smile. A smile threaten to appear but Yukina quickly looked away. "Come on. I have school in the morning and I would like some sleep tonight...."
  18. "Gee, thanks for heating up the knife before stabbing into me. Real nice of you not to trust me after all this time, what's your point if I'm a yokai; do you honestly believe we're all the same?" He questioned her while folding both over his chest while arching a brow at her. Then the wolf rolled his eyes while shaking his head and letting out a sigh before he made a few gagging noises. "Sorry to burst your bubble ,Yukina, but I'm not one to eat humans and I especially am not a fan of soy sauce. And think about it, I could have eaten you all those times we met up when we were little but did I ever try to eat or attack you? No, I became your friend, protected you, and eventually fell in love." Kazuma would reply as he straightened himself up after his fake gagging. Then he motioned for her to start walking and when she did he would stay on her left side and easily in her view. "Why don't we stop at a café or diner, since you don't harbor much trust for me you should feel safe with other humans around. Correct?"
  19. "Yeah, I would prefer that." she said, giving him a small glare but did what he ask and started walking. "And yes. Considering what I have learned about yokai after my years of working here and what I have research, I would consider you are just playing me. Yokais are known to play with human's minds before devouring them. That spider waited a week to attack me, you could be just more patience." She stared at the ground while she talked. "And you keep throwing this word 'love' around. How could you be in love with me? We were children when we met and it's been almost 10 years since. There is no way you are in love with me." She glanced over at him, realizing what she just said. She didn't want to hurt his feelings. He did help her, but he was being really forward and she was just....not use to it.

    "I'm sorry. I just.....this is so messed up. I just want it all to stop and I can just go back to my normal life." she said with a sigh....
  20. He was quite for a while and the expression on his face told he was taking everything she said to heart and trying to put some thought into his response. The wolf didn't want to make her angry but when she talked about him just playing with her and how he couldn't possible be in love with her, it seemed his shoulders slumped a little and he frowned but he easily hid it by yawning while straightening himself back up and nodded.. "Yeah..some yokai will act nice and play around with their prey for a while before actually making a move, Okami yokai ,like me, are different however. Well, at least my clan and I are different; we eat regular human food and can live off of that, the others joined my clan because they didn't have the stomach or reason to kill or eat humans." He would look at her with a small smile before turning his gaze away from her and sighed. "Yukina, how can any guy not fall for you? The time we spent together was really fun and helped me deal with my own family troubles and when we made that gave me a reason to keep on going and become stronger. So one day I could be a worthy of somehow winning your affection, and no matter how much you say I'm not I know my own feelings, and it is the truth." He had the urge to frown as they continued on but instead, he instead gave her another large goofy grin.

    "Sheesh, didn't I say you don't need to apologize. But I need to, I'm sorry Yukina, but you're life isn't and never will be normal." His tone was soft and gentle as he offered her an apologetic smile. "I'll do my best to keep most other yokau away from you so at least your life will be somewhat the same."
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