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Name: Unnamed Spriggan

Age: technically, less than 1. effectively age of majority and further discerning not really applicable.

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Asexual panromantic

Species: Samhain Spriggan

World and Universe they are from: Skyrim

Many spriggan are hollow creatures of an animalistic mind their yellow eyes expressing nothing within. While this unnamed Samhain spriggan shares much of their type her eyes of the sun's light are hollow but filled with more understanding and expression than many of her kind. Seasons of a kind to the spriggan her face is not locked to dead wintry rage but a smooth green wood face of watchful eyes that reacts to the observed. Movements of a strong solid body that decries a true presence in the world than mere existence in it. Stood 5'10" her head bears a sturdy crown of bark plate reaching slightly higher. Blossoms set in tone against the claws at the end of her fingers which are quite sharp but agile. Within her the holes in her solid body however one sees the pale white of bone. As much as the skull just behind her eyes if one gets close enough. The gap within her torso demonstrating the faint shimmer of some restrained power. Strength little effected by the apparently empty space her taut thighs and built hips can easily demonstrate. Thin oakflesh rooted feet more than able to serve as a fulcrum to anchor her wrath.

In the spriggan there is an I and there is a We. This in itself why she is at times disjointed and unfocused especially newly risen. The dead constantly yell into her mind and it often leaves her disassociated from reality though not for too long. It's more that that We strongly effects how the I expresses her inner thought. She's a curious wistful creature both new and old to the world as likely to interest herself in beautiful minutiae of new environments as follow the overarching goal of defense of the people. Much racial bias is diminished as much as she has trouble remembering the social mores of other races or societies. Much of that kind of specificity is blended together within the We until she, the I, experiences or learns it herself. As such she demonstrates a gestalt basic competency with many skills and knowledge common within the We. Aware of the limitations of her knowledge she is an insatiable sponge with all the time in the world to read if only that she has a pressing task to accomplish. It is good that she does not have to sleep but misses companions enough she either watches or joins them.

As Bosmer spread over time their descendants carried their beliefs with them. A particular set in Skyrim overtime diverted by Nord practices for the halls of the dead. Those fallen by nature instead buried by careful internment in saplings. If to honor the meat mandate by sky burial. Others add yet more as the trees grew even not Bosmer for impartial nature to consume. Bones of the fallen freed by removal of flesh saw caretakers and mourners scribe prayers to Y'ffre to guard over their descendants. Others stories of fallen heroes vanquishing threats to the sacred sites or towns. Caretakers honored these remote sites though infrequent. Fending off necromancers as those not Bosmer that watched the wilds looked over them as well. Chaos of disappearances and disturbances saw burgeoning magicka within watchful eyes. Now abandoned the glen grew over in peaceful memory.

As Nirn loosed its moorings to the fabric of the universe the forces of nature honored those words. The oldest tree detonating with strain of magicka. Incoherent rage pelts sacred sites of Y'ffre, Kynareth, Talos, and Meridia. Natural energies conjuring inert bones from the sky to hurl out of incensed emotion at threats to life. Until an angry Thu'um pounded itself a new word wall among the wilds. Wreckage sees a confused spriggan with pale etched bones stumble into the halls of the dead. Difficult to express her mind unnamed scavenged her first weapon from the fallen. Now wandering those distant wilds a creature just beyond clear sight within the forest line. Disinclined to attack the innocent though a bound arrow known to imperil the guilty.

As caretakers came they investigated their burial ground. Empty if not for a ruined crater that held words reflecting the horizon's light as day came. Dragur in the hall of the dead long immolated where they stood. A single warrior's tomb looted among the halls of the dead. Other Dragur from the crater sliced apart by the sword or arrow holes. Sprays of sap showing One's hard-fought exit through. A single sap covered body print on a cairn where the survivor rested. Word now travels away calling alarm of the incident, but to whom?

  • Oaken - Even without armor the bone and bark that compose her is more than sturdy enough. This gives her great strength with a dexterity just well enough to keep up with it.
  • Heart of Internment - The samhain spriggan can be seen with a depth of bones within its chest deeper than it ought. The peace of the grave writ live if a body is given by rightful bearer it empowers the Spriggan. Disturbed graves she may inter remains of that they are at peace but it does not empower her. She spreads her chest to reveal a glowing expanse of interred bone, daylight, and singing nirnroot that they can place the fallen inside. All to defend and empower herself toward the course of destroying undead and the unjust. As she destroys so it pacifies lost souls or absorbs the animating force of the undead to grow in strength. The unjust are merely left to rot. Attempting to drain life from such a spriggan or resurrect her charges instead delivers them unto the end slowly draining the caster’s own life force into the field of death. The spriggan can hear any creatures or spirits at the leeward side of her gate within the internment rift.
  • Walker of the End - Able to regenerate even from aggressive destruction that someone uses her shout or she is left until the next sunrise on fertile soil. Fire however circumvents this and only the shout will resurrect her upon a severe blood price paid in the shout to call her forth. Whether the one that uses the shout knows the price must be paid or not. Otherwise regenerates supernaturally enough that disembodied parts still move and can be bandaged into place until rejoining. If limbs are entirely destroyed or otherwise removed for too long and turn numb she will begin regrowing a replacement.
  • Conjuration - Verdant bow - Summons from her body a wooden or bone bow she’s claimed as her own conjuring elven arrows for its use. The bow can be improved but it also can be broken.
  • Inexorable - She does not have to sleep though she can if she wishes to regenerate faster at night. Nor does she have breath so while she wouldn't be able to talk in a vacuum or underwater she will stare angrily from outside. Airborne poisons that require inhalation to soft tissues have a very muted effect on her.

Power limitations:
  • Oaken - Vulnerable to fire even if she is not dry wood her bark still burns fairly well. Her strength is normal at night for a muscled human her size and only enhanced to supernatural levels according to daylight even if not currently exposed. Both her dexterity and strength suffer badly in freezing cold as the sap hardens in her veins since her body keeps lukewarm at best.
  • Heart of internment - Living things rot quickly inside of her realm of internment as it is the domain of Death. While a sealed bottle of beer may subsist indefinitely inside her this is because all living things in it die. The realm is otherwise intensely cold and requires a great deal of her focus and strength to open to receive one to be interred. Thus she cannot do other things while holding a gate open. The nature of this interconnected connected rift inhibits all external healing effects that are not her natural regeneration. All life drains into death.
  • Walker of the End - Cannot regenerate a limb that is burnt. She must either remove the burnt flesh or remove the appendage so it can regrow. This requires a viable substrate though not necessarily a lighted one. While the shout won't kill a chosen using it to resurrect her if they are unable to pay the whole blood price she will likely wake up with at least just enough consciousness to understand how much pain she's in. Her natural waking without the shout does require light. If she is buried she will remain inert unless the shout is used.
  • Verdant Bow - The production of arrows does use up her energy and while she can produce a fair number of them will eventually become too exhausted to make more. While so exhausted from ammo her regeneration ability to damage will be similarly exhausted. Her stamina only recovers on viable substrate and faster in the day.
(D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster)
Archery - A
Alchemy - D
Conjuration - B
Dovah - S (Note: while she can know words of power and speaks dovah she doesn't have breath. Thus it is not at all useful to her as a power.)
Shields - C
Bladed weapons - B
Martial Combat - B
Heavy weapons - B

Weapon(s)/ Equipment
  • Novice Hunting bow
  • Hide Armor
  • Nordic Sword
Strengths: Curious, Judicious, Dogged

Weakness/ Fears:
  • Dissociative - Filled with the memories of the mourned she frequently delves into related memories forgetting what she was doing temporarily.
  • Implacable - A willful creature of tireless endurance neither forgives nor gives up once her own judgements of character made regardless of other opinions unless evidence presents that casts doubt on their guilt. If the odds and needs of the greater good are in her favor will soldier on only to retreat to change tactics if it’s useful as she’s not suicidal.
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Name: Callintus Cadorna

Age: 68

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Imperial

World: Elder Scrolls -- Oblivion Crisis


Under the armor, Callintus' hair reached down to his shoulders, with dark grey streaks all throughout light black hair, and a stubble beard with gear around the chin. He has the face of a worn traveler, with wrinkles around the forehead, and laugh lines along the sides of his gold brown eyes. He looks more like a 50 year old than a late 60 year old going on 70, and considering he still has some muscle under the armor, it's amazing he still stays in great shape. He does, however, have quite a few scars around the waist, arms, and a massive one that goes across his right shoulder. Some are recent, others like the shoulder one are old, from years past, if not decades.

Personality: Ah, Calli, for an Imperial, you act more like a Nord. He's boisterous, proud, and Jubilant, the man oozes happiness. He's traveled the world over again, and seen creatures, monsters, animals, bandits, even Daedra, that would calm and strike fear in the hearts of men and women. He's fought them all, and lead the Knights of the Nine for several decades now, each knight within the group having massive respect for him. A warrior without question, and to an outsider, he might seen a bit.... Not so much that. He's very jokey and self-aware, he's not afraid to make fun of himself, or even the gods for that matter, making some confused and even anxious about such a boldness to so, being a chosen knight to protect the realm. Why would a man wielding the Relics of the Crusader do such a thing? It isn't out of spite or anger he does this, as everyone thinks, but it's understanding. He's an old man coming to the end of his fighting days, and he understands his place in the world. He can't fight forever, and if he had to chose a way to die, it'd be taking on a hoard of Daedra, hopefully swinging them away by the hundreds, like Sauron in the beginning of Lord of the Rings. If he pokes fun at the gods a bit, it's all light-hearted fun, and if the gods can't take a joke, his armor would've turned to concrete years ago. (Besides, you should hear the Daedra jokes he makes, those are harder.) For as much as Calli boasts, He is still a religious man, and one who still cares for the well being of others. If not, he wouldn't have taken up the armor. He may not be the best man to ask about questions on life, but he's lived long enough to come to his own conclusions about it.

History: How best to sum up the life of a man who's lived a long and storied one? Well, I suppose how he got started. The Cadorna family made their riches through trading, owning one of the top five trading companies in Black Marsh, Summer Isle, and Elsweyr. They traded in luxury and exotic foods found in these arenas, and brought them to Cyrodiil to sell for the higher class and nobles in all the cities. It was a good living, but one with a shady undertone, as they were also involved in black market deals; selling illegal items under the table to earn a little more. His father was heavily involved in the business side, with their family living at the company HQ in Summer Isle, moving after Callintus was born in the capital of the empire. His father was a serious one, but a loving one at that, as while he could be hard on his children, he never did it out of anger, but a need to improve and get better, while his mother provided the nurturing care their father lacked. He had three brothers and two sisters, him being the second youngest, as he was only a year older than the second daughter to the family. They traveled all cross Elsweyr and Black Marsh for any trips his father had to make personally with business acquaintances, so he was home schooled with the rest of his siblings by their mother, and taught sword fighting by a private tutor. The family's first hardship was when the second oldest brother was taken ill at age 13, believed to be pneumonia caught when visiting Black Marsh during the rainy season. The brother put up a good fight, but no matter what potions he was given, after a year, the brother passed away. The report of his death said pneumonia, but others believe it was a type of poison, given by those within the black market, after Calli's father tried to break away from the shadier side of business. This set off a domino effect of tragedy and controversy within the family, as a month later, Callintus' oldest sister was kidnapped by bandits, wishing for a ransom of 250,000 gold, or else.

The family never paid, and the sister was never heard from again. From there, he, his siblings, and his mother, grew resentful to his father over not saving their daughter, after having lost one family member. Before long, the family started breaking apart, as each family member started breaking away. His oldest and third oldest brother moved away to Skyrim to start new lives, while his mother returned to Anvil in Cyrodiil to resettle near her parents. the youngest daughter went with her, and Callintus remained with his father, having grown even colder, and his son resenting him. Another year later, a message was sent to his father. His oldest son was killed by frostbite spiders while traveling to Riften for business. And a mother later, Imperial guards raided his home, as it was found his father had started illegally importing slaves. Their business was surrounded in controversy, and shut down a week later, as most employees quit under protest. His father was sentence to life in prison, and whatever wealth that still remained went to Callintus, who was now old enough to inherent it. Left alone, and with at least enough to last a few years, Callintus' young adult years were spent in parties, bing drinking, and pleasures with women of the night. He was arrested many times for drunken behavior, wasted money on needless items, and at one point managed to trap himself in a tomb filled with ghosts, after he urinated on s sacred sarcophagus in Skyrim. In a drunken bender. It was amazing he managed to escape alive. By the time he turned 25, Callintus had blown through the remains of his family fortune, and was now living as a homeless drunkard, willing to steal from whoever to get enough coin to survive the day. When his mother passed away after a struggle with illness, he traveled to Cyrodiil to attend her funeral, with what remained of his family members. They were all disgusted by his behavior at the funeral, and how he dressed in rags.

Callintus, embarrassed, and having stolen all the wine at the funeral, ran off and got drunk in the graveyard. The next morning, Callintus awoke to the screeching yells of bloody murder, along with a crowd surrounding the church. A massacre had taken place inside the church where the funeral was held. Everyone inside was killed, and the alter desecrated. Callintus was now the only living member of the Cadorna family. A priest nearby the church was spouting something about the return of Umaril, and Callintus, not being the man he is now, went over to kick his ass, because he was being very obnoxious in a very serious moment. Somehow though, the priest managed to convince Callintus of the opposite. The more the priest spoke, the more Callintus was willing to listen, and seeing that the young man was having troubles, he suggested to Callintus that perhaps his destiny was tied to this incident beyond simply tragedy. Redemption could be his newest path. Callintus, hesitant, decided to listen to what the old priest had to say, suggesting Callintus travel across Cyrodiil to find the wayshrines, each containing a blessing to the nine divine. From there, Callintus would take a journey across Cyrodiil to find the relics of the crusader, items owned by the great Pelinal Whitestrake, champion to Saint Alessia. From there, he would remake the knights of the nine, take mantle to the crusader's armor, and when faced with the return of Umaril himself, Callintus would fight, slaying the demi-god. And from there.... Well, it's all a long story. One filled with redemption of both the Cadorna name, and Callintus himself. Now, at his old age, having fought many a battle in the name of the gods, he has but one battle left to fight. And it's a damn good fight too.

Powers: The magic Callintus uses are each blessings given to him by the nine divine, each adding to his strength, endurance, agility, luck, speed, willpower, and intelligence. Along with those, he's blessed with a holy aura, fortifying his armor to make it even harder to land an effective blow to weaken him. When wielding his sword or mace, his strike becomes even more powerful, as the weapons fortify his striking. It also helps that he's blessed with 'woodland grace,' meaning most untamed animals will not attack him unless provoked. 'Lay hands' and 'merciful touch' are spells that restore fatigue and health to both himself and others, while 'serene beauty' is a calming effect when applied.

Limitations: Of course, the spells only work with enough magicka, the more he uses, the more he will grow tired, and cannot over-exasperate himself. He can only do the spells until he has regained enough strength once a certain time has passed. And of course, he can still be killed while wearing the armor, it does not make him invincible.

Skills: Swordsman -- SS, Drinker -- SS, Cook -- A (he's not that bad actually,) Spell-caster -- B

Weapons/equipment: The relics of the crusader, a set of armor, a shield, a mace, and a sword, all enchanted with the blessings of Aedra.

Strengths: Damn great fighter, and caring man to those both besides his side in a fight, and those in need.

Weaknesses: Years of fighting have started to catch up, he lacks the true speed and agility he once had, and without the armor, he would be a completely different fighter. He wouldn't last long if you tried fighting him outside the armor. While it's not yet brittle and broken down, the scars show signs that recovery is not what it used to be, and injuries have taken longer to heal naturally without the spells he possess.

Other: ........... Fuck it.

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Name: Shi Ying, 'In her time she had been Empress'
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Species: Celestial Empire Rodents
The founders and majority population of the Celestial Empire. Empire Rodents mature extremely quickly, being deemed old enough for military training at 6 years of age. Despite this, Empire Rodents are also fairly long lived, living up to 3 centuries under ideal circumstances. In practice, life is cheap in the Empire and though rich in minerals, the gigantic Empire is poor in food, both over and underground. As a result, few beyond the royal family and their closest live anywhere close to centuries.

Chi Cultivators and their ilk are another subgroup that can live extremely long lives, but their numbers are few even in the most prosperous of times and during Shi Ying's time, the Empire was anything but...
World and Universe they are from: The Grand Realms (OC)
Appearance: 4'8'' in height, slightly below average for a female Empire Rodent, black hair, dressed as above but with sandals, appears deceptively lithe and thin.

The person Shi Yang is now was molded from the various experiences she had in her short life. Though raised as a member of the Imperial family, she was the youngest of an already large family and had very little prospects. As a result, she was often badly treated by her siblings and slowly grew both a vengeful streak, combined with low self-esteem and a burning desire to prove her detractors wrong. Events over the years only fueled those traits until they became most evident during her tenure as a Rogue Empress. Following her downfall and eventual transformation into a Youxia disciple, those traits still remain to an extent but she has done her best to guide them in a more positive direction. Vengeance and a desire to prove herself have transformed into a protective streak and her low self-esteem has somewhat improved. Though present, she has made strides in accepting that she has her strengths and weaknesses like any other individual.

An ex-soldier, general, royal and empress, Shi Yang has been taught to command. Though her discipleship under Nagarani has taught her some measure of obedience, in a sense, it still remains hard for the former Empress to take orders at face value. She will accept orders, yes, but will often interpret them in her own way and will always press her supposed superiors for more information if they do not make a situation clearer. From their perspective, she is being intrusive and needlessly antagonizing. From her perspective, a good soldier has to know what they're fighting for. In essence, you could say that after a life time of leading, it is hard to take a step back. This is not to say that Shi Ying strives to be the leader in every situation. On the contrary, not being in command has lifted a huge load of her shoulders, something she's glad to her teacher for, but habits of the past are hard to break. For Shi Yang, she asks questions and interprets orders independently because that's what she would have done as a senior officer, let alone Empress. The idea that a lowly foot soldier would often not have the resource of rank and/or privilege to excuse themselves is something she knows in theory, but still doesn't realize in practice.

Similarly, while her newfound sense of repentance, acceptance and goodwill is genuine, her lifestyle has left her with very little means of actually fulfilling said desires. Her accent, method of speaking and reflex actions mark her out as some form of nobility, which presents as many complications as it does benefits in equal measure. Never having been the most social individual, both out of natural inclination and out of a lack of opportunities, she finds it difficult to begin a conversation with others. Similarly, the lifestyle of a Youxia disciple is relatively free of social contact. At the most, a master might have a handful of students, if even that much, and their contact with other members of the community would be sporadic. In the case of Shi Ying and Nagarani, the two were often times the only social contact each other had and considering both were inclined towards introversion that meant her time as a Youxia did little to teach her to be more of a social animal.

Lastly, there is the issue of team work and her relation with it. At heart, Shi Ying genuinely desires to help others and nothing gives the reformed Youxia more joy than to cooperate in a task with others. In practice, she's either been the one giving orders or fighting independently on the frontlines. Combined with many of her techniques covering a wide area with no qualms about friend-or-foe, she doesn't actually know how to be a team player. Years of taking part in the Youxia community have given her some experience, but even then only with perhaps one or two others at a time. To fully cooperate on a grand scale is something she is unused to. At least she's an eager student.

Shi Yang is much like any other individual, complicated and a mix of feelings and emotions complimentary and contradictory. Ultimately what can be said about her is that her efforts to improve herself and live up to the expectations of her teacher are very real. She strives to be a better person than she was and her kindness and patience come from a genuine source, but her experiences have often left her with no blueprint as to how to go about this new business. As a result, a critic of hers might rightfully say that 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'. But on the flip side, her supporters could rightfully point to the growth she has gone through as a person. Perhaps Shi Yang's thoughts on herself are the most accurate and insightful - "I have learned much, yet still have much to learn. And unlearn."

