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  1. The Forgotten Divine

    There are many gods and goddesses in the world, but most people only know the main ones. They don’t realize that there are so many more. These forgotten gods and goddesses are treated as if they aren’t even divine by the other gods. These outcast gods have gotten so tired of the way they have been treated that they want to finally prove that they are gods and they deserve to be supported. So, how do they do that? They need to go to the humans and show them that they are important and they can help out as much as the other gods do.

    Basic RP Info:
    • This is about Gods/Goddesses of things that don’t seem to be important in the way that people normally think Gods should be. So, they begin to live with the humans to show them they exist.
    • This isn’t based off of any kind of religion; just all made up.
    • You can be a human, god or something related to a god (Ex: Familiar).
    • You can play as many characters as you want.
    • Romance, drama, action, it’s all allowed in this rp.
    • Feel free to ask questions.

    Character Sheet:




    Species: (Human, God, etc. )

    Abilities (If applicable): (As a god; magic, etc.)

    Skills: (what your characters good at.)

    Weaknesses: (What they’re bad at or what causes them problems.)



    Looks: (picture or description)

    My Character:

    Name: Lullaby
    Age: Unknown (she says she’s 18 in human years)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Goddess of Music and sound
    Abilities (if applicable):
    - Magic related to music/sound
    -Wish granting for music/sound
    - Can play all instruments
    - Can sing
    -Physical tasks
    -Very short
    Personality: Lullaby is graceful, kind and almost always calm when you don’t really know her. Once you get to know her she tends to be a bit more upbeat and playful.
    History: Lullaby was born as a god, many years ago to the point that she can’t even remember how old she’s supposed to be. She spent most of her life just granting small wishes when some kid would ask about being able to play some instrument. At least she could be proud of the fact that many of the music stars asked for her help. Her life was mixed with loneliness and rejection by the other gods. She is part of the group of gods that don’t seem so important compared to the others.
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  2. Character Sheet:

    Name: Reid Lawson

    Age: Sixteen

    Gender: Male

    Species: Envoy of Bahamut/Human

    Abilities (If applicable): Reid is proficient in magic and swordsmanship.
    He is the envoy, and therefore, the body of an ancient god/demon who can take control of Reid's body

    Skills: Proficient in magic and swordsmanship

    Weaknesses: Hates violence

    Personality: He hates violence, but if provoked to rage he will become very violent. He goes out of his way to help others when possible

    History: (Revealed in roleplay)

  3. Name: Third Cardinal (more usually known as 'Din')
    Age: He's existed for just about nine years
    Gender: Supposedly male, although whether he has a gender at all is another matter altogether
    Species: A god's creation. Not really alive, but not really dead either
    Abilities: Din can manipulate his own senses and -to a certain extent- other's as well. When applied to himself, this means that he can send out any of his five senses to wherever he wishes. As a result, Din can be smelling fresh bread in town, watching waves splash far out in sea, touching the bark of a tree deep in a forest, hearing the call of birds on top of a cliff, and tasting honey from a beehive all at the same times. When one of his own senses are being sent out, Din's physical body loses the use of that sense until it's retrieved. This means that, if Din wanders too far with his -say- hearing and gets lost on the way back, it could potentially be detached from his body forever. On those apart from himself, it's more that Din can give others the illusion of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or touching something, though it has to be something that he himself has felt before. It's rather limited in the sense that, in order to have quality (i.e. manipulation of all the senses at the same time with a clear image) Din has to forgo quantity (i.e. doing it on a large scale with any more than one or two people, or for a longer period of time) and vice versa.
    Skills: Because his body isn't exactly human, Din can withstand quite a lot of damage. He also only feels hurt if his sense of touch is stored within the physical body, which makes for an extreme pain tolerance
    Weaknesses: Sometimes connection between him and the god he calls his 'Father', gets jerky and Din kind of shuts down for a while. Also, he can't disobey anything his Father tells him to do, and at least one of his senses are constantly absent, leaving his actual body without it. He forgets his own body sometimes, when a few of his senses are out and about.
    Personality: Din is a really flighty, distant fellow. He usually drifts about as if in a daze, and it takes a while to break him out of his trances sometimes. Even though his physical body is in one place, Din's attention may be in another, which makes for a rather eerie, absent atmosphere around him. On occasions where he's concentrating on his actual body, however, Din is a fantastically sympathetic listener and a firm supporter of everyone he considers his 'friends'. He's loyal to the bone -betrayal never once crosses his mind- and can be superbly kind. Din is much more passive than aggressive; in arguments and fights, he'll simply back down and let the other person have their way without pushing his own cause very much. Although he usually seems robbed of any ability to feel anger -or any ability to feel very many emotions, actually- Din is a terror when he actually loses his patience. 'No self-preservation at all' is a good way to describe him, and Din is pretty much always truthful. Bluntly so, and not very tactful, either. He simply doesn't know how to sugarcoat or soften his words, and doesn't see a need to.
    History: Cardinal was created by a blind, mute god that was always trapped within the boundaries of his own palace by the fact that he couldn't feel anything at all. The god wanted to feel the world, sick of staying in the same place, and decided to create a creature that had complete and enhanced control over all its senses, so that he could travel the world through it. This creature was managed after decades of work, and was named Cardinal for its bright red eyes. Cardinal and the god had a connection -the god could speak in its mind, and shared the same senses as Cardinal. The god then released his creation, and it traveled the world for years before breaking down due to the elements battering at its body. Despairing, the god created another one -Second Cardinal- and made sure it had a strong, sturdy fram. Second Cardinal soon was destroyed as well, from long lapses of absence from the god. It was still a doll, see, and had no mind of its own. The god then created Third Cardinal -Din- and put within it a will of its own. Din was thus brought into the world, and sent down to live with the humans.
    Looks: (Dark auburn hair)

