The Elder Scrolls: A Brotherhood Divided (Dark Brotherhood Roleplay OOC Thread)

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  1. ((Shamelessly stolen from @Melancholy unless they return suddenly.With a few edits to keep it all lore friendly.))

    The Dark Brotherhood is an organization of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. The Dark Brotherhood is called upon by those who wish to utilize their deadly services through a ritual called "The Black Sacrament". They were once the most feared organisation in all of Tamriel, but have lost their reputation over time. The Dark Brotherhood is governed by The Five Tenets, which set the ground rules for the Brotherhood. Which are:
    • Tenet 1: Never dishonor the Night Mother. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    • Tenet 2: Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    • Tenet 3: Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Dark Brotherhood superior. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    • Tenet 4: Never steal the possessions of a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    • Tenet 5: Never kill a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.
    The Dark Brotherhood has been operating in Tamriel for many centuries, at one time having many clandestine sanctuaries across the Empire. They revere Sithis, the avatar of entropy and chaos, as well as the Night Mother, who is the spiritual leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

    How to join the Dark Brotherhood:

    The Dark Brotherhood is very selective in its choosing of members, oftentimes training them from an early age in the art of assassination and stealth. Sometimes if a higher ranking member of the Brotherhood witnesses a murder they deem worthy, they'll approach an individual with the offer of becoming an Initiate of the Dark Brotherhood, though this is extremely rare. Initiates must display the ability to kill mercilessly, without regret or sorrow. As a result, their ranks include vampires, werewolves, bandits, and mages, anyone that shows aptitude for a job well handled.

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    • Murderer ((The beginning rank. Lowest of the low.))
    • Slayer
    • Eliminator
    • Assassin
    • Executioner
    • Silencer
    • Speaker ((I'll handle this one, handing out contracts.))
    • Listener ((A DMPC))

    You are part of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, your whole purpose in this group is to fulfill contracts given to you. Of course your contracts is to assassinate someone.. Some may still have remorse of their doings, but you must not show it. For those who show remorse shall be 'disposed of'.

    The Sanctuary is located beneath Dragonsreach in the city of Whiterun. It's main entrance is through a cave behind Dragonsreach, often used by bandits its now abandoned. A winding tunnel leads to the enchanted door, only accepted members may enter. There are also numerous exits inside Whiterun; one near the Skyforge, another into the canals, and one that let's out near the main gate, all of them are hidden from direct view.

    To differ from the previous thread, I'm going to try my hand at a "campaign" of sorts, think of me as a very basic dungeon master. My character will hand out contracts as necessary to keep the thread from stagnating into everyone milling about the sanctuary. If you want one, PM me after the thread has begun and I'll come up with a little 'quest' for your character to handle.

    *Please be detailed, keep one-liners to a minimum. (Though it's acceptable if it's only conversation without much action.
    * All Iwaku Forum rules apply.
    *There can be romance between two people, but how well do you expect that go over between assassins?
    *Your character is effectively mortal (unless a vampire), but not immune to death or injury.
    *It's a Low Fantasy setting, be appropriate. Crossbows are about as advanced as technology gets. Steam powered machinery is incredibly rare, ancient, or downright risky to even use.
    *No, you can not be the Dragonborn/Hero of Kvatch/Nerevarine.
    *No dragons.
    *No, being a collector of Legendary artifacts, weapons or otherwise. You're an assassin, not a treasure hunter.
    *Please be mindful of other players.
    *Your character should not be a happy-go-lucky murdering jerk. Senseless murder will end up with a writ of assassination on your head. Needless violence brings bad attention to the Sanctuary.

    Bare-Bones Sheet:
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    Race: Nord/Breton/Imperial/Orsimer/Dunmer/Bosmer/Altmer/Argonian/Khajiit/Redguard
    Appearance: ((Please use the spoiler tags here, keeps things neat!))
    Preferred Skills:
    Extra Details: (Werewolf, Vampire, Bounty from somewhere, special notes.)
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  2. Oooooooohhhhhhhh.
    I don't wanna do my cs again x.x
  3. Copy and paste it over!
  4. Make some teeny-tiny changes to it if you want. I'm tinkering around with history and specialization currently~.
  5. By all means, it's your sheet. I'll have the ic thread up as soon as I finish my own CS.
  6. Two dunmer siblings. Teenagers no less. Former slaves? One a werewolf the other a vampire, any conflict there considering she'll outlive him by... Forever?
  7. I already asked the questions relating to them~.
    And I never called them dumb. All I did was ask a few questions about them.
  8. Dunmer is the race... it's what they're called as a group. xD
  9. Dunmer are a very specific race, just curious because they look very far from the Elder Scroll's definition of a dark elf. You are aware @Casuna this is an Elder Scroll's RP, right?
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  11. Well then. To be frank I was afraid I'd end up asking them to leave anyway..
  12. Name: Tabitha Vallemir
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
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    Personality: Cheerful, friendly, rarely seen upset or distraught; her positive outlook and demeanor doesn't give her pause in taking down a mark in the slightest, if anything she seems to take an extra amount of delight with snuffing out someones life for the night mother.
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    My parents were both members of the mages guild in Cyrodiil for longest time, my mother specialized in Alteration while dad found his calling in Enchantment; thats way before my time though, you said you wanted MY history! So when my parents decided to have me they wanted to do this somewhere else, a fresh start where they wouldn't be called upon for whatever magical crisis were to happen or something; didn't pay much attention to that part of the story myself~. Ah, as I was saying! They moved to Skyrim, started some general store in Dragonsreach. Pretty sure they never wanted me to learn magic actually, but when you've got magic tomes flowing in like no ones bus-. Well, I guess it was our business it was flowing into, but you get my point, heh. Anyhoo~, learned a whole lot of magic like this, practiced when I could in the basement and lived a pretty relaxed life; I tell you, magic is the BEST, I just can't figure out why my parents hid it from me for so long~. Huh? Whats that, you wanna know why someone like me is in the dark brotherhood? Hah, because I killed my parents, duh! They kept getting in the way of me doing magic and they flipped when they saw I was trying out some necromancy, it wasn't even anything but, just some minor stuff; but by the nine, you should have seen how shocked my mothers face was, get it? Because I hit her in the face with a bolt of lightning, well whatever! Needless to say I killed them both and got a sweet enchanted dagger out of it, so it's a total win-win-win, right?

    Preferred Skills: Destruction/shock, Illusion, a single conjuration spell (Conjure bow), and she's also dabbled a tiny bit in necromancy. She also has an enchanted dagger she took from her fathers corpse.
    Race: Breton.
    Extra: She has a warrant for her arrest in Dragonsreach for the murder of her parents.
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  13. Name: Divayth Fyr (Not likely his actual name, mind you.)

    Age: 45

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dunmer

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    Personality: Aloof and often times lazy. Divayth rarely bothers himself with anything close to approaching manual labor, his studies as a mage and magic user are better spent time than lifting anything heavier than a full dinner plate or bag of soul gems. He has an incredibly lax temperment, it takes an extremely stupid individual to draw his ire. Though in his lifetime he's met far too many.

    History: A born native of Vvardenfell, his mother remained in the ash wastes with the remains of her own family for many years. Though in time he left for Cyrodill and joined as an acolyte of the Mage's Guild of the Imperial City. Times were rough given the war, but he put his talents to great use and kept up studies until a prank against him went terribly awry. A fellow student's had plans to sabotage a project of the young dunmer nearly cost him his life, an act that the student blamed on Divayth's heritage as "a filthy ash licker". The enraged dunmer tore the student asunder with a levitation spell done wrong, scattering the young man's entrails across the lab.
    In fear for his life the dunmer student fled, but soon found refuge with a man in a black cloak. From there, it's all a haze of contracts and prmomotions. Finally landing himself the rank of Speaker for the newly founded Sanctuary beneath Whiterun.

    Preferred Skills: Destruction, Mysticism, Enchanting, and Alteration.

    Race: Dunmer

    Extra Details: ((WIP))
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  14. @Greymis Wanted in the town where their Sanctuary is? I smell some devlishly good drama with a few guards?

    @Kythii Were you going to come along as well? Or are you passing after Cas's little spat?
  15. I actually thought about changing it, but then I thought "Hey... why not keep it? It'll be intresting!" =p
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  16. I'll probably post it tomorrow.
    Finishing up my little search for a better artwork for my character, and also Going to make a few changes from what I posted in the other thread.
    Any problems seen with the previous one so I know ahead of time to change it? ~
  17. I didn't really read through the other threads sheets fully. But I will here soon. I'm sure you've got a good head on your shoulders!
  18. Well thankies, dear.
    Also, adding your own twist with the sanctuary location and entrances and such?
    Also, are we still doing the usual passphrase thing?
    Please excuse my inquisitive nature~
  19. Twists and turns keep people coming back (I hope)!
    I'd wager so for the main entrance with the pass phrase. Though most members might make use of the other entrances around the city.
  20. IC Thread is up! Post away~

    Those of you here so far anyway..
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