The youngest of the last litter of her Empress-mother, Huang Liu Shi Ying had little to recommend her against her sibling. With an uneventful childhood, she took to training herself in the martial and sorcerous arts. Recognizing her modicum of talent, she was eventually sent to govern a provincial fortress-town of the Celestial Empire located at the border. With the Empire undergoing a period of inward improvement and treaties signed with neighboring states and the various 'barbarian' tribes seemingly placated for the moment, it was expected to be a quiet enough posting where she could little to embarrass herself and the royal family by extension. However, during her tenure as Governor, internal dissension among the Imperial Claimants saw a civil war break out in the Central Provinces between several of the more senior Princes and Princesses. Taking advantage of the turmoil, a series of nomadic tribes banded together and attempted to invade all across the frontier.

Thoroughly occupied with the internal troubles and with conflicting orders paralyzing the land forces, the confederation of tribes tore a large gash in the Empire's territories. Luckily for Shi Ying's future, her province, frontier or not, was well supplied with soldiers and supplies due to her presence and governed by competent leaders. Of all the frontier regions, hers was the only region that held and Shi Ying's own martial and sorcerous abilities played a distinguished role among other heroes. The invasion was eventually stopped and the invaders thrown back across the borders, but the damage was done. Cries of discontentment and anger were heard from all corners and bowing to internal and external pressure, the ruling Emperor and Empress stepped down (and were secretly executed). From the claimants, a new Emperor was found and rewards were liberally thrown around to placate the masses. To assure the remaining family members that there was no personal ill will, several of the youngest Princes and Princesses were rewarded as well, Shi Ying among their number. The old governor of her province was promoted to govern a central province and Shi Ying was given his old post. She was further authorized to study the Chi Arts from the Celestial Immortals, the most elite unit of the Imperial Guard.

The next few years were spent putting down peasant rebellions and placating the Imperial court and it seemed as if normalcy had been restored, but it was not to be. On the last day of the 3rd Year of the New Emperor's rule, the Imperial Palace, a small city unto itself carved on the top of a mountain, erupted in a massive explosion taking with it the Emperor, Empress, most senior officers of the armed forces and the civil government. All over the central provinces, various military units and rebels rose up under the leadership of a branch of the Celestial Immortals. Proclaiming the time of the old monarchy to be over, the Rebel Immortals proclaimed a military government would now administer and govern the Empire.

Reactions were mixed and largely negative for the Military Government. Although the Central Provinces and the first layer of outer provinces declared themselves for the government, the latter did so very reluctantly and their loyalty had to be held at spear point. As for the remainder of the provinces, from North, South, East and West came a rival claimant with vastly different resources and capabilities. Shi Ying opportunistically declared herself heir to the old dynasty in the South-West and quickly won the loyalty of the soldiers and nobility in the area.

Though the civil war that followed lasted merely 7 years, it was devastating to the Empire as a whole. The initial campaigns, where every power tried to blitz the capitals of their opposition, bled the regular military dry and soon everyone was reduced to commanding large mobs of untrained militia, their discipline barely held in check by a cadre of regulars dwindling with each battle. Desperate for any form of salvation, the peasantry called upon the various Youxia, Chi Cultivators traveling the world, in the Empire to deliver them. At first, the response from the traveling vigilantes was slow as they had no desire to become embroiled in politics, but the cries of the weak grew as more and more campaigns came to a halt, the pathetic armed masses refusing to move until they received supplies.

Shi Ying's rogue 'empire' along with the 'People's Uprising' in the North-East retained some of the more fertile lands and were somewhat more intelligent in the use of their regular military and as a result their soldiers never quite descended to banditry, but elsewhere in the Empire entire armies descended into bandit kingdoms. Meanwhile, the Youxia community finally came to a conclusion. They would support the People's Uprising and a smaller delegation would attempt to bring some form of cooperation between the Uprising and the Rogue Dynasty. Shi Ying was furious at the arrangement, but as a Chi Cultivator herself she knew how dangerous these Youxia could be. Besides which, no breakthrough seemed to be in sight. A shaky alliance between the two rogue states was formed and in a final, brutal campaign that saw huge tracts of land put to fire, the Military Government was brought down.

Then came the time for the spoils to be distributed. After deep consideration with the Youxia elders, the People's Uprising refused to share the Empire. Both the military and nobility had failed. It was time for the people to govern themselves. Shi Ying was sulfurous at the result, but she no longer had any support. The entire nation was exhausted, her own advisors and generals among the exhausted. No one wanted another war and the People's Government had been generous with their supplies and riches, even at the harshest times. Shi Ying was 'pardoned', on the grounds of the relatively light hand with which she governed her rogue dynasty, and was offered a ministerial position, but she would not be Empress. Indignant, she refused the Olive Branch and withdrew from the negotiations, letting her underlings handle the transfer of power.

And so the former Princess, General, Governor and Empress was left with nothing to do. Recognizing her potential as a Chi Cultivator, one of the Youxia elders offered to take her on a disciple. Shi Ying's first thought was to refuse, so full of misbegotten pride was she, but she realized what a big 2nd (3rd...) chance this was and how rare the opportunity to study under an elder was. Even the Celestial Immortals in their hey-day could not boast of any practitioner close to the level of an Elder. She agreed to the offer.

Over the years of her training and study, Shi Ying traveled the devastated land and saw first hand the misery that the conflict had caused. A conflict she had a big part in prolonging. Growing remorseful of her actions and slowly understanding why the Youxia society chose the People over her own dynasty, she grew more humble and admitted to her mistakes. With the help of her teacher and her new friends in the Youxia community, she resisted the temptation to wallow in despair and finally grew as a person as well as a martial artist.

Chi Manipulation: Although an incredibly skilled and experienced soldier in her own right, the more supernatural aspects of Shi Ying's capabilities comes from her Chi. This mystical reservoir of energy that is said to reside in every being is mysterious and not well researched. What is known is that while every person can learn to manipulate their Chi, only a few possess the ability to truly exceed the limitations of their natural body and accomplish truly superhuman feats. A common individual channeling his Chi might be able to reach the peak of human strength, while a gifted one with the potential to become a Youxia would be at that level of strength naturally, thanks to their training and flow of natural Chi energy in their body. A gifted student actively channeling their Chi would in turn be able to destroy reinforced walls with a blow and work away at a building.

From that point forward, however, cultivating one's Chi becomes increasingly difficult. The Celestial immortals, at their absolute peak under the first dynasty were mostly made up of 'Students' with a handful of their number becoming even stronger. But none reached the level of Elder or Grandmaster, let alone that of Youxia Veteran. Even then, with this 'limited' strength, they devastated the enemies of their self-proclaimed Emperor and laid the foundations for the Celestial Empire.

It is said that the true Grandmasters are so in tune with the flow of Chi in their body that with a single blow, they can level entire mountains and reshape the Earth. It is further said that despite being hundreds of years old, these Grandmasters still live, such is their mastery of Chi that they can halt and even reverse the effects of aging. Few truly believe these tales and fables, as no such Grandmaster has been seen in centuries, but Youxia capable of leveling buildings in a single blow certainly exist. Perhaps the idea of mountain shattering martial artists is not all that farfetched...?

  • Superhuman Characteristics (Passive):Shi Ying is a truly gifted Chi Practitioner, with the capability of matching the current crop of masters and family heads, in time. Such is her level of cultivation that even without the active channeling of her Chi, she is far superior to a regular person.
    • Superhuman Strength: Capable of easily smashing through reinforced walls. With continued effort, can break through 21st century MBTs. Somewhat weaker than the average Youxia of her level.
    • Superhuman Durability: Capable of tanking hits from people at her level with little effort. Arrows, bombs and the rudimentary firearms of her world have no effect on her unless Chi infused. From our 21st century perspective, she would require multiple hits from AP Explosives to be taken down. Somewhat less durable than the average Youxia of her level.
    • Superhuman Speed & Agility: Capable of moving at speeds too fast for a regular human to follow and with seemingly matchless dexterity as well. Clearly superhuman levels of reaction time. At this point, arrows are no longer something to be feared unless fired in truly terrifying masses. 21st Century Firearms are harder to dodge, but only relatively. Some might call this 'bullet time'. Among martial artists of her own level, Shi Ying is notably swifter than average, having focused more on her speed, agility and endurance over her strength and durability.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Can stay awake for multiple days with seemingly no great harm to her concentration. For all intents and purposes, she is incapable of being tired out by regular activity. When fighting beings of a similar strength level (other Youxia, a large enough force of enemies, Legendary beasts, etc.) she can absolutely be tired out, but even then she can fight for quite a while at full strength before exhaustion begins to take effect. Notably more energetic than the average Youxia of her level.
    • Harsh Condition & Poison Resistance: Though not immune to heat, cold and poisons, a veteran and trained Youxia like Shi Ying is capable of resisting their influence much more than an average individual and still remain functioning.
  • Superhuman Characteristics (Channeling Chi):By actively channeling their Chi, Youxia can achieve even greater superhuman feats.
    • Superhuman Strength: Capable of shattering buildings in a single blow, or extremely durable substances. Can rip through 21st century MBTs easily. Weaker than the average Youxia of her level, requiring more Chi to achieve the same feats of strength they can.
    • Superhuman Durability: Capable of tanking hits that would easily puncture 21st Century Armor. As above, weaker on the defense than her contemporaries.
    • Superhuman Speed & Agility: Truly terrifying levels of speed are reached and hundreds of blows are delivered in the blink of an eye. Dodging 21st century firearms is a piece of cake, let alone medieval arrows and primitive weapons. Would require immense amount of firepower to hit, best to just get another supernatural being to engage them. As above, notably faster than the average Youxia of her level.
    • NOTE: Superhuman Endurance is not listed as how long such powers can be left activated depends on the Chi reserves of the Youxia.
  • Chi Infusion:All Youxia learn to channel their Chi within themselves, but some martial arts call for the use of weapons. In that case, the practitioner infuses their weapon to keep pace with the enhanced durability of other Youxia. The debate between weapon users vs relying entirely on one's own body is an argument that has been going on for many ages. By now everyone just (correctly) assumes no one is going to change their opinion anyway and leave each other in peace. At least on this topic.
    • Enhanced Durability: Even a blunt sword will cut if you hit something with enough force. More so than any sort of sharpness (assuming one is using an edged weapon), the most important thing to improve when infusing one's weapon is the durability of the weapon. Shi Ying's expertise at this is....somewhat lacking. A lifetime on the battlefield and training with the finest soldiers in the Empire means she has immense skill in wielding weapons, especially her beloved Yanyuedao, but her martial arts focus was on her hand-to-hand combat talents.
    • Enhanced Sharpness: Self Explanatory.
    • Chi Infused Forging & Weapon Bonding: Any weapon or 'weapon' can be infused with Chi to improve it, but said improvement lasts only as long as the user holds it and actively channels their Chi. Alternately, true masters might temporarily 'enhance' a weapon, but at some point the improvements fade. Thus comes about a smith and a practitioner (or more) working in tandem to smith a special type of weapon. This is harder, much harder, than it sounds but the results are usually worth it. Though not quite as powerful as an actively infused weapon, the Chi infused weapon is passively much sharper and durable than a regular weapon. Similarly, it is not only easier to channel Chi into such a weapon, but the weapon can also hold a larger 'charge' for longer. In some legendary cases, the weapon can be continuously improved by channeling a portion of the user's Chi into it. While the improvements are minuscule and the process must be regularly repeated, the improvements are permanent, essentially allowing the weapon to grow and 'bond' with its user.
  • Martial Arts Styles: 'Three people form a crowd. Using the power of the crowd, and accomplishing feats of loyalty, piety, benevolence, or love, they can be called "Youxia."
    • Soul Eroding Fist: 'Sometimes people’s hearts are more venomous than the most venomous poison.' The main style practiced by Shi Ying and taught by her teacher, Nagarani, the Soul Eroding Fist is sometimes stereotyped as a sinister style due to its application of the user's Chi. Taken at face value, the style focuses on a 'soft' defense, where the user flows with the attacks of their opponent rather than against them. When the opportunity presents itself, the user then counters with a series of fast blows aimed at the pressure points of their opponent. The style would seem to focus on prolonging the fight and tiring the opponent out through swift movement and counters, and it can certainly be used that way effectively. But the true danger of the style lies in how each blow of the user is infused with Chi with the intent of poisoning the Chi flow of their opponent. With each counter, the opponent is poisoned and increasingly weakened. Depending on the intent of the user, it can be used to either kill or subdue their opponent. Shi Ying knows two secret techniques of the style.
      • Eroding Soul & Body: The User strikes at the opponent's lungs with a devastating poisoned strike. The respiratory functions of the user are damaged and the poison spreads from the lungs to the other organs of the body. Immensely painful, such techniques are where the sinister reputation of the style arise from.
      • A Hundred Flowers in Bloom: The User lets loose a blast of negative Chi in a small radius around them, in the form of deep scarlet petals. Opponents are poisoned and find movement gradually increasing in pain until it becomes debilitating.
    • Fallen Empress' Broadsword: 'In the turbulent world, I stumble and fall. In these troubled lands, I simply smile.' An amalgamation of the weapon training Shi Ying received as a soldier, Celestial Immortal, Empress and finally, student. Combining simple yet swift and powerful strokes, this aggressive style is very clearly military based. The influence of Nagarani is seen in how the power behind the blows is tempered in favor of increased mobility and flexibility. Not quite as powerful as its original form, this evolved combination is nevertheless arguably more useful as it adds a measure of defensive movement and flexibility for the user.
      • Like a Wave, the Empire Surges Forward: With a single blow, the Empress rends her opponents asunder! Next to channeling one's a Chi into a punch, this just might be the simplest technique ever created. Shi Ying infuses a truly massive portion of her Chi into her weapon and releases it all in one devastating swipe.
      • Like a Wave, the Empire Must Recede: Imitating the legendary poise and agility of Nagarani, the user swings their weapon around all the while channeling Chi both into it and letting it loose. This creates a barrier of pure Chi similar in appearance to powerful winds wrapping around the user.
    • Celestial Dragon Rages: 'With a performance of wits; skill one developed from chess; persist in worthy pursuits; reach then immortality.' The somewhat grandiose sounding style utilized solely by the Emperor & Empress. A 'Hard' form of martial arts, this style focuses on the use of short-ranged powerful blows to overwhelm the enemy. Though powerful, the style is hideously outdated, very few of the recent royal couples in the Empire's history actually taking to the field and actively fighting from the front. Shi Ying knows the style and practices it, but only as part of her exercise routine. There is little need to use this style, from both her point of view and history's. Especially when...
    • Sleeping Dragon: 'Leading armies seeking victory; battles split the earth. Seek resolution in dire straits; transcend life and strategy.' Taking what few good points the Celestial Dragon Fist has and combining it with Nagarani's training has led to the creation of this style. Where 'Soul Eroding Fist' is the 'soft' style in Shi Ying's arsenal, the 'Sleeping Dragon' functions as her 'hard' style. An aggressive style focused on breaking through the enemy's defenses via feints and deception before transitioning into sudden bursts of powerful strikes.
      • Flowing Moonlight: Release a blast of concentrated Chi energy, while somewhat short range compared to options such as archery, this seemingly universal technique gives unarmed Youxia a potent ranged attack. The Chi blasts of various schools differ in their secondary effects. Inspired by Nagarani's teachings, 'Flowing Moonlight' takes the form of a blast of water that alternately scalds and freezes the foe.
      • Empty of all Regret: A variant of 'Flowing Moonlight', rather than strike the enemy at range, the Chi blast is delivered at point-blank range in the form of a palm strike. Essentially contesting the Chi of the user and the opponent, it attempts to cause severe internal damage. Can spectacularly explode the opponent's body if delivered to a weakened one, with killing intent.

Power limitations:
Chi Manipulation: To cultivate one's Chi is always a difficult thing to do, even under the best circumstances. Requiring patience, training and meditation, it is hard to improve and many lesser students spend their entire lives aspiring but never reaching the heights of their potential. Shi Ying has a good reserve of Chi, is a gifted pupil and has trained under a legendary teacher, but even so excess use of her Chi reserves can leave her exhausted and weak. As a thumb rule, few Youxia actually actively channel their Chi unless facing a heavy disparity of numbers or a foe of equal/greater strength, preferring to rely on their passive skills and attributes when possible.

While a person's Chi reserves are slowly replenish as long as their body continues to function, good rest and/or meditation is typical required to replenish their reserves as the practitioner 'reattunes' themselves with the world around them.

Chi Infusion: Infuse a weapon with too much Chi and it bursts, simple as that. The better the quality and 'tale' of a weapon, the more Chi it can hold at a time. To find such weapons is always hard and to master the art of infusing them with Chi is even harder. Further, while truly legendary figures may infuse their weapons in a flash, everyone else must take a few seconds to bring their weapon to full potential.

Chi Infused Forging: Forging weapons is an art form all of its own. Few Youxia are both Martial and Forging artists and Shi Ying is no exception. Nor does she have any actual experience with this secret art. Some basic theoretical knowledge gained from conversations and a scroll or two, but hardly enough to make it practicable.

Martial Arts Styles: Secret techniques are extremely taxing on one's Chi reserves to use. Further, they require constant practice to master and to come up with one's own technique, let alone fully distinct style is a lifetime achievement. Even a true prodigy would hardly be capable of creating more than a handful of styles in their lifetime, and that's a stretch.

Also, while Shi Ying is very competent and skilled with all her styles, she still has some trouble shifting between the styles in pitched combat preferring to use a single style as long as the battle lasts. While she can switch her styles mid-fight, it is very noticeable. Her attempts at blending all her styles together need more effort before she can truly combine them all into one independent style.

  • Weapon Combat - Melee:S (Above Master) (Overall)
    • Yanyuedao - Weapon Specialization:SS (Grandmaster)
      • Fallen Empress' Broadsword Mastery: B+ (Excellent)
  • Weapon Combat - Ranged:C (Above Average) (Overall)
    • Throwing Daggers - Weapon Specialization: B- (Excellent)
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat:S- (Above Master) (Overall)
    • Soul Eroding Fist: S (Above Master)
      • Pressure Point Knowledge: B+ (Excellent)
    • Celestial Dragon Rages: D (Slightly Above Average)
    • Sleeping Dragon: S (Above Master)
  • Chi:B (Excellent) (Overall)
    • Reserves: A+ (Master)
    • Control: C+ (Above Average)
    • Theoretical Knowledge: C+ (Above Average)
  • Team Work: D+ (Slightly Above Average) (At least she gets an SS for intention. Unfortunately she doesn't work well in a group. Her attacks have no friend-or-foe identification.)
  • Presence: A (Master)
  • Mental Fortitude/Willpower: S- (Above Master)
  • Hiding her Presence: C+ (Above Average)
Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
  • Frontier Tamer: A large Yanyuedao that has been Shi Ying's companion ever since she left the Palace to go to the frontier, all those years ago. Made of the highest quality materials available and a rare example of a Chi Forged weapon. Even without channeling Chi into it, it can easily split an armored rider and his ride in two in a swift stroke. With Chi channeled into it, it becomes an even deadlier weapon. Durable and capable of taking hits from other Youxia weapons.
  • Celestial Empress' Ring: A priceless ring made of the purest gold with a beautiful jade stone at its center. Enchanted to be eternally clean and repair itself. All that remains of the Celestial Monarchy. Shi Ying wanted to throw it away, but on Nagarani's advice, kept it. It is proof that one must not run from their past, but confront it and push on through in life.
  • Sturdy Travel Clothes x3: 3 Sets of sturdy travel clothes as pictured above, sandals included. Nothing special, they're just serviceable and rugged clothing.
  • Close combat attacker.
  • Combat 'Tar Pit' (Holding large mobs in one spot).
  • Presence
  • Distraction. Her presence means she can keep attention locked down while others deliver devastating surprise attacks.
Weakness/ Fears:
  • Chi overuse and relatively long replenishment period, as mentioned above.
  • Few long range options.
  • True Magic and advance technology are an out-of-context element for her. She might need some help to get her bearings together in such situations.
  • Self-Sacrificing - Between the 'greater good' and friends, she will always choose the latter. Needs extreme convincing to have her mind changed.
  • Melancholy - Can be a downer at times. Needs some external fire from her comrades before she truly goes all out.
  • Do-Gooder -Sticks her nose into the business of criminals, bullies and corrupt officials when she finds them. In extreme cases she's perfectly willing to straight up chop down a criminal or corrupt official right then and there!
    • 'Forgiveness is the duty of divinity. My duty is to send you down there.'
  • Vengeance - The embers of war smoulder still deep down. Though mentally extremely disciplined, she can snap and go on a bloody rampage for the sake of her friends and family.
  • Chi Related Issues
    • Average Control - Shi Ying has great potential as a Youxia and has achieved some of that, as seen in her ample Chi reserves. But at the same time, her progress is hampered by her ability to actually control that Chi. It isn't poor by any means, but merely above average. In most situations, that's fine, but in the heat of things it means she has a tendency to channel and/or infuse more than strictly necessary. As a result, she doesn't go quite as far as she should be able to.
    • Lethal Arts for the Non-Lethal Fighter - All 4 of her martial arts styles are made for killing and killing fast. True, by holding back, any of them can be used to subdue but combined with her relatively poor control, its not always a guarantee. As a result, Shi Ying is often reluctant to commit fully to a fight, wary of accidentally killing her foes.
    • Costly Secret Techniques - Strike three in her Chi related issues, her secret techniques are powerful but also costly on the Chi reserves. While an Above Average control of one's Chi is sufficient for regular combat, it generally isn't recommended to abuse Secret Techniques when that's all you have. The end result is already costly techniques cost more for her to use.
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Name: Lavaetain

Age: 25

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species: Human (mage)

World and Universe they are from: OC world.

