The facility.

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  1. Ai was tied to what seemed like 1,000 chains. There were chains attached to her neck. Her wrist. Her arms. Her ankles. Her legs. Everywhere. She's been treated like an animal ever since she was in this facility. She was motionless, not being able to move because of all those tight chains that were all over her. They only put on so many, because they were simply afraid that she could easily get loose if there were chains only on her arms. She attempted to squirm around a bit, for she saw a guard walking over to her. "No no no no no...!" She thought. She almost felt like crying. She didn't want to have to go through this anymore.
  2. Alice walked down a cold hallway. "Where the hell is my food. My hungry." She yelled out at no one. She stomped down the tile floor; the sound echoing through the facility. Alice was in her angry split personality again, she was dangerous in this personality if she wanted to be; it was that reason that most of the workers left her alone when like this. They were afraid she would mess with their heads; she was able to put thoughts into their mind with her telepathy abilities. If she wanted she could make them kill themselves but nothing like that had happened yet. They just hopped for when she changed into her other personality; that was when they could do whatever they wanted to her.
  3. One of the workers walked over to Ai, and soon came another, then another. There were about 15 of them. They carefully started to undo her chains one by one, as another worker watched them and made sure Ai didn't have some tricks up her sleeve. Once they were finished, one of the workers grabbed her by her hair, forcefully dragging her along with him. She screamed, attempting to scratch and claw at his hand for minutes. But the longer she tried, the more the worker pulled on her hair.
  4. Suddenly Alice heard a scream coming form a room nearby. She stomped over to the door, abruptly kicking at the door trying to open it; of course it wasn't working, if the doors were that easy to knock down no one would still be there.
    "Hey!" She yelled out to the door. "What are you doing!" She continued to stomp at the door with her bottom of her boot. Her face went black for a second; Alice could suddenly see Ai being dragged around. The vision faded; she then screamed out.
    "Hey! What are you doing to her."
  5. "What do you think. Mind your own damn business!" The worker yelled, taking Ai to a chair. She was once again tied to chains again, as she struggled and tried her hardest. But it was too complex for her to. "You. Stay right there." The worker said, walking off somewhere.
  6. Alice was getting angry; the door wouldn't open when she kicked it."Stupid door." She said. "Leave her alone." Alice yelled out again; at the door. She really couldn't tell what was actually going on in the room. She was determined not to give up though, she just wanted to bother the workers and help the girl. Alice had a habit of getting in the way of what the workers were trying to do; she always came up and annoyed them. It was something the angry side of Alice seemed to enjoy. The other Alice wasn't always so forward; she would be to afraid to face the workers like this.
  7. The worker came back with a syringe, smirking at Ai. "Let's see what this little drug does. Will your powers be able to handle it?' He chuckled. He forcefully punctured the syringe into her bloodstream, injecting the drunk into her. Then silence. Ai started to cough and gag, shaking a bit.
  8. One of the workers at the facility heard Alice yelling, he appeared walking towards her. "What is going on in there doesn't concern you." He said to her walking up behind her. He was very tall; towering over Alice. She looked up and back at him.
    "I don't care if it doesn't concern me." She said with a smile, "What are you going to do about it?"
    He looked at her annoyed, he was told not to bother Alice in this condition. It could cause terrible consequences but he was starting to get frustrated; the workers could hear her from all over the facility. He grabbed onto her. "Let's go."
    "NO!" She cried out.
  9. The worker laughed. "Ha! You're cracking me up over here!" He yelled. Then Ai went silent again, looking at the Worker. "Die." She whispered, as she started to scream, as her scream's pitch got higher and higher, causing glasses and windows to shatter. The worker covered his ears, but that obviously didn't work.
  10. Alice and the worker could hear Ai's scream. The worker let go of Alice, grabbing onto his ears to stop the sound. Alice took this change to get away from him, trying to ignore the scream; although it actually hurt badly. She tried to picture what was going on inside, trying to get her mind there.
    "Stop" She said in her head hoping whoever was making the scream who stop. "That hurts." She began to kick the door again; while covering her ears. Why wouldn't these doors just break open.
  11. As if hearing Alice, she quieted down, and the room became silent again. Ai slowly and weakly lifted her arm up, making stuff in the room go flying everywhere purposely, attempting to scare the worker. "What the hell..!?" The worker yelled, attempting to dodge the big objects and small objects.
  12. Alice kicked the worker that was behind her; now that the screaming had stopped he tried to grab her again. He fell onto his knees from her kick. She bent down looking into his eyes. "You are going to leave me alone." She said to him, staring into him. He seemed to listen; getting up and walking away. Alice looked at the door again. I want to get in. She raised her hands up to the doorknob. "Someone let me in." She demanded. Something was bothering her; she could feel something bad was going to happen if she didn't get in there.
  13. The guard ran to the door quickly, as more objects were being flung at him. He opened it up, running out in fear. Ai stopped when she saw Alice, and all the objects dropped to the floor.
  14. Alice walked over to Ai. "Are you okay." She pushed aside any objects that were in her way. She bent down a bit since Ai was sitting on the chair. Alice became upset; why did they do this to Ai, why did they do this to anyone.
  15. She pointed to her arm; there was something stamped onto her arm, that said "Test Subject 03." She was still a bit shaky from the drug that had been injected into her. She didn't know what the hell it was, of course-- she was only a ten year old girl, trapped in a facility, that had no idea of what they were trying to do. "Am I going to die...?" She thought, as tears soon formed in her eyes. They ran down her cheeks, as she began to sob loudly. "I miss mommy and daddy..." She thought again. The workers quickly rushed in, careful not to step on any glass, or even some loose wires that were hanging from the ceiling.

