The Dragon Riders Origins

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  1. Adaire sat at her table immersed in the scrolls before her. Little one you have done enough studying for one day. I miss our days in the sky, come play with me. Tarsus mewled feebly like a little kitten and she could now help but to give in. She exited the study onto her balcony and smiled down at her fast growing dragon. "Tarsus you are a dragon not a kitten you should not mewl!" She laughed merrily at the sweet antics of her beautiful dragon and the partner of her mind. He was the best thing in her life now, and she loved him like she had loved no other before. He was her best friend and they shared even the most intimate of thoughts.

    I did not mewl and I am nothing like those little balls of fur. I am a mighty dragon. He punctuated the sentence with a mighty roar that shook the tree her study was built in. "I know you are not a kitten Tarsus of the Skies. I merely said you should not mewl like one." She only used his full elven name when scolding him for something silly he had done. They never got into any serious fights just their silly little bickers. I hear the rumors of other dragons and it has made me restless Adaire. I want to fly with you upon my back again, leave your silly magic scrolls so that we may take to the skies. It is a beautiful day. Adaires only answer was a mirthful laugh as she leapt from her high tree onto Tarsus' waiting back.

    Two hours later Adaire sat upon Tarsus' back watching the clouds fly by. His beautiful white scales sparkling in the sunlight. Tarsus, do you think we'll make good teachers? Adaire asked in her thoughts. Of course we will little one, no one knows more about bonding than us. They landed in the clearing close to Adaire's study. Besides, you're my partner. I picked you because of how amazing I know you can be. Now you better prepare for that student your supposed to be getting. Adaire agreed and hugged Tarsus around his large neck. "I will Tarsus, thank you." She laid a kiss on his hard scales and climbed the tree back up to her study.
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    The forest was all too quiet. No birds sang, no bugs hummed, and not even the wind dared to stir the trees. However, the silence was broken by the sound of dragging feet and crazed breathing. The twisted forms of the mutated elves were illuminated by the full moon's harsh light. They were deathly pale and skinny; wearing only loinclothes over their thin frames. They shuffled along the forest ground in a loose group, but Falathiel wouldn't be fooled by their slow progress. These mutated abominations could slice a full grown grizzly to pieces in an instant. Their hands altered into long vicious claws; their teeth sharpened on the bones of the people of her village. The sickness had spread quickly, consuming half of her village in less than an hour. Then the monsters that were once her friends tore the rest apart. She had been lucky. Lucky she was an orphan and lucky she had learned how to defend herself. Some might think she would have preferred to have died with her village, but that wasn't the case. There was no way she would wish to die while these sick creatures still wandered her woods with the blood of her home on their claws. Of course, she had already taken out most of them. This was the last group. Granted, the hunt had gone a lot quicker......"because of me?" Nekura quipped. Falathiel ignored him, drawing her bow. She selected an ebony arrow from her quiver and drew the bow it's full length as she stood up from her hiding place in the branches of a pine tree. Her dark eyes penetrated the darkness of the night as she took aim and released her arrow in seconds. The arrow flew past many trunks before it thudded into the creature at the back of the pack. <Never take out the leader first or the rest will scatter and lengthen your hunt by many days> Falathiel told herself. Howling, the rest of the pack almost immediately became aware of her presence and charged blindly at her in hunger and sheer need to kill.