Appearance (Just a basic description of what your character looks like. Needs to be over four lines long. Please include basic shit like height and complexion, as well as physical build.): A young, lean, woman with shoulder-length brown hair, Lavaetain is a hot woman in the literal sense. When her magic is active she appears to be literally on fire. Her hair alights (though it does not burn) and becomes like strands of flame, her body gives off a faint veil of smoke, and embers fill the air around her. She wears a form-fitting dress made of fine red fabrics which, she claims, are of a high-enough value to bankrupt a normal person as they are 'crafted of mana-thread made from my own magic'. As such they automatically regenerate over tome and provide protection against both physical and magical attacks. Most notably is a massive scar across her belly which she goes to great pains to cover up.

Her sword, which shares her name per mage tradition, is a long two-handed blade seemingly made of silver with a ruby core. Only she can wield this blade and it will disperse into flames if anyone else tries to hold it. Due to extensive training in manifestation she can make it light enough to wield one-handed practically but does not do this, preferring to rely on her magic and magic-augmented physical strikes than direct combat.

Personality (Over six lines long.): Prim, proper, respectful. That's easily the best way to describe Lavaetain. She is the very model of manner in the American Empire. Always referring to others with the proper title, typically 'elder' for those she considers to either be in authority over her or worthy of respect among other things. She keeps herself calm, obedient, and collected at all times, never losing herself to a panic. Even in combat she keeps her focus with an extreme amount of training. The truth is that this personality is actually fairly recent. As little as five years ago she was a wild, destructive, entitled, brat whom would gladly down a keg before acting rude and crass to basically anyone. The start of the current war, her role as one of the six heroes, and everything else caused her to shape up and fly right, tossing aside an attitude she now considered horrifically childish and maturing. If you can get her drunk a bit though this old personality will quickly emerge and it becomes clear that her 'normal' personality is her doing her best to grow up but she still has a bit of a ways to go.

History/Bio (Over eight lines long; no canon blending- as in direct interaction with canon characters.): Born into one of the lesser noble houses of the American Empire, Lavaetain had it made as a child. Wealth, popularity, the ability to incinerate people who annoyed her, she had it all. With the vast swaths of land controlled by the AE she could easily see most of the world and enjoy it in ways only a privledged elite could. That all changed with the start of the rebellion.

Lavaetain had been attending college at the time as a successful, A+, magic student when the war started. She initially didn't care. Then, as the war grew, she had to pick a side and opted for the side that she had grown up with, and it was easily the right choice for her. She was extremely capable as a mage to the point of being classified as a level 7 out of 9. Before long it was soon revealed that she was one of six heroes whom were believed to be capable of saving the empire. She joined up with her five companions and it wasn't long before she was in love with one of them.

Things were not going well with the war, however. Poor management and many other factors meant that the AE was losing ground and, before long, the first of the six heroes fell in battle. Then the second, and third, and fourth leaving only Lavaetain and her lover. Worse, Lavaetain was heavy with child and, when the rebels came for her, she surrendered without a fight to protect the child. She prayed it would mean the unborn one would be safe. She was used as bait. When her lover came for her her captors thrust a blade into her belly, sending her lover into a rage and, in his blind fury, he was slain easily. Lavaetain would have died as well had reinforcements not arrived soon after. Spending a year in the hospital she returned to the front lines, utterly determined to make the rebels pay for what they did to her.

Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.): Fire Magic (manifestation focused): Lavaetain relies on fire magic for combat and it is her primary ability. In particular, while she possesses some basic spells, her advanced magic relies on her calling other objects into being to augment her attacks. For example, she can summon up flaming clones of herself for a single, powerful, assault.

Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless): Air is her first and greatest concern. Though training, her clothes, and attunement to fire allows her to survive without problems from, say, smoke inhalation she still needs air to breath. For someone who relies so heavily on fire this means she can easily knock herself out if a place is too enclosed. She is particuarly vulnerable to this over normal people because she is often at or near the center of her own fire spells. She has knocked herself out on multiple occasions from this flaw in her fighting style.

Additionally her power, though high, is typically slow and predictable. She has lost several battles due to her foes simply avoiding or negating her spells before she could cast them.

Finally, her power supply is finite, especially if she is unable to manifest beings to assist her and must rely on raw fire alone. To top this off all her abilities are simply too draining to cast in succession and she must wait between each one.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Swordsmanship: C: She wielders her magical blade with ease and can probably beat up most common folk with it, but it's clearly not what her focus is.

Basic Pyromancy: B-: Firebolts, fire manipulation, and all that other fun stuff. Lavaetain knows the basics of how to wield her element in great detail and is quite proficient in it; naturally. However, as her specialty is in manifestation these abilities, though wielded with understanding, have not been developed beyond their textbook levels.

Cauterization: C: A simple fire healing technique. Fire mages lack the ability to heal their own wounds but they have developed work-around to stop blood loss and other such things. She cannot heal herself by any means, not even the worlds best could, but given a short bit of time she can ensure she won't bleed out or anything.

Fire Breath: B: Taking in a deep breath she breaths forth a mighty blast of scorching hot flame. She often does this in an arc for wide coverage.

Eruption: B: Causes the ground under a certain spot to melt and broil until it bursts up in a small explosion. This often comes with a rumbling warning due to the build-up of pressure.

Flame Clones: A Summoning a series of flaming versions of herself Lavaetain is able of directing them forth for a single flaming charge.

Pillars of Flame: C Conjures up a pillar of flame in a certain spot. This pillar only lasts a short period of time but will trail its target while doing so.

Fire Sword/Explosion: S power, D casting. Manifesting multiple versions of her blade impaled into the ground, Lavaetain raises a flaming shield around herself while channeling fire mana from the blades to unleash a mighty blast capable of flattening buildings. Sadly the build-up for this takes quite a bit and while within the shield she is incapable of casting other spells.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.) Lavaetain: Her blade and a powerful focus of fire magic. Technically this is not a real object as it is the manifestation of her magic in physical form; hence why only she can hold it and why she's able to summon/dismiss it, and create multiple copies of it. Taking the form of a silver two-handed sword with a ruby core it's design is fairly set.

Fire Clothes: Woven from her own magic, this dress is extremely useful. Protecting her from even the hottest of fires with ease, able to withstand even being outright dipped in lava, it regenerates over time if damaged and near her and possesses pesudo-indestructability. That is to say no weapon that wasn't specifically designed to pierce magic clothing can get through it in one hit. However, a design flaw in the magic means that even a weak hit completely disables the affected spot making the next, well, like hitting cloth and flesh. Training has allowed an invisible layer to affect the parts of her body not directly covered by cloth in an identical manner but this is slower to recover. Assuming she were to have the entire cloth and her protective layer destroyed, but was otherwise unharmed, and able to rest it would take her about five to ten minutes to fully regenerate depending on the amount of fire magic. This would be longer for other mages not trained in manifestation aspects of magic.

Strengths: FIRE! Lots and lots and lots of fire. Plus very powerful when her spells are cast. Highly durable as well due to her fire clothes.

Weakness/ Fears: Predictable. Additionally she is struggling with the emotional pain of losing both her beloved and child.

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Name: Sammy Lindon

Age: 25

Gender (Can be genderless too): female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: mutated human

Appearance (Just a basic description of what your character looks like. Needs to be over four lines long. Please include basic shit like height and complexion, as well as physical build.):

Height: 5 Feet 5 inches
Eye color: Burgundy/brown but wears violet contacts
Hair color: dyed white but is naturally red
Build: almost childlike but with adult qualities
Sammy usually wears hoodies or sports jackets, but most of the time they are too large for her. She will also usually wear baseball caps with different types of logos on them. Her face is slightly round and plump, making her look even more like a kid, but it is otherwise easily noticeable that she is an adult due to how her posture is and how old the scars are on her neck. The scars on her neck go across the throat as if she had her throat slit when she was younger or had some type of surgery. Her right arm isn’t actually organic and is easily noticeable. Her arm has several spots on it where silvery chrome can be seen shining. Sammy always wears the same pair of shoes that show off several ports and areas where heat could be expelled. They glow an eerie green light when turned on and let out a slight whirring sound.

Personality (Over six lines long.):
Due to Sammy's mutation, different parts of her psyche have been affected. It is very common for the people who have been mutated organically to have issues with their minds. Her issue is that she possesses some type of ADHD. On some occasions when she is under duress or extreme stress, she will have several trains of thought going through her head and tends to get easily distracted or frazzled. Her speech will either be very fast and complicated or even stop completely due to stuttering. Other times she will do the complete opposite and be hyper-focused on an objective. Sometimes she will spend days on activity and forget her basic needs. During these times of serious focus, she would need to be shaken out of her daze. During times of stress, however, she would need to calm down with breathing exercises or meditation. When she isn’t in these circumstances, she is generally a comedic and sarcastic person. Sammy loves to laugh and enjoys talking and being in the company of others. She is compassionate towards others and dislikes hurting others either physically or mentally.

History/Bio (Over eight lines long; no canon blending- as in direct interaction with canon characters.):

Sammy’s younger years were definitely a roller coaster of sadness and happiness. Until the age of six, she used to live with an abusive mother. Several times she would get whipped with different objects and even cut up with others. She gained several scars from this, the most notable being the ones on her neck. Thankfully, the authorities found out about Sammy’s mother and sent her to prison. Sammy was then put into an orphanage since she only lived with her mother. While in the orphanage, she wandered into what is known as the deadzone. Destroyed buildings filled the area, and inside one was a silvery ring shining in the rubble. Being a seven year old at the time, she unknowingly grasped the ring. A strange feeling built up inside her right arm as if it had been set on fire. After several moments of burning pain, Sammy looked down to see that her right arm had disintegrated completely, leaving only an empty sleeve. She screamed, not knowing what to do. A few hours later she was found wandering the streets back to the orphanage, crying. Sammy acted differently when she returned to the orphanage, having panic attacks here and there and sometimes freezing in place on occasion. She struggled like this for three more years in the orphanage, eventually being adopted at the age of ten.
Sammy was raised by an older man with greying hair and round glasses. As a child, she never understood why he wanted to raise her. The truth was that the man was a researcher and a tinkerer, looking for a successor. He wanted someone to take over his small shop while he was gone. He took Sammy all the way across the continent to his home in the city of Dreatan. Sammy’s room wasn’t very large, but it was made up for by all the presents that the man had bought her. He cared for her as best as he could, giving her lessons on morality and teaching her how to use her mutated abilities. Over time, Sammy’s panic attacks and freezing moments reduced, instead, she now acted similar to someone with ADHD. Sammy lived with her adoptive father for several years, being taught things about mechanics and technology.
When Sammy turned seventeen, her father came into her room to get her attention. He had apparently built something that would change her life forever. Sammy was lead downstairs to the man’s workshop, filled with various different inventions and electronics. On the work table was a metallic arm, covered in some type of silicon to make it resemble a human limb. “This is for you,” he said. It was another arm to replace Sammy’s one that she lost all those years ago. Tears streamed from her eyes from happiness. Everyone used to bully her in the orphanage for the way she acted and her missing arm and to have it back felt freeing. This was the first time that she could truly hug her adoptive father with both arms. She was happy.
When Turned twenty, her adoptive father was diagnosed with an unknown illness. It was hard to pay for doctors since most medical treatments could be done at the push of a button. Her father suffered for a year in a bed and almost died on several occasions. Sammy also suffered emotionally with him. She had been with him for so long and loved him as a parent. There was nothing she could do as his days counted down. Almost exactly eleven years after he had adopted her, he died in bed. Sammy mourned for weeks. A month after her father’s death, she found a sheet inside one of her drawers. It was a strange schematic of some type of incubation pod. Its purpose was unknown, but it was definitely meant for a creature with extreme power. Most of the words on the paper were scribbled out and smudged due to days of abuse, but it was a project that seemed to span on for years. Sammy suspected that her father wasn’t the creator of whatever this project was, and was just as interested in figuring out its purpose as her. That day started her quest for figuring out the ancient project. She searched her father’s notes to find other smudged out drawings that lead to nothing. She continued her search for the next five years she continued to search for clues, leading up to the present day.

Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.):

-energy absorption - Sammy can create a forcefield around objects. This forcefield takes in the kinetic energy from the amount of damage the forcefield takes. She can’t do anything with the kinetic energy with her body, but she can focus it through her right arm to expel an energy blast

-energy blast - Sammy can push out the energy that is built up into her body through her right arm, creating a concentrated blast that can be as powerful as a tank round

-Glide/slide - Sammy created shoes that allow for this same effect to be done through her feet, but instead, her shoes allow her to hover in the air or create a blast, boosting her upwards.

Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless):

-Sammy doesn’t quite have a maximum amount of energy, but she can only expel as much as a tank round’s amount of energy

-She cannot hold her forcefield up for more than three minutes

-She cannot put forcefields on multiple objects, only one object at a time.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

-Mechanics/technology - S
-Parkour- B
-Historical research - C
-martial arts- D
-math- A
-science- C

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.)

-Sammy’s metallic arm, which can concentrate energy into a maximum of a tank round.
-A notebook filled with all of Sammy’s notes
-A small pocket knife for self-defense
-Sammy’s technological shoes, which work similarly to her arm.
-a bag of gummy bears
-a backpack
-several pens
-a Rubix cube
-a pack of bubble gum
-the silver ring she bonded with


-Mechanical/technological knowledge
-Archival research

Weakness/ Fears:

-fears water (can’t swim)
-fears violence and the idea of dying

-Tends to fidget with Rubix cube when stressed
-does breathing exercises in order to destress
-really likes coffee
-chews gum regularly
-doesn’t know how to use chopsticks
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Name: Michael Bludreihm, the Unkindled Abyss Watcher.
Age: Appearance wise, 28, but is much older than he seems due to the nature of Undeath and his subsequent turning into Ash, waiting millennia to be brought back from his grave.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Human/Undead/Unkindled
Undead Are those branded by the Dark Sign, a patch of darkness surrounded by a constantly burning brand on the affected's shoulder or neck. These Undead, no matter the species that contracts it, are fated to never truly die, the Dark Sign leaching their very Humanity from them and linking them to Bonfires to bring them back, at the cost of their Souls and Humanity, eventually bringing about Hollowing, a process of slowly losing ones sense of reason and sanity and becoming nothing more than a walking corpse hungry for the life force of others. An Unkindled is much the same kind of being, Possessing the Dark Sign and being resilient against death. However, they are unable to Hollow, the First Flame having already burnt the Humanity out of them and thus there is nothing to Hollow with.
World and Universe they are from: Dark Souls 3

Micheal in an Embered state

7'2" in height without the helm, the average height for a Watcher. White, almost silver hair frames coal black eyes and a strong face, criss-crossed with various scars from battles of long past.

Personality :
A knightly and proud soul, Michael is not afraid to clearly state his intentions or rush to the aid of those in need and he deems to be allies, but one must earn his trust, for he and his former Watcher brethren were a suspicious bunch, not to mention his encounters with a certain Unbreakable Hyena tempering his expectations of others.

When Michael sets his sights on something or he has made a promise, He will continue to seek it out until it is done; not even the promise of pain or death would not slow him down in the slightest, fighting through massive trauma and fatal wounds to accomplish his task. He is very acquainted with death, after all. He is also in the habit of exploring the various areas of any place he's in, a fact that is liable to get him into trouble on more than one account.

While his zealous views on the Dark and the Abyss have been tempered somewhat with the disgrace of the Legion of Farron and it's Woods, He is still an Abyss Watcher, meant to stomp out any signs of such foul taint by any means necessaary, and such blatantly dark and evil things are likely to send him off into a righteous rage and seek to attack.

History/Bio :
They were a mere caravan of Undead. A Legion, sworn by Wolf's Blood to stamp out the Abyss wherever it may spawn, toppling whole kingdoms in their pursuit of their goal of eradication of the foul taint. One Watcher, foolishly, perhaps, decided to sacrifice himself to the Flame early, to eradicate the Abyss once and for all. For his troubles, he was reduced to naught but Ash.

Ages later, as the Fire fades, and the bells toll for the Lords of Cinder to arise to their thrones, and receiving no response, an Unkindled rose from his grave remembering only his name and the echoes of a Legion before.

This Unkindled slaughtered his way through Lothric and beyond, His memories regained at the cost of killing his former Watchers in arms, an experience that would have left him Hollowed in that mausoleum, had he been a mere Undead. The First Flame had cost them their home; after their sacrifice, and the ages that passed since, the Farron Woods were reduced to nothing but a rotting swampland corrupted by the Dark, making all of the Farron Legion's accomplishments for naught. To him, this prolonging of the Flame had left the world stagnated and destroyed, the Abyss ran rampant and the remaining inhabitants left wracked by grief, madness, or both.
So, the cycle must end.

So he fought, and fought, against Knights and Hollows, Abominations and dragons, Gods and demons, Tyrants and Kings, and the Lords of Cinder Themselves. He had met many along his journey, and their words of woe only strengthened his resolve. All to reach the Kiln, and the final challenge that laid inside it.

Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.):
Blood of the Wolf: Blood imbibed by the trainees of the Legion when they finally become full fledged Abyss Watchers. Descended from Sif and Artorias, this Blood gives the Watchers their famous speed and strength, enough to wield their greatswords like mere long swords, cleave up stone with their mighty swings, and to appear as blurs to the human eye as they dash and strafe around enemies, like wolves stalking their prey. It also gives a sort of enhanced eyesight and a keen sense of smell like that of a Wolf's, denoting it's animalistic origin, as well as altering their appearances to one another to be almost the same. Michael had lost this Blood when he became an Unkindled, Burnt to nothing but ash and vapor, but at his victory over his mad Watchers in Arms, the last of the Blood had flowed back into him as the only eligible Watcher left, restoring him to his full might.

Embering/Lord of Cinder Mode: Ash seek dwindling Embers, as they are want to do. Being an Unkindled, Michael can use something called an Ember, the remains of a flame of a champion, to completely heal himself from the brink of death and empower himself with the small Ember. His body begins to crawl with lines of flame and drifting embers, His eyes gain a red glow to them, and his durability, speed, power, and aggression are all massively improved. His weapon is affected as well; The Farron Greatsword becomes draped in flame, almost molten in appearance, and every swing leaves fiery after-trails or explosions of flame in it's wake.

The effect lasts for 3-4 hours before the flame fades, as all flames do, and Michael reverts to normal. These Embers are only useful to Michael, as he is an Unkindled, and he has very few Embers to spare.

