The Experiments

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  1. It was the year 20xx, and it was human technology soon reaching its peak. Someone had asked...what else can they do? What else can they accomplish?

    Someone answered... "Why don't we mess with mother nature?"


    A young male, at least looking around the age of 21, was doing work at a local shop owned by two kind, elderly owners. He did not mind the labor they pay him to go through, in fact, he only exerted a fraction of his strength for the whole day, lifting crates, restocking shelf, and stopping thieves and hooligans. At the end of the day, he would get his pay, $6/hour and nine hours a day. A total of $54.00. That was enough money to pay for lunch and dinner for the next two days.

    Seth, at least that's what he called himself now, walked to a Chinese take out to pay for tonight's dinner. He had to order a party meal. Why? Because there were many of them. He and were not humans at all. They were modified humans---Super beings---created and nurtured in a lab facility, mostly used as lab rats and experimental material. They all have powers either unique or similar. Four weeks ago, however, there was an unknown explosion that caused a mysterious breakout in the Sega Lab. Mysterious because no one knew who had done it and no one stopped them from leaving. They all left like that, escaping and going in their separate ways.

    Some though have stayed together in a group, knowing that being together is better than being alone. Seth was not alone. That's why he's buying a party platter. He hoped though that they had stayed in the lair as he had instructed them to do, but then again, when do they listen? The human world was quite a curious place for them so they could not help but explore.

    Oh well... they better not get into trouble.

    "Sir, we have spotted Experiment N-06. Permission to move?"

    "Negative. That will compromise the whole entire mission. Wait for him to lead you back to the hideout, if there are any other experiments with him."

    "Understood. X-14, signing out."

    Otherwise, it's all good! ^__^
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    Experiment Shift-109, Or known as Lucien, sat on a rugged couch his feet reclined on a table in front of the couch. He looked around the lair at the ,probable, Experiments and smiled. Lucien was only the age of 20, but he wore black cargo pants and a black hoodie, a black bandanna tied around his neck . His black hair long and draped over one of his purple eyes. he smiled and his sharpened canines showed out as he did, he groaned and said " IM SO HUNGRY! wheres Seth? ". He put his hand onto his stomach and closed his eyes thinking about the delicious food that he usually brings for them. but see Lucien wasn't ordinary like an ordinary human, he had the stomach of a whale or so they said. Once you get to know him you'll find out why they say this to him and why it is so funny to him.
  3. "You know, Lucien, he could still be out there working for us, or he's out buying food already," a girl said with natural silver hair, but the humans think it's dyed. She was experiment T-2. She was only simply enhanced with the greatest of speed and stealth, able to move quietly and effectively. She looked around 17 years old, petite and small with smooth curves. She has short brunette, curly hair and bright blue eyes that would seem to glow in the dark. "And besides! You just ate all the left overs a few hours ago!"

    Seth was now making his way back to the lair, and he was walking into the outskirts of the Bludwich City, where mostly everything was abandoned. They lived in an abandoned subway station down below and he was just a mile away from arriving there. He stopped and he went over to the wooden bench, placing the warm, delicious food down. He stepped away from it and looked behind his path. "Alright!! Whoever is out there, come out!!"

    A tall and older male came out of the shadows. He has dark blonde hair and jaded green eyes. He was wearing a greyish trench coat and a suit underneath it. "Your file doesn't show you having any keen senses, N-06," X-14 spoke, taking off his fedora cap. Seth only replied, "That is an old file, and the name is Seth."