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  3. They were a good istance away, but moving fast. Falathiel learned to be faster. She quickly brought down the leader, knowing the pack was too consumed by their blood lust to break away now. He tumbled to the ground and was immediatedly dodged bythe rest of the creatures behind him. They could smell her now and were on the edge of a frenzy. Falathiel felled three more with her arrows before they were too close to shoot. With only two left, Falathiel jumped to the ground, knowing that the movement was much safer than waiting for them to jump up after her. She pulled out a hunting knife as they skidded to a stop in front of her. They were both breathing excitedly, a man and a woman. Falathiel didn't look at their twisted, deformed faces. She had learned that lesson the first time and didn't intend to forget it. They wouldn't remember who they are or what their past lives were like. So neither would she. She braced herself as the male creature charged her first. It was a futile attempt and he was on the ground with a slashed throat instantly. Falathiel immediately turned to the female, expected her to attack, but was suprised to find that the creature was not paying attention to her at all. GIving a ragged wail, the female fell to te ground, trying to stop the blood from flowing out of the long dead male. Confused, Falathiel made a fatal mistake. She turned and looked at the face of the dead male. Though deformed, it was quite recognisable. Nuthal, the kind store owner that would sometimes give her an extra item or two for free. The female was his life-mate, Sehtai. There could be no greater match. Falathiel realized her mistake too late as Sehtai turned on her, screaming. Panicked, Falathiel tried to step back, but Sehtai wouldn't let her go. Still screaming, she lunged at her mate's killer with hatred in her eyes. Nekura smashed through the thick upper foliage, crashing into the deformed woman; his jaws already around her head. That was close, He told her, It's time we left these haunted woods, Falathiel. It is time was recieved real training. "Yes," Falathiel said softly, gazing at the crushed body of Sehtai, "It is time for us to move on. There is nothing left for me to do here."
  4. Adaire was reading her scrolls once again when Tarsus interrupted her with his thoughts. Adaire! "Tarsus I don't have time to go for anther ride." Adaire no that's not what this is about! Another dragon! I sense them moving this way. Can we go to meet them? "Tarsus, be calm. They will arrive when they do. Let them get here at their own pace." Adaire jumped down out of her study onto Tarsus' waiting back and slid down to the ground. "Easy big guy we don't know anything about this new dragon. They could be harmful." Their still young Adaire, they're no bigger than your study. He wiggled with unconstrained happiness. Adaire please I want to go meet them! I haven't ever seen another dragon yet! "Tarsus just calm down and wait. We aren't going to overwhelm them." He sent a puff of steam at her but said nothing else and waited for him to land in the clearing.
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    Unfortunately for the masters, both Falathiel and Nekura had agreed to rest a bit away from their destination for the night. We should meditate here, Falathiel told Nekura, We both have a lot to think about before giving ourselves up to these 'powers' that you feel. Agreed, Nekura decided, Let us wait until morning to arrive. These people/creatures could be dangerous. Though I am not sure why I feel drawn to them, they pose a danger to both of us. Nekura landed in a clearing that Falathiel chose as their camp of the night. No fire, either, Nekura reminded her as he settled down. That is fine, Falathiel replied, The best way to meditate is together, anyway. She crawled under Nekura's left wing and he curled around her protectively. Their minds seem to meld; both of their beings whispering their thoughts on the future.
  8. Draigon woke with a start and grabbed his sword and stood up. He scanned the forest with his eyes looking for any sign of movement. His eyes eventually fell on Korra his dragon. He still hadn't really gotten used to her talking to him, epescially when she talks he hears it in his head. It's only been four days since she hatched and she was growing fast. Yesterday was the day she began to talk and figured out she was a she. He was calling her Jon but once he learned otherwise he let her pick her name. They spent all day that day in a small clearing trying to think of a name she liked. By the time she did it was nightfall. But today was a new day and she was eager to resume their journey so that's why she woke up earlier than usual. The sun was even out yet but it could tell that it was around an hour before dawn from the chill in the air and birds that was about.

    "Are you sure that's where they are?"
    Korra said to Draigon around midday as she was walking along him riding his horse.

    "Well I'm not sure but I heard talk about the First." he said back knowing where this conversation was going for they done talked about this what felt like a hundred times. But he knew she was nervous because he could feel it or is it me nervous he often would ask himself.

    "What kind of talk did you hear?"

    "Ah you know the usual that the First was a giaht of an elf that would eat little dragons that she didn't like." He started to laugh. " You know what I heard that would find them east. That we're suppose to go to them and that they'll help us."

    "Help us from your boss you mean?"

