The forgotten 8 tribes

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  1. Rules!!- 1. No god like beings and or playing.
    2. Power restriction.
    3. Characters can DIE only if i see it was a fair kill. (i will do it fairly.)
    4. Familys can be created, But inform me.

    The tribes are-
    Dragon. (note- Dragons have two forums here the dragon that they are, then the human fourm they can trun into.)
    Mages. (note- if you use ANY type of magic or summoning you are a mage.)
    Alchemist. (note- People in this Rp wheir born with the gift to use alchemy. THEY ARE CONSIDERED A RACE.)
    Seer. (note- There are only TWO seers. I am one. I will pick the other seer depending on their character.)
    Elfs. (note- Elfs can not live in citys.)

    Hybrid- May only be TWO of the races above.

    Note- Leave your characters full name, age, sex, race and backstory if you wish to join. Thnak you.
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  2. Name: Mazarine "Maz" Mahara
    Age: 24
    Sex: Female
    Race: Mermaid
    Backstory: Mazarine is the next in line to lead the Mermaid tribe. The Mermaids are strictly led by women - a rather feminist tribe - and having a King is alongside her is optional. However, Maz is quite scatterbrained and too laid-back, making many doubt of her leadership skills.

  3. Character Sheet

    Name: Euphemia Asellana Éimhear
    Nickname: Sel
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Race: Mage


    Euphemia traces her origins to the notorious Éimhear clan, a clan known for their bloodthirsty and vicious attacks in the "Magis autem de Bello", the War of the Mages. Assasination, betrayals and exploitation, that was what their family was recognized for. They were recognized for their dark magic. Euphemia was still a child, a mere infant when the war began and barely five years old when it ended with the victory of her clan and their allies. Now, fifteen years later, she stands as one of the heirs from the Éimhear clan vying for the position of Head Mage.

    Appearance (open)


  4. Hi there, I'm interested in somehow creating a family/clan of sorts--For the mage tribe.
  5. Of course! Would you like for you to controll the family? Or what?
  6. I could try to control, however I'm guessing it depends if there are enough members who are interested. Then again, I'll try my best.
  7. Name: James Copperfield.
    Race: Seer-mage.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 20

    Backstory- With the gift of maguc, and the futur for told, James must lead the world agaisnt their greatest theart yet. The angel of darknes, will lead his army of seekers agaisnt their world becoming earths very 1st blight.

    Name: Samantha sliver-(guardian)
    Race: Elf.
    Sex: Female.
    Age: 17
    Backstory- Samantha is the youngest keeper shince before the times of the old. Her native tough, Elf is now known to humans as "french" Samantha travels with her clan though the forgotten elven forest that guards the underworld.
  8. I would love to help as much as i can. So don't think not to ask :)
  9. Mmkay, thank you. ^^ Mind if I create another thread related to this? It would be a separate thread for those applying to the mage tribe. It'll apply the same rules from here(no godmodding etc.), I'll also refer it back to this thread, so this could get views as well.

    I'm still working on this other thread, hmm, I plan on tweaking a bit. I have a proposal on how to go about the mage tribe, it goes like this: There would be different clans within the tribe. Each clan has a distinct specialty/trait. I'll just be providing basic stuff, maybe a template or two for each clan. However, players are open to choose which clan they'd join and how they'd handle their own character/s. Helps for more creativity.

    So there, ahaha, this what happens when I have too much chocolate. I get eager and all.
  10. Sounds very....complex lol. I wouldn't mind the mage thread. But i like the clans idea but it must be the 6 clans i pick. But plz keep in mind that a mage is a race here, having magic OR BEING any one clan is still a mage.
  11. Yep, sure, it's basically just classifying mages according to their magical ability. ^^
  12. Then thats fine. Pm me with anymore Questions, also so i can give you the clans.
  13. Name: Juniper "Red"
    Race: Elf
    Age: Speculated to be in her late teens (no one knows how old she is. she doesn't even know how old she is)
    Backstory: Juniper was found as a toddler in California, in the Redwood Forrest. Presumably she was left there by two elves, perhaps teenage ones, who should not of had her. The elves that found her brought her back with them to their clan. Juniper is notorious for being a troublemaker. Her hyperactive sense of curiosity and tendency to act before she thinks (and general uselessness) leaves her unpopular with the others.
  14. She sounds awesome! But would u like her to be part of Samathnas clan?
  15. Or her own?
  16. I would say Samantha's clan! So she has someone to interact with right of the bat, ya know?
  17. Oh. Yay! Read sams bio to learn a bit about her. Shes the keeper. So meaning the leader.
  18. Sounds good!
  19. Note- EVERYONE. we are ready to start. When u see this pm me. Sign ups wil be accept though the whole RP.
  20. Name: Sielle Velgard
    Age: While she carries the appearance of someone in their early or mid 20s, she speaks so rarely that nothing concrete is really known.
    Sex: Female
    Race: Mage

    Sielle as she is, is the end-result of countless transformation magics being tested on a body that used to look no different than any other mage's. Her history is something of a mystery, with those that know of her having various conflicting stories to tell. Some proclaim her to be a serial killer of sorts that failed in an attempt at making a stronger body. Others, a madwoman bent on discovering every aspect to magic that exists.

    While a bit of a loner, she is polite with those that manage to come across her path, and doesn't seem willing to harm anyone that can not fight back.

    Appearance (open)