The Fallen Angel

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  1. ((This Roleplay is for Rachael and I))

    Layla-- I close my eyes as I and Iris fall through the sky. In a way it will be nice not having to worry about getting into trouble all the time for not doing my job. But It also is sad, I will be leaving all my friends and family I have in the Heavens. But I will have my best friend Iris with me. We heard that some boys will be banished as well. I hope we can find them and at least try to befriend them and we can try to survive together. As we pass through the cloud I hear thunder. Of course. They day we get banished It just had to rain. Great. I look over to find Iris. I couldn't tell if she was smiling or screaming in fear. I just turned around and faced the clouds and back to the ground. I smiled. The thrill was fun. But I had to start to fly as soon as i was about fifty feet of the ground. As me and Iris landed we Both decided to find some shelter.
  2. Iris shivered in both fear and the freezing cold. for a angel...or used to be angel she was deathly scared of heights. although soaring through the clouds used to be a relaxing and calming way to meditate to her. she glanced at her best friend Layla, to see if she was okay. " d-doin okay?" her teeth chattered a bit from the cold.
  3. Blake-- Eric and I fly through the stormy sky feeling happy and free. It was nice, at least for me, to get out of that dreadful haven. I'm not much of a work type. My only goal is to find the two girls that fell before us. It's weird, i just feel the need to be there for them and to protect one. I think to myself "I'm losing my mind.." Once we made it to land We found a little abandoned barn and went into there to rest up and dry off.
  4. Eric-- we walked in the barn and i noticed someone had been living here before. there were only two beds and a small fire pit. "it will have to do" i thought to myself. i sat on one of the beds and pulled off my pants and shirt, wrapping myself in the blanket to keep warm, while my clothes dried from the freezing rain. i stayed up while Blake went to sleep waiting for something or someone..

    Iris-- Me and Layla trudged around the thick forest trying to find some shelter from the freezing rain. i kept slipping and sliding in the think slippery mud nearly breaking my ankles. after i got my foot unstuck from the mud i glanced up to see what seemed to look like a barn of sorts. i glanced over at Layla and saw her looking at it to. "do you think someone's inside there...?"
  5. Layla-- I help Iris through the mud trying not to slip myself and I laughed every time I fell. Yeah it hurt but it was funny. Soon Iris pointed out a small barn. Shrugging to her question I relied, "Well, one way to find out". It took about ten to fifteen minutes to get to the barn. I was about to opened the door but I stopped and I froze. "Someone is here. But its not a human." I think to myself. I motion for Iris to get back just a little. So is a good fighter. And I dont want her to get hurt if something chargers out when the door opens. Slowly, I open the door and my jaw dropped. What I saw was unexpected. The boys that also fell like us were right before our eyes.

    Blake-- I was trying to fall asleep but I woke up to just te\he weird feeling something was going to happen. I sat up and looked over to Eric who seemed to be wide awake. I shook my head and stared at the door. I started to tense up when the door opened. But i was shocked at who I saw. It was two girls...with...WINGS!!!!
  6. Iris-- "sup." i said shivering and shaking. some hot dude was on the other side of the door just staring at us. "are you gonna let us in...or what? its kinda fuckin cold out here." i was cold and about to pass out if they didnt let us in soon. some other hot guy walked over and opened the door more pushing us inside gently.
    Eric-- i pushed the girls in gently knowing how freezing it was outside. i grabbed the other blanket and handed it to one of the girls whose wings were seriously white. she smiled and i blushed deeply looking away. i sat on the bed putting my now dried clothes back on, and handed the blanket to the other girl. she sat on the other bed with Blake and scooted away from him a little. "weird..."
  7. Layla-- The two boys let us in and gave us the blankets that they were using. I look over to my friend to see if she was alright. She was sitting on one of the boy's beds and she scooted away from the boy. I smiled and shook my head. She was such a shy girl. But I love her so much. Walking over to the other guy I smiled at him once again and I said "My name is Layla. Over there is my friend Iris. What are your names?"