    He sighed. "He wasn't really my boss but aye they will. Hopefully." he said the last part more to himself because he didn't want to trouble her with his worries and problems but she could still feel them no matter how hard he tried to hide them perhaps that's why she kept wanting to know about the First but he didn't know just rumours heard in taverns. "Just another day and we'll be in elven territory and we should learn exactly where to find her then." They rode rest of the day in a companionable silence.
  9. "Hey, have you heard the word around town? Rumor has it there's a Dark Elf hanging around... with a Scarlet Fire Dragon!"

    "Seriously, man? I thought they were wiped out?"

    "So far, its stays a rumor. But if its true, there's been a bounty for the Rider's head ordered by the prince; says he wants that dragon for himself."

    "What would a spoiled brat like 'em do with a dragon? Piss himself as far as I know, haha!"

    "C'mon then, Al. We best get back to the docks before the captain has our heads.."

    "I hear yah, the wife wouldn't be pleased if I came behind on payment again."

    Aladar watched from a far as a dark-hooded figure in the distance of an alley way. When the coast was clear he lowered his wood gently back to reveal his silver hair; quickly taking off towards the docks. Coming towards the crowd he pulled the hood back over his head, then pushed his way between the two men who were talking earlier.

    "Oi! What's your problem!?" they shouted to have no returned answer.

    He curved his way around the corner to the right, then broke out into a sprint and scaled a ten foot wall in front of him in seconds. Coming to the top, he grabbed the ledge and pulled himself over the rest of the way. Just as he came to the landing he rolled forward and slid into a bench, picking himself up and sitting with two others to blend. They gave him a strange look the two, but eventually ignored it. His reasons for blending were because two city guards had passed him by. To move as he did previously would leave him into alert; he had to remain anonymous. Once the danger passed, he hopped up and took a stroll down three blocks from his hiding spot, and there he was, finally he reached the docks. Sailors, pirates, and captains all were gathering to set sail; Aladar however had other plans. He wondered to the edge of the fifth barge, then dropped off under the peer. The path he followed was leading him to a dug in cave.