    Name: He introduces himself simply as 'Raffe', as his full name is extremely long and also a huge pain to pronounce
    Age: Raffe says a hundred. He lies.
    Gender: Male
    Species: God of Boundaries and Protection
    Abilities: Raffe can put up a near impenetrable shield, and also break through all other shields, whether they're physical or not. He can get past any lock and set any restraint -and vice versa to both. He also has the ability to sense boundaries -between countries, between people, between areas with hints of magic and those completely normal- and although he can change and shift them, Raffe cannot set boundaries of his own. Really, he's supposed to be watching over them.
    Skills: He's extremely intelligent, and very perceptive. The intuitive sort. Also, Raffe is good at talking to people and naturally drawing information out of them. He knows what all your boundaries are, after all.
    Weaknesses: He's not very good with animals -they seem to hate him, actually- and is horrendous against any fighting style that caters especially towards taking down defensive styles. Raffe's is entirely defensive, after all.
    Personality: Casually breezy, Raffe jokes about a lot and is the sociable type. He has a sort of natural charm that draws others in, and it helps that he himself gives the illusion of being an open, friendly person. He tends to have the kind of effect where everyone lets down their guard around him. As a result, Raffe knows many, many people. He talks a lot, chattering on and on about things he figures don't really matter, and is brilliant at making everyone feel involved and welcome. Despite all this, however, Raffe is a really secretive person. He lies a lot to other people, though they're usually concerning things that aren't really that important, and acts dramatic and exaggerated all the time, so that when he does it to cover up, it's not odd at all. Raffe keeps most things about himself a secret, but will pretend that he doesn't do that. He's also usually pretty cheery and upbeat, always dashing about from one place to the other, and his exuberance and general air of energy can be quite intimidating at first glance.
    History: One day, Raffe woke up with power swirling through him and the knowledge that he was a god. Next to him was the body of a middle-aged woman, looking entirely unharmed but for its deathly pale color and absolutely stillness. Raffe shook her shoulder to wake her up. She didn't respond at all, but the power inside him begun to tingle abruptly, only on the hand that had touched her. Raffe spent a few minutes confirming that she was, in fact, dead before climbing out of the chasm that he and the body had been in. He later traveled to the nearest town, managed to charm himself supplies and a place to stay for the night, and departed the next day. He visited the chasm again before he left for good to discover that the body was gone. Raffe continued on after that, thoroughly confused about himself but determined to confirm the power's truth. He later settled down with life as a pretty unknown -but also pretty comfortable- god after confirming that it was, indeed, true. After that, he joined a few other gods to live with humans in order to prove his existence.
    Looks: (Dark blue eyes)
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  7. Name: Jael

    Age: Appears to be in his late teens/early twenties.

    Gender: Male.

    Species: God of summer, fire and passion.

    Abilities (If applicable): Jael can summon and control fire, bring summer breezes and thunderstorms, and incite lust and anger in humans.

    Skills: A musician and dancer, Jael is graceful in an otherworldly way. He sings and plays all stringed instruments beautifully, and runs extremely fast.

    Weaknesses: Jael is quick to anger and fast to retreat.