    Blake-- The girls names were Iris and Layla. Those were actually very cute names. The girl sitting next to me was being very quiet. I looked over at her and asked "Are you okay?" She looked up at me and I think I fell in love
  8. Eric-- i smiled at her feeling my cheeks get a little warm. i cleared my throat and looked over to Blake staring at the girl oddly. "im Eric and my friend who is giving your friend crepper eyes is nice." i gave him a warning look telling him to leave the poor girl alone. she looked so uncomfortable being near anyone other then her friend, Layla. i saw Blake look at me like "what am i doing!?" I just rolled my eyes and focused back on Layla which was very easy to do. for me anyway.
    Iris-- holy. shit. this dude was fucking gorgeous. like super model sexy. i felt my eyes get a bit wider looking at him and as i scooted away from him to get a little more breathing room. my cheeks felt like they were bright red, but luckily the room was hard to see in with little light from the fire. i remembered he asked me a question but his damn face distracted me. damn his beauty. "uhh...yeah..fine...just cold.." i laughed nervously hugging the blanket closer not wanting to annoy him or anyone else. like that wasnt possible.
  9. Blake-- This girl was fucking gorgeous. I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. All I really wanted to do when she said she was cold was hold her tight. It was so hard to resist her. I had to get away before I took her into my arms. Standing up I go look outside. "Maybe if i try had enough I can stop this storm so we can get out there and fine some fire wood to warm up." I thought. Closing my eyes i thought hard and long and finally when i opened my eyes the stormed stop. I patted myself of the back and smirked.

    Layla-- I fold my wings and laid down. I am so tired. I started to drift asleep. But then I remember I'm in wet close. And iris was too. We had to get out of them. But, how when guys are in the room?!
  10. Iris-- he continued to stare at me which made me more uncomfortable. i was kinda relived when he left but somewhat worried. i mentally shook my head and looked over to Layla who looked extremely exhausted. i was to. i could see Eric looking at her curiously and worriedly. i watched over him to make sure he didnt touch her or did anything stupid. if he tried anything i would be over there faster then my feet could touch the ground making him regret whatever it was he was going to do. i looked around the room for an extra pair of clothes seeing as my body was becoming quite itchy from the water and irritatedfrom sitting in water. "if i had a stash of clothes where would they be...?" i asked myself. i wondered the barn to stumble across a walk in closet. i guess whoever lived here, made a home in barn because i saw a very small kitchen to my right tucked away in a tiny room. i grabbed two big shirts and loose pants for both, Layla and myself. i quickly changed without being noticed and walked over to Layla. i poked her face a couple times hoping she would wake up.
    Eric-- i saw Blake walk outside and saw the storm settle down and disperse. i smiled a little and glanced over at Layla making sure she was alright. i saw Iris's hand poke her face making her stir in sleep and open up groggily. she saw the clothes in her hands and beamed out happiness. she quickly ran in the direction Iris pointed to change. i gave Iris an odd look of confusion as to why she was wearing a fairly large mans T shirt that had paint stains all over it and two sizes large pajama pants on. i shook my head and saw Layla return in something similar to what Iris was wearing but she looked absolutely beautiful. i could hardly tear my eyes away from her's and looked around the house curiously.
  11. Layla-- When Iris woke me up and i was was so happy to see that she had clothes. Shooting out of bed I ran to change and came back to find Eric's eyes upon me. I blush. The guy was actually kinda hot. I smiled at him and he looked away. I Waas kinda upset that he looked away. But I guess i shouldn't he was just another guy that could be a player. And i dont want to be that one girl for the guys again. I Put on some shoes and walked outside. I wanted to go explore.