    "I could care less of what you are called. After all, you're only an experimental material. Easy to be thrown away like trash, but, like trash, we can't have it walking around in public, now can we?" X-14 asked as he took steps forward with a malicious and threatneing aura. "Big meal for yourself? Or for your friends as well? I'd like to meet them."
  4. Lucien laughs at how all this truth came at him, so he decided to take action. Standing up from his seating arrangements he looks at her and says " you want me to work? alright ill work " he goes to the door sliding his combat boots onto his feet and lacing them up. " Ill be right back you hooligans " he said as he walked out the door of the lair, As he reached the night air his sense kicked in of the world his eyes scanning everything and anything. He reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone, not aware of the certain situation Seth was in he decided to give him a ring. He walked down the way listening to the ringing of his phone hoping he can find Seth, so he could give him a hand or something. He always loved being out in the open being so free and not cooped up, but he was afraid of called advancement. He personally thought he was a freak just because he was so different from other people but that didn't matter with his new found in quote 'brothers and sisters'
  5. Riiiiing!! Riiiiiinnngg!!

    Seth was a bit startled when he heard the phone ringing in his pocket. X-14 smirked a bit. "Who's it from?" He asked, stopping just two meters away from Seth. "None of your business," he simply said, tidily ending the conversation between him and the enemy. X-14's eyes flashed with rage; he pulled his arm back, now coated with the pitch-black of shadows, forming a huge piercing dagger. He slashed forward and Seth managed to dodge in time, loosing just a few strands of his hair. He picked up the phone and placed it in his ear. "Hello? Kind of busy right now!" He said as he dodged another attack, stepping the left as the tree took the damage and fell.
  6. "Lucien." A voice came from above the entrance to the old subway station. A spindly youth was perched on top of the archway that led into the depths the group called home, idly spinning a pen around the fingers of one hand while the other held a small notepad. His rust-red hair hung in short, tidy bangs down across his forehead. His body slimlined, he was a waif of a man whose piercing green eyes shone down like searchlights onto his companion. Putting the pad and pen into his jacket pocket, he glided down from his seat atop the arch, where he was temporarily keeping watch while Seth was out. Benjamin Tellar, or experiment P-808, was the wary sort, whose paranoia only served to push his protective nature into overdrive. "Where're you headed?" The young man, barely nineteen years of age, asked his friend. "Seth will be back soon with the meal. It's unlike you to risk missing food!"
  7. Lucien smiled at Benjamin but the smile quickly faded as he heard the whoosh of movement and the quick breath obviously used when dodging. " Seth are you okay? you sound like your fighting someone " His face focused and more serious than he has ever been, He puts his hand into his pocket and his eyes purple eyes began to glow. He looked over at Benjamin and waved him over, he trusted Benjamin enough since he was a , at times , level headed man. he awaited on conformation of Seth's safety before he went to trek on into the world.
  8. Before Seth could reply to Lucien's question, he dodged another attack that came all too sudden and his phone got caught up into it, splitting in half. He grimaced at that. That cost him thirty bucks to buy and really, it was difficult buying all those cellphones for everyone without stealing. He turned to X-14 glaring at him. "You want a fight? I'll give you a fight!!" He yelled, getting in to defensive position. No matter what, he will not show this enemy where everyone is hiding. "That's more like it!!!" He yelled and he charged at him, his arm forming now into a reaper's blade. He raised it high and brought it down. Seth blocked it with his bare hands, batting it away to a different direction. He had a strange power that was still unknown even to the scientists, but he has a force that allows him to fight against any impossible enemy such as an element of fire, or an element of the shadows. However, at the moment, the best he can do is block and dodge attacks. He looked over to the food that was still in a bench.... and he worried it was going to get cold with this fight dragging on.