Miracles: A product of his faith towards Gwyn to help in his fight against the primal darkness gone rampant, Michael has two spells he must cast using the Sunlight Talisman instead of his Dagger.
  • Great Lightning Spear: Summons a Spear-like bolt of golden lightning, as long as Michael is tall. Thrown at a target, it is slightly faster than the average spear in flight and can kill a normal human being instantly, unless they are in some serious power-armor, and was used by Gwyn and his loyal knights to kill Ancient Stone Dragons, whose scales were made of thick stone. It is costly to use, however, as Michael can only use it 3 times before he must rest.
  • Great Heal: Michael kneels on the ground and says a small prayer to the God of Sunlight, causing a golden circle about 4 feet wide to explode from underneath him, healing major wounds on him and anyone standing in the circle. Can only be used 3 times in conjunction with the Great Lightning Spear.
Super Human Durability- As an Undead and Watcher, Michael is far more durable then most; ran through with an entire halberd, impaled by a Dragonslayer Arrow fired at supersonic speeds, set on fire by himself and other sources, smashed by an overhead swing of a hammer as large as he is, and sliced and torn by swords, daggers, halberds, and staves of all kinds. Yet, he has gotten back up with to continue fighting, with the help of a bit of Estus, but he is not invincible by any stretch; being blown to bits by a high explosive puts a damper on that kind of toughness.

Superhuman Speed- As a Watcher, holder of the Blood of the Wolf, Michael is by far faster than the average person, sprinting and dashing at such speeds to blur his form from the human eye. He tends to use this speed in short boosts, however, like in his dodges and in use of his sword techniques, lest he exhaust himself.

Vessel of Souls- being an Undead, Michael is able to draw the Soul, a white substance flickering like a small flame, of slain foes into his own body and reserves, and with a Firekeeper or a Bonfire around he can use them to strengthen himself beyond just what his mortal body could do. The amount of Soul he gets depend on the quality and toughness of the enemy he slays, and unique, powerful enemies will have their own special soul separate from tat of the soul they give him. He has thousands of these souls floating around inside his reserves, not even counting the amount of powerful souls that now reside within his Box.
Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless):

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Greatsword and Dagger Combat- S

Reed Flute Crafting - B

An activity made by the Abyss Watchers to while away the hours sitting around camp on their extended conquests to stamp out the Abyss, which involves gathering reeds and wood to create a makeshift flute via careful carving and tying with the reeds to send the high, clear sound of flutes into the night. Michael never really forgot how to do this after rising as an Unkindled, and he's pretty good at it.

Herb and Resource Gathering- B

Dungeon Exploring and Treasure Hunting- A

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.)
Box of Holding: A small rectangular box fastened to Michael's waist, It holds far more than it's size would suggest, containing various pick me ups, antidotes and potions alike, as well as staves, talismans, extra armors, magical rings and various weaponry, both magical and not that he rarely uses in favor of his Greatsword and Dagger.
  • 5 Embers
  • A Divine Blessing, a holy liquid which, when ingested, can restore someone from the brink of death and cure all ailments that they may have.
  • 10 Siegbrau, an Estus-infused germanic drink given to him by a certain Onion knight, and good friend. Heals a large amount of health and gives some resistance to the cold.
  • 20 bundles of bitter and biting Green Blossoms, which restores stamina by a large amount when ingested.
  • 10 clumps of Purple Moss, which counters poison when ingested, and 10 of it's Blooming counterpart, which counters toxins in the body.
  • 10 clumps of Bloodred Moss, which helps stem bleeding when ingested by speeding up the process at which blood clots.
  • 10 clumps of Rime-Blue Moss, which radiates with a gentle heat despite it's white color. Cures frostbite when ingested.
  • 4 cases of various different Bug Pellets, giving resistances to things like Lightning, Fire, Magic, or Dark damage when ingested for a short period of time. Each case contains 5 pellets.
  • 5 bundles each of Gold Pine, Charcoal Pine, Human Pine, Rotten Pine resins, and Carthus Rouge, that when applied to the blade of a melee weapon or the tip of a barrel of a firearm applies Lightning, Fire, Magic, Toxic, or Bleeding effects respectively to the blade/bullets for up to a minute.
  • 5 of each kind of Firebomb, an explosive that explodes upon contact, and the Black Firebombs, which are far more deadly, akin to a modern day sticky grenade.
  • Binoculars, to see far away things with.
  • 5 Purging Stones that reverse hollowing completely, but break upon use.

Farron Greatsword and Dagger: A Pair of weapons essential to the way an Abyss Watcher fights, a Titanite reinforced Greatsword in the right hand used in a manner similar to the Great Wolf Knight the Watchers hail from, paired with a crooked parring dagger in the left hand that can not only slice and parry blows, but is used as a sort of wedge or fulcrum, plunged down into stone or metal to perform 360 degree slashes low to the ground, or to flip themselves up into the air and come back down like a spinning guillotine. Through various forging procedures and a touch of sorcery and miracles, this Greatsword also does more damage to Dark or Abyssal foes, and is sharp enough to slice up stone and metal armor. Michael refuses to use anything else except for emergencies, or when it is broken or unavailable.

Estus Flask: A normally green tinted bottle that glows with the essence of the Flame within, Estus can heal minor wounds with one gulp and major wounds with two to three. Michael has 10 Uses of the flask, and slowly regnerates over time. It can go from empty to full within a day or so.

-Team Player

-Exploring Decrepit Ruins

-Devastating close combatant and cleric

-Too determined to lay down and die.

Weakness/ Fears:

-Hard Headed

-Zealous Against the Corrupting Dark

-Crippling loneliness from the loss of his Legion.

-Traumatic experiences from his time as a Legionnaire and his time spent wandering Lothric can often lead to episodes or rash action making.

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Name: Hedorak, Sage of the Dark

Age: Physical Age (57) True Age (Unknown)

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Asexual (Due to her studies and undeath, she has stopped caring about sexual advances of any kind)

Species: Human (Undead)

World and Universe they are from: Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin


Height: 5'8"
Weight: ????
Skin Color: Pale
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black - Mostly grey to white with few strands of the original color
Hair Type: Straight
Additional Features: Dark Sign located above her heart

As A hollow: The body is completely desiccated with the skin clingy tightly to the bones. The hair hangs limply from her head and any evidence of eyes is missing with the only indication being two red orbs here the eyes should. This is her default state as she cares little for actual her whole appearance.

As a Human: A generally lean and fit figure, she doesn't initially appear to be that threatening and is mainly seen sitting in chairs facing walls. Her face his moderately wrinkled with a more relaxed look to it than might be expected. her hair is usually loose and hangs to just below her shoulders. When wearing armor, she puts her hair up in a loose bun for ease of wear.


A odd woman to say the least. For most social interactions, she tends to come across as bored and aloof, rarely taking the time to talk with people who hold nothing of interest for her. This is often shown in a physical manner as her eyes remain half lidded when being polite to others in a setting. However, when someone of interest does come to her attentions, they become the absolute focus of her inquiries. At this point, she will often follow them and ask several in depth and multi faceted questions regarding the topic related to them that she's interested in. Whether or not she receives an answer or even an answer that would normally be unsatisfactory, she will leave contented knowing that for the most part, time is on her side. She also takes a special interest in teaching and often awards those who impress with additional information and guidance. However she bears a general dislike of idealists claiming that while their attitude is commendable, they can be a pain to deal when they're blinded by misinformation and preconceived notions. In short, she does not suffer fools well.


Originally a student at the Melphia Academy, Hedorak was something of an oddity. While just as studious as her fellow classmates, she rarely engaged in the scheming and plots that often advanced so many others into positions of power. Instead she developed and focused a strong need to understand the history of magics and the various types, often coming across disdainful mentions of hexes in texts. At an unknown point in time, she passed away in her sleep and left the academy after discovery her brand, travelling to Drangleic with several others. In doing so, she would begin to develop skills with weapons she would have never had the need to touch such as spears and swords, even trading in her traditional robes for a simple set of armor for better protections. Eventually she would discover the Pilgrims of The Dark within the woods bordering Drangleic Castle and join them in both curiosity and professional need to understand the nature of Dark magic. She would undertake the trials into the chasm of the old abyss and come out... different. She still maintained her professionalism, but began to care less and less for the history of magic and began to chronicle the nature of the dark and its relations to souls both human and divine. While she has no desire to attempt to link the fire, studying the linking has become ongoing project with her. As of date, this is what her findings have come up with.

- The Dark is a natural force in the world, and thus is forever tied to its progression.
- It is by nature passive however, when agitated, the potential destruction is catastrophic.
- The events that caused the chasm of the old abyss to form where in some part manufactured and not natural.
- Many Pilgrims feel an outside resentment towards an lost vassal territory of Lordran. This potentially correlates with the above point.
- The dark enforces the concept of absolute mortality on those it touches, hence why the gods have such a negative reaction to it.
- The Dark Sign is an aberration by design that has a distinct purpose beyond the linking of the flames.
- It is the flame that affects time, not the dark as time flows normally and linearly within the abyss.
- Miracles and Hexes draw power from the selfsame source of Faith, however the target of that faith is different. Hexes draw strength from the self and higher concepts. What those concepts are, are as this point unknown.
- Transmutation of the soul is possible in a living vessel. However, if performed improperly, the results are horrific.


Resurrection-Immortality: Every time she dies, she quickly returns at a central area of rest, ready to join the fight again She will not age beyond her point now.
Hexes: Magic based on the utilization of the abyss
Miracles: Light based magic taken from holy scripture
Soul Magic: Non elemental magic that can boosted by crystals
Pyromancy: Flame Magic
Abyss Walk: As a pilgrim of the dark, she can enter the abyss freely without making pacts or specialized items.
Curse of Want: Allows her to consume souls per kill.

Power limitations
Immortality Cost: As an undead, every time she dies without quickly restoring herself or taking in souls, she loses memories and will eventually go hollow.
Hollow Body: Her body slowly decays overtime, leading to desiccated state. This can be greatly accelerated via death
Hex Costs: Her most powerful spells cost the power of souls. Without that power, her spells do little to no damage.
Spell Types Restrictions: Does not have access to any boss souls spells as she never fought and defeated during her time in Drangleic. (For Example, despite being a Hex, she cannot use Repel as she never fought the Giant Lord)
Repair Costs: Aside from her armor, her weapons are made from powerful but ultimately brittle materials, that needs to repaired routinely to prevent destruction in battle.
Catalyst Requirement: She cannot utilize any form of magic without the proper catalyst. Period
- Hexes: Chimes or Talismans
- Soul magic and Dark Magic: Staves (Or weapons with similar abilities such as the blue flame and pilgrim spontoon)
- Pyromancy Flame: Specialized flame used to cast pyromancies

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

S rank: Hexes
A rank: Miracles
B rank: Shield Use
B Rank: Soul Magic
C: Spear Use
C: Sword Use
B: Lecturing
B: Research
D Rank: Pyromancy
C Rank: Armor/Weapon Repair
SS/E Rank: Soul Consume (Automatic Ability - No Actual Control)

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.)

Fluted Steel Armor- An unassuming set of steel armor made in an outdated style.

Sacred Dragon Chime (Chime capable of Casting Miracles and Hexes. Given to those who have ranked enough in the Dark Pilgrims)

Pilgrim Spontoon (Spear that can act as magic catalyst for spell work)

Falchion - A Standard falchion meant to be used in a single hand.

Kite Shield - Steel shield used to defend against mainly physical attacks

Most Dark magic has a severely reduced effect on her.
Resurrection ensures she can relay short term information after death and create psychological trauma to her enemies.
Enhanced strength and magical capabilities from the consumption of souls.
Consumption of Souls negates resurrection of slain enemy.

Weakness/ Fears:
Dark Sign will eventually rob her of her memories and make her hollow.
Despite the ability to utilize miracles, light magic does much more damage to her than others.
Despite her strength, she is not anymore durable than a normal woman of her age and fitness. All defenses are handled by her armor.
She cannot casts spells without the appropriate catalyst regardless of spell type or world type.

Fears not be able to discover all that she can before going hollow.

How would this fit into the story of Evrensel Conflict?:

Primarily as more defense based magic knight. Her role would remain primarily as a scholar studying various otherworldly magics and incorporating into her own studies. Part of this would be to point out inconsistencies with other magic characters whether they be PC's or NPC's. This won't be done as a game breaking idea but rather as a way for her to understand and catalog that type of magic for future reference.
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Name: Imagus “Imagi” Proxi

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species: Segoian

Origin Universe and World: Proxi

Appearance: Imagi stands 6'6, with a body like an athlete (Probably a sprinter.) He has brown hair, electric blue eyes, and somewhat tanned skin. His most noticeable feature is his teeth: Each one is sharpened to a point, leading people to believe he's part shark or something. He's not, they just grew that way. Also of note is the slight scruff he’s growing due to not being able to shave in a while, the birthmark on his right shoulder blade that kinda looks like a bird, and the big ol’ wide grin he has spread across his face most of the time.
Imagi can typically be found in his ‘business’ suit, a suit of armor made by the Ifrit Blacksmith Dojan Renetz, named “Azure Knight.” blue (Specifically azure) bodysuit, with armor padding underneath it to protect from bullets and whatnot. He has a golden chest-v right over his... Well, chest. By chest V, I mean it's a piece of gold colored armor that's literally shaped like a wide V. He also has a blue cape (Specifically cerulean) that reaches all the way down to his ankles, with the ends of it tattered from quite a bit of use. On his face is a visor shaped like another wide angled v, with more gold-colored metal and red glass in it for him to see through. He also has a pair of silver gauntlets on his arms, with black gloves that connect to them.

When not in the armor, which is very rarely, he tends to prefer denim. Jeans, bomber jacket, and some nice shades.

Personality: Despite the situation Imagi is in, he’s actually pretty upbeat about most things. He’s usually at least got a bit of a cheery tone in his voice, and almost nothing seems to faze him. That being said, he doesn’t respond to insults or feeling insulted very well, and tends to fly off the handle. That being said, Imagi can actually get along with people who aren’t dicks to him, but after a year of being chased by bounty hunters, he’s got trust issues, and always kinda thinks in the back of his mind that someone’s going to betray him. Of course, like with most of his issues, Imagi has a nasty habit of just shoving them away and thinking he’ll deal with that later. If Imagi ever actually sat down and started really thinking about what his life is like, he’d probably break down. So he does his best to put on a confidant, fun air. Of course, that’s kinda hard with the two voices in his head. Yes, Imagi has voices in his head. Phoenix, the calm, kinda stuck-up, but usually polite Sorta-God, and Savagrey, the grumpy, also kinda stuck-up, and incredibly rude Hellfire Dragon, are voices in Imagi’s head. Think the Neil, Kami, and Piccolo situation from Dragonball Z Abridged and you’ve got them.

History/Bio: Our story starts in one of the many suburbs of Grand Star City, which was a pretty nice neighborhood all things considered. We focus on the Proxi household, where Aria and Vironius Proxi lived with their six year old son Imagi and his four year old sister Issei. Anyway, things were happy, life was good, yada yada yada. One day, Vironius came home gripping a knife and struck, killing Aria and Issei. Imagi was spared due to being taken to see a movie with his Aunt. After the two recovered enough from the shock, his Aunt Guinevere had no choice but to take him in. It was a bit of a rocky life from there, but she got Imagi through school, teaching him all she knew about life and cooking. Eventually, Imagi graduated from high school, moved out, and got himself a job and a small apartment. And he was mostly content with that until he felt ready to start college. Than, on one hot summer night, everything changed. A man barged into his apartment, with a head of fire and bleeding gold. He collapsed in front of Imagi, who tried to help him. The man barely managed to mutter “My name… is Phoenix… Don’t let them take me back…” before he died. But something special happened. See, souls work like electricity: They take the path of least resistance. Normally, that’s the underworld, but in rare cases, a person will be the easier path. Imagi was one of those people, and Phoenix’s soul went into his body. And Imagi should’ve just straight up exploded from that. Bodies normally aren’t meant to contain two souls, and people who do have souls enter them generally die on the spot. But Imagi’s Trait stopped that. Imagi’s Trait is Survivor, and it basically does its best to keep him from dying from anything other than sickness or old age. As such, it activated, and caused Phoenix and Imagi to kinda fuse together at the cellular level. Imagi still has no idea how the fuck it works, he just knows he’s alive because of his Trait. Anyway, before Imagi could ask if he was tripping balls, a squad of armed Black Ops Soldiers busted in, all leveling guns at him and yelling about where the Target was. Imagi, who was officially lost, saw the men about to shoot him, and held out his hands, causing fire to fly out from them. Imagi than ran out the back door, and got shot in the back for his trouble, causing him to topple over the railing. It was here he heard Phoenix shout at him “FLY DAMMIT” and he immediately came to a stop in the air. He could fly. Imagi quickly figured out how to go forward and rocketed off. Unfortunately, how to turn took a bit more effort to figure out, but after crashing into a few walls, he figured it out. Imagi soon found out he was wanted, having been pinned for causing the explosion of his old apartment building, which killed at least fifty people. But Imagi knew those Black Ops guys caused it. He also knew Phoenix was in his head, and so he asked the man what was up.

Phoenix revealed that he was the first, and only Intiman, created by Tatros to be a new kind of species. Unfortunately, Tatros was caught before he could make any more of his kind, leaving Phoenix the only one. He spent the next five millennia traveling the globe, until he was caught by the Melian Military to be experimented on. He finally managed to escape, but was shot while escaping. He was simply too weak to continue on, and by pure luck of the draw, managed to make it to Imagi’s place. After that, Imagi realized he probably couldn’t stay in Melia right now, and saw a cargo ship heading to Azzis. Figuring he could maybe escape this madness, he snuck on.

When he got off at the capital city of Azzis, Zemdianas, Imagi found out that he had a bounty due to a nearby news report on a TV. He was worth fifteen thousand, for general terrorist crimes and being a menace. The Melian Government figured he had to know where Phoenix was, and they were willing to employ Bounty Hunters to get Imagi. Imagi, of course, was floored, and collapsed to the ground due to how badly his week had turned. He was hungry, his life was ruined, and he had a guy talking to him from inside his skull. If he hadn’t heard the next news broadcast, he probably would’ve just given up. But he heard the news that the Fairy Queen, Ceres Ferrum, had been kidnapped. Phoenix told him he needed to go save her, since he knew if anyone could help Imagi, it would probably be the Queen of Azzis. But first, Imagi needed something to protect himself. So he headed to Maja Square, where all kinds of things were sold, including armor. Of course, Imagi didn’t have any money, but since he was already a criminal, he just decided to use his new powers to steal the first armor he liked. He looked around, before being smitten with a suit of armor on display called “Azure Knight.” He then broke the window and yoinked it, and flew off with it. After putting it on, Imagi found out that Ceres had been taken into Kerala Forest, so that was where he headed. Along the way, he met a Blue-Ringed Octopus Mermaid, who at first threatened him at spear point, before he revealed he was here to rescue Ceres. The Mermaid pointed to where she had been seen being taken, and told Imagi a group of mermaids had followed after them. Imagi nodded and thanked her, and continued on… Only to find a group of dead mermaids and one gigantic angry dragon.

The dragon was red and black, with glowing orange eyes and a mane of bone white horns around its head. It had six jet black wings, fire leaking from its mouth, and was about the size of three elephants stacked on top of each other. It roared at Imagi, who knew he either had to fight or try and run, and the dragon looked like it wasn’t going to let him leave. The Mermaid, Octavia, was still floored by the dead mermaids, one of which was her mother, and the dragon tried to take her out as well. Imagi knocked her aside and took the brunt of the attack. After that, Imagi gout up and tried to fight it. It was a long, hard battle- No, no it wasn’t. The dragon absolutely kicked Imagi’s ass, and it was only when Imagi managed to get behind it did he have an idea. He called to Octavia, and gave her the best pep-talk he could muster, and explained his plan. The two then knocked down some nearby boulders onto the dragon, and while it was trapped, Octavia poured all the poison she had into its mouth, killing. But just like with Phoenix, the soul of the dragon went into Imagi, causing to fuse it with him. And now, the dragon could talk. It spent five minutes angrily cussing Imagi out, and after that, Octavia and Imagi tracked the group that had stolen Lady Ceres, and came upon a giant iron door inlaid in a mountain. He slammed his fist on it to knock… And created a massive dent in it. Survivor had given him the strength of a dragon, and with two more punches Imagi slammed the door open, causing the group inside to jump in shock. Before he could get out a snarky quip or a threat, one guy pulled out a pistol and fired at him, only for the bullet to bounce off him. He was also apparently super-durable, which gave him the confidence boost he needed to whoop the ass of every single person who tried to fight him. After questioning one of them, he found out he was fighting the group called ‘The Red’ (It explained all the red they were wearing), and that Lady Ceres was in the backroom. He kicked open the door, picked up Lady Ceres (Who was still out cold), and quickly made his way back to Zemdianas. Along the way, Ceres woke up, and Imagi explained the situation. When Ceres asked if he was that wanted terrorist from Melia, Imagi proceeded to explain his situation. Ceres, understandably horrified at the story, promised Imagi she would help him in whatever way she could. After that, Imagi was treated as a hero that night, celebrating at the palace with food and drink. … Perhaps too much drink. See, the next morning he woke up in Ceres’s bed, not remembering a single thing, but from what he learned later from one of Ceres’s servants who watched them run off, both he and Ceres had gotten blackout drunk and ran off. And apparently Ceres took him to his room for a case of the sex. There was just one problem with all this, as Ceres revealed when she came into the room: Having sex with the Fairy Queen was illegal. According to an old rule that almost everyone had forgotten about except old advisors to the throne, the Fairy Queen was to practice abstinence until she got married. But both she and Imagi agreed to keep it a secret, along with anyone else who might figure it out, and after that, Imagi spent a month in Azzis, since Ceres had basically given him political immunity in Azzis: He couldn’t be arrested by anyone as long as he didn’t commit an actual crime. Didn’t stop the bounty hunters from coming, especially once Melia started raising his bounty for random crimes he supposedly committed. While he was there, he also got to know Octavia, and helped her get through her mother’s death.