    A deep secret awaits.
  10. "They stopped!" Whined Tarsus. "It's okay Tarsus, they'll come. Maybe they just decided to stop for a rest. Don't worry just keep tabs on all of the approaching dragon babies." Adaire laid down next to Tarsus and he shielded her with his wing. "Have a good rest little one. I will keep watch."
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    Things moved more quickly when dawn came around. Falathiel quickly packed her equipment, Nekura waiting patiently near by. It was a bit difficult to do so because she was seeing partially out of Nekura's eyes, but she was used to being so connected after two weeks of living in a pitch black cave with only his eyes to see out of. She didn't have much to pack, so it didn't take long. Only a satchel with dried deer meat, healing herbs, and some other few bits of survival gear she had stashed in the woods. Knowing she was ready, Nekura padded beside her. Walking was more uncomfortable for the black dragon, but they had both agreed that it would be safer to arrive together. They both avoided speaking as they drew closer to the source of power that thrummed in the air. Falathiel felt the mysterious pull that Nekura had spoken of and was soon wondering how he had managed to ignore it for the past two weeks. The thought brought up a few of Nekura's memories, showing that it hadn't been as strong farther away. Despite her absolute faith in her skills, Falathiel felt the slightest edge of nervousness at the pull. We will be fine, Nekura growled, Even if they are stronger, we are more in sync in thought and movement than anyone else. Our connection is our strength. As long as we don't lose it, nothing can harm us. Falathiel nodded, instantly reassured. Let us trust no one but each other, Nekura. No other race, even another dragon, would ally themselves with monsters born of the dark. The pull was at it's strongest. All she had to do was step out of the very woods that were once her only protection. < I can protect myself now > ,She thought stepping out of the shaded world, < And even if that's not enough......Nekura will supoort me. We are one and the same and niether of us shall fall while the other survives.>
  12. I sense something.
    Al-Iodin nearly jumped off of Traka's back. He had for the most part gotten used to hearing her in his mind, but every once in a while, when she suddenly spoke to him after a long period of silence, it still startled him. Iodin didn't ask what she had felt right away. Instead he looked around at the water around them, wondering if she had detected a skoal of fish with her strong senses. But when he saw nothing but clear ocean as far as he could see, he asked her, What is it?
    It is...strange. I sense a very powerful presence. Several, in fact.
    Traka-Shen swivelled her head around, her entire snake-like body following her. Al-Iodin clung to her. She was not large enough to ride on land, but the sea was different. The water seemed to give Traka strength, and she moved in it so naturally. Iodin supposed he moved quite well in it, too, but there had once been a time when he was afraid of deep water. Recurring nightmares about the shipwreck that had killed his Elvin parents sometimes returned to him after a bad day. Fortunately, he didn't have many of those anymore with Traka around.
    Are they dangerous? he asked. His first thought was of sharks. He used to fear them, but Traka could grab hold of even the largest of them with her mouth.
    I'm not sure, she replied. The strangest part is that I sense they are not in the sea. They are on land, and not far.
    Iodin considered what to do. Being around Traka-Shen he learned to hold his breath for more than an hour, longer than anyone else in his village. Traka's news that she could sense these beings on dry land was odd. Her aquatic senses were perfect - far more acute than any shark - but she normally couldn't sense anything not in the sea.
    Take me up, so we can see, he requested.
    She agreed and undulated her body up the hundred feet to the surface. When they broke the surface he took a casual breath and looked around. To his knowledge, most elves didn't possess the golden tan years of pure sunlight had given him, and he knew there was no other creature in all the world that had the soft, somewhat slippery blue scales that Traka had. He asked her to pin-point where she sensed the presence coming from.
    She turned her head towards a coastline only a few miles away. It looked so small from where they were, but the sea offered no challenges to them. Iodin debated between going towards and leaving.
    "What do you think?" he asked aloud.
    The presence draws me, she told him. It may mean that the presence is not a danger.
    "Or it could be some kind of magical trap,"
    he retorted. "I think I heard something from a sailor about rulers wanting to covet dragons."
    You remember that your parents advised you to go out and seek the First Dragon. Perhaps that is what I'm sensing. We both want to learn more. Isn't that worth the risk?
    Al-Iodin sighed. She was right. It was the why they were in the water in the first place, afterall. To deny that call would be like fearing the ocean all over again. He was so glad he had Traka. With her he could face all his fears.
    Traka heard his mind come to this and she came as close as a dragon ever could to smiling. Thank you, Iodin. I appreciate the compliment, but you had that courage and more in you all along.
    He patted her long, strong neck. "You help me to release that courage. And you're right; it is worth the risk. Let's go."
    Traka rose halfway out of the water, and then dived, her great long body undulated up and down as she sped off towards the coast, letting the powerful presence guide her.
  13. Kirin was startled awake by his father. "Get up son, its time for you to leave." It had only been a few days since his dragon Vas had hatched and he was still groggy from the celebration. "Just a few more hours.." he mumbled and rolled over in his bed. Just then vas jumped from the cieling rafter that he perched on and onto Kirin's chest. "Wake up Kirin. We've got to go see the teacher." Vas's words echoed in Kirin's mind. He still wasn't used to it.
    Vas was only a few days old and he had already grown to the size of a large german shepherd. His bronze scales shone in the morning light and his dark eyes looked eager to leave. Kirin sighed. "I guess we should go then." He stood up from the bed and picked up his bag. It only had a few clothes, some food and the river stone his mother had given him before she passed. Vas charged out of the door energetically, wating on Kirin to hurry. "Well Father I guess this is it.." Kirin picked up his axe and knife belt and took one last look around the home that he would probably never see again. "Lets go Kirin!" Vas urged.
    With a deep breath Kirin strode out across the fields towards the dark Elven forest. He had never been into that deep wood and he was a little nervous. Vas felt his anxiety and nudged him closer and closer.
    Kirin gripped his axe and looked at Vas. "You ready Vas?" The small bronze dragon answered with a crackle of electricity from his mouth. It wasnt terribly impressive but Kirin knew that soon it would be. Without another look back, the boy and his growing dragon took off into the wilds, unsure of what was to come.
  14. As soon as Tarsus had detected the slightest of movements he had opened one eye. When the other dragon entered the clearing he gave a mighty roar of welcome, scaring Adaire from her slumber. She leaped out from under his wing, daggers drawn and glanced around for danger. Once she had realized it was another dragon she gave Tarsus a dirty look.