  9. "What's the matter? Is Seth alright?" Ben queried, floating towards Lucien and setting himself down. His power was manifold; he was a psionic, and thus had the power to manipulate the world around him with his mind. This mainly manifested itself as telekinesis, the ability to push or pull on things in the immediate vicinity, meaning that Ben often floated around rather than walking. Outside however, in view of the normal world, he was confined to the ground, for fear of his powers being discovered.
  10. Lucien puts his phone back into his pocket and looks at Benjamin and says " Benjamin...stay here...lock the doors and dont open them " Lucien closed his eyes and then reopened them. His pupil then changed to a light blue with circuitry in them he scanned the wave lengths on which his phone traveled up into the air and through all the wiring and wireless connection, he hit the satellite and projected down into the area where his signal was last cut off by. See Lucien project was to be allow a human to control technology, or known as a Techno-path But he was not just that the experiment with his body went they took it a step and fixed his body by assembling him with a robotic body, this robotic body was at his command and his command only. So as he was following the signal he hacked into any nearby camera's, he moved them and it gave him a better view on things. " Ill be back.." He said as he took off in a barefoot run down the way, he thought to himself on a faster way of traveling so he dove straight forward at a man hole and grabbed it. he lifted it up and tossed it into the air jumping down into the sewer as the manhole covering slammed back into place, He crouched down and closed his eyes. " System pull up sewer routes " A map projected in front of him, he smiled and then his feet began to smoke , a small flame erupted from the sewage and propelled him forward. He had activated his thrusters and was heading directly to were Seth was fighting
  11. X-14 was getting tired of playing around and he retracted his reaping blade. He pulled both his arms back and thrust his palms out. A jet shadows burst out from his hand, spinning around and shot out like a torpedo. Seth's eyes widened and he used his arms to block. He was pushed back several meters, and he crashed right through a brick wall. "Sorry, I don't have time to play games," He said, walking over to the abandon brick building as the shadow beneath his feet grew thicker. Seth got up on his knees, rubbing his sorehead before getting back up on his feet. "Where are they?" "Why should I feel obligated to answer you?" Z-14 then leaped over to him and pinned him down on the ground, grasping his neck tightly. "Because if you don't, then I'll just your corpse as bait."
  12. Lucien busted out of the manhole right in the middle of the street the abandoned building was next to, Lucien rushed forward to were they were originally standing. He scanned the area noticing the food, his stomach rumbling so he began walking towards it but he slapped himself. As he did he noticed a hole in the abandoned building and a shadow figure struggling, he feared a bit and slowly walked forward and put his hand out forward a large light emitting from his hand on the figures. He noticed Seth and then the man, he shouted out " SETH!..." he paused for a moment and then continue " i told you making love with men was alright..but i mean like this " he said as he chuckled raising his other arm. The arm rotating and shifting in and out of place, the sound of gears and parts moving emitting in the room. His arm turning into a cybernetic cannon as he points it down at the man on top of Seth. " Alright play times over..get off of him you hooligan ".
  13. Seth's eyes widened, seeing that Lucien had arrived...but then his face fell to an irritated expression after hearing the next following words. Really? He's going to say words like that in front of an enemy. All the while, X-14 was grimacing at the bright light and he then went away, disappearing in the darkness. "Lucien, keep that light on," he said to him. "This one's an element of shadows."