    "Move away from the test subject." The worker calmer said to Alice. "I truly don't like doing this.." He secretly whispered to the both of them. Ai quieted down a bit when she heard, hoping that he wasn't saying that just to make them feel better. Ai's shaking got more and more out of control, as most of the workers ran over to her. They just waited and waited for something to happen-- also hoping she wouldn't die from it. The workers surrounded the chair Ai was seated in, sort of blocking Alice's view.
  16. "Hey." Alice said as the workers crowed Ai. "I can't see anything, leave her alone. It's your fault she's like this anyway." Alice began to push at the workers who surrounded Ai. "Let me deal with her, get lost!" She yelled out at one to his face. "You have no idea what it;s like for us."

    Alice was screaming at all the workers, hoping to get their attention on her instead of Ai. Alice felt some sort of need to help this girl; she didn't even know her. The happy Alice would have wanted to help her more than this Alice would but yet she didn't seem to give up, no matter what the workers did.
  17. "She"s a dangerous monster, and so are you!" One of the workers yelled, glaring at Alice. Just as he said that, Ai suddenly stopped crying, staring at the guard. Then she started to chuckle, and eventually that chuckling turned into crazed laugher, as stuff then again. "Is this apart of that drug..?" A worker whispered. "I don't know...but it's going to get entertaining soon." The other workers were hiding behind desk and tables, avoiding to get hit.
  18. Alice was shocked, how could he say that. As soon as objects started to fly Alice kicked away the desks and chairs that the workers were hiding behind. "If that's what you want us to be!" She yelled, looking into their eyes. "I want you to leave us. Go hurt yourself instead." She demanded, the object flying around her but none hitting her directly. She bent down, grabbing one of the workers by the lab coat. "You hear me!"
  19. The flying objects came to a stop, as Ai started to cough and hack again. The drug was getting even worse this time, and now she literally felt like she was chocking, and quickly grabbed her throat. At this point, she couldn't even use her powers any longer.
  20. "Huh!" Alice turned to Ai choking. "What do I do? Tell me what to do?" She said, asking the workers. "There has got to be something around here that will help her." Alice stared into the workers eyes using her abilities to make them tell her something. She had to help Ai, somehow she couldn't just leave her there choking.