After a while, Imagi knew his Aunt was probably worried about him, so he said his goodbyes to Lady Ceres for now, and got on a ship heading to Melia, so he could tell his Aunt goodbye for now. While Imagi got off the docks no problem, it didn’t take long for a random civilian to recognize him and call the military, who showed up to form blockades. Imagi, wanting to get in and out fast, was miffed at this, so he cracked his knuckles and started punching his way through the entire freaking military, until he eventually reached his Aunt’s place in Sector Four. He looked around to make sure the Military wasn’t around (He had ditched them back in Sector Two), and walked in… Only for his Aunt to shoot him in the chest. His Aunt was terrified of him, and was fearfully shouting at him to leave her alone. She’d been convinced her nephew was a terrorist by the Melian Government, and when she saw Imagi flying up the building to her apartment she had frantically called and told them he was here. Imagi had no choice but to run, still reeling. It was official: He had no family left that loved him, he was alone in a big city where everyone was trying to kill him. So he decided to make a statement. He waited for the military to come, and then destroyed every vehicle and weapon they had, but didn’t kill a single person. He told the Commander of the group to give President Luci a message: “You want me? You better send your A-Game. Because you’ve pissed off The Phoenix King, and you better hope you can feel enough of yourself to regret it when I get my hands on you.” He then flew off, and that’s the story of how Imagi, the Phoenix King, was born. As for where the Phoenix King name had come from, it had just come to his mind while making the announcement, and it stuck. Afterwards, Imagi constantly got into skirmishes with both Bounty Hunters and local military groups, slowly raising his bounty until finally, he was sitting at a cool Billion, the highest bounty ever made.

Powers: Imagi’s first power is Survivor, his Trait. To put it simply, his body does whatever it takes to keep him alive. For example, if someone tries to behead him, his neck will become uncuttable. But the problem is that Survivor is rather fickle when it comes to what is and isn’t a killing attack. If there’s even a small, tiny even, chance of Imagi surviving, than Survivor won’t activate. It's also lost a lot of its potency after infusing Phoenix and Savagrey into Imagi, meaning it doesn’t work as well as it used to. But that’s okay, because Imagi has other powers.

Cera: The ability to create blue flames from anywhere on his body.

Wings of the Phoenix: The ability to fly by picturing himself as a comet flying at something.

Dragon Scale: His skin is as tough as the scales on Savagrey’s body were, which is pretty tough. To take him out from a distance, you’d need at least a high-powered sniper rifle to do some damage, and anything weaker is completely useless unless you can get in really close, but then you’re in range for one of Imagi’s punches, which have sent giant men flying.

Strength of the Dragon: He’s also as strong as Savagrey was, meaning he can punch through a steel door in three hits, a brick wall in one. He can lift a car with ease, and his strength seems to be on par with that of Demons, if not a bit more.

Power limitations: The biggest caveat to all of his powers is that, well, they need energy. Like, a lot of it. Imagi constantly needs snacks to keep himself going, and after a long fight, he’ll need to stuff his face just to feel like himself again.

Also, Survivor is completely useless against a lack of oxygen, sickness, or old age.

Imagi can only fly for three hours in a row, assuming he doesn’t run out of energy along the way and is flying at an average speed.

Skills F-Failure, D-Below Average, C-Average, B-Expert, A-Master, S-Great Master, SS-Grandmaster): Flying is about a B, Fighting in general is an A, since Imagi has had a lot of time to get good at fighting, and he took some lessons in combat from Octavia and the rest of the Queen’s Royal Guard, and even before meeting Phoenix he was good with his fists, and Cooking is an S, since his Aunt was a master chef and taught Imagi everything she knew.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: Imagi does have a weapon: A scythe. It's about four feet long, with a gold and black blade with red markings to make it look like a giant smiley face. He calls it ‘Joker’, and he found it beat-up and crumpled in an alleyway and took it to a guy he had met to get it repaired. Unfortunately, Imagi loses it a lot, due to not being very good at using a scythe, he just got it because he thought it looked cool.

Strengths: Imagi is extremely good at fighting. Point him at a guy you want beat up, and given a good reason, Imagi will fight that guy. That being said, he’s also pretty upbeat despite all the shit in his life, and is also just plain fun to be around depending on the kind of person you are.

Weakness/ Fears: That being said, Imagi can easily be grating, annoying, and unlikable depending on how you view him, and he can be headstrong and quick to anger. He’s also claustrophobic due to having been locked in a cabinet once as a kid and not getting out for several hours.



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fantasy, scifi, or apocalyptic-ish
Name: Dusk

Age: 17 years

Gender (Can be genderless too): Preferably male but has no gender

Sexual Orientation: Asexual I guess?

Species: geodian (jee-ode-ian) but otherwise he is a mutation between a human and a “magical” creature that is from his world.

World and Universe they are from: Eboria (custom world)

Appearance (Just a basic description of what your character looks like. Needs to be over four lines long. Please include basic shit like height and complexion, as well as physical build.): Dusk’s height is that of 8 feet, 9 inches. The entirety of his body is covered in a black, fur-like material that resembles oil. The only part of him that isn’t completely covered in black fur is his face, which is not covered in skin. His skull is almost cow like in nature with large horns attached to the sides. When he is in an angered state, he will gain a cloak colored like a sky at dusk time around his neck. His mouthless face will crack apart to reveal shark-like rows of teeth in a geometrically perfect array. He is quite terrifying both because of his height and his skinless face.

Personality (Over six lines long.): Dusk is a very gentle creature. He can tend to be clumsy sometimes, but overall he makes up for it by trying to fix his problems. On the outside, he looks like he should be eating children or destroying a village, but on the inside, he cares for the things around him. He does have issues with being too nice though. When hurt or in need of help, Dusk will tend to distance himself and try to not be a burden on others. This can be a problem when he tries to hide his needs from others. He dislikes killers, mainly the kind that do it for fun. Sometimes, Dusk cannot control his hate/anger, which might cause him to go into a frenzy. He can be calmed down by being injured.

History/Bio (Over eight lines long; no canon blending- as in direct interaction with canon characters.):
Dusk was created many years ago at a time of war. He was genetically engineered to be the perfect weapon. There were many variations of his race, but the scientists believed him to be the perfect specimen. Before he could be released and be given life, nuclear bombs struck. The land that was created was known as the “deadzone.” Humanity abandoned and forgot the project alltogether. Dusk now had no purpose for living and no mission to complete. Having not understood how to react to his situation, he went on a rampage and destroyed more of the already bombed deadzone. His destruction went on for 8 months. It’s not really specified what stopped him, but all that Dusk knows is that he woke up in a bunker one day that was filled with an assortment of flowers and strange plants. Dusk cared for them for the next 17 years and eventually created a garden that filled a large amount of the bombed land. Dusk has never met humans, and probably never will unless people venture extremely far into the Deadzone.

Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.): he is strong enough to use 12,000 pounds of weight, around as heavy as a large wrecking ball (I looked this up). The sword he possesses is entirely made of his own bone, and he summons it by ripping it out of his own body. He can gain a cloak made of fur. It is shaded a mixture of orange, yellow, purple, and blue., the same as a dusk colored sky.

Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless): He can only hold light out for as long as he wants but this will cause him to fall into a more murderous rage if held for longer than 7 minutes. He can also use his strength as long as he wants but this causes rage after excessive use after 15 minutes. If in case of blood rage the best way to defeat him is by keeping him at bay with fire.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
-swordsmanship level A
-gardening level SS
-animal care level A
-musician level D
-Survival (EX. starting a fire, building shelter, ext.) B

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.) He has a very small amount of items. these include
-A sword that is the exact size of him. It is entirely made of bone and is constantly caked in a disgusting black liquid
-A few seeds of mutated plants.

-physical strength
-compassion towards living beings

Weakness/ Fears: He is weak to mind control in any manner. Dusk is resistant to physical attacks such as swords and bullets but is weak to extreme heat and cold. He can’t handle magic or electricity.

Other: Dusk cannot speak or write. He only communicates through strange rumbles and sounds along with different types of gestures.


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fantasy, scifi, or apocalyptic-ish
Name: Thomas "Trigger" Holden

Age: 23

Gender (Can be genderless too): Male

Sexual Orientation: straight

Species: mutated human

World and Universe they are from: Eboria (Custom world)

Appearance (Just a basic description of what your character looks like. Needs to be over four lines long. Please include basic shit like height and complexion, as well as physical build.):
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Eyes: a mixture of violet and brown, the whites of his eyes are colored black from mutation
hair color: jet black with a stripe of white in the front area
Build: skinny, but is muscular
Trigger looks noticeably younger than he actually is. Due to the circumstances of his mutation, age does not affect him as much as other people. He has a few bruises on his face due to how commonly he will get into fist fights. The whites of his eyes are not quite white, instead, they are more blackened from the mutation of his body. Trigger wears a gas mask that only covers half of his face.

anime, boy, and black and white image

Personality (Over six lines long.):
Triggers mind is slightly fractured from his mutation. He originally was a friendly person when he was younger, but now he cares only for himself. Trigger tends to not trust the people around him and believes that everyone is out to get him. He distances himself in most group situations and prefers to do his own thing. On the outside, he acts like a massive jerk. He is rude, arrogant, and overall an idiot when reacting with others he does not know. Even when Trigger does get to know people, he will try to make them hate him as soon as possible as to not get them involved in his problems. On occasion, he will act like a totally different person due to his stressed mind. His personality will change from arrogant to kind and caring, but it will most likely revert back.
History/Bio (Over eight lines long; no canon blending- as in direct interaction with canon characters.): Trigger used to live in one of the smaller neighborhoods in the city. He wasn’t very well known since it was a slight introvert, but he did have his moments where he enjoyed the company around him. His father usually wasn’t in the house, mainly because he was out doing work in the military. When he did return, he would ignore Trigger altogether and instead, smoke cigarettes and polish his butterfly knife in his study. His father was very strict about Trigger going into the study, and would never let him enter. After several years of his father’s negligence, Trigger entered his father’s study to spite him. Inside the study was several bookshelves involving the past and old experiments, none of which were really relevant. On top of the desk was his father’s butterfly knife. To hurt his father’s feelings, Trigger went to pick up the knife and throw it into the river. As soon as he touched the knife, a rush of energy surged through him and up his arm. It burned with a painful amount of energy. Trigger’s mind broke from the amount of pain he experienced. A new goal had appeared before him after the pain subsided. He had to murder his father. Trigger had no idea why he needed to, all he knew was that his father had done some sort of evil. When his father arrived home, he lunged at him with the knife and stabbed him in the chest. Trigger looked down at his blood-soaked hands, further breaking his already destroyed psyche. The memory of the night was blocked from his memory. Trigger left the house on the search for others who abused the same power as him. He needed to create balance in the world.
Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.): Trigger’s abilities are mainly derived from the deamon energy in his veins. His special abilities are to teleport his atoms from place to place. Trigger’s teleportation can be described as him disappearing from existence and then reappearing in another area. He can handle large amounts of electricity in his veins, but will most likely pass out instead of being electrocuted.
Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless): Trigger can only teleport so many times, after three consecutive times there is an increased 5-second delay between each teleportation.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
electronics skill- C
Sleight of hand- B
Parkour- D
Brawling- B
Intel gathering- S
Gunplay- A

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.) Trigger usually fashions a butterfly knife for a weapon. The knife is stained with red and is painted with a mixture of blue and green. A wallet is another item that he has. The wallet contains 130$ along with a driver's license containing a fake name of Rob Kellie. He has a non-traceable flip phone that he uses. Trigger also possesses an average gun from his world. It is a typical blaster gun that is powered by an infinite power source. It superheats the metal within the gun and fires it at a high speed, melting most things that are shot.
-being a distraction
-getting in good positions
-hacking hardware and some software.

Weakness/ Fears: Trigger is your typical person, so he will most likely be in a lot of pain after being shot or injured. If Trigger loses his mask, he will pass out from the amount of oxygen and fumes going into his lungs. His gas mask limits the amount of oxygen that goes into his lungs, and without the limiter, he will be unable to stay conscious for large amounts of time or when exercising. Trigger can survive without the mask, but he will need to take breaths through it every few minutes.

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Name: Nomad

Age: Looks to be around twenty, but since resurrection. A year and a couple of months at best.

Gender (Can be genderless too): Male

Sexual Orientation: Asexual.

Species: Human/Guardian.

World and Universe they are from: Destiny

Appearance (Just a basic description of what your character looks like. Needs to be over four lines long. Please include basic shit like height and complexion, as well as physical build.): Nomad stands at a solid 5'10 and weighing in at a light 150 Ibs. A bit light for Hunter, but not the worst. His outfit starting from head to bottom goes as such: Atop his head, is always a Celestial Nighthawk helmet. Mainly due to the look of the helmet and the fact of it's major power boost to Nomad's Golden Gun. For the cloak, he wears a cloak that is somewhat in the same style as the Kairos Function cloak. For the chest area, he is often seen wearing the Intrepid Discovery vest and arms due to the fact that he likes the look of it and the fact he is very good protection for the cold, after that the leg sections are essentially based on the Vanguard Dare legs. Said outfit is colored with a mostly blackish grey color scheme.

Underneath the armor though, Nomad being human. His skin and overall complexion is a pale Asian features with a buzzcut of a hairdo.

Personality (Over six lines long.): Even for a Hunter, Nomad's a mellow nomadic soul. One minute he's exploring the ruins of the other countries, the next he's on Venus exploring the old Golden Age buildings, going through the archives and debris for anything that looks good enough to transmat back the Last City. That and add to his music collection. And when one talks to him, he is often too excited just describing his latest find, however plain it may be. Or he'll be a slightly mellow person to talk to, providing an outlet for some people to talk through and shouldering whatever burden they have. Or doing his best to get some form of response from someone that went through a harsh time.

As for his attitude regarding sides and such, he believes that all Guardians have a duty to protect humanity by any means necessary. Want to remain pure and use the Traveler's light? By all means. Want to use Weapons of Sorrow to fight the Darkness? Go for it. Or be like him, constantly waiting for clearance to go out and find habitable planets for humans in the event the Last City is lost and unrecoverable, just something that isn't picking a side, bashing the opposition through witty remarks or in an almost Religious fervor, acting behind the scenes to cause someone to vanish.

History/Bio (Over eight lines long; no canon blending- as in direct interaction with canon characters.): Nomad was actually 'reborn' a solid year and such before the Red Legion's attack on the Last City. His first few days were rough as he didn't know what he was doing, save for fighting back Fallen and random Hive that attacked him and his Ghost. He was only brought into the City after a duo of a Warlock and a Titan found him. With their help, he would quickly grow into quite the Gunslinger, one that would begin to solo-scout old ruins during his spare time in the following months. It was maybe this is what saved Nomad from dying along with so many other Guardians after Ghaul took the light away.

For the period between then and when the Light was returned to all Guardians. Nomad stayed in the shadows, using the environment and homefield advantage to take care of any foe that crossed his path. It was tough, and many times did he come close to dying once more. When the Light returned and the Guardians rejoined at what would become the new Tower. He noticed that only one of his former mentors would rejoin them. The Warlock, who was saved by the Titan giving his life to protect her life.

Which due to the overall shock, she did less and less missions, instead taking on more of a Librarian role. While Nomad took on more of a scout to explorer route. As Gambit, Crucible and such didn't interest him all that much. Instead finding entertainment in going out and doing some simple recon or actual ruin exploration authorized by the Vanguards.

Life was swell, at least until the death of Cayde-6 came.

Like all of the other Hunters, Nomad were shocked that one such as him could fall, but said fall was simply a series of unfortunate events that culminated in the death of a Hero. One avenged by The Guardian. Of who and what varied from Guardian to Guardian. As some said they were a Warlock, others a Titan, and sometimes a Hunter. Nomad didn't care which, as he was just happy Cayde got avenged, he just wishes he met the one who did it.

After that, Nomad's routine went back to usual, save for now he participated in Gambit and Crucible from time to time, and was pretty decent at it. Though one day during exploration an old mine, which had been mentioned by a close friend, promising "a nice gun" and going through a teleporter, he found the remains of a campsite and within it, something that used to be a hand-cannon called a "Thorn." Curious about it, Nomad followed the steps to completing this weapon, and after each step taking more and more willpower just to complete it. It was done, the hand-cannon in his hands. It was cold to the touch and stayed that way, as if the weapon were some dirty burden that sucked the warmth from everything. Not to mention, firing and using the weapon felt wrong.

Wasn't long before Nomad abandoned the gun, feeling as if his very soul was tainted by it. He withdrew back into a shell just from the knowledge of what he had done. Sure, others had the same weapon but it made him feel cold instead of powerful.

Hell, he felt like he had tarnished his right as a Guardian.

And he felt like he was being watched, such as the time he went to Ikora after completing a set of challenges, but as he was leaving, he could feel eyes keeping a bead on him through a scope.

The feeling never going away until he received a strange package, it was peculiar thing. Sent to him with a list of objectives. After talking to a friend, he mentioned something about a man named "Shin" something. Before telling Nomad to go on, and that he'll enjoy the reward far better than what happened.

Once again, Nomad went trying to complete a new set of challenges, each harder than the last. Culminating in him drawing against a Hive Weapon's Master, which seemed like a hologram or something before he got the new Hand-Cannon. "Last Word" it was called. Just wielding it pushed away the cold and restored the feeling of warmth in him. Sure, others had it as well and used in everything. But it didn't matter, it made him feel like a Guardian again, the feeling of being watched vanishing away.

Granted, when he talked to the Drifter, the mysterious man muttered "Not another one..." But still allowed Nomad to do bounties and such in Gambit.

Which brings us to now, he signed on for a space mission, to investigate a mysterious signal coming from the middle of deep space, and Guardians vanishing without a trace. So, Nomad is heading out into the unknown to find out what happened.....

Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.): Golden Gun The Hunter Subclass Nomad follows is the Golden Gun.

Way of the Sharpshooter -

Knife Juggler -
Throw a knife from a distance. Precision kills instantly give back the knife.

Practice makes Perfect - Enter a trance with each precision hit, reducing the cooldown of the Super

Line 'Em up - Precision hits with the Golden Gun extends damage and duration.

Crowd-Pleaser - Enables precision hits with the Golden Gun. Precision hits grant orbs of light.

Swarm Grenade - A grenade that detonates on impact, releasing multiple small drones that seek out enemies close by.

Marksman Dodge - Dodging reloads the weapon in hand instantly.

Triple Jump - As the name states, he can jump up to three times. Though barely gaining height with it.

Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless): All is with all Guardians, abilities take time to recharge, some more than others. Jumping abilities reset on landing, and so on.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
Hand-Cannons - S
Auto-Rifles - D
Shotguns - B
Sniper - A
Scout Rifles - C
Pulse Rifles - B
Rocket Launchers - C
Grenade Launcher - C
Fusion/Linear Fusion Rifles - D
Driving - B
Piloting - B
Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.): Nomad has a decent amount of weaponry and such hidden away thanks to his Ghost.