    "You great big lizard now why would you go and do something like that? You scared the piss out of me!" Sorry I just got over excited. Adaire you see them too don't you? I'm not crazy? "No you big baby I see them too, but I think you've went and scared them with your weird approach." Tarsus blatantly ignored Adaire and stared glassy eyed at the dragon before him. He stretched his neck out a few inches and sniffed the air only to snort it back out quickly. Little ones we're happy you've arrived. He then attempted at a smile, which just turned out to be comical. Slowly Adaire sheathed her daggers and moved closer to Tarsus.

    "Yes, we're very happy to see you, but what is that all over your dragons scales? That putrid smelling, black, sticky, for lack of a better word, gunk."
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    Falathiel tensed at the mighty dragon's roar and she felt Nekura's own mucles coil. She felt Nekura's readiness and it reassured her. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to reply. "Wh......Who are you?" She demanded, trying to coax some confedience into her voice. Be careful, Falathiel, Nekura warned, But remember what we agreed upon. I know. Don't worry.
  16. Traka-Shen brought Al-Iodin to shore just as a powerful roar escaped from the trees. Iodin looked up to see birds fleeing their nests. Perhaps this wasn't the best idea afterall.
    "What was that?" He asked his dragon as he got off of her back. She could easily support him in the water, but her body was less than a foot wide, and her small legs had no hope of keeping him aloft. Traka was, however, very long - one and a half times as long as a canoe.
    I don't know, but that is the direction my senses are leading me to.
    Iodin took a deep breath, and the two of them slowly headed into the woods. They couldn't go fast, Traka's legs being so short.
  17. It has been a full week since Korra hatched for him. The day that she hatched they've been on the road heading toward the first dragon and rider. He didn't know nothing about dragons or how to be a rider but he knew he would find answers at the end of his journey. He didn't ask to be a rider nor did he have desires to be one but the day he laid eyes on his pale blue dragon, almost an ice looking colour, his life changed. Everything he knew or thought was turned around. Korra was the size of a large dog and still fast growing before to long he would be able to ride her and most nights before he went to sleep he imagine riding her through the skies with no one to stop them.

    They was reaching the end of their journey. He could feel it in the bottom of his stomach and so could she. It was like magnet pulling them toward their destination. They traveled leagues upon leagues in such a short amount of time it felt like it was a dream and Draigon was scared that he would wake and realize it was a dream so every morning the first thing his eyes searched for was Korra.

    "We should be there soon." He said to Korra But Korra didn't say nothing back just gave him look meaning ok. She was nervous he could feel it which only made him nervous. Korra was a shy dragon or so he thought he never met another dragon before so he couldn't say he knew how dragons acted but from he read and heard in stories that dragons was a fearsom beast. He Knew she would grow to be fearsom or at least look the part. He laughed out loud when he thought that. Korra looked over with an evil look in her eye and snapped at his horse which scared the horse and almost caused Draigon to fall to the ground.

    "I didn't mean nothing by it ya know." She still didn't say nothing to him just glared him. He often forgot that she could hear his thoughts as well as he can hear hers.

    They eventually came to what looked like a small clearing. They saw a black and white dragon and two elves. The white dragon was larger they was easily seen. Draigon didn't make his presence known he stayed in covering of the trees, curiosity got the better of him and he wanted to watch them to see if he could learn something. What that was he didn't know. He could feel Korra next to with a eager eyes as well.

    "The white one th-that must be the first." He smiled to himself it was good hearing her voice for the first time today.

