The Drawing Boy.

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  1. There's this young teen, he always sat alone in class, his name was Sonny. People didn't mess with him. He wasn't scary though, no he was just always drawing. It depended on how he felt, if he was mad, everything he drew would be red.
    If the boy was happy, he would draw and color with every color. Basically his drawings all depended on his mood. The teachers didn't exactly care, as long as he got good grades then they were cool with it.

    Sonny never really talked to anyone, and people never tried talking to him so it was a win-win type deal. Bully's messed with him a lot because he was gay, and that he was just.. A freak. He never really cared though. High school is hard, and very frustrating. Especially love, at his school everyone would just stab each other in the ass for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend.
    So he was happy he was alone, he didn't want to be hurt.

    Sonny sat in Math class, all the way in the back when someone came in. Mrs. Wick introduced the boy as the new kid, which made Sonny curious. He looked up and felt like everything melted away, all of his rules, just.. Everything. The boy was Gorgeous, no doubt about that. Sonny felt attracted to the boy, for some unknown logical reason. Right now, he didn't care though.

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  4. "Class we have a new student here today, Nathaniel."
    "Nate." I correct her. I hate it when people say my full name. The only person who uses it is my drunken Dad who doesn't care one shit about me. MY parents divorced when I was 6.
    "Right, take a seat Nate."
    I see a boy and something about him makes me want to sit next to him and get to know him. I plop down next to him and see his book filled with drawings I admire it. I'm not a drawer, more into music I play guitar.
  5. Sonny tried not to look at Nate, since he didn't want the boy to think that he was a stalker. He would steal small glances though, trying not to get caught. He actually was pretty happy that Nate had decided to sit next to him, but obviously Nate would leave once he tried to talk to him.
    After a couple of seconds he decides to start drawing again, to keep his mind off of the boy next to him. He grabbed a black pen and had started to draw a tree far off in the distance, with the wind blowing off its leaves. After finishing up his first tree, he decides to draw a few more.
    Each tree represented Family or friends, so basically he was only able to draw Two trees, since it was just him and his mom. His father died a couple of months before he was born, so it didn't bother him as much. Although, he did wish he knew how it felt to have a full family, such as Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, etc.
    But that would never happen, and it just makes everything worse if he tries to wish for things.