    Blake-- I was outside looking around when i heard someone close and i looked. It was Layla. She wonder off and i just shrugged her off and collected the wood. Walking back i told Iris and Eric that I saw layla walk away. Eric looked out the window and looked sad. LOL someone was crushing major time. And Iris just seem to be uneasy but shrugged it off.
  12. Eric-- i saw Layla walk outside and i watched her worriedly wanting to make sure she was alright. i saw Blake snickering while looking at me. i glared at him with annoyance slightly and slowly snuck outside to keep an eye on her. i watched her walk through out the forest so i hovered above the ground so she wouldnt hear me as much. "way to earn her trust Eric. stalk her, and she will be your's before you know it." i rolled my eyes at myself and kept watching her to make sure she was safe.
    Iris-- great. just fucking great. im alone in a room with sexy dude. someone please shoot me. he kept glancing at me over the fire asking me random questions about who i was to get to know each other more. i kept glancing away not liking to look people in the eye. i was always scared they would say something and i wouldnt be able to look away. i kept my eyes glued to the fire glancing at his face when he wasnt looking. for some reason i couldnt stop looking. not as in he was just that damn beautiful i had to sit and look in envy but more as in a pull of something that i was supposed to be by his side. "because that wasnt a creepy way to think about him." i thought to myself. i hugged my legs staying silent and continued to steal glances at him without his notice
  13. Layla-- I walk through the amazing woods and just looked and listened. Soon I think I heard a wolf call a smiled and flew towards the pack. As soon as I found where they were, i smiled and said hello and talked to them. Speaking to animals is one of my special ablites. I'm very great full to have it. Some of my friends are actually animals. I play around with the pack and some of the pups and I have a good time. Its the first time i actually enjoyed myself since the sentence. It was nice to just hang around these guys. Though I should probably get back before Iris freaks out and So whoever is following me and stop. Wolves are awesome. They have a very high sense of smell.

    Blake-- I stay at the barn talking to Iris how about different things. She seemed to be uncomfortable. So i stopped asking. But holy shit man. This girl. WOW. she was H.O.T HOT and damn right beautiful. This girl made me feel different unliked anyone else. And I liked it.
  14. Eric-- i smiled and sat in a tree watching Layla play with the wolf puppies and pack. it was just to cute to not watch. when i heard her laugh it sounded like tiny little bells being rung and i couldnt help but smile more. god she was so beautiful. if only i could actually say something to her...without sounding stupid that is..
    Iris-- i stretched out my wings slowly knowing if i didnt, they would never go away when i had to sleep. i felt my back muscles tense up in pain from them being folded for so long. i gasped in pain slightly and let the fire's lights shimmer off my feathers making me smile a bit. it kinda reminded me of dark colored wheat in the sunshine when your laying down in a big field. i laid back down on the bed and put my wings in my back. (making them disappear) i watched the fire and slowly lifted my hand to make the fire "dance" and twirl. i always did that when i was going to sleep. i made two people from the fire and watches as they danced around the fire smiling and laughing having a beautiful time. i always wanted to spend time with someone like that. but i doubt anyone would want to. with me anyway. i rolled over with my back facing the fire and closed my eyes trying to sleep.
  15. Blake-- I was Iris fall asleep and she was even more beautiful as she slept. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I hope soon She will talk to me soon. I want to get to know her better. And maybe ask her out. Finally I am able to draw my eyes out side and see that Eric is rushing in very fast. When he came running in the door I went "SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" and pointed to Iris. Whispering he apologized and I asked him why he was in such a rush. He told me that Layla was coming home and was right behind him. After he told me that Layla walked through the door and rolled her eyes at us. Both Eric and I looked at each other and just shrugged. Layla laid down on the floor next to Iris's bed. Layla on her stomach she streached out her wings. She was pretty cute. But I have to say. Iris looks More beautiful then anything I have every seen.