Strengths: Nomad is an amazing scout and gunslinger, able to sneak in and out while dishing out punishment whenever the enemy has the misfortune to see him.

Weakness/ Fears: If there is one thing Nomad fears, it's the Darkness. Just hearing about what it did scares him. The prospect of losing his Light and witnessing everything dear to him being consumed by the Darkness before being taken himself. Hell, it makes him feel just as cold as he did when holding Thorn in his hand.

Other: N/A

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cyberpunk grimdark/postapocalyptic scifi fantasy and lastly steampunk/dieselpunk. i also love mixing high fantasy together with full scifi for fun worlds.
Name: Xiao

Age: 21

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: human

World and Universe they are from: Avatar the last airbender/legend of Korra

Appearance: Xiao is a small sleepy looking girl that comes with a strong athletic build. Despite being only 144 CM tall she is surprisingly strong and can topple a man nearly two times bigger than her. Sporting a deeply tanned look to her skin and striking green eyes, her ass length hair lacks any color and is snow white that's easily distinguishable from a large distance.

Personality: She is a devious and manipulative piece of work, picking up on subtleties about people and using them to her advantage. She can be very brazen and unrestrained in her actions and words. Xiao easily gets into conflicts, fighting over any minuscule insult with anybody and quite often will end up using her avatar state to show who really is the boss.

History/Bio: Xiao was born in a small village on the edge of the foggy swamp where she loved to go and train her bending. With no official teachers and everybody still looking for the new avatar she had to learn most if not all of what she knows from the nature the spirit realm and the swamp people. With the relative isolation from many people She developed herself a unique and an unorthodox fighting style that utilizes a sawlike stone chakram. as the years passed and the new avatar finally been found she was put through even more training by the masters of their own elements, granting her that formal training she needed. Nearing the end of her physical training she began working on her spiritual side. But something was off... the spirit realm seemed if some sort of an outside force was trying to intrude upon it. Mistaking the avatar Xiao as the intruder most powerful of the spirits kicked her out of the spirit realm...unfortunately for the avatar. she got kicked out through the wrong exit and ended up in some different universe entirely.


Waterbending: is the hydrokinetic ability to control water in all of its various forms.The fighting style of waterbending is mostly fluid and graceful, acting in concert with the environment. Foggy Swamp style waterbending, however, is more rigid and straight. Waterbenders deal with the flow of energy; they let their defense become their offense, turning their opponents' own forces against them. Even when waterbenders do take an attack stance, their moves always appear to flow from one to the other.

Earthbending: is the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock in all their various forms. The key to earthbending is utilizing neutral jing, which involves waiting and listening for the right moment to strike and, when that moment comes, acting decisively. In other words, earthbenders generally endure their enemies' attacks until the right opportunity to counterattack reveals itself

Firebending: is the pyrokinetic ability to control fire. It is unique among the bending arts, as it is the only one in which the performer can generate the element. Firebending is known for its intense and aggressive attacking style and general lack of adequate defensive moves, although firebenders can modify offensive maneuvers to function as a defense, such as creating large walls of fire or shooting down incoming attacks with fire jabs.

Airbending: is the aerokinetic ability to control and manipulate air. The key to airbending is flexibility and finding and following the path of least resistance. Airbending is notable for being almost purely defensive, as well as the most dynamic of the four bending arts. Airbenders can overwhelm many opponents at once with large and powerful attacks that could prove fatal; however, due to the pacifist nature of the Air Nomads, such attacks are rarely used. Due to their aforementioned spirituality, they often adapt to the situation surrounding them and employ negative jing, preferring evasive maneuvers as opposed to direct confrontation.

Avatar state: The strongest and most powerful ability that the Avatar can invoke is the Avatar State. This state was created when Wan permanently bonded with Raava by touching the energy coming through the spirit portal during the Harmonic Convergence in 9,829 BG. It allows the Avatar to channel vast cosmic energies and the knowledge of previous Avatars, granting them increased strength and the ability to perform especially powerful and extraordinary feats of bending.
"The Avatar State is a defense mechanism, designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all the past Avatars. The glow is the combination of all your past lives, focusing their energy through your body. In the Avatar State, you are at your most powerful, but you are also at your most vulnerable. If you are killed in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken and the Avatar will cease to exist."

Power limitations: She has had only 2 years of formal combat and informal training until the age of 19 from the waterbenders and animals at the foggy swamp.

usage of a zweihander chakram: Her skill level with this is SS due to her developing the entire martial arts style to go along with her rather unique weapon of choice.
Cooking: C She had to cook and prepare her meals on her own from a very young age.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment
sawblade stone zweihander Chakram

((This image will be replaced later on once ive made and rendered a 3d model of her weapon))

Strengths: She is as tough as nails and will keep going till she passes out of exhaustion or is killed. the word gie up does not exist in her vocabulary. with sheer willpower alone she could force herself to keep fighting no matter her physical condition. ((to a reasonable degree))

Weakness/ Fears: She isn't very great at using the element of fire as its the exact opposite of her native element earth and is for some weird reason really creeped out by fish. each of her elements have some sort of a counter. for fire its water for air its earth for water its air and lastly for earth its fire.

Other: She has a pet wolfbat

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cyberpunk grimdark/postapocalyptic scifi fantasy and lastly steampunk/dieselpunk. i also love mixing high fantasy together with full scifi for fun worlds.
Name: Xenon Age: 17
Nicknames: The red terror
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Prefers other females but she does not care for their race as long as they're cute
Species: Twi'lek


Personality: Xenon is an person who has been through allot and has gained many different traits. one of those and most important would be to never trust your allies completely. she had been betrayed enough for her to get wary of anybody who approaches her. she can be quite cruel towards anybody who has challenged her. However she does not like unnecessary bloodshed. Xenon also likes to be the one in command and due to being very stubborn and persistent she will never give up on something.

History/Bio: She started off in Nar shaddaa as a slave and later was taken in by the sith. she was quickly put into a combat school when they saw some potential in her. There Xenon was trained to be a cold blooded killing machine. even though with all of that training a part of her humane side survived. after the combat school she was taken to the sith training academy on Korriban, their home world. in Korriban she learned how to utilize the dark side of the force to its fullest and she still is growing in power. also in Korriban she gained her weapon that proves that she is a true sith. a double bladed light saber taken from the corpse of her own teacher. The teacher was killed by none other than her. later in the capital world of the sith called Dromund Kaas she gained her own ship and a title of the sith inquisitor. her mission now is to hunt down anybody who might be even the slightest threat to the empire and its agenda.

Current Residence: Fury-class Interceptor

Featuring an advanced hyperdrive and state-of-the-art sublight engines, the Fury is the most versatile starship in the Imperial fleet and the end result of centuries of evolving design. The modern Fury was originally conceived for use in high-priority military missions but is now used almost exclusively by Sith and outfitted accordingly. The Fury's angular design combines the maneuverability of a fighter with impressive armament rivaling some larger military vessels. The Fury also features a set of "strike foils" that remain down for travel but can be expanded in short-range combat to maximize the ship's agility and range of firepower. The interior aesthetic is sleek and functional, arranged in the traditions of the Sith Academy on Korriban. Military-grade computers and communications equipment are integrated into the ship's hardware, and hidden security devices make sabotage extremely difficult and dangerous.

Magic/Power: The dark side of the force

Use of magic/power:

Seethe: Casting time: Pause to prepare for the coming fight, restoring health and force. Damage causes the effect to end prematurely. Cannot be used during combat.

Saber Strike: Deals physical damage spread across a flurry of three melee attacks. can be parried by anything thats tough enough to survive a lightsaber touching it.

Shock: Using the dark side of the force she shocks the target with high energy damage. a personal shield of just simply jumping out of the way also works in avoiding the hit.

Overload: Deals moderate energy damage and knockback to all enemies within 8m. weaker enemies are additionally knocked off their feet

Electrocute: Electrocutes the target, dealing low damage and stunning it for 4s.

Whirlwind: Traps the target in a whirlwind for 60s. Any damage will end the effect prematurely

Unbreakable Will: Summon the unbreakable will of the Sith, immediately freeing you of all incapacitating and controlling effects. This skill can be used every ten minutes.

Lightning Drain: Deals very high energy damage to the target and restores Force over the duration of the effect. Lightning Drain also slows the movement speed of the target by 50% , and stuns weaker enemies.

Backlash: Surrounds the caster in a lightning shield, increasing resistance to damage by 25% for 15s. In addition, once per second, the shield shocks melee attackers dealing low energy damage.

Force Speed: Increases movement speed by 70% for 2s. Does not break stealth.

Deflection: Increase the chance of deflecting blaster bolts by 70% for 15s.

Nightmare: Send the visions of a nightmare down upon all enemies within 8m causing them to cower in fear for 8s. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely.

Cloud Mind: Clouds the mind of an enemy, Instantly lowering the chance of them attacking again. (Wont be used against other OCs without permission)

Power limitations: the limitations for each skill are different but generally they're all focus and willpower based

Weapon/ Equipment: A dual bladed lightsaber. both sides of the light saber are colored pink. if you want the appearance of the light caber just look at her appearance picture.She has a few other sabers taken from her foes as souvenirs that she uses only if her own personal favorite is unavailable for any reason.

A pink speeder:


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Name: Ayana

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but uninterested in romance (it’s probably not like I can have kids or anyone would really want to bump uglies with me anymore, so what’s the point?)

Species: Warborn Dragonkin, Half-Undead

World and Universe they are from: Ara (Original World)

Appearance (Just a basic description of what your character looks like. Needs to be over four lines long. Please include basic shit like height and complexion, as well as physical build.):
Ayana as a Warborn Dragonkin is an anthropomorphic dragon. As a race, aside from their heads and tails their bodies is built more like a human’s for strength and stability, to the point where their feet are plantigrade instead of digitigrade like one might see from other types of Dragonkin or the Bestial races. So aside from a modification for a tail hole (and accounting for size), most clothes and loose armors designed for humans will fit her just fine.

She stands at just about 6 feet 10 inches tall and has a toned and lithe fighter’s/athletic build. She has ruddy mottled dark grey, brown, and white scales all over her body. She has a thick tail that can stretch out three or so feet behind her. She has no spines on her back or on her tail, unlike others of her species might. She has no wings (again, unlike some others of her species). Her snout is about medium length and two curved horses adorn the sides of her crest. A simple dull gold band sits on the midway point of both of her horns. Her reptilian eyes are a dark purple color. Her breasts are about B-cup size. Compared to most standards of beauty, she’s only just above average.

She wears a simple set of steel chain and studded leather armor, a steel plate sits over her breast. Under her armor she wears plain linen clothing. Over everything she wears a dark brown cloak over everything that helps conceal her form.

Personality (Over six lines long.):
An abrasive, headstrong girl who doesn’t take no nonsense. Someone who is always in control at the bargaining table, who always has a plan. Or at least, that’s what she styles herself as.

She’s no stranger to telling bold faced lies to get her way, though with people she’s trying to be genuinely friendly with or nice to she prefers to keep things honest in hopes of getting that same treatment in return, well she also mixes in a few boasts and a healthy dose of sarcasm here and there- but nothing too outlandish, promise!

Ayana prefers to hang out with those who talk as dirty as she does, or at least those who don’t get their panties in a bunch because they can’t such talk. If you become good enough friends with her, you might even get leave to call her “dead girl”.

As of the start of the RP though, she’s feeling quite… weary of everything. So expect her to be extra snappish coming out of the gate.

Ayana was born with Reincarnation Sickness, an advanced version of Soul Sickness named for how it’s symptoms include headaches and pains caused by intrusive thoughts and memories from what seem to be past lives on top of the usual symptoms caused by a mismatch or imbalance of magical energies between the body and soul. As she grew older the symptoms only get worse, pushing her to death’s doorstep (as would soon grow to all too common with Reincarnation Sickness). Her parents were poor and of the common-folk, unable to secure more than simple sleeping medicines to help take away the pain, but also resulting in Ayana living out most of her early childhood in a haze which was not good for her mental or physical development.

News surfaced that a child had been able to be cured from their Reincarnation Sickness by receiving a Divine Blessing from a god. However, granting a Divine Blessing on demand, the kind powerful enough to overcome the Soul Sickness, is extremely taxing for the priest and also drains that God of their strength if they grant Blessings. It’s not something that should be done carelessly, but still the people demanded that their children be saved (or were just selfishly trying to secure a Blessing for their children).

People rushed to their temples across the land. This sudden call by the people for Divine Blessings overwhelmed the temples and as many caved in and did what they could, many more shut their doors and defended their property by force as to preserve their and their Gods’ strength for the dark days ahead (or simply reserving it for people who were more important than commoners). Strange peddlers and priests appeared, promising Blessings in exchange for coin. Some of them were legitimate, but others were charlatans, taking people’s money and running. But even those who could truly give out Divine Blessings, something was off about some of them… it wasn’t that they were running a racket, no, religion had been doing that for ages now but… the gods they worshipped were nonstandard to say the least. Followers of dark and strange deities, cults even, using the ongoing crisis to grow their numbers; gods that most people would never dare to think of worshipping.

It was to one of these dark covens that Ayana’s parents ended up taking their daughter for, again, they were but poor and of the common folk. The church of the Ironclaw Empire charged a large tithe for a Blessing and even when they were seemingly feeling charitable, they would pass over Ayana to heal children of more importance or who belonged to their friends and relatives. And so into a dark cellar, into a hidden cavern beneath the city, did Ayana’s parents carry their dying child. Into the den of those who worshipped the Gods of Monsters and Chaos.

Ayana barely remembers that day, as near death as she was, but she remembers a dark ritual and her parents being forced to sacrifice themselves for her. Power that sent shivers throughout her whole body flowed into her. She panicked and struggled against the bindings holding her down as he saw the life drain from their bodies. (Some days, she wonders if any of their being made it into her, but she doubts they were used as little more than fuel to call down the cultist’s dark god.) There was a medicated rag placed over her snout, she fought back and drew blood only to feel hands choking down on her throat until she passed into unconsciousness.

When she awoke, she found herself not feeling sick anymore but she was also locked inside of a cell. A cell that, to her, was more well furnished than it had any right to be, as if she were some sort of lesser nobility. But, it was also devoid of anything she could use to escape or harm her captors, making it clear where she was. In that cell, they lavished her with fine foods and other things besides, it was more lavish than anything she had ever experienced up to that point. Still, old advice she heard somewhere rang in her mind- they were trying to butter her up for something, trying to win her over. A warning to never trust anyone who tried to win her over with words or gifts, as they were always up to something. So she became obstinate, never willingly cooperating with the cultists. She only lasted a few week before she started having to eat the food they were giving her and started to wear the clothes and sleep in the bed they gave her.

Then, they tried to give her a new name. They told her that she was “Narja” now. This woke up something inside of her and she once again threw their gifts back in their faces. She refused to let them see her answer to it or acknowledge it. That was when they started taking away what they had given. First it was the toys, then the fine food. They stopped taking her to the baths and cleaning up her room for her after she carved her name, her real name, into her arm with her claws, letting her blood spill out onto her clothing and bedding in the process.

One day, when one of Ayana’s captors were patiently trying to explain how she belonged to their dark god now and was destined for great things if she would only play along… she told them “your god can suck my cunt!”. She repeated the statement for good measure, with feeling and extra embellishments. They became enraged, bursting into her room trying to seize her and throw her in a worse cell for that. She stabbed them in the gut with a shiv made out of a piece of the bedframe she had pried off. Something happened in that moment, she could’ve sworn that she had felt that man’s life flow into hers. A gasp from her captor woke her from her thoughts and then she ran. Ran down paths she had scoped out earlier on some kind of unknown instinct. Her feet took her past the baths, past the dining room, past cultists who tried to chase after her and stop her by throwing bolts of magic at her. They stung, but she didn’t stop running. When her body grew tried, she hid and fell asleep in a crany she crawled into. She spent days down in the depths wherein the cultists made their lair, coming closer and closer to starvation.

Ayana tried to hunt rats after that, but somehow instead ended up following them back to the surface, back to the streets. The daylight hurt her eyes, but somehow she was able to find her way back home. Only to find that it had been apparently cleaned out and, worse, squatters were now living in it. Squatters that she was too tired to care about at the time, so she just crawled into her old bed and fell asleep. When someone tried to wake her she mumbled something along the lines of “this is my bed, my parents are dead, fuck off.” Apparently that was enough to get them to leave her alone until she woke up hours later to a growling stomach.

For lack of a better option, she decides to get to know the squatters. She told them her story and dug up where her parents hid their valuables (which they had already found) in exchange for a meal. After some deliberation, the squatters introduce themselves as a pack of thieves and lowlives called the “Cobblestones” and let her stay; but only as long as she can pull her own weight or something like that.

Ayana took easily to living the life of a streetrat, having some sort of strange talent for it even. There’s speculation that her talents come from either the Divine Blessing that was forced on her or perhaps from the reincarnation side of things. Both were definite possibilities and not entirely unheard of with other kids who were similarly healed of their Reincarnation Sickness with a Divine Blessing.

Anyhow, over the next few years the Cobblestones Gang grew and grew and she became an integral part of it, just a girl on the cusp of adulthood but a skilled one at that. Though they never did manage to root out the cult that had taken her captive, seems like they left town soon after she escaped or somebody else took care of them for her. Whatever had happened, their lair had been meticulously cleaned out.

As well, with some help from her new friends, Ayana was able to figure out, in part, what her “Divine Blessing” was supposed to be based on how magic doesn’t seem to work right around her, or on her. Also magical devices tended to go dead in her hands and energy from it seemed to flow into her. It came in handy a few times when they needed to get past magical alarms, defenses, and the like that were protecting someone’s valuables.

These good times were not to last. The Legion was drawing closer and closer every day to the city in which she lived. So, she and some others who felt like leaving made a deal with a gang who seemed similar to hers in the capital city. She and her friends would come and work for them, in exchange for getting a piece of the city for themselves once they had proved their worth. Perhaps not the best of deals, but it one she felt not entirely uncomfortable about taking.

Ayana and friend’s departure was a hasty one. They only took what they could carry and left the rest in the care of those few people who felt like staying for whatever reason. Though with the Legion practically on their doorstep, she couldn’t figure out why except that they wanted to fight back in whatever way they could or were just too stubborn to leave.

They get ambushed on the way out by the undead, they fight back valiantly but end up all being slain. Including Ayana.

She woke up later, trapped in a cold body. An undead body, or at least one that seemed half-dead. She heard a voice calling her defective and looks up to see one of the Dread Knights advancing towards her. It tells her, commands her, to stop and come towards it. She runs instead and gets herself lost in the wilderness. There she learns about her new… ‘condition’, her need to feed on lifeforce from living beings to survive. If she gets enough of it at once, she almost feels alive again.

After stealing some new clothes and cleaning up in a river, she sneaks into a nearby town. A town that had been converted into a forward operating base against the Legion. She finds that they seem to be supplementing their operations by hiring adventurers for menial and dangerous tasks. She finds a large bounty placed upon the Dread Knight she had woken up in front of, enough money to live on for a long while. Enough to buy back her parent’s house and then some if she wanted (and if her home city had still been standing). Or enough for top-notch equipment she noted. There were multiple postings for it, requiring that they bring back the body as proof. So she didn’t feel bad about taking one of them, figuring that she just needed to sneak up on the bastard and drain him and if she failed well… she could just figure out a plan of escape after her body ended up putting itself back together like that one time with the griffon she encountered. This didn’t go unnoticed and she was followed by someone from a band of adventurers who wanted to see what was going on with this strange Warborn girl.

Long story short, they ended up working together after some conversation. They even help her train her powers as to give their operation a better chance of success. Using her unique powers and her skills as a thief to sneak into the camp and catch the Dread Knight in an ambush. An ambush that opened up with some coordinated fireballs to the face. Then them trapping the bastard in a net made out of blessed chains. All to weaken him and buy Ayana enough time to get close to him and use her power. Something somewhat expected happened, she ended up consuming the Dread Knights soul and found herself with a weak and short lived ability to command that Dread Knights forces. Wanting nothing to do with the undead army and feeling that ability already starting to slip away from her, she commanded the army to destroy itself. Then the band of adventurers scooped up what was left of the Dread Knight and made their way back to the town.