    "Aye, I think it is."

    "Who do you think the other one is?"

    "I don't know. Have to be another rider."

    "Should we go out there?"

    "I don't know. Lets stay here for another minute better safe than sorry."
  18. It took Iodin and Traka hours before they came across anything that wasn't just another tree. Unfortunately, all that turned out to be was a thin little creek drawing a line through the earth. Traka-Shen had been itching herself against the bark uncomfortably since they had left the water for the forest, and upon seeing the stream she immediately jumped in. Al-Iodin enjoyed watching Traka splash around in the small creek. She was almost as big as it was, and as she rolled against the smoothed stones some of her dead scales shed into the water. She enjoyed the rubbing and the relief as her new, bigger scales hardened instantly. But she could only get so much off of her and Iodin had to help her by manually pulling at the dead scales. As he did, he told her, "By the way, I feel that presense you were talking about earlier. It pulls at me like a fish is pulled on a line."
    Then you understand why we must go?
    Traka-Shen asked as he pulled some dead scales off her belly.
    "I'll admit, I can't deny its pull. But I know what usually happens to the fish on the line, and I am next to defenseless."
    Defenseless? You have me.
    Iodin took a deep breath before explaining. "I know, but what if it's not enough? I'm unarmed. In fact, I'm barely even clothed. No shirt - not even any shoes. I don't know how to wield a weapon. I don't even know magic. Even if we're heading for the First, we could still be in danger."
    You must let go of these fears, Iodin,
    Traka-Shen replied. If you don't, they'll forever rule you. They are dragon and rider, like us, and they will likely want what we want: understanding and to learn more.
    Al-Iodin sighed. Once again, she had won him over. "We've been walking a few miles, and it'll be sunset in maybe four or five hours," he said as he looked up through the trees. "Let's see if we can get one or two more miles in before nightfall."
    They trudged on, Traka feeling so much better in her new, bigger scales.
  19. Adaire put her hand on Tarsus' snout. "We are the first rider and dragon to be bonded. I am Adaire and this is my wonderful partner of mind Tarsus." King of the skies, he added proudly and shook his long neck. Tarsus stepped forward and sniffed at the other dragon again. Good lord you carry a strange smell. It's almost like blood, and a blackness clings to your scales.

    He glanced toward a nearby tree and blew a frost at it. Come down out of those trees already. Your a dragon not a bird, do not hide and cower. Gah YOU ARE ALL NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF CHILDREN! He flew away hatefully and Adaire stared after him open mouthed. "I... I apologize for him."
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    Ellian watched Ryag walking besides her, almost two weeks they had walked now and finally it seemed they were getting closer now. He had been growing so fast... with a smile she looked at the dragon, she was sure now that the scales on the back of the dragon and the tips of the wings were slowly turning purple and actually growing into crystals, however unlike what some had told her about dragons he wasn't really flying. He was the size of a large horse now, only two weeks.... Who knew how large he would become?

    "Let's see....
    " Ellian stopped for a moment and stared at the paths ahead, one leading away to the right and the other to the left. She turned to Ryag gently patting the top of his head. "Where do you think we should be going, Ryag? " "This one... " She had to chuckle, his voice was just so cute.... It was very calm and soothing, and deep, not matching his size and age. Without a second thought she followed him, they had been traveling like this now and they always ended up in the right direction, he had to know where the other dragons were about to gather. Somehow she just thought it wasn't exactly in Calasoonsa. Soon after they could hear a roar and saw something white shooting up in the air. With a smile on her face she started to run, followed by Ryag.

    she found the place where the white dragon had took off, slowing down to see a girl and a frost covered tree, and another dragon plus rider she assumed. Trying to seem glad she pasted a big smile on her face and walked a few feet towards them, the dragon giving a short look at the one with a rather strange smell. Ellian took a moment to look into the purple eyes of her beast before taking the word.
    "Err, hi, I'm sorry but are you the one known as Adaire...? We've been looking for someone called by that name. Oh, I'm Ellian and this is Ryag. "