    Layla-- I walk through the door and rolled my eyes at both boys. I knew it had to be Eric following me. But I have no idea why he would. Walking over I smile when I see Iris asleep. I loved this girl. She is more like a sister then anything. Laying down I close my eyes and let my wings stay stretched out. I fall asleep and dream about my parents back in the heavens. They were so disappointed in me. I feel terrible. But I'm also glad im not in the heavens. To many guys played me. Soon after the dream about my parents I dreamed about the night I first met Iris. That night was the scarest night of my life. I finaly just woke up sweating. And I decided to stay up.
  16. Eric-- SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! she saw me. smoooothhh Eric. way to blow your damn cover. i sat next to Blake watching the girls sleep not sure if i wanted to sleep or explore. eh i could do it later. i stretched out on the floor not liking my wings being compacted in my spine and back so i fell asleep like Layla but at the foot of the bed.
    Iris-- i woke up to Layla watching the fire going out slowly. i yawned a bit and kept the fire going feeling the cold morning air. and walked towards the tiny kitchen and began making everyone pancakes. i did have to push through some other food to find everything but i did it. i smiled at my accomplishment and handed Layla a plate of pancakes as i slowly munched on mine. i made sure both boys were asleep...seeing as they were snoring and together it was kinda loud, i said to Layla "so what do you think about them?"
  17. Layla-- I see Iris wake up and walk into the kitchen. ABout twenty minutes later she walked out with a hand full of pancakes. I smiled widely and ate the pancakes. Soon she asked me about the boys and what i think about them. "Well, they are both are really cute. And I swear you and blake have a thing" I laughed. "Both of them are sweet. Eric will have to admit is hot but, last night I think he was following me. If he wants to talk to me he can just come up and talk." I looked over to him and smiled. actually was really cute.

    Blake-- I wake up to the smell of fresh pancakes and a see that the girls are up. And thats strange becuz girls are never up early. I walk over and asked if there was anymore and she pointed to the kitchen. and i found some left. soon eric came in and stole some as well. "those girls. They are something." I said to him and smiled. "But they both are very cute.
  18. Iris-- did i just hear her right? "umm...n-no...i dont think me and Blake have a thing...besides...i havent even spoken like a full sentence to him...i doubt he even likes me..." i looked at my plate of pancakes that were slowly going away as i munchied on them remembering his face. he wouldnt even waste his time with someone like me. a plain girl who was thrown from the heavens. he was handsome and he could have anyone he wanted if he tried hard enough. i wouldnt even think i was his type anyway. i sighed softly suddenly not hungry anymore. i got dressed in a big shirt and some jeans that somewhat fit and walked around the area exploring before i got bored and slowly started to hover off the ground and twirled a bit closing my eyes dancing somewhat.
    Eric-- i glared slightly at him not wanting him to talk about Layla like that. she was not cute. she was a flawless girl. beautiful yes, cute no. and she was mine. "mine?" since when did i claim people like property...?
  19. Eric-- Blake was the god of the gods i swear. while Iris was distracted i snuck behind her and held Layla close. i felt her relax in my arms making me relax. i felt what she felt making me not so worried. i kissed her forehead softly to not wake her up and closed my eyes in peace, ,thinking of ways to get Iris not so protective. maybe i should just chain her up to a pole in a dog house outside...
    Iris-- i felt the bed shift as Eric's big ass climbed into the bed. i suppressed a growl and a glare being distracted by Blake's beautiful eyes. i felt my heart flutter a bit and my stomach did back flips. i snapped away my gaze and saw the two together. i felt stupid for over reacting the way i did seeing now that he truly wouldnt hurt her. but if he ever did i knew he would not live to have children.
  20. Blake-- I took a quick glance at Eric and saw the he was already curled up with layla. Smirking I turned back at looked at Iris. Beautiful Iris. I couldn't resist any longer and I gently kissed her cheek. Using telepathy I told her "You are the most beautiful girl in the world. I hope you know that". She shot a glance at me and I smiled and nodded. Looking behind her, I saw the Eric was soon fast asleep next to Layla holding her close. Taking Iris hand I led her to the the other bed so me and her can let Layla and Eric sleep. She took one look back at the too and finally gave in. She walked over and and continued to stare. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Lord. i think i am in love.

    Layla-- He was there holding me. I wanted to wake up and see him. I have never felt this way before about anyone. And to be honest, I liked it. It felt nice to actually be wanted, instead of used. I hated guys so much. But these two felt alright. Not bad or anything. and that made me happy. I hoped tomorrow i would finally have enough strength to wake up. I wanted to see him. To hug him. And to hug Iris and tell her i am alright. Jeez. I just know after this she won't let me go out for awhile. Oi. This was going to be a long few days after i wake up.
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