Not wanting the authorities to find out about her condition and do something to her because of it (the possibilities ranging in her mind from being used as a magical experiment, to being forcibly drafted, to being outright killed) she just took what she could of her share for the bounty (turns out that the soldiers at the town didn’t have enough funds that they could pay in her full, even if it was just her share) and took off back into the wilderness. What she was going to do next, she wasn’t sure but she had heard of a portion of the Empire that had been mostly spared the Legion’s advances mainly thanks to be nestled away in the mountains.

On the road there, something… strange happened.

Divine Blessing of Balu, God of Monsters and Chaos:
-General Strengthening: The general effect of having a Divine Blessing is that it tends to make someone better than the average person in most physical aspects. A minor boost to everything as it were. Depending on the god giving the blessing and what their will is at the time certain attributes may be emphasized or deemphasized.
-Balu’s Strengthening: This combined with General Strengthening that makes her basic attributes lay somewhat above average makes Ayana just a bit stronger and tougher than full-grown battle-trained Warborn Dragonkin males who are already known for their prodigious strength and are able to fight in full-plate with large weapons befitting their large stature with ease. Her senses and agility also become heightened when she’s in combat or in some other high stress situation. As for her mental attributes, they only have the slight general strengthening applied to them. All in all, perhaps less than what one should expect from a Divine Blessing from the God of Monsters, at least that’s what Ayana thought when she found out which god her blessing came from.
-Unbound by Fate: The other general effect of having a Divine Blessing is that it makes someone resistant to divine interference and most esoteric forms of controlling their fate (something known in scholarly circles as something that was built into the “blueprint “used by most Gods in Ara as Divine Blessings were originally created to fight back against a tyrannical God of Fate), though this ability to “defy fate” rarely comes up since most gods in Ara are well of its existence and use other means (more or less social engineering) to get people to do what they want. This also makes it a pain in the ass to read into the long-term fate or future of someone with a Divine Blessing using magical means.
-Once given, forever given: A Divine Blessing can’t be taken back once given. For better or for worse.

Mana Eater: This special ability granted by Ayana’s Divine Blessing is what most of said Blessing’s power went into. An ability only normally found in rare or unique monsters. With this ability Ayana can absorb magical/supernatural energies or anything composed of them such as spells, life-energy, or even souls.
-Magic Resistance: Passively, this ability gives Ayana some magic resistance.
-Magic Drain: When she focuses she can actively pick away at the magic/energies holding a spell or enchantment together, though the higher quality the spell/enchantment the harder this is to do as it’s harder to “undo the threads holding it together”. Passively, if she’s holding a shoddy enchanted item expect it to lose its magic in a matter of hours (not that such an enchantment wouldn’t come apart on it’s own after a matter of months anyways). The effect of this on Ayana is generally a refreshing one as if she’s had the chance to have a good nap. Better than coffee or some other stimulant in her opinion.
-Life Drain: When she injures another creature, she is able to a small amount of the energies animating it. If she manages to keep her weapon or claws on them for a prolonged period of time, she can do this continuously and drain an average person (or similar sized creature) of their life energies over the course of nearly a half-hour. The benefit from Ayana to doing this is that she gets a small strength boost, as well as getting to keep living in her half-alive state for longer.
-Soul Drain: If she’s using her Life Drain ability on someone when it dies, she can absorb their soul along with the rest of it. She can’t really hold onto a soul for a long period of time, only until she loses concentration, doing so taxes her mentally, and she can only do this for one soul at a time. While she’s holding onto a soul, she can access some of their power, skills, and surface knowledge. This fraction of power she can access is limited to how powerful the soul is compared to how powerful she is, due to how much resistance the soul can put up to being used. In any case, at most she can only access about half of their power/skills/knowledge since pushing it further would have to entail permanently absorbing the other soul. Which is something she can’t bring herself to do, her mind rejects the idea of going through it with for various reasons. (If she could do it it would result in a lesser, but permanent boost would also cause changes to her body if she did it enough.)

Half-Undead Body: When the Dread Knight attempted to being back Ayana as a zombie, her Mana Eater ability absorbed the necromantic enchantment in an attempt to repair itself. The enchantment that was intended to keep her body animated for several months was used up all at once and was enough to almost bring Ayana back to being alive. Well, if not for all the necromantic energies she absorbed that instead made her come back as something caught between life and death. Right now, she some sort of semblance of normal life. She still needs to eat, drink, and sleep (as her body is putting on a really good show of acting like it’s alive) but she also needs to drain life energy from living creatures now and then or else she starts becoming lethargic. On average, she needs to absorb the life energies of a man-sized beast every three-to-four days to stay at peak performance. Every couple of days instead if she’s been fighting.
-The only real benefits that this gives Ayana is that she can pass as undead for effects that would benefit them as well as a slow-acting healing factor (her body is still trying to heal itself) that can make her recover from a lethal injury over the course of several days (a day to a week depending on how severe the damage is). Total bodily destruction (being burnt to ash or being torn to shreds) will still kill her. Dismemberment she can only come back from if she has some help.

Necromantic Sorcery: At the insistence of the wizard in the adventuring party she was grouped up with for a time, she learned how to harness the necromantic energeries in her body. She’s never had much of a mind for magic and considered learning to do so to likely be more troublesome than it’s worth due to her Mana Eater ability likely interfering with it. Well, the good news is that Mana Eater has no ability on her magical aptitude, the bad news is that it’s still really low. The most she can do on demand is force her necromantic energies on something she’s touching, causing it to slowly decay. Still, she’s glad she went through all the trouble because it’s another trick she has up her sleeves. With at least the basics known of how to direct magical energies, she is technically able to use this in conjunction with her Mana Eater ability to throw around other types of magic that she’s recently absorbed- though she’ll need the short-term skill stealing from the Soul Drain part of that ability to actually pull of anything more impressive than making some harmless sparks.

Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless):

Divine Blessing of Balu, God of Monsters and Chaos:
-Backdoor: Balu may not be able to control the fate or minds of those he gives Divine Blessings to, but he’s worked in a backdoor that lets him control their very flesh should a Hero he’s blessed stand within his presence (or just in a place where he has a strong enough presence in). Not likely to happen in the material plane of Ara without a lot of preparation due to all the restrictions on the gods that the Aspect of Justice has laid down. But in other nearby planes without such restrictions (say, the afterlife where the Ghost King has his fortress) this suddenly becomes a lot more viable. Ayana has no idea that this exists and Balu’s not going to give up the secret that it exists easily. But still, if someone could collect and control enough of Balu’s power in one place well enough to fake “being in his presence” then they could exploit this backdoor themselves.
-Unbound by Fate, but can still be Predicted: This ability is only really effective against supernatural means of controlling or predicting one’s fate. If someone were to say, use highly detailed simulations created by a supercomputer or other means not based in the supernatural to predict Ayana’s long term actions, she has no protections against that (nor would anyone else with a Divine Blessing).

Mana Eater:
-Due to her currently half-undead nature, using this ability on holy/radiant energies is highly not recommended lest she wishes to instead harm herself in the attempt.
-There’s also a soft limit on how much energy she can absorb at once, somewhere around the point where it could equate to a few destructive fireball spells. Once she nears that point she starts hurting herself from taking in too much mana, generally it feels like her body is on fire/heating up too much (or whatever’s appropriate such as freezing if she takes in too much ice energy).

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
Stealth - A
Thievery/Burglary (Picking locks, picking pockets, breaking into places where she’s not supposed to be) - A
Gang Management - B
Streetwise (She knows how to handle herself on the streets, how to get in touch with the right people to find out/get what she wants) - B
Knife Fighting - A
Brawling - B
Archery - B
Sword Fighting - C
Deception/Disguise - B
Diplomacy - C
Intimidation - C
Perception - B
Investigation - C
Necromantic Sorcery - D

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.):

Mythril-Edged Steel Daggers: A gift from the adventuring party Ayana grouped up with for their upcoming fight against the Dread Knight. Edging the blades of weapons with lightly-enchanted mythril or some other material that gives it an extraordinarily sharp and durable cutting edge is common practice for those who can afford it, be they adventures, soldiers (they typically only get a multi-purpose knife if they’re low ranking), nobles, or artisans. As to why blades in the Ironclaw are rarely made out of mythril entirely, it’s a situation caused by how expensive mythril is on that side of the continent and due to not wanting a weapon that’s overly lightweight. In Ayana’s case she has a set of multiple daggers that are good for throwing, slashing, or stabbing. With her strength she can throw these hard enough to pierce through common armor or to sink up to the hilt of wooden targets.

Dread Knight Kanson’s Sword: A fine weapon and piece of loot Ayana took from the Dread Knight’s corpse. It, like all other weapons belonging a Dread Knight, has a protective enchantment that causes it suck the life out of the hand of anyone living who tries to wield it. Of course there’s ways around this defensive measure but the easiest is to fool it into thinking you’re undead (or to be technically undead) yourself. (Or you could try dispelling that particular function of the enchantment while trying not to get rid of the others, but that’s generally difficult to do.) Hence why Ayana ended up with it. The weapon itself is a fairly simple looking longsword that been well used. The enchantments on it keep it sharp and in good condition, even when hacking through plate armor. When it cuts a living person, a function related to its defensive enchantment activates and it causes localized numbness and weakness.

Soldier's Bow and Steel Arrows: A light, sturdy shortbow that was purchased from the military’s surplus stock. Able to hunt animals with relative ease, or sink arrows through armor. Ayana mainly uses it for the former purpose.

Mid-Quality Light Armor: A simple suit of steel chain and studded leather armor similar to those used by the scouts of the Ironclaw Empire’s military, though devoid of any insignias or identifying marks. Makes sense considering that it was ordered from the same place said military gets it.

Concealing Cloak: A simple woolen cloak with a hood that covers Ayana’s entire body. It’s been dyed a dark brown to somewhat help blend into the woods or the shadows.

Traveling Supplies: Some sturdy rope, canteen, chain-lined bag, sleeping mat and blanket, fire-starting kit, mess kit, map of Ironclaw Empire and surrounding lands, torches, eight days of rations.

Hunting Supplies: Just about everything needed to skin and butcher an animal as well as some hunting traps for capturing small prey alive.

Basic Thieves’s Tools: This set of tools includes a small file, a set of lock picks, a small mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, and a pair of pliers. Ayana used to have a much more extensive kit.

Sack full of money: A small sack full of gold coins minted by the Ironclaw Empire, enough to get by on for nearly a month or two in relative comfort. With a receipt that could be redeemed at the official treasury of Ironclaw for the remainder of the reward for the slaying of the Dread Knight Ayana couldn’t get paid for at the time.

Ayana’s biggest strengths are her strength, speed/agility, and her mind. She prefers to avoid fights by sneaking and/or talking her way through a situation. While she’s certainly better than most people you meet at fighting, powerful or highly-skilled combatants are likely to be beyond her capabilities without some help.

Weakness/ Fears:
She is afraid of being powerless or being held captive, for that reason she always makes sure that she has just one more trick up her sleeve in case things go south.
Holy (or anti-undead) powers are generally just as effective against her as they would be against any other undead. Turns out half-undead is still undead enough to count.

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Name: Ryan Zokkendov

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, slightly bi

Species: Human with traces of dragon blood

World and Universe they are from: Gaea

He is 174 cm tall and weighs 72 kg. Under a red headband, he hides his constantly filed horns which constantly grow up to the size shown in the image. Among his lower garments he hides a thin red tail. He has sharp fangs akin to a vampire. He wears black combat boots and a red coat other than the pants shown. A very similar style to Dante's from Devil May Cry 3.
Personality: A man of few words, unless he is talking to a familiar person. Apparently somewhat serious on the outside, but his true side is kind and empathetic. He has a very strong sense of honor. Due to his fear of being rejected back on his mercenary days, he is very self-conscious about his dragonkin traits. Nevertheless, he loves fighting and meeting people to compete with, either stronger or weaker. He is calm and composed when fighting, despite what his fighting style might tell.

Son of a renegade noble and a seasoned warrior, Ryan lived a peaceful live in their house in the mountains, where his parents , as even though his father was a noble, he was well versed in martial arts as well as his mother, trained him to be capable of defend himself since an early age. When he was fourteen, he left his parents' house and started to travel across the world and become a better warrior. A few years after leaving, he met a band of mercenaries known as Karezin's Band, they were famous across all the continent for having some of the best warriors in all the land. Its leader, Norman Karezin, was an old friend of Ryan's mother due to the fact that she was in his band until she got pregnant with Ryan, decided to leave. Once in, they immediatly noticed the resemblance. After an arduous test of his skills, Ryan was allowed to join Karezin's band. After spending a few years with them, he became one of the finest warriors in the band, and was already famous for his great might.
One day, Karezin's Band was hired for a king who was in the middle of a war with a neighbor kingdom. Their instructions were simple, help the king's forces to invade and conquest one of the enemy's forts. Once they arrived, they were received for an army that was about twice the size of their own, but Ryan, the band and the troops of the king were already aware of the numerical disadvantage, but they fought with all their spirit. In the heat of the battle, Ryan got separated from the main group of his allies. Sorrounded by enemy forces, he fought with everything he had, but they were slowly overwhelming him. While this was happening there was only one thought on his head "I won't die here", this thought was the only thought ocurring in his head over and over while he was fighting the enemy soldiers. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain and everything around him went black.
That's when he woke up in a fancy throne, in the middle of an imposing room. Confused, he wandered around the place. Until he was alerted by a device on his wrist that something was wrong. He died in the battle of Laguz, where he last remembered being, amongst a sea of enemies. For only then to be called to a new world. Yvalia. That was the name of the kingdom he was now forced to live on. As a Summoned Original Unique Life-form. A S.O.U.L. That was the way he was being classified as now. An organism specifically designed to fight the forces of chaos that invaded Gaea, his new home. Which presented itself as an evil organization bent on erasing all human-like life. They identified themselves as Eden.
From then on, he had to build for himself a new life. New friends. New jobs. New lifestyle. Slowly, but surely, Ryan adapted to the new world he was put into. Fighting Eden and its allied forces. Gradually, he recovered his former power, as it had been taken away from him when he died. Not only that, but he continued to grow, both as a warrior, and a person. He became a S.O.U.L (or to put it better, a warrior. As the concept of S.O.U.Ls was unknown to the public) respected and admired by the people all across the world of Gaea. Something he couldn't even had hoped to achieve as a mercenary. It turned his battle-hardened heart soft, he started to feel the need to protect others. Sadly, he couldn't get to appreciate this, as one fateful day, history repeated for him.
While battling one of the commanders of Eden, Ryan found himself in a struggle. The commander proved to be a tough opponent. But then, in the climax of battle, something suddenly stopped the battle for him.
A bright, green flash blinded Ryan. And suddenly, he stopped feeling the ground beneath him. Ryan's body precipitated into a seemingly endless void. Falling, and falling, and falling. He had come across a similar feeling only once. When he became a S.O.U.L.
Ryan felt scared. Was he on his way to another world again? What about his friends? What about his newfound family? What about... his life...?

Dragonkin biology: The mix of human and dragon blood, as well as the energy he was infused with in order to become a S.O.U.L, has enhanced Ryan's body far beyond regular human standards. His body surpasses the speed of bullets with ease, and has even faster reflexes. His strength maxes at lifting cars with moderate effort. His body is not particularly durable (certainly not average, but not as high as his strength, let alone his speed), but it is able to function properly even while heavily wounded. His saliva has paralyzing venom. Finally, his body regenerates from wounds at a very accelerated rate.

Friendly Fire: Ryan's body is extremely resilient to intense temperatures, hot more so than cold. His affinity to fire is so high, he could technically swim in lava for a while without suffering damage, and smoke doesn't make difficult breathing for him.

Blazing Aura: Ryan can produce powerful concussive fire bursts of short range, from anywhere on his body, that can be used to boost the speed and strength of limbs, to propel himself through the air, or stun and burn nearby enemies.
He can also produce non-concussive flames if desired, which have more range. Even covering himself in fire completely is a possibility.

Nova: A 25 meters in radius, powerful explosion originated from Ryan. Its effects are devastating.

ANNA: Artificial Navigation Neural Assistant. An AI, integrated to Ryan's brain, enabling connection with technology, though it doesn't have invasive properties. It mostly acts as a connection to Ryan's suit and an integrated, constantly learning database.

Dragonstone: Upon merging with a mysterious gem, Ryan connected with his dragon blood even more. Getting his horns to grow almost immediately, while his tail got thicker and longer. The more outstanding feature though, is his ability to morph into a dragon. Where he gains massive strength and resistance, as well as an extremely powerful fiery breath.

Power limitations:
Ryan can't regenerate while doing much effort. As a matter of fact, it works fully only if Ryan is asleep, or at least, unconscious.
Even though cold is not a problem, water is. Ryan is significantly weaker if wet and/or in water. So much so, he can't swim in water for long without feeling debilitated (unless it's hot water, that increases his resistance). If he can't overpower the water, he is bound to lose to it.
Once he uses Nova, Ryan suffers moderate damage in his whole body and loses consciousness 15 minutes or so.

Swordsmanship - SS
Spear combat - A
Axe combat - D
Unarmed combat - B
Flying - S
Horse riding - C
Wyvern riding - A
Survivalist knowledge - B
Medical assistance - D

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
A set of clothes enchanted to withstand heat as much as Ryan.
An extremely durable, curved bastard sword. Kroniid. It is a literal manifestation of Ryan's soul, enabling him to summon it and desummon it at will (even though he prefers to have it summoned most of the time). The blade is permanently coated with powerful paralyzing venom. And, since the sword is an extension of his soul, Ryan can direct fire through it.
Another sword, albeit shorter and straighter than Kroniid, along with modified sheaths, fit for each. Sahqo has the ability to vibrate at a great speed, making any cut/stab way easier to perform.
A pistol chargeable with heat, that fires orbs of fire that explode upon impact.
A very resilient suit that is able to be charged through heat. It is composed mostly by nanobots, meaning that it can be equipped or unequipped almost instantly, considering it kind of hides in plain sight. It boosts Ryan's speed, strength and reflexes (the latter thanks to ANNA). It also has energy emitters in several places, such as the hands, which concentrates and increases the overall effective control Ryan has over fire.
Strengths: An awfully ironic cool head.

Weakness/ Fears: Large bodies of water. Advanced technology, which for him, spans a lot of it.

Ryan loves: spicy food, the nature, flying
Ryan hates: Rainy days, axes, chess
Ryan and his garments are always pleasantly warm to the touch. He can adjust how warm to some extent.
Ryan can fall asleep at will with great ease, and wake up just as easy.
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Name: Morgan

Age: Body is 6 years old chronologically, but appears and functions as an adult.

Gender : Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Hellion Daimon. An extra-dimensional entity occupying an earthbound body.

World and Universe they are from: Hellion

Morgan stands 6 feet tall and 130lbs, muscular with 30C-25-30 measurements and light tan skin. Shoulder-length golden blonde hair with dog ears higher on her head. Eyes are light blue. Wears a black mesh shirt over a red bra, black cargo pants, barefoot. Has an intense focus to her eyes.


Helpful, sometimes to a fault as she wants to believe in the best of even people she has just met. Extroverted. Excited to learn new ideas and skills.Still prone to being physically idle like the rest of her kind, but even then likes to read or play games in a leisurely manner. She doesn’t take joy in violence seeing all violence she has to commit as necessary acts for her goal. Does not like having to harm humans or fellow Daimons, and only absorbs a Daimon when she feels she does not have a choice.

A Hellion summoned by Doctor Aldous DuBois with a body created from locks of hair of his wife Marjorie; daughter Cassandra; and by accident their dog Suzie as it had been mixed in with Cassandra’s.

Doctor DuBois summoned Morgan to study a Hellion, and if/ how they can learn to live peacefully in the human world. The DuBois family lived in the Gaul province of the Roman Empire, and Morgan came to see the DuBois family as her own.

One day three years after her summoning a band of rogue human sorcerers, The Order of The Chain, made an incursion into the province. They either banished any free Daimons they came across, or forced a master to pass on their Daimon’s binding under threat of death. Doctor DuBois and his family were murdered when he refused to even pretend to pass on his ‘ownership’ of Morgan. When the group tried to banish Morgan, they found it did not work, and Morgan used that element of surprise to escape.

