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  1. IC

    Character Sheet

    (mainly anime/cartoonish plz no real people basically odd request I'm sure)
    Experiment Race:
    Original Race:
    History: (Optional)
    Theme: (Optional)

    The Experiments Info
    People, creatures, animals of all age taken, experimented on. Some live many die and no one ever has returned home. Those knew may remember when they were taken and from where those old hardly seem to remember much of anything other than their name, who they once were, and that where they are now seems like hell. Some dare to try and escape any know to do so are assumed to be dead for they were never heard about again. The taken all wake up the same trapped in a cage only a few seem to have a roommate but everyone seems to have a neighbor.
    Their are volunteers all work in the name of science taking 12 hour watch shifts. A few scientist are even certified guards. When the experimented is free from their cages they are still always watched. The experimented are allowed only three hours of communication and free time. They are put into a room that seems to have wild life of nature within.
    Will there finally be a group who will try to escape? Will they make it or will they meet the same fate as those in the past? Did everyone who tried really get caught and die?


    All Iwaku Rules Apply
    OOC Chatter let's keep it here and not in the IC
    Any IC ideas you wish to share feel free to PM me
    No godmoding or Mary Sues
    Romance allowed just no scodlypooping take that somewhere private you can state fade to black if you wish

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  2. Appearance:
    full fox form

    No matter her form she always seems to have on a black colar as if she's some pet not just an experiment
    Name: Suki
    Age: 17
    Experiment Race: Demon Fox
    Original Race: Human
    Suki has been living an experiment's life since she can last remember. She has no idea how long she has been their and doesn't any longer remember her real parents. Or even the fact that she was human. She grew up often being beaten when she did something wrong. Many painful test have been tested on her to learn how she copes being part demonic fox. How they managed to mix her DNA with a demon pacifically a fox she has no idea. However she has learned in her free time of some abilities that she has.
    Theme: (Optional) WIP
    Can turn into a nine tailed white fox
    Has some powers that seem to be like ice and snow not fire
    She can fit into small spaces

    Is a simi-fast runner

    Using claws to dig for things, and to try and defend herself
    Create ice and snow
    Holding stuff with her tails
    Listening in on conversations

    She complains when it's rather hot in an area
    Terrified of electric current items
    Isn't a fan of whips she seems to not function at all as if frozen
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