    "BEN!" Someone called from below and it was Rita, T-02. "Did that Lucien really go off to find a job? It's really late!" she said, but then she saw the look on Benjamin's face. "Ben, is there something wrong??"
  14. He smiles " If its light ya want..its light you'll get " most likely in an abandoned building like this there are lights around. He focuses his energies and find targets of what seems to be lamps and hanging lights, he then surges the energy through the lights causing them to burst on as if the building was back up and running. " i dont know how long i can keep these lights on..but i say we get out while we can" He looks around and moves a bit in a circle keeping his eyes on the spot that the building lights could not light up.
  15. Mitaria, or ZO-13, looked around as she heard crashing and gears turning. When she left the Lab, she went on her own way. Hiding her experimental abilities was not something you would call easy, so her clothes were rather baggy and she looked like a hunchback. She was insanely strong for her size, She was petite and curvy, White hair blew across her face. She heard the sound of N-06's voice and started to walk slowly in that direction, as far as she knew him and all the others were dead and gone, so hearing his voice was a rather huge shock. She saw the hole in the building and walked slowly towards it, seeing Shift shining a light inside and dark shadow in a far corner. Noticing what was going on she smirked. 'Always getting into trouble' starting to change and form into something else. Stepping into the building and broken brick crinkling under her feet. "well guys. I think we have a problem here" Mitaria said looking at the ground, smirking and looking up slowly she quickly moved her hands forward, huge white wings, breaking through her clothes, ripping them off and revealing the small tight clothes she wore underneath and a burst of wind flying forward and blowing the shadow away into nothing. Her hair settled, resting in her shoulders and over her eye. Her wings rested down and she looked up smiling. "So how did you guys end up in this predicament." Mataria would be honestly surprised if they remembered her, she mostly was locked awy by herself, due to her strength and her wings taking over when she was first "altered".
  16. Lucien robotic heart skipped a natural beating function as he saw Mitaria enter the building, see Shift as he originally went by found Mitaria very attractive for the minimal amounts of times he saw her. He smiled and turned his body to face her " What a big surprise..the voluptuous Mitaria has entered the building " his smirk stayed on his face. " well this certain predicament was caused by Mr. N-06's love affair with a shadow " he said chuckling and then his eye twitched " Wheres the food? ". his black hoodie swaying a bit still from the rough wind her wings made.
  17. Mataria chuckled at Shift's response. She never knew what they had called themselves due to fact that she kept to herself. "well, I guess the real world can do that type of thing to you." Mataria looked around and smelled the warm chinese food. "Umm I believe its on a bench outside...smells warm." Mataria felt her mouth start to water, she hadn't eaten in 3 days, well anything that could fill her anyways. She stayed in the woods most of her life as that was the only place she was really accepted, someone place no one else was. Mataria looked around and noticed the shadow figure seemed to be gone. " I believe your problem has left you, so you no longer need me and I bid thee adieu." Mataria bowed slightly her wing acting as her hand. she turned and left the building.
  18. His eye twitched as she took off before he could try and make a move on her, but that didn't matter anymore all that mattered was getting back to the lair safely with Seth. he chuckled and said " Man...she is so beautiful...while im so...ugly...but im a who cares im a tin can " he laughed at his own joke and turned to look at Seth hoping he was ready to get the fuck out of this abandoned horror house.
  19. Mataria left, launching herself into the sky turning and looking back towards the building. Smiling she looked at the bag of food sitting in the bench, seeing as shift and N-06 were still inside she flew back down quickly and pulled out a container of food and left once again. 'Sorry but i need this more than you guys' Mataria flew through the sky and landed on a random building that looked safe, she could hear people talking about someone named Seth inside. She blocked it out and started to eat the food. moaning with delight as it entered her mouth and the taste exploded on her tongue. Laying back her wings spanning out across the roof. She continued to eat and closed her eyes as she finished, the warmth emanating from the roof, from the inside of the building relaxed her. She closed ehr eyes and curled into a ball her wings wrapping around her body, closing her eyes a memory of hers at the lab flashed in her mind. She had just lashed out and injured another experiment, she had been pulling feathers out of her wings. she was in cuffs and being lead to a holding cell, she passed a room filled with other experiments all socializing amongst each other, looking up from the floor her gaze locked with Shift's. His purple eyes making her jaw drop slightly and her mind zone out. she saw beauty in his imperfection of his robotic body. Her memory faded and she opened her eyes and rolled onto her back her wings wrapping tightly around her to keep her warm. Sighing she let herself fall asleep.
  20. Seth looked around, finding that shadow, but he was surprised to find ZO-13 being here. The wind helped, but he felt like the shadow has been long gone, and he had a feeling it won't be the last that they see of him. Still...what a surprise that ZO-13 was here. He had seen her a few times, and he remembered her well due to incident she caused when she first grew her beautiful white wings. Seth stood by, watching with amusement at the conversation between Lucien and Mataria. "Yes, because I"m pretty share being choked by a shadow is definitely labeled as a love affair," he said with sarcasm.

    After Mataria had left, he listened to Lucien's poorly degrading himself with words. He held in a sigh and he left him there, of course expecting him to follow. He than called out, "Mataria! Come back with us, if you want to have dinner!" He suggested to her as he took the Chinese take out from the bench. Yup, still warm. "When we get there, perhaps, you can consider staying? Lucien here will give you the tour."