A peaceful life taken from her, Morgan embarked on a quest to systematically kill the band of sorcerers in revenge, all while also being hunted for being a Hellion by the Daimon Caesar and other nations.

In her quest she has traveled across the world, engaged multiple teachers of magic and martial arts to make herself more capable of succeeding in her quest.

Before being taken she has killed two of the sorcerers responsible and absorbed five of their Daimons who gave her no choice.


  • Regeneration: Her Daimon Core will repair any damage done to her body up to limbs being lost over time depending on severity. This also grants her enhanced durability and endurance.
  • Immunity to Earth-borne diseases
  • Immortality: Her body does not age as a result of the constant regeneration.
  • Absorption: Can absorb the Core of other Daimons and grow more powerful as a result, including able to integrate part of the eatens’ body into her own, though she has not utilized this power yet.
  • High Agility: She can run faster and longer than most trained human athletes.
  • Keen Sense of Hearing
  • Keen Sense of Smell
  • Magic: She has learned several spells on her quest.
    • Spell of Beasts: Transforms her into a large(8ft tall at shoulder) dog. Anything she happens to be wearing is placed into a bag that hangs around her neck and returns to its previous spot on her body when she transforms back.
    • Spell of Tongues: Allows her to understand any language spoken by an individual. Requires a kiss.
    • Spell of Fire: Ignites one object/individual in fire with a snap of her fingers.
    • Spell of Thunder: Amplifies the sound of a clap of her hands to destructive levels.

Power limitations

  • While immortal, she still needs nourishment to function and will go into an immobile stasis if deprived of basic needs(food, water, oxygen) for too long.
  • Complete disintegration of her body is possible and will result in her Core being sent back to Tartarus.
Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: B
  • Hunting: A
  • Wilderness Survival: S
  • Farming: C
  • Magic: D

Weapon(s)/ Equipment

A small knapsack she keeps with her at all times that holds a tattered photo of her family, a hardbound journal book, pens, and baseball.

A necklace of blue diamonds taken from Thili the Bejeweled. It holds her spells and allows them to be used with only a thought, even changes with her when in Dog form and adapts two for use.
  • Spell of Tongues: Allows her to speak, when normally she could not in Beast form.
  • Spell of Thunder: Amplifies the sonic force of her bark.


Adaptability and focus is her main strength behind all of her other powers and abilities. She is open to new ideas, fearless in experimenting even with things she does not fully understand.

Weakness/ Fears

Can be easy to manipulate by nefarious people. Fears the Daimon Caesar and harming innocent people in her quest, allowing herself to be hurt to avoid it.


Morgan can eat all food types but prefers meat and has to be forced to eat vegetables, fruit, dairy products etc. Also prefers said meat to be raw.
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Name: Juan Maread

Age: 29

Gender (Can be genderless too): Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Shark Anthro

World and Universe they are from: Furry Universe set on an oceanic world with modern technology.


(Height: 6'3"; Weight: 220 lb )

Personality: Juan, the captain of the lifeguard division on his island, takes his job very seriously, wanting to make sure people are safe on the beach. With a stern attitude and rule-abiding nature, he runs a tight ship, making sure to keep his crew free of drugs and on a strict diet. He has a strong sense of responsibility for whatever they do, and when one of them mess up, he's the one who has to resolve the situation. However, underneath Juan isn't always this way; he has a desire for adventure, and while he generally sticks to his job, when the opportunity presents itself, he will take it.

History/Bio: Juan lived a lot of his life under the waves rather than on the coast when he was young. It was only until he was ten that he went on land for the first time. Even then, he had a rough time adjusting to it. Still, he decided to live there, moving in with a family of otters. As a teen, he was quite a troublemaker, often times doing some pretty stupid stuff. When he 16, he went out into the waters with his adopted brother during a storm, taking a canoe to a small rocky island. Going about as well as one would expect, they had to be saved by a lifeguard. Re-examining his priorities, Juan decided to become a one. Taking the time to train himself both mentally and physically, he eventually joined four years later, with the person who saved him proud of the young shark. Shaking hands, the lifeguard gave Juan his whistle.

Over the past 9 years, he has done quite a lot: from saving children trapped in a sewer to taking on a massive sea serpent with only a harpoon and rowboat, he has been pretty busy over these past years. Still, Juan always has remembered that fateful day and the person who got him here.

Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.): As a shark anthro, Juan is amphibious, able to breath in salt water and on land. He possess great strength and endurance, able to swim for miles without getting tired and the strength to lift small ships by their anchors. He is also a fast swimmer, able to move a dozen meters underwater in a second.

Power limitations: He is half as slow on land as he is underwater. He also can't breath in fresh water.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
-Swimming: A

-Hand-to-Hand Combat: B
-Sailing: B
-Throwing: B
-Training: B
-Wilderness Survival: B

-Intimidate: C
-Medical Assistance: C
-Piloting: C

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
-First Aid Kit

Strengths: He has strong sense of his own morals and has an honest desire to be help out. Not only that, but he is willing to risk himself for others.

Weakness/ Fears: He is afraid of lightning, due to his youthful escapade, and tries hard to position himself as leader, even when it might make things unnecessarily difficult.

Other: While a shark, he is not strictly carnivorous. However, he enjoys meat than other food, and his favorite thing to eat is sushi.
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Name: Luxem Korograde

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Human

World: Fire Emblem -- The Leicester Alliance



On the surface, Luxem is a good guy. He's social to those around him, cares for those he befriends, and tries his best to help as best he can. White meat baby face, essentially. Charming lad who everyone likes. But there is something under the skin of Luxem that can be quite easily missed if you aren't paying close attention. He's a politician. And he's good with playing diplomat. As much as he's caring to others and also care free about many things, there's a small amount of manipulation going on with that attitude, all coming from a place of good intentions, to keep the peace with people and ensure everyone was in good spirits. Many people can underestimate Luxem when he's in the room, as his personality seemingly masks a rather calculating mind, with a penchant for speech. He knows what to say to make people be on his side, and he plays into others emotions, especially if they have more issues with controlling them. It can be almost scary how he does this, yet barely thinks about it. Luxem believes it a necessary skill of his, that he lacks in combat, he must make it up in intelligence. There's never a moment where you won't guess what he's doing, playing a careful puppet master, or a genuine person trying to make a connection with another person. Some would see his care free attitude towards his skill in speech-craft as almost sociopathic, in how if he admits to playing people, it means nothing because he did it to ensure one of two things: Keep up the morale, or have fun for himself. There's an oddity to hi m, and also a rather concerning demeanor about him, not to mention if you try bringing up something negative he doesn't want to hear, he fakes happiness to try and deflect the subject, often times giving a joke answer, or worst case, simply walking off like he didn't hear the question, even though you said it to his face.

He's also quite the joker. In which I mean, he loves ribbing people. Another part of him that on the surface seems light hearted, but read too much into that attitude, it's easy to assume he takes slight sadistic pleasure in it, especially if you know how manipulative he can be. He's gone from playing harmless tricks like pretending his brother's sword is in the middle of a shallow, but muddy lake, only to realize the sword is a toy and he had the real thing all along, to cutting off straps of horse saddles, so when the brother he likes the least goes riding, he falls off and really hurts himself. It can get cruel sometimes, all while he has an innocent smile on his face.

Luxem's father was a soldier for the Leicester Alliance, being a lieutenant for House Goneril for one of their archer divisions. His mother was a stable hand for the same house, and once they fell in love, the two bought a home within one of the towns near the mountains facing Faerghus. Their house was almost mansion like in how giant it was, as it started off small, but grew in size once they started having children. A lot of them. Luxem was the youngest of 11 children; the oldest being 17 when he was born. They were trained to be fighters when they could walk, learning archery, swordsmanship, horseback riding, one trained as a blacksmith to craft their own weapons, and were taught farming on the side so they wouldn't be complete military automatons for their own lives. Luxem's training was in spears and staffs, but also had quite the skill in speech growing up, being a natural born writer, where he made songs, learned several instruments as a hobby, and even tried out dancing for a time. The latter of which he stopped when his father realized he was doing that. Wasn't very thrilled in his son doing something so feminine.

Which is where we discuss why he was so good with talking. Luxem's diplomatic attitude was because his family was one of the most dysfunctional in the whole nation. For as much as his father loved his children, there was an angry side to Luxem's father, almost abusive. Imagine him as the masculine patriot you've ever met in your life, he was devoted to ensuring the safety of his home country, and his mother saw this as her children being trained into killers that wouldn't know anything else in life besides fighting. It was why she taught them farming as another skill and encouraged hobbies away from fighting, but before that, the fights that happened between them. One moment, she's willing to leave the family, and the next, she's staying when she see's his father on his knees, crying to her that he can't live without her; promising that the children won't be treated as another recruit for the army, or that he will retire military service, he just needs a little more time to gather the money they need to live off of, it was a constant fear that half his parents would leave and never return. Not to mention, there were a liteny of injuries those children got from their father. From split heads from intense training with him, to open handed slaps to the back of the head that were so hard, they got concussions. In return though, his father would always do something to make up for such behavior to the kids, like buying toys, going on trips to the house capitals, giving them new horses that they wanted. Luxem describes his father as two people: His dad, who taught him how to fight, how to be a man, who to survive on your own, and giving him the life lessons he needed, the one he wanted to make happy, the patriarch of the family; and then there was the lieutenant. The one that pushed too hard, the one that hurt him, and the one that act like his children weren't his.

The abuse didn't stop with his dad though. The children were, to put it mildly, horrible. In the younger days, they all got along, but as they got older, all of them develop complexities with their parents, and from it, developed their own issues. His oldest brother struggled with the role of being the oldest, his oldest sister was the favorite among his father, and the other children developed jealousies because of it, with the sister becoming more and more brat-like when she could get whatever she wanted from him, each of them believed they could beat the other, which went from friendly sparing, to one actually trying to kill the other. They stole money, they made their siblings lives harder, one even crippled the other's favorite horse! Yet, somehow, Luxem, being the youngest, was the most sensible of them all. He was the most well-rounded of the children, and had his priorities and morals in the right direction a lot of the time, many couldn't say a bad word about him, even if has the tendencies of playing diplomat/manipulator. There was a boys room and a girls room, all the men and women in the Korograde slept in those rooms, but from how late Luxem was born, he had to sleep in the girls room, and because of this, from how much family drama there was, and how tumultuous life could be for him, he was forced into being the diplomat. He was the most level-headed, he knew how to speak to each of his brothers, what to say, how to act, and by far, he was the one who never took himself seriously. Luxem was one of the boys, yet also felt like one of the girls from sleeping in their room most of his childhood, so in a home filled with mental minefields, he had to learn quickly in order to traverse it. None of his older siblings would say a bad word about him, with their only complaint being his ribbing nature could sometimes be 'too intense.' He was picked on the least, and abused the least by his dad, though he was still hurt physically and mentally from it all.

When each of the children grew up, all of them went off to join the military, as their father trained them to do, and Luxem was no different. Only his role was more to blend into the background, serving as a spearman. Now in his mid-20s, Luxem rarely ever see's his father, mother or siblings, and is deciding on leaving the military, as he's starting to realize it isn't for him anymore.

Powers: None

Skills: Spearman -- B, Swordsman -- B, Singer -- A, Dancer -- Surprising A, Diplomat -- S

Weapons/equipment: His spear is in the shape of a star to compliment to the crescent moon symbol on the Leicester flag, with his pouches containing bandages and small healing potions. Under his attire is chain-mail, with the clothing disguising it.

Strengths: Good fighter, excellent speaker, quite the ribber/prankster.

Weaknesses: He can be a bit hard to deal with, since if he's not in a good mood, the rib can be more aggressive than light hearted. Not to mention the manipulator/sadist in him can come out a lot.

Other: Wouldn't mind becoming a singer. Really likes it.​


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Name: Constantine Nero

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: ???

Constantine is 181 cm tall and of lean complexion. He has a large 'X' shaped scar on his back, among several scars on his body. His forearms have a large amount of them.

Personality: Constantine is a person that is difficult to approach, as he is extremely shy. Paradoxically, he hates being alone. Always afraid of what may be done to him, despite of actually being in danger or not. He was forced to bury his emotions deep down, so it's what he does most of the time, putting the facade needed to blend in with ease. In order to compensate for his time as a killer, he always tries to help others, which blends into his mask of emotions. Some things however, will trigger his violent side, such as the word "kill" or seeing too much blood. He has a bipolar disorder. Meaning sometimes he is happy and excited for no particular reason, while other times, he suffers an almost crippling depression. He hates people seeing his scars, particularly the ones in his forearms.

Born as an undesired child, Constantine's parents dumped him in an orphanage and left town, to never come back. Little did they know what was in store for him. The orphanage that they left him in had more than net the eye. They used some of the orphans in horrible experiments. Said experiments took place in an underground facility hidden beneath the actual orphanage. Being a lab rat for his supposed caretakers, Constantine suffered a lot of pain, as they tried to build a super soldier, and all the the approaches they tried with him were cruel and inhumane. This continued until he was 12, when, in a fit of rage, killed the whole staff of the facility and escaped.
He didn't make it too far though, as a criminal organization that had their eyes on the facility came across him on his way out. Through carefully wording and manipulation, they convinced him to join their ranks. There, he was trained to control the abilities that resulted from his torture. Becoming a part of an elite assassin squad of the organization, where he became close to two of his partners. Yet, despite this, he was never told his training was finished. Even when he and his squad executed plenty of missions successfully.
Years passed, and Constantine took a liking to his life of killing... until that fateful day. His superiors informed him it was finally time for the end of his training. His task, kill one of his friends in a duel, was something he simply couldn't do. That's when his friend made a choice in his stead, and killed himself in front of Constantine. His other friend was told he had killed him, and decided to face a berserk Constantine. The fit of rage that his friend's suicide triggered, ended up killing his other friend. Once he came back to his senses, he escaped from the organization. Swearing to kill them all one day...
That day never came, as the organization spread information about him to the public. This effectively shunned him from society. The next two years, he spent them living in the streets, running from the law and the organization. In this time, he attempted suicide in more than one occasion, not ever being close to successful. What remained of his life was dedicated to kill whoever from the organization he came across, while evading the law.

Powers: Dark matter manipulation

Constantine's whole skill set is based around this ability that was developed in him. He can produce great amounts of a dark matter of unknown nature, be it from himself, or from a distance. It can be as fluid as water yet as tough as steel, if not more. He can use this matter in a myriad of ways. From a simple spike, tentacle, or a sturdy shield or weapon, to copies of himself or a powerful dragon head capable of crushing metal with ease, or even controlling machines or people as if puppets (Will NOT be used in other players) by injecting the matter in them. His own blood is infused with this matter, so he can always regenerate wounds with it or boost his strength far beyond human standards. This also results in him not needing to eat or breathe, as he absorbs nutrients and oxygen from the environment. His most used form of using it, though, is as a particularly resistant armor, more than the usual dark matter, which protects him from all angles and boosts his overall power.

Power limitations: The dark matter is part of him, so wielding it requires effort. The harder the task to perform, the faster Constantine will exhaust himself. When using the one in his blood, this is not as noticeable.
The armor is an exception to this rule though, but it doesn't mean it is granted. Prolonged use of it will make him go berserk. If this is still used while berserk for too long, it will grant even more strength to Constantine, but it will also exponentially injure him without being able to regenerate until he stops using it.

Hand to hand combat- A
Maul combat - A
Driving - C
Stealth - S
Interrogation techniques - S

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: Whatever he creates with dark matter.

Strengths: High pain tolerance, unreadable poker face, heavily determined.

Weakness/ Fears: Feelings for others, his occasional lack of self control.

Things Constantine likes: Pizza, piano music, booze of most kinds.
Things Constantine hates: People that don't stop talking, smoking, puns.
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Name: Chief Petty Officer Moire B-220

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Opportunistic

Species: Reengineered Human

World and Universe they are from: Halo

Appearance: Moire is tall, athletic with a long mane of red hair typically bound back in a ponytail. She stands just over six feet tall and weighs a surprisingly dense 200 pounds, mostly owing to a combination of Carbide Ceramic Ossification making her bones dense and artificially dense muscle tissue. Her voice is a strong alto, used to issuing orders or warnings, and she walks with the kind of coiled tense grace that suggests sudden death on two feet.

Personality: Moire is a consummate, professional soldier. She wasn't exactly bred for it but from the age of five, she's known nothing but the SPARTAN-III program, duty and honor. Compared to other Spartans, Moire is a little more laid-back in temperament, quicker to joke and a little more curious about people. That said, the chain of command has structured her entire childhood as well as her adulthood, and she's used to both receiving and giving orders. Civilians get a pass for unprofessional behavior but she also tends to think of them like children who have to be protected for their own good. To her enemies, Moire is an implacable foe who doesn't know how to quit, how to stop or how to be stopped.

History/Bio: Moire was born in 2525 two days after the beginning of the Human-Covenant war. She had a brief but happy childhood, marked by the searing loss of both parents who perished protecting her during a Covenant attack on her colony world. Genetic screening and aptitude of all children turned her up as a match for the SPARTAN-II program (which had long since passed), rendering her a natural fit for the second generation of the SPARTAN-III program. She was subsequently 'drafted' at the age of six by the Office of Naval Intelligence and put through the most brutal training program in the history of the human race.

She received her augmentation in 2539 as part of the SPARTAN-III Beta Company. Once she'd adapted to the immense physiological and neurological changes, Moire studied at the feet of a SPARTAN-II named Kurt-051 and mastered every form of combat expected of the Spartans. Her life was purely focused on learning skills and practicing to conduct warfare. Thanks to her natural genetic profile, Moire was one of the handful of SPARTAN-IIIs pulled from their regular company and retasked to function as SPARTAN-IIs with their Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor...which is the only reason she survived the utter massacre of the Beta Company during the Operation: Torpedo in 2545.

By then, she'd already had two years of successful long-range deployment against Covenant targets and she spent the next three years paying them back for the death of basically everyone she'd ever known. For most of her life, Moire's known nothing but rage and vengeance against the Covenant for their murder of her parents, her family and her fellow SPARTAN-IIIs. Only in the last year has she learned any moderation, mostly because of being based out of the 'hub' of the By Scarlet Forged, a reconnaissance cruiser that gave her the chance to actually interact with human beings outside of a battlefield.

At which point she was snatched away and dropped into another universe entirely.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment
BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle
M6H Magnum Pistol
MJOLNIR Mark IV Exoskeletal Powered Armor
Type 1 Energy Sword

Powers: Moire is significantly more powerful than the average human being, owing to a combination of naturally good genes, genetic engineering, surgical operations along with chemical and cybernetic enhancement. Her abilities include:
  • Virtually unbreakable bones.
  • Sizable strength, allowing her to deadlift nearly half a ton and punch with enough force to kill a bear with a single blow.
  • Optical enhancements, allowing her natural night vision as well as macroscopic and microscopic vision roughly equal to civilian optics without the need for tools. Naturally perceptive.
  • Vastly accelerated reaction time, more than 300% human normal. She can react within 20 milliseconds to stimuli. Moire's intelligence and memory are likewise superhuman, although she's rarely had an opportunity to exercise either.
  • In addition, she has the SPARTAN neural interface, allowing her to naturally interface with both standard computer systems as well as AI constructs. Moire can use this interface to diagnose and operate equipment, computers and vehicles, even at range.
Power limitations: Compared to actual superpowered or supernatural people, a SPARTAN's enhancements aren't particularly impressive. Most of her efficacy comes from a lifetime of relentless training and superior equipment.

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: S
  • Personal Arms (Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Rocket Launchers, etc.): SS
  • Covenant Weaponry: B
  • Melee Weapons: B (A with knives or fighting sticks)
  • Explosives: A
  • Reconnaissance: A
  • Stealth and Infiltration: S
  • Ground Piloting (Cars, Tanks, ATVs, etc.): B
  • Air Piloting (Spaceships, helicopters, etc.): C
  • Computer Operation/Hacking: C

Strengths: Relentless, indomitable, powerful work ethic and tremendously loyal to those she cares about. Consummate soldier who has never been afraid of a fight.

Weakness/ Fears: Isolated, having never had much contact with civilians since she was five years old. Not experienced with operating outside of a chain of command. Has no idea how to handle non-military situation
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