    Personality: A passionate soul, Jael favors the beautiful things in life. His emotions come and go quickly and he constantly looks for entertainment in people and events. He is charming to no end.​

    History: A Greek deity.

    Looks: ​


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  9. Name: Okami

    Age: 19 human years (190 years)

    Gender: Male

    Species: God of Death & Madness

    Abilities (If applicable): Related to madness and killing, he can use his madness as energy to attack.

    Skills: Killing and Hunting

    Weaknesses: No mercy and haves some problems to relate with others

    Personality: As his title says; Mad, he is a total killer, he loves the blood, he doesn’t talk too much

    History: Okami was one of the most adored gods, he was called before every battle, if there was a war there was Okami, he enjoys seeing the humans killing each other, after some time the peace came to the land, because of that there was no wars, no battles, just some gladiators, but nothing else, for that reason Okami was forgotten by the humans, there was no one to give him more sacrifices, now, from the shadows he has awoken, ready to come back to the land and take back his place in this land of peace, there doesn’t have to be war, just death and hate, that’s all what he needs to enter in someone’s heart.

    Looks: [​IMG]
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  11. Name: Kismet, Fortune, "Fate" if you will

    Age: As old as the universe itself. (appears to be pre-middle-aged)

    Gender: Agender (Neither femme nor mascule so Fate goes by the more superior title, whether it's he or she.)

    Species: Deity of Destiny

    Abilities: Fate is more of a watcher, it knows why the past happened, why the present is happening, and why the future will happen. Though rare it will, however, stretch and morph the strings of space and time, to that of which it wills, meaning that it can also conjure up just about anything, as long as it has already been made.

    Skills: No necessary skills, but can never die, as long as the particular universe still exists.

    Weaknesses: Fate can't feel pity, It's actually pretty awful, It'll admit that itself.

    Personality: Fate is generally apathetic, extremely prideful in his ability, and surprisingly enough, bashful towards beings able to comprehend it's existence.

    History:(I'll keep it short) Many grasp the concept of fate and consider it a thing, but they are wrong as all things were fated to be crafted. Fate was overlooked as being an actual being by the very things it bent it's strings to be created, but it didn't mind, eventually the beings would grow used to comprehending those superior to themselves, and maybe then Fate could learn how to "feel" human emotion.

    Looks: At first glance from those that can see it, Fate could probably be mistaken for a tall albino, it has literal white skin and mid-length luminescent white hair. it's frame is some where between masculine and feminine, although one probably couldn't tell, as Fate is constantly wearing a cloak. Fate is bigger and taller than the average human figure, but not by too much, still that's one reason it's so hesitant to interact with other beings.
    Distinguishing features include it's long off-colored eyebrows, it's yellow colored irises, its skin markings, and a strangely shaped crystal in the center of it's chest. It wears a quarter mask hiding its upper left side, it doesn't even know why.
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  13. Name: The Hood


    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Abilities (If applicable): Able to alter his sense of time perception, thus granting his superhuman reflexes. Perception powers wax and wane over several hours. Wields a compact bow and crash axe.

    Skills: Proficient Archer, Prefers to use the enviroment against his opponents

    Weaknesses: while using perception he only can see things in slow motion, not neccesarily react

    Personality: Prefers brain over brawn. Is skeptical of those claiming to be gods

    History:To be revealed

    Looks: Orange hooded headpiece, white shirt and shorts, quiver, sandals
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  15. Name: Alyssa Reiss

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Species: Demigod

    Abilities (If applicable): She inherited her father's powers. She can control the weather and, just as her father, she is specially good at using lightings as her weapon.

    Skills: a good liar, she can easily use her powers without being seen.

    Weakness: No one ever taught her how to use her powers and she is supressing them most of the time, so she had never reached her full potential.

    Personality: She is introvert because she feels that she doesn't fit with humans. Anyways, she is a nice girl with a good humor sense. She is really active and enjoys the open air.

    History: Her mother was a normal human that fell in love with Zeus, the God of the Sky and Thunder. Of course, he hid as a human and she never realized that he was something else, and, after spending a few nights together, he disappeared. She was left pregnant and, 9 months later, she gave a normal birth of a beautiful baby who named Alyssa.
    Alyssa was raised as a normal human girl, but she started to show her powers when she was just 5 years old. Anyways, her mother realized that and taught her to hide them, being afraid of what could everyone else do to her if they knew about her powers. She still isn't really sure of why she has her abilities or who her father was, she doesn't know that Gods exists or that she is a Demigod.

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