    It took him at least Ten minutes to finish up his Two trees, so once he finished them up he started to draw the backgrounds and the sky. In the background there were a few houses, as if they lived in the country side, and the sky was dark, the sun just about to set.
  6. I want to say something to him. But I'm not sure what or if he'd be interested since he seems caught up in his drawing. Ah come on Nate I'm sure he'd be fine. Ugh.
    "Nice drawing, you talented." I smile lop-sided and point towards his drawing.
  7. Sonny looks up and stares at Nate, a small tint of pink visible on his face. "T-thanks." He mumbles, looking back down at his drawing. "I'm not really that talented." He shrugs slightly, finishing up his drawing.
    "Welcome, by the way. We hardly ever get newcomers." He glances at Nate, smiling. He had dimples, but people usually never noticed them. "Why are you talking to me anyways? You'd be better off talking to the more.. 'Popular' people.".
    Sonny knew he was right about Nate being better off with the Populars. Since he looked good enough, he'd knew for sure that nate would have woman all over him pretty soon. Possibly right after class ends. The thought of women all over Nate made Sonny's heart drop, but it was usual. New kids always either try to talk to him and then leave, or they just don't talk to him at all.
  8. I chuckle, "Nah popular people aren't my type of people."
  9. Sonny raised an eyebrow, curious. That was unusual. "Why? You seem like you're popular. Well, at your last school. I-I mean.. You could be popular here, but.. Oh just forget it." He mumbled, sighing quietly.
    He looks up at the teacher and then to the clock, noticing that it was almost time for the bell to ring so he would be able to go to Art class, which was his favorite class. Well, then again, all of his classes practically have something to do with Art for him, but that isn't the point. "By the way.. What class do you have next and with whom?" He asks, putting away his stuff so he won't get trampled once the bell rings.
  10. "Uhhhh" I say while reaching into my pocket for my sheet of classes I have today, "Art Mrs Clark." I didn't mind art, my favourite class is Music.
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  11. The bell rang, Sonny waited until everyone had already left besides Nate. He glanced at the boy "I've got the same class. Do you want to walk with him? If you don't that's perfectly fine. But you'll get lost. This school is really big." He states, picking up his bag and other Utensils. "Bye Mrs. Wick, I'll see you tomorrow." He tips his imaginary hat at his teacher, walking out of the class, walking to his locker he puts in the code and unlocks the door, opening it he sets his Math book on the shelf.
  12. "Sure." Nate smiles when the boy asks to accompany him. Nate walks out the class with the boy and to his locker which is five lockers away from the boys. After Nate closes the locker a pretty blonde girl walks over to him.
    "Hey hottie." She smiles and runs her finger up and down Nate's bicep. Nate feels uncomfortable.
    "Uhh... Hi."
    "So I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tonight."
    "Uh no thanks."
    "You see I'm in another team than you."
    Nate chuckles, "I don't like girls, I think they're icky."
    The girl sighs and walks away. Nate turns and walks over to the boy.
  13. Sonny watched Riley touch Nate, but he didn't really do anything. Obviously he couldn't hear what was being said because he didn't pay much attention to it, but watching the scene made him a little bit upset.
    He instantly forces a smile on his face once Nate walked over to him "Alright, you ready to go?" He asks, already walking to where their Art class was being held. Usually he just assumed things to even if the person he was talking to didn't agree, he'd still do what he wanted.
    No he was not conceded, he just had a hard head. It didn't bother him though, he is who he is. No one can change that, even if they truly wanted to.
    He finally reaches Art class and walks in, taking a seat in the back.
  14. Nate takes a seat next to the boy. A big guy who probably is in the football team walk over to him and leans on the opposite side of the table his face close to Nate's.
    "Riley told us what happened at your locker. Be ready for a year of us. He knows about it," he points at the boy he turns back to me,"Faggot."
    And with that he walks away. I sigh. Great just like my old school.
  15. Sonny glances at Nate, he had heard the whole conversation. "Maybe they won't be so bad on you. Even if they are, either you can deal with it and not tell anyone or tell the Principle." He mumbles, grabbing a piece of paper.
    He starts to draw some Abstract, since that's what they're supposed to do. "The Principle, Mr. Mart will most likely help you. Not that it'll help much, but he'll try." He awkwardly pats Nate's back, feeling small tingles. He didn't pay much attention to them though, since it was probably just a small shock.
  16. "Thanks, I'll deal with it. It's what I did at my last school." Nate picks up a pencil and starts drawing.
  17. Sonny nods and he continues to draw, feeling papers being thrown at him. He looks up and glares at everyone, completely unhappy. Everyone quickly turned around and finally left him alone which made him smile.
    He finishes his drawing quickly so he asks if he could go to the Library, Mrs. Clark allows him so he picks up his stuff, walking out of the classroom. He quickly goes to the Library and sits in the back, not wanting to be seen by anyone else that was in there with him. He grabbed a book from the bookshelf next to him and opened it up, trying to concentrate.
  18. Nate suddenly feels the need to visit the toilet so he asks Mrs Clark and she allows him. Nate gets totally lost so he goes to the Library to ask the librarian where the toilets are. Nate then remembers he's been wanting to get this book out so he goes looking for it before he leaves. He then sees the boy sitting and reading. Nate breaths in out and walks over to him.
    "Hey." Nate says, ugh he probably thinks I'm stalking him.
  19. Sonny looks up and smiles a little bit, waving. "Hey Nate." He stands up and puts his book away "Is everything alright? Do you need some help?" He asks curiously and quietly so no one hears him. He didn't talk much so everyone would be very surprised to hear him, and he doesn't like having attention.
    He walks behind Nate and looks on a shelf, wanting to see if he could find any Fantasy books. After a couple of minutes, he wasn't able to find one, making him sigh. He leans on the shelf and stares at Nate with a curious look in his eyes.
  20. "Uh.. Yeah where's the toilets?" Nate asks and goes to the bookshelf skimming through and takes the book he wants.
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