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  1. Hello there my bored companions and welcome~
    I wanted to see if anyone was interested in doing an RP of a maximum of 10 people about a forest(not just a forest) that can contain the following:
    Spirit Goddess of the Forest ((This is my character but I will have another since she will seldom appear))
    Naiads (Will reside in either a river or large pond)
    Tree Nymphs
    Fairies (Mostly in their 'true form' however can appear human)
    Werewolves (Three different forms: Wolf form, human form -has ears, tail, sharp teeth & claws-, werewolf form)
    Demons (Familiars, appear as almost any animal)
    Elemental Spirits (Water, earth, wind, river)
    Halflings (Half animal, humanoid appearance, example a Rabbit halfling will have Bunny ears, tail, whiskers are optional)
    Succubi (Succubus, seductress/seducer however there's a limit to how 'dirty' you can get)
    Vampires (Not twilight vampires)
    Witches ((Taken))

    Tengu ( ,you cannot leave the forest without the Spirit Goddess of the Forest's permission, Tengu clan will consist solely of males.)
    If you have another idea PM and I will decide to allow it or not.

    The rules will basically be:
    1. No killing off characters without telling me and asking that person.
    2. Extreme or seriously hurtful bitchiness, hating, inappropriateness is not allowed I'll give you 1-2 warnings if I see any.
    3. If things get heated like a threesome please take it to a PM.
    4. Try to keep cussing to a mild degree or censor like so "F**k".
    5. Try to post often. I understand if you have school or work but try to post as often as possible.
    6. Make sure you write enough to keep the flow going, try to spell as best as you can and use proper grammar if possible.
    7. On your character sheet write the amount of rules.
    So we (as a group) have decided to do this plot:
    • Plot #4: The Spirit Goddess of the Forest put up a barrier to protect her forest and its inhabitants from the traitorous paranormals, the Fire Spirits, and it as not been breached for 4,000 years however the great Sakura tree which is her life force has suddenly become ill and the barrier weakens, holes appear. Those who reside in the forest including the Great Ones, the true bloods of each race, must awaken from their peaceful dormancy to protect their precious Goddess and her forest from the Fire Spirits or their home and sanctuary will go up in flames.
    Character Sheet
    Age: (The maximum is 2,000)
    Sexuality: (Any)
    Type of being: (Only those mentioned above)
    Appearance: (Use a pic if possible, please)
    Rank: (If your a werewolf then state if your an Alpha, Beta or lone wolf.)

    Kikaku Okuda
    Chu~pa SanGrey
    Brillo Luz
    Samael Herrick

    Great Ones:
    Frey Ookami Alpha Werewolf
    Queen Alana Queen of the Fairies
    Isfaelda Ruler of Halflings
    Ganymede Princess of Water
    ((Taken)) Il Rey de Vampiroths

    Seirou Lord of the Tengu

    Where it is:

    If you're interested just comment or if you have any suggestions/ideas :heart:
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  2. I'm a little bit interested, but I am not sure if I will join just yet. I'll keep my eye on this little gem for now.
  3. This seem very interesting, though I rearly play thies multy-rp's... Usually have a hard time to keep up since I'm on a diferent time line over here.
    But it dose seem interesting.
  4. Tell me do you have a idea were you wanna get with this rp?
    Do you have a story line to follow?
  5. Yep I have a few plots that I've thought of!
  6. Okay thats good. ^^
    Care to share or are they seacret for now?
  7. Lol, Wannano-chan. Yesterday I edited the the first post and added them to it.
  8. Ahh sorry must have missed that update. ^^
  9. Haha that's fine. I tried submitting a banner for this by the way.
  10. I see. sounds cool.
  11. I don't know if it worked or not though. Do you have any ideas you would like to add?
  12. Well I dont really have any idea of how you want your rp to really be but...
    I were thinking something along the lines of humans trying to cut down the forest forcing the creatures to take a stand and stuff like that...
    I mean you have this like reall old magical forest who some how managed to survive the humans and their never ending quest to chop down the trees.
    I get if there is some sort of magical protection and all but like what if it were failing for some reason and the humans start cuting down the forest.
    It is a big place from what I could gatter and it would give a reason for characters to have to meet one another so to speak.
    A slightly dark cloud to a wonderful place.
    Of course I dont really know what you wish to do and its just a idea.
  13. So like instead of Fire spirtits we'd have normal humans...I'll think about it but Fire spirits would be cooler *^*
  14. Its up to you. As I said it were just a idea and all. ^^
    I like the idea of fire spirits but I personaly would prefer them as good, you know?
    But as I said, its all up to you. ^^
  15. Ok...Wannano did you vote on the poll?
  16. Yeah I did. ^^
  17. Okay! The option both won so I will add those two to the forest!
  18. I made a new poll so everyone please vote! Also please give me a hand with getting this around to more people, I beg of you!!
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