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  1. Darren 'Axel' walked sleepily into the lab. He sipped his coffee as he turned the lights on and started booting up the computers. He rubbed his eye, brushing his hair from his eye. "Good Morning." He said to the young girl that was his experiment. He took another sip of his coffee before yawning.
  2. She nodded silently. Like always. She didn't really talk. Just nod or shake her head. She was sitting on a cold table, examining the scientist. She thought of him as a friend. Even if he did bring pain to her. She tapped the table, hoping his attention would go to her. She would always ask for a hug in the morning, so she spreads out her arms. So he can hug her. But her face was expressionless.
  3. Darren glanced at her. "Hold on." He said as he finished setting everything up. He set his cup down and turned, giving her a big hug. "Did you sleep well?" He began with his usual morning questioning, a small, friendly smile on his face.
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  4. She nodded again. She cocked her head at him for a moment, then she looked at her hand for a while, already losing interest in him. It's was normal for her to do that. She then started to examine her nails, making small faces at the uneven cut ones.
  5. "Hungry?" He asked as he moved his coffee, checking some reports as he sipped at his coffee again. He made sure she was well cared for, and now, he wondered if he could add social and mental care to her physical care.
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  6. Emi nodded, patting her skinny little self. She would tap he hands against the table, waiting for her food. The scientist was probably used to all he sounds she made. Emily shakes her head back and fourth to a imaginary toon as he kept tapping the table.
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  7. Darren smiled softly, but it was only for a brief second. He fixed a usual, simple breakfast. Eggs, a protein milkshake, and a piece of cooked ham. He set the plate in front of her. "Breakfast." He said softly.
  8. She grinned, digging in. It was her usual but she didn't care, as she devoured everything but nibbling slightly on the ham, she cocked her head at him, very curious of what he'll do next.
  9. Darren looked over some of the files. "Okay. Remember how yesterday we did some running exercises Emi?" He asked softly, sitting down in his swirly chair.
  10. Emi nodded, devouring the piece of ham now. She leaned in forward, raising a brow. She didn't like running exercises, but she was bored as Heck. Emi kept tapping, she knows how to play piano so she plays piano not he table.. Sort of..

    E E E.. E E E... E G C D E....

    She thought of the notes to jingle bells in the table as she stared at the scientist.
  11. "Well. I know I said we were continuing those today... But we're not. I wasn't trying to lie or anything, but I came up with something more fun." He smiled softly. "Excited?"
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  12. She grinned and nodded quickly, almost falling off her table, she clapped her hands and shook her head in a continuous nod. she was really excited, barley anything is exciting to her,
  13. Darren chuckled softly. "Okay okay, that's good. Now, before you get your hopes up too high, you probably want to know what it is, right?" He asked, sipping his coffee. He was almost done with it.
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  14. She let out a small groan, waiting, rolling her eyes and nodding.

    Ys! Just tell me already!

    She said in her, pounding on the table now.
  15. "We're going to try and get you to talk. Say words, speak." He said, smiling softly at her. "Think you can do it?" He said, setting his now-empty mug on the table and resting his elbows on his knees, his head in his hands to see her reaction. He hoped she stayed excited. It was always easier to work if she was excited.
  16. She froze.


    Emi cocked her head at him.. Opening her mouth. Then closing it.

    What should I say?...

    She stared at him for a while, still tapping the table softly.

    "T-the h-ham was g-good." She stated softly, blush apparently covering her cheeks as she shot looked down.
  17. Darren smiled brightly. "That's great! I'm so proud!" He hugged her gently. "I actually didn't know if you knew how to speak..." He chuckled softly. "Let's do you feel?" He asked softly, crossing his legs, his hands on the edge of the table, watching her with a gentle, yet curious expression. He was surprised that she already knew some English. He wasn't even sure if she had the ability to speak, but he was excited now.
  18. She shot him a glare. "I am very intelligent. I know how to play the piano, and read high fantasy adult novels.." She frowned at him. "I'm not stupid. Do not compare to your other lab animals." She said frowning at him with disgust, blush going away.
  19. Darren paused, then looked down. "I never said you were stupid." He said quietly, turning and adjusting a few things on his computer. He sat back in his chair, watching the screen a moment before turning. "I just didn't know you could speak. Speech has nothing to do with intelligence." He said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Now. Answer me this: Did you teach yourself to speak, or did it just come naturally?"
  20. "Taught myself.." She muttered, looking down as she fiddled with her nails. One hand moved her hair behind her ear.. ".. Speaking does come with intelligence. I didn't learn to speak when I was a baby because I barley knew anything. I learned, and read letters, books and more. So. Yeah." She